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So here's my question: is having sex with a mermaid bestiality?
Ethan needed a break. Life had a tendency to kick him while he was down. His girlfriend of six months had recently become a full on bitch for no reason at all. She was taking a trip to Las Vegas without him- a mutual friend’s bachelorette party- and she made the whole experience hell for him. It wasn’t his fault that he would be able to go because of work; plus he had never really liked the groom much. He was nice, but not worth marriage. Instead of going Ethan was stuck at the cube farm all day, analyzing numbers that don’t matter at all to the future of the company. And yet she had screamed at him, thrown things, broken an antique vase from his great grandmother, because he wasn’t worth wasting her time on.

And so there he was, walking on some obscure nature trail in the park behind his apartment complex at eleven o clock at night. Suddenly his thoughts of Melissa faded, replaced by a hauntingly beautiful sound. It rose to a pitch he shouldn’t have been able to hear, and yet the crystalline sound came clearly to him. He sped up, jogging down the trail toward the sound. He knew there was a small stream, with a shallow pond ahead of him. The sound had to be coming from there. When he walked out of the trees and saw the pond, he froze. Sitting in the water was a girl so beautiful he wasn’t sure if she was in fact sitting there. Her upper body was bare, leaving her breasts open to the air and her small, pink nipples hard under the water from the stream. Dark hair fell down to her waist, where something strange happened. Her legs were draped in a thin film that was shaped like a tail, and yet one of her long, graceful legs was bent, showing him her womanhood through a slit in the thin fabric. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes upon, and yet somewhere in his heart something felt wrong, dangerous. His vision turned hazy for a moment, as if he was trying to forget her, but he knew what she was and what he was seeing. Finally after a moment of dizziness his vision returned, and this time it came with more amazement. Around the woman were small woodland creatures, mice and butterflies and squirrels and even a tiny man with a white beard he thought. A gnome. Finally he walked forward and accidentally stepped on a twig, causing the creatures to turn around and collectively gasp.

“A human!” the cry went up from every one of the creatures and Ethan stood watching as they fled. The woman curled up and sniffled, no longer singing. Her eyes were the colors of the rainbow all at once, rippling and changing, always showing all the different colors, and yet now they showed fear as well. Ethan fell to his knees in front of her, believing and yet shocked into disbelief.

“A mermaid… and I think I saw a gnome?” she nodded quietly, crying now. The tears fell into the stream and made a sound like water falling into a crystal glass, resonating through the woods. It was a beautiful sound, though nothing like her singing. “Please don’t cry… I’m not going to hurt you. Can I help you? Please, can I help you at all?”

“No… just leave me to die here, please. You should not have seen this!”

“Please… what is your name? Do you have one? Why are you dying? Do you have enough water here? Let me help you!”


“Because you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. And because nothing should die if someone can help it.” She stared at him for a long time. Suddenly her eyes grew hard and her lips peeled back, revealing teeth that had grown into fangs that a vampire would be jealous of. She growled and started forward. Ethan watched transfixed as she came to kill him. When she reached the edge of the pool she stopped and tried to stand inly to fall to her hands. Her teeth shrank back into those of a human and the film around her legs melted into her skin as though it had never been there. Ethan stood and walked up to her, adamant to try and help whether she wanted it or not. Melissa had left shortly after him, which meant he could place her in the bathtub and give her enough water, if that was the problem. Even if Melissa was there, he wouldn’t let her pull anything else this evening. The mermaid shrank back from his touch and hissed, but her shivers kept her from doing anything to harm him. He picked her up easily and walked back down the trail. He knew the park well enough to understand that any large body of water was twenty minutes away, when his apartment was five. It was the only choice left to him. He ran down the trail, trying his best not to jostle her, until his apartment complex came into view.

His apartment was a larger size, two bedroom with a master bath and a guest bath. It cost him a fair penny every month but the space was worth it. He shut the door behind him and turned, walking past the living room and kitchen and heading for the master bathroom. By now the girl in his arms had passed out. He started the water on full, both taps, and placed her gently in the tub. It was deep enough that her entire body would be under the water, and still long enough that she would have room to move about. He turned on the showerhead and ran it over her skin, anywhere he could. Slowly the water rose until it covered her legs, which turned slowly into rainbow colored scales, and then her waist and then her breasts. He sat there for the better part of an hour, watching. Her legs seamlessly became a fish tail that curved with the line of the tub, beautiful to the eyes. Finally he shut off the water when it reached the water line and sat on the closed toilet. Finally he fell asleep, still watching her.

When Ethan woke up he found the tub full of water, but empty. A single scale, the color of the rainbow sat at the bottom of the tub. The floor was soaking wet and towel was gone from the rack. He sat there, staring at the scale for a moment. His mind fogged again, as it had the night before, but the memory forced him to accept the truth and finally he stood, looking into the mirror. His reflection looked back at him, a 6 foot even guy with ordinary brown hair, ordinary brown eyes, and an athlete’s body. He sighed and stared at himself, looking for something different. He felt different. Finally he gave up and walked into the apartment; he found the girl from the pond wrapped in a towel, standing in front of the window that overlooked the park. On her nude shoulder was a small human with wings sprouting from her back, though she was clothed in a small backless dress. The girl held a towel surrounded her body, though her face and legs were enough to make Ethan’s loins stir. The two girls were talking quietly, in a language he didn’t understand. He leaned against the wall and just… drank it in. Finally a bird came to hover at the window and chirped; Ethan swore he saw it acknowledge him before it fluttered away, and soon after the mermaid turned and looked at him, with the fairy still on her shoulder. She smiled hesitantly at him as the fairy chattered on and made some very emphatic gestures that Ethan was sure meant that the fairy wanted him dead. Finally the mermaid shushed her and approached him.

“You can walk. Last night…”

“I spent too much time upstream, in little water. I grow weak if I do that. I had been away from the water for two full days… that is almost sure death for my kind. I wish to thank you for saving me.” Ethan was shocked by the melodic sound of her voice. It was almost as beautiful as her singing the night before

“Of course, I couldn’t have let you die…” At that she looked thoughtful.

“Why not? I tried to kill you before you brought me here. I could have easily… on any other day...”

“You most likely had reason. I would not begrudge you if you did; how many of your kind have humans killed over the centuries? I’m still reeling from the idea that you’re real… and that she is, and that birds can talk and that gnomes exist and that most likely all of my dreams the creatures of myth… everything is different now.” She looked at him thoughtfully. The fairy chattered something and the mermaid shushed her again, which caused a flutter of frustrated wings.

“You are very different than most humans… what is your name?”

“Ethan. Ethan McAllen. And yours? I never got it last night.”

“My name is Clara, in your language. Ethan McAllen, I formally thank you for your heroic actions last night, despite my bad manners.”

“You’re most welcome, Clara. It was my pleasure entirely. As I said, you really are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” Clara blushed at him, even turned her eyes down.

“Men often find our kind beautiful, but most do not speak in such flattering terms.”

“Do they speak at all? I’m finding it hard.” She smiled at him and chuckled.

“Most yell that they’ve found a mermaid. Of course by then we’re gone, changed waters as fast as we can.” She bit her lip and looked at him. “Ethan, I must ask you a favor.”


“May I stay here for a few days? I understand that you have a woman who lives here, a lover, and I do not wish to intrude. But I am not yet strong enough to return to my sisters.”

“My girlfriend and I are… separated at the moment. We had a disagreement last night… though I’m finding myself happier that we did every second that you and I are talking.” Another blush.

“Well I… may I stay with you? You have enough water that I can recover…”

“Clara, I’d be honored to host you. What do you need?” She stared at him, shyly.

“I just need the water be kept fresh and full.”

“Done. What do you eat?”

“I can eat anything you eat, though I don’t know a mermaid who’s ever eaten at a human table. We mostly eat fish and other sea faring creatures, though never more than we need…”

“What kind of fish?”

“I’m not sure what you call it…”

“How about this: Spend some more time in the bathtub and get some of your strength back, then You can borrow some of Melissa’s clothes and we’ll find something at the market, okay?” Clara stepped close to him, looking up into Ethan’s eyes. He could smell salt water on her, but there was something intoxicating about her as well, a smell like flowers and yet deeper, richer…Her eyes captivated him and held him as her voice teased him.

“I am strong enough at the moment, I assure you.” Her smile sent shivers down his spine.

“If you’re sure. Let’s go find you some clothes… I don’t have work today anyway.” She smiled and walked past him into the hall, straight to the master bedroom and into the closet. Ethan followed close behind her, reeling from the reality of what was happening. Ethan watched her throw off the towel, completely comfortable being naked in front of him. She went through the closet, trying on everything she could find and showing him, asking him if it was all right. Her hair gradually dried out and became a lush, long streak of midnight down her back. Finally they found her a t shirt, bra, and a pair of shorts that would fit her. She refused to wear any panties, despite Ethan’s protest that it was proper in public. Clara ignored him, slid on the shorts and walked out of the bedroom. He sat there for a minute, replaying one of the most erotic casual fashion shows he had ever seen in his twenty one years of life. Finally he whistled long and walked out into the living room. They found his car in the parking lot and climbed in, though Clara wasn’t entirely sure of it at first. Once they were on their way she found the entire thing fascinating. The super market was that much more fascinating to her. Ethan found a few friends and explained that an old friend from some European country had asked to stay with him for a few days. His friends raised some eyebrows, but then they all knew Melissa well and said that they liked Clara well enough. Ethan knew he would be in hot water when Melissa got back from the wedding… but he found more and more that he didn’t care. Melissa had said some awful things the night before; by the time that he and Clara were back in the car heading to his apartment, he realized that he didn’t want to keep dragging himself back to her. Clara would leave, sure… but not all girls were awful people at heart, like Melissa had turned out to be. So when Ethan arrived at the apartment a he had resolved himself to break it off with Melissa. He took the groceries up to the apartment and put them away while Clara talked to some sparrows in rapid bird chatter. Finally he locked the car and Clara joined him inside. He rummaged through the fridge as she shut the door to the apartment and pulled out an apple, taking a bite as he turned around. He choked when he turned around to find Clara nude once again, walking up to him. She stared at him as though he was behaving strangely as he tried to swallow without choking any more that he already had.

“What’s wrong?” she actually had some small measure of concern in her eyes.

“I just… Ugh, I didn’t expect… You’re naked again…” Finally he pounded himself hard in the chest and the bite of apple went down, allowing him to breath.

“Yes… I don’t enjoy wearing clothing. Humans find it necessary, but I have never worn them before today. I understand that I need to blend in… do you want me to wear them inside as well?” she almost looked sad at that idea.

“No, no not if it makes you uncomfortable. Please, do what you like. I’ll have to close the front blinds though… some of my neighbors might complain or something.”

“But you will not I take it?” she smiled as she asked him with a twinkle her eye.

“No no not in a million years. I told you; you’re beautiful.” She smiled broadly and even pecked him on the cheek as he went to close the blinds and adjust his hardening cock through his jeans. He heard the sound of water splashing in the bathroom and slumped down on the couch for a minute, only to wake up hours later. He checked the clock and looked out the back window, finding dusk outside and seven o clock on the timepiece. He rubbed at his eyes and stood up yawning, looking around the apartment for Clara. She wasn’t in the bathtub, or the bed, or the kitchen. Finally he found her in the guest bedroom, lying in the bed and stroking the blankets in wonder.

“These are very… comfortable. Did you sleep well?” Ethan laughed; she looked like a child feeling the wonderful comfort of their parents’ bed for the first time.

“Yes. I didn’t get much last night, I was too busy trying to make sure that you were all right. Then waking up early this morning…” She climbed out of the bed and sat down on top of the sheets, looking at the floor.

“I’m sorry, Ethan. I didn’t expect you to do any of this at all. You have treated me far better than I have treated any human I have seen… I tried to kill you before I died. I showed you my teeth and I wanted to…”she shut her eyes and a tear fell down her cheek. Ethan sat next to her and hugged her, holding her as the tear fell and stroking her hair. She stayed still in his arms for a long time, doing nothing to stop him from holding her or touching her hair.

“Clara, I… I don’t understand. I’m very very new to all this. But I don’t care about what you did last night. You were hurt and scared… you were trying to protect yourself. Don’t feel bad.”

“Ethan… why are you doing all of this? Because of my beauty?”

“No. I mean yes, but no; that’s not the only reason. I’m doing it because you need help right now. In a few days, maybe tomorrow even, you’ll leave and I’ll be right back where I was before… maybe a little bit more aware of the world, but still a regular human. I think you’re beautiful yes… but I would help you either way. Everyone deserves help.” He looked into her eyes and found himself as hypnotized as he did every time. She stared at him, unsure. He could see her thinking about something; her eyes flashed more excitedly when she was thinking of something, more vividly. And then she kissed him. It was like kissing the angel who takes your soul to heaven that kiss: her lips were soft, her breath warm, her skin softer than silk under his fingers. It lasted forever. Finally he pulled back and looked at her, her beautiful face and her rainbow eyes. She was smiling, breathing as quickly as he, her hips straddled over his, her arms around his neck… he leaned in and kissed her again, this time pushing her a little harder. His tongue pressed against her lips as her fingers ran through his hair. Her breath came faster; her lips moved more quickly, her hands pulled him closer and closer until there was no space left between them. His lips left hers and found her neck, bringing guttural moans to his ears. He travelled further, finding her breasts and kissing them gently, running his teeth over the soft skin harder and harder as her hands pulled on him more and more, her fingers like claws in his scalp. Ethan stood up and turned, laying her down on her back as he found the valley between her breasts and placed kisses on her skin, relishing her gasps and shudders. She grabbed at the neck of his shirt and he threw it off, sliding back up her body and finding her lips waiting for him, inviting him in and slipping her tongue into his mouth. Her hands slipped down his chest, nails trailing all the way down, until her fingers found his belt and slowly undid the buckle. He felt her hands slide back up his chest and almost grabbed the waistband of his jeans himself before he felt her legs encircle his waist and slide down his legs, dragging his jeans and underwear along with them. He kicked them off and lifted his hips, pressing the head of his cock against her entrance. She was soaking wet from just the kisses, ready for him… and yet something occurred to him.

“You’ve never done this before have you?” She bit her lip, still breathing hard and shivering every time his head rubbed against her.

“No… but no human has *ever* done the things that you have for me that you have. And this is very very… nice… Ethan, I want this. I want you.” Her hands pulled him down and their lips met slowly. He flexed his hips and pushed, slipping into her slowly. He went slowly and yet he found no hymen, no virginity at all. He simply slipped inside of her until he felt their hips meet. She was tighter and hotter than any girl he had ever loved; the pleasure was something he had never imagined. She groaned and lifted her hips as he sank in, gasping as his hips touched hers. She bit her lip hard as he pulled out and pushed gently back inside of her. Her hands found her breasts and massaged them as Ethan loved her faster and faster. Ethan grabbed one her hands and guided it down to her clit, starting a circular motion that didn’t stop until she shuddered in orgasm. Her hands found his hips and pulled him in deeper still when his hips touched hers. Ethan lowered his chest onto hers, keeping his weight on his hands, and took one of her pink nipples in his mouth, suckling and even nibbling on her tit and relishing the gasping screams that came from deep in her chest. One hand went under her hips and pulled her closer to him, pushing harder and harder into her hot tunnel. Her moans and growls became screams and gasps, almost begging for him. Her hands moved again, seizing him behind the neck and pulling his lips to hers and she screamed and came again, this time long and hard. Finally he gave in and cried out with her as his cock rushed with a burn until his seed raced out. She moaned and rocked her hips as he filled her; he could feel it strike something, as though he had come just short of her cervix. He groaned and kissed her, collapsing slightly on top of her. After a few minutes he lifted himself bodily off of her and pulled out, allowing his cum to flood out of her body. To his surprise none of it came out. She mewed softly and tried to get up, only to fail and fall back onto the sheets. Ethan panicked and grabbed her, one hand just under her knees another under her arms. He lifted her easily and she sighed softly, rolling her head to lie against his chest. He placed her in the bathtub and turned on the water, unplugging the old and lying in the water with her, holding her close as the water slowly began to refresh. After ten minutes he finally turned off the water and just held her, waiting for her to wake up. He dozed slightly and the water grew cold, his body grew stiff and finally he pulled his limbs from the tub and walked into the kitchen to grab a sandwich. He grabbed the supplies and closed the fridge, only to turn and find the fairy from that morning fluttering in front of him. He nearly dropped the bottles and bags of food when he saw her, but somehow he kept them close and made it as far as the counter.

“You mated with Clara?” The fairy said it accusingly, as though he had done something wrong. Ethan just stared at her, replaying their love with half of his mind. The other half was shocked the fairy didn’t speak in a tiny voice, the way it would have happened in any movie. He almost smiled at that idea.

“Yes, I did. I love her. I don’t care if she has to go back into the water, I love her and I will do whatever I can for her. It was as much her as me, trust me.”

“Trust you? Not in a million years! But I trust Clara, and if she has taken you then she must know what she is doing. Do you know anything of our world?”

“I don’t. I think it was her song yesterday that made me aware of you all… I suppose can never go back.”

“You might actually be worth something in the long run, human. Ethan McAllen, correct?”


“Then she is now Clara McAllen, and no one save Clara can change that. Though I doubt she’ll eat you, if she took you to mate.”

“Eat me? No, I don’t think she’ll do that.”

“You don’t show fear at the idea of that possibility.”

“No I don’t. Does that mean something?”

“It means you are one of the more powerful ones. You must learn the rules of our realm soon, child Ethan, if you are to survive and see your child grow.”

“Child? Wait, I got Clara pregnant already?”

“No, but you will. It is seen.”

“Then I will provide for my children and Clara.”

“A good idea. But you must be trained in the proper ways of the realm. You live near a very popular traveling ground. Mermaids travel to the ponds and lakes frequently, dryads find the ground very pleasant for vacation, and a fairy temple is just over the hill. You will find several creatures visiting you, trying to find you and talk with you about humans. They will say confusing things, but you will enjoy their company I think. Oh and you will now be able to hear and speak to animals. Beware these. There are things you can do to offend them that will break ties between races for centuries… especially after the last human who mated into the realm.” With that she floated out the window, straight through the screen as if it didn’t exist. She turned when she was a few feet out. “Oh, and Clara is waking up.”

Ethan turned and walked into the bathroom, pleased to see Clara stretching and moving about. She sat up enthusiastically when she saw him and smiled broadly at him. He smiled back and walked to the tub, where she slid over and he slipped inside of the tub next to her. As soon as he was down she threw her arms around him and pressed her entire body to his as she kissed him. He wrapped her in his arms and held her close at thy kissed passionately. Finally she pulled away, looking into his eyes, still smiling as widely as she could.

“I love you, Ethan McAllen.”

“I love you, Clara”

“You didn’t use my last name…”

“I love you Clara McAllen.” She kissed him lightly once and pulled away before it could become anything else. Ethan was hardening under the water, pressing straight against her slit. Her legs slid around erotically, touching and rubbing against him smoothly.

“You don’t have a tail.” She looked down and smiled.

“No I don’t. From now on I won’t change unless I choose to have one. It is one of the benefits to mating with a human.”

“What are the others?”

“I can have you whenever I wish… I can cross worlds more easily… I can bear children… and I can show you everything in the realm… did I mention that I could make love to you whenever I want?”

“Yes, you did. You recovered very quickly.”

“Oh yes, I also can live out of the water… I won’t be as dependent on it for strength, though I will need a bath occasionally.”

“Well that makes things much easier, doesn’t it?”

“Yes it does. Ethan, I have a question.”

“Anything. If it will make you happy, I will do it.”

“It is strange by human standards. It is unaccepted most places in your society.”

“Clara, what is it?”

“I… I want you to take another mermaid to mate.”

“Clara, if that will make you happy then I will.”

“Ethan… her name is Serena. She’s my younger sister.”

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