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A party takes place at Joey's house. Daddy comes to visit
Joey and his Bullies 3
By Mathew Elizabeth

By 1 o'clock in the afternoon on Saturday, all eight of
the 16-year-old skater boys had already cum on Joeys
mother in the master bedroom and decided to pay attention
to Joey himself. He had already groveled to a beating
while his mother got titty fucked by the smallest boy
there. So now they wanted to see something funny. A girly
boy older than them being sexually humiliated.

"Lean against the wall, bend over and show us your butt
properly," Evan, a friend of Chad's said.

Joey obeyed and poked his girly bubble butt out towards the
boys. He noticed their sexy and goofy gaze.

"His ass is like his momma's," he heard one boy say is husky voice.

"Shake It! Jiggle It!" Evan yelled, giving Joey's booty a
hard slap.

"Twerk it slut!" He heard another boy yell

Joey started to twerk, shake and jiggle his butt like he was
told. Flesh bobbed and rolled as the boys stood and
watched him in fascination. He was bouncing his own
backside like he was a ghetto stripper.

Evan and laughed continued to give it little slaps as
it shook and Joey would let out a girly squeal in reply.
This excited the rest of the boys, who looked at Chad
for approval, to decide weather they could act or not.

Joey looked at his bully, and new daddy, Chad. Joeys
mother, entranced in Chad's little muscle body, was
hugging him tightly. She rested her large breasts on his
little chest as his little hands reached around and
squeezed her juicy butt.

Chad nodded in approval to the boys to hurt Joey. So they did.
They pushed him on all fours, landed on him and continuously
punched him. Joeys mother just sat there and watched. She wouldn't dare
disobey Chad, who gave her such good sex.

Once again the boys held his naked body down while they
were fully clothed. They punched him, groped his butt and
made humping movements against his body, particularly his
upper legs. They spat on him continuously.

Afterwards they dragged him out the backyard and pissed on him.
They all pulled out their dicks and started pissing on
him with degrading remarks. "You stupid faggot! I titty
fucked your mommy!" Jake the smallest boy said.

"We touched her butt hole! And you can't do anything
about it!" two other boys said.

They all laughed breathlessly at him, relishing their
power over him and the sex they were going to receive
from his mother.

He got drenched in piss, and finally, really did moan and cry. He
started to masturbate his little penis in front of these bullies he knew
from school.

All the boys looked down on his naked, girly and crying body.

16-year-old Little Jake leaned really close to Joey's humiliated and
strained face.

"That's it faggot pull your little wee-wee. Pull your little pee-pee for us"

Joey pulled harder. Tears streaming down his face.

"Show us your retarded cum face, " 16-year-old Evan laughed cruelly at him with
his arms crossed; waiting for the funny climax.

He jerked off harder looking around at them all. They laughed and pointed at him,
called him a sissy in his own backyard that he grew up and played in. Originally
a sanctuary from these cruel boys.

Joey listened to their laughter and began to spasm. Electricity flowed through his body.
His eyes rolled to the back of his sockets and he stuck out his tongue in a obscene
retarded expression.

All the boys laughed harder. As the cum erupted from his little cock he made an obscene
fluttering noise from his anus. He couldn't help it.


"Did you just fart, faggot?" Evan laughed cruelly, uncrossing his arms and pointing.

Evan, Jake and all the bullies laughed around his very loudly. Some fell over holding
their bellies in uncontrollable.

"That's the funniest thing I've ever witnessed!"

Meanwhile, back in the master bedroom, Chad was curious
on how he could handle the situation later on in the
night. "When's your ex-husband coming to visit again?"
Chad asked Joeys mother.

"He's coming at 6 o'clock tonight," Joey's mother said

"Will he care that I'm fucking you, and hurting your son?" Chad asked

"I'm not sure"

"What's your name?" Chad asked laughing, " I was
too busy getting to know your ass, sorry. "

"My names Monica," Joeys mother replied, hugging against
this16-year-old bad boy, who continued to feel up her large full ass.

"Well, Monica, I'm going to live here from now on, my
momma back at home wont care, and I enjoy it here.
Fucking you.Hurting Joey. There's nothing better."

Monica hugged Chad tighter, feeling his crotch through his
jeans. "Oh and you can expect one hell of a party tonight
as well," he added "I have already got my boys to contact
all the popular guys at school."

For the next four hours, before the party, 16-year-
old Chad had fucked Monica's butt multiple times. And
also managed to get her on her knees and fuck her
boobs. Out in the back yard, Joey had been beaten to
pure submission. All of Chad's friends laughed and
giggled mischievously at him, as he was on the ground, on
his hands and knees, his head wedged into the ground and
his bubbly butt was facing up towards them, showing them
his asshole. All of them get hard looking at him like
that; they each had their hands on their crotch like they
were about to pee. But none of them wanted to fuck him,
not yet, that was Chad, his daddies decision.

It was 5pm, and a few boys from multiple grades started
appearing for the party. Joey was made to dress up in his
mom's old teenage, sluttish clothes and makeup. He truly
looked like a girl. A few cute boys from his grade came
up to him

"I Guess your out of options now huh faggot" one boy
said, taunting Joey.

" Yeah your fucked now," another boy added" Chad and
all us other boys used to only bully you at school, but
now we fucking run your life,"

They laughed at him, gave him a smack on his exposed ass
and told him to get them drinks. Joey, looking really prettied up,
didn't argue and did what he was told. Which made them laugh
even more.

The party got more crowded, music played, and the house
was filled with more than 40 boys around 16 to 18. Most of them
stuck with there own age groups, while Joey served them alcohol and
food, with a tight mini skirt and sleeveless skive top. All of them ended up
getting drunk and Chad would go around greeting them all.
He would receive applause for what he's done to Joey and
his mother.

It was six o'clock, and by the second, a muscled looking
man, in around his late thirties, came storming through
the front door. "What the fuck is this?" he said.

"Hi," Chad said coming to greet him from the crowd "Who
are you suppose to be?"

"I'm Gail, I used to live here, I'm Monica's ex, and
Joeys father, who are you?"

"I'm Chad, I'm new man of this house,'

".What?" Gail let out in surprise. He couldn't believe
what he was hearing; this young guy owned the house?

"Come on ill show you something," Chad said to the man,
and lead him to the master bedroom.

They both walked in and witnessed a hot sight. Two
skater boys were double-teaming, busty
Monica. One was drilling her from behind really angrily,
while the other was getting his dick sucked. Gail looked
at the scene in awe.

"She's my bitch now, she said you wouldn't mind.
Ill give you a turn of her if you want?"

".Sure." Gail said to 16-year-old Chad, he was
getting hard looking at his ex wife get fucked like this.

"You want back or front?" Chad asked casually.

It took a while for Gail to reply, Chad gave him a nudge
and he snapped out of it "I'd like the back, if that's
ok, I came here to fuck her anyway,"

"Man, since you were her ex and all, ill let you fuck her
whenever you feel like it, ill just have to ask you not
to get her pregnant, that's my job,"

"Sure" Gail replied, he couldn't believe what was
happening, but he didn't mind.

The two skater boys finally were ready to cum;
both of them withdrew and squirted on her face. Their
slim skater body's humped the air as they cummed, looking
down at this whore of a woman who was twice their age.
They left the room, thanking Chad, swatting her ass on
the way out, and she remained in her doggie style

Both Chad and Gail pulled off their pants and underwear,
but left their shirts on and proceeded onto the bed to
fuck her. They both got into position, rock hard. Gail
was behind her, and Chad was in front. He grabbed her
chin and said "Look who's here to see you baby." She
looked behind herself and saw her ex-husband looking
perversely at her. A look of both fear and awaited lust
overcame her. "Oh! Oh yes! Fuck me! Both of you please
fuck me!!" And within an instant both man and teenager slammed
into her without mercy.

Gail was really rough in a manly sort of way. He slammed
into his whore of an ex-wife with extreme anger; her
bottom shook and jiggled rapidly. And Chad was getting
extremely turned on watching. She made horrible squealing
sounds, like a pig. So Chad really shoved his 16-year-
old cock down her throat to shut her up. They both humped
away, thrusting their hips really hard, "awwwwe yeah man,
this is really hot huh?" Chad said to his new friend
"Yeah!" Gail replied, slamming against her butt cheeks
and hitting them.

It only took another 10 more minutes, and they were ready
to cum. Both of them withdrew and cummed on her ass
cheeks, "best target!" Chad laughed. After they were done
Chad asked if Gail enjoyed himself. "Yeah I did," Gail
replied "But there is one thing I don't understand,"


"I don't mind, but my son Joey would have, why didn't he
do anything?"

Chad smiled evilly to that "Ill show you," he said

Both he and Gail walked out into the lounge room full of
boys drinking and talking. But Chad leads him to a large
group huddled up surrounding something.

"Make way boys! Make way!" Chad said.

Gail looked at what the boys were surrounding.
And he got the shock of his life. There, his
son, his flesh and blood, was in sluttish attire,
kneeling on his hands and knees licking a boys foot.

Joey licked pitifully at this boy's toes. And everybody
looked down at him like he was the lowest thing in the world.

Gail couldn't believe what his son was doing. He was
being a slut, a worthless faggot who liked being abused
by boys. Gail felt a hatred for him; he didn't want
to be his father anymore. He refuses to love a whore for a son.

"Excuse us guys," Chad said to the surrounding boys, who
were all drunk "We'll need to borrow him for a little

Chad grabbed Joey by the hair and dragged him to his
bedroom. Joeys father Gail followed. Chad threw Joey to
the carpet and shut the door behind Gail and him.

"Look who's here now faggot!" he said. Joey turned around and
finally saw him, it was his father, his blood father

"Your old daddy here doesn't look too happy with you!"
Chad added laughing. Joeys breathing became heavy; he
quickly gazed into his father's cold eyes looking down at
him like he was scum and wanted him to die.

"Strip!" Chad yelled. Joey sobbed and undressed in front
of his two daddies. Gail watched in a perverted sort of
anger and Chad just smiled. After that Chad started to
torture Joey in front of Gail. He held him by the hair
and made Joey bend over and submit. Chad started swatting
his butt, punching him, kicking him. Joey let out little
girlish squeals.

Chad forcibly pulled Joeys face into the
crotch area of his pants and pushed his hips really hard
in a humping movement against his head saying "You like faggot?
You like that?"

Gail was getting hard watching this happen and started to play with
himself, reaching under his pants.

"You see why now? Your son a pussy, a sissy and a faggot!
He's too fucking scared and turned on to do anything!"

Chad waited for Gail's reply. Gail looked down at his
former son in disgust; he did love him, but not anymore.
His son was a whore now, just like his ex-wife. And he was
going to treat a slut, like a slut.

"You fucking faggot!" Gail yelled ay Joey. "You stupid worthless slut,
you take it up the ass and worship cock!"

Gail stepped forward to join in the action. He grabbed Joey's
head and pulled it into his crotch area, pushing his strong
hips against his son's weak head.

Joey looked up with tears in his eyes as he worshiped
Chad and Gail, both of his daddies. Gail grabbed him by
the throat and slapped his pretty face countless times;
his naked body was then thrown on the bed and landed on
his back. Gail dove on him and held him down. He was a
large powerful man, and very hairy, so Joey was like a
rag doll. He was in panic as his father held him and Chad
laughed while watching. Gail smothered Joey's pretty face
with his muscled ass.

"Is this what you have always wanted from me isn't it?"
Gail said, "To worship and smell my dirty ass?"

Joey felt like he was going to suffocate, but Gail just pressed
harder down. "Answer me you faggot! Is that what you

"Yes!!!" The muffled voice of Joey screamed in horror "
Yes I wanted to worship you for my entire life!!"

Chad laughed and called all the boys in to watch. All of
them came in and laughed as Gail farted, pushed his face
harder down and laughed as well.

"I like your attitude," 16-year-old Chad said to Gail.

"Are you kidding?" Gail said laughing in all his power as
he smothered Joeys face "All this fucking loser is good for is this!"

To be continued.

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