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Lillian was a bad slut, and needs her Mistress to discpline her.
The Devil's Pact
by mypenname3000
edited by Master Ken
Copyright 2014

The Devil's Pact Side-Story: Lillian Gets Spanked

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Notes: This takes place during Chapter 43.

Friday, November 8th, 2013 – Lillian Franks – Murano Hotel, Tacoma, WA

“Lillian,” Tomoyo greeted when I opened my hotel room door. She was one of the maids, and cute as a button with dark, slanted eyes and a petite body. I had enjoyed the teen and her tiny tits a few times. She was a screamer. “My Lady will attend to your punishment now.”

I had to suppress my grin. I had mouthed off during the meeting in the Matmown early this morning. Very early. Master and Mistress hadn't gotten back from Nebraska until well after midnight. Mistress had promised to discipline me tonight and—

The Devil was using Master to get free.

My good mood almost evaporated at the thought's intrusion. The Devil wanted to break free, and was using Master to do it. Now we were planning on attacking Lilith and capturing the bitch, and thereby thwarting the Devil's plans. So long as Lilith lived, he was trapped. A surge of excitement exploded inside my stomach; I couldn't wait to humiliate the demoness and pay her back for Karen's death!

“If you will follow me, miss,” Tomoyo motioned. As if I didn't know the way to Master and Mistress's suite. It was just a floor above.

“Lead on, cutie,” I grinned, and reached under her skirt to give her naked ass a playful squeeze. Nice and firm. She tossed a sultry smile over her shoulder.

We passed Abigail, a gorgeous brunette maid, her heavy tits jiggling wonderfully in her mesh bodice, and her ass swayed beautifully beneath her skirt and ruffled petticoats. Tomoyo gave a furtive glance at the maid; her light-olive cheeks tinged with red.

I pulled her into the elevator. “So you're sweet on hot, little Abigail?”

She looked down, perfectly capturing that sexy, demure posture of a geisha. Willow had a great eye for talent. Every maid was perfect. “She doesn't even notice me.”

“Make her notice you,” I purred. “Attack her. Kiss her. Stick your hand down the front of her blouse and play with those delightful melons of hers.”

She looked so cute as her blush deepened. I wanted to press her against the elevator and devour her. Fuck! I had my punishment with Mistress, and after that I was going out with Violet and April. Tomorrow night, maybe? If I remember, I'll trip her into my bed and ravish her. And maybe Abigail, too.

“I couldn't do that,” Tomoyo moaned. “What if she pushes me away?”

“She won't.” I pinched her ass. “You have such a cute vibe that just screams 'ravish me.' She won't be able to resist. She's a hot blooded-slut. Trust me!”

Abigail loved to dine on fish taco, and devoured mine for an hour straight two nights ago. The girl had an insatiable mouth. She'd eat little Tomoyo for breakfast. I wanted to see that! I pressed my thighs together, moisture trickling down my leg. Damn! I needed a nice cum.

Well, it was fun getting spanked by Mistress.

The elevator dinged. Two bodyguards, 49 and 50, guarded Master and Mistress's suite. They were new guards that had joined after Brandon's attack, and both were, of course, gorgeous. 49 was a stunning African American, with a pair of voluminous, ebony breasts about to fall out of her blouse, while 50 had bright, red hair that fell in curls around her more modest, though still lovely, chest.

49 slapped my ass through the very short, red-and-black tartan skirt I wore. “Naughty slut!” she grinned.

“All the time,” I laughed, and gave her a kiss on the lips. She may be new, but she fit right in with the rest of us horny women.

I adjusted my blouse, plain white, tied just below my perky, B cup tits. When I walked, they swayed and jiggled, my nipples pink shadows through the thin material. I ran a finger through my black hair highlighted with bright blue and purple, pushing a loose strand behind my ear.

“You look hot,” giggled 50. “Ma'am is going to thoroughly enjoy punishing you.”

I licked my lips, enjoying the cool, metallic feel of my lip piercing, and smiled. “I better not keep her waiting!”

50 opened the door, ushering me in. “She's waiting in their bedroom.”

The suite was luxurious, and had several bedrooms, though only one was in use. Each of us sluts had our own suite, except Alison and Desiree who shared one. I strode across the room, putting on a suitably fearful expression. Mistress would love that.

I knocked softly at the bedroom door.

“Enter,” Mistress answered.

She sat at her vanity in a blue, silk robe. Her beautiful, auburn hair cascaded about her shoulders as she gently worked a long-handled brush through it. My asscheeks tightened. Is that what she's going to spank me with? She didn't glance at me, so I just stood there, my stomach slowly twisting in knots.

Another bead of pussy juice ran down my thigh. It tickled; I wanted to plunge my hand beneath my skirt and stroke my aching cunt. But, no, Mistress wouldn't want that. She hummed, still brushing her beautiful hair. She shifted; the robe was open, and I could see the profile of her perky, freckled breast topped by a dusky nipple and the gentle swell of her pregnant belly. Perfection!

I shifted my hips, shivering as my thighs pressed against my burning clit. I could see a smile playing on her lips. Her nipples hardened, rising up like little, dark-pink shoots. My own nipples were hard, and when I breathed they rubbed pleasantly against the fabric of my blouse. Another tremble passed through me; I needed to cum. I needed to be punished.

Please, Mistress, please!

She never looked at me once, though her smile grew more and more pleased as my trembling became more and more pronounced. My thighs were drenched with my passion, and the air was thick with my tart aroma. I rubbed sweaty palms on my tartan skirt, then forced them to grasp my sleek thighs. I so wanted to shove my hands between my legs. I knew I would cum in a matter of seconds. No! You are her slut! It's not your place to cum unless she wants you to.

But God, I so wanted to disobey her.

Finally, she carefully set her brush down, and stood up and turned, her green eyes flashing with admiration. I looked downward, full of remorse. Her smile grew more wicked. She shrugged, and her robe slipped to the floor; I feasted on her glory. She was the most beautiful woman in the world. Even before I became their slut, I had enjoyed my fair share of hotties, but they were all candles compared to her bonfire.

“Why are you here?” she asked, her fingers idly stroking her belly, just starting to show her pregnancy, before trailing down to play with her silky pubic hair shaped into a fiery heart.

“To be punished, Mistress,” I answered contritely, still looking down at her dainty feet. “I belittled my fellow slut.”

“And how should I punish you?”

“The hairbrush, Mistress,” I moaned, squeezing my thighs together. I was so hot. I could cum just by squeezing my aching clit.

“I want you to apologize first,” she smiled, stretching out on the bed.

I looked around. Was Violet here?

“With your tongue,” Mistress answered. “All over my body.”

“Oh, yes!” I sauntered to the bed. “I am so sorry, Mistress. Let my naughty tongue caress your heavenly body.”

I crawled onto the bed, grasping her soft hand. I brought her dainty fingers to my lips, and sucked. I worshiped them with my tongue like they were Master's cock. Nibbling, sucking, licking. I rubbed her palm against my cheek, kissed her palm lines like I was reading her future, then nibbled her wrist. I moved up her arm, leaving a trail of smooches. Her skin was silk, and I could taste the perfume of her bathwater. Lavender and jasmine filled my nose, mixed with her spicy, sweet scent and my own tart musk.

I nuzzled her armpit, licking the bare skin, then worked my way around her neck. “I am so sorry, Mistress,” I cooed, then licked up to her ear and tongued her lobe. “I'm such a naughty slut.” She sighed. I kissed her forehead, eyebrows, her cute nose. I worked around her lips, down to her chin, and round to the right side of her face.

Then I kissed her lips. Gentle, chaste, brief. Her green eyes shone with passion, pupils wide with desire. Her tongue ran slowly across her lush lips, tasting me. I nuzzled her neck, kissing and sucking, and worked my way down her right arm, loving this limb as thoroughly as I loved her left.

“Lillian,” she purred as I sucked her finger. Her left hand slid through my black hair. “Keep apologizing! I want to know that you are truly sorry.”

I moved down to her left foot, licking the sole, then pressed the soft bottom of her foot against my face. She had such beautiful feet. I smooched up her arch until I sucked her big toe into my lips. I lavished all her dainty toes with my most sincere apology. My poor pussy ached, but that had to wait. My Mistress still wasn't convinced.

“I am so, very, very sorry,” I groaned as I kissed up her calf. I licked at the crease behind her knee, then smooched down her inner thigh. “I'll prove it.”

Her spicy, sweet scent threatened to overwhelm me as I drew nearer and nearer to her tight, flushed, and drenched pussy. Her breathing picked up, her perky breasts rising and falling as I neared her heat. I could just start to taste her cream staining her thighs, when I skirted around her pussy and followed the lines of her hips upward.

I reached her left breast and attacked her nipple.

“Oh, fuck!” she gasped, not expecting my sudden, aggressive maneuver. Her nipple was hard between my lips, and I sucked and nibbled and swirled my tongue. “You delicious, naughty slut!”

I switched tits, engulfing the entirety of her nipple and areola. My fingers stroked her skin, tracing the lines of her ribs, then the curve of her pregnant belly. I skirted down her pelvis, into her groin, and stroked the edges of her vulva. She groaned again, hips undulating.

She was ready for my full apology.

I pressed my cheek between her breasts, sliding down across the gentle swell of her belly. Her scent engulfed my nose, strong and full of her need. I nestled between her thighs, staring in awe at the perfection of her pussy. Her lips were just slightly parted, revealing her pink, inner depths, while her clit peaked out of its hood like a shy flower opening for the sun.

“Oh, yes!” she moaned, hips bucking, when I drank her flower's nectar. “Apologize! Work that tongue in me! You fucking whore!”

I pushed my tongue in deep, sucking in her juices. She screamed, body quivering, as I brought her to orgasm after earth-shaking orgasm. I drank her nectar, sucked on her labia, shoved my fingers deep into her sheath, and nibbled on her clit. I did everything I could to show her the depths of my apology.

“You wonderful, dirty slut!” she moaned. “Eat me, whore! Oh, fuck! Keep making me cum!”

Her words were music to my ears. I was their slut. I lived to pleasure them. Her hands grasped my hair, pulling me tight against her pussy. She gasped and moaned, writhing against my lips. Her face twisted with passion, and her perky, freckled breasts jiggled as she heaved.

“Drink it!” she screamed.

Sharp, acrid urine flooded my mouth. I swallowed the nasty fluids streaming into my lips. Her hands held my face and forced me to drink her piss. It was so humiliating. My cunt let forth another fresh flood of juices that made the itch even more unbearable. I drank and drank; she must have downed a lot of water beforehand.

“Oh, fuck!” she groaned. “You dirty, nasty, pee slut! Oh, shit! Cumming! I'm cumming and pissing in your whore mouth!”

Spicy, sweet juices and piss flooded my mouth as she screamed and bucked, trying to drown me with shame and humiliation. I loved being her pee slut! The piss trickled to a few final squirts as she collapsed back on the bed. Her hands pushed me away, her pussy too sensitive. Panting, I sat on the edge of the bed, licking my lips. Pussy cream covered my cheeks and chin, running down to stain my blouse, and the acrid flavor of piss stained my lips. My own thighs were a flood of my passion, and I burned for a release.

“Get the hairbrush,” she ordered after a moment, standing up and walking to a plush chair with a high back carved of dark mahogany. Her spanking chair. She sat down with grace, her wonderfully perky and freckled tits swaying almost hypnotically. My lips ached to engulf her dusky nipple.

I grabbed the hairbrush and walked to her. “Please discipline me for being such a naughty slut, Mistress,” I cooed.

Smiling, she took it, and I draped myself across her lap like a good slut. My skirt lifted, cool air wafting between my thighs, bringing a minor amount of relief to the fire burning in my pussy.

“I am so sorry, Mistress,” I moaned. “Please, spank me! Teach me my lesson.”

“In time,” she purred. “I'm admiring the beauty of your ass and your shaved cunt. You are absolutely drenched. I bet you can't wait to cum.”

“I can't!” I moaned, then wiggled my ass, hoping to entice her.

“Not yet,” she ordered.

I waited, squirming on her lap. My fingers itched to plunge between my thighs or to pinch my aching nipples until I screamed. Fuck, why won't she just start the spanking. I squeezed my thighs together. Please, please, please spank me. I can't take this—


I jumped; pain stung me. I gasped, “One, thank you, Mistress!”

My ass burned. So wonderful. I had been naughty, and I earned the pleasure of my punishment. The second blow landed on my other cheek. Harder, stinging pain raced through me. I gasped my count, and the third followed and a fourth. I felt so helpless, like when I had been a little girl, and a not so little teenager, pulled over Daddy's lap. I missed him and all those wonderful times he crawled into my bed. Damn cancer!

Smack! The pain jarred me out of my memory.

“Five, thank you, Mistress!”

I loved it. Smack!

“Six, thank you, Mistress!”

My cunt ached. I writhed on her lap, my clit nudging her thigh. Smack!

“Seven, thank you, Mistress!”

I needed to cum. I needed to cum. Smack!

“Eight, thank you, Mistress!”

Oh, fuck, I need to cum so bad. I rubbed harder with my clit, humping her smooth thigh. Release! I need a fucking release! Smack!

“Nine, thank you, Mistress!”

My ass was completely on fire, and that just made the inferno between my thighs even more unbearable. My nipples were hard, rasping against my blouse, more fuel for my passion. Smack!

“Ten, thank you, Mistress!”

My voice was becoming hoarse with passion. I needed to cum! Smack!

“Eleven, thank you, Mistress!”

The door opened. “Well, well, well. If this isn't a lovely sight.” I couldn't see Master, but I could feel his boyish grin.

“Isn't it?” Mistress asked, stroking my burning ass. Smack!

“Twelve, thank you, Mistress!”

“Her voice is becoming tiresome though. Why don't you help me out, hun?”

“Naughty filly!” he laughed.

“Horny stallion!” she giggled.

He moved closer. They kissed. Long and noisy, full of their love and passion. Master sat on the bed next to the chair, his strong hand grasped my hair, and yanked my head up. His cock was hard, beading with pre-cum, and hovered right before my lips; I ran my tongue across them in anticipation.

“Master, I'm so sorry!” I moaned.

“Good!” he grinned, his blue eyes burning with lust. Then he roughly shoved my head down, impaling my mouth on his cock.


I could only moan around the shaft pistoning roughly into my mouth. Master fucked my face like a wild stallion. His cock shoved painfully down my throat as Mistress rained blow after blow upon my ass. God, I fucking needed to cum so bad. I was their toy, and they were using me to satisfy their own cravings.

I wouldn't have it any other way. Smack!

“Goddamn, Mare! Keep smacking her ass. Her throat constricts about my cock every time.”


“Like that?” Mistress asked.

“Yeah! Keep doing that, Mare!”


“Fuck!” Master grunted. Smack! “Fuck, yeah! Keep sucking, slut! Apologize with your dirty mouth!” Smack! “It's all a filthy, dirty girl like you is good for!” Smack!

I groaned, throat tightening about his spearing cock. I was their filthy, dirty slut, and reveled in it! I humped faster against Mistress's thigh. I needed to cum so bad. I would have done anything to get my release. Master grunted faster and faster, both hands holding my head in place as he fucked my mouth with wild abadonment.

“Fucking slut!” he grunted. Smack! “Oh, fuck!”

“Cum...” Smack! “” Smack! “...her...” Smack! “...naughty...” Smack! “...mouth...” Smack! “...Mark!” Smack!

He did. My mouth filled to the brim with his wonderful spunk. Thick and salty. I swallowed, as Mistress kept spanking me. I felt like such a dirty girl. I loved it! Master gave one last grunt as one last blast of cum filled my lips, then he let go of my head.

His cock popped out; I coughed, gasping for breath. A drop of cum fell onto the floor. What a waste. “Thank you, Master, for your cum.”

“You're welcome. What do you say, Mare, has she apologized enough?”


She landed that last blow right on my cunt. I screamed and exploded. I bucked and moaned and yelled my passion. My innards contracted, waves of electric fire rushed through me. I thrashed so hard I slid off her lap, and fell into a quivering ball on the floor.

I had finally cum, and it was glorious. Passion kept rolling through my body, crashing into the pain of my throbbing ass, and forming a monstrous storm of rapture. I quivered, trembled, and shook. I reveled in it. This was the sort of pleasure a woman could only experience when she gave in to her inner slut! When the pleasure receded, I lay almost in a stupor, a smile playing on my lips.

“My naughty filly!” groaned Master as my awareness of the world came slowly back.

The bedsprings squeaked; flesh slapped together.

“I love riding my horny stallion!”

I stood up on woozy legs. Mistress rode him hard. They gazed into each other's eyes, lost in their love and passion. I was merely their foreplay. And I wouldn't have it any other way! I strolled to the door, a smile painted on my face and fire burning on my ass.

I was their slut.

Violet and April waited in the main room of their suite, grins on their faces. Both were dressed as naughty schoolgirls: April in a blue-and-purple tartan skirt and Violet in a pink-and-black, and the naughty slut didn't even wear a top, just a matching tie dangling between her tiny tits reaching to the cute swell of her pregnant stomach.

“So are we still going out tonight?” April asked eagerly.

“Yeah?” muttered Violet. She didn't seem as enthusiastic as her girlfriend.

“Hell, yeah!” I couldn't wait to try out a 'cum-rum'. “I know just the bar!” I had spent the afternoon making phone calls, making sure the right people would be there.

When Master and Mistress were caught up with each other, a slut had to find other ways to amuse herself. I hooked an arm around each of them. We were going to have a lot of fun tonight!
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