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This story is about two strangers that met on an airplane.
Kathy knelt on the floor of the toilet room with Ted’s cock in her mouth. Her shoulder length dirty blonde hair bounced as she moved her head sliding his hard dick in and out of her warm mouth. Ted stood in front of the 23 year old plump woman with his trousers down to his ankles on the floor. He looked into the young beauties blue eyes as his throbbing erection kept disappearing in her mouth. He looked down Kathy’s blouse and saw the roundness of her huge tits fill the white lacy bra. He looked down to her legs looking at her gorgeous white stocking covered calves and red high healed shoes.

Never in her wildest dreams did she ever imagine sucking a total stranger off in an airport. From the moment she met Ted on the plane from Chicago, she ached for his touch and for his cock. Ted was really into her as well. He loved the way the fabric of her tight red business suit hugged the plump curves of her body. Now Kathy wasn’t fat but she defiantly had a few extra pounds. Ted liked big woman though. His wife was a BBW but there was something different about Kathy that made him attracted to her. It actually took him from the time he met her until they were in the air to figure it out. It didn’t have anything to do with her looks or figure. It was her attitude.

Attitude is everything. How many big women do you see wearing tight sexy clothing? There is not very many. It seams that once a woman thinks she is fat, out goes the tight clothing and in comes the loose baggy clothing. There is nothing a man could do or say to change her attitude. But when a woman wears tight clothing, you can tell she is confident.

Ted and Kathy hit it off as soon as she sat down next to him. Their large bodies pushing up against each other in the tight airplane seats only fueled their passion. Both of them were very horny. It has been almost a month since Ted had sex with his wife of 10 years. For Kathy, her last time was about six months ago, but it wasn’t any good.

Ted ached to touch the young woman all over her body. As soon as the plane reached cruising altitude, Ted made his move. He “accidentally” touched her on her stocking covered knee to see what kind of reaction he would get. Kathy said nothing so Ted figured if she isn’t saying no, he will touch her leg some more. He rested his hand above her knee and lightly slid his fingers up and down on the soft material of the white silk. Kathy moaned from the aching pleasure she was feeling in her already wet panty.

Luckily the plane was lightly full of passengers which made Kathy more daring by spreading her legs open slightly. Ted got the hint and slid his hand further up her thigh. She moaned with pleasure as he made his way up past the top of her stocking and onto her bare soft flesh. Ted was somewhat surprised this young woman wasn’t wearing pantyhose.

Ted’s cock started to fill his pants as he found his way to Kathy’s mound under her thin silk panties. He rubbed her cunt through the thin material, soon causing the material to absorb her juices. She tried not to moan but every once in a while she would let out a peep. He continued to rub her pussy for a few minutes building the pressure within Kathy’s body. He pulled away and she begged him to rub her dripping wet cunt some more.

He obliged but moved her panties to the side exposing her shaven cunt to his bare hands. He found her clit and rubbed it with his fingers before sliding his pointer finger between her dripping wet lips. Ted masturbated the girl bringing her to verge of her orgasm before pulling away again. Kathy reached over and grabbed Ted’s throbbing hard dick through his pants. She squeezed and rubbed the bulge as she begged him to give her that much needed orgasm. Ted would have loved to fuck her but knew on the plane, he wouldn’t be able to.

He reached back down to her pussy and rubbed vigorously bringing her to the point of no return. Plunging two of his fingers up her wet cunt while rubbing her love button with his thumb, Kathy’s body exploded into the most intense orgasm of her life. The waves of pleasure shot through her body as the plane made a landing in Pittsburgh.

Kathy was all sweated and out of breath. She felt better but wasn’t yet satisfied. With her hand still on Ted’s cock, she told him how she wanted his tool shoved deep into her pussy. But where? They both had a layover but where could they find the privacy to fuck each other.

When they got off the plane, they ran around the airport looking for a place. Soon they found it near the food court, next to the KFC. It was a handicap private toilet. It was the perfect place for a quick fuck.

That’s where Kathy dropped to her knees to take Ted’s huge cock into her mouth. How she wanted to taste his cum in her mouth but she really wanted it up her tight cunt. It was too late as he started to explode in an intense orgasm with her mouth wrapped around his throbbing cock. Kathy licked up every last drop before rising to her feet. Ted stepped out of his pants and towards the young woman. Their mouths met in their first fiery kiss. This unlocked more passion and made them want each other in the way only a man and woman can really connect.

Ted lifted Kathy’s skirt as she wrapped one of her legs around his masculine body. Ted lifted up her skirt to her waste as he pushed her towards the counter. He reached up her skirt and with one tug pulled her white lacy panties to the floor. Helping her up on the counter, he dropped to his knees and spread her legs. Her pussy was beautiful and he wanted to taste her sweet juices.

Moving in he kissed all around her love hole making her ache for his touch. He rubbed the inside of her legs with his hands making her hips gyrate to his touch. Soon he kissed her pussy lips which made Kathy moan with pleasure. He stuck out his tongue and traced the entire length of her pussy before diving in to find her clit. It didn’t take him long to start licking and sucking her clit. Taking his one hand he plunged two of his fingers in her tight hole as he lapped up the sweet juices.

He moved his fingers to the front wall of her vagina where her g-spot was located. It was Kathy’s first experience with someone massaging her g-spot which caused her body to burst in an intense orgasm. She yelled and screamed as she bucked her hips to thrust Ted’s fingers deeper inside her. Ted didn’t let up and soon started a convoy of orgasms for the young plump woman. Kathy panted as each orgasm came; sometimes not even realizing when one ended and the next one began. She read about woman having multiple orgasms but this was her first experience.

All the moaning that Kathy made and the motion of her body made Ted’s cock hard again. He pulled out and standing in front of the woman aimed his cock right toward the target. He asked her if she wanted fucked and she didn’t only say it was OK, but begged for it. Ted placed the tip of his swollen cock onto Kathy’s pussy lips. With one motion, he plunged his cock deep into the fat girl. Reaching up, he unbuttoned Kathy’s blouse exposing her bra covered tits. Perfect he though as he noticed the front clasps on the white lacy bra. He undid the clasps exposing her gorgeous tits. The nipples were hard and they were soon between his fingers squeezing and playing with.

Kathy moaned in pleasure as his cock slid in and out of her love hole. She reached down and rubbed her clit as he fucked her tight wet slit. The two were connected as one as both ached for another orgasm. Kathy felt her vagina tighten around Ted as she experienced another orgasm. Soon Ted felt the pressure build in is dick as he plunged in the woman one last time shooting his load deep inside her belly. He continued to fuck her until his cock became soft and fell out.

They were both exhausted and a little ashamed for what they just did. Without saying a word, they got dressed and made themselves presentable. As they opened the toilet room door, Kathy’s face turned a little red when an old man looked her over. She wondered if he heard her screaming moments before. They made their way to the gate where each needed to go their separate ways.

“Where are you headed” asked Ted.

“Boston for a job interview.” Kathy replied.

“What kind of job?” asked Ted.

“Accountant.” She said.

“Oh” he replied as he reached in his pocket and handed her his card.

Ted Jones, Accountant it read.

“If you don’t get the job, give me a call.” He said as they departed each other.

Will Kathy call Ted for a job interview?


2012-12-07 04:51:35
I would love some older guy to txt me ;). 2563653479

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2012-05-27 18:45:59
Larger women deserve to get laid just as much as skinny minnies. Sometimes fat women are better because they dont get it as much and appreciate a good fucking. Besides, when you fuck a fat chick, there is more cushion for the pushin'.

anonymous readerReport

2011-12-18 06:19:56
Response to 4 below me:
If you hate these girls, then don't read stories with plumper in the tags, personally, I think they are absolutely perfect and beautiful, and very sexy when they want to be ;)


2007-10-17 00:36:04
Hell yeah, great story. Loved it. 11/10


2006-11-26 17:24:50
same as below, hoo needs spellin? great story!

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