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Jessica finds the best way to occupy her hands...
I have a problem. Well, if you want to think of it as a problem. I certainly don't.
My name is Jessica Ritman. I'm 17 years old. When I was 12 I discovered masturbation.
Ever since then, I've had an obsession with masturbating. Not with sex either, with the act and feelings of masturbating specifically. I love the feeling I get when I ram my fingers (or anything I can get my hands on really) up into my pussy.
The reason I call it an obsession is because there is never a time when I don't want to masturbate. If I can do it, I do it. I spend most of my time masturbating. Not to say that I can't function or anything, I just do a lot of things one handed. I don't think anybody realized it either. I always make sure to cut open the pockets in the few pairs of jeans I have so I can masturbate covertly. I mostly wear short skirts and skimpy panties. A lot of boys drooled at me over my dress code and my sexy body.
I have nice C cup boobs and blonde hair that hangs down in between my shoulder blades. I have deep blue eyes and cute, pouty lips. Unfortunately for men around me, the only one who ever got to use my body was me. I use every available orifice too. I don't know why I get off on abusing my body so much, but I'd shoved some crazy things into my pussy before.
More than anything though, I love getting off in public and in front of others without their knowing it. Even when I'm walking in school or out at stores, I have my hands down the front of my pants or under my skirt. Thanks to whoever invented purses, because they're a huge help. I can just carry a purse (full of dildos and vibrators by the way) in front of my crotch with one hand and use the other to fuck myself.
Right now I'm in school. We have an essay to write and I'm currently using my right hand to write while the left one is down the front of my booty shorts. Over the years I've managed to learn to control my orgasmic moans in public. So while I write some perfect bullshit that will get me an A on the essay, I plunge three fingers deep into my pussy. I slide my fingers in and out of myself, almost lazily, as my pencil streaks back and forth across my paper. I feel my arousal slowly build as my nipples suddenly strain into my bra and my juices soak my panties. I considered it an odd day if my panties weren't soaked by 9:00 every morning.
I pant just a little bit as my climax builds. Today feels particularly nice. I can feel little shocks of pleasure shoot through me all the way to my toes every time my fingers dig into my pussy. I close my eyes for just a moment as I cum and start fucking myself harder. I can barely write steadily as my orgasm continues and intensifies. I know that I won't be able to stop for a while. I've been addicted to orgasms for years.
My toes start to curl as I add another finger and thumb my clit. I feel it the instant I start squirting into my hand. I stop and try to calm down. If I don't soon, I'll get caught. My face is getting a little flushed and my pussy will start making that lovely squelching noise that it makes when it's fucked wetly. I pull my left hand from my pants and it's absolutely coated in my pussy juices. I slowly suck it off and moan quietly to myself. I'm addicted to the taste of myself as well.
It's maybe ten minutes before I reach my hand up and under my bra to pinch my nipple. I roll and tug until my pussy is positively gushing. I then move my hand back to where it belongs. I only rub my clit for a few seconds before I decide that I need something bigger.
I stop and reach into my pencil bag and grab a thick marker. I covertly check to make sure that no one is watching before slipping it below my desk and into my shorts. I squirm in pleasure as I bury the marker almost entirely in my pussy. The only reason I don't is because it would probably get stuck, but I manage to get a good three inches into myself. I pump it in and out of myself gently, trying to keep the fucking slow until I finish my essay. I still cum twice more before I finish my essay and hand it in.
I now have at least ten minutes of free time until my classmates finish the assignment. I reach into my purse and slip out a large egg shaped vibrator. I loved these things, I could just hide them up in my pussy and turn them on whenever. I used them a lot because they were hands free.
The one I pulled out is my second largest. It was almost as big as an actual egg and its vibration intensity was insane. I relish the feeling as it disappears inside of me and secure the attached wire to the inside of my thigh so I can pull it out later. I hold the remote in my hand so it can't be seen. I crank it up to the third of the five vibration settings.
I love the feeling of the vibrating egg buried up inside of me. My entire pelvis is on fire and I can't help but squirm a little in my seat. I start cumming into my panties again and I can tell I'll need to go to the bathroom to clean up. I quickly get up and ask to go, trying to keep my legs from shaking in orgasmic pleasure. I rush to the bathroom as my shorts get stained from the amount of cum in my pants. I turn off the vibrator reluctantly so I can clean up and try to salvage at least my shorts. I always carry a second pair of shorts with me because this had happened before.
The crotch of my shorts is totally soaked. I press them to my nose and moan erotically as the scent fills my nose. I scoop up some cum directly from my pussy in my fingers and lick it off desperately. I sit there eating my own cum for a few minutes before I switch shorts and head back to class. I flick the vibrator back on, but only to the first setting. It sets off a pleasant buzz that gives me soothing tingles all over but won't make me flood my shorts again.
The rest of the day drags. I just want to get home and savage my holes. Several times I have to stop myself from shoving half my hand up my pussy.
I finally get home a couple of hours later. I immediately run upstairs and lock the door. I strip naked and pull the egg vibe out of myself. I keep all of my huge dildos in the middle drawer of my dresser. I pull out a large ten inch for my pussy and a slightly smaller seven inch for my asshole.
I lie on my bed and spread my legs obscenely wide as my pussy literally gushed enough juices to stain my bed before I even started. I retrieve a thick towel to put under my body and reposition myself.
I waste no time. I cram the ten inch dildo into my pussy harshly in one stroke and follow up immediately with the seven inch dildo in my ass. My mouth falls open and a low, throaty moan tumbles out of me. I quickly start ravaging both of my lower holes with the dildos, fucking them in hard and fast. My hands blur a little as I plunge them in as hard as I can. I moan and arch my back as I squirt all over my hand and towel.
I end up masturbating for a solid ninety minutes. The towel on my bed is soaked in cum and so are my arms, inner thighs, and my hips. I slurp my cum off of my hands and forearms and start cleaning up. And of course, as soon as I'm done, three fingers find their way into me. I fuck myself repeatedly until dinnertime and even more after dinner. My clit is sore from all the friction of rubbing by the time I fall asleep, covered in my own cum.
The next day is no better. All day I have my hand soaked in cum and my panties squelch as I walk through my daily schedule. I can barely focus, this is odd even by my standards. I spend all day after school masturbating wildly, using my largest dildos and vibrators to devastate my holes. I squirt cum all over my room and I really should be more careful, but I just don't care. It sprays out of my vagina in jets like a fucking porn video. I decide to do one of my favorite things.
I grab a plastic cup that I keep by my bedside. I start masturbating over it and cumming into it. After two hours and countless spraying orgasms, I have half a cup of liquid cum. I sniff deeply before I up-end the cup and literally guzzle my own cum. Just that ridiculously perverted act makes me climax again. My body can't take anymore. I shake in pleasure as I fall onto my bed. I can feel the cum-soaked sheets as I fall into a deep sleep.


2014-08-12 14:54:32
Spaced out my latest story a bit better, check it out. :) And to the comment about slugs, I'm not sure I'll do any more with that given the... Less than satisfactory reaction from readers. If a story gets less than 90% likes, I kind of consider that a failure. :/

Anonymous readerReport

2014-06-25 23:47:54
I actually personally think the paragraphing isnt so bad at least you tried to space your work just you need to space it out a little bit more :)

Anonymous readerReport

2014-06-25 10:46:05
I'd love to see a sequel to this with slugs.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-06-25 06:46:26
Apologies bro, I usually type these stories into the notes app on my phone. Hard to space and stuff.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-06-25 05:20:49
The dreaded "white Wall of Text" strikes again and kills another story.
Please learn how to paragraphs and spaces in your story so that it is easier to read.
Look at some of the higher rated stories on this site and emulate those authors..

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