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My name is Kate; I am 16 years of age, 5 foot 3, slightly tanned skin and full 34D cup breasts with small nipples. I have straight; slightly waved blonde hair that falls just past my shoulders, my eyes are a pale blue with a hint of green flecks that are visible in the sun and full pink lips. My body is curved and my butt is round and makes my hips look a little wider, I am a size 8 in dress size and I live with both my parents.
My mum is the same height as me and is much bigger in size, being a size 24 with large 44F cup breasts. She works at a nursing home on a 12 hour shift, leaving me and my dad, Derek, alone for the day.

My dad was tall for a 37 year old, being 6 foot 2 and pretty muscular from time in the army training, though, he never went out to fight. He’s retired early, my grandparents having left him a large sum of money, he was able to buy a house big enough to house 6, yet it was just the 3 of us. He has soft brown hair that is pushed up, like the kids at school, yet my dad seemed to make it look better. His green eyes were bright and my mum said his eyes were the best feature, I don’t really have an opinion what he looks like, I mean, he’s my dad.
I woke early on that typical Sunday morning, my muscles ached badly from the lack of sleep I had. I stretch, wincing a little at the pain as I pull the covers away and finally get out of bed. The first day of summer vacation and already it was off to a bad start.

I stride into the kitchen and sit down, a bowl of cereal placed in front of me as my mum comes to sit opposite me, eating a yogurt before having to leave for work, I know she won’t be finished until 8 tonight so I can basically do what I want, if I leave dad alone.

“Good Morning honey, I’m off in a minute. Be sure to be good for your dad” She says with a smile as she puts her yogurt pot in the bin and ruffles my hair before grabbing her bag and leaving. I eat my cereal and wash up, making a large English breakfast for when my dad comes down, if not, I’d have to take it to his room.

I pile his plate and fill his mug with strong black coffee. As usual, I wait for 5 minutes, having to see if he’ll come down stairs but not for long in case the meal got cold. I carried the tray upstairs into his room; he was awake and smiling, looking up at me as I entered.

“Baby, good morning” his smile was wide as he took the tray from me and set it aside on my mums side of the bed, pulling me close to him. I hugged him back and pulled away, for a
moment I felt a brief tug on my body from him before he let me go. I sat on the end of the bed, watching him taking a swig of the coffee and returned it back to the tray, barely touching
the breakfast I had made.

“Aren’t you hungry dad?” I asked, looking a little worried.
He noticed my expression and smiled. “Not right now sweetie, and what did we say about
keeping you my little girl, hmm?” He pressed me with a meaning full stare, I hesitated.

“Sorry Daddy” I whispered, I hated saying it. It made me feel little again and I wanted to be grown up, you know? Hang out with my friends, even have a boyfriend. I wasn’t allowed one until I was 18, apparently, boys affect your studying.

“Good girl, come here baby, Daddy misses spending time with his little girl” he suggested softly as he sat himself up, reaching over and pulling me up on to his lap, snaking his arms around my waist and pulling me tightly to him.

I always felt nervous when he did that, he’s my dad so it was normal to be affectionate right? So today was no different, I tensed up a little as he breathed against my ear and whispered softly, I nodded, barely hearing him as I squirmed.

“Dad-dy can I go now?” I was quick to make my correction as he nudged his nose against my cheek and smiled.

“You want to leave Daddy so soon? But you just got here baby, please?” he turned to face me and jutted his bottom lip out at me before I hesitated and nodded ‘OK’. He smiled and kissed my lips, something I’m pretty sure he wasn’t allowed to do.

I lay my head on his chest as he cradled my head and stroked my hair for what seemed like forever until I finally pulled away, I wanted to go out today and leave my dad alone, I love him and all but I needed my space.

He looked up at me as I stood there, getting ready to leave.

“Where are-“he stopped as I cut him off.

“I’m going to hang out with my friends, I’ll be back by the afternoon” I turned to leave and I heard him getting up, now I was scared. I had my hand on the door as his hands snaked around my waist once more and pulled me tight to him, pressing his bulge into my back from behind and I stiffened in fear, resting his head on my shoulder, whispering in my ear.

“Did you just tell me, and not ask?” I gulped and nodded my head, knowing I had and there was no point in lying to him as he was so close. I felt one hand running from my waist down to my thigh. I was wearing a blue t shirt with matching plain bra and white cotton panties with short sleeping shorts. He caressed my thigh below the shorts and moved up, his fingers sliding up my short and just the finger tips skimming my panty covered pussy.

“Mm baby, come to bed with Daddy...” he slurred as he pushed his fingers up more, yanking my shorts down from the inside and I squealed, trying to pull away.

“Please stop, you can’t do that” I gasped as I struggle while he effortlessly lifted me and placed me on his bed, the breakfast was placed on the floor and he quickly locked the door, though there really wasn’t any need to.

I scrambled off the bed and tried to hide myself in the corner of the bedroom, my knees hunched up over my body, burying my face in them and trying to hide myself from him. He crouched down in from of me and smiled.

“Oh baby you’re so silly. Come here” He tugged my arm and slowly managed to unfurl my body to is advantage and pick me up, putting me back on the bed again. This time, he laid next to me, stroking my cheek as I stayed tensed up and my eyes tightly shut, I hadn’t noticed he had taken his pants off and was now in just a t shirt and boxers, almost like me.

I started to cry silently, sobbing as he started to pull at my shirt, I figured it was best to obey him, all he could really do was touch me; he couldn’t put it inside me, that would be incest. I thought all the ways he could touch me without putting his cock inside me, I was still a virgin due to the fact I wasn’t allowed a boyfriend.

“Please daddy…” I begged him as he slipped off my bra and caressed my breast and moaned in my ear, bucking his groin lightly against my hip.

“Oh baby, Daddy loves it when you beg him...” He whispered before pressing his lips over my nipple, it hardened and I gasped, I didn’t really enjoy it, I lay rigid and scared as he moaned, going onto the next on, getting himself a good feel of my breasts before pulling away and climbing on top of me, smashing his lips into mine and pressing his tongue over them, trying to gain access. I refused and he pinched my nipple harshly, forcing a gasp of pain from my lips and parting them where he drove his desperate tongue into my mouth, attacking mine as he grinded his hips over my covered sex.

He finally pulled his mouth from mine and easily pulled the buttons down from his boxer briefs, exposing 8 full inches of hard cock, at least an inch and a half wide, and the angry looking head pointing at me. He smirked and shuffled backwards, tipping his head down an inhaling right over my panty covered pussy.

Suddenly, a shock wave was sent through my whole body as I felt a warm, moist sensation run over me on my panties, touching my pussy and the wet patch began to spread and became more wet and sloppy as my dad started to lap at my pussy through my panties. He was moaning and pressing his face into my sex.

He looked up at me and smile, “Not done yet princess”, He said quiet as he ripped my panties and slid them from my hips, chucking them to the floor and positioning himself between my legs, I shook my head, I had tears running down my face as he placed his head close above mine and kissed my cheeks.

“Please daddy, don’t please” I coughed out through tears and he smiled sympathetically at me.

“There, there baby, don’t cry. Daddy’s here” he whispered and kissed my soft lips gently this time and bumped his cock against my small, tight, virgin hole.

I cried more as I felt him and his kissed me again, trying to calm me down as he took one thrust and plunged himself into me. I screamed, thrashing around and struggling to get away. He grasped my hands and pulled them over my head and started to rock into me, crashing through my hymen and bumping into my cervix each time her rammed into me.

“Fuck, you’re so fucking tight baby, take my cock baby!” he shouted as he pounded into me, painful thrusts, causing me to scream every time he plunged into my tight, hot cunt.

I cried harder, choking on tears, unable to speak. I looked up at him, my dad, the man who was supposed to protect me from rape, from the bad men in the world and now, here he was, encouraging it. He was doing his own daughter.

He pushed harder, grunting and moaning, calling me all the names that I felt didn’t relate to. I cried, my body trembling and I felt my body ripped and bruised as he pulled out of me, sighing and shuffling forward, coming over to me so his cock stood right out in front of my face and I stared, wide eyed at him.

He grinned and pinched my nosed and grabbed my right breast and twisted it. I opened my lips, screaming loudly and he pushed his cock into my mouth.

“Suck it! Fucking suck my big cock baby!” he shouted as he started fuck my face hard, my legs were surrounded in a pool of scarlet blood. My face was streamed with tears as he pulled my head down so my nose was mashed up against his pubic hair so I couldn’t breathe, I gagged as his cock was forced down my throat as suddenly it started to twitch and spasm in my throat, he clenched his teeth and held my head a little longer before shooting his cum down my throat, forcing me to swallow all 4 shots of cum, splashing into my tummy and soon I felt groggy and sick.

He pulled out, I gasped and struggled for breath as he lay down next to me and held me close, once again stroking my hair and breathing heavily now as we lap in a pool of sweat and blood. I continued to sob and as he kissed my cheek.

“See? Wasn’t so bad now was it baby? Now next time, you know you can be a good girl for me” he whispered in my ear and hugged me tighter to him.

I sobbed silently as he held me, the thought of there being a next time scared me. I decided not to respond as he breathed on me, a little calmer now. I drifted to sleep, my thoughts swimming with the danger and what he could possibly do next time, I mean, it couldn’t possibly be as bad as this, could it?

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