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les animal get a good work out
Last night had been great, Les had invited around a dozen guys and we had made sure all were well and truly fucked before they went home, today after having a light breakfast we did our internal cleaning and lazed around the pool most of the morning resting for a busy afternoon and evening.

Les had a play with us both, licking fucking and a bit of fisting, but mainly just to fill in time, as we took turns sucking his cock, then Grant got Jake and sucked his cock, it was nice to see Jake enjoying his red knob being eaten, as Grant went to town on him, then Grant got on his knees, Jake knew what to do, he went behind him, his cock finding Grants butt hole first time, Jake pounded Grant for some time, his knot, popped in and out a few times before knotting, then as always Jake growled as his cock spewed cum, filling his bitch full, Grant had several orgasm as both stayed tied, then as more cum run out, Jake turned, back to back, still cum was flowing into Grants butt, it was probably some 10 minutes before he pulled back, his knot letting go.

Les and I lay down both with open mouths, as Grant moved above us, spraying doggy cum over us, we set about licking one another clean. None of us had seen some of the guy’s arrive and strip off, then Grant’s butt was filled by a cock as another took to his mouth.

I turned over and pushed my arse up, as I saw a naked body ready to fuck me, within seconds my pussy was full with a throbbing cock. The fun for the day had begun. as I was fucked hard, Les now moved around, laying my on the other guy as he slipped his cock in my arse to dp me, what a way to go, as both guys gave me my first orgasm for today.

I rode them hard; with new found energy they stayed in me for some time, then, Les let out a moan, followed by a nice big squirt of cum that filled my arse, followed quickly by the guy in my pussy. I swung around and sucked them both dry, then asked Les if Dfor was around.

He went off, returning with Dfor, I was bent over the bench, Dfor eagerly licked the cum from my arse, then just as quickly jumped up, pinning me down as his cock shot forward, with one or two trusts he found my willing butt ready for him to fuck, his cock went fully in, and he began to pound away inside my cummy arse. Both dogs fuck differently, Drof seems to ram harder than Jake, but both have hot hard cocks that go deep inside and fuck much faster than any guys can. Dfor was going well, I had several orgasms and he was now pushing his knot in, taking a sniff of poppers helped it slip straight in, quite often he growls when it does, and slows, his cock leaks cum all the time he’s fucking, now, with his knot fully home, he began to cum, reams of dog cum filled my bowels, the pressure feels strange, but also nice, then he turned back to back, moving slowly my orgasms continued for some time.

Les lay under me, then Dfor pulled hard, his knot plopped out and Les gaggled in doggy cum, gallons leaked out, I turned and shared it with him. As another guy began to fuck my cum soaked butt hole.

No sooner had I licked Les's face clean, then hand's picked me up, I was swung around and impaled on 2 cocks, both going in my butt, as I took a third in my mouth. This time, 2 other guys had put their hands under my arm's and were lifting me up and down on the cocks, as I screamed though multiple orgasms, It was so nice, as they kept me going for some time, my body taking both cocks fully with my full weight being dropped onto the cocks, normally I lower myself down, but my legs were out flat over one guys shoulders, the feeling was great. Then all too soon the warmth in my butt told me they had both cum, moving up, I let their cum drop out over one of the guys face. He licked me dry and sent me over the top again, in orgasmic bliss.

I was ready now, I told Les to get Flame, the guys who had just fucked me, strapped me in the frame; I took several good sniffs of the poppers, just as Flames front legs came alongside me. His cock, bouncing on my back, Les said ready, and gave him a sniff of the mares scent.

As always this got him horny, Flame's cock began to jerk around, looking for my hole, I told Les to stick it in my arse. Seconds later, the first 6 inches or more went deep inside my cum soaked hole. I took another good sniff, as Les also gave Flame more scent. That was all he needed, the full length now shot inside, I screamed, then went into intent orgasms as he fucked me, the large cock head, always fills me up, and hits in places no other cock has.

I told Les to give him more scent, knowing he would ram his cock in hard once more, just in time I took more poppers, this time Les held the rag to Flame's nose and kept it there, Flame went wild, his cock grew bigger and bigger, my butt now fucked beyond my wildest dreams, as I screamed again and again, all the time telling Les to keep him going.

I was now totally giving in to his cock, out of control and not worried at all, waiting for the gallons of cum I knew he would be rewarding me with soon. One more big sniff of poppers and I told Les to give Flame more scent. That was it, Flame was now nearly out of control he was ramming me so hard the frame was moving along the floor, I was just screaming from one orgasm to another, then he cum, oh boy did he cum, my stomach hurt as the fluid raced up inside my bowels, Flame was making weird noise's now, but he kept fucking, with more speed and harder thrusts than ever before.

The next thing I knew was Grant wiping my forehead with a damp towel, it seems I had passed out big time, to many intense orgasms, had sent me into a faint. All I knew was my body was tingling and I felt great. I took a few minutes to rest, and then set to sucking a cock, while Grant fucked my horse cum filled butt; guys all around looked on, hard cocks stuck out waiting to be used.

Grant then lay me on another guys cock, that slipped easily into my arse, then Grant pushed his back in, both set to fucking me as my orgasms started again, I was so sensitive it felt great, with each thrust I had another orgasm, then Grant cum, pulling his cummy cock out for me to suck dry, while the other guy kept going.

I looked around, it was dark now and the house was full of guys, it was then I saw Liz, It had been awhile since we last played, she was being dp’d by a couple of guys and other's had cocks ready for her to suck, as I looked over to her, she smiled, and blew me a kiss.

Grant had invited guys we knew too, Rick was busy being fucked by several guys, as his dad Andy face fucked him, I must be kinky, seeing a dad fuck his son, turns me on, then something new, Rick turned his dad around, and fucked his arse, that was different. It looked like they had really got into incest in both ways now.

My body was being abused by several guys, cocks and fists found any hole open to play in now, then Liz made her way over, kissing me, licking some cum from my face, she said my show with the horse looked great, what did it feel like, with a wicked grin, I told her you’ll have to find out.

I got up, telling Les to bring Patch in, taking Liz to the frame, we set about tying her in, as I did a guy gave her a good sniff of the poppers, I fisted her arse to open her up more, as Patch got nearer, she stated to panic a bit, but more poppers calmed her down, Patch walked up over her, his cock already sticking out hit her butt, I told Liz to take more poppers as Les began to scent the mare.

Oh boy, his cock jumped out a full 12 inches or more, as I aimed it into her cum soaked arse, she froze, I could see her hole clamp tight, with a hard smack and more poppers she let go, just as Patch pushed the first few inches in, she screamed, this cock was much bigger than she has ever had in her butt, but too late, the head of his cock was larger than the shaft, so once in, it eased up some. Patch thrust forward, more went in, as the guys forced Liz to continue sniffing the poppers, then it was like her arse just opened up, Patch went right in, Liz looked like a slut, her face lit up, as Patch rammed harder and harder, Les now holding the scent to his nose.

I have never seen Liz enjoy a fuck as much as she was now, Patch was forcing her forward with each thrust, all his cock sunk deep inside her butt, Liz went into one long orgasm. Then when Patch made his snorting noise, I knew she was going to cop his full load, I watched his cock swell and jerk, I knew reams of hot cum would be filling her stomach now, Liz was like a rag doll, smiling, orgasming but limp. Patch pumped her full, cum was running out everywhere, then he just pulled back, his huge cock head ripping her open, Liz screamed in pain, then went quite, her face blank, as Patch walked away, Les slammed his fist in, forcing more cum out, Liz once more went orgasmic.

It took awhile, but when she started to talk, she was lost for words, a smile a mile wide on her face, mind you her butt was also a mile wide now too. Then with a weird smile, she just looked at me and said, how long before he’s ready again.

Well the night continued into the small hours, we all took both horse’s, and in between, the dogs kept us busy too, it was by far the best night, we could have had, I asked Les to try and count the guys, just to see, later he said maybe 30, but some had left. Liz and myself, set about getting Grant to fuck us both, as always his arse gets a good work out, but often he hasn’t cum by the end of the night, so we set about seeing who could make him cum in us, well Liz won as Grant seeded her arse, while I licked her pussy clean.

Les said it was ok for her to sleep with us, so when all the guys had left, we all four fell into a very cum soaked bed, and slept like babies.

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