I get a call from my 1st Asian lovers sister wanting to meet. I'm more then happy to do so.
My incredible Asian lovers - Part 4

It'd been almost a week since I heard from Sing. I was beginning to wonder what was up. Then my phone rang.

It was Sing. Her husband was on vacation for two weeks. So it'll be another 10 days before she can call me again. My spirits dropped. The rest of the day pretty much sucked.

I wake up the next morning and fool around the house. Around 9 a.m. The phone rings. I'm thinking who would call me this early in the morning.

I answer the phone and it's Mei Le, Sings sister. She asked me if I'm busy? I tell her "No, I’m bored at the moment"

She wants to know if I can meet with her? " Sure, I can meet you. You just tell me when and where." "Same place you meet Sing." I tell her "I'll be there in a flash."

She tells me to meet her in about an hour. I cleaned up real quick and hurry like hell to the motel.

I've been sitting there in my car for about 10 minutes when the phone rings. " You here?" "Yes but I have not got a room yet." " You get and call me with number." "Ok." I walk from the restaurant to the motel get a room.

I call Mei Le ," Room 104." I Be right there. I am nervously waiting in the room. There's a knock at the door.

I open the door Mei Le is standing there, wearing a beautiful blue knee-length of summer dress. Her long dark hair is pulled back into a ponytail.

For the first time I really inspect her beautiful face. Her almond eyes are hazel, her nose is small and perky. She has a small mouth full lips. She's wearing a dark red lipstick.

Other than that I don't think she has any makeup on. Her perfume or body spray is intoxicating.

"Hello!" " Hello beautiful!" She giggles and thanks me. " No need to thank me its the truth." She just smiles a huge smile, then kisses me on the cheek.

" How are you today I ask?" She looks at me and smiles and only says "Very horny." "ME TOO!" "I hope so, need lots sex." Taking her hand rubbing it on my crotch.

" You take shower?" "I did at home." " Take again, please." " No problem." I strip as I’m headed for the bathroom.

I stop long enough to look out the door to watch her undress. She pulls her dress over her head. She's completely nude except for a garter belt and nylons. My cock does a little jerk seeing her.

I quickly shower, wrap a towel around me. She's lying on the bed, rubbing her pussy. " Very wet and horny!" " God Dam!" Is the only thing that comes out of my mouth.

She laughs and smiles "You like!" "I love!" "Come lie here." Patting the bed beside her. I nearly leap onto the bed.

She nuzzles up to me and kisses me deeply. She shoves her tougue into my mouth and I suck on it. As she pulled her tongue back I slide my tongue into her mouth and our tongues mingle.

I slide my hand up and embrace one of her breasts. Squeezing her breast then pinching and twisting her nipple. "Mmmmm, Harder." I get rough with her nipples working on one and then the other.

Then I feel one of her hands grasping my dick. Squeezing it hard then sliding down and squeezing my balls. I don't understand it hurts but it feels good at the same time.

She pulls away gets up on her hands and knees. "Fuck me this way!" I am more than happy to fuck her from behind.

I get on my knees behind her but I'm still too tall. I get off the bed and tell her to move over here. She moves near the edge of the bed. This puts me much closer to the height of her pussy.

She rests her head on the bed her ass poked up in the air. Taking the head of my cock I rub up and down against her slit.

But instead of sticking my cock in. I get on my hands and knees and bury my face into it. "Oh yes eat!" I'm happy to do so licking and sucking.

I take my hands and spread her ass cheeks as far as I can get them. Run my tongue from a pussy up around her anus. She shivers as I run my tongue around it, pushing her ass back into my face.

I stop stand up in line up my cock with her love hole. I rub the tip against it and push in a little bit. When I know I'm there I grab her hips and shoveI as hard as I can.

I hit bottom before I get all the way in. She lets out a loud grunt as I hit bottom. I can't believe how tight she is. That I got in this far in with one try.

I start pounding her pussy. Within moment she orgasms. Her cunt muscles squeezing so tight I can barely move. She lets out a primeval scream. Her face buried into the bed to muffle it.

Her pussy releases its grip on my cock I renew my fucking. I want to get my cock all the way into her so my balls slap her pussy. I'm so over the edge I don't care if I hurt her.

After four or five thrusting my hips hit her ass. She's kind of whimpering as I pound her pussy. Shortly thereafter I blow my wad deep into her.

I slide my cock out of her pussy. My cum starts dripping out, running down her leg. She can barely get out of bed to go clean up.

I had laying on the bed nearly worn out. She must have recuperated some. She crawls onto the bed takes my cock and starts licking the cum off of it. I can’t help watching this beautiful woman licking the cum off my cock.

She begins to suck on it. Soft she can get about half of it in her mouth. In a very short time I'm getting hard and big. Hard she can only get about the head of it in her mouth.

Once I'm fully hard she straddles my hips. Taking my cock in her hand. She rub the head of it up and down her slit.

She's leaning forward enough I can kiss her. Our tongues mingle. We kiss as she rubs my cock on her slit. I take both hands and start working on her breasts.

I feel her line me up to her pussy. Then begins to try to work it in. She has tightened up a great deal since I pulled out.

I feel the head ready to pop in and I shoved up with my hips. She groans and has this erotic look on her face. I kissed her deeply squeezing her nipples at the same time.

She fucks me for the longest time. Just as I am getting close to cumming and I think she is ready to orgasm. Her telephone rings.

She quickly slides my cock out of her and gets off the bed. Find her phone and answers it. I don't understand what she's saying she's talking in her native language.

She hangs up her phone. Turns to me and sighs. " I must go husband calling." Needless to say I'm very disappointed.

She goes into the bathroom and cleans up. Quickly dresses. " I sorry I have to go. You not be mad." " Hell no! But I'm wondering, will I see you again soon?"

She smiles at me and saying "I hope so.” I smile back and say"Me too!

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