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And I’m treated with silence; it can be a good thing. Give them a moment to realize that everything is the opposite of what they thought I was intending to do. All my friends, my step family and biological Mother, Imelda’s mother, Jackie and Vicki; every single one of them is staring in between my girls and I waiting for something to happen. I do take note that Jun and Lilly aren’t recording this moment and thank a creator if there is one.

“Guy we need some time with this,” Kori says speaking for all the girls.

I feel like my guts are going to fall out my ass, I have never felt it like this so strongly before but now here I am on my knee with a box and a ring for each of us and they want time. Why the fuck do they need time, where is the happiness I was expecting? What about me getting tackled and showered with womanly affection times five? I can see all their faces are torn into a million different directions and the sinking feeling has changed to one of anger, giant fucking fiery anger. My girlfriends, MY future wives need a minute. I slam the box closed with a force that makes everyone jump a little and stand up tucking it under my arm. For those just tuning it this is the ‘don’t fuck with me mode’.

“You need time to think, all of you,” I ask getting shrugs of I don’t know in response,” Fine Kori you said you need time is that it?”

“Guy this is a lot bigger than we thought,” Kori says but am already rolling.

“Oh I know it’s not bigger than you thought it’s just opposite of what you thought, so anyone wanting to save this relationship right now better answer me as to who decided to jump the gun on reading the letter without me here,” I ask as all the girls look at their feet.

“I did, I thought it would be okay. Then your mom saw and was trying to calm us down after we were reading it,” Kori says as the rest of the girls nod silently.

“So you four are telling me that Kori is responsible for whole of you thinking that after all of this, the trip, the war, everything. One letter taken out at the wrong time and read in the wrong context is all it took to get all of you to follow her to the conclusion that I am breaking up with ALL of YOU,” I’m punctuating my words with rage as I ask.

“Guy we’re really sorry we jumped the surprise,” Rachael says quietly.

“Rachael, sweetie, I love you to pieces but if I ask you a question and you decide to say something that isn’t an answer to the question you made the WRONG decision to speak,” I say very upset with all of them.

“So you still love us,” Katy says realizing what she did and immediately changes her tune,” We believed what Kori thought about the letter.”

“An answer, I’ll get back to the rest of you in a moment,” I turn my attention to everyone else assembled,” I’m sorry I have to postpone the answer my girls were going to give me because we’re having a communication error or something like that but not a computer thing.”

I watch as Loretta breaks everyone up to their rooms and the only person who is left in the foyer other than me of the girls is Imelda’s mom, I can hear her talking in Spanish to her daughter and it doesn’t sound good as she exits for the TV room. The sun is going down being summer and long days it must be at least seven or eight at night.

“Guy I know you are mad,” Kori starts but I cut her off fast.

“You don’t know what I am right now but you will learn, you started this cacophony of pain because on the front of the envelope the instructions were very clear my sweet love,” I tell her using a tone most never hear, I love her but this is going to be something for the records between us,” Now get your ass upstairs.”

I can see Kori’s eyes go wide with shock, I don’t talk to her like this in a tone that is anything other than inviting and flirty but now it’s a different mood. I watch her start to head up slowly before turning my attention back to the rest of my girls.

“You followed her example now whatever she decides once I’m done explaining my side of the situation to her is what you should agree with because it’s all or nothing. Right,” I growl getting nods of acceptance.

Kori is about half way up the stairs when I start up after her fast and without being told she picks up the pace and once at the top runs to our room to get inside. I am stalking my way to our room, I wonder if it will be our room after this? It will, we just need to get the bullshit she started out of the way. I get inside our bedroom and see Kori sitting on the couch looking very ashamed as I close the door.

“I fucked up Guy, I am sorry and I ruined the moment,” Kori says quietly standing up.

I take the box with the rings and very calmly set it down on the floor before taking off my coat and setting it down next to the box. I breathe deep and note Kori’s attire, casual button up blue top with a white tank top underneath, definitely a bra holding up her always ample C cup breasts, Capri pants in beige. The shirt is only done up halfway and it’s honestly a good thing she wore this much clothing.

“I love you, Kori, I really do and despite all this I have to hope that once I’m done explaining my point here you will still love me and we won’t have any more problems or doubts going forward,” I say to her in a exceptionally calm tone.

Kori nods and I head back to my coat for one thing that I’ll need. Kori sees it as I fold out the blade on the knife and for the first time she’s overly afraid of me. I set the blade down on the bed for a moment and reach out casually taking the button up shirt in my hands and rip it open popping the buttons off and scaring Kori a little. She’s tense as I pick the folding knife back up and flip the blade till it’s upside down in my hand and facing me. I use my free hand to grab the tank top and her bra and insert the blade cutting my way down her clothing till her bra and shirt are ruined. Kori is petrified as I fold the blade up and toss it away. I wrench what is left of her tops open and lunge my head in towards her breasts latching onto a nipple with my mouth while squeezing the other with my hand. Kori’s reaction to my level of force is not what she usually has when I decide to get personal with her. I feel her hands touching me gently but she’s almost fearful as I nibble on one nipple and pinch the other. A sharp gasp escapes Kori’s mouth and I figure opening act is over as I stop and walk her to the foot of the bed. I turn Kori around to face away from me before reaching around her waist and undo her pants and yank them to the floor. I undo my own pants and move in front of Kori and sit on the bed with my cock hanging out of my pants.

“Get on your knees and fix it,” I tell her firmly.

Kori kneels down and tentatively starts to work my cock over in her mouth. I can tell she’s afraid that I’m going to do something out of the ‘Fuck Katy like a whore’ playbook. I mean I am but not everything in the book. I grip the hair in the back of Kori’s head and force it down burying my cock in her mouth and throat; she’s looking up at me with her steely grey eyes which are much softer than they were when she thought I was breaking up with her. I back her face off me a little and start moving her head to bob up and down fast, I watch her try to move her hand up to give herself some comfort room but I take it and move it aside.

“All mouth Kori, you need to make it harder so I can fuck you,” I tell her getting a puzzled look.

She’s doing a great job and I can actually smell her getting wet, it’s an aroma that is enticing to me to the point of distraction and I can feel myself getting a bit closer than I’d like to my orgasm and stop Kori’s work. I stand up with her and bend her over the foot of the bed as she keeps her body off the mattress with her hands, I separate her feet so that she’s spread before me and pull my clothes off while she waits. Once naked I kneel down between her legs and grip Kori’s ass in my hands and spread them wide smirking before I plunge my tongue into her pussy. Kori’s flavor is bittersweet and let go of her ass to thumb her clit. Kori isn’t making any noise but she’s shaking and panting hard as I’m merciless with bringing her close to orgasm. I keep this pace up till I see her legs start to shake and stop with no warning pulling myself back.

“Please,” Kori whines shaking with anticipation.

“Do you need something Kori,” I ask moving up behind her and rubbing my cock head against her slit.

“I need to cum,” Kori begs.

I don’t smile yet, no victory like complete victory and we are maybe over half way there as I slide inside her. I she’s like a furnace and I still revel at the velvet like feel to her walls, when making love she milks me for all I’m worth. I slowly back up gripping her hips with my hands and start to pound into her like a hammer to a nail, there is no mercy or soft touches as I can feel her tighten up bit by bit with each thrust. Kori is moaning now but not shaking yet as I am not letting her have the sweet love of her boyfriend that she’s used to. So many ideas from my times with Katy that I start to grin wickedly and take one hand off her hips and slap my first girlfriend’s ample ass hard.

“Owwww, Guy that hurt,” Kori whines.

I smile and raise the other hand and slap the other cheek. Kori is whimpering loudly as I alternate slaps of her ass while I punish her pussy. I stop spanking her when I can see that I’ve left two very distinct hand prints from my work on her ass. My first girlfriend’s legs are shaking, she’s grunting like a professional porn star and I can tell she’s going to cum as she buries her face into the blanket under her. I am not amused with being denied the noise I cause and I lean forward grabbing her hair and pulling her out of the blanket arching her back, the hair handle does wonders for making me fuck Kori harder.

“Please Guy that is too much,” she pleads as I can feel her start to get close.

“Are you going to cum for me because if you want me to stop all this I can Kori,” I tell her firmly,” Now do I keep fucking you or do I stop?”

Kori’s head starts to nod yes and I speed up to frantic bucking. She’s howling and I’m loving the sound as she starts shaking and I have to let go of her head and wrap my arms around her waist to keep her upright. I let her come down and pull out of her getting a groan of disappointment as she slowly crawls up the bed and lies down.

“Done already,” I ask following her up.

Kori looks down at me and seeing me hard and following her starts to get really worried. I grab an ankle and turn her onto her back and crawl up her body before lining my cock up with her and slamming it back inside hard. I get my knees under me and pin her hips down with my hand on either side before fucking her fast and franticly. Kori is pawing at my chest and her legs are spread wide as I’m hitting all the way down to her deepest. I’m getting close and she can feel it, before she was worried and now she greedily wants me to finish when I turn the tables on her again.

“I’ll pull out when I cum,” I say slowing down my pace to pull out.

“What, why pull out baby. You love cumming in me,” Kori asks confused and desperate.

“I am only cumming in my fiancés or my wives, I’m done with girlfriends. I have plenty of friends with benefits so it’s either women I would actually want to get pregnant or I cum somewhere else,” I tell her keeping my voice firm.

“Baby I love you and I am your fiancé,” Kori says desperately trying to hold me in.

“Where is the ring, I tried to give you one but you didn’t want it. If you were MY future wife you’d have a ring on your finger,” I tell her pulling out.

Kori shoves me to the side frantically and scrambles off the bed turning on the light and opening the box. It takes her a moment but when she turns back to me again I’m lying on my back, now with her ring on she comes back to me on the bed and mounts me and wastes no time fucking me for all she’s worth. She’s moaning and I’m squeezing her breasts hard as I can feel my orgasm start to build and Kori knows me well enough that she can feel it too.

“Give me what’s mine,” Kori moans frantically slamming her pussy down onto me.

I move my hands to her hips and start fucking up into her grunting hard, we’re both desperate to finish and I’m louder than normal as I cum up into my first girl, now first fiancée painting her white on the inside. I can tell Kori is happy with me finishing where I did and as she start to relax I take her face in my hand and get eye to eye with her.

“You NEVER do that to us again, you want to think the worst when it comes to how I feel about all of you then you don’t really love me and I will have to leave you, all of you do you understand,” I demand from her being as serious as I can despite my warm fuzzy post orgasm feeling.

“I’m sorry baby, I overreacted,” Kori tells me sadly.

“NEVER again,” I repeat firmly.

“Never again, we need to get better about taking surprises. Especially me,” Kori says giving me a light kiss on the lips.

We move to cuddling and I’m the one who realizes that we’ve been up here for well over an hour when I rouse my newly minted first fiancé from her well fucked state.

“Now go down stairs and get the rest,” I tell her quietly.

We get up and I put shorts and a shirt on as Kori picks up the ruin that was her top and chuckles a little. I smile back and watch as she settles on a silk bathrobe before staggering out of the bedroom and down to the TV room. I can hear them talking and it’s Kori who is the slowest one coming back up the stairs, we still have the light on in the bedroom and I have the box of rings in my hands again as my girls pile in. Kori is the last one in and I open the box again as the girls take out their rings. Thanks to Loretta all the sizes are right and they love the stone colors I picked for them, I put the box down and they are all happy but a little quiet for my liking as I watch Kori do the unthinkable. She gets down on her knees in front of me and the rest of the girls follow suit. I now notice that Kori has the sixth ring in her hands and while she’s sore as hell she’s making sure I understand how important this is for them.

“We each need to say something first,” Kori says leaving the floor open to the others.

“You are the most honest man I’ve ever met,” Rachael says with a somber smile.

“You showed me that I am a woman,” Mathilda says quietly despite her size.

“You tamed me, never thought I would be with a man for more than a few months because of my attitude but you loved my worst qualities,” Imelda says overly shy.

“You saved me, gave me a real family. Two of them,” Katy says with a little bit of sadness.

“We are horrible and pretty selfish. We don’t do a lot of planning or thinking and that makes it hard to deal with one woman and there are five of us but you keep doing it every day with a smile,” Kori says rounding out the set,” Guy Donnelly we don’t deserve it but will you marry us?”

I smile and nod, I can’t really say anything due to my emotions being a little wacky right now but my Kori get’s the ring on my finger and I’m dragged into bed and the light is shut off as my girls get into their pajamas and we hunker down for bed.

Waking up Sunday morning engaged is great, I have five women pawing at me for attention and it must have taken me a half an hour but each one gets some kissing and holding before I get up and head to the bathroom. I’m stumbling down the stairs and see that most everyone is up including Imelda’s mother who is teamed up with Loretta in the kitchen cooking food for everyone when I walk in and start getting looks from everyone.

“Oh my god did someone die,” I ask as the staring becomes too much.

“If someone died it was probably my daughter stabbing them, she is like that when she is upset,” Mrs. Ortega says with a dry humor.

“How does it feel,” Jun asks quietly.

“How does what feel Jun,” I reply slumping down in a chair.

“You know that feeling of impending doom. The world coming to an end. The end to all the wonderful liberties and joys that you have cultivated over the years,” Jun says being really fucking cryptic as everyone is staring at him confused including me,” I’m talking about you being engaged.”

Everyone finally notices my wedding band and I am barraged by congratulations and motherly love times two from Loretta and Mrs. Ortega. I am in the spotlight a little too much for my liking when my fiancés, I’ll have to get used to calling them that, come down and it’s hugs all around for everyone. That is literally how we spend most of the morning and into the early afternoon till I finally pull Mr. Delauter aside to talk in his office.

“So I assume you heard about what happened at Jackie’s new place,” I ask as we sit down in the chairs in front of the fire place.

“Yes, it’s a horrible thing and I’ve already looked at helping them get back what was broke,” Mr. Delauter tells me before I can ask,” That’s a small fix and doesn’t need to be an issue. What is the real reason we’re talking again.”

“We think it’s Jackie’s ex who did it, her new family thinks he’s out of control and they want me to handle it,” I tell him being a little ominous.

“So what you’re saying is they want him to disappear or something equally criminal,” he says taking on a serious tone.

“I don’t know if it warrants that, we tried warning him but he won’t listen. I’m beginning to think that he’s incapable of learning to stay away,” I reply not liking the situation.

“Did anyone see him break into the apartment, or even smash the furniture,” my stepfather asks plainly fishing for information as I shake my head no,” Then maybe consider testing the moron before you drive him out and bury him in the desert.”

I brighten at the ideas, check the dumbass first and bury his ass in the desert if he did it. Might call later to let people know where he’s at so he doesn’t die but don’t tell him that if he’s a full fledge douche bag. My fiancés drag me upstairs and I’m being changed into something a bit harder and I puzzle as to why we’re getting ready.

“Union is running a meet tonight,” Imelda says pulling on her leather racing gear.

We all get decked out in our best and discover that while Mark and Vicki are going Abigail and Bethany are not along with Ben. Jackie helps round out the set and it’s funny to see me and all my girls on bikes with Katy and Rachel on Black Sunshine, Imelda and Kori on her bike and I’ve got Matty with me on Pale Horse as we head out. We’re fucking early with us, the Union and Devil’s Best being the only ones and most people are in set up mode for everything. We sit and talk with the Old Man who is happy to see his girls slept well and reports that they will be going home to a clean, restocked and relocked apartment. I am braced for a conversation about Steven that doesn’t happen but gets replaced with me being pulled aside for a much better one.

“You’re going to marry them,” the Old Man says chuckling,” All five of them. Boy are you trying to outdo me in wives in one shot because you’ll win by two.”

“Hey I love them all and honestly I think the wedding planning will be nightmarish but what else can I do,” I reply chuckling along with him.

“So We’re holding off on the little shit stain that scared my grandbabies,” He tells me as we step away from everyone.

“Good, I need to talk with him before I do anything,” I tell him getting a raised eyebrow.

“I don’t think a conversation is what I want to make my family safe,” He tells me with a serious expression.

“Either he will be responsible and fuck up or he’s innocent and we scare him off or maybe convince him to do the right thing and man up,” I reply trying to turn the conversation,” I mean making him a prospect would be a good thing for the little coward.”

“I like you kid, but he has about as much chance of me making him a prospect as you do not marrying your girls,” the Old Man tells me with a harsh tone.

Mercifully we leave the topic where it is as the first groups of people start arriving. My girls mingle for a bit while I hang out and keep myself out of trouble. When Carlos, Hector, Marta and their whole crew show up and I get a big hug from Marta and a round of congratulations from the boys; when my girls get back it’s all girl hugs and ring checking.

It takes about an hour for most of the regulars to arrive and music kicks up with dancing and some bets start up for different races. I actually see Mark out dancing with Vicki, big guy moves there better than I do. I’m my girls wander back over when I hear a voice I’ve been glad to be missing out on hearing.

“Holy shit the muther fucking bad ass is back,” Blaze says walking up to me.

“Hi Blaze, how’s the leg,” I ask getting a big laugh.

“Much better than that ugly face of yours,” he replies to his crew of boys.

He’s mostly the same as last year save for a couple gold teeth added, not sure if they’re caps or not but I know a few ways to find out. I wait for him to take full notice of my girls and once it registers he’s all over me about it.

“You lily white mutha fucka how the fuck you get four of the finest bitches in the place and the Mexican bitch racer,” Blaze says making me a little angry at his reference to my women.

“Blaze this is fun and all but you need to stop referring to my future wives as bitches, I can tolerate a lot but keep the language up and I’m going to have to teach you some manners,” I tell him getting up from Pale Horse.

“Easy whitey you need to calm down or…. Wait, you bitches marrying this crazy muthafucka,” He barks out laughing with his boys.

I am starting to seethe with rage and Blaze is just laughing and his boys are right there when familiar looking member steps out of the pack and gets in my face. I barely recognize Tyrell, Bethany’s ex from last year with his hair in little dreadlocks. Blaze may be dressed in mostly yellow but his little brother is all black and green with sunglasses of his own.

“Back up out Blaze’s face. I got something for you, a race,” Tyrell tells me firmly.

“You want to race Imelda,” I ask confused.

“Naw bitch boy, you got two bikes. Pick one and we race,” Tyrell tells me backing up as Smitty comes into view.

“We got a race challenge, we got money to put down or something else,” Smitty announces.

“Guy’s got five hundred to take on Tyrell,” Imelda calls out over the crowd.

“I’ll cover my brotha’s bet,” Blaze says pulling out his share of the money.

I get Black Sunshine and see Tyrell pull up on a dark green speed bike, we go about getting things set and I get my helmet on as Imelda starts giving me pointers.

“Okay baby you need to be first off the line, keep shifting fast and don’t look around just stare straight ahead,” She tells me before giving my helmet a kiss.

I glance over at Tyrell and see he doesn’t use a helmet but that’s his call, I focus on the end of the strip where one of the Union guys has ridden down and parked his bike to check and see who crosses first. All my focus is on that one point as Smitty sets up on the line and we’re waiting for the go signal. I keep my engine revving and as soon as Smitty lowers his hand something comes across my face and blinds me. I fall from my bike and hear chaos ensue all around me, people are screaming, someone peeled out without warning, I’m lying on the ground and I am having trouble seeing. I get stood up and walked somewhere before getting sat down and feel hands pulling off my helmet.

“Looks like the helmet took the impact, he’s going to have swelling but we need to get his eyes open now so we can see if we need to take him to a hospital. Someone help me open his eyes,” I hear a deep voice say.

I shake my hands out of my gloves and grab as much of the tissue around my eye socket I can and pull my eye open, a third hand helps move my eye lids and bright blinding light goes right into my brain. We stop and repeat the process for the other before someone slaps a freezing pack right on my face. I have to force myself to relax and I’m leaning back as my girls are in the area around me waiting to ask me if I’m okay.

“I can hear you thinking,” I say getting a chuckle.

“Blaze’s fucking brother is gonna die for this shit,” Imelda growls.

“I want to take a testicle for that bullshit,” Katy chimes in letting me know that my girls are ready for war.

“Hey Guy can we talk,” I hear Blaze ask as my girls spin to face him, I can hear their shoes.

“One asshole is as good as his brother,” Kori says angry.

“Easy ladies I didn’t know he was going to pull this bullshit. Nobody is more pissed off than I am,” Blaze says on the defensive.

“Girls let him through,” I say with my head resting back to let the compress do its work,” he obviously wants to speak let me hear it.”

“Thanks Guy, I may clown around but you didn’t fucking play me last year with all the bullshit that happened between my crew and Carlos’s. I remember that, I haven’t seen my brother race at all and figured he’d go about it like I showed him,” Blaze says trying to explain.

“You mean busting the other racer in the face isn’t usual strategy,” I joke with a little pain.

“Union is up my ass hard and the Old Man is ready to back you up by beating the fuck out of me and mine if you want it. I’d hope you’re not so pissed at my brother that you’re going to take it out on my people too,” Blaze says almost pleading for some mercy.

I think about my situation, I’ll probably be seeing the world by tomorrow if not sooner, I can feel the face swelling being countered by the ice pack or whatever they put on me. I can’t press charges, I could just go to his house tomorrow and beat the fuck out of Tyrell but that puts me in the hot seat and I don’t have enough time to plan something and recover before he walls himself up in his house. I hold my hand out and wave for one of my girls, or I hope it’s one of my girls to come over and get Rachael in my ear.

“Baby you need something,” My little red head asks quietly.

“I need the Old Man and Sid if he’s here,” I say before I feel her kiss my cheek and separate from me,” Blaze you stay here, we will settle this now.”

It’s a bit of a wait and I settle in as I hear more people coming over, a chair is set down and I can hear the Old Man groaning as he settles down.

“How’s the face kid,” Sid asks plainly.

“Like I got smacked by a bitch,” I reply getting a chuckle.

“Okay Guy you got me here now tell me what you want to do about Blaze’s people acting like fucking punks,” the Old Man says as I can hear the argument starting.

“First off I am going to ask a few questions before I want anything. I asked for you two here so I could keep this as civil as possible. Blaze is your brother part of your crew or does he just hang around,” My first question is loaded as fuck but it will set me up for what I figure would be good.

“He’s my brother, he hangs around sometimes but he doesn’t participate normally,” Blaze replies.

“Other than to smack a racer in the face during what I can assume was both of their first times on the line before riding away from the consequences,” Sid says very grumpy about my injury, I’m not sure why.

“Well then whose bike was he on,” I ask as Blaze get’s really quiet.

“It was one of mine, I let him use it sometimes,” Blaze answers starting to see where I’m going,” I’ll bring it back, it’s all stock and I have others if that keeps the peace.”

“It’s a start; I want two other things from you Blaze and one from the Union. Tyrell is banned first and foremost, if I pulled this shit I’d expect to be banned,” I say getting sounds of approval from everyone there,” Second you will bring me back the bike tonight and you will handle your brother, I’ll take the bike and an apology from you in lieu of the ass kicking he’ll get from me.”

“I told you I’m sorry about this shit,” Blaze says as I cut him off.

“Not for me, you called my fiancés bitches. You kept insulting them in front of me like it was a joke now apologize,” I say leaning my head forward a little and keeping the icepack where I need it.

“Ladies you don’t know me, well Imelda does but I talk a lot. I didn’t mean to insult you or this crazy man your marrying,” Blaze says actually making me believe him for a change.

“Wonderful, now Blaze get your crew take Imelda and get me my bike,” I say trying to relax before adding,” Imelda don’t kill Tyrell.”

I can hear her get a little disappointed but they all start to walk away as I try to relax. Sid must have left with them as I can hear the Old Man shifting towards me a little.

“Not going for the kill,” he asks confused.

“I find Tyrell and break his hand then he doesn’t get into college. My sister was dating him and he’s like the golden boy of his family. Now Blaze is going to out him in front of his mother and I get a new gift to give,” I reply to what sounds like acceptance.

“You know I’d ban his ass regardless,” the Old Man says plainly.

“Yeah but I needed to say it since I was the wronged party. Besides it’s not like I was already down the road when he did it. He put me in a hospital and I guarantee you that he’d be dead by start of business Monday,” I tell him chuckling.

“And how would you do that with your face all messed up,” he asks chuckling with me.

“We’d do that,” Jun answers quietly,” He leads us but he leads by example, hurt me and he comes for you. Hurt him and we come for you.”

There is a little laughter as I sit around doing fuck all, I tell my girls to go mingle which they do begrudgingly leaving me with Natsuko as a nursemaid. I wonder what
Imelda is going to do?

Sitting in Blaze’s fucking truck while his goon squad drives us up to where his brother is at, I honestly think I’m going to stab that kid. Guy’s face probably looks worse than it is but after busting the helmet on his face I want to say fuck it and stab the kid. We’re on the road for way too long when we finally pull up to a house with the garage door open and a couple guys are sitting around laughing. I get out and hear watch Blaze and his boys take the lead as I hear the second group laughing.

“Fucking Bethany broke up with me so I fuck her brother up. I’m the fucking man around here, whipped the asshole that kicked my brother’s ass and let my bitch ex know I’m coming for her next year,” I hear the little fucker Tyrell say.

“T are you stupid, do you know what the fuck you just did back there,” Blaze yells getting everyone’s attention.

“Yeah bro, I just handled shit you should have taken care of last year. Fuck the old white guys, what the fuck can they do,” Tyrell asks as his buddy, they look like jocks stand in his defense.

“You kids sit your asses down,” Blaze yells at his brother’s friends making them back down.

“Fuck that, we don’t need this shit,” Tyrell says starting to leave when Blaze punches him in the mouth.

“Give me my fucking keys, I won’t ask nicely next time,” Blaze orders his brother while standing over him.

“So you fucking turn on your family because some old white men and a rich punk cry about shit,” Tyrell says handing over the keys from the ground.

“I should have slapped the fuck out of you months ago. You’re out, you’ve been banned from the races and you owe me for the bike I built that I’m giving to that ‘rich punk kid’ to save your fucking chances to get a scholarship to college,” Blaze tells him before turning back towards me.

I watch Tyrell get up and he’s pissed off, it takes him a second to get his footing and start after Blaze but I’m the fastest bitch in the area. I don’t know who hears my butterfly knife as I open it up and rush past Blaze and take down the little shit with a step through Guy showed me. He hits the ground hard and I’ve got the blade against Tyrell’s throat and everything has stopped.

“You do not come near my sister in law, not EVER,” I growl grabbing the little dreads in my hand and taking my knife saw through them.

I get a handful of little nappy dreads before getting up and I can see Tyrell trying to check for blood as I drop them on the driveway and take the bike key’s from Blaze. He gets back on his bike and I get on Guy’s new one. Fucker has three bikes; we could start a team if I can convince him to move down here permanently. I get my helmet on and start the bike, engine needs fucking work but it’s passable as I head back to the races, I hope I didn’t miss a chance to make some money tonight.


I finally get the pack off and while my vision is a little blurry it’s been over an hour and I hope nothing has happened to Imelda. Blaze tries to cross me now and I’ll burn his fucking house down with his family in it. That feeling crept out of not where but the ring on my hand feels more powerful than it did earlier. Natsuko leads me to Kori who is talking with some girls by the dance floor and I figure to fuck it and try something new. I take her arm and lead her out a few feet startling the crap out of her by the sounds till she figures out it’s me. I pull her close and while it’s not a super slow song it’s slow enough that I’m able keep her close and shuffle my feet as she moves with a lot more grace than I do.

“Baby you don’t need to dance with me to do something, we’ll keep you company,” Kori tells me quietly as she leads me along.

“I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything, I can barely see but what I can do is hold my fiancé and shuffle my feet,” I whisper as we continue to move.

I can feel her getting soft as we shuffle about till the music picks up and she leads me away again. Back to the ice pack on my face as I’m a little more public than I was by the sound of people. I’m sitting there for a bit and when the music slows down after a couple songs I get lead out to the dance area again only this time it’s Rachael leading me as we dance slowly. I keep this up while Imelda is gone and discover that Katy and I are about equally bad with dancing as we chuckle about it. I’m on my second dance with Kori when she pulls away from me then I feel her leading me away from the dance area. We stop and I get sat down on a chair as I hear a bike engine cut out.

“We’re back baby, I got the bike but it needs a major fucking tune up,” I hear Imelda say.

“Everything go okay,” I ask since I can’t see her.

“My little brother wanted to fight me but your girl ended up scalping his ass,” I hear Blaze say,” I gotta tell you man you’re looking better but I think you should head home. No offense but you still looked fucked up.”

I nod in agreement, I’ve been sporting a headache and didn’t want to leave but I can’t leave all my bikes here. I get put in a car and Matty tells me she’ll take care of it as I’m being driven home with Kori and Rachael keeping me contained in the car. We get home and I can hear engines behind me as I’m lead in the house and as soon as Loretta sees me I’m dragged off to the kitchen and I can hear Mr. Delauter interrogating everyone and I finally have to stop the chaos.

“STOP!!!! Everyone needs to calm down and let Mom check me out. I will be fine, my girls are fine, the family is fine so for fuck’s sake can we please calm down and accept that this has been handled,” I shout getting quiet from everyone.

Loretta has an easier time getting my eyes open than we did a few hours earlier and I have to get them flushed. That shit is painful but once that happens she can say for certain that I have nothing in my eyes. I get another cold compress, this one with a strap and there is some giggling at my appearance but I don’t care because I’m recovering. I get lead upstairs and my girls strip me down before helping me into bed, I do a lot of Imelda cuddling tonight for not killing Tyrell. Monday morning however goes a little funnier for me as I get up and slowly make my way out of bed after everyone has probably gone down to eat breakfast I as I take the very girly looking cold mask/pack off and stagger down the stairs. I’m holding the rail and looking straight ahead blankly as I take each step slowly heading down. I can hear everyone get quiet as I reach the bottom and start to walk across the foyer keeping my hands at waist height like I’m feeling out the area. I bump the foyer table a little and you can hear my girls start to panic a little, my friends are speechless and in my not so dead gaze I can see Loretta coming towards me from the kitchen.

“Guy baby, are you okay? What can you see,” She asks concerned.

“Mom its okay, I’ll have to get used to it,” I tell her as she leads me to the dining room.

I get sat down and I can feel a hand on my leg, I sit with my dead gaze focusing on the spot on the table in front of me. A plate of eggs and bacon with pancakes gets set down and I fumble for the fork and knife before aimlessly trying get food. Kori starts to direct me a little and I stop her at one point from trying to take my silverware out of my hands to feed me herself. I barely get through the meal and Loretta decides to break the silence.

“Guy we need to take you into the hospital and let a doctor look at you,” She tells me trying to be supportive.

“Mom it’s worse than it was last night, I don’t need a doctor to tell me that I’m going to be like this for a while,” I tell them and I can hear everyone start to get very emotional.

“Guy we’re here for you baby, it’s going to be fine,” Rachael says trying to be strong emotionally.

“Okay people need to calm down; it’s going to be like this for a while. We all need to get used to it besides we all knew I was kinda ugly,” I say standing up and looking around the room,” I mean it’s not like I’m blind or anything.”

And I run, very fast out of the dining room and out the backdoors. My girls are hot on my heels but I’m faster and I lead them on a merry chase around the yard laughing while they yell about how I’m in trouble and I’m going to get it. I finally get cornered by with the pool at my back and they calm down a little until Katy tackles me into the pool. We sputter around and Katy gets out of the pool before me and I get up and out via the ladder behind her when I get shoved backwards back in by Mathilda. I surface again and swim to the shallow end before crawling out and walking my soaking wet ass towards the house then the barrage of punches to my back and arms starts, I’m laughing and my girls are hitting me just about everywhere but my face and groin. I collapse onto a lounge chair and cover up till the hitting stops.

“That was mean you asshole,” Rachael tells me,” We thought you were really blind.”

“After last night I couldn’t help but try to see how long I could get the joke to last. I’m sorry girls,” I apologize calming down from my laughing fit.

“Well we’re calling this even after you work out in spandex again for us here at the house so we can watch,” Matty says as they leave me in a huff.

I sit for a few moments when Loretta comes out and I can tell she has riot act on her mind. I stop her by walking up and smiling big before pouting a little.

“I’m sorry mommy, I was bad,” I say chuckling to myself.

“I’d spank you but I happen to know five women who’d do a better job of it,” Loretta says before finally calming down.

We settle in at the house and I agree to wear the spandex on my workout for a half hour as my girls take pictures and video. Our day is pretty normal with talking about school coming up in well over a month, Imelda is moving back with us which is a great bit of news. My eyes are bloodshot but aside from Imelda working on the new bike and my girls are going over things when an interesting question comes up.

“So what do you think we should do about the third bike,” Imelda asks putting a part back together while Mark Jr. is checking something on the engine.

“Honestly can’t ride them all and you hate the damn thing Imelda,” I say as she nods a bit in agreement.

“Yeah it’s alright but it’s not my baby,” my Latina tells me as my girls come around bringing snacks.

“What are we talking about,” Kori asks as she hands me a sandwich.

“Guy is figuring out what to do with his new bike,” Mark says as he and Imelda put the part back in.

I let them check and start the engine which to Imelda’s ears sounds a lot better. It’s sit on it and get a feel for it a bit before killing the engine. The tune up did wonders and I’m looking around the bike when I shrug and continue eating my sandwich.

“Well what do we call the bike,” Rachael asks.

I listen to the list of names they come up with and I have the keys in my hand and I’m really thinking when a wonderful idea hits me that puts a big smile on my face. The girls are coming up with ideas for the color when I interrupt.

“I’m thinking green still but brighter, black and like neon green. Maybe some skull decals,” I tell them as they kind of look at me oddly save for Katy and Imelda.

“That actually sounds fucking hot baby,” Katy says almost purring at my suggestions.

“I’d hope so, it’s your bike,” I tell her giving her the keys and sitting down.

“Wait my what, what is my…. my bike….,” Katy says as the girls freeze and even Mark is staring a hole through me in surprise.

“You graduated high school on time, you need your own vehicle, and I can’t drive every bike. Honestly you deserve it and I think it’ll look really good with your ass on it,” I tell her before I get tackled to the ground by happy punk fiancé.

Once I get her off me and I get standing again I’m showered with a bit more affection from all my girls and Imelda goes through figuring out how she’ll make this bike a little better for Katy. My earlier joke now being forgotten save for the guys saying it was funny.

I heal over the next few days and Imelda and Mark are having fun working on the bike in the garage. Apparently if I have three bikes I’m allowed to have one be shitty but if Katy has a new bike it has to be brilliant. Not sure how that works but Imelda and Katy have it down at her old shop tweaking it up a bit more. I find myself alone at home for the most part. My girls and Loretta are out doing some sort of future event shopping, probably wedding stuff but I have already stated I will finish high school first then we can be married. Mr. Delauter already went through the legalize to make sure I don’t get in trouble with the law; I’m not worried that much about it honestly. In reality I am spending my day at the TV down stairs when I get the impression that I’m being watched, I look around and see a bit of ginger hair poking from around the couch. I grin a little and decide to end the game.

“Hi Hanna, been busy,” I ask not looking away from the TV.

“Yes and no, I’ve been helping and Natsuko and I are having fun some days but after the Ben thing on the way down I’ve been lonely,” Hanna tells me sitting down on the couch.

“Do we need to go find you a new girl to play with,” I ask being playful.

“No I want to see if after getting a bit used to fucking Ben on the way down if you can fuck me better than Katy did with a strap on a few nights back,” Hanna tells me as I stare at her a little.

“Katy with a strap on,” I ask wondering when I missed this.

“She crept in on Natsuko and I one day and got really aggressive and decided to give us a good fucking, apparently you had fucked her really hard the day before along with the rest of the girls,” Hanna tells me being very coy on pulling her knees up on the couch and looking at me like she’s going to pounce.

A pale white girl with shoulder length curly ginger hair and b cup breasts in place behind a pair of short gym shorts and her team jersey making a case to get in my pants is a nice change. We’ve only hooked up a few times but never alone. I see her debating on tackling me when I get up and shut the TV off with no warning. I’m out of the room and see she has a disappointed look on her face as I turn and smile.

“You’d rather do this on the couch instead of the bed that you can lose people on in my room,” I ask still smiling.

I rush up the stairs and Hanna is after me quick as I get in my room and she comes bounding towards me and I close the door after us. I waste no time lifting her up by her ass and kiss her deep, she’s moaning at me a little as her arms wrap around my neck and her legs around my waist. I get us to the bed and we crawl up it sporadically kissing as we move up the bed. We break apart to strip each other out of our clothes and I move to my back pulling Hanna on top of me kissing her again lightly.

“Can I ask for girlfriend treatment,” Hanna says as I pause and look at her oddly,” Kori said that I should ask her for her girlfriend treatment.”

I roll her over to her back, if it’s Kori and girlfriend treatment means that I need to take some time with this. I kiss her once gently on the lips before slowly sliding down Hanna’s body and kiss her softly all the way. I get to her hips and discover something very different, Hanna hasn’t been shaving. It’s a nice curly bush and the change actually has me intrigued as I lower my face in between her legs and smell her warm musk. I take a few tentative licks with my tongue before gently licking her slit while alternately sucking on her clit. Hanna is groaning and rolling her hips into my waiting mouth slowly. I look up and see her gently caressing her breasts, I double my efforts working over her pussy with my mouth and the extra speed makes her moaning get a little louder. It doesn’t take Hanna long to start to shake a little as a mild orgasm sweeps through her body and I smile while keeping the feeling going till she starts to whimper a little.

“Are you ready for more,” I ask removing my face from her hips.

“I don’t need to do you,” She asks a little dazed.

“Fun fact, natural things you can eat to get an erection includes pussy,” I tell her getting a giggle as I crawl up her body.

I get myself up face to face with Hanna and feel her hand pulling me towards her entrance; I push lightly and get in thanks to some of her own lubrication and my rigid member. She’s still very tight but she adjusts to me as I slide down till I have nothing left to give and she wraps her legs around my thighs and holds me in place. Our heads are next to each other as I feel her nibble on my ear a little which makes my member jump a little inside her. I feel her loosen around my body everywhere except for her warm folds as I back up a little and push back in. Hanna moans lightly and I start to take slow short thrusts into her while kissing her neck. Hanna doesn’t move against me like most of my girls do but it does give me time to feel her tightness and enjoy the simple warmth that she’s wrapped me in. I’m keeping my pace slow and methodical as I can feel her soften even more and he body becomes used to my repeated thrusting. I speed up a little more and Hanna is pawing at my back frantically and I smile as I can feel her clamp down on me before her body starts uncontrollably bucking against me and she loudly whimpers as her orgasm rips through her. I smile and let her calm down when I hear something else and decide to pay attention.

“Oh my god that is hot,” Rachael says surprising the shit out of me and less so out of Hanna as she’s still in recovery.

“Honey are you all back,” I ask as Hanna shakes a little beneath me.

“No I got a ride home, I was hoping to catch you alone but someone beat me to it,” Rachael says crawling onto the bed so I can see her.

I see Rachael wearing some very new lingerie, it’s a simple set save for the fact that it’s semitransparent and pale blue. I feel my cock jump a little inside Hanna who starts shaking a little more and gently pushes me out of her. I back up and relax, I was starting to get close when Rachael moves over and while sitting next to me starts to give me a deep kiss. I can feel her hand stroking me a little and it’s enough to make me growl a little as I can feel Rachael smile while we kiss.

“So you were taking it easy on her because I have a present for you,” Rachael says as I feel my member get really warm.

I break our kiss and see that Rachael has been rubbing me down with lube; I’m not sure what is going on until I watch Rachael crawl away from me a little bit and slowly pull her panties down off her ass seductively. She has a very cute ass and considering I’m already pretty hard it’s a nice thing she’s here because Hanna looks a bit worn out as I see her lying contentedly watching Rachael. Rachael get’s her bra off as well and moves onto her hands and knees wiggling her ass seductively, I line up behind her pussy and watch her head turn around and give me a strange look.

“Guy this is a present for you. I know the girls have done a lot and there are times I wish I could do things they can so now I want you,” Rachael tells me leaning up while reaching behind her and taking me in hand.

“God I want you too Rachael,” I tell her as I can feel her pull me against her hole but I’m feeling something different.

I look down and see that I’m pressed against her ass; my mind goes a little blank for a moment before I get the whole deal. Lube, present, she wants something more. I prop her ass up and line my cock head up with her asshole, I feel movement and see Hanna move over to Rachael lying on her side facing her and taking her hand. I slowly push my cock head against her ass, even with the lube it’s fighting me and I almost want to stop when I can see Rachael start nodding for me to keep trying. It takes a bit of effort but I marvel as I watch her asshole slowly give way and my head breach her for the first time in her life. Rachael’s entire body locks up and I can hear her whimper a little. I watch as Hanna’s free hand moves down under Rachael’s hips and I can feel her start rubbing her clit. I don’t push in for a bit to let my sweet little Rachael get used to it when she surprises me by backing her ass onto me a little bit. It’s only two inches but half of that was her doing, I grip her hips in my hand and slowly continue pushing my cock deeper into her ass. I’m going slowly till I hit the bottom and my hips rest against her ass.

“Oh god I’m full, this feels so weird,” Rachael groans as I rest inside her.

We sit there as she adjusts to the size of me when I feel her groan and start to pull away from me, I think she’s tried it enough but she backs up a little and is still groaning as she takes me slowly and carefully. I stop her from moving and move for her giving her two to three inches of movement in slow gentle strokes. I thought Rachael was tight and sensitive the first time we were together but now she’s responding with every single move by groaning and gripping the bed or Hanna’s hand tightly as I give her more and more. It takes a bit longer but I can hear her groaning in discomfort turn to moaning of pleasure and I start to speed up a little bit.

“Guy can I say something to you and have understand the mood I’m in right now,” Rachael says as I stop and pay attention to her,” FUCK ME HARD!”

I’m a little shocked but it’s a major turn on to have the sweet innocent Rachael tell me how hot she is and I push her down till she’s flat against the bed with my hips resting on her ass as I grind my cock deep into her. We lock fingers together with both hands and Hanna pulls back to watch us. I take my start from this position slowly backing up and then slamming my cock up her ass in short but deep thrusts. We’re both moaning as I proceed to violate her now not so innocent little ass slamming harder and taking deeper strokes in and out of Rachael’s ass. I see her turn her head to look up at me and I lean down and grunt into her shoulder kissing up her neck, then jaw and finally ending on her lips. We kiss briefly as I watch Rachael’s eyes shut and her body start to shake a little in an orgasm, I feel a bit proud as I made her cum the first time in her ass but that get’s swept away for the moment as my orgasm catches me out of nowhere and I proceed to cum hard and deep filling her with my seed. We grind and groan against each other riding out our feelings before I collapse onto her back barely keeping my weight off her fully. It takes me a while but I roll off of Rachael and breathe as I hear her mumbling something to Hanna who get’s dressed and heads out of the room. I watch Rachael who turns to face me and smiles big.

“I did it,” She says feeling very proud of herself.

“You didn’t have to but thank you,” I reply smiling myself.

“I’ve been preparing for that for a little bit now and I finally have one over on Kori and Matty,” Rachael says with a little bit of wicked in her voice.

“Not a competition,” I tell her as Hanna comes back in with a couple wet cloths and an ice pack.

We clean up, and by we I mean Hanna helps Rachael clean up and I clean myself. We get Rachael dress a little bit and once the ice pack goes on she’s moaning lightly in a bit of a confusion as to whether or not this will help as she lays on her stomach and we three watch some TV. Its a couple hours before the rest of the girls get home and none of them notice at first until Katy sees the ice pack.

“YOU DID NOT,” Katy exclaims excitedly.

“I did, just like you told me to get ready for it too,” Rachael replies smiling.

“She did what,” Mathilda asks confused.

“She gave up her virgin card to Guy, she’s done it all with him now,” Katy tells them only to see they are confused,” she let Guy fuck her in her ass.”

“And he came too,” Rachael adds as Katy cuddles up to her in praise.

My girls are more than a little stunned and I can see Kori and Matty are a little disheartened by the knowledge that Rachael gave me the only virginity she could before they thought to or even tried. I step out of the room and motion for the both of them to follow. I just get to the hall and they are both looking at me a little funny.

“Okay you two let me give you some inside information. This is not a competition and I don’t want everyone doing shit because they want do something the others won’t or don’t,” I say as both girls look a little ashamed.

“I didn’t know if it was expected or not,” Matty says quietly.

“I love you girls for your differences. Katy, Imelda, and now Rachael may do that with me but honestly it’s their choice,” I say before thinking a second and clarifying,” Well Imelda and Rachael it’s a choice, sometimes with Katy it’s what she prefers. The point is I love that every time I’m with each of you it’s special because of who you are, not what you do.”

I see they both accept what I have said as the truth, and it’s true. It’s new and unique to have Rachael push herself give up her last hole to me for the first time but I never demanded or felt she was required to do it. We all settle back into the room and while I’d consider cuddling Rachael tonight Katy is not letting her go. I do however get a fake pouty Matty in my arms and I rub her back to calm her as we drift off to sleep.

The next few days have me a little busy just having fun, working out and generally having a good time. I’m feeling good consistently when late afternoon on Thursday I get a text message telling me to leave the house on foot and not to bring my phone. I wonder as to what is going on but I double check and see it’s an unknown number and figure that I’ll need to be ready for anything incase I’m being set up. I tell Kori that I have to head out on business and she gives me a wary eye.

“Baby you’ve done enough, you need to be safe for us,” She tells me nervously.

“What I do now isn’t dangerous unless you are against me, and I do this to give someone a chance. After today everyone will be safer down here and maybe I’ll even get a chance to take you on a long ride and a picnic,” I tell her putting my coat on.

“A picnic, just us girls and you,” Kori asks hopeful.

“I promise, hell we’ll do it tomorrow and I promise no phones or even friends. Just our family,” the words get out of my mouth just long enough to get a hard kiss from Kori.

“Our family, I love the sound of that,” She tells me as I head out the front door.

I get out of the gate in front and see a van idling down the street to my left; I immediately take a right and start walking. Sure enough I can hear the van start to move and while I’m not speeding up they are gaining on me until its right next to me. I watch the sliding door open and I hop in with a little help and see a Devil’s Best vest on the driver and another on the biker who helped me into the van. The trip takes us longer than I’d expect and when I see we’ve left the city I know I’ve been gone for a bit too long. We’re well out of town and on dirt roads when I realize that I won’t be back for dinner and steel myself for what might be coming next.

When we finally stop and I am allowed out I can see every biker here is Devil’s Best, not a single Union man is here. I get lead through and see Sid standing next to his bike and when he sees me I get a smile for a moment before his face takes a determined look.

“I’m here for Jim; he can’t be involved in this,” Sid informs me as I nod in acceptance,” Regardless of what happens we’ll support you.”

“How bad are we talking,” I ask.

“He’s about a half hour behind you, we grabbed him from home,” Sid tells me like we’re talking about a game score or a dinner plan.

“Okay well I need four things,” I give him the list and see his face change to one with a little confusion.

I get all four and wait patiently sitting cross legged on the ground. I can tell that our guest is running late and while it doesn’t seem to bother Sid I’m very anxious. I haven’t gone face to face with anyone like this since Derek. Kyle was a fight, a plain and simple fight but now I’m looking at life and death. I knew when I saw Derek with the knife it was him or me, now it’s going to be live or die. Worst part is it’s not my decision. It’s well past dinner time back at the house when a car pulls up and two of Sid’s men get out without their vests on and open the trunk. I watch from my seat on the ground as I see them drag a person towards me with their hands bound behind their back and a black bag over their hand towards Sid. They put him on his knees and I can hear him start to panic a little as Sid removes the bag.

“Welcome to Hell boy, you have fucked with the wrong girl and while her family loves her so much they couldn’t see themselves harming the man responsible for bringing more pain on her than she deserves,” Sid says before turning from welcoming to sinister,” I on the other hand have no problem chaining each of your limbs to a motorcycle here and watching as my men pull you apart.”

“Oh god please don’t hurt me,” Steven says scared out of his mind.

“See this is where we have a problem, you’ve been promised to another,” Sid says as I stand up and walk over.

“Oh fuck, not you. why are you doing this to me,” Steven asks worried about his future.

“You did this Steven, you hurt my friend. I warned you and you just couldn’t be bothered to be a man when it came time to and now we find ourselves here,” I explain to Steven who looks up at me scared and defeated,” Stand up, we’re going for a walk.”

“Where are we going,” Steven asks nervous.

I take the pistol that Sid gave me, a simple nine millimeter, but to Steven it’s the end of the world as I point it at him and motion for him to walk away from Sid and his people.

“I’ll only need the car if that’s alright, I have to get back home somehow,” I ask before Sid hands off the keys to me.

I wave lightly with the pistol and grab the shovel from my spot on the ground and the lantern as I follow Steven off into the nearby woods. It’s not like up in Washington with thick tree cover, more like sparse trees and a little foliage on the ground as we wander. I’m humming to myself and can see that Steven’s hands are zip tied together. We get a good distance away and when I tell Steven to stop and take the knife Sid gave me out and cut his hands free. Steven rubs his sore wrists as I toss the shovel at his feet and keep the pistol trained on him.

“Now Steven you dig,” I order him leaning against a tree.

I can see the fear flowing off of him and I watch as he gets his clothing dirty while digging, his slacks and nice polo shirt covered in the earth. It starts to get a little dark as I see he’s dug down to his ass and the length of the hole is enough to hold a person in it easily, just what I’m looking for.

“Okay Steven, get out of the hole,” I tell him as I take the shovel and let him get out.

He starts to walk away from the hole but I grab him by the shoulder and walk him till he’s on the edge with his back to it. I take a few steps back and he finally realizes he’s dug his own grave. Steven is almost cried out but still manages to find the ability to plead to me a little more.

“I don’t even know your name and you’re going to just shoot me and bury me in the woods,” Steven blabbers out in between sobs.

“My name is Guy,” I tell him as he looks at me confused,” It really is, I warned you about Jackie’s new family. Why couldn’t you just listen to me, I didn’t want it to come to this but you leave me no choice.”

“I’m not ready, I don’t know how ready she is but she’s not even out of high school. I didn’t see her making it on her own and it’s better to end the pregnancy now then after the baby is born and we can’t feed it or take care of it properly,” Steven explains trying to justify his point.

“You didn’t care that she was living on the street. Over a month the mother of your child lived on the street alone and cold till I came along and had to save her. I had to save the woman carrying your child,” I yell at him gesturing with the pistol.

“I was being selfish and stupid, I can see that now,” Steven says still pleading.

“You didn’t care, then I get her safe and back to her family and you decide to confront her and impose your bullshit rights as a father and claim that killing the baby is the best thing. No real father would ever think that killing his child was for the best,” I continue my yelling hitting all the points that make me despise him.

“I’m sorry, all I want now is to apologize to Jackie,” Steven blubbers out crying,” I was a piece of shit to her and her family. I shouldn’t have left her but I was scared.”

“You know what pisses me off the most? After we saw you at the fair and you got your balls squeezed by Vicki you still had the gall to break into Jackie and Vicki’s new place and smash up all her baby stuff,” I tell him as he looks up at me confused.

“I did what,” Steven asks confused.

“Don’t play dumb with me. You broke into their first floor apartment and smashed up all the baby stuff then tried to break down her bed before running from the cops,” I am lying about the details but I want to see what he does.

“I don’t know where Jackie lives, I didn’t break anyone’s property,” Steven says confused,” I didn’t know she had a first floor apartment.”

I am a really good judge of people, after being set up and betrayed a couple times I have to be. Sad thing is Steven is telling the truth, dammit. He didn’t go after Jackie at her place which leaves me with a question as to who did what. I switch gears and go to plan B.

“I can see you didn’t break into Jackie’s apartment Steven, it’s written all over your face,” I tell him as his confusion goes into overdrive,” Also she’s on the third floor, not the first.”

“Wait you believe me,” Steven asks confused.

“Yeah, you’ve been a piece of shit to Jackie but I can tell just by our conversation you didn’t break into Jackie’s place,” I tell him lowering the pistol.

“But why are you doing this to me,” Steven asks calming down.

“Judgment, people thought you did it and I requested that it be me to judge you. You did shitty things and were an asshole to a point that I don’t even touch but as stupid as you got you didn’t break in and deserve the wrath of her family. No crime so you walk,” I tell him as I can see him relax a little.

“You really were going to kill me,” He asks plainly.

“To protect my friend and her child, yes,” I reply before taking the situation up a notch,” Here man, hold this for me.”

I hand Steven the pistol by the slid with the grip facing him. He’s skeptical but slowly takes it from me and I turn on him grabbing the shovel and the lantern when I hear a light click. I pause and grab the knife in my coat and wait, now we see about Steven’s honor. I can almost hear him thinking when his voice reaches me.

“You left the safety off,” Steven says quietly,” That could have been dangerous handing it to me right?”

“Could have been,” I say turning and see him cupping the pistol in his hands,” Never held one before.”

“Seen a few, know the basics I guess but it’s not me,” He says as I finish gathering my stuff and taking the pistol from him gently.

As I start to walk back with Steven he offers to take the shovel and we talk a little. I explain that people are still mad at him but I’ll smooth it over as long as he stays away from Jackie. We get in sight of the car when he asks me a question I never thought I’d hear from him.

“How do I stop being the man everyone looks down on? I made some bad choices with Jackie and I just don’t know what to do,” Steven asks as we load up the meager gear in the trunk of the car.

“Do your parents still live in town,” I ask curiously.

“No, I’m staying at my uncle’s place rent free while he’s in a nursing home. My parents live on the other side of the state and I can’t stand them,” Steven admits as we get in the car.

“I think what you need to do is move back home, tell your parents that you are being a fuck up and need their help getting your head out of your ass,” I tell him honestly,” You live off someone else and do nothing to make yourself better. You need to get some college under your belt.”

“You really think more school will help me,” He asks as I start the engine and head back into town.

“I think you don’t want to try to support a family, if you get the chance to have one in the future mind you, on a mall food court paycheck,” I tell him as we head back.

The drive is long and I stop at Jackie and Vicki’s place first without telling Steven who slept most of the way. I wake him up and tell him we have people to see. We get up the stairs and I knock on the door, it takes a second but Vicki opens and smiles towards me before I pull Steven’s dirty self into view and she immediately scowls.

“He needs to speak to Jackie,” I tell Vicki who nods lightly and steps away from the door.

I don’t let Steven cross the threshold into the apartment as we wait a minute, Jackie comes out of her room confused and seeing me there with a dirty Steven she suspects something a bit more sinister than she asked me to do concerning him.

“What is going on here,” Jackie asks as Vicki watches close behind her.

“Jackie I am not ready to be a dad, I can’t even finish school to get a stupid degree in a class that I’ve been taking for over a year. I was scared and I said and did everything but the right thing, I don’t want you to forgive me because I had to learn the hard way what a piece of shit I was to you. You have a good life and raise your child to be better than I was. If I’m lucky one day I can come see you both with Guy’s permission,” Steven confesses and it impresses me a little.

“Steven I’ll take care of my child just fine, what are you going to do,” Jackie asks stoically.

“I’m moving back with my parents, try to finish school and do something with myself,” Steven says quietly,” Maybe someday I can forgive myself and then I can ask you for the same.”

Jackie nods and I can see she feels really sad right now but this is the best thing for him. I let them say their goodbyes and they actually say they’ll keep in contact before Vicki and separate them by me taking him down the stairs as she closes the door.

“Are you going to kill me now,” Steven asks quietly.

“No, I’m taking you home so you can pack and get out of town. Steven I don’t like you, give me a reason to let you see Jackie ever again someday. Otherwise don’t ever come near her again or you won’t be given a chance to explain,” I tell him as we head to his place.

I get him home and leave with no words, I feel better about myself and as I drop off the car and equipment to Sid’s people and get a ride home in one of the vans. I’m back at the house and I wave to Loretta in the kitchen who sees me and knows something is wrong but I’m not in a mother/son mood right now as I head up stairs. My women along with Hanna and Natsuko are all sprawled out on the bed watching a movie. Everyone perks up at my presence but I don’t look at them, I simply grab a towel and head into the bathroom to shower. Water is good because it helps me relax and think; I’m doubting everything I just did and reliving the whole thing over and over again. I’m so distracted that I don’t notice Imelda entering the bathroom until she’s naked and in the shower with me. All she does is hold me from behind for a little bit while I let the water run down us. I finally pull her in front of me and hold her for a while when she decides to ask me what happened. I tell her everything; she tenses when I mention giving her the pistol but relaxes when I tell her what he didn’t do with it. Finally after I dump everything out she turns in my arms and gives me a soft kiss.

“You are a hard man, but you are a good man and you did the right thing. Killing him wasn’t the best thing and you were the best judge for that. You know that and when the rest of them find out they will understand too,” Imelda tells me cuddling into my chest.

We hold each other for a little longer before finishing my rinse off and exiting the shower. We get dressed and I can tell she’s concerned with something and finally my staring at her causes her to finally bring it up.

“Okay you did the right thing but you gave him the gun. Why give someone who thinks you are going to kill them a gun then turn you back on them,” Imelda asks confused.

“Because the gun wasn’t loaded,” I tell her as I watch her face go from confused to shocked,” Had he tried anything with it like shooting me in the back I would have killed him right there regardless of whether or not he broke into Jackie’s place.”

I can see Imelda smile at my planning and devious nature as we head back to our room. The girls brighten a little at me and crawl into bed and cuddle up to Kori who has me rest my head on her chest for a change. I feel free, I wonder if it’s because there is nothing left happening or if I’ve finally come to that corner in life where the bullshit can’t follow you for a while. Either way I need to enjoy it and figure out what to do for the rest of my vacation.

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Well back to.where I was going you ripped a tear or two from my eyes with the girls proposal. That was fucking epic. I feel very Guy but when I have hit the bottom I chickened out to explode and the consequences.
Thank you for this awesome series

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