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Alison and Desiree are rewarded for destroying the Patriots, Sam has found the key to capturing Lucifier, and Lilith has found a weapon to destroy Mark.
The Devil's Pact
by mypenname3000
edited by Master Ken
Copyright 2013, 2014

Chapter Forty-Nine: The Victors' Reward

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Who were the Patriots? Who wrote their Manifesto? After the ravages of the Demon Wars, only speculation was left behind. The only clue that had survived was a paper that had purportedly been found in a safety deposit box in Philadelphia. On this paper were thirty-seven names, the supposed roster of the Patriots, and at the head of the list was the name Noel Heinrich. Noel had been an FBI Agent that had briefly fallen into the Tyrants' powers, one of the many women forced to be their sex-slave. No records survived to indicate what Noel's fate was after parting ways with the Tyrants in June of 2013.
–excerpt from 'The History of the Tyrants' Theocracy', by Tina Allard

Thursday, May 6th, 2014 – Samnag Soun – Qumran

My words trailed off as Alison hung up abruptly. I hoped she would be all right. I liked Alison. Besides being a great fuck, there was an honest enthusiasm about the slut.

“What a bitch,” Candy muttered, taking the satphone from me. “She should show you more respect, Sam.”

“I think it was a little intense where she was,” I shrugged, turning back to the black, iron wall we uncovered beyond the red stone. It was a Matmown. Excitement bubbled in me as the Palestinian laborers excavated it out, searching for the door. Something important must be buried here!

“Holy Vizier,” a laborer bowed; he wore a leather choker about his neck.

The worship of Mark and Mary was spreading, and the Muslim world was plunged into as much chaos, or even more, as the Christian world . Every day more and more Muslims abandoned their faith, and violence abounded in the Middle East as the two sides clashed. Every day suicide bombers killed dozens. The laborers were watched carefully by a squad of Rangers bound to Mark. We had vetted the laborers, they all were worshipers of Mark, but the Patriots, one of Lilith's daughters, or a fundamentalist could have infiltrated the laborers to try and harm us.

“Yes?” I asked.

“We found the door,” he answered.

Excitement bubbled through me, set my hands trembling, as I followed the man along the side of the half-buried wall to a door that had been dug out. “You are all dismissed for the day,” I told the laborer. “Candy will pay you.”

“Of course, Holy Vizier,” he bowed.

I forced myself to wait until the laborers were all gone, standing before the iron door. Candy slipped into the excavation, a grin plastered on her face, and she enthusiastically hugged and kissed me. I ran my hand through her dyed hair, half-blue and half-pink, as we kissed. I was excited, my cock hard as Candy wiggled against me. But that could wait.

“Let's open it!” I exclaimed.

A pair of Rangers pried the door open with crowbars, the metal hinges protesting. It smelled like rust inside, and I pulled out my flashlight, shining the bright, LED light around it. There was a plinth, and an unrolled scroll resting atop it. It looked like papyrus, and I could see faded, brown writing on it. I walked forward, examining the scroll without touching it. Candy told the Rangers to wait outside, then had them close the door.

“Is it what we need?” Candy asked, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet.

“It's written in Aramaic,” I answered, starting to translate as I read. “Its style reminds me of the Magicks of the Witch of Endor.”

“Mary says our copy is incomplete,” Candy pointed out. “And look at the scroll, the right side is torn, but the left side is more even.”

She was right. “This is the end of a scroll. They used to write books on long rolls of papyrus or parchment. This looks like the final passages of a book.” I bent down and found Lucifer's name written, and I smiled. “This is it!”

Candy squealed in excitement, throwing her arms around my neck, and kissed me exuberantly. Very exuberantly! Her lips hot, and her tongue lithe; she tasted sweet, and my cock ached for her as she ground her crotch against me. Her fingers fumbled at the loose, canvas pants I wore, popping the button off so she could snake her hand in and grasp my hardening cock. Our six month's in Israel, perusing through dried texts, had left little time for fooling around. The dam on my lust broke; we no longer needed to deny ourselves. Drunk on our success, I let the flashlight drop to the floor, its light waving wildly about the dark, metal room as it skittered across the floor.

“Oh, Sam,” she husked, nibbling at my neck. “I need you in me! I'm so horny!”

I found the button for her pants, unsnapped it, and struggled to push them off her hips. She wiggled, helping me, and my hands found her naked ass; I gave her soft cheeks a squeeze. I burned to stick my cock in her, and to feel her tight, wet tunnel squeezing on my shaft. Her pants were tangled around her feet, stuck on her hiking boots.

“I need to be in you,” I moaned.

“Let me get my boots off,” Candy said, pulling away and letting go of my cock.

“No, get on your knees.”

“Umm, that sounds fun,” she giggled, kneeling on the hard metal floor. I knelt behind her, ignoring the hard metal, and slapped her ass. She squealed, looking back at me, her beautiful face lit on the right side by the flashlight. “Fuck me, Sam. Make me your bitch!”

I drove into her wet cunt, groaning loudly. “You are my bitch!” I groaned. “Mark gave you to me!”

“Yes, yes!” she panted. “Your bitch! I love it! I love being yours!”

I groaned, enjoying the feel of her cunt gripping my cock as I plowed in and out of her. I slapped her ass; she cooed loudly, and thrust her hips back into me. Her passion grew, and she wildly tossed her multicolored hair about.

“Fuck your bitch!” she moaned over and over. “Make me howl! Make me cum! Yes, yes, yes! Fuck, yes!” Her cunt convulsed about my cock, and she threw back her head and yelled as loud as possible as her powerful orgasm exploded through her.

I smacked her ass. “Howl bitch!” I groaned. “Keep squeezing your cunt, bitch. Make me cum!”

“I'll make you explode!” Candy husked, rolling her hips and clamping down with her cunt. “Fill me up with your cum! Yes, yes, I'll drain you dry!”

Our flesh slapped together, my ovaries boiling with passion. I gripped her hips, and pounded her cunt, driving my cock as hard as I could into her depths. I needed to cum! I needed to release that pressure, and spill my girl-cum inside my sweet Candy. My body tensed as my eruption drew closer and closer, and then every nerve in my body exploded, and I flooded my little bitch's cunt.

“Oh, fuck, I'm cumming again!” Candy cried, her body collapsing onto the iron floor as she quivered; a flood of my cum and hers flowed from her cunt, leaking white onto the black metal. She rolled onto her back and reached up, pulling me down and kissed me on the lips. “Mmmh, that was great,” she purred. “I needed that so bad.”

“So did I,” I sighed, resting my head on her full breasts beneath her tight t-shirt. “I love you,” I whispered sleepily.

I felt her body tense. “Really?” she asked.

I didn't mean to say it, but I looked her in the eyes, stroked her face. “Yeah, I guess I do. Ever since France.”

She smiled, “I love you, too.”

Our kiss was spectacular, fireworks exploding between our lips, and I let myself get lost in her soft touches. I kissed every inch of her face from her chin up to her brow, getting her cute little nose in the process, then I captured her sweet lips again. So wonderful, so soft. I stroked her pale cheek with my dark finger.

“Umm, Sam,” Candy said, sounding a little embarrassed as she broke our soulful kiss, “my ass is freezing. This floor is kinda cold.”

I laughed and slipped off of her, pulling up my pants after letting my dick shrink back into a little clit. Candy stood up and wiggled her tight pants over her hips. I retrieved the flashlight, and went back to the scroll.

“Why do you follow his orders?” Candy asked suddenly, hugging me from behind.

“Whose orders?” I asked, not really paying attention as I translated the text in my head.

“Mark's!” There was so much heat in her voice.

“Why wouldn't I follow his orders, I'm his vizier.”

Candy turned me about. “You could be so much more.” She grasped my hands, pulling them up to her lips and gently kissing them. “Mark would be nothing without you. You could make a deal with Lucifer and take his place. Or you can make one with another demon.”

I frowned at her. “But I don't want to,” I said.

“Are you sure you're content with being his errand bitch?”

I swallowed, staring into her eyes. Was I content following his orders, doing all the hard work for him? I felt off-balance, not sure what to say. “Grab the scroll case,” I told her.

“Think about it,” she whispered, stroking my hands. “You could be so amazing. I could be your Mary, standing at your side, guiding you to the greatness due you.”

“Just grab the scroll case,” I told her, my thoughts whirling. Could I betray Mark? Could I have his power? Did I even want his power? Candy dug around in her satchel, and found the scroll case, a tube of plastic, and hurried over.

What should I do?


Mark – The Mansion

Mary and I waited on the porch as Leah pulled the limo into the unfinished driveway, bringing Alison and Desiree home. Behind them, several SUV's followed, carrying their men. While we were at the Church this morning presenting our daughter Chase to our followers, Alison and Desiree were leading their troops against the Patriots' stronghold. Fifteen Patriots dead, and their army of golems destroyed.

I shuddered to think what would have happened if they hadn't stumbled upon their stronghold.

The limo pulled up, and Leah hopped out, looking quite fetching in her slutty chauffeur’s outfit. Two maids walked up; one opened the limo's door, bowing, while the other helped a tired looking Desiree out of the vehicle. Our Latina slut was dressed in tan camo pants and a tan tank top. A smile lit up her face when she saw us. Desiree turned and helped Alison out. Her pink hair was dirty. No, her entire body was covered in reddish dust, and there was a bandage on her ass and another wrapped around her ankle. She had to hop about, leaning on Desiree, and, despite the pain, she beamed at us.

“Master, Mistress!” she shouted.

“Oh, my poor, little slut,” Mary cried out, rushing to Alison and hugging her tightly. The teen was engulfed in scarlet light as Mary healed her.

“Thank you, Mistress,” she sighed in relief, “the shrapnel in my ass was killing me.”

“Good thing mi Reina healed your ass, it lost a lot of its beauty with an inch of metal sticking out of it,” Desiree teased.

Alison stuck her tongue out at her wife. “I was going to let you kiss it better, but now I'm not.”

Desiree laughed, and kissed her wife on the lips. “Liar, I bet you just want me to kiss your ass right now.”

Alison giggled, “I do. Always.”

Their soldiers were getting out of their SUV's, all of them experienced, hard-bitten men from various special forces. They had been hunting down Warlocks across the country for the last six months. The nineteen men—one had fallen today—lined up in formation and saluted me.

“Good job, men,” I congratulated them, saluting back. “You did great work today.”

“Thank you, my Lord,” a Sergeant said, a smile creasing his serious face.

I held out my hand and shook with each of them. “Enjoy yourselves tonight,” I told them. “We have rooms for you in the mansion. Your families are on the way, and feel free to avail yourself of the staff; all of the maids have been instructed to be extra friendly.”

The Sergeant's eye drifted to one of the maids waiting on the porch. “That sounds great, my Lord.”

I nodded, and walked over to my wife and our two sluts. “Master,” Alison exclaimed, and threw her arms around me and kissed me exuberantly. She was my first slut, the only one that asked to be my slut, and I missed her these last six months. But Desiree needed to hunt down the Warlocks, and Alison needed to help her. I pulled Desiree to me and kissed her on the lips.

“My first two sluts,” I sighed, an arm around each of them. “You two were amazing today. Let's get you cleaned up, and then you get to spend the night with me and Mary.”

“Korina is going to watch Chase,” Mary smiled. “We'll have all night to give you your reward.”

Alison giggled wickedly. “Umm, all night. I can think of a few things to do.”

Mary and I laughed, and led our sluts inside. All the other sluts appeared to hug Desiree and Alison, and give them kisses. “We've missed you,” Korina gently said, holding Silas in one arm and Chase in the other.

“At least that amazing tongue,” Lillian quipped, then waggled her tongue at Alison between two fingers, mimicking eating out a cunt. Alison pursed her lips, blowing her a kiss. Lillian laughed, then fell silent when her eyes landed on the soldiers entering after us, and they lit up with lust. “Umm, at least you brought a few rugged men to entertain me.”

We led our sluts deeper into the house, to our private suite in the east wing. Two bodyguards were posted at the entrance, and I paused to give them both a kiss and to grope their breasts. Both guards were beaming happily after my affections. In our spacious bathroom, Mary bent down and started the jacuzzi bathtub, warm water quickly filling it up.

“You'll love it,” Mary purred. “The jets are placed just right.”

Alison gave my wife a wicked grin. “A special order then, Mistress?”

“Absolutely,” Mary giggled. “Now strip, and dump your clothes in the hamper. Lets wash all that dirt off you. You're quite the mess, Alison.”

“It's hard to stay clean when a five-hundred-pound clay man is chasing after you,” Alison quipped. “I don't know how Desiree stayed so pristine.”

“I watched where I was stepping,” Desiree answered. “My clumsy Sirenita couldn't resist stepping into a rabbit hole and breaking her ankle.”

Alison gave an indignant gasp. “I was hoping it would lead to wonderland so I could escape those monstrosities.”

“And leave me behind,” Desiree pouted.

Alison grabbed her wife's tank top, and pulled it off to expose her large breasts. She gave them a squeeze, saying, “All you had to do was flash these delicious melons at them, and they would have been your little slaves.”

“Are you saying my breasts have magic powers?”

Alison nuzzled her face into them. “Absolutely. They've enchanted me from the beginning.”

“I don't know,” I said, eyeing my wife as she pulled her dress off, her perky tits coming into view. “I would say Mary's stacks up nicely.” I copied Alison, and nuzzled my face into my wife's breasts.

“Mistress has an excellent pair of breasts,” Alison proclaimed, rubbing her cheek on one of Desiree's nipples.

Mary eyed Alison, then reached out and fingered one of the slut's pierced nipples that topped her round breasts. “You aren't half bad.”

“I couldn't agree more, mi Reina,” Desiree purred. “Especially with her piercings.” Desiree played with the other nipple; Alison had a huge grin on her face.

“The two women I love most are playing with my tits, what could be better?” Alison asked, kissing Mary's then Desiree's lips.

“What am I, a third wheel?” I asked.

“Wouldn't that be a fourth wheel?” Mary asked, nuzzling Alison's neck.

“Ohh, Master could stick that lovely cock of his into my cunt. That would make this better!” Alison exclaimed.

“After you're washed,” Mary told her, then slapped her rear. “Get your filthy ass in the jacuzzi!”

“Yes, Mistress,” Alison smiled, then sighed as she sank down into the warm water. Mary hit the jets and Alison's eyes widened. “Oh, fuck! Desiree, you have got to feel this!”

Mary added some lavender-scented bath oils as Desiree slipped into the tub, and moaned, “Ohh, that's lovely. The jets are on the seat, shooting right inside me.”

“Mary loves them,” I said. “She spent half her pregnancy in there.”

“That was for my back and ankles,” Mary protested, slipping in. “The jets were just a bonus.”

The warm water felt great as I slid in after my wife, settling down between Desiree and Alison, and not sitting on one of the jets. It just felt weird. Mary laid her head on Desiree's shoulder, and the slut put her arm around my wife as Alison cuddled up to me. The teen's hand found my cock beneath the water, slowly jerking me off.

“Thank you,” Mary whispered to Desiree.

“For what, mi Reina?”

“They were going to attack the Church,” Mary answered. “You two may have saved our daughter's life, and all those other innocent people.”

“We were lucky,” Alison sighed. “If it wasn't for Sam and her dowsing pendulum...”

Desiree shifted, “How is she?”

“She's flying back, actually.” I said carefully; Alison stiffened for a moment in my arms, recognizing the significance of that. It wasn't safe to say any more outside of the Matmown; anyone could be listening—Lucifer, Lilith, some other Power. We only had one hope, and it needed to be carefully protected.

“She has a nice cock,” Alison cooed, nuzzling at my neck.

“As nice as mine?”

“No, Master,” Alison purred, squeezing my dick hard as she stroked me. “No-one's is.”

My lips found Alison's, her pierced tongue slipping eagerly into my mouth, exploring me like a curious kitten. My hands found her breasts, giving them a firm squeeze. Her hand stroked faster on my shaft, the water splashing. But I needed more than her hand; I wanted to be inside her, to know my beautiful slut in the most intimate way possible.

“Ohh, Master,” she groaned as I pulled her onto my lap; her cunt impaled upon my dick.

I leaned back, relaxing against the side of the Jacuzzi, and watched her breasts bob as she slowly rode my cock. Beside me, Mary sat on Desiree's lap, kissing her furiously as Desiree's hand played between my wife's thighs.

“Aren't they beautiful,” Alison purred in my ear as she slid her greased cunt up and down on my cock, working me like a jackhammer. “My wife is going to make Mistress explode.”

I gave her tit a squeeze, moaning, “You're going to make me explode!”

“Good,” she said with a satisfied smile. “That's the point. Explode in me, Master! It's what my cunt was made for! It's yours!”

Mary writhed like a flower in the wind as Desiree's fingers worked inside her. Mary broke the kiss, moaning loudly, “You delicious slut! Make me cum! Oh, fuck!” My wife buried her face into our Latina slut's neck, and sucked hard, adding a hickey to the one Desiree already had.

“Cum for me!” Desiree hissed. “My beautiful Goddess! ¡Córrete para mi, mi Reina!”

Alison's hungry mouth found mine, and I explored her mouth, enjoying the hard stud of her piercing rubbing against me. Her hips bucked, her cunt squeezed. I groaned my passion, and exploded into her cunt—my beautiful Alison's cum-hungry cunt. She gasped, moaning as I fed her my seed, and she shuddered as her ecstasy burst within her.

“Oh, Master,” she sighed, settling her weight on me, and leaning her head against my shoulder.

We watched Desiree finger Mary to a violent cum, my wife shuddering so hard that she slipped off Desiree's lap and slid into the middle of the jacuzzi. When she broached the surface, she was grinning, the hard tips of her breasts just appearing above the rippling surface; dark red that flashed amid the frothy white.

“You didn’t cum, Desiree,” I said.

She smiled. “Oh, I came! The jets took care of me.”

“Oh, Master, can we get one for our room?” Alison asked me, bouncing on my cock, her cunt squeezing life back into my shaft.

“Sure,” I told her as she writhed her hips.

Desiree pinched Alison's ass, “Stop hogging his cock. We're supposed to share everything.”

“Fine,” Alison pouted, pulling her cunt off my cock.

“Sit on the edge of the jacuzzi,” Mary said, “and I'll clean all that cum out of your pussy.”

Alison practically leapt out of the jacuzzi, spreading her legs and showing off her tight slit that oozed white cum. Mary buried her face in the slut's snatch, and the teen leaned back, moaning loudly, her breasts heaving, beads of water running across those beautiful orbs. Desiree turned away from me, her beautiful ass in my face for a moment before she sat down on my lap, on my cock, and moaned as she impaled herself upon me.

“Mi Rey,” she sighed happily.

I reached around her and found her heavy breasts; I squeezed them, enjoying their firm plumpness as Desiree slowly pumped her ass on me. I kissed her nut-brown shoulder, pushing her wet hair out of the way. Her cunt squeezed and relaxed on my cock, stoking my fires skillfully as I played with her nipples.

“Let me taste you, Mistress,” Alison begged.

Mary's face came up sticky, a smile on her lips. “I thought you'd never ask, slut.”

She quickly straddled Alison's face; the slut's pink tongue glinted silver as she swiped it through my wife's cunt. Mary shuddered in delight, then bent down and buried her face into the teen's snatch, and the two noisily pleasured each other.

I nibbled on Desiree's ears as she slowly made love to me. She did most of the work by squeezing her cunt on my cock, only sliding her pussy up an inch or two on my shaft. I dipped one of my hands into the water, slid down her flat stomach, and found her hard clit. Her cunt squeezed harder on my dick as I fingered her little nub, her breath quickening.

“Umm, that's wonderful, mi Rey,” she sighed. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, slut,” I whispered into her ear. “You and your delightful wife.”

Mary raised her face from Alison's cunt. “What about me?”

“I love you, too, Mare,” I answered. “My naughty filly.”

“I know you love me, Mark,” Mary sighed in exasperation, rolling her eyes. “I was talking to Desiree.”

“Of course I love mi Reina,” Desiree answered. “How could I not love you?”

Mary buried her face back into Alison's cunt, and the slut's hands gripped my wife's plump ass, digging into her cheeks as she shuddered in pleasure beneath my wife's assault. A muffled moan escaped the slut's lips as she munched on my wife's muff. It was so hot; I loved watching two women sixty-nining.

“Here it comes, Desiree,” I groaned, and then I shot my load into Desiree's cunt.

“Ohh, that felt like a big one mi Rey,” she purred, her cunt still squeezing my cock as my finger diddled her clit.

I rubbed her clit faster and harder, feeling the slut's cunt squeeze tight on my cock as she fidgeted. Her breathing grew faster, her moans rising in pitch, then she bent over as the pleasure spasmed through her body, and screamed wordlessly.

We watched our wives pleasure each other, driving each other to cum over and over, while Desiree rode my cock one more time, and we shared another cum. Mary and Alison were lost to their pleasures, and rolled about on the tiled floor, clutching each other, until they collapsed in a tangle of quivering limbs. After a minute of heavy breathing, they slipped back into the tub. Mary cuddled against me, and Alison against Desiree. I kissed my wife, and enjoyed the taste of Alison's honey on her lips.

We relaxed in the jacuzzi for another half hour; some maids brought champagne for the sluts and me, and an iced tea for Mary—she was nursing, and the alcohol would get into her breast milk. We enjoyed our cold, refreshing drinks and hot, relaxing water. The maids who served our drinks disrobed: a curvy brunette named Abigail, a sultry Hindu woman named Karishma, a MILF with green eyes named Pearl, and a petite Japanese girl named Tomoyo, and they began to bathe us. Alison enjoyed Abigail's soapy, pillowy tits massaging her back, while Mary laid down on the tiles and let Tomoyo writhe her entire soapy body atop her. I found the way Desiree's nut-brown skin and Karishma's red-brown skin rubbing together, covered in frothy soap, was hypnotic as Pearl washed my cock with her soapy breasts.

“Master, you sure know how to live,” Alison purred after we all had been washed.

“I'm honored you enjoyed it,” Abigail smiled to Alison as she rubbed a terry-cloth towel across the slut's body. “You tasted heavenly.”

Pearl was drying me off, my cum still staining her big tits. Mary was already slipping into the bedroom, trailed by Desiree. Alison pulled away before Abigail could quite finish drying her, eager for some more fun, a broad smile on her lips. I was glad both my sluts were enjoying themselves; they had been so dour the last few times we had actually seen them. They had earned some happiness.

“You did great, sluts,” I praised the maids, and they all curtsied, despite being nude; they all looked both simultaneously erotic and comical as they held up imaginary skirts. “We'll want dinner in an hour.”

“Of course, Master,” Pearl murmured. She was the chief maid, and barked orders at the other three. The maids scurried off, Abigail and Tomoyo holding hands.

Mary was reclined on our bed, massaging her breasts. “Are you okay, mi Reina?”

“Just filling up,” my wife answered. “I need to relieve the pressure. Any volunteers?” Mary's smile was arched and naughty; Alison practically threw herself on the bed, grabbed a nipple with her mouth, and nursed.

Desiree stretched out on the other side, teased Mary's dusky-red nipple, and a droplet of white milk appeared. Desiree's tongue gently lapped up the drop. She cooed in pleasure, “It's so sweet.”

“There's plenty more,” Mary said, stroking her damp hair.

“Ohmygod!” Alison squealed, sounding like the teenager she is. “Ohmygod, ohmygod, it's delicious, Mistress!” Then she buried her mouth back into Mary's tit, and I could hear her sucking hungrily as I watched.

Desiree latched onto the other nipple, sucking gracefully as her wife pigged out on the other tit. Alison's shapely ass wiggled about as she sucked noisily at my wife's breast, her brown asshole winking at me between her pale cheeks. It beckoned to me.

I answered its call, kneeling behind Alison. My hands rubbed through her pussy, coating my fingers with her sticky honey, and smeared them on my cock. I gathered more juices, and shoved them into her tight ass. Alison glanced back at me, and smiled with milky lips, before diving back into her feast.

“Fuck the slut's ass,” Mary cooed.

I slid home into Alison's tight ass; the little slut writhed her hips, and squeezed down on my cock. I started to pump slowly, reveling in the feel of her hot depths, my balls gently slapping against her taint.

Mary emerald eyes flashed at me as pleasure radiated through her body, shifting about as if she lay on hot coals, unable to stay still for long. “Oh, God!” she gasped. “My pussy is so wet! I need something! Touch me, lick me, anything! I'm on fire!”

Desiree smiled, whispered, “I haven't tasted mi Reina's beautiful pussy tonight.”

“Do it!” Mary hissed. “Eat me out!”

Desiree kissed down my wife's lush body, licking her belly button, before she reached the fiery heart Mary styled her pubic hair into. Desiree descended lower, finding Mary's pink flower, and drank deeply from her nectar. The effect on my wife was electric: her back arched, and she moaned her orgasm loudly. Our slut drank her pussy juices as eagerly as she had drunk her breast milk.

Alison's ass was tight and hot as I reamed her, my eyes going back and forth from the teen's lips eagerly nursing at my wife's breast, to my other slut eagerly nursing at Mary's cunt. Then Desiree latched onto my wife's little clit, and sucked hard. My wife shook as a second orgasm crashed through her.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Mary gasped. “You filthy sluts! I love you both!”

I picked up the speed, pounding Alison's ass harder, my eyes feasting on the tableau laid out before me. Alison moaned about Mary's nipple, slamming her ass against my thrusts. Mary's hand reached out, and her fingers brushed my balls as she searched for Alison's cunt. When she thrust them in, the teen tightened her ass on my dick, and I could feel my wife's questing fingers as she explored the slut's tunnel.

Mary's fingers found the right spot; Alison exploded like a firework, her ass clenching down so tight it became hard to thrust my cock inside her. The pleasure she gave me was intense, stoking the fire in my balls as I reamed her vice-like ass. I slammed two more times into her, then groaned as I spilled my cum inside her bowels.

I slapped Alison's ass, saying, “Good fuck.”

“Thank you, Master,” she sighed.

I crawled to the other side of Mary, and snuggled up against my wife. She was shuddering in pleasure, Desiree's tongue sending her into orgasm after orgasm. I kissed her lips, then bent down and sucked her nipple into my mouth. I loved her milk, so warm and sweet as it filled my mouth. Mary's hand wrapped around my head, stroking my face as she moaned in delight.

“I love you, Mark,” she whispered as I nursed, her hands stroking my face.

I stopped nursing, and gave my wife a milk-filled kiss. “Love you,” I whispered, then went back to enjoying her breasts.

When dinner came, Mary's breasts had been drained by the three of us, and the two sluts were licking my cock clean of Alison's ass while Mary cuddled up beside me, happily exhausted from her multiple orgasms.

“Thank you, Master,” Alison smiled, my cum dripping from her face. “This has been the best night we've had in forever.”

Desiree nodded happily. “It's always good to spend time with your family.”


Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 – Fiona Cavanagh – The Ruins of Babylon, Hillah, Iraq

We watched Abby as she examined the ruins, crumbling white walls jutting out of the yellow-white sand. It was night, the air cool after the blistering heat of the day. Cars passed on the nearby highway and, off in the distance, sirens could be heard. Probably another suicide bombing. The Muslims were always clashing with the Miraclists in the Middle East. Men fighting over their stupid differences, while women were caught in-between.

Abby sniffed at the air, moving with a sinuous grace. She was a Dabbat, a serpent-like daughter of Lilith with affinity for the earth. She could move rocks with her mind, using them as weapons, or burrow her body quickly through dirt and stone. She was brown-skinned, her eyes yellow and slitted like a serpent's, and there was absolutely no hair on the woman—not on her head and none between her legs. It lent her an exotic appeal, sparking arousal in me as she gracefully moved across the earth.

“This is the place,” she hissed, her voice sibilant, then she dived into the sand and smoothly disappeared in a cloud of brown dust. This was the seventh ruin in the Middle East we've been to over the last six months. Whatever it was that we searched for, Lilith had only confided in Abby.

“Come wait in the tent,” Thamina called.

I glanced back and saw my wife peering out of the small pup tent she had erected, her naked breasts shining in the moonlight. I smiled and quickly moved to the tent—Abby did say it would take a while. And what better way to pass the time?

Thamina attacked me when I entered the tent, her mouth hot as she pulled me to the sleeping bag, the air mattress crinkling beneath us. “Hmm, someone’s horny, eh, Mina?”

“Get that shirt off, husband,” my wife husked.

She insisted on calling me husband, even though I was a woman. Well, mostly a woman; I could transform my clit into a cock, and that made me the man in our marriage as far as Thamina was concerned. She still clung to the prejudices of her Muslim upbringing; to her, it wasn't quite homosexuality if she pretended I was the 'man'.

Thamina attacked my breasts the moment my shirt was off, sucking my hard nipples into her lips, forcing me to lie down on a rolled out sleeping bag. The moonlight glowed weakly through the fabric, and I noticed dark symbols drawn on the inside. Why would Thamina ward our tent? My question was lost as her teeth nibbled lightly on my breast; I moaned loudly.

Thamina suddenly released my breast, spun about and straddled my face, her furry cunt descending to my lips, and my tongue eagerly found her slit. She tasted tangy and sweet, a delicious combination; I explored her flower, probing my tongue into every delicate, pink fold. Her black down tickled my lips; Mark made us shave our cunts, but we let them grow out. Men lust after youth, and delight in a smooth pussy. But we were women, and we enjoyed each other's natural beauty.

“My beautiful husband,” Thamina purred as she shoved my pants roughly down my legs and buried her face in my red-furred snatch.

I moaned into her pussy as she started licking mine. Sometimes Thamina wanted my cock, and other nights she wanted to love me when I was all woman. I didn't care; so long as she loved me I was happy with her choice. Her tongue pushed into my hole, fucking me as her chin bumped my clit, sending jolts of pleasure through me. Goddess, I was going to cum fast the way the vixen was working my pussy.

Well, two could play that game.

My mouth found her clit, sucking her little bud into my lips as my nose buried into her slit, every breath filled with her enchanting aroma. Thamina moaned in pleasure into my pussy, and then I was flooded with her juices, thick and sticky, as they covered my face. I drank them down, savoring her flavor. She slipped a finger inside me, wiggling it about my tight tunnel. I exploded. I bucked beneath my wife, screaming my pleasure into the night air.

When I opened my eyes, coming off my wonderful orgasm, I realized my wife had flipped around, her lips at my ears. “We need to talk quietly,” she whispered.

I tensed. “About what?”

“Do you think we made the right decision?”

“What, to come out to the ruins of Baghdad and find the dagger for Lilith?” I asked, foreboding filling my heart and causing it to beat faster.

“No, serving Lilith.”

“What choice did we have?” I asked her. “She's protecting us from Mark.”

“Maybe,” Thamina said. “But, what about what she's done? My daughter helped to kill billions.”

“Men,” I said dismissively, then I saw the hurt in Thamina's eyes, the guilt.

“Humans, like us,” Thamina countered. How had I never seen the wounds in her soul?

I frowned. “I thought you hated men. That's why you volunteered to lead the searches.” Many women in Seattle foolishly tried to hide their men, whether they were their husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, or even complete strangers. Thamina lead the search, trying to uncover the women who hid the vermin and smuggled them out of the city.

“You ever wonder why I don't find that many men?” she asked.

I didn't want to know the answer.

“I help them to escape. Only a few get captured, sacrifices to keep Lilith placated.” She kissed my fingers. “I just couldn't sit by and do nothing. It's the right thing to do.”

“I guess,” I frowned. It was easy to think of men as nothing but animals, creatures not worthy of compassion or mercy.

“I think we chose the wrong side, Fiona.”

“And Mark's the right side? He made us his slaves?” I demanded, my voice rising in anger.

“Shush, Abby may be listening,” Thamina cautioned. “And Mark never killed anyone.”

“He killed plenty when he attacked us last November.”

“We attacked him first. Lilith sent her Dimme to kill him, and Luka to kill his Vizier. Lilith started this war and...” She took a breath. “And she can't possibly win. Half the world follows them! He has the US Military under his control!” Whatever levy holding back her doubts had broken, and her words spilled out like a hissing flood. “And not to mention the European Militaries! We're outnumbered and outmatched. He has nukes, cruise missiles, predator drones, and who knows what else! She's deluded herself into thinking she can win!”

“You want us to side with Mark, is that it?” I couldn't hide the disgust in my voice.

“No, I want us to survive.” She wrapped her arms tight about me. “I don't want to lose you.”

“You won't,” I told her. “ I can understand helping the men to escape, but we can't betray our Goddess.”

“I'll follow you, husband, if you want to stay. But please think about it. Are you really okay with what Lilith is doing?”

Was I okay with it? I thought I was, but I could see the guilt in Thamina's eyes. Had she been hiding this from me this entire time? Hurt filled me; my wife didn't share her feelings with me. I looked up at the tent ceiling, my mind whirling, and I saw her symbols. She had warded the tent, she's afraid of being overheard, of Lilith finding out about her doubts. I hugged my wife tight.

I shivered. What would Lilith do if she found out?

Kill us both.

Fear gripped my heart; what the hell had we gotten ourselves into?


Thursday, July 17th, 2014 – Mark Glassner – The Mansion

“It's aney, Alison,” Sam said, making a guttural A sound. “It's a glottal stop, like the pause between 'oh-oh'. Aney laged helel ben shakar 'em penyenh zeh. Kevhev yheyh mevgebl.” Sam made the Hebrew sound so easy.

“Why can't we just use English,” Alison complained. “Summoning rituals work in English.”

“Lucifer will be hard enough to trap; it has to be in Hebrew,” Sam admonished. “And it has to be perfectly. If any of you do not pronounce it exactly right, the spell will not be strong enough to bind him and it'll backfire, destroying the diamond.”

We were practicing the trap to bind Lucifer, and a great deal of progress had been made in the two months since Sam returned. All the pieces were ready: a golden rod topped with a diamond the size of my fist and carved with Hebrew words, and five brass rods tipped with smaller diamonds, and also carved with Hebrew. Mary would be the focus, holding the gold rod, and five others would wield the brass rods, stand in a circle about Lucifer and Mary, and chant Sam's phrase. My job would be to fight Lucifer, and keep him contained in the circle long enough for the ritual to be cast. Then he would be trapped in the diamond atop the gold staff.

The five who would wield the brass rods were: Sam, Candy, Alison, Desiree, and Jessica. Sam and Candy were the best at Hebrew—Candy had spent the last year learning it from Sam—and Alison and Desiree had the most experience in combat. Out of the rest of the sluts, Jessica was the most unflappable. Xiu, Korina, Lillian, Violet, April, and Willow were also learning the ritual. They would be backups if anything should happen to one of the primaries. I had learned in the last year that things happened in combat—people would get hurt or could die.

We had to be ready to perform the ritual if it was ever necessary to take out Lilith. In a perfect world, she would be content with Seattle, and Lucifer would never be unleashed—but this wasn't a perfect world. It was far from it. Killing Lilith would only be an absolute last resort. If it came to conflict between us again—and it would, I could feel it in my gut—we aimed to capture her. So once a week, we would meet in the Matmown until all the sluts could say the phrase flawlessly. They were getting better.

“Again,” Sam said, walking around the Matmown in the basement of our mansion, listening to Mary and each of the sluts as they struggled to say the Hebrew words. Hebrew had a number of sounds that were not found in English, and were hard to learn properly. Particularly the letter aleph, the glottal stop that sounded like a cut off A.

Sam was a patient teacher, a smile on her round face as she corrected Mary and the sluts' pronunciation. She encouraged everyone, and even had me practicing. After an hour, Sam was satisfied with the progress. “If you have free time, come into the Matmown to practice,” Sam said. “Especially you, Lillian.”

“Maybe I need some one-on-one time,” Lillian husked. “You could show me just how to use my mouth.”

“I can think of a few ways to use your mouth,” Candy giggled, then slapped Lillian on the ass.

Mary kissed me on the lips. “I have to go do the Portuguese broadcast, then I have my spa appointment. I want to be perfect for our anniversary.”

“How could you not be perfect?” I asked her.

She kissed me a second time. “Thanks, hun.”

We were going to Hawaii for our one year anniversary. Sometimes it seemed like a lifetime had passed since our wedding. Mary had a surprise planned for me, and had been making a few trips over there the last month to get things ready. After the honeymoon, my friend Chris was getting married, and then we would be off to the Middle East. It was time to stop the fighting. Too many people were dieing for us over there. We owed it to them to intercede.

I opened the iron door, hinges squealing in protest. Abigail, a curvy maid, waited outside, holding little Chase. I scooped my daughter up in my arms, and smiled as she reached out with her tiny hands and grasped my finger. She was so beautiful. Mary gave our daughter a kiss on the forehead, before sweeping off.

“Master,” Violet, my secretary, said, “The President is waiting in your office, he wants to talk about the Sapphicits in Idaho.”

I looked at my daughter, cooing, “Do you want to come watch Daddy work?”

Chase gurgled.

“Alright, let's go.”


Lilith – City Hall, Seattle

There was a knock at my door.

I sat in my office at City Hall. It was the former Mayor's office, and I had removed every trace of that filthy man's presence from it, replacing it with the ornamentation befitting my station: a rich, mahogany desk carved with depictions of my Godesshood; a plush, leather seat; lush ferns in potted plants flanked the windows; precious urns looted from the Seattle Art Museum; along with numerous paintings, and a gorgeous, Persian rug that lay before my desk. Riches that would have made any King of Babylon or Egypt weep.

“Come in,” I purred.

Lana entered, full breasted, with wide hips. The blonde woman was gorgeous, for a human, and motherhood had only ripened her beauty. She was the first woman to bear another woman's child. She and Chantelle had named the daughter Lily, and their little baby was proof that my vision of a world without men was viable.

“My majestic Goddess,” she purred, and prostrated herself before my desk. She was growing better at this.

“Rise, my priestess,” I murmured.

A smile filled her round face. “Fiona and Thamina have returned, and Abby has asked to see you.”

“Send her in,” I ordered, excitement fluttering in my chest. This would be the seventh ruin searched, but the first time Abby had asked to see me. “And your wife if she waits outside.”

“She's with Lily,” Lana replied. “Our daughter has a touch of colic.”

“Very well.”

Lana disappeared for a moment, then returned with Abby. The Dabbat walked with a sinuous grace, a white bundle in her hand. My heart quickened. They found it so fast? I expected the search to drag on for months yet. So much of the Ancient world was lost, so much destroyed and buried. Abby knelt, holding her bundle up before me in supplication. I motioned my hand. Lana took the bundle, and walked over to me, bowing her head as she handed it over.

My hand shaking, I pulled apart the white cloth that bound the dagger. The blade was ugly, roughly made from cold iron. It was one of three Mispach, the bloody daggers forged by the first murderer, Cain, from a star that fell in the lands of Nod.

“I am well pleased with you, daughter,” I smiled at Abby, gazing down at her naked, brown body. She was sinuous and beautiful, entirely hairless. Her slitted eyes stared at me with hope. I reached out, stroked her smooth cheek. She shuddered, hissing her pleasure as she climaxed. “You have earned your reward.”

With a thought, my clothes vanished into red smoke, and I summoned my cock. Abby's long, thin tongue flickered out at the sight. I pushed her across my desk, her round ass staring at me. Her cunt was dripping wet, filling the air with an earthy musk. I speared her; she came, her cunt writhing around my shaft.

I glanced at Lana, my ass pumping away. “Go find Haja and bring her to me.”

“At once.” Lana bowed and left.

I plowed into my daughter's tight sheath. She hissed as her body writhed. Her back arched in ways that would break a human's back, lithe and sinuous. She kept cumming, overwhelmed by my Lust. I drank in her passion. It felt as delightful as her cunt spasming upon my cock.

“Yes, yes!” she hissed. “I'm your whore, mother!”

“You are!” I groaned. “My wonderful, delightful whore!”

I increased the Lust flowing into her. She screamed, her back twisting around. I grabbed a small tit, pinching her dark nipple between my finger. I kept pounding her snatch. She never stopped cumming. My orgasm built quickly; Haja would be here soon, and I allowed myself to flood her cunt with my black seed.

“Thank you, thank you!” hissed Abby, my cum leaking out of her pussy as she collapsed to the floor. “I love you, Mother!” Her long tongue licked at my feet; I savored the wet, wonderful sensation.

“I love you, too, daughter,” I lied; my daughters were merely tools to increase my power, and no matter how useful you found your tools, you didn't love them. “You are dismissed, Abby.”

My daughter stood, bowed, and stumbled out of the room past Lana. I hadn't noticed my priestess return. Her eyes glanced down to my still hard cock drenched in Abby's juices, lust shining in those blue depths.

“Haja is on her way, my Goddess,” Lana bowed. Her eyes flickered to the dagger sitting on my desk, full of apprehension. “What is that?”

I picked up the dagger, and answered her question: “Mark Glassner's death.”

I nicked my finger with the blade. A single, dark bead of blood welled from the cut and landed upon the black metal. For a moment the dagger burned red, drinking in my blood, and binding itself to my life. I could feel the cursed thing like an ugly, throbbing wound upon my forehead.

“A single cut from this blade will kill any man or woman in minutes,” I explained. “Nothing can heal its wounds once it has been bound.”

“Nothing?” Lana asked. “Not even the Tsariy ritual?”

“Not even that,” I answered, then hesitated. “Well, no, my life is bound into the blade, and only my life's blood could heal the wounded.”

“I see,” Lana replied carefully. “Isn't that taking a risk? Shouldn't I be bound to it? Or one of your daughters?”

I smiled at her. “No, it's more satisfying this way.”

I stared at the blade. In November, Mark would stand before me, and I would get to watch him die, writhing in pain, helpless like the worm he is. It would be so satisfying knowing that I was his only salvation, that if he wasn't writhing in pain, all he had to do to survive was kill me. And then the world would be mine; I would cleanse it of every single, last man—purged as clean of the vermin as Seattle.

There was a knock; Haja entered, thin and pale, as if she had no color—except her eyes, they were an ever-shifting rainbow. She was an Aja, capable of manipulating light, and could bend it about her and hide in the distortion, or she could focus the light to a bright beam that would slice through almost anything. Chantelle called her power a 'laser'—one of the many filthy things invented by men in this time.

I carefully wrapped the dagger, and handed it to Haja. “Take this to Ziki,” I commanded. “Do not cut yourself with the blade.”

“Yes, Mother,” Haja answered, her voice little more than a whisper.

“And do not be seen! I will be most displeased!”

“I won't, Mother!” She trembled in fear before me.

“Good, go,” I smiled.

As Aja left my office, I saw Crystal waiting outside. The next group of women I needed to impregnate must be ready. Every woman in Seattle had to submit to my affections and bear me a daughter. When November came, and Mark Glassner lay dead at my feet, my army would be as numerous as the stars in the sky and would swarm across the world.

To be continued...
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