This is the series sequel to the series What I Wanted. This chapter is !NON-EROTIC!, I repeat !NON-EROTIC! and will contain sex between characters under the age of 18 in later chapters. Don't like? Don't read. !NON-EROTIC! !NON-EROTIC!
"Come on." Daniel dragged the word. "My parents won't mind. It's still not late." He told Marc, who looked at Troy for the approval. Troy gave him a simple nod, and the two of them bounded inside.

We had been the last to get dropped off because apparently Troy and Marc lived in the same neighborhood. He had not known until Marc had told him the name of the street (after they had already picked everyone else up) that he realized it was only a couple of streets away from theirs.

Not wanting to be alone with Troy, I started to walk down the driveway to cross the street to my house. But Troy stood up from leaning against his truck and asked, "Where ya goin?"

I stopped and turned around to face him. "Home." I answered as I pointed to my house. "It's pretty late." I said and continued to walk.

"Wait." He said, compelling me to do just that and turn to face him once more. "I didn't know you lived right across from him." He stated, referring to Daniel. I only smiled and nodded in response, not really knowing what to say. I made an attempt to move, but he spoke again. "Is anyone home?" He asked, causing me to tense slightly.

I looked across to the driveway of my house, and didn't see my dad's truck, which meant they most likely went somewhere together. "Uhh... No." I hesitated to answer truthfully, but there was really no reason to lie to him about that.

He took a few steps toward me. "Mind if I hang out with you for a bit? Until I give Marc enough time with Daniel. I don't wanna force him to leave right now." Troy explained.

I looked at his face and he looked like he was genuinely being honest. "Sure." I replied and gave him a smile.

I began walking to my house with Troy in tow. I suddenly felt self-conscious of how I was walking and my arms suddenly felt uncomfortable in any position. I tried brushing it off as I came to the front door. I reached for the spare key inside the plant pot and was about to unlock the door when I froze entirely. I was reminded of the day I came here with Joseph to get the drinks from the basement....

"..Tony.. Tony!" Troy shook my shoulder lightly. "Are you okay?"

I mentally shook myself and unlocked the door. "Yeah, I'm fine." I finally answered when I walked in. I closed the door and locked it once Troy had walked in. I made my way into the living room and sat on the couch. "Well, do you wanna watch tv?" I asked as he took a seat right next to me.

He laid out his arms on the back of the couch and said, "No, I'm fine." I sat still. I was really nervous and as a result, I didn't speak anymore, and he took notice. "Dude, you don't seem okay." He moved an arm and brought the back of his hand to my forehead. "Woah, you're hot-"

I swatted his hand away. "I'm not sick, I'm okay." I reassured him. "I just- it's- it's hot in here." I stuttered. "That's why I feel hot." He gave me a look which let me know he wasn't convinced.

He let out a sigh. "I'm just gonna lay it out there." He rearranged himself on the couch to face me and opened his mouth to speak, but immediately closed it. He sighed again and that's when he leaned in. I instantly put up my hand and it came in contact with his chest. He stopped and looked at me. My heart was pounding viciously as I looked back at him. I knew this was what I desired, so as soon as I felt him pulling back, I withdrew my hand and placed in onto the back of his neck. He halted for just a second before he brought his lips to mine. I felt a rush of heat that made it's way throughout my body. And just as quick as he kissed me, he detached himself from me.

"Oh god." He mumbled. "Oh god." He repeated. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." He said, running his hand along his head, appearing distressed. I feared that I may have done something wrong, not even conceiving the fact that he may- "-have a girlfriend."

"What?" I asked in disbelief. He only stared at the floor, his elbows propped on his knees, his hands clutching his head. This was enough to confirm what I had heard. "What?!" I repeated. He looked at me, panic clear in his eyes, and my heart fell. I knew the best thing to do wasn't to grill him with questions, so instead I chose to say the same thing he told me at the theater, "Dude, it's cool." Within an instant he relaxed, so I continued. "No one has to know. Promise."

He smiled and stood up, and I did the same. "Thank you." He took a step forward as if to hug me, but decided not to. That was the last thing he said before he walked out of my house.

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

Two Days Later : Monday

It was killing me that I couldn't tell anyone about what happened with Troy. Well, I could, but I promised him I wouldn't. I had considered telling Desiree, but she had a big mouth, so I knew I couldn't exactly trust her with it. I also thought about telling my mom, but I know she'd get upset and bring up what happened last year. (Yeah, I eventually told her EVERYTHING that happened.) So I felt the best thing to do for right now was to keep the secret bottled up and sealed. But that became even more difficult during school.

I was able to endure half of the day, and as I sat with Desiree and Carter at lunch, I caught sight of Troy. I jerked slightly, having the urge to go and talk to him. Desiree noticed this and gave me a concerned look. "You alright there? Looked like something went up your butt." She laughed, and Carter joined her.

I rolled my eyes and looked down at my lunch, picking at the slices of pineapple with a fork. I brushed her little comment off, knowing exactly what she meant by something and she only said it because Carter was with us.. Like I said, I didn't dwell on it too much and my mind focused on Troy again. As a result, I looked back to where he stood in line, but he wasn't there. I immediately started panning the cafeteria, and when my eyes found him, I jerked once more. He was looking back at me. He quickly averted his gaze as a girl came down to sit next to him. A girl that looked quite familiar. A girl named:


> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

Last Period of the Day : 7th Period

I never felt the need to give an update on her because she wasn't significant. She is obviously George's ex-girlfriend who had broken up with him when she found out about me. I have a class with her and George together (this period unfortunately) and none of us ever spoke a word to each other. But now that I knew Christina was Troy's girlfriend, I couldn't help but ask myself things like: 1. How does she get these guys? 2. What does he see in her?! And 3: Why am I even asking myself these questions if I already know the answer to them? Duh, she's a slut! Which led me to ponder over another question: Was Troy just like any other guy and just with her for the sex? I shook my head, trying to get those thoughts out of my head. Unfortunately, I literally shook my head and the teacher called out on me.

"Do you happen to disagree, Tony?" She asked crisply. Most of the class turned to look at me.

"No." I answered as I caught George's eyes.

"Then sit still and stop shaking your head like a Neanderthal." She mocked as I heard a cackle from none other than Christina. I caught a glimpse of George smiling as the class turned back around. I sighed and placed my head down, not wanting to listen to the teacher anymore. My breathing slowed as I eventually drifted to sleep.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I awoke to someone shaking my shoulder. "Jesus, you sure are a heavy sleeper." They finally said as I picked my head up. Once my eyes focused on the person, I shivered. "C'mon, class is over."

"Why- why are you talking to me?" I asked sharply. I stood up and walked out of the class, heading for the front of the school. He caught up to me and grabbed my arm. I turned around and threw his hand off of me. "What?!" I yelled, causing other students to eye us. "You should leave me alone before they start talking again."

He sighed and rolled his. He firmly grabbed my arm again and pulled me along with him to the student's parking lot. I tried prying his hand off, but his grip was too strong. He burst through the door and strode to a truck which I assumed was his. Once there, he pushed me against the passenger door.

"Get the fuck off of me!" I yelled and he covered my mouth with his hand. Images flashed through my mind of that day back in the restroom and I stopped struggling as tears welled up in my eyes.

George immediately backed up and looked at me worriedly. I'm guessing he knew what troubled me because he said, "Oh, no. Fuck. I'm so sorry, Tony." He pulled me into a hug and I hugged back, knowing he meant it. I started to cry, my breath hitching continuously.

"GET A FUCKING ROOM, FAGGOTS!" I heard a girl yell violently.

I expected George to pull away, but he didn't. I actually felt him clutch me tighter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We were in George's truck parked in the driveway of my house. Neither of us had said anything for the ten minutes we were sitting there. Assuming he would never speak, I reached for the door handle.

"I'm sorry." He said. "I'm so sorry for everything I put you through." He turned to look at me. "After that day I walked out on you, I realized I fucked up big time."

I sat back in the seat. "Why just now? Why are you barely apologizing?" I asked, my voice rising. "After eight months, you apologize. What made you want to?"

"Believe me, I've been wanting to." He stated. "But seeing you all happy and shit, I just didn't wanna pop back in and burst your bubble." He said. "And before today, before hearing Christina giving you that ugly ass laugh, I just didn't have the balls to come up to you." He revealed. I sat still, unaware of what to say, so he continued. "Tony, I've been thinking about you all this time... I was able to become aware of that you're someone I want to be with, just with that little time we were "together." And I know that sounds cheesy as fuck, but....."

"I want to be with you."

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