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5 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
Written by:
Chapter 35: "Quadruple"


"Look," Kristanna murmured, making a face and shaking her
blonde head as she shivered theatrically. "And also, yuck."

"Yuck?" Devon asked her, glancing around, as I stood next
to the two ladies and silently admired them. "What yuck?"

"This yuck."

Kristanna cringed and pointed to a sign on the cosmetics
table. The female model on it was very tall and stick-thin
just like Kristanna, but also had deeply sunken cheeks and
bruise-colored mascara ringing her eyes. "How could anyone
possibly put that on their face? Yuck."

"I don't get it," Devon said, shaking her head. "What's
the point of looking like that? It's not attractive at all."
She picked up one of the sample lipsticks, pulled off its
cap and then twirled it open. It was a ghastly brown color.

Kristanna again made a sour face as she shook her head,
eyeing the lipstick. "I don't think I'll be buying that."
Kristanna picked up another tester and revealed a truly
disgusting bluish-black color to Devon. "Again... YUCK!"

"I bet that as a man you must LOVE being in the middle of
a beauty shoppe watching these two pick and dabble at
everything in sight," Trish said to me with a leisurely grin.
Casually leaning against a metal bannister, Trish then placed
her hand atop my shoulder and patted it twice in sympathy.
"Ahh... the sacrifices you must make for us, Jeremy."

"I don't mind," I told Trish, my eyes still focused upon
Kristanna and Devon. "I actually enjoy it. It's therapeutic
to me, really. I love seeing you girls happy."

Trish giggled merrily and eased her leg back, resting a
spiked boot-heel upon the railing behind her. "Well, Krissy
and Devon are definitely happy. These two are in their true
element here it seems. They obviously love to shop."

The four of us were at a cosmetics boutique in _Larcomar_,
which was Lima's most upscale and prestigious shopping center.
This mall was one of the most unique and interesting places I
had ever visited in the world. _Larcomar_ appeared to be a
nice cliff-side park at initial glance, with fountains, a few
palm trees and people gathered at the railing overlooking the
ocean. Upon closer inspection, however, _Larcomar_ was a
triple-tier shopping center that was actually built _into_
the cliff. To access it, one had to descend through a tunnel
via an escalator. The views this mall provided of the
Pacific Ocean were simply breathtaking.

On the first level, which was open-air and where we were
now, stores varied from mainstream clothing shoppes to
bookstores and boutiques that specialized in Peruvian artwork
and handcrafts. American staples such as _Burger King_,
_Kentucky Fried Chicken_ and _T.G.I. Friday's_ also made an
appearance here. This was, at least in my opinion, the
nicest place in all of Lima to visit.

I simply tagged along as Kristanna, Devon and Trish began
at one end of the plaza and were now working their way toward
the other. Nothing was out of bounds for them to try on or
sample. Whether it was Peruvian cuisine at a concession
stand, information booklets, sunglass frames, hats or mascara
here in the cosmetics shoppe, the three ladies - especially
Kristanna and Devon - poked their way through everything.

As Devon was in the process of sniffing a tiny bottle of
perfume, Kristanna called out, "Oh... look here, baby!"

"Another yuck?" she asked, turning around.

"No, not at all," the Norwegian answered, holding up an
ugly, orange-streaked blouse with a small hint of fur-like
material on it. "Look. Does this scream me, or what?"

"I don't know if it screams you," Devon responded after
a short pause. "It could scream you, I guess, if you were
someone else. But you're not. You're you. You know?"

Offering a fake pout, Kristanna lightly stomped her foot
upon the floor and turned her attention toward me. "What do
you think, Jeremy? Does this blouse scream me, or what?"

I tried to imagine Kristanna in the tacky thing. It sure
would be a sight. Honestly, it looked hideous. Thankfully,
I could tell that she was not serious about wanting to buy
it. Kristanna was simply being her usual, goofy self.

"I think you ought to stick to tank-tops and shorts," was
my advice for her. "You know... your usual attire back on
the island. Although, I must admit, if you were to wear that
thing, I could spot you from a mile away. Anyone could."

Kristanna offered another playful frown as she placed the
blouse back onto its rack. "You guys have no fashion sense
whatsoever. You have to be fashion forward, like me."

"That thing would set civilization back a hundred years,"
Devon mused, withholding a smile. "I could see you in that,
Krissy. You wouldn't be caught dead in that top!"

"I think that blouse would really look good on Trish,"
Kristanna deadpanned.

"I don't," the Canadian immediately shot back.

Suddenly, Lindsay and Amy appeared out of nowhere. Two
full shopping bags on one arm and using the other to hold
Amy's hand, Lindsay was beaming with delight as she looked
my way. "We're back, Jeremy." She motioned toward the
department store bags and swooned, "Got some goodies too." I
also noticed that Amy had an overflowing bag of her own.
Indeed, women absolutely love to go shopping...

"You girls are gonna bankrupt me today," I chuckled.

All six of us were in the midst of our day-long excursion
through the Miraflores district of Lima. After arriving via
the big boat around noon-time, the ladies spent three hours
at the hair salon and massage spa, and were thus treated to
world-class pampering and style. Next, after coming here to
_Larcomar_ and grabbing a bite to eat at the food court, I
literally unleashed the ladies by telling them to freely
browse the mall and buy whatever their little hearts desired.
All of it, of course, was on me.

Lindsay reached into one of her bags and pulled out a sexy
two-piece bikini with bright neon colors and psychedelic
designs all over it. "What do you think?" she asked me. I
suddenly found myself envisioning what this little princess
would look like in the saucy bikini. The mere thought was
enough to make my cock rustle about within my trousers.

"You have to model that for me back on the island before
going home in seven days," was my simple request.

"Oh trust me, I will," she promised.

"Lindsay may model her new bikini for Jeremy," Kristanna
told the others in a teasing, playful voice, "but you know it
won't stay on for very long. He won't let it."

"It would be like the wrapping on a Christmas gift," Devon
cooed. "Jeremy would have to rip it off!"

"Yeah..." Trish agreed, eyeing Lindsay wistfully.

"You look so different!" Devon exclaimed at Lindsay,
reaching out and gently grasping her face. "But I love it!"

Lindsay followed through on what she told me were her
intentions during our private, heartfelt discussion in the
recreation room yesterday; she got a new hairstyle at the
salon earlier today. Her long-flowing blonde hair, which I
had always found to be so exquisite and perfect, now had a
collection of red streaks running throughout it.

The red was actually classified as mahogany, which was the
darkest shade the salon offered. Those bright red streaks
coursing throughout her blonde hair looked bold and utterly
gorgeous. I had my doubts beforehand that Lindsay would
appear totally out of place, or simply not natural, with this
new hairstyle. But I had been wrong; she looked absolutely
remarkable. I could not believe just how good.

"I love it," Lindsay grinned, glancing at a nearby mirror
for perhaps the millionth time today, and admiring herself.
She even blew a tiny kiss at her own reflection!

"Your momma is really gonna flip out when she sees you
next week," Kristanna chided the 18-year-old.

Devon crinkled her nose and reiterated a point that I made
yesterday by saying, "I have never known of a church minister
with red streaks all up and down their hair."

"I'm not a minister yet!" Lindsay defended herself,
smiling. "Let me live a little and have some fun. I plan
on getting these removed next week once I'm back in Ohio.
Most of it will probably be washed away by then, anyway."

"I think it looks great," Devon assured her.

"One thing is for certain," Kristanna mused. "Lindsay the
preacher girl will get down on her knees and _pray_ to Jeremy
after she models that bikini for him sometime this week."

"Kristanna!" Lindsay scoffed, taken aback that she would
mix religion and sexual promiscuity in such a way.

"Did your mom say where she wants to go with you and your
sisters on that vacation Jeremy promised them?"

Lindsay nodded her head at Devon. "Yes... Italy. My mom
has always dreamed of going to Italy. She cannot believe
that Jeremy is going to make it become a reality for her, as
well as our family, especially considering the fact she has
never met him and most likely never will. My mom was blown
away by Jeremy's generosity. Jeremy is going to pay off our
house, buy all of us new cars, and put aside college tuition
for my younger sister and my niece." Lindsay again nodded
her head and looked at me, her voice cracking as she ended,
"Yeah... my mom, my family... blown away. Just blown away."

"That is what Jeremy does," Kristanna told Lindsay. "He
is good at that. Helping others makes him happy."

"I know," Lindsay smiled, her gaze still locked upon me.
"Jeremy is the most amazing man in the whole, wide world.
It took me awhile, but I now realize that. Finally. I will
never meet a better man than him."

I actually blushed at her words, then shook my head and
told the ladies as a group, "We are running late. Let us
go back to the limousine, and get to our next destination."
I did not want this discussion to become a love-fest in such
an open and public place.

Lindsay, who was dressed in ripped blue jeans, along with
a black spaghetti-strap tank-top and black sneakers, reached
into her other bag and retrieved a pair of oversized shades.
"Thank you for everything," she told me, kissing my cheek in
the process and then shielding her eyes with the sunglasses.

* * *

Wanting to confine our tour to Miraflores - which was the
most glitzy and (more importantly) safest district of Lima -
our next stop was the _Huaca Pucllana Archaeological Complex_.
This towering adobe pyramid and its surrounding buildings
were constructed 1600 years ago by the Wari Culture, a smart
and intellectual pre-Inca mix of Moche, Nazca and Paracha
people who formed this scenic city by the sea. Nowadays,
there was a gift mart, gourmet restaurants and even a
fully-stocked museum within the hallowed palace walls.

I then decided that it was time for the ladies to get some
walking exercise in. First we went to _Parque del Amor_ - or
Park of Love, translated to English - and enjoyed the
romantic sea views during a leisurely stroll. The scenery
became even more stunning as we toured a six mile stretch of
Miraflores' Pacific-crashed cliffs by foot. We enjoyed the
many sights and sounds; for example there were surfers and
swimmers below, the occasional para-glider overhead, with
families and tourists alike constantly passing us by on the
trail, usually with friendly smiles to boot.

With the limousine waiting for us at the end of our long
hike, we all climbed into it and were promptly escorted across
Miraflores to _Astrid y Gastón_, which was one of my favorite
restaurants in all of Lima. Featuring full Peruvian cuisine,
several of the ladies had no clue what to order and asked for
input from the patient and thoughtful server.

There was no hesitation from me as I ordered perhaps the
most authentic Peruvian dish of them all, lomo saltado. Made
of sliced beef stir-fry and mixed with tomatoes, soy sauce,
red onions, yellow chiles, cilantro and vinegar, with french
fries and rice tossed in for good measure, I had always found
lomo saltado to be strangely delicious.

Some of the ladies were leery of trying their food because
it was new to them and nothing like anything they ever tasted
before, but ultimately everyone seemed to enjoy their meal.
Devon got the most unique dish - tacu tacu. Made of beans,
rice, onions, bacon and spices, everything was mixed together
into a thick and hearty pancake and then pan-fried with an
egg on top. Devon found the tacu tacu dish, although it
looked quite peculiar, to be absolutely delicious.

The time was approaching 9:00pm when I took the ladies to
_Parque Kennedy_, which was the central hub and plaza of
Miraflores. We could have toured the flea market here or
the many roadside stands, but everyone agreed to settle down
and enjoy the live music in the main square.

Feeling bold and adventurous, Lindsay eventually joined
one of the bands on stage and danced to the beat as if she
was in a night club. Many of the locals hooted and hollered
at the sight, obviously appreciating a beautiful American
woman with a flawless, slender body (not to mention red
streaks in her hair), prancing and strutting her stuff for
all to enjoy. I could tell that Lindsay enjoyed the attention.
It was exhilarating for her to do that in front of everyone.

By now, my back was really sore. The pulled muscle I
endured on Friday seemed cured this morning, but after nine
hours of activity in the city, I was not sure how much more
I could take. After all, we still had a four hour boat ride
back to the island with me as the only capable person to helm
the ship. It was getting difficult for me to even move.

I did not let the ladies know that I was hurting, however.
If she had any clue, Kristanna would probably throw a fit and
insist that I go to the local medical center for a check-up.
Instead, I said that I was tired and reminded them of the
long cruise back to the island that awaited us. I suggested
that we go to the port of Callao in downtown Lima and board
the boat, then return home. Everyone was in agreement.

We set sail at 11:00pm, which meant our estimated time of
arrival on the island would be 3:00am. Indeed, it was going
to be a very long and taxing cruise for me.

* * *

Just like our initial trip to Lima some two-and-a-half
weeks ago, I had the soothing, therapeutic sounds of Kristanna
and Devon sleeping together next to me upon the floor here in
the main bridge during the voyage back home. This time,
however, the scene was even more satisfying as Trish was
nestled between them and snoozing her cares away as well.
What a stunning mishmash of female perfection to witness...

And just like two-and-a-half weeks ago, I had a visitor
past midnight as I steered and guided the boat back home.
Last time, it was Pamela. This time, I was graced by the
presence of Amy. Could my life be any more divine?

"Hi Jeremy," Amy greeted me in a quiet, reserved tone.
She glanced over at Kristanna, Devon and Trish, obviously
not wanting to rouse them. "Can we talk for a moment?"

"We sure can," I responded. "What's up?"

Amy was decked out in a simple white t-shirt that was
easily a few sizes too small - thus accentuating her
proud, massive breasts even more than usual - as well as a
pair of denim cut-off shorts and flip-flop shoes. Her long
red hair was tied into a stylish pony-tail, and of course
the dazzling smile upon her enchanting face as she looked
back at me was totally pure and genuine.

Having played the role of her dominant Master for well
over a week now, I preferred Amy in mini-skirts and even
told her that she was to wear them from now on. In fact,
I even instructed her that she was to go to sleep in them.

But I made an exception for today. I figured that Amy,
who absolutely dreaded the idea of wearing panties, would
cause too much of an uproar in the public streets if she
were to have one of her little mini-skirts on. I did not
want any undue attention brought onto us; there had been
enough for us already - with me being the lone man with an
entourage of five drop-dead gorgeous women.

"Yes," Amy simply said, that smile of hers now huge.

"Yes?" I countered, confused. "Yes... what?"

"Yes, dear Jeremy... of course I will stay with you and
the girls," Amy answered, stepping forward and wrapping her
arms around me in a loving embrace. She twirled her head and
tucked her neck upon mine, and squeezed tightly with both
arms. "You do such a bad job of hiding your intentions..."

The discomfort I felt in my back while still on the
mainland? It was mysteriously and suddenly gone as I ended
the embrace, only to pull back so I could look into Amy's
green eyes. They were glistening with emotion, and that
smile never once left her face.

"I know you've been meaning to ask me for a couple of days
now," Amy admitted, pecking my lips with a kiss. "It has
been so obvious. If Kristanna, Devon and Trish will accept
me, then yes... I would love to spend the rest of my life
with you." Amy giggled, then wiped away a single tear and
mused, "Who else is gonna make me take my medicine each day
and keep me in line quite like you do?"

"Come here," I simply responded, engulfing the 31-year-old
with both arms and hugging her fiercely.

Not a word was said. For three minutes, Amy and I simply
stood there, embracing each other. The love and adoration
that silently flowed from our bodies and souls spoke louder
than any words possibly could. This did not require a long
discussion or build-up where Amy, after several minutes of
explanation, would offer me the commitment I so desperately
wanted from her. It was perfect, really. _Yes_. That was
all Amy originally said to me. It was all she needed to say.

I could have easily continued to hold and protect Amy in
my arms from from now until the end of time, but had to
remind myself that there was an important task here at hand.
I twirled Amy around so her back was facing my front. With
my hands upon her sides, I guided her over to the captain's
chair and took a seat there. Amy then settled down across
my lap. In response, I reached upward and groped one of her
plump breasts through the t-shirt that she wore.

"I will drive the boat!" Amy squealed in an energetic,
lively voice, her hands now clutching the steering wheel.

"We may wind up in Alaska with you at the controls," I
teased her, still cupping and kneading that luscious breast.
I sniffed and reveled in the fragrance of Amy's silky-smooth,
long red hair. With a combination of grapefruit, gardenia,
amber and vanilla, the scented shampoo the salon used on her
earlier was musky and very sensual. It was enough to make my
senses swoon with delight. "You drive me crazy, Amy..."

"I could say the same about you, Jeremy." Amy nudged her
hot, wondrous ass upon my crotch and rubbed it over and
across my growing shaft in a highly exaggerated fashion. "I
love all of the time that I get to spend with you!"

Soon, Amy glanced over at the three sleeping beauties in
the cabin with us - Kristanna, Devon and Trish. None of them
had moved or shown any inclination of waking up any time
soon. "Maybe you would like it if I stayed with you here for
a little while? You know... keep you company?"

"I would like that very much."

Amy giggled. "Only if I get to steer the boat! Only if
I get to steer the boat..." She kept her hands upon the
wheel and turned it from side-to-side in a repeated motion,
causing the vessel to temporarily drift to either direction.

"Don't play around, honey," I said, placing my hands upon
hers and steadying the wheel. "This boat is not a toy."

Amy turned her head and offered me a teasing frown. "Oh...
you are no fun, Jeremy! No fun at all!"

"Don't make me spank you for being a bad girl."

Amy giggled hysterically this time, then began turning
and spinning the wheel either way with reckless abandon.
Obviously, she welcomed the idea of being spanked...

* * *

My future was now clear, and set. Not only was I going
to marry Kristanna, but Devon, Trish and Amy were going to
be along with us for every step of the way. Perhaps all
three of them would marry me, as well as each other, too?

Years from now, I could start my day off hamming it up
with Kristanna. No one could make me laugh quite like she
did. Then, I would take a romantic walk on the beach with
Trish, only for us to go scuba diving afterward. I would
focus upon Devon next, helping her in the garden. Then it
would be time to unwind with Amy, who would perform fellatio
on me - or anything else I told her - like a true submissive.
Eventually, I would go to bed with all four ladies nestled
against me somehow, only to then wake up and do something
entirely different with each of them the next day.

Satisfying and keeping four women happy every single day
for the rest of my life seemed like a monumental task, but I
was going to give it my best shot. But just the thought alone
made that pain in my back somehow return and flare up again...

<<<- End of Chapter 35 ->>>

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"Island Fever"

(c) 2014 JeremyDCP


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