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5 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
Written by:
Chapter 34: "Benevolence"


Just looking back at the previous six days alone, I had
been engaged in some sort of sexual activity with one (if not
two) of these ravenous ladies during five of them. This past
Sunday, Lindsay put on a schoolgirl uniform and used her
young charms as a way to seduce me out back by the pool.
Tuesday, of course, Kristanna donned a schoolgirl outfit of
her own and got Devon to dress up as a naughty cheerleader,
and the pair of ladies shared me in a blistering three-some.

The following day was when I caught Lindsay masturbating
with the help of her teddy bear. What ensued was a very
harsh spanking for Lindsay (because she really was a bad
girl, you know) and, of course, my absolute _taking_ of her
in the shower afterward. On Thursday, Trish and I finally
elevated our friendship into something much greater and far
more intimate over three glorious hours of sex.

I participated in a three-some with Kristanna and Amy on
Friday and, near the end of it, I pulled a muscle in my back.
I did not realize it at the time, but definitely felt it an
hour or so later when the pain was absolutely debilitating.
Unfortunately, it ruined what was supposed to be a memorable
day with Amy where I envisioned asking for and then receiving
a commitment from her. If that was going to become a reality,
it would now have to wait for a couple of days.

With my back in so much pain, Kristanna made me go to bed
and would not allow me to leave it for the remainder of the
day on Friday. She saw to it that any meals or drinks that
I wanted were hand delivered by her or one of the other girls,
and every possible whim I had was taken care of.

The point here being was that having sex five out of six
days - not to mention all the many trysts I had the four weeks
prior to that - was having a definite toll on my body. I
considered myself to be in pretty good shape. I was not a
muscle man, but I had kept fairly active over the years with
daily walks and countless hours of swimming. But the fact
remained that I was a 39 year old man. I was not 21 any more.
I did not have abundant and limitless energy like I once did.
Nor was my body as limber and spry as it once was.

Ever since the ladies made their arrival on the island
five weeks ago, I had been pushing and overexerting myself
far too much in order to not only please and satisfy them,
but simply _keep up_ with them. Indeed, my body had been
running on fumes lately. After the latest three-some with
Kristanna and Amy, I hit the proverbial brick wall.

When I woke up on Saturday morning, I was feeling a little
better. The discomfort was still there, mind you; whenever
I shifted my body even slightly, pain flared in my back and
shot to my sides as if a firecracker had gone off. Kristanna
insisted that I have a doctor flown here from the mainland so
he could examine me, but I was pretty confident that it was
nothing more than a pulled muscle. I was using a heat pad
and taking medication, and hoped to be back to normal soon
enough. Thus, I told Kristanna that I did not need a doctor.

I felt fine if I kept still, but I was such a restless
person, thus it was difficult for me to do. Just the tiniest
move sent hurtful tremors coursing throughout my back. I had
never experienced an injury quite like this before.

Kristanna protested, but I got out of bed Saturday night
and made my way to the dinner table so I could eat and
converse with everyone. Never mind the fact that it took me
nearly a full minute just to work my way to my feet. My back
felt as if it was on total lockdown. Still, I was improving.
I was slow, but at least I could move. That was progress.

It was also good to be out of my personal suite for the
first time in about 30 hours. At one point, I was so bored
and anxious while resting there that I actually began
counting the zig-zags in the ceiling. When that happened, I
knew that I needed a change of scenery. I needed to get out
for at least a couple of hours.

I was also very fortunate that Trish, who had been employed
as a certified fitness instructor in her Ontario hometown
before coming to the island, knew how to give one hell of a
massage. After dinner concluded, Trish took me outside by the
pool and expertly lathered various portions of my body with a
cooling aloe gel solution. Under a tranquil, star-lit sky,
Trish then used her skilled hands to work over not only my
aching back, but my head, neck, shoulders, hips, legs, knees,
feet and even my ears. An hour later, I felt totally fresh
and revitalized. That was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the
absolute best massage I had ever received.

I was not out of the woods yet in terms of the discomfort
in my back, but I was able to return to my bedroom without
any assistance. Once there, Kristanna and Devon were waiting
for me. I climbed into bed with them (as did Trish), and soon
the four of us drifted off to sleep. The three ladies were on
one side of the enormous, over-sized bed, their bodies tangled
in a truly lovely mishmash. I was relegated to the other side
and had to keep to myself. The ladies wanted to maintain a
safe distance and not run the risk of aggravating my injury.
Still, I would have liked to be somewhere in the middle of
Kristanna, Devon and Trish for the entire night.

With the ongoing medication and another massage from Trish
on Sunday morning, I felt as if I was pretty close to being
back to my usual self. There was just the occasional twinge
as I made my way to the breakfast table and then enjoyed the
delicious meal that Louisa, the 76-year-old housekeeper, had
prepared for us. I even did the dishes for her afterward.

Kristanna, Devon and Trish had prior plans of going to the
waterfall for an entire afternoon of fun and relaxation, but
they all seemed to agree that it would be a better idea to
stay in the mansion and help look after me. Actually, the
idea was spearheaded by Kristanna. She had the tendency to
go all _mother hen_ on me whenever I felt even the slightest
hint of discomfort (let alone a painful back injury).

I told the trio that I appreciated their concern, but I
would be fine here in the mansion and did not require their
supervision or care. They had been planning on visiting the
waterfall this afternoon for a few days now, and I did not
want them to postpone their fun because of me. There was a
bit of protest, but I won out in the end. I insisted that
they go to the waterfall and not worry about me one bit.

Of course, it goes without saying that Kristanna deemed it
necessary to give me a wide list of restrictions while she
and her two friends were away. There were actually too many
to list, but some of the highlights included no jogging or
cardio work, no weight training and no swimming. I could not
leave the mansion, either. If my back acted up at all, I had
to stop whatever it was that I was doing immediately, and call
Kristanna on her cellular telephone. She would come running
to my rescue. Or something like that.

"And you are to do absolutely nothing sexual," was her
final demand. "That is what got you hurt to begin with. I
know Lindsay and Amy will be in and out of the house today.
If you come across them, do not let them tempt you."

"Our trip to Lima is tomorrow," I reminded Kristanna, "and
I am not going to do anything to jeopardize it. I told you
and the others that I would take you to the mainland one more
time before Lindsay and possibly Amy goes home in eight days.
We have been aiming for tomorrow as that day for some time.
I am not going to risk it."

"Do not worry about me," I assured not only her, but Devon
and Trish as well. "I will have an uneventful, boring day."

* * *

Unfortunately, the clock was ticking. Tomorrow would be
the five week anniversary of when my esteemed, lovely guests
first made their appearance on the island. With all of them
only originally scheduled to stay for six weeks, that meant
Lindsay would be returning home a mere eight days from now.
There was a possibility that Amy could decide to go back home
as well, but I was fairly confident that she would make the
wise decision and opt to stay here on the island and build a
life with us. It was the only logical choice for her.

I already had a commitment from Trish, so she was not
going anywhere. Devon made it clear from the very outset
that she never wanted to leave either Kristanna or myself.

I did not know if I would one day find myself married to
Devon or Trish, or perhaps both of them, along with Kristanna.
Of course, Amy could and should be tossed into that mix as
well. Marriage with any of them, minus Kristanna, was not a
guarantee. Perhaps we would never get past the status of
_live-in girlfriend_ with one, two or maybe all three of them.

A group marriage, however, seemed to be the primary goal.
It was the pot at the end of the rainbow. This was what
Kristanna wanted all along. She wanted a big, happy, loving
family. Of course, it was not my vision at the outset of
these six weeks to eventually walk away from them with two,
three or even four wives. I would have been happy with one.

That one, however - Kristanna - wanted there to be more.
Many more. I was not going to stand in her way. Why would
I? What sane man would turn down the opportunity to be with
(up to) four women who could easily pass as _Playboy_
centerfolds for the remainder of his life? You could even
throw their looks out the window.

Kristanna was the princess. She could do no wrong in my
eyes. She loved me unconditionally and had proven, time and
time again, that my feelings and desires were of far greater
importance to her than her very own. Trish was the eternal
ball of sweetness and sunshine who radiated good vibrations
no matter where she went. How could I not want Trish in my
life? How could I possibly turn her away?

There was no doubt that Amy had her troubles. But those
troubles - because I could relate to them due to my very own
path and experiences in life - made Amy all the more
appealing to me. The fact that Amy was _not_ perfect - at
least in my mind - made her even _more_ perfect. Amy and I
had a unique, special chemistry that was difficult to put
into words. We just seemed _right_ for each other.

Unfortunately, I had not paid a lot of attention to Devon
as of late. With the saga of Pamela - would she stay, would
she go - followed by her sudden and abrupt departure (along
with the dreaded Camille), and then my ongoing desire to fit
Trish and Amy into our future plans, _and_ the fact that
Kristanna herself monopolized a lot of my time, Devon had
mostly been an innocent bystander for the past couple of
weeks. Oh, Devon kept busy and active with Kristanna (when
the Norwegian was not with me), but my interactions with her
here lately had been quite limited. At least, Devon and I
did have sex this past week - in a three-some with Kristanna.

I needed to incorporate Devon more into my life and put a
heavy emphasis on her. With everything else going on as of
late, I had taken Devon and her feelings for me for granted.
I just automatically assumed that no matter what, Devon would
always be there for me. I could work on these side projects
of mine - Pamela, Trish, Amy and (to a much lesser extent)
Lindsay, but I knew that no matter what, Devon would wait
for me. There was literally no risk of her leaving.

Being couped up in bed the past few days had given me some
time to take a mental step back and really look at everything.
I had been neglecting Devon and her emotions, despite the fact
that she was the first woman of the entire group to proclaim
her love for me and had never once wavered since. That, of
course, was downright despicable of me. How could I have all
but ignored Devon for the better part of three weeks?

But I wanted Devon in my life. In our lives. She was
clearly Kristanna's favorite of the trio. There was a time
not too long ago - before Kristanna and I became such a hot
item - that Devon was at the center of my thoughts. Back
then, I had an inkling that Devon would be the one to emerge
from these six weeks as my bride and soul-mate in life.

Very simply, I had to get back to that point. I needed to
put more of a focus on Devon from this day forward. I had to
recall what made Devon so appealing and desirable to me in
the first place, and then build from there. I could not
allow myself to take her - or any of the other ladies - for
granted ever again. If Devon was going to be my wife one
day, then I needed to start treating her like it.

It was not going to be today. Nor would it be tomorrow
because, my back permitting, all of us were boarding the big
boat at precisely 8:00am and then setting sail for a day on
the mainland. So, I was aiming for Tuesday. Tuesday was
going to be my day with Devon. I wanted to take her out on
the island - much the same way I did for Trish on Thursday,
and wanted to do on Friday for Amy before my injury - and
spend the entire day with her. I was going to focus all of
my energy and attention upon Devon, and do my best to make
her feel special. I was already looking forward to it.

* * *

I freely admit that playing pool - or billiards, as some
would call it - is one of my favorite activities. I consider
it to be a fun and relaxing sport, although many people would
claim that it is not really a sport at all. It is a great
game if you are good at it, and made even better if those you
play with are horrible at it. The ultimate as a guy, though,
is when you get to play pool with a beautiful woman.

It is not very often when you meet a woman who is actually
good at shooting pool. Oftentimes, however, it simply does
not matter. There is just something so utterly spectacular
about a sexy girl holding a pool cue in one hand and smacking
balls with the other. Just the thought boggles my mind.

I was not an active participant on this Sunday afternoon in
the recreation room, as I was sprawled out across one of the
massive leather floor comforters while resting my back. But
the _show_ that I had a front row seat for was entertaining.
I could, in fact, spend the rest of my day here.

For the past 20 minutes, I had kicked back and idly watched
the young and adorable Lindsay as she struggled mightily
trying to pick up and grasp the game of pool. With each
misplaced shot, it became obvious to me rather quickly that
Lindsay had never played pool in her life until now.

I was not complaining, mind you, nor did I have the desire
to critique Lindsay and have her take a different approach.
I was more than content to watch her stretch and exert her
wondrous body in a different way with each shot, oftentimes
bending over at the waist and making me wish I had that nice,
taut ass of hers for lunch instead of that garden salad.

Lindsay was so young and naive that I honestly believed
she did not even realize the effect that she was having on
me. It was not like Lindsay was dressed to kill, either.
She looked nice - as usual - in a beige halter top that
exposed a tiny bit of cleavage, with a black sweater over
top of it and the buttons all the way open in the front.
She had on a pair of black spandex pants and an oversized
white belt, and black high-heels with modest two-inch pumps.
Her blonde hair was loose; long and free-flowing, and she
had a pearl necklace that dangled down past her midriff.
The teen-ager looked as if she was getting ready to go to
the mall with a close group of friends.

"Are you looking forward to the boat ride to Lima in the
morning?" I asked her, wanting to make friendly conversation.

"I sure am," Lindsay responded, leaning over the pool table
and then completely butchering another shot. Was it wrong of
me to want to jam my face in that sweet, little ass of hers?
Did it make me a bad person to gawk at her continuously like
this? She then stood and turned toward me, giggling slightly.
"I guess I'm not that good when it comes to shooting pool."

"Keep practicing," I encouraged her, wanting her to
continue. "Practice makes perfect." I motioned toward the
pool table and mused, "Come on... keep trying." Was my brain
the driving force behind those words, or was it my cock?

Lindsay gathered all of the balls and racked them, then
broke them for another round. Wow, I never imagined how fun
it could be to watch that 95 pound frame of hers attempt to
shoot pool. Watching her bend and contort her body was
mesmerizing. Indeed, I could stay here all day.

"I'm thinking of doing something totally new and drastic
with my hair at the salon in Lima tomorrow," Lindsay offered.

"Oh? What is that?"

"I'm thinking of getting red streaks in my hair," she
answered, which caused my eyes to widen. I tried to
envision this angel of innocence with multi-colored hair.
"Do you think I would look good that way?"

"If done correctly, yes," I told her. "Nothing too
extreme... perhaps some red highlights down the side?" I
paused and added, "What brought this on?"

"I've always wanted to have red streaks in my hair," the
seductress responded. "It's just my mom was always against
the idea. She has never approved of it at all."

"You'll be going home in just eight days," I reminded her.
"You don't want to face the wrath of your mother, do you?"

"Oh... I'll probably get the streaks taken out once I get
back to Ohio." I winced in an erotic fashion as Lindsay
leaned over again, her sweet ass jutting outward and staring
me in the face, only for her to miss another shot and then
stomp her high-heeled foot upon the floor in frustration.

"Help me up, honey," I said, extending her my hand.

Lindsay came over and took my hand, then slowly pulled me
to my feet. I cringed in the process, feeling a momentary,
sharp pain in my lower back and grasping it. "You really are
old, Jeremy," Lindsay teased me.

I guided the young woman over to the pool table, then
wrapped my arms around her from behind and placed both my
hands upon her wrists. I felt compelled to help her now.
"This is a good position," I said, my front pressed against
her back, as we both leaned over in unison. I helped Lindsay
with the next shot, and we promptly sank three balls in two
corner pockets. It was a minor victory, but she was happy.

"OH!" Lindsay then exclaimed, her ass innocently brushing
upon my pelvis and finding a hard, pulsing cock for her
efforts. She even jumped somewhat, then turned toward me
and lowered her gaze. Now, she definitely knew that I was
aroused. The thin spandex she wore offering little barrier
between us, Lindsay then turned and moved her ass back and
slid it up and down my pelvis.

"Kristanna would kill me if I did anything with you, with
the way my back is hurting." Oh, it was difficult to say
that. I wanted to take this little sweetheart and toss her
up onto the pool table, then literally split her in half like
a wishbone as we had mad, passionate sex together.

Lindsay frowned, but nodded her head in acceptance. "I
know your back is hurting. I don't want to make it worse."
Still, she offered my crotch one more quick glance and even
licked her lips for emphasis.

Begrudgingly, I went back to the leather floor comforter
and gently collapsed onto it. I quickly figured that showing
Lindsay some pointers and techniques when it came to shooting
pool was probably not the greatest idea right now. She was
hyper-sexual in her own right, and I could easily tell that
it was frustrating to her that she could not take care of
that massive lump in my shorts right now. Of course, it was
frustrating to me as well.

"You would look good with red streaks in your hair," I
reiterated. "Nothing too wild or drastic, though. Just a
couple of streaks, some highlights... you'd look good. I
don't know if that look would go over well with you wanting
to get involved in the church and the ministry, though. I
don't know of any ministers with double-colored hair."

Lindsay giggled. "As I said, I'd get them taken out and
my hair back to normal once I return home. I just want to
have it done, and I know I had this style once. You know?"
Lindsay placed the pool cue down upon the table and turned
my way, now focusing all of her attention upon me. "Can I
ask you a question, Jeremy?" She suddenly seemed hesitant.

"Anything," I shrugged. "Feel free."

"I don't want to sound too greedy, or for you to have a
bad feeling about me," she stressed, before stepping forward
and then dropping down to her knees in front of me. Lindsay
then sat down upon her knees and pouted, "I'd like to talk to
you about the money... if you do not mind."

"The money?" I asked, confused.

Still pouting, Lindsay nodded her head. "Yes. When we
all came here - myself and the other girls - you said each
of us was guaranteed $100,000 for staying on the island and
being a part of your life for six weeks. One of us, you
said, was going to be paid $500,000. But you did gave no
hints or clues as to how that person would be chosen."

I nodded my head at her. "You are correct."

"You already paid me, I guess, when you wired $100,000 to
my mom's bank account during my first week here," she said.
"My family really needed the money, you know, and it has been
a great relief to them. My mom was able to pay off all of
her credit card debt and make back payments on our house
before the bank was able to foreclose on it." Lindsay pouted
again and whined, "My father had no life insurance and we had
little to no savings when he died last November. I... I
still... I still cannot believe that my father is dead."

I reached out and squeezed Lindsay's left hand with my
right. "I know you miss him, honey. He died way too young."

"46," the young woman trembled. "He was just 46..."

"Only seven years older than I am right now."

Lindsay gulped her throat, again appearing somewhat
nervous and hesitant. "Have you made a decision on who is
going to be paid the $500,000 yet?"

I was ready to answer her question, but she cut me off.

"I mean... I know it won't be Kristanna. I don't know if
she was ever in the running to begin with, since she was not
technically one of the six girls you brought here. Kristanna
is your friend and all, and you already knew her. Seems to
me that Devon and Trish would not need the money. Am I
right? You have invited them to stay here on the island and
be a part of your life. I cannot imagine you giving $500,000
to Camille after how rude and disrespectful she was toward
you. She is not even here anymore. Neither is Pamela, but I
think she would be out of the running too since she refused
to accept the guaranteed $100,000 payout." Again, Lindsay
gulped her throat and then fretted, "The way I see it, the
$500,000 is going to be between me and Amy."

Oh? What happens if Amy decides to stay on the island as
well? Obviously, Lindsay was not aware of my plans.

"Very astute and perspective," I complimented her. "You
are right. Devon and Trish will not need the money, even
though they will get it anyway. Camille is not getting any
favors from me, obviously, and Pamela still refuses to take
even a red cent from me. It would be foolish to try and
offer her an additional $400,000."

"So is it between me and Amy?"

"I don't know," was my response for her. "Is it?"

Lindsay was confused now. "You know... I could really use
that money. It would do so much good for my family."

"I am sure that Amy could use it as well," I prodded her.
"Only one of you was promised to receive it." Lindsay
frowned and sagged her shoulders at my words. Thus, I
brought her left hand to my lips and gently kissed it. "What
would your family do, honey, with an additional $400,000?"

"Well... for starters, my mom could finally pay off the
mortgage on our house. We would never have to worry about
that again. My mom could buy a new car, then we could get
new cars for myself and two of my three sisters, Gina and
Alison. My other sister, Jennifer, is a single mom, and the
money would go a long way in helping her too. We could put
away a college fund for her daughter, Katherine, who is still
a baby, and we could put some college money away for my
younger sister Alison, who is 16."

"Your mom was in a really big financial hole once your dad
passed away, wasn't she?" Lindsay sulked and nodded her
head at me as I continued, "It was the only reason you came
to the island in the first place. You wanted the money."

"Yes," she admitted.

I thought things over for a moment or two. Yes, Lindsay
was being a bit greedy and selfish here. But I understood
why. Was she going to be angry if the money went to anyone
other than her? Did Lindsay have any rightful justification,
other than the fact that she was looking out for her family?
Was it wrong of her to be having this discussion with me at
all? None of that really mattered to me, honestly.

"I know you want the big money, sweetheart, but I don't
want you to dwell on it as we get closer to the end of the
week, and then next Monday when you return home. I want you
to enjoy your final few days on the island and not worry
about who is getting what in terms of money." I kissed her
hand again. "Your family has been through a lot of trying
times over the past eight or nine months. Haven't they? It
is also very obvious to me that you love your mom and your
three sisters, and you want would do anything to help them."

"Yes," Lindsay nodded, wiping away tears.

"I'll tell you what, sweetheart. I don't want you to
worry about the $500,000. Here is what I am going to do.
All of those things you just mentioned to me, I will take
care of myself." Lindsay's eyes went wide as I elaborated,
"I will pay off the mortgage on your house so your mother or
anyone else in your family will never have to worry about it
again. The house will be bought and paid for; it will belong
to your mom, and no one will ever take it from her. I will
also set aside $25,000 each for you, your mother, your
sisters Gina and Alison, and even Jennifer too if you
want, so all of you can buy a nice, reliable new car."

The tears were streaming down the 18-year-old's face now.
Although quiet, Lindsay was barely able to control herself
or her emotions. But I was not done.

"I will also put up some college tuition money for baby
Katherine, as well as your little sister, Alison. Neither
of them will have to worry about paying for an education."

Lindsay held her right hand out in front of her. It was
actually trembling. And those tears were still pouring down
her face. "Wh-Why w-would you d-d-do th-that for u-u-us?"
I could tell that she was fighting the urge to completely
break down and wallow around in a pool of tears. "You...
you n-never e-even m-m-met any of my f-f-f-family..."

"Why wouldn't I?" was my simple response. "I think it is
for a good cause." Lindsay hid her face and really started
to sob now, although the proverbial dam had not quite broke
just yet. But I was still not done with the generosity.

"I want you to get on the telephone and call your family,
call your mom... sometime this afternoon," I instructed her.
"As I said, it's obvious that all of you have been through a
lot. Probably none more than your mother, who unexpectedly
lost her husband and suddenly found herself as a single
parent with no real way to make ends meet. I want you to
call her, honey, and ask her to pick a place. Any place in
the world... doesn't matter where it is. Tell her to pick a
place, because your entire family will be going there on an
all-expenses paid vacation for three weeks in August.
Everything - airline tickets, hotel, food - I'll pay for it."

"OH MY G-GOD!" Now, she had completely lost it.

I brought Lindsay into my arms and embraced her lovingly.
"Does not matter where it is. Europe, Australia, Hawaii, the
Bahamas, Canada, Asia... you tell your mom to pick a location.
Your mom, your sisters and you... the vacation of a lifetime.
I will see to it that all of the expenses are paid. It will
be my gift to your family."

All Lindsay could do now was continue to sob and cry as I
rocked her in my arms like a small child. Lindsay was so
overcome with emotion that she could not even speak at the
current moment. Obviously, my generosity had blindsided her.
These were the type of moments that truly made me happy.

Perhaps I was a bit too benevolent in what I was offering,
but I honestly did not think so. It amounted to nothing more
than pocket change - considering my net worth was at over two
billion dollars in US currency - for me to do this act of
kindness for a family that really needed (and deserved) it.

The father died at such a young and tragic age, and his
family was left in shambles because of it. I could not
imagine what it must have been like for Lindsay, age 17 at
the time, to one morning see her father so vibrant and full
of life, then come home from school later that afternoon only
to find him dead on the sofa.

Lindsay once explained to me that the paramedics rushed
out to the scene, only to pronounce her father dead, then
call the coroner and just leave. That is right... the
paramedics left Lindsay, along with her sister Alison, alone
with their dead father on the sofa. Apparently, they did not
want to deal with a dead body or the fact that two teen-age
girls had just lost their father and needed support and help.
They left all the work to the coroner.

How traumatic was it for Alison, who was even younger than
Lindsay, to have her father cruelly ripped away from her at
such an impressionable age? What about the two older
sisters? And the mother, who was suddenly a widow?

All of the money in the world would not bring back
Lindsay's father - Donald was his name - nor would it erase
the pain and suffering that she and her family had endured.
But I felt the money that I was giving them, as well as the
vacation, could help ease things a bit. The family deserved
something good to happen to it. I was in a position to help
them. It just made perfect sense to me.

And yes, Lindsay was going to get the $500,000 payout in
addition to everything else. She was going to get it all
along. Then again, all of the ladies were originally going
to get it. How could I have justified giving $500,000 to one
woman, but a mere $100,000 to the rest of them? That would
have been a horrible thing for me to do.

"I l-love y-you, J-Jeremy," Lindsay proclaimed, barely
able to get the words out. "I... I'm g-going to miss you
s-so much... when I... when I go b-b-back h-h-home." She
began sobbing uncontrollably again. "Why d-d-do y-you
h-h-have t-to be so perfect... and so... so n-n-nice?"

"Easy," I murmured. "It's for a good cause. You."

Lindsay's eyes were a bloodshot red and her face was a
total mess as she looked up at me. "I... I'm n-never going
to find a b-better m-m-man - a better PERSON - than y-you in
my en-entire l-life. Am I?" Lindsay glanced downward for a
moment, then made eye contact with me yet again. "Oh God...
I... I'll never f-find anyone who is better t-to me th-than
you." She took a deep breath, trying desperately to compose
herself, and then professed, "Kristanna is... the luckiest
girl... on the face of the planet... to have you."

"Thank you, honey." Those words really hit home with me.
I even felt like crying now myself, but I was able to hold
back and suppress the urge. Within the context of our
discussion, that was one of the nicest things anyone had
ever said to me. It really struck a chord inside of me.

"No, THANK YOU," she insisted, placing a simple kiss upon
my cheek. Lindsay tried to wipe away her influx of tears,
and sniffed her nose several times in succession. "Did you
say that Kristanna, Devon and Trish will be away for the rest
of the afternoon? They are at the waterfall?"

I reached out with my right hand and grazed the young
woman's forehead, then tenderly caressed and stroked her long,
free-flowing blonde hair with it. "Yes, they are all at the
waterfall. They won't be back for several hours."

"This might be my last chance to really be alone with
you," she pouted, gulping her throat. Lindsay turned, then
reclined back against my front and placed her head upon my
shoulder. She snuggled up all nice and tight, then took my
right hand and clenched it with both of hers at her stomach.
Lindsay wiped away yet more tears with her left hand, then
glanced up at me and begged, "Will you... just hold me,
Jeremy? Pl-Please? I... I never want this moment to end."

"I'll hold you for as long as you want me to," was my
heartfelt response, as tears now streaked down my own face.

<<<- End of Chapter 34 ->>>

==---- -- -- -- - --- -- -- - - --- -- -- --- - -- - - - - --- -- ----==
"Island Fever"

(c) 2014 JeremyDCP


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