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The sexy young tease is sent to satisfy Ron's ill Father
Taming the Tease: Ch 2

Bella felt the warm water of the shower strike her face and wash down her body. She stood there almost motionless. She started to reflect back on how she got in this terrible predicament. Over the past week, since Ron revealed to her that he had the tape, he’s been making her report to his house every day for hours at a time. She lied to her parents and said she was taking some preparation courses for college. During this time with the old man, he would use her body in every way conceivable. He really was a sick pervert. Even now she was using his shower, wiping cum and sweat off of her face and body. She could hear his voice clamoring on the phone.

He told her that this would only go on for the summer while she was out of school, but he wasn't really a man of his word. She didn't know how long she would be his personal sex toy. She contemplated simply telling him to fuck off and ending this, but she would reduce to tears when she thought of the consequences that would occur if he released the tape.

It truly was a terrible predicament. However, the part that disgusted her the most was her own response to all of this. Bella wished she could believe that she hated every part of this and she was an innocent girl being raped and blackmailed by a lecherous old man; but this wasn't fully true. The thought of touching old Ron made Bella want to vomit, but for some reason when he’s fucking her, squeezing her tits, spanking her ass, something starts to stir in her that she did not know was there. When this thing takes over her, she starts to enjoy it and beg for more.

Nonetheless, she knew she had to get out of this situation somehow.

She stepped out of the shower and dried off. Ron didn't allow her to wear clothes when she was over. And there really was no need to, thanks to the old man’s pills they were fucking so frequently that putting on clothes would only be a hassle.

She heard his footsteps lumbering up the stairs. She got onto the bed and lied down, knowing full well she was in for more sex with the old beast. The ugly old man walked in and sneered. He felt great pleasure in seeing his naked pet sprawled on his bed, being so obedient.

Every time he saw her he was still awestruck by her beauty. He still couldn't believe how perfectly his plan worked.

He spoke to her

“That’s enough sex for today girl, I expect you to be here at the same time tomorrow.”

She took a sigh of relief, this was a rather short session. Usually he would keep her there for the better part of the day. She rolled out of bed and started to put her clothes back on.

“Not so fast” he said sternly “I have another job for you to do today”

Bella stared intently, anxious to see what this pig had up his sleeve

“I’m afraid I just got off the phone with my dad. The old man’s not doing so well, so I wanna give him a treat” he smiled

Bella knew where he might be going with this

“So this is my assignment for you, you are to act as a care nurse and go to his apartment. You will satisfy him, give the old man the time of his life before he leaves this world”

Bella was disgusted, she could only imagine how ugly Ron’s father must look like. But she couldn't say no. She simply nodded in agreement.

Ron smiled

"Good girl"

He turned to his closet and took out an outfit and threw it on the bed.

Bella picked it up and her eyes widened. It was a skimpy nurse outfit. Ronald explained how he picked up the outfit at a local lingerie shop. He urged her to try it on.

After slipping on a red thong, Bella went into the bathroom and came out 10 minutes later with the outfit on.

Ron’s dick instantly saluted. He had never seen Bella look so sexy

The crisp white one piece uniform was a little on the tight side, even around her slender and narrow waist. The buttons down the front however did an admirable job in holding it all together. The cut of the outfit was perfect for her figure, although tight it allowed enough breathing room for Bella and her incredible breasts, instead of squashing them it held them perfectly showing off their impressive size and shape.

Ron told her not to wear a bra, the fit of the uniform seemed to do the job of holding them in place beautifully.

The uniform had buttons down the front that ran the full length from top to bottom.

Ron gave her a pair of Red four inch heels to slip on.

“mmm spin for me you sexy slut” Ron commanded

Bella twirled around gracefully. Ron was pleased with the way the uniform fit tightly across her outwardly jutting ass.

Bella inspected herself in the mirror, wow, she had never looked this slutty; it was kind of turning her on thinking of how she could tease a man with this outfit.

Lastly, he gave her a white nurse’s hat with the classic red cross on the face of it. He also gave her a play stethoscope that came with the costume.

She looked like the sexiest nurse of all time. Ron wanted to mount her right there, but he didn't want to ruin her for his old dad.

Ron drove her to the old man’s small flat and he let her in, as his dad was bed bound most of the time. He instructed her one more time on what she had to do. He told her he installed cameras in the bedroom and washroom, and would be watching to make sure she made his dad happy.

As Ron slammed the door shut Bella heard a soft cry from the bedroom.

“Hellooo, is somebody there?”

Bella walked in, wearing a trench coat over her sexy outfit. She knocked on the bedroom door before walking in to the room.

As soon as she stepped in, she was hit with a terrible smell. The room was small, dimly lit and smelled like death. One a small bed lied a thin old man who must have been in his mid 80’s.

He lifted his head up

“Whose this” he asked feebly “The social worker already came in this morning”

Bella thought on the spot

“Hello Mr. Adams, I’m you’re new home nurse, Bella!” She said cheerfully with a smile

Now the old man’s vision had started to betray him, so he couldn't make out exactly what this girl looked like. But she smelled heavenly and sounded youthful, a far cry from the old hags he usually has as his care nurses. This alone excited the old man.

“Ohh hello Bella, call me Jay.” He stuck out his hand.

Bella walked forward to shake his hand. Only then when Bella came closer did Jay realize how much of a stunner his new nurse was!

“Hi Jay!” Bella said with a big smile.

Jay couldn't help but notice how beautiful of a smile she had. She had a youthful face with striking features, and big beautiful green eyes. She looked fit her body was hidden underneath her long coat.

“Bella, you look so young to be a care nurse, how old are you sweetheart?”

“17 sir! This is a program I've been volunteering with, so it doesn't require much training!” she fibbed

“17!” The old man gasped “You could be my great grand daughter!”

Bella laughed

“Oh why don’t you put your coat on the table Bella, you must be boiling in there”

“Yea I’m pretty hot” She said with a cheeky smile.

She took off her coat revealing her amazing body stuffed into the nurse' lingerie. She quickly tied her hair back in a ponytail and put on her nurse’s cap.

The old man’s eyes widened. He was speechless at the sight of her clean crisp white "nurses" uniform. He was stunned at the amazing size of her huge chest, the top few buttons opened just enough to give a teasing glimpse of her spectacular cleavage. They stood out so high and proud filling her uniform out to perfection before it tapered in tightly to a perfect fit around her narrow waist.

Bella saw the look in his eyes. The old man was making little effort to avert his hungry eyes from Bella’s delicious cleavage.

Bella’s internal dick-tease side started to take control of her mind. This man was in no condition to physically overpower her, she was going to make him squirm to the point where he would beg for her touch. She would delay giving anything to him until she was done with her fun. By that time she imagined it would take nothing more than a quick stroke with her hand to get him off.

“Hey Jay before we get started with the check up you have to take your vitamin”

Ron instructed her to give him one of his extra strength Viagras

Bella bent over to unzip her bag. Her ass was right in front of old Jay’s face.The outline of her cheeks were visible as they pushed against the thin white fabric of her uniform.

Jay felt something he hadn't felt in a long time, his old dick started to twitch at the sight of this lovely bum swaying right in front of his face. He wanted nothing more than to grab both cheeks and give them a squeeze

Bella popped up with the pill and gave it to Jay to take.

“Hmm ok, now that you've taken your pill, we’ll do a quick examination” Bella beamed
She pressed her soft hand on Jay’s forehead, feeling for a fever. She instructed Jay to keep his head still

She leaned her chest over the bed to that her cleavage was right in front of Jay's eyes

Jay couldn't believe it. Inches from his eyes lay the greatest set of breasts he’s ever seen!

Bella moved her chest down a little further, now pressing her tits against the old man’s chest. He couldn't believe it, he could actually feel them squishing against his chest.

“You feel a bit warm” Bella fibbed “now I’ll just check your lymph nodes”

Bella tried to recall some high school biology, which she was terrible at. So she just vaguely started rubbing Jay’s neck and face area.

With each movement her breasts would sway and jiggle, almost popping out of her push up nurse’s outfit.

“hmm and just to check the ones at the back of your neck”

Bella propped her chest forward as she reached behind his neck, pressing her cleavage lightly against Jay’s chin.

Jay took the opportunity and angled his face downward. His nose was practically in between Bella’s big tits!

Bella knew exactly what was going on and she propped her chest further forward. Now so much of Jay’s face was in her breasts that a button popped open from the dress!

Now Bella’s breasts were almost spilling out of the dress.

Jay was in a frenzy “ Oh god” He couldn't control himself anymore. He put his face deep into Bella’s cleavage causing her breasts to spill out.

Bella smiled, her pussy was wet. But she wanted to keep the game going.

She jolted up and turned her back toward Jay

“Stop that you dirty old man! I'm only 17, that's illegal!” As she quickly re did her blouse, save for the one button that broke open.

Jay was quickly snapped back to reality. Who was he kidding. What kind of sexy young girl would let an old man like him touch her.

Bella continued to scold him “I think that about does it for this session, I’m going to report you to the agency.”

“W-w-wait” Stammered the old man “Please don’t go”

“And why shouldn't I?”

“Because I’m a lonely old man. I never have visitors, much less ones that are caring as you. Please give me one more chance”

Bella’s face warmed up

“OK, I’ll stay. But if you do anything like that again I will leave OK?”

“Yes Bella of course” he said apologetically

Bella resumed the exam. She worked her way down his body. Feigning to listen to his heart and lungs with the toy stethoscope, Then rubbing his belly insisting everything in his digestive system was Ok.

Jay remained quite tame, not wanting to chase this beauty away

“Ok so the last part of the exam is the genital exam, is it OK if i un-robe you?”

Jay eagerly shook his head yes

Bella removed his covers revealing Jay’s rock hard erection. Bella couldn't help but gasp at the size of this old man’s member! Swollen, purple, thick and long. Jay outdid his son in this compartment by a long shot.

Bella couldn't help but blush, she was kind of turned on just looking at this thing.. as disgusted as she was to admit

The temptress took a moment to gather her thoughts

“Hmm Jay I must say it is odd for a man of your age to be so erect, do you have any idea what is causing this?”

They both knew it was her, plus maybe the benefit of a little blue pill. But Jay, not wanting to offend her, shook his head no.

"Hmm well I’ll have to examine it further."

Bella turned her rear end toward Jay, about a foot or two from his face, as she stretched her body forward to look at his swollen penis.

Jay had an uninterrupted view of her shapely ass, as it push against the thin white material. Bella inched forward, and thrust her ass out behind her,

This caused the white fabric to ride up her above the bottom of her cheeks; revealing her silk red thong. When she did this she saw a twitch in the old man’s cock.

Liking what she was doing to the man. Bella subtly pulled her dress up, revealing her naked ass to the old man, save for the tiny thong.

She put her face an inch away from the rock hard cock. She could smell it, she could feel the heat radiating from it. It was driving her wild. If he was a younger man, she would willingly come to him for a good fuck every night! She had the urge to suck it right there, but she was enjoying the tease too much.

Jay wanted so much to put this gorgeous ass in front of him right onto his face. He couldn't risk scaring her away though. He remained still.

Bella broke the tension

“Hmm it is dangerous for a man of your age to have an erection last this long Jay, what should we do about that?” She said seductively

Jay wanted so bad to tell her to fix it for him, with her mouth.. her pussy, anything! But he didn't risk offending her

“I’m not sure Ms. Bella, what do you suggest.”

Bella thought to herself

“Hmm I suggest putting you in a cold bath. That should fix this”

Jay was beyond disappointed. Of all the ways to fix it, a fucking bath? but he had no choice to comply.

Bella stood up, temporarily taking away the lovely sight of her bum from the old man. She readjusted her dress, and fetched Jay’s walker and escorted him to the washroom. She drew a bath for him, with cold water. She helped the old man get completely naked and put him in the bath

Bella thought to herself that the poor boy really was a hideous old creature. Pasty white skin with the texture of leather, sun spots and scars all over, dangerously thin. But the one part of his body she couldn't get out of her head was his big cock. She caught herself licking her lips just looking at the thing.

“While we’re waiting for that thing to go down I might as well give you a sponge bath”

She grabbed a rag and started washing his neck and shoulders, while leaning her chest forward, once again exposing her ample cleavage to the poor tormented old boy. As she scrubbed hard, her breasts would jolt back and forth. Jay was praying that those things would pop out, but the skimpy dress was doing an admirable job containing them.

As she knelt down to scrub his chest, Jay noticed that her breasts were now very close to the water level.

She instructed him to raise his arm so she could clean his armpit. The dirty old man took this opportunity

He flung his arm from the bottom of the tub all the way out of the tub, causing a wave of cold water to drench the front side of Bella’s dress.

Bella gasped as the cold water hit her. The old man looked at her breasts now; the thin fabric clung tightly to the contour of her breasts and it was now completely see through!

Mission accomplished. Jay was fixated on her breasts, every detail was now visible. Her nipples rock hard from the cold water.

“Oh sorry dear” he muttered “I dont have the control of my movements as I once did”
Bella knew that the old man did this on purpose, but for some reason she loved being exposed to him like this.

“Oh no worries sir, accidents happen.” Bella decided to take things further. “I should take this thing off before I catch a cold!”

Did Jay hear this right? was this actually happening?

Bella stood up and and in one swift movement took her dress off and flung it on the counter. She was wearing nothing except red heels, a red and white nurse hat and her slinky red thong. She felt so much pleasure by seeing the look on Jay’s face. The old man was in awe, she was afraid he might have a heart attack!

She also felt very aroused exposing her like this in front of an strange old man. And deep in her mind, the fact that Ron was somewhere watching this turned her on even further. The dirty sex crazed monster in her was starting to take over.

She knelt down again and started scrubbing Jay’s belly. Her breasts now swaying freely with each movement. She brought her chest lower, dipping her breasts into the cold water. She felt a hand taking one of her breasts. She said nothing , she let her breast rest in the old man’s hand as she continued scrubbing.

She now fully submerged her breasts in the water. Jay now grew bolder as he started squeezing both breasts now.

She said nothing. She loved it. The whore inside her that she feared so much had now taken over.

“Hmm so Jay this thing still hasn't gone down.” looking at his big cock. She unstopped the water, letting it drain

She slipped out of her slippers and climbed into the tub, lying her body on top of the old man’s. She knew what he wanted

She shoved her ass into the old man’s face, suffocating him with her shapely cheeks.

The old man loved it. He slipped the young girl’s thong off and started licking her sweet pussy.

Bella moaned loudly. She couldn't take it any more, she put her mouth on his cock, swallowing its entire length, She gagged on it, but still wanted more. She wanted to devour that delicious old cock.

The stimulation for the old man was just too much. He started moaning, his cock started twitching.

Bella knew what was coming. Bella deep throated his cock, causing a flood of hot semen to unleash down her throat.

Her tears were watering due to the sheer size of his cock and the big load he delivered down her throat. She sucked on it for about a minute, making sure to milk every last drop of semen out of his cock. The teenage slut grew to love the taste of semen. She was disappointed as the last few drops trickled down her.

To her surprise the old timer’s cock remained hard!

“Look at you old timer, there’s only one way to fix this thing.”

Bella took her ass off the old man’s face, to his disappointment.

Instead she turned around and inserted the still hard shaft into her pussy.

She screamed as she slowly pressed her pelvis down, engulfing the length of the penis into her pussy. She couldn't believe how big he was. It hurt, but felt so good at the same time.

As she slowly started to ride the old man, he grabbed her big tits, and started pinching her nipples. Bella screamed, her nipples were in so much pain but she was getting so much pressure. To stop herself from screaming she grabbed the old man’s face and started kissing him passionately.

She soon found out he was a toothless bastard with horrible breath, but she didn't care. They continued to kiss passionately, as she started to ride his cock harder and faster.

“Squeeze harder” She commanded the old man

He now twisted her right nipple, while squeezing the life out of her left boob.

Bella was in agony it was so painful, but she felt her legs start to tremble. At the same time the old man’s dick started to twitch again.

Bella engulfed his dick fully, as she let had her most thunderous orgasm. Simultaneously, the old man came for a second time, this time into Bella’s tight pussy.

Bella feeling the instant satisfaction of her orgasm, stood up and got out of the tub.

She slipped on her underwear and quickly put on the nurses outfit. She made her way to walk out of the bathroom when she heard

“W-w-wait. I need more!”

She said nothing. She quickly put on her trench coat, and made her way to the door.

“Pleaaase come back” the old man wailed

She didn't care, she walked out of the house and slammed the door shut

On her way home, Bella was disgusted with herself to the point of tears.

How could she be enjoying this? She was just as sick and perverted as these old men. When her inner desire rears its ugly head, she loses all control of herself. It’s like she becomes an entirely different person. She becomes a cock craving whore.

She had to find a way to control the ugly side of her that takes over. Maybe she needs therapy, or something of that nature. Or maybe, this internal desire was out of her control completely.


For those that like pictures to accompany a story. Check out this album I made to see how I picture Bella when I write my stories. If you prefer to use your imagination, then don't click the link!

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