Pete had been infatuated with Josie for years and just couldnt take being friends anymore.... Story is partially tru based on me and a close friend of mine.
Josie and Pete had been friends since about 6th grade both of them were the same age about 10 yrs old when they first met each other. They were classmates Pete had come from a private elementary school and Josie a public, so they were complete strangers to each other. Being newcomers to middle school they didn't know what to expect. Josie knew most of the kids in their class but Pete wasn't as fortunate, most of his friends went on to another private school. As luck would have it they wound up sitting next to each other in homeroom, and a lifelong friendship began.

The year they met Josie was an ordinary 6th grader just starting to hit puberty, the one thing that started to fill out on her first was her chest, she often got poked fun at for them as well. She was short around 4 foot, pretty blue eyes, and light blonde hair, but not yet much shape. Pete was a typical boy taller around 5 foot 5 give or take, his dad ran a crab boat as they lived right on the water, so Pete usually spent his summers working pulling 300 or so blue crab pots a day. Needless to say he was muscular, now he wasn't all chiseled and hulkish but solid liked to eat and still had some baby-fat coverage as he was the same age. He usually stood up for Josie when she got groped by other boys, they often tried to fight Pete just to be suddenly and painfully made aware of how solid he was.

Like most boys his age, going through puberty, he was enthralled by sex and sexuality. He had quite the stash of Hustler magazines and porn tapes smuggled from his father's collection. But his favorite form of entertainment came a few years later.

Starting about the ninth grade Josie had finished filling out, and now had a chest bigger than most seniors. At 14 she was easily a DD cup. Pete was incredibly fortunate that they had been friends for so long, and had been Josie's protector, that her parents trusted Pete allowing him to be the only male allowed in her room. Often times they would walk back to her house after school, usually going straight to her room. Josie would change into something more comfortable, not even thinking about Pete standing right there. Josie thought of Pete more as a best friend or even brother, and never considered him as someone that would be interested in her. These days usually led to painful erections and swirling emotions for Pete. He even asked her on more than one occasion if she would go out with him, as a hint he was interested in her. Pete was always disappointed to get the same reply "Pete your like a brother to me I couldn't possibly go out with you...lets just be friends."

Fast forward 2 years both were now 16 Pete was now 6'1 still pretty solid, Josie was now about 5'4 DD tits, Blonde (the carpet matched the drapes), gorgeous blue eyes, and had a little around the middle but not at all fat. Once again they had arrived in Josie's room after school, while she was in the process of changing, Pete desperately tried again to ask her out, only to be given the same tired response. Josie had just released her bra to the floor, freeing those mouthwatering DDs, and was trying to step out of her pants, when something in Pete just snapped. Pete just couldn't take it any more, he had been infatuated with Josie since the first day he saw her, he wanted her to be his, but all he got in return was sexual frustration. He grabbed Josie by the arm and spun her into his, she nearly fell tripping up in her own pants. He held her tight keeping her from falling, and planted the deepest most passionate kiss he could muster on her. Surprisingly to Pete, Josie offered very little resistance, as she was to shocked to know how to respond. After several moments Pete broke the kiss and said " Josie I have known you for six years now, and I have loved you every minute since we met. But all this time you have been a dick tease absolutely torturing me. I don't want to be your brother....I want to be your lover."

Josie was stumbling at a complete loss for words, as she stood nearly naked in his arms. Before she could utter a word Pete reengaged his lips to hers and gently layed her down on her bed. His mind was spinning as fast as hers, he knew what he wanted but he was a virgin like her, and only had his stolen porn as a teacher. He moved his lips from hers, and proceeded to kiss and nibble on her neck, then down on to her upper chest.

Josie was breathing heavy at the new experience, she didn't resist at all. She thought to herself, "who better than Pete...he has always guarded me, he would never hurt me." Her eyes shot open as her thoughts were interrupted by what felt like little jolts of electric coming from her now solid nipples as Pete now had one between his thumb and forefinger, and was gently sucking on the second.

Thinking boobs this big would be saggy or wobbly, Pete was amazed that they weren’t. Her tits were firm perfect domes topped by pale pink areolas and slightly darker nipples. Pete's cock was hard as a steel bar painfully bent into his pants. Keeping one succulent nipple in his mouth, he used his hands to undo his belt and the button on his jeans. He carefully slid them off freeing his engorged schlong. Josie gasped startling Pete, he was so keyed in to his current mission that he seemingly forgot she was watching.

Josie was fascinated at the sight of her first live cock sticking out from under now half naked Pete. She just gazed at the solid 6" rod so rigid it didn't even swing back and forth as he moved, bobbing his head from boob to boob. One of Pete’s hands was gently rubbing her free breast and down over her stomach then back up to the other breast as he moved his mouth to the other his hand had just left. His other hand was slowly stroking his cock. Josie went rigid as she felt the pattern of his hand movements change.

Pete had worked up the nerve to explore some more. This time he didn't move his hand from her belly back up, but instead he moved south down over her panties. He felt her tense up, but not pull away. Pete noted how hot she was even through the thin cotton, which now had a growing wet spot he felt as he went lower. He could feel her trembling and she let out a soft whimper. Pete locked eyes with hers for the first time since this ravaging started, and asked her if she was scared or cold, he didn't quite understand why she was shaking. "Feels good...really good...can I...touch yours?" Josie replied. Pete moved his head down to her pelvis so his cock was right in front of her. "Sure, but fair is fair" he said as he pulled the sides of her panties. Josie smiled and raised her hips allowing Pete to pull them off. He pulled off his own shirt while he was at it.

Josie was now laying eye to "eye" with her first cock as they now lay on their sides facing each others most intimate parts. Josie started to feel the nearly too hot to touch dick, wrapping a hand around the head and sliding it down to the base as she had seen Pete do. Upon reaching the base she opened her hand sliding it under his scrotum admiring how soft it was. She could feel the two walnut size testicles inside jump to her touch. She saw the pre-cum on the tip of his manhood and instinctively took the tip of her finger and smeared it around the head and began to stroke him. Then again another jolt into reality.

Pete lay there admiring her thin but neatly trimmed blonde pubic hair none at all from the top of her slit down, but a tidy triangle just above. He now lightly explored her, touching her lips and tracing them down to the source of heat and the intoxicating smell. When he reached it he also found it to be the source of the moisture he had noted on her panties. He sopped up some of the moisture and brought it to his face inhaling the aroma and taking a taste, sucking his finger clean. He returned to his explorations, running his finger up the length of her slit until he hit something firm. It felt similar to a hard nipple but a little smaller, and touching it seemed to have a profound effect on Josie and her breathing. Pete soon put two and two together and realized this must be the mythical "Clit" the women in the porno were always wanting licked. He moved his head in and gently started licking, not only the clit but the whole honeypot.

Josie's whole body felt electrified by the sudden oral attention. She picked up the pace stroking Pete's member, finding that the pre-cum just didn't provide the lube needed. She wrapped her lips around the head and used her hand now gliding easily thanks to her saliva. Pete let out a moan, feeling the vibration from his moan on her clit caused waves of pleasure to start to roll through her body. These waves caused her to moan as well with Pete's cock still in her mouth. " I...iii...immm...cumming" Pete gasped trying to give Josie fair warning. Josie backed her mouth away just in time as Pete exploded spraying stream after stream into her face, hair, bedding, everywhere. Pete's moans and convulsing sent her over the edge at the same time. Josie's body went rigid and her hips bucked pushing her sex harder into Pete's face. She was frozen unable to move as wave after wave pulsed through her body.

After several minutes of recovery Pete moved to lay with Josie face to face. He gently kissed her sharing their juices between them, then wiping each others faces with a hair towel she had left on the floor that morning. They just layed quietly gazing in each others eyes for what seemed an eternity. Josie finally broke the silence

"You came so much. I am so sorry I tortured you, I didn't mean to. I thought it would be weird, but it wasn't, it was wonderful. Let me make it up to you, I feel safe with you, I want to go all the way."

She reached down and wrapped her hand around Pete's no re-erect cock and gently stroked. He rolled her on her back, and positioned himself on top with his head once again between her legs. Pete licked, kissed, and nibbled, until Josie was thoroughly wet. He then began to kiss up her belly then her breasts, and up to her lips so she could taste her own ambrosia on his face. He was rocking his hips allowing his cock to rub in the wetness between her legs. Pete then picked her legs up resting them on his shoulders, he aligned his tool with the opening in her lower lips, and eased forward.

Pete felt her opening allow the head of his dick to slip in. If it weren’t for the fact he had just come minutes earlier, he would have shurely blown his load right then. He checked her face for discomfort and approval, she nodded slightly. He eased in a bit further until he met resistance, Josie's eyes widened. Pete moved in and out slowly being careful not to bump her intact hymen again, she went back to being relaxed, and getting wetter. Now with her relaxed Pete drove forward balls deep, completely destroying her cherry. Unable to yell Josie squirmed trying to dislodge the rod that was impaling her. Pete held her tightly in place waiting for the pain to subside. When they did he was slowly able to start moving back and forth. Josie had also discovered her pain had mostly subsided and starting moving in rhythm with Pete.

Josie felt her body full of manhood for the first time, Her inner walls could feel every ridge, vein, and even Pete's heartbeat, as his cock moved in and out, rubbing against her clit with each stroke. The waves of euphoria started to roll in again. She could tell immediately this one was going to be twice as powerful as the first.

Pete could feel her impending climax through the contractions of her smoldering pussy. He picked up the pace to a full on thrusting, his balls were making an audible slapping sound against her ass that he was sure was going to get the attention of Josie's mom. He was watching those wonderful DDs moving to the beat of his thrusts. Josie's hips flew up off the bed as she went stiff, her eyes rolled back in her head, the muscles in her cunt rippled, seemingly trying to draw every last inch of Pete's cock in. This was more than Pete could take he felt his balls draw up, cum shot from within him with what felt like enough force to launch one of them across the room.

They layed there in post coital bliss for several minutes. This time Pete was the first to speak

"I couldn't stop it....what if you get pregnant..." Josie put a finger over his lips "It's ok I've been on the pill for a year now to....well...regulate me" She smiled.

Josie went to the bathroom to wash up, then brought him back a washcloth to clean his face, and to get the juices mixed with blood off of his cock. They had just gotten clean and dressed when her mom called up the stairs and announced her father would be home shortly, and was bringing dinner home if Pete wanted to stay.

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