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Alena is a woman in her mid-twenties who works her ass off in a bureau. After some extra hours she just wants to treat herself...
After an hour long train ride home I was completely exhausted and done with my life. I haven't really slept in nearly 32 hours just because I was working. I've always hated extra hours but they were paid pretty good so I agreed on staying longer in the bureau. The only thing I wanted was my nice bed and a good amount of sleep for the whole weekend without being interrupted.
When I entered my house I immediately threw off my black high heels and ran upstairs to the bathroom to fill my bathtub with water. I decided to treat myself with some shower oil to make it even more enjoyable. I slipped out of my tight red dress and my underwear and laid down in the bathtub. ,,Oh yes!“, I said to myself and closed my eyes.I felt the warmth of the water on my skin and started to wash my body. I touched my legs lightly with the water soaked sponge and heard something plop. I looked up and recognised that I accidently dropped the soap. It was just a small left-over and I couldn't find it through all the bubbles and foam. After a few seconds I grabbed it but it instantly slipped out of my hands again.
It slipped fast against the head of the bathtub and back to me. As it was coming towards me, it hit me between my legs. „Ah!“, was all that I managed to say. Although it was an accident I slightly felt aroused by it. Some of the foam now had disappeared and I had a full view on my body again.
I don't know why but it sure had been a time since I have had sexual intercourse with someone. Still aroused by that accident I began to massage my breasts and immediately closed my eyes again. I haven't been or wasn't touching myself in quite a while now but it felt so good after all this time. Normally I wasn't getting horny so fast but I twisted my own nipple just a little bit but let out a real loud moan. I covered my mouth with my other hand. It was after midnight and I didn't want to wake my neighbours up. Especially not because they are a very conservative family and would hear me masturbating. One time Mrs. Clarks told me I shouldn't wear tight dresses to work because it makes me look like a whore. But I didn't want to care about the Smiths now.
After I calmed down a bit I moved further down between my legs. It didn't need any foreplay, I was already as wet as anyone could be. I inserted my middle finger in my hot slit and moved it. First in and out and then faster and deeper. I then continued to circle around with the same finger around my clit with my juice and was breathing faster and biting my lips to restrain my moans but I just couldn't. I moaned really loud and heavy and felt that I was so close to my orgasm. I nearly was there when I was being interrupted by a truly noisy sound. I stopped and looked around. Outside my window I could see someone. Or better this person could see me. See me right masturbating. And this someone was playing with themself as well!
I quickly covered my body in a towel and opened the window to yell: „You pervert!“, even though I couldn't see him or her. Behind the tree in my front yard I could spot a silhouette. It was a man.. or a boy, I couldn't tell but it was definately someone male. His body was covered in a hoodie so I couldn't see his face but it was still tight enough to underline his muscles. „Wasn't the first time!“, he answered laughing. „Who are you, you little perv?“
I questioned him I didn't get an answer, he only moved forward to my neighbour's house. I was shocked. The teenage son of the Smith's wasn't that innocent at all and I somehow truly liked that he was watching me.
I watched him sneak inside the house and closed my window. I cleaned the bathtub and went into bed. I turned on the TV and snuggled up inside my bed sheets. Of course I couldn't get that little Smith's boy out of my head. He said he watched me several times. I'm not sure about his age but I guess he is around 17.
I checked out my bed room. The windows in here couldn't expose me so I made a map inside of my head of my house. There are not many rooms that I masturbate in. There would be the bed room, the bath room and my living room. And the fact that I only do it after work because otherwise I don't have the time to and haven't done it in quite a while means that he watched me for months if not for a year or so. Instead of being shocked and disgusted by this it made me some kind of powerful. I had power over some teenage boy whose parents think he's the incarnation of the perfect son-in-law although he is just like all the other boys his age. I felt attractive. And I still was horny. I opened the window and despite the fact he couldn't see me playing with myself now I hoped he could hear me moan. And I moaned loudly. Only for him. I imagined how his hands touched and pressed my breasts while we were exploring each others mouths with our tongues. I imagined how his hands are still on my breasts while he is moving his head down my body kissing his way to my belly. My breathing was getting faster. I've never had or even thought of having sex with someone younger than me. I didn't know if it makes a difference but I just imagined him with just a little bit to none knowledge of sex and me guiding him to please me. In my thoughts he was my own personal toy. I pictured him between my legs not knowing what to do and I just said him to lick the inners of my goddamn pussy like he would lick the last bit of ice cream in a bowl. In my mind he was clearly enoying me talking like that instead of saying something more 'innocent' like vagina. I was rubbing my clit fast and enjoying this dominance and I came really hard. I left out a moan I haven't heard before when I was masturbating. I was amazed by myself. After my orgasm I straightly went to bed and hoped to cross my new sex interest in my dreams to repeat that interaction as soon as possible.
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