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testing a new story
"Beck! Beck! BECK!"

"Yeah?" I yelled looking up at coach

"Play high next shift look for the pass"


I was in the semifinals for the state hockey championship it was tied at one a piece with eleven somewhat minutes left in the second. The other team chucked the puck to our end and started their line change giving us the time to change our lines as well.
I was the first on the ice and skated back to our lone defender to relieve him of the puck so we could do a complete change another defender showed up a few seconds later and I left the puck to him so I could start skating up ice with the two other forwards. The defender threw it up to the right wing and he carried it into the zone and left it for the defender who who just stepped on, he waited a second and passed it to me but the puck hopped over my stick and made its way to our left winger who threw it around on the boards behind their goalie to our right winger who deflected it to me, as the puck entered my wheel house I twisted my body and shot it i watched as it lifted over and past the goalies glove hand into the net.
I threw my hands up in excitement and we did our thing before going back to center for the faceoff.

I won the faceoff back and we played a little patty cake before we started up ice, I put on a burst of speed still on the high of my goal and got past their back-checking forwards and was immediately passed the puck and ended up face to face with their biggest defender he was 6 foot 4 and 225 pounds of pure goonery. He kept pushing me outside towards the wall as we entered the zone, I stepped into his inside and watched as he spun 180 degrees and tripped me i fell onto the ice and felt him fall on top of me and purposely ride me head first into the boards. I tried to slow my self by reaching out in front of me stick in hand to cushion the impact but as soon as we hit the boards every thing from my finger tips to my elbows was in some level of pain.

He pushed himself off me and I rolled onto my back and screamed in excruciating pain holding my arms still. The kid started skating away and I watched as our goalie my best friend Mark shed his mask, mit, and stick in a full stride and stepped into this ass hole kid with all of his weight going through his fist and knock the shit head out, It was definitely nice to know my team had my back.

Our Athletic Trainer ran out too me "Jason what hurts man?"

"My arms my fucking arms!"

"Be specific"

"Elbows down on both"

"Jason!" I saw mom sliding across the ice

"Ms Beck stay back please" Mr Donovan said, he waived the stand by paramedics over

"No no I'm not going out on a goddamn stretcher, get me up"

"Are you sure?"

"Get me up Mr Donovan"

"Ms Beck I need your help" mom stepped to one side and Mr Donovan was on the other "use his shoulder to help him up" he said.

They lifted me and Mark and another close friend Craig skated over and took their roles as mom and Mr Donovan started talking about what they should do. I was pushed over to where the medics were and was sat down.

"I hope its of bad bud" Mark said

"Me too, we sorta need you man" Craig added

"Go win the game guys"

They skated off and and the medics started their work "What's your name?" One asked

"Jason Beck"

"Jason where's the pain?"

"From my elbows to my fingers" Mr Donovan was talking to the other medic and mom was helping get my gloves off "gentle mom please" she lifted it slowly off, my hand was already starting to swell, my two sisters Farrah and Michelle popped up around the corner.

"Farrah get the other glove off of his hand"

She grabbed my hand and slid the glove off slowly revealing another swollen hand "What the hell did you do?" she asked

"I got rode head first into the boards by an asshole"

My jersey, pads, and undershirt all came off so the doc's could get a better assessment of my arms from about mid forearm up I was swollen "He needs X-ray's" a medic said

"Alright" mom said "girls can you get his skates off? I gotta go get our stuff and his shoes

"Can you put my undershirt back on me please?" Mom pulled the shirt on me real quick and left

"Do you think you're gonna be alright?" Michelle asked

"I dunno my arms feel like they just got run over"

My skates were finally pulled off of my feet "c'mon let's go meet mom and get the fuck outta here"

We walked down the hall and made a left and made our way to where the bleachers were and waited till mom popped out, we left the building and headed for the hospital. It was just after six on a Wednesday so the ER was pretty empty. We went through the normal, Name, date of birth, injury, etc. The lady grabbed a wrist band and realized Both arms from the elbow to my fingers and handed it to mom. We were almost immediately called back and within a few minutes I was in a room with a doctor looking at both arms.

"Marcy can you get him 600 milligrams of ibuprofen and order X-Ray's for both arms"

"Yes ma'am"

The nurse walked out "So hockey did this?" The doctor asked examining my arm

"No a 225 pound guy named Dimitri did"


"I dunno if his name is Dimitri but he's huge none the less"

The nurse walked in "Head back"she said dumping the meds in my mouth then giving me water to flush them down.

The radiologist came by shortly after and had me do a bunch of of different painful positions before he walked me back to the room. The doctor entered and I could tell it wasn't the best of news by the way she looked at me.

"You're not going to like this" she said "both your right and your left radiuses are fractured its this bone" she pointed to the outside of her forearm "both of your scaphoid's are fractured too its the bone that connects your thumb to your wrist, then on your right hand both of your outside metacarpals your pinkie and ring finger are fractured as well. You won't need surgery but you're gonna have casts on both arms for the next 4 to 8 weeks depending on how fast you heal"

"Fuck....... fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck"

"Jason!" Mom said


"Its okay, I understand your frustration" the doc said "we can get all the stuff now and you can be out of here in a little bit"

"alright" I agreed

"I'm sorry honey" mom said

"I know" Mom, Farrah, and Michelle all hugged me "I love you guys"

"We know" Farrah said

The doctor and a nurse walked in with all of the needed supplies and it was all said and done within a half hour. They were both short arm casts both included a stationary thumb piece and the one on the right included a stationary ring and pinky finger piece. I only had six fingers to work with for the next month or two and none of them were thumbs great!

We went home and mom began cooking dinner "how am I supposed to wipe?" I asked "better yet how am I supposed to feed myself?"

"What?" Mom asked not in confusion but in surprise

"How am I supposed to wipe and how am I supposed feed myself?"

"Honey when it comes down to it we'll help you, right girls"

"There is no way in hell I'm wiping his ass I dont mind feeding him but I'm not wiping his ass"

"You dont need too" Michelle said "I found an ass wiper" she smiled "the "as seen on TV" store in the mall has them"

"Farrah do you wanna go get it? or would you rather me and Michelle go and you finish up dinner"

"There is no way in hell I'm going to get my brother a literal pooper scooper" she chuckled

I dropped the heavy casts to the table and started banging my head against it hoping I would knock myself out "This (thump) isn't (thump) funny (thump) this (thump) sucks (thump).

"Stop" she grabbed my head "Michelle and I will go get it you finish up"

"Butttt Mooom!" Michelle whined "why do I have to go?"

"Because I'm not getting it alone"

They pulled out of the driveway and I sighed I literally couldn't do anything for 4 to 8 weeks but to me it might as well be 4 to 8 years I just wanted to eat, sleep, and play hockey. Mom and Michelle were back within the hour, they showed me how to use the ass wiper, we ate, they cleaned up and I went to bed. I was in a pretty sour mood the next day as well so after moping around all day and and night I hit the sac for some more depressed ass sleep. I wasn't used to not using my energy so I tossed and turned for awhile until a soft knock came at my door.

"Its open"

Farrah popped in and quietly closed the door behind her and sat on the edge of the bed "can we talk?"

"Sure why not" I said sarcastically

"C'mon I'll think you'll like it!"

"Alright Farrah"

"As a guy I know you have "NEEDS""

"What I need is to not have broken arms"

"Shut up moron! As a guy I know you have "NEEDS" that you have to do every once in a while and as much as I'm your sister I'm also fed up with your pity ass so I've got a deal"

"Yeah?" I asked as what she said sparked my interest

" I will" She paused "relieve your "NEEDS" as often as you need if you stop acting like a moron and deal with what you've been dealt like a man"

"Wait, what?"

"ILL JERK YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK IF YOU STOP ACTING LIKE AN ASSHOLE!" she said "its not like you can do it anyways you'll scrub the skin off your dick if you try"

"You can't be serious?"

"Why not? you've got a dick and fucked up hands and I've got hands and a broken whiney brother"

I looked into her blue eyes looking for the slightest bit of bullshit. I didn't give a shit if she was my sister or not I've been reading sex stories since I discovered porn when i was twelve and incest was always a favorite, I never attempted anything with either of my sisters or my mother it was the taboo of relatives fucking that just put me over the edge.

Saying I never attempted it didn't mean I didn't think about it Farrah had long dirty blonde hair that reached to her shoulder blades, she had a sharp chin with high cheek bones and a beautiful smile, her eyes were a crisp spring blue and her overall physique was fit mostly due to her track meets and volley ball tournaments.
Michelle wasn't far behind Farrah she was equally attractive with similar length light brown hair and and dark brown eyes she had the same high cheek bones that were a little less narrow down to her more rounded chin, her physique was basically the same as Farrah's except that she was a little less toned but more defined.

And then there's mom, she was young just barely eighteen when she met our father who was 35 and a wealthy business man and they fell in love, it wasn't a money grabber situation at all my dad was a great guy and he brought out the best in her and she brought out the best in him they were very much in love. She was utterly destroyed by his death 8 years ago, he was on his way home when a semi's front tire blew and they collided head on they say he died instantly I hope he really did. The crash was investigated and it turned out that the truck was neglected by the company that owned it and found that every tire on the cab was worn to the cords or worse it didn't take them long to dish out a settlement to avoid any legal ramifications.
She was now 38 and still drop dead gorgeous she has jet black hair clear blue eyes and the same high cheek bones that my sisters inherited she had the same fit physique as my sisters but was set apart by them by having bigger fuller assets she must of had small D sized tits and a magnificent ass. I never understood why she never dated she could have any guy she wanted but chose to stay single even with the push from us kids for her to do so.

The women of my family were hot and being the middle child at 17 and the only boy in this family my mind loved to toy around with me sticking my thick cock into one of their tight hot juicy cunts.

"So" Farrah said "do we have a deal?"


"When do you umm... want me to start?"

"Now please"

She reached out slowly towards the bulge in my shorts and gently rested her hand on it making it flex and tent my pants.

"Are you really that excited"

"Sister or not you're still a female and still beautiful"


She grasped my growing member through the fabric of my shorts, she was pleasantly surprised as she felt the thickness of my cock at just over 5 inches in girth and 6 inches long. She began to gently massage my member squeezing it lightly every once in a while. Her other hand made its way to my stomach as she started feeling my lightly defined abs and every once in a while she ran her hand down to my waist.

"'You like dont you?" Her whole demeanor had changed, her voice was low and gutteral and her eyes let the naughtiness flow from her "c'mon Jason admit it you've wanted this for a long time haven't you?" She smiled

"No" I groaned

"Dont lie to me Jason" she said sexily "I know your darkest secrets I've known them for a while" she ripped my shorts down and firmly grabbed my bobbing cock "I just wanna tell you little brother your darkest secrets are also mine"

She lowered her head and took my full cock down her throat "Really?" I groaned "oh fuck Farrah!"

"You left your laptop on a couple years ago when you went to school and I found everything, what you've read and what you've posted on those delightful little forums" she slowly pumped my rod "I came so much that first day right in that chair, I wasn't expecting it to be so fucking hot"

"Farrah you're amazing!"

"You did this to me Jason" she said "you're so fucking hot little brother"

She took me again into her mouth and forced my fat cock down her tight throat until she was balls deep. She bobbed hard and fast gagging 3 times before coming up for air. She forced my cock down her throat for one last moment before she lifted all the way up and took ahold of it with both hands and started pumping my dick vigorously.

"Tell me what you want to do to me!" she jerked faster "Tell me what you want to do to me!" I groaned hard and she stopped jerking "TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO DO TO ME JASON!" she firmly squeezed the tip of my cock and let it shoot from between her fingers sending a shock through my body "TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO DO TO ME JASON!" she demanded

"I wanna FUCK you Farrah!" I said "I wanna stick my fat dick into your tight juicy cunt and fuck you until I can't cum anymore and even then I'd still keep fucking you!"

She placed her lips over the tip of my dick and sucked hard as she pumped the living hell out of it. She twirled her tounge around it and shot electricity through my body "Cum for me little brother I want to taste your seed"

She shoved me down her throat once more and I was there "Fuck Farrah I'm about too..."

she pulled her head away quickly and started jerking me off with lightning speed "Come on little brother cum for me!" She pleaded to me, she slid her lips over the head and flicked my piss hole with her tongue .


I unloaded my cum into her eagerly awaiting mouth as soon as my splooge hit her tongue she shoved me back down her throat, if I was already at ten I hit eleven with this. I shot once down her neck and she came back up and let the rest fill her mouth, she sat up and showed me her full mouth before swallowing my entire load in a gulp. She used her finger and scooped up what she hadn't got in her mouth that was on her face and sucked it clean.

She scooted up from the foot of the bed and we locked eyes, she leaned down and kissed me it wasn't hard to taste my cum on her lips it was sexier than all hell to see her with no inhibitions she just didn't care. She grabbed my left hand and shoved it down her shorts to her soaking wet cunt and shoved my two finger in her before pulling it away completely.

"Were going to have a lot of fun Jason" she said sexily, she rolled out of my bed and walked over to my dresser and grabbed my car keys "get some sleep Jason" she smiled "because I expect you to be ready for me to fuck you stupid when I get back little brother!"

She opened the door letting the dim light of the kitchen shine in "I will Farrah please dont wreck my car"

"Oh I won't" she smiled closing my door

Thank you for reading, please leave a comment and rate, all input is good input I need it to make my self a better writer and to know if I should make a part 2.


2017-09-24 23:49:49
i love incest, i got my brother to fuck me and i haven't stopped yet... write on
he was eighteen and i was seventeen and after eleven months i had a baby boy,
blond hair and blue eyes.

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make a part two with both sister and mom taking care of his sexual need.

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