A continuation of the previous installments, reading the ones before is encouraged to understand the plot.
Chapter 18

Erick made his way to the pool to start helping out with the yoga class. These past few days have devastating to say the least. It didn’t help Mandi figured out his weakness to large ass fairly quickly. He was by every sense of the word sexed out. He trudged toward the large group of women. Upon seeing him a whisper spread all over, gazing in the crowd Lo and behold he saw the lady who he assumed must have been Taylor’s older sister. Their eyes met she blushed and looked away.

“Hello my name’s Jordan. Are you the new assistant?” A lady asked.

“Also part-time lifeguard,” he replied.

Jordan chuckled, her long hazel hair tied in a ponytail. The tight aerobic yoga attire clinging to her slim body.

“Good morning everyone, hope ya’ll had a good weekend,” Jordan announced.

Erick, to the best of his abilities, followed her instruction when it was necessary.

“Ok everybody pair up. Marge you can pair up with Erick.”

His lucky streak seemed to continue until now. He met with Marge aka Taylor’s older sister. The two looked alike the only major differences were Marge had a round chin, lighter in skin tone and was a full cup larger than Taylor.

Shyly she advanced to him mumbling a quick hello. They found themselves in the back, doing as Jordan instructed. One of the positions required her to bend over at an acute angle, her hands and feet on the ground. When she was done his job was to help her up, grabbing her by the waist he pulled her to him. It just so happened his soft penis was touching her ass. Nothing was said until his shuttle started to rise up pushing against her skin. She whimpered trying to move away from him.

“Stop moving the others will notice, plus basketball shorts suck at hiding boners,” he whispered to her ear. She nodded, this reaction surprised Erick, he had to test something out to make sure.

“Push your butt closer to me,” she looked back at him bewildered, he looked at her waiting. Gently, so no one would see, she complied to his order. He smiled devilishly; he was going to have fun with this one he thought.

Finished with yoga he took the elevator back. Colorful rumors made its round about the new male tenant, he chuckled at all of them. Entering his apartment he was greeted by Mandi clothed in one of his shirt. She reached for his crotch.

“Let’s do this in the shower, we need to get ready anyway,” Erick proposed.

She agreed walking seductively, unable to resist he grabbed her ass. She yelped, turned around gave him a peck and ran upstairs. He chased her, but she was to fast by the time he made it to the bedroom he found her shirt on the floor in front of the bathroom and heard the shower on. Undressing he joined her, sitting on the bench she straddled him. She wrapped her legs around his waist, placing his hands on her fine butt he pounded her pussy.

Erick started rubbing her asshole and slowly slipping his finger in it. Mandi’s reaction was priceless she came on the spot bathing him with her juice. He kissed her their tongues intertwined, she breathed in as he wiggled his finger in her hole. Smacking her ass he continued fucking her pussy. Mandi was full of energy and bounced on top of him until she reached a second orgasm.

Erick asked her to get up, she did so, then he bent her over her round ass pointed in his direction. He spanked it again before plunging back in her pussy. His goal this time was simple reaching an orgasm. Grabbing her butt, he hammered her wet vagina. He continued this course matching his climax with hers. He felt the walls of her cunt and his ball tightened. They both reached euphoria together, sitting on the bench they recouped.

The bell rung, Erick having just finished getting ready, headed downstairs, at the door were Mandi and the next-door neighbors, Marge and her mom.

“Hello ladies welcome to my humble abode,” he announced.

The two ladies looked to him in shock. “You,” Marge’s mom said, “never would have guessed, the lifeguard.”

“Ha ha the whole lifeguard thing is a… complicated story. By the way I didn’t catch your name mines Erick and this is Mandi.”

“Sorry my name is Barbara, but call me Barb. Right here is Margery you two met this morning. And this bundle of joy is Junior,” pointing to the baby Marge carried. Barb was a looker she resemble Taylor with her chin, and her smallish breasts. She did have a few wrinkles and platinum blonde hair. Although she was pretty, she usually dressed plain and very conservative.

“Yes we did, pleasure to meet you two, do you want to come inside for a drink.”

“No, Junior’s appointment is soon we have to leave, we only wanted to say hi.”

“Glad to meet you two have a great day,” Mandi told them.

As it turned out the four took shared the elevator, and ended up chatting on the way to their cars. Erick learned some valuable info like places to shop, eat and other things of this manner.

“Erick what are you doing here?” Robert inquired.

“To get my car,” he spoke in a matter-of-factly, grabbing the M3’s key.

“You’re the new resident.” Erick nodded opening the door for Mandi. Pulling out his wallet he tipped Robert, said goodbye to the girls and drove off.

A short while later they arrived at Best Buy. He wanted to outfit the house and themselves with some new electronics, comprising of laptops, an actual computer, smartphones, gaming consoles with various games and apple TV. This process took a good chunk of time. After they finished they went to the bank to open an account for Mandi. Feeling hungry Erick decided to go to a nearby Cheesecake Factory.

“I can make those at home if you like.” Seeing the faces she made whilst eating the cheesecake.

“Jim did tell me you were a great cook,” she replied.

“Really what else did he say?”

“You would probably be a Casanova and sleep around.”

GOT’EM,” Bella shouted.

He grimaced, “About that.”

Smiling she licked her fork, “It’s okay, I know Jim basically forced me on you. The only thing I ask of you is to not lie to me.”

Respecting her wishes he kissed her across the table. Again he couldn’t help noticing how great of a kisser she was.

“Where did you learn how to kiss so amazingly.”

She opened her eyes wide, looked around to see if anyone was near. Approached him and said, “In the tribe there was this girl we’d you know… do these type of stuff. It was nice, soft, gentle not that you’re not good, sometimes you get a little rough.”

Now this opened up another question, “Are you sexually attracted to women in general, or was it just an experimental thing you did.”

She sighed, “Truthfully I don’t know, thinking about women do make me tingle a bit.”

All Erick concluded from the conversation was threesome, threesome and threesome. Needless to say he wanted to explore this route. But with whom?

Going to have fun with Marge?” Bella inquired.

Sure will, I’m going to need your help with setting this up, I can handle the rest,” Erick grinned, tipping the waiter heftily.

On the way back he asked Mandi, “How serious are you about sleeping with another girl?”

“If there’s a chance to do it I’d take it, I want to try it a bit.”

Erick smirked and explained to her his plan. She was apprehensive at first, but went with it nonetheless. Arrived back at the apartment Erick spent a good frustrating hour or so talking to a Castcom personnel; why because he wanted internet business class for his apartment, ironically the representative was trying to talk him out of it.

The conversation went something like this, “Sir you do realize this plan is extremely expensive and based on what you told me there is no reason for you to have it.”

He was losing his patient at this point, “Yes there is a reason, I want it so I’ll buy it. If you can’t comprehend this let me speak to your manager.”

At last he was done, he threw the phone on the couch frustrated. Mandi snuggled next to him he knew what she wanted. Making her lay on her back he played with her foot. The night was filled with both of them copulating.

The next morning he could tell the news about him being the new resident spread like wildfire. He spotted Barb and Marge talking with the mature lady who questioned him last time. The stranger was few inches shorter than the mother and daughter combo. A greying brunette, who still had a killer body, full breasts, and a cute tight ass. She had a square face, with downward-turned lips, narrow nose and cold calculating blue eyes.

“Hey Erick I’d like you to meet Kim,” Barb said.

“Pleasure to meet you Kim,” shaking her veiny hand. “Could you please excuse me I’d like to ask Marge a favor.”

Taking her aside he told her, “I have a problem, Mandi needs to go shopping, she wants to buy some essential.”

“Oh yes there a shop in…”

“No, no, it’s getting close to that time of the month,” he explained bashfully.

“MMhhh,” finally understanding, “I can take her after were done here. However in return you have to take care of Marge the baby’s been crying all night and she barely slept.” Reassuring her he would be up to the task, they parted ways as Jordan came to start the class.

Later in his apartment, he explained the full extent of the plan to Mandi. She nodded leaving to the bathroom to prepare herself. It was time Marge had come to pick her up, giving him a peck she left.

Before leaving he dialed Janice, “Hey what’s up.”

“Amazing, I haven’t heard from you in a while.”

“Had some things come up. Anyway where’s the birthday girl.”

“Give me a moment to call her… Eve, Even uncle Erick wants to talk to you.”

The scream he heard at the other end defined her joy. “Hello daddy,” she yelled.

“Happy Birthday sweetie,” shaking his head at the “dad” moniker, “what are you planning to do today?”

“The pool, we have one now a biiiiiiiig one.” She explained how they moved to a nicer neighborhood, the improvement in lifestyle. “Daddy when are you coming to visit again?”

“Won’t be able to come for a bit, pass me your mom real quick before I go,” he told her.

Hearing Janice’s voice back on he asked, “Is everything alright with you two?”

“Fantastic again thank you.”

“Hey that’s what families here for right. It’s been good talking to you both, before I hang up give me your new address.” She told him the address, which he recorded in his phone. Wishing each other well they hung up.

“Time for the party to start now,” Bella spoke.

Indeed the time had arrived, Erick closed his door crossing over he knocked at the neighbors’ door. Marge appeared holding the baby in her arm, she was dressed in t-shirt and sweatpants. Walking inside he viewed her apartment, it was at least twice as large as his.

Closing the door behind him she walked to the kitchen, “I’m sorry you had to do this.”

“No don’t apologize Mandi needed some, private materials,” finding the correct way to word it.

“Usually he rarely fusses but last night was unique. Give me a moment it’s his nap time I’ll be back.” Excusing herself she climbed to the second story.

I feel bad teasing a baby like this,” Bella told him.

They are other options,” reminding her.

The other ones are not as foolproof.”

“Or it’s simply because you’re a sadist who likes playing with little babies.”

“Gasp. Such preposterous lies, I will make Mandi hornier tonight just for uttering such falsities.”

“Can’t be much worse now can it,”
he jested.

Marge came down slightly confused at how fast Junior went to sleep. She trekked to the sink ready to wash the dishes. Erick took this chance and jumped into action, he came up behind her pressing his frame onto her.

“What are you doing?”

“I was ordered to make sure you relaxed, thus no physical activities from you,” he smiled innocently.

Complying she sat in the peninsula eyeing him. Receiving precise instruction he cleaned the kitchen as an added bonus he made her some tea. Sitting on the couch they watched a movie. Marge was nodding, so Erick put his arm around her and placed her head on his lap.

She tried to protested, “you need a breather,” he told her.

Resting on his lap Erick begun caressing by caressing her hair, seeing no complaint from her his hands commenced roaming throughout her body. At first, nothing happened minutes passed the touches were concentrated in the more superficial erogenous zones. Her exaggerated breathing signaled him he was on the right direction.

“If you don’t find this pleasant at all please say so,” Erick said.

“I’m married.”

“I’m not hearing stop.”

Marge bit her lips, his finger dipped inside her sweatpants cupping her now moist lips. He rubbed her clit she moaned. All signs pointed to her arousal, he slithered past her slit into her wet whole. A lusty groan left her mouth, Erick searched till he found her g-spot. Then he rubbed it, she squealed, his thumb free he kneaded her clit with it. Continuing this process the familiar compressing of her cooch signaled her orgasm. She came, hard her hip shot upward bouncing on the couch.

“You seem satisfyingly calmed now,” breaking her post-orgasmic lull.

“Please leave. You’ve done enough.”

He looked at her brought his fingers coated in her juice sucking it with a grin on his face he exited her apartment. It was another hour before Mandy would come back. This time it was Erick who was horny. He didn’t wait for her to debrief him when she got upstairs. Pushing her down the bed frantically extracting her pants off, he dove straight for her muff. Mandi kind of went with the flow and let him pleasure her. Erick’s tongue darted her pink lips, copious juice gathered within minute. Warm-ups over it the exercise begun, his phallus hard, her clam wet. He penetrated her, forcefully his mouth biting her neck. Her squeals only made him go faster, harder. Something he had forgotten long ago awoke inside of him.

He kissed Mandi, but the later knew this wasn’t the same man she had been with the past few days. This was another beast, untamed, a dominator who only wants his own wishes fulfilled. He flipped position she was now on top, his hands clasped her ass. Erick’s hips moved like a piston pounding her pussy away to euphoria. Unlike the other times, he didn’t hold his orgasm climaxing the same time as her.

“I’ll see you later. Can’t believe this is actually working,” Mandi spoke finishing her breakfast.

“My plans are foolproof,” digging into his egg benedict.

Day one ending with great success meant it was time for the kill. The bad thing about cooking was the clean up afterwards, which is why Erick hired a maid to clean the house. All was good, until he left the house with lube in his pocket, then all was fantastic.

Wouldn’t it be better if you teased her slowly overtime?” Bella wondered.

My dear patience is not my virtue.

He rang the bell, Marge opened the door, her attire more gaudy than yesterday consisted of a white blouse and tight blue jeans. Nonetheless, the biggest difference maker was the makeup she had on, not too much only enough to hide her blemishes.

“Hi Erick,” in a high school girl voice.

Closing the door he pinned her on the wall locking lips with her. He knew what she wanted, but he wanted her to ask, even beg for it.

“What do you want?” he demanded.

She shrunk back at his aggressiveness, “for you to continue from yesterday.”

“Really is this why you greeted me today without your wedding ring?”

Her head bent down, her face tomato red, “Yes.”

“Lead me to your room.”

Hope filled her eyes courteously she ushered him to the guest bedroom where Taylor slept.. She fidgeted, blushing at his gaze.

“Strip,” he commanded.

“Can’t I just lie on the bed and let you take over.”

“No. You want it not me. Show me how far your willing to go or I’ll leave.”

Biting her lips she thought for a bit then removed her shirt. Erick was hoping for a little show. He was sorely disappointed when he witnessed her fluid robotic movements. She did wear the appropriate underwear, white lacey bra with matching cotton panties. The strong smell of her sex coated the room.

“When’s the last time you had sex?” cupping her crotch.

“Five months ago.”

This truly shocked Erick, Marge was a fine lady. “Does your husband suffer from guilt due to your pregnancy.”

“No Brandon has… a low sex drive.”

Her moist panties were translucent, outlining her pussy perfectly. “Do you masturbate,” she nodded, “show me how you go about it.”

She was red from the neck up at his request. Discarding the rest of her clothes away she laid on the bed next to him spreading her leg. He liked her bald pussy, which dripped gooey goodness down her tight little ass. Grabbing his hard prick he paid attention to her solo action. She groped her breasts, which had large dark pink areolas and nipples as big the tip of his pinkie. Her hand coursed over her belly, containing some stretch marks near the waist due to the pregnancy. She was beautiful pleasuring herself.

Erick watched until she was about to cum, “Stop.” Marge stared at him with lusty eyes. “On your knees,” came the next order.

Undressing himself, he placed his cock in front of her face letting her figure out the rest. She wrapped her tongue around his prick. It has been a while since he receive a blowjob, Mandi never really offered he didn’t want to pressure her. Marge’s oral skills were nothing to write home about, so he pulled her up and pushed her on the bed. Her tits jiggled at her fall, climbing on top of her he latched on her breasts to test a theory he had. Sucking hard he heard her moan, before long a thin, sweet warm liquid squirted in his mouth. He rejoiced having proved his theory. Marge was still lactating, explaining her larger areola and nipples. Her voice rose another octave when he kept drinking her milk. He stopped milking her positioning himself to enter her dripping hole.

“Do you want me to continue?”

“Yes,” her voice conveying her hunger.

“Ask for it,” he said.

“Please Erick put your penis in me.”

“Not convinced,” rubbing his dick on her clit.

“Sir put your big black cock in my pussy, please.”

He didn’t expect this from her she even added sir. Unable to refuse for his own sanity he plunged into her.

“Ahh,” she screamed.


“What?” she managed to say between breath.

“The safe word is apple, say it and I’ll stop.”

She looked at him caressing his cheek and kissed him. He fucked her roughly, again the same untamed animal, which appeared, last night resurfaced. He was the king, a black lion dominating the deer under his weight. Marge knew their encounter at the moment was wrong. Nevertheless, she couldn’t resist him, the way he made her feel was truly magical. In his arms she was safe, cared, protected. Emotions which were never reciprocate from her husband. Her sentiments coupled with the magic he was working with his wand sent her in a state of euphoria. Violently she shook under him, convulsing at the orgasm. It was powerful her eyes rolled backwards.

“Did you climax?”

“Yes sir,”

“Who told you could cum already,” whispering in her ear.

She was still high from the orgasm. He traced his finger over her body. She jerked, squirmed.

“Time for punishment,” still talking in her ear.

Erick wanted to see how far he could push her. He told her the safe-word, which he totally meant. Sure he might possibly use Bella to control Marge, this would not feed the animal in him. Ever since he saw her three days ago the beast smelled blood. It craved it the power of controlling others once more. He could tell she was vulnerable at the moment. The timing couldn’t be better.

“On my lap,” the harsh sound of his voice rang through the room.

Marge scrambled of her back resting her belly on his lap. He caressed her butt, it wasn’t big but there was something quite erotic about having a tight little ass to bent over.

“Keep count dear.” Whack, “one,” whack, “two,” whack, “three.” “Twtwenty,” he heard her sob. Shaken aback from his actions, his previous self ugly head reared itself. He was disgusted with himself. Stopping he lifted Marge hugging her.

“I’m sorry, I took advantage of the situation,” he said sincerely.

Marge wiped a tear from her eye, “No I liked it, all of it.”

He smiled, “You remind me of someone.”

She cocked her head quizzically. Erick pushed her back on the bed and went down her. His tongue skirted her clit. He slid his tongue across her labia lapping her juice. Marge’s cunt was red, puffy, wet wanting nothing more than relief. This basic right he denied it. His tongue twirled, swirled on her slit. Each touch was electrifying, she jerked, tensed getting closer to the tip of the iceberg.

Her vagina was a spring of fluid, creating a pool of nectar on the bed. He lifted his body groping her breast. A jet of milk squirted out of her nipple, landing on various parts of her chest. He licked it all, as his finger played with her cunt. Bringing his glistened finger to her face he watched as she, timely, licked it clean.

“Get on your hands and knees,” he ordered.

While she did so, he looked for his pants pulling out the bottle of lube. On the bed was a pretty sight. Marge cute ass pointed towards him. The reddish tint it had because of the spanking added to the pleasure. Putting a generous amount of lube on her nether hole, he pushed it in with his finger. When the cold substance touched her, she lurched forward. Twisting her head back at him her eyes met his, she lowered her chest pointer her hole upward. He greased her pink asshole. Done with the process he inserted the tip of his penis in.

She yelled, “Hey don’t wake up Junior,” he chastised.

Burying her head in her pillow, she muffled the sound. Continuously he fed her his dick. Before long Erick got into a nice groove. Marge’s hand darted to her clit.

“Tsk,tsk,tsk. You bad girl,” grabbing both hand pulling them backward.

Her chest lifted of the bed, the pillow dangled of her mouth. He slammed his dick in her arsehole. The pillow bounced all over her face stifling her cries. His orgasm neared. His hips moved on overdrive.

“You can cum now.”

Marge having been on the edge erupted. Erick let go of her arms to minimize the risk of injuries. She flailed on the bed. As this was going on he exploded in her anus. His sperm oozed out, trickling down to her cunt and tights.

Crashing on the damp bed close to her, “you okay.”

She nodded curling up to him. He gazed at the clock calculating he had a few hours before Mandi and Barb came back he cuddled with Marge and took a nap.

Erick stood in front of his kitchen preparing chicken pot pie, with mash potatoes, corn of course with gravy and chocolate cake for dessert. The door opened with Mandi and Barb coming through.

“Did not expect you to be the cooking type,” Barb exclaimed, various shopping bags in hands.

As usual she wore business attire, hiding her beauty. The only thing different about her was the pearl earrings she had on.

“Wow you look great with those earrings,” he genuinely complimented her.

The most unusual reaction occurred. Barb beamed, flushed red and whispered a meek thank you before exiting.

“That was strange,” Mandi pointed out.

“Something’s wrong with this family can you…

Already on it,” Bella replied.

The night continued on as normal. Erick and Mandi ate, fucked and wet to bed.

“Ready to debrief you Erick,” Bella spoke. “Turns out Barb has been verbally abused by her husband for years.”

What about Marge and Taylor.”

“Nothing, she moved here to protect them both. As far as those two are concerned their dad is waste of human life. They dare not say anything in case their father decide to abuse their mom further,”
she continued.

Is Marge also being abused by her husband?” trying to comprehend the lack of sex.

“No. It’s as she stated, he’s completely disinterested in her.”

“Not much we can on that front. Barb suffers from low self-esteem. Can you help with this also?”

“Yeah, should be no problem. I’d like to suggest a slower method which would help her on the long term.”

For an hour they discussed the ins and outs about solving the dilemma that was his neighbors. Without him realizing when sleep overtook him.

Chapter 19

Yoga used to find peace within one’s true self. As Erick found out was a great way to get rid of cramps and soreness. He was amazed the women wore makeup for the class. Jordan didn’t help the cause by joining in. He was assigned to Barb that day. She unlike the others was au naturel with no makeup. Her platinum blonde hair tied to a ponytail reached her back. The loose fitting clothes she had on hid her body from his wandering eyes.

“Love the top you have on,” Erick said.

Again, this little compliment had her smiling brightly. The rest of the morning continued without a hitch. Barb came by to pick up Mandi as usual. She seemed to have taken a liken to the South-African beauty. Barb takes her to the movies, eat ice cream, the park, it’s like having a six year old who can legitimately hold a conversation. Also, she loves Mandi’s accent. This time they took Junior with them, turns out excessive sleep is not optimal for a baby. Entering the apartment next door he found Marge naked prostrated on the floor.

“Good morning Sir. How may I serve you,” she spoke.

“Please explain what’re you doing?” he asked confused.

“I read it in ’30 Colors of Red’ I wanted to try it out.”

Admittedly, it was very erotic. He unzipped his pants, without any prompting she fished out his soft penis and placed it in her mouth. She bobbed her head. He knew because of his session with Mandi less than an hour ago he wasn’t even close to climaxing. Stopping her he told her to point her pussy towards him.

His hard prick hung waiting for entry. Her pink wet pussy leaked on the wooden floor. Getting on his knees he docked his shuttle to her port. Sex on the floor was different. For one there was less friction Marge was all over the place. Erick did his best to stabilize her. Because of yesterday’s punishment she was hesitant about cuming. When he told she free to climax whenever, she shuddered. Trembling, fumbling on the ground, her orgasm passed. Without letting up Erick proceeded his assault. Pulling out he sprayed his spunk on the ground.

“Lick it,” he ordered her.

She looked at him, at the mess and back at him. Bending over she licked the surface clean of his sperm. Right then he knew she was ready.

“Come to my room tonight 11:00.”

“But my mom will notice,” she protested.

“Sounds like a personal problem you have there,” was his response. “Also wear something sexy.”

With this he exited the apartment content with himself. He went back to his own home getting dressed to run some errands. Retrieving his car from Robert he took the highway driving north. He visited his parents for a while. Then stopped by Nikita’s. He knocked on her door she opened. After seeing it was him she rolled her eyes.

“Do you only visit me when you need to scratch your itch?” she inquired.

“Wanted to say hi that’s all,” he answered.

“Sigh, for a FWB you’ve got two things working for you. You’re really cute and you’re good in the sack.”

Leaning forward he kissed her, “Only two.”

She smiled, “Okay maybe more.” She grabbed the collar of his shirt pulling him inside.

Leading him to her room, she shoved him on the bed. His pants detached itself from his waist without much effort. Seeing his prick she cooed, inserting it in her orifice. Ah, the beautiful art of a blowjob, nothing quite like it. Erick almost… almost forgot how great it felt. Using her tongue she licked from the base to the head. Her hand cupped his balls fondling it. Not wanting to leave her out he suggested they get in the 69 position.

Doing away with her Pajamas her trimmed pussy was near his lips. Her moist velvety vagina egged his mouth to taste it. He lapped Nikita’s fold. Her nectar flowed down his tongue. His teased her clitoris, perceiving its rise. Spreading her ass cheeks, he peeked at her dark puckered asshole. Substituting his finger in her vagina, he rolled his tongue injecting in her sphincter.

Nikita moaned, pleased with the change of pace. The vibration of her moaned caused him to, inadvertently, thrust in her mouth. Despite her chocking a little, she never separated his dick from her mouth. His digits delved deep in her cunt as his tongued busied itself with her nether hole. The more aroused Nikita got the sloppier the blowjob got. His tongue and fingers alternated between her pussy and anus. Her face rested on his tights, her mouth exhaling warm air to his balls. Gingerly she pumped his dick with her hand.

Before long she all but stopped pleasing him only focusing on receiving. She squirmed on him, pushing her hip to meet his face. Erick smacked her butt, enforcing his tongue deeper. This caused her to peak. Clenching his jaws shut he was able to avoid getting hurt. Nikita thrashed, her legs clung to his head, while her hip bounced on his face.

“I found another reason to put up with your sudden appearances,” licking her lips.

“The pleasure was all mines,” sitting up on the bed, he leaned his back against the wall.

She crawled closer, “Looks like you’re still hard. Not if I have something to say about it.”

Rising on top of him, she impaled herself with his sword. His dick bottomed out, pressed against her cervix. His hands cradled her heart shaped butt, finger up her puckered hole. He noticed her soft breasts pushed on his chest. He kissed her, caressing her hair. Erick controlled the pace, making it lasting as long as possible. Her warm pussy seemed to know exactly what to do to encourage him cumming.

“I’m close,” was all he was able to say

Nikita responded with a grunt. One final shove, he exploded prompting her to cum along with him. The room resounded with the melodious sound of lusty pleasure. Descending from his climax he went to take a shower to remove the smell of sex on him. Washing in the warm water Nikita joined him and started to fondle his balls.

Protesting saying he had to leave she said, “You are not leaving before I get my fill.” She gripped his cock, shrugging he complied.

“Wait,” Erick stood just outside of Nikita’s apartment. “Give me your phone number… Now I can give you booty calls.” They kissed, she had a radiant smile on her face.

Summer in the sunshine state was atrociously unbearable at times, the humidity didn’t help. But for Erick the heat was heaven sent. Opening the door of his car, he got hit with a wave of heat. Starting the car he put the A/C at full blast, hot air splashed on his face. Rush hour just begun cars moved lazily on the interstate.

Damn, you know it’s hot when the 98 degrees outside feels like icy goodness,” Bella pointed out.

Excuse me, but icy and goodness don’t belong in the same sentence. Besides this weather is perfect,” he replied.

Perfect, this overbearing humidity, you can see the heat rise from the road.”

The two bickered about their opposing opinion all the way to Publix. Erick shopped for groceries. By the time he got back home Mandi was there along with multiple boxes from Best Buy. The rest of the night consisted of both setting up their various electronic devices.

It was almost time for Marge to come, “Go to the bathroom and prepare yourself.” Without much protest she did as he told.

Following Bella’s instruction he opened the door for Marge before she knocked. Did she ever dress to impress in her long coat. He was perplexed until she removed the coat, then his ding donged. She was wearing a matching set of pure sexiness. Black lacey bra adorned her breasts, a garter belt hung on her belly attached to nylons. Her matching panties lined with white frills, the makeup she had on, along with the stilettoes ended the set.

“If only you weren’t for Mandi,” he said.

“What?” she asked.

“Umm…” realizing his mistake, “do you want to join Mandi and I in a threesome?”

Marge gazed at him furious, then she kissed him. “My opinion does not matter sir, I only wish to serve you.”

Erick grinned she indeed did bring back great memories. He led her upstairs; Mandi was still in the showers.

“I owe you an orgasm,” he said, coursing his hand through her curly hair.

The water stopped, he rushed in the bathroom leaving Marge in the room.

Mandi was drying herself he cupped her eyes, “I got a surprise for you.”

He charioted her to the bedroom, where Marge waited. Uncovering her eyes Mandi was confused, happy, and horny at the same time. She hugged Erich and thanked Marge immensely.

“No needs to thank me miss, it’s your wish,” the later replied.

“Miss?” turning to Erick with raised eyebrows.

“Don’t ask it’ll take too long to explain.”

Both ladies stood motionless, nervous at the current situation. Breaking the ice, Erick grabbed Mandi’s ass while shoving his tongue in Marge’s mouth. This had a positive effect as Mandi started touching Marge. She carefully felt Marge’s body. She began with the shoulder, her hand drifting across to her hidden breasts.

By this time Erick calmly observed the interaction from the bed. Mandi reached up kissing Marge. The latter pulled back, shyly but slowly she replied to the kiss. She reached down placing her hand on Mandi’s ass. The last part got him all sorts of excited. But he had to be patient and let these two be comfortable with each other.

“Ah fuck it who am I kidding,” he thought.

Moving her hand away from Mandi’s dark chocolate mound, he stuck a finger in her back hole. She squealed at the sudden penetration, only smiling seductively at her present. Mandi’s petit hand moved behind Marge’s back unclasping her bra. Reaching pass Mandi’s head he squeezed her nipple, tiny spots of milk appeared.

Mandi latched on one nipple he did the same to the other. Wiggling his finger in her anus, he caused her to bite her breast, as a result Marge let out a moan. Things were still moving to slow for his taste. Disconnecting the two girls apart he stripped Mage of her panties, pushed her on the bed, spreading her legs open.

Burying his digits in her wet vagina, he removed them. “Want a taste?” he asked Mandi.

She saw his gleaming fingers, with little hesitation she sucked on them. “I like it,” she stated.

“Then you know where to get more,” referring to the pussy. “Try to do it the same way I do it to you,” giving her some pointers.

She nodded her head between Marge’s legs. Erick had a boner since Marge walked in. The scene in front of him did not help it in anyway. He discarded his clothes, kneeling he placed his penis on Marge’s lips. Sure her skills were subpar, but a blowjob is a blowjob is a blowjob. She found it hard to concentrate on his manhood as Mandi lapped her pussy. Ending her enjoyment he switched the girls position. Moving behind he penetrated Marge’s vagina.

Her cunt was warm, inviting and snug. He looked at Mandi who was relishing the lip service her own pussy received. Wanting to help Erick picked her foot and sucked on her toes. Instantly she came, bathing Marge’s visage with her juice. She jerked her head out coughing, parts of her hair matted across her cheeks. Throughout this process, his hips never once stopped stroking her pussy. He continued licking Mandi’s foot playing with the interspaces.

“Don’t stop licking. We’re just started,” he told Marge.

She dove back in Mandi’s leaking honey pot. Pulling out he grabbed the lube on his night table. The bottle in one hand Marge’s ass staring at him, he prepared it for some fun times. Three of his digits were imbedded in her anus. A seductive moan left her lips. Curious Mandi propped herself up to look at what cause the sudden change in her. Eyes round she stared as Erick aligned himself with Marge’s cornhole and inserted his cock in.

“Yes,” she purred.

His prick filled her whole. Mandi’s jaw dropped, Erick looked at her grinning. He pulled his hips back thrusting it forward. Marge grunted relishing the infiltration. Wanting to spice things up he lifter her up, still attached to his dick. Lowering himself on the bed with her in a reverse cowgirl position. They adjusted according, thus he laid on his back as she rode him. Mandi was touching herself at this point equally awed and aroused. Erick winked at her, wanting to make full use of him she place her bodacious butt on his face. Not too long after she had an orgasm.

Erick was in trouble, Mandi’s muscular tights clamped his face as she came. Her juices exploded down his throat, his nose blocked by her body. He was chocking, suffocating and sodomizing Marge’s anus all at once. If he died right then he’d feel complete. After her climax, Mandi melted on the bed enabling him to recuperate. Focusing solely on Marge he picked up the pace, pinching her nipples warm milk dribbled on his hands. If there was one thing that could be said about Mandi, she was quick to shoot even quicker to reload.

The powerful black temptress returned. This time she satisfied herself by rubbing Marge’s clitoris. It didn’t take much more before the later achieved her climax. Her back arched he got a good view of her milk jetting upward as she convulsed on top of him. She fell landing on his chest gasping he kissed her gently. Suddenly without any warning she got off and went down on him cleaning his dick.

“Thank you sir,” giving his pecker a kiss, “Always wanted to say that,” she added giggling.

Marge was a sight to behold, smeared makeup, disheveled hair, leaky tits. But in the short time he’s known her this was the happiest he’d ever seen her.

He shook his head muttering, “Submissive chick is submissive.”

“Where is your bathroom?” she inquired.

He pointed to the upper right corner of the room and stared at her cute butt sway. Now came the next part, reaching for the lube he gravitated towards Mandi. Pressing the bottle, the gelatinous substance covered his hand. She knew what was to be, propping her ass up she let him grease it up. Thinking he did a good enough job, he positioned her on her side. He aligned himself parallel behind her. Hooking her leg with his elbow, he pressed the tip of his dick in her virgin hole.

Marge walked in time to witness this occurrence. She must have washed her face in there, since it was devoid of makeup. Erick beckoned Marge directing her to Mandi’s pussy. He needed the distraction to relax Mandi’s sphincter. The licking did the trick since he fed her anus more of his shlong. After taking his full length she received another orgasm from Marge. Retracting his hard phallus he jutted softly inward. He kept this speed for several minutes, mostly because her vice of an anus was gripping his dick. Wanting to cum sooner rather than later he pressed harder. Being a great observer Marge facilitated by playing with Mandi’s foot. The pressure built up at the base of his loins, next to him Mandi was shaking in anticipation of her own climax. With a final thrust he spewed his seeds in her rear-end. Shortly after Mandi came jetting streams of juice on the bed. Removing his prick from her ass, Marge quickly appeared to clean both of them, lapping their fluids.

Fortunately, the night was still young, unfortunately Mandi was going hard in the paint. Her craving never waned through the night. She made it hard for the other two to keep up with her insane energy. At last she grew tired, with one last orgasm she called it quits. Once she rested a bit, Marge said goodbye. Being a gentlemen Erick walked her out, instructing Mandi to change the sheets. With Marge covered in her coat and him only weary basketball shorts he escorted her out.

“Goodnight sir,” giving him a peck.

He pushed her inside closing the door, “I owe an orgasm remember.”

“Yes sir,” she smiled.

They tiptoed to the guestroom stealthily, discarding the little clothes they had on. Without any prep Erick shoved her on the bed and plunged in her cunt. She grunted he twisted her nipples creating two milky fountains. He moved his prick like a piston in her wet walls, unable to contain herself she climaxed. In her euphoria he latched on to her breasts squeezing it, the warm milk overflowed his mouth. Pressing his lips with her, he emptied the liquid into her mouth. He watched as it dribbled across her cheeks. She swallowed, receiving a deep kiss from him before he departed basketball shorts in hand.

“Time to pay a visit to the peeping tom,” traversing the slightly ajar door.

Bella directed him to the second floor of the apartment. There was a hallway with three door, he headed to the farthest. He took a peek, a king bed in the middle with an chest in front of it. To the left was a dresser, near it a vanity desk complete with a bench. On her back on the bed was Barb in her birthday suit, spread eagle pushing a small purple dildo in her hairy cunt. Closing the door behind him, hearing him she covered herself.

“Please don’t stop on my account,” he spoke.

“What are you doing here?” she demanded.

Dropping his shorts he walked closer saying, “I wanted to help you with your issue. If you say the word ‘apple’ I’ll see my way out this instant.”

She bit her lip, starting intently at his throbbing cock. He climb the bed, installing himself close to her. Brushing her hand away he cupped her floppy tits.

“Did you enjoy the show downstairs? Ha ha ha, based on what I’m seeing now the answer is a definite yes.”

Barb flushed red, this summed it up Taylor… took after her father. He instructed her to mount him. She was hiding herself. Father time had started doing his work with her body. Things were starting to go south.

“You are the hottest grandma alive,” he exclaimed.

She glowed, grinning from ear to ear at his compliment. Arranging his cock he penetrated her vagina. He thrust upward sending ripples through her body. Her beautiful tits bounced, her belly shook rustling her blonde pubes. Due to her earlier ventures, she was close to her orgasm adding Erick to the mix expedited the process. She came, he covered her mouth muffling her cry. She slumped on his chest breathing deeply.

“I’d like to invite you and Marge to my apartment in two nights for dinner,” he said nibbling her ear.

Fuck, I got lifeguard duty all day today,” he looked at the clock in his kitchen which shone 5:34 a.m. “I must say you delivered with your extra sex promise.”

“I do what I must
,” replied Bella. “Since you’re wondering about Barb she woke up at midnight because Junior was crying. Seeing Marge absent from the apartment she decided to sleep on the couch waiting as she came back.”

“Lo and behold she was on her back enjoying a young stud,” he crashed on the bed. “All I need now is Amazon twenty-four hour shipping, convincing Mandi and some wine.”

With the pretext of wanting to show gratitude to the Birds, he organized a diner at his place. He made baked macaroni with cheese, roasted chicken, caramel cheesecake for desert and some bottles of chardonnay. The guests arrived comprising of Barb and Marge. The meal went peacefully, with chatting. Erick passed the wine waiting for mother and daughter to get tipsy.
Desert served he watched as they ate the cake with gusto, complementing him on his work.

“I have to get the recipe for the chicken,” Marge said, slurring her words.

He smiled, shinning his white teeth. Moving behind Barb, he cupped her breast and kissed her. Mandi acted quickly, she was standing behind Marge’s chair caressing her stomach. Things were going as planned both ladies were flustered, the alcohol not working in their favors.

“W-w-what are you two doing?” Barb managed to say.

“Obviously a foursome,” Mandi answered nonchalantly. Her bluntness although at times troublesome, was one of her many redeeming qualities.

“It’s okay, I’ve had sex with everyone present here,” at this Marge shot a bewildered look at her mother. “Oh she didn’t tell you,” his hand glided inside her shirt twiddling her nipple. “She was spying on us two nights ago. When I confronted her about it well… good times were to be had.”

Barb turned her eyes away, “Don’t be shy, this is the whole purpose of the meeting. Tonight we’ll get to know each other more intimately. If you are interested join us upstairs, if not there’s the door.” Mandi and him went upstairs leaving them behind.
Casting out the bait, the two prepared, she undressed her honey pot wet in anticipation. Sure enough, mother and sister came to the room, shifting uncomfortably. He winked at Mandi, they moved towards them. Erick grabbed Barb, picked her up resting her on the bed. He removed her shirt, unclasped her bra, her breasts laid flat on her chest having lost all its perkiness. Still this did not deter him, he still found her natural features attractive. He suckled her nipple, all the while his hand broke through the buckle of her pants. His hand brushed against her trimmed pubes as it reached for her slit. She pushed her pants down her legs allowing for better access.

Barb was impatient, nervous, excited, and scared. This man she’d only met but a week ago was doing wonders to her. Such things went against everything she learned about sex it was pleasurable. Her body was aroused at the very thought of him touching her. Lost in her thoughts she failed to notice his face between her legs. His tongue caressed her trimmed labia. It circled around her lips missing her clit. He teased Barb with each stroke, made her yearn for it. Relenting, his tongue lapped her bud. She twitched, her hand holding his head.

“YESS,” hearing this scream they both looked founding the source of the noise.

Mandi was standing her legs spread apart as Marge face was buried in her pussy while the former squirted all over her lavender shirt. Waiting for her to come down her climax Marge proceeded to lick her tights of the juices that permeated it. Barb was hornier after witnessing this act by her daughter.

“Marge come over here,” he instructed. Flawlessly she moved from her knees next to him in an instant. “Get naked.” She did as he told discarding of her clothes. “Straddle you mom’s face.” At this Barb stared at him bewilder. Marge climbed the bed and placed her cunt on her mom’s mouth. “Barb I think you know what to do at this point.”

Not waiting for a reply he picked up Barb’s legs, spread them apart. His hard prick was ready when it penetrated her. She groaned her mouth covered with her daughter’s pussy. Erick thrust his dick crashing into Barb’s cervix. He forcefully grabbed Marge’s neck, forcefully pulling her closer and shoved his tongue down her throat.

He finished invading her mouth a string of drool lingered between their lips. “Don’t come until I tell you,” he whispered to her ear. She nodded, loved this side of him. The one that dominated, conquered, and controlled her. The way it made her feel was second to none. Although her mother was inexperienced in the art of cunnilingus, his fierce groping made up for it.

Erick motioned his head to Mandi. She nodded went to the nightstand retrieving the bottle of lube and a black strap on dildo. Adjusting the dildo, she moved closer to Marge. Her hand caressed Marge’s tight butt, which she preferred over her own overbearing ass. Marge turned behind at Mandi staring at the dildo. Mandi saw how Erick had firmly grasped Marge’s breast. The look in his eyes was different, she recognized it, the beast had taken over once again. When it happened he was more physical, selfish and cared less about the other person’s enjoyment. However, she couldn’t deny she wanted to know how that felt which is why she was happy the time he suggested the orgy tonight.

Her mom’s sudden scream broke her thoughts. Barb reached euphoria in a way she never could conceive possible. A young stud sporting a giant dick, while her daughter wet bald cunt covered her lips as she watched her ass filled her lube. She shook, her toes curled, her hip elevated of the bed and came crashing back down.

“Get off her,” Erick said.

Slowly Marge lifted her leg and kneeled besides him on the bed. He could tell she was close to cumming but held it off so far. He traced his finger down her chest, to see her trembled as she clenched her fist.

“You did good,” he caressed her hair. “For this I will give you what you so justly yearn for.”

A good thing about having a king sized bed was the space it had. Erick adjusted his tall frame on his back waiting for Marge to climb on him. She impaled her sopping pussy with his cock. Her eyes rolled, her face flushed, a bright smile appeared on her face. He smiled back seized her butt cheek spreading them apart. Unlike her joyful smile his was devilish it grew especially when Mandi stuck the dildo up her anus.

Marge moaned both her holes were stuffed. Erick was in heaven he sensed the dildo pressing against his prick. Awkwardly they both started fucking their respective holes. They found a way to time it so they went in her alternately. The different facial expression of both girls pleased him. Mandi had a sadistic grin on her whilst Marge liked the ride up to mount euphoria. He heard a groan turning to the direction Barb had her finger deep in her vagina masturbating to her daughter being double penetrated.

Pointing to the lube he said, “Your ass is mine when I’m done with her.”

Barb grinned bottle in hand she pointed her tight butt to him seductively smeared the lube in. He was definitely going to tear her up after this performance from her. He drew himself back to the original assignment. Denying Marge the orgasm was a great thing. She became frantic, biting her lips, her nails clamped on his shoulder.

“You can cum,” he told her with a twist of the nipple.

She trembled then, like an eighteen-wheeler, the orgasm hit her. Her arms along with her legs flailed hitting him and Mandi. An animalistic scream left her throat, blood vessels appeared on her tomato red neck. She fainted drooling on him, gently they removed themselves from her and placed her on the side of the bed.

Barb gripped his still hard cock her hand coated with lube. She was ready for her part. Pushing him on his back she got on top planting his phallus in her virgin rosebud. Through some wiggling compiled with some prodding he managed to fill her anus. She took a deep breath, lifted her butt and glided it back down.

“Mandi sweetie, bring your dildo right here.” Mandi who was caressing Marge making sure she was okay perked up at that proposition. The sudden change in Barb’s attitude surprised him.

She buried herself in the mature vagina, wasting no time she piston in Barb’s pussy. Erick himself had to struggle in Barb’s tight ass. His motions limited, Mandi’s relentless pounding not helping. Just having him stuck in her sphincter was all Barb needed to orgasm. It was a good one she hummed all the way through, when she stopped her strength sapped out of her.

Horny did not quantify how Mandi felt. Immediately she pulled Barb of him, stripped out of the strap-on and climbed on his dick. She went from zero to orgasm in a minute flat. Once she peaked however, she continued to power through bouncing on top of him. Her boundless energy electrified the air, as multiple orgasm continuously course it way. After what seemed like an eternity she got off quivering, a wide grin ornate her face.

Turns out the mother daughter duo were getting along quite fine without him. Marge was on all fours with Barb having the strap-on clumsily pounded her pussy. He move behind the mature women groping her breast. Pressing his dick in her anus he shoved it in.

“I told you I’d tear that ass up,” he bit her earlobe.

Pulling his hips away he plunged right back into her. His cock barely fit in her tight anus, the walls wrapped itself around him impeding his movement. He grasped her breast, pinching her nipple. Barb screamed, the sound of her cry was music to his ears. He reveled in it, applying more pressure on it. Erick’s powerful movement forced Barb to coincide with his as she fucked Marge’s ass. His arousal peaked, his loins tightened, his pace quickened. One last push he ejaculated in her anus.

Waiting till her inside was full he removed his limp dick, his sperm dropping out of her. Not long after he had done so, his dick was in another warm orifice. Surprised he looked down to see Mandi sucking him. This combined with noticing Marge giving her mom a rimjob got him back up.

The night continued as such, the orgy persisted till morning by then all participant were thoroughly sexed out, even Mandi. Subsequently, Erick change the sheets and they all rolled together and slept.

To be continued…
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