Shit gets out of hand
You and your girl go over to your friend’s house to hang out one Saturday night. As you walk into their living room, two of your friends, Jim and Bob are looking at something on Jim’s laptop and laughing. When they see your girl, Jim slams the laptop shut quickly.

“Whoa, hello there Sue. Didn’t know you were coming over,” he says, raising his eyebrows at you significantly.

“Yeah, my thing got canceled, so I decided to tag along. What were you guys doing, looking at porn?” she asks casually, wedging herself between them as she plops down on the couch.

Your buddies both laugh nervously. “Naw, I don’t look at that stuff,” says Jim unconvincingly and you have to suppress a smile.

“Yeah, right!” snorts your girl with disbelief. “Let me see that laptop,” she snatches the laptop quickly from Jim and he and Bob both give you sheepish looks.

“Thanks for bringing your girl along without telling us,” mutters Bob grumpily.

“Oh, just relax you. I am aware that guys look at porn. I don’t live under a rock. I am just curious…” she trails off as she starts clicking around on the laptop. “Let’s see, browser history… yep, looks like some porn action going on,” Bob just shrugs and sits back to look at the screen.

“Ok, which one of you is into this Big Naturals site?” she asks. “Naturals huh? That’s interesting. So none of the women have implants on that site, then?”

“Well, ” says Jim. “They look pretty natural anyway, don’t they? He asks, clearly uncomfortable.

“Yes, natural… and big,” says Sue, impressed. “I’m going to get an inferiority complex if I keep looking at this stuff,” she says, straightening her shoulders and jutting her chest out.

“Nah, you are ok,” mutters Bob, eyeing you nervously.

“What do you think, Jim?” she asks turning toward him and thrusting her tits at him.

“Uh, yeah, pretty good size there, nice. I mean. What can I say?” he laughs, looking at you to rescue him.

“Am I the only one who is uncomfortable with this situation?” you ask petulantly. “Can someone tell me why my girlfriend is looking at porn with my buddies over there? Sue?”

“Oh relax,” she laughs. “I’m sure you look at this stuff all the time and hide it from me.”

You blush and don’t bother trying to lie about it.

“What’s XXXProposal?” asks Sue, pursing her lips.

“These guys supposedly pay couples so that they can fuck the girl on camera while the boyfriend watches,” says Jim. You notice that he is getting pretty loose and casual about this whole porn business and you don’t like it.

“Holy shit, that’s really raunchy,” laughs Sue, gazing at the screen with interest. “You guys get off on this stuff?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty hot,” admits Jim, “What do you think?” he asks her insolently.

“Me?” squeeks Sue, “I don’t know, I never thought about anything like that…Omigod, this one is super kinky. This girl is sucking one guy off and another boinks her from behind while her boyfriend watches. So rude. Do you think these are real couples?” She asks looking over at JIm.

“Uh, they claim it is,” he says shifting uncomfortably trying to hide the wood in his pants.

Sue looks down at his crotch and covers her mouth mockingly. “Whoa there Jimmy, you getting worked up or what? Jimmy’s got a stiffy over her, babe,” she says looking at you and laughing.

“Yeah, that’s sort of the point of porn, duh,” you say sulkily.

“So what’s up in your pants, there Bob?” she says cheekily, turning to look at Bob’s crotch.

He looks over at you insolently and grips his johnson. “Yep, I’m packing wood,” he says to her. “Want to see?”

Sue blushes furiously and punches him awkwardly on the shoulder. “Omigod, shut up. You’re such a perv,” Then a thought occurs to her. “Wait a minute, what do you guys do when looking at porn together? Do you whip out your things and jerk off in front of each other?”

You laugh as Bob and Jim shift uncomfortably and look away. “That’s pretty gay,” you tease.

“I guess it would be sort of BI actually, assuming that they look at pictures of women,” says Sue thoughtfully.

“Come on, we don’t whip it out in front of each other,” complains Jim.

“But you get turned on when you look at this stuff, don’t you want to yank your crank?” asks Sue sarcastically.

“It would be weird to do in front of another guy,” says Jim.

“would it be weird to do in front of me?” asks Sue giving you a daring look.

“Of course,” says Jim, simply.

“You offered to show me before,” pursues Sue turning to look Bob in the eye.

He makes a face and looks over at you. “Yeah, I was just sort of joking around.”

Sue turns quickly to Jim, “I want to see you jerk it,” she says excitedly.

“What the fuck?” you shout. “This is going too far.”

“Calm down,” chides Sue looking at you sternly. “I’m a big girl you know. I have seen a cock other than yours before. What’s the big deal? I’m just curious! I never saw a guy jerk off to porn before. I want to see.”

“You gotta be fucking kidding me,” you say helplessly.

“Would you freak out if I did it?” Jim asks you meekly.

“What part of ‘WTF’ don’t you understand, Jim?” you shout. “My god, this is crazy. How is this even happening?”

“You are such a big baby,” laughs Sue devilishly. “Bob, I demand that you whip it out and start jerking it. Check this porn out. Look at the boobies on this slut. Mmm, you know you wanna start spanking that monkey when you see those bad boys.”

Bob glances at you once nervously then turns to Sue. “You wanna see? I’ll do it,” he unzips his fly and his cock pops right out of his pants. Sue’s eyes widen with surprise and she gasps in shock.

“Wow I didn’t think you would really do it,” she says in awe as Bob starts stroking his rod up and down. “He really did it,” she says looking at you guiltily.

You jump up nervously and start pacing the room, unsure what to do.

“Ok that’s enough, we are out of here,” you say suddenly.

“Yeah, ok,” Sue says gazing at Bob’s dick as he jerks it. “Let’s go,” But she doesn’t move, she just keeps staring. “Wow the head is really purple,” she says softly to Bob.

“yeah, it gets that way,” he says gruffly as he works his tool.

“well if he’s gonna do it, I am too,” concedes Jim, unzipping his pants as well.

“Jesus,” you shout, upset, and storm out of the room. You pace nervously up and down the hall, unsure of what to do. Part of you wants to yank Sue out of there by the hair, but you can’t bring yourself to do it.

“Yours isn’t as big,” you hear Sue say from the other room and Bob laughs as Jim makes a complaining noise.

You storm back into the room “Sue, let’s go right now, I mean it.”

She is just watching in fascination, looking back and forth between Jim and Bob as they jerk off to the porn on the screen in her lap.

“Oh, come on, you might as well hang out at this point,” smiles Sue. “They are pulling on their puds in front of me and the world didn’t come to and end. It’s no big deal. I’m picking up some good pointers from watching them. I didn’t realize guys were so rough with themselves. I mean it looks like they are going pretty fast there.”

“You want to practise on me?” asks Bob offering his cock to her.

“Yeah, let’s do XXXProposal,” says Jim, standing up and poking his dick into Sue’s ear.

“Omigod, you guys, this is too fucked up. My boyfriend is gonna freak,” squeals Sue, pushing Jim’s cock aside but leaving her hand on it. “Or would you be into it?” she asks you huskily. “Would it turn you on to watch us?”

“Of course not, this is totally sick, how could you guys do this to me?” you stammer. You pits are drenched and you blood is pumping.

“Honey, I can see that you have a raging hardon right now,” says Sue, wrapping her fingers around Jim’s cock. “You can’t front. This kinky shit is turning you on too,” She starts pulling on Jim’s cock. “Do you like it like this, Jim?” she asks, looking up at him innocently.

You are about to intervene physically when Bob gets up and blocks your way. He’s a little taller and heavier than you and he wrestled in high school, so you aren’t sure you could take him. “Look bro, I know this is fucked up, but your girl is the one that started it. I think you should either leave now, or whip out your junk and fap off while we do your girl. But I am not gonna let you drag her out of here against her will.”

You back off and pace around the room, frustrated but unsure of what to do. Sue is sucking Jim’s cock now. He has his hand on her head and is smiling broadly. Bob bends over and unzips Sue’s jeans and pulls them off her. She doesn’t resist, but just starts unbuttoning her blouse. Bob helps your girlfriend unsnap her bra and finally he pulls off her panties. Pretty soon your girl and your two buddies are all naked and going at it on the couch.

Sue turns to start sucking Bob off and Jim pops his junk into her from behind. She turns to look over her shoulder as he works himself in and out of her. “You go Jim, you work that little cock of yours,” she teases, then resumes sucking on Bob’s thick stump.

“Oh I will,” he says tightly and pounds her from behind hard and fast, making her tits swing back and forth.

Sue looks over at you lustily with Bob cock in her mouth, her cheeks are pulled in as she applies suction. Jim grunts loudly and pulls out to shoot his load all over her ass.

“Wow, that’s a spoonful, alright,” says Sue. “Did you enjoy me, or what?”

“Yeah, you are ok,” he says slapping his limp cock against her ass.

Bob never gets a chance to fuck her himself and starts shooting his wad into her face just at that moment.

Sue laughs and pulls on his nutsack. “Wow the big guy is a premature ejaculator. I wouldn’t have guessed that.”

Bob turns deep red, but says nothing as he jumps up to head for the bathroom to clean up.

“Was it good for you?” Sue asks you lazily, stretching out on the couch as Jim pulls on his pants.

“No, not really. It was actually the most fucked up thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” you shout.

“You’re such a baby,” mutters Sue, searching around for her panties. “What’s the big deal?”

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