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Megan's plan worked, now on to her next plan...
Two excruciating weeks had gone by since that night at Lovers Lane. Our parents hadn't been giving us any time alone as Mom was on vacation and 'Dad' had almost no work to do.We had probably gone to see whatever was playing at the Rialto 5 or 6 times just to get some private space. I couldn't name a single movie that was playing though because it really didn't matter. We never watched them.

After our first night together I was initially feeling somewhat guilty and paranoid of losing my relationship with Cole. I decided to be honest with him and talk about it. He understood,but,despite our best efforts, the ‘trial’ cessation of our intimate relationship lasted less than twenty-four hours.

All it took was one simple gesture.Cole and I had been alone in the den, late at night, watching a cheesy horror movie. He forgot himself for one second and put his arm around me, snuggling me close to his body. Since he had forgotten himself, I figured what harm could come of leaning into him and running my mouth against his? From that moment we hadn't been able to keep our hands to ourselves, nor did we really feel the need to try anymore.

During those two weeks, it was frustrating not being able to do what we really wanted to, but at the same time it was nice spending some time with our workaholic parents for a change. We hadn't had any sex since that night, at my insistence I might add. There was no way that I was going to risk being caught under our parents’ watchful eye. However, Cole always became unmistakably randy when I'd sit there eating a Popsicle to keep cool. I’d giggle to myself and suck it deeper into my mouth. It was a fun way to pass the time.

Since I wasn't ‘getting any’ and no one else seemed to have anything to do, I decided to invite the girls over for a sleepover one Wednesday night. We were the best of friends and I didn't like keeping any secrets from them at all, besides, they could see right through me. So pouting and bending low for an extra dose of convincing cleavage I begged Cole to let me tell them about ‘us’. Sucking back drool and barely ripping his eyes from my chest He reluctantly agreed as long as they didn't tell anyone else. I promised they wouldn't. He also told me that if the girls were that important to me and so much of a support then he guessed that they weren't that lame brained after all. I didn't really follow him, but I decided that I was quite good at harnessing my feminine wiles to get what I wanted.

Seeing as it was a fairly special occasion for me, I decided to do something that I had rarely done up to that point, I cooked!The truth was that I really wasn't bad at it, but I usually had something else that I’d much rather be doing. Therefore, I was rarely ever in the kitchen to make more than a snack or help my Mom. I had just gotten the steaks out of the freezer to defrost and all of my ingredients together when the doorbell rang.

I heard Cole answer the door and knew the girls had arrived as a chorus of "Hi Cole!" erupted from the next room. The next couple of hours passed pretty smoothly with a good movie before I made dinner.

The girls intermittently glanced over in turn, obviously noticing that Cole and I were sitting much closer than usual. It was kind of a tiring two hours for me because every time I saw one of them look I yanked my hand from its resting place in his, to inevitably have him yank it back and glare at me with disdain.

“I thought you were going to tell them.” His impatient look said.

I was obviously more nervous about revealing the true nature of our relationship than I had initially realized.

Much to Penny’s displeasure, I insisted that I cook alone. I needed some time to think about what, and how, I was going to tell the girls later. We enjoyed the meal, but there was uncomfortable tension in the room. It was painfully obvious to everyone that something was up.

After eating, the girls and I went upstairs to my room. I was beyond relieved when the conversation immediately turned to the usual: parties, Sally's latest sport victory, what we would do when school started up again next month, but then the conversation turned in its inevitable direction,boys. WHY had I decided to tell them tonight? My palms were sweaty and I swallowed hard, so nervous that they would think I was some sort of pervert!

Tina mentioned that she was seeing a boy a year younger than us and I sighed with relief as Penny pressed her for details. We all listened with interest as she described him; Tall, thin, dark haired, geeky. I was grateful for the time that it bought me.

The twins repeated what they always said. There wasn't anyone who piqued their interest at the moment, and that they wouldn't waste time with anyone who they found boring.

Rapidly losing interest in their conversation, Tina asked me, "How about you Megan, Any prospects on the horizon?"

"Umm..." I flushed red as they all looked at me expectantly.

"Come on," Sally groaned, obviously getting impatient with my reluctance to spill the details that everyone knew already,"out with it!"

"Well, there is someone, but you have to promise not to tell anyone." I braced myself for their reaction.

"Please tell us," Penny begged. "Your secret's safe with us, right girls?"

Tina and Sally nodded in unison.

"Well, you all know that Cole broke up with Candy after I told him about Tony, right?" I began, mouth dry as the Sahara.

"Yes?" all three demanded in unison.

They were all bent forward in anticipation now.

"Well, that night I took him to see Cruel Intentions at the Rialto, you know, just to cheer him up and..." I hesitated.

What if they didn't approve?

"And..." they said, again in unison. "And what?"

"I left out an important part when I first told you about it." I admitted.

"What?" All three were simply foaming at the mouth to find out.

"What I didn't tell you was that we ran into Candy and Tony there and... we followed them to Lover's Lane." It came out a fast garble.

"You did?" Penny was turning red, but all three girls were hanging on my every word.

When I finally revealed the rest of my story, somewhat in detail, they all flushed scarlet.

"Oh my!"Penny breathed, shocked.

"Are you serious?" Tina asked.

I nodded, blushing furiously again. But it was Sally's reaction that really shocked me.

"Well, it’s about time!" She moved onto the bed next to me. "Good for you." She patted me on the shoulder. “When you were buying all of those slutty clothes I was half hoping that they were for Cole and that you hadn't just flipped your wig!”

The three of them prodded me for more information and, to my horror, details, until we were all so bleary eyed that we had no choice but to curl up and go to sleep.


Something barely perceptible made my eyes flutter open in the middle of the night. I was vaguely aware of something going on, but had no idea what had woken me. A tingle in my panties made me feel that I had to pee, so I quietly swung my legs over my mattress to head for the bathroom. I glanced around the floor, trying to plan the best route to the door. I didn't want to step on anyone. I was in complete shock at what confronted me there.

Normally, the twins shared a futon on the floor whenever they would sleep over. However, the scene going on only feet from my bed was anything but ‘the norm’.

The sheets lay discarded in a heap on the ground next to their naked bodies. Sally was straddling Penny's face, her very taught backside pumping ever so slightly as she worked on Penny’s glistening slit. I crawled back into bed, not daring to move, but absorbed in the spectacle before me as Penny writhed under her sister's caring caresses. Penny began to trace light feathery lines along Sally’s smooth thighs with her fingertips.

I had a wonderful view between Penny's open legs lit by the moonlight. She looked softer than her sister, with beautiful curves defining her hips and legs and a much softer slope to her belly as opposed to Sally’s abs of steel. For twins they really were different, I remarked to myself as I settled in to continue enjoying the show. Sally manipulated Penny’s honey pot with well-practiced expertise, her mouth over the apex of Penny’s sex and two fingers sliding easily in and out of her overly slick opening. Penny reached up and started playing with her twin's breasts, rolling the jutting nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. They both moaned as she practically shoved her mouth into Sally’s eager lady parts.

Never in a million years had I dreamed that I would see that. It was true after all, they DID do everything together!

As their soft sounds of desire increased I was surprised to find I didn't have to pee. I was tingly because I was turned on as HELL!I wasn't aware that my hand had made its naughty way under my pajama bottoms and was working me toward my own orgasm until it hit. I buried my face in my pillow in an attempt to hide my moans of pleasure, thankful that the twins were too caught up in their own ecstasy to notice.

I was still extremely turned on and the twins didn't look as if they were going to stop any time soon, so I figured that I could sneak by them easily enough. I quietly got up and walked softly over to the door. Glancing back to make sure that I hadn't interrupted anything, I opened it and crept silently down the hall to Cole's room. I'd decided that I had waited long enough.

I opened his door and stepped in, closing it gently behind me. Cole was under the covers, snoring softly. I crept over to the bed and, as I began to disrobe, heard that he was also muttering.

"Mmm... Megan... That's great... oh yeah, right there..." I could vaguely see a somewhat lazy looking erection pitching a tent under his sheets.

He was dreaming of me, I realized. I smiled as I decided to make his dream a reality.

I threw back the covers, delighted to see that he had decided to sleep in the nude. Creeping up onto the foot of the bed,I gently took his half-mast rod in my hand. I blew on it playfully and he wriggled slightly beneath me. Sticking out my tongue,I ran it around the head of his hardening member, causing him to moan in his sleep. The familiar taste and smell of him got me going even more. I licked along the underside of his cock from balls to head, causing it to become hard as a rock. Opening my mouth,I took in as much as I could. I then used one hand to envelop the base of his erection as I moved my other hand between my own legs.

Cole's moans grew even stronger as I felt his fingers gently caress my hair. I glanced up at him winking. He smiled down at me, affection twinkling in his eyes.

"Well hello you dirty little girl. What a nice surprise!" He said playfully between moans.

“You think I’m dirty?” I said naughtily, “You should see what Penny and Sally are doing on my bedroom floor!”

He said nothing, but I felt his engorged cock lurch in response to the idea. I went to work on him anew, with twice the vigor.Completely awake now he folded his arms behind his head, lustily watching me as I went down on him.

Removing my mouth from him I began a slow, teasing assent, kissing a trail up his body. When I finally reached his mouth he cupped my breast causing me to moan into his kiss. Wanting to go right for it, I began to straddle him but he grabbed my leg to stop me.

"It's my turn this time," he whispered in my ear, lifting me gently and laying me down on my back.

He kissed me deeply, passionately, on the mouth as if he couldn't get enough, and then moved to my neck and shoulders. He nuzzled my chest, slowly running his tongue around my left breast in ever tightening circles before taking the excited little nipple into his mouth. I sighed in delight as he nibbled on it gently before licking over to my other breast and repeating the process.

He gently ran his tongue down my body, kissing over my stomach and planting a smooch on my pelvis making me moan and push my mound toward his mouth. He smiled devilishly and completely skipped over my most secret spot, instead moving to my thighs. I could have died from the anticipation. Gingerly, he kissed all over one then the other before returning his attention to my lower lips. He teased them mercilessly, nuzzling gently. He spread me wide with one hand, allowing his tongue to work its magic on my engorged clit.

I was so hot and bothered that I exploded almost immediately, but he didn't stop there. He sunk his fingers into me and I could feel him massaging the front of my insides gently but firmly as I rode them to another orgasm. He smiled, licking his fingers greedily as he withdrew them.

As I came down from the best cum that I’d had in a while, I couldn't help but notice that the door was a little open. I was alarmed and stopped him as he kissed his way back up my body. Then I heard quiet moans coming from the other side.

I saw a flash of dark hair and suddenly knew that it was Tina watching. For some reason this excited me even more. Cole didn't seem to notice the commotion going on outside as I reached into the drawer where he kept his condoms.

As I rifled through the drawer Tina did something that I did not expect. The door creaked open ever so slightly and she stepped into the room, closing it firmly behind her. The only clothing she wore was a baby doll top,her moist pussy peeked out from underneath the hem.

I climbed on top of Cole, hoping that he wouldn't notice the intrusion and began to poke my tongue into his mouth. Naturally I assumed that she intended to watch. Then she did something else that shocked me.

Obviously having other plans, she climbed up onto the foot of the bed and took the tip of Cole's cock into her mouth. At the same time she attempted, awkwardly, to probe my nether regions.

"What the hell?" Cole gasped as he looked around me to see who was there. "Tina?" he exclaimed, shocked.

"MMMMMMM!" She said through her full mouth as she started working harder on his member.

Despite himself, Cole threw his head back on the pillow with pleasure. I wasn't sure how I felt about this situation, but figured that I had shared everything else with Tina, and Cole really seemed to be enjoying himself.

I didn't really like what she was doing to me so, not wanting to hurt her feelings, I gently disengaged her hand and moved down Cole's body. I began to work my tongue up and down his excited shaft in tandem with her, stopping now and then to suck one of his balls into my mouth. He groaned throatily as he looked up and noticed that I was also flicking one of her nipples experimentally with my thumb. I was curious and had no shame about it, not in front of Cole anyway.

She really didn't seem to know what she was doing, but her ineptness turned me on even more. I realized she probably hadn't had much experience until that point and the fact that she would choose to share herself with us felt very special.

I could tell by his sounds and movements that Cole was not far from shooting his load all over Tina’s face. I personally wasn't ready for him to do that as I had other plans. Gently,I lifted her head from Cole's crotch. He moaned in complaint, but watched us with interest. I looked into her flushed face and the scene from earlier, the one with Sally and Penny, played in my mind’s eye. I decided then and there that I wanted to try it.

I kissed her full mouth tentatively. She resisted at first, but then gave in. Cole watched in wide eyed disbelief as I gently pushed her down on the bed and removed her top.

“Holy shit Megan! Are you gonna…?” His sentiment was cut short as I began to lick a path down to her small breasts.

She moaned when I took her nipple in my mouth and began to flick it with my tongue. She was so soft and delicate beneath my touch, completely different than any other experience I'd had. I felt her delicate little fingers trace feathery lines over my hair and down my back as she began to moan louder.

“Wow! Just wow.” Cole groaned, “I am the luckiest guy…”

I looked back to see why Cole had cut his sentiment short. He was lying on his back watching us intently, stroking himself absently. Encouraged by his obvious delight, I proceeded downward.

I kissed her moist slit and tasted her gingerly. It was definitely not something that I was used to, but not bad. I poked my tongue in between her inner labia and found the little bump at the top. I began teasing it with my tongue, lightly at first and then applying more pressure.

It didn't take long before she cried out with pleasure and bucked under me, fingers tangled in my hair. She lay there panting as I turned my attention back to Cole. He was still rubbing himself, but not furiously, he was saving himself for something.

"That was sooooo hot." He admitted, as his eyes slid over me admiringly.

I located the long discarded condom and tore open the package. Cole took it from me and, with much difficulty negotiating his unbelievably swollen manhood, rolled it on. Then I motioned for Tina to come over. She did so, but there was certain reluctance, even fear, behind her movements. I lifted her leg and placed it on the other side of Cole's body so she was sitting astride him.

My sex fuzzy brain thought it would be the sexiest thing ever to watch her fuck him, especially if it were possibly her first time. I guided his erection to her opening, but she just froze. Cole made no move either.

"I'm sorry Tina." He said caressing her face, "I appreciate it, but I just can't do that with you."

He had also noticed her apparent lack of experience. If Cole was anything, he was a stand-up guy. She looked so relieved that I felt a stab of guilt for trying to force it on both of them.

"I'll tell you what," he said, smiling broadly. "I think I've thought of a way that we can all get what we want." He said devilishly as he lifted her off of him. "You come here babe."

He pulled me by the wrist and positioned me over his sheathed cock. I impaled myself and felt a jolt of pleasure explode in my brain. Tina watched me ride him with intense interest, entranced by what she was seeing. Cole groaned as he reached for her, lifting her easily and placing her little bottom squarely on his face.

I watched them, Tina riding his tongue like a rodeo cowgirl as I thrust faster. He moaned into her dripping pussy as she, obviously steeling her courage, reached out to massage my breasts. I cried out despite myself as wave after wave of pleasure wracked my body. The best I could do was pray that no one heard my screams.

Getting really excited by my orgasm, Tina grabbed my head and shoved her small tongue into my mouth, probing me deeply. She stiffened in her own climax just as Cole exploded inside me. We both collapsed onto his broad chest, completely exhausted. We continued to kiss lazily as he tenderly stroked both of our heads.

"Wow!" He stated again, unable to form any other words in his disbelief.

I turned my body around to remove his condom. I signaled for Tina as I slowly and teasingly licked the restrained spunk from his shrinking member. She got the point and joined in. He giggled a bit in sensitivity, but allowed us to continue. Once we were done, she put on her nightclothes and kissed us both tenderly.

“Thank you.” She said softly, before heading back to my room.

I decided to stay a little longer, just to make sure that Cole was OK with everything. I nestled my head into the crook of his arm as he lovingly stroked my back.

"Naughty girls!" He laughed as he kissed me on the forehead.

"Are you really OK with everything?" I asked him tentatively.

"Yeah,why? Are you?" He was suddenly concerned.

"Well I feel a little guilty, but it was great." I smiled. "I'm sorry that I tried to get you to fuck her. It was really decent of you to refuse when you realized...."

"Yes Megan, I did realize she was a virgin, but that's not the reason why I refused." He admitted.

"Really?" I was confused. "Why then?"

"Because I'm willing to be as adventurous as you want, but that one little thing I'd like to save for you and only you." He kissed me again.

My heart began to beat faster, but at the same time I had butterflies in my stomach. How deep were Cole's feelings for me really? And were mine the same?

I began to feel drowsy in my contemplation and fearing that I would fall asleep and be caught naked in Cole's room I decided to head back to bed.

When I got back to my room the twins were asleep on the futon, lightly covered with a sheet, limbs wrapped around each other, but Tina was sitting on my bed, waiting for me.

"Sorry Meg, I don't know what came over me! I just... well, I've never... and you two were so sexy!" She started but I stopped her.

"Nonsense, it was wonderful! What an experience!” I comforted her,“and Cole didn't mind one bit."

She smiled with relief. "Ah good, I don't want this to change anything."

"It won't," I said reassuringly, pulling her under the covers with me. "Sleep with me tonight, there's something I want to talk to you about."

"Are you sure you want to do that?" Tina was still smiling, but she obviously didn't want to cause any problems.

"Don't worry, it'll be fine." She snuggled me close as we both fell back to sleep, visions of the surprises I had in store for Cole floating in my mind.

He did say ‘As adventurous as I wanted.’

He had NO idea what he was in for.

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