When mike finds his girlfriend cheated and she will do anything to stay with him he pushes her to the limit
7/2/2014 update I fixed it (Or at least mostly) like I planed to and added the missing part of the true story that didn't copy over. I learned my lesson and wont be publishing them right after I copied them from my phone any more know... that's good.

So this story is based off of my personal crazy dark fantasy of what I want to do to my girlfriend. Im really into MMFs for some reason the thought of a girl being the center of attention of two guys is an awesome turn on. I have been in a few mmfs did nothing gay we just drove the girl crazy then another time we took complete control of her and had a girl blowing us while we drank and played games. (Another story! :p) the girl im with now (who i plan to marry some day! And would never do this in real life I think if she cheated on me I would fall apart lol ) is who this story is based off of and honestly im working on getting her more open to at least showing off her sexy body for my friends and my self... im fucked up lol. Sorry for any mistakes this is all on my phone.

I loved my girlfriend, she was everything to me. Megan was the reason for so many good things in my life from getting my life back together to buying a apartment up town. he had been happily dating for three years since she got out of college until everything changed.

The sun had not risen yet when my phone alarm woke me up. Quickly I slapped turned it off hoping that Megan was not disturbed from her peaceful sleep, luckily she was a deep sleeper. I stood from the bed and looked at my beautiful girlfriend sprawled out on the bed under a thin sheet that clung to her athletic form.

her long blond hair cascaded down her back as she laid on her stomach with her perfectly shaped bubble but that jutted out in the air and her long toned legs star fished out on the bed as soon as I had gotten up. I felt my lust build looking at her even though we made love last night I still wanted her.

Fighting the urge and readjusting my erection I went down stairs to make some coffee, then to my computer desk to check my emails making sure my bills had been payed, When I noticed a odd email from a old friend from the academy. the subject said.

"hey man its about Megan.. im sorry"

when I opened the email my heart dropped through my stomach.

There was a video link of her at the last party we where at making out with another man with his hands down her yoga pants fingering her. I couldn't take my eyes away. but just as he was about to drag her into the room to most likely fuck her brains out she stopped and pulled away swaying drunkenly from side to side mouthing I have a boyfriend over and over then turning to leave. the video stopped and my tears started to flow.
After crying and blaming my self for I don't know how long, I snapped and felt rage build inside of me, I ran up the stairs and opened the door with a slam making Megan sit up in shock looking at me with pure panic. the sheet had fallen away revealing her perky 36 double Ds, on any other day It would have been a welcome sight but not today.

"Come down stairs right now Megan!" I braked slamming the door and stomping away. it was ten minutes before she came down stairs and found me at my computer staring at the floor. Megan was wearing black short Tna pants and a tight blue tank top.

"Sweetie whats.." I pressed play interrupting her letting the party music flow free through the house and bringing her attention to the screen. Megan looked down at it confused and innocent until her green eyes got big realizing it was her in the video and I watched her large pouty lips part into a gasp of horror.

She started crying stammering about how drunk she got, how she does not remember, how she would never do any thing to hurt me, rambled, begged and pleaded me to forgive her telling me she would do anything to stay together, or how she would die with out me. I got up numb to everything she said, mumbled we would talk later and walked out to my car late for work.

Work moved slower then it ever had in my life. my coworkers asked if im okay if i need anything i didn't answer, moving thoughtless through the paperwork. A call about a domestic disturbances shook me from my blank state but I was more then ready to go. its amazing how fate can put you someplace and teach you how bad it could have been. a husband had walked in to his wife cheating on him and had shot the man then threatened his wife. yet he ended up forgiving her and being hauled off by SWAT yelling I love you to her.

On the way back to the station I thought to my self if a cracked out drunk could forgive his slut of a wife I could find a away to forgive the girl of whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life with but I had to overcome my anger and after all we where young her being only 22 and my self 25 there was plenty of time to forget and forgive but not with out getting as much out of her as I could.

I stood in front of my apartment trying to put all my thoughts together formulating my plan holding my hand on the door knob. as I started to turn it a voice started me from behind breaking my train of thought.

"Hey mike everything okay?"

I turned with an alarmed look on my face to see it was jack the kid that lived in the house next to our apartment. seeing my expression he took a step back and smiled unevenly.

"Jack sorry I was lost in a thought." I replied trying to keep my voice even. "congratulations on getting accepted to college. bet the rents are proud."

Jack laughed and shoved his hands in his pockets and laughed.
"yeah I liked high school so much I took senior year twice! but campus is only fifteen minutes away so im still gonna be living here, I got moved to the basement, it has its own door round back and its cleared out so its practically my own apartment." he smiled triumphantly.

"Good for you man remind me to get you a gift."

he smiled and thanked me then asked if Megan was okay pointing out she didn't go for her run like she does ever day. I said im sure she is fine then said good bye and opened the door.

I walked in and dropped my keys on the table and rounded to corner to find Megan curled up in a ball sleeping on the sofa. she wore the same clothes and used tissue lay all around her.

"hey" I said gruffly causing her sit up with a startle. she pushed her blond hair out of her face and looked at me with pure fear. I said nothing and looked at her. she started to get more uncomfortable then she really was and began to shake her lag and play with her hair. waiting until she was about to cry again I spoke calmy. you hurt me so much Megan.

she broke crying and babbling about how she was sorry and would dp anything to make it up to me and how she loved me I stopped her with a wave of my hand.

"anything." I said flatly she nodded with a wide eyed expression.


"fine you are going to be a fuck toy for A week and do anything I say and be treated like a sex slave until the week is up"

she stood dumb founded then smiled weakly "I will be the best personal sex slave ever!"

"No" I interrupted "You will be a fuck toy and will do or fuck anything or anyone I say.."

"I dont want anyone else but you"

"not what the video implies. fine then forget about it"
I said turning sadly away.

"Wait.. this isn't some test to see if im A slut right!." she started crying again

"No its more like when a kid is caught smoking a cig, his parents make them smoke a whole pack."

I moved closer and pulled her to my chest.

"I still love you but this is the only way you can get back my trust Is to show me how far you will go, and I will test it."

she cried for a time holding on to me with dear life then finally agreed. I kissed her deeply then told her to go get take a shower her new life begins as soon as she steps out.

she ran upstairs to take a shower and I ran to my car to grab her new outfit she would be wearing today along with her new necklace that would come to be here mortal enemy, laid then out on the bed, went down stairs and started to watch TV. an hour later I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned around to see Megan in the Dark School girl costume
(look it up) her long tanned legs showed off nicely with the black fuck me pumps I set out for her, the red and black micro miniskirt barely covered her tight bubble butt ass, her large perky tits jutted out of the sleeveless white crop top and to top it off she had put her hair in long pig-tales. and instead of the tie around her neck was a gaudy gold necklace with the word "Fuck toy" dangling in the middle I smiled and stood up.

"My fuck toy looks perfect come here."

she walked up to me and looked down at the ground. I pulled her close and could feel her heart racing. I ignored it and began to fondle her tight ass.

"Here is the deal that necklace is your new best friend or worst enemy. if I tell you to wear it you may not deny any man who wants to fuck your mouth or pussy. only I can cum in your pussy so you will swallow everyone else who attempt to cum., don't worry im sure many people wont fuck you and I will have allot more control then you think.

I moved her black thong to the side and easily slid in.

she let out a soft moan. "please don't make me do this I will I promise but I only love you."

"then prove it. go around to the back door of Jack's house and let him fuck you." I said fingering her soaked pussy.

"Admit the thought turns you on" I purred.

she looked up at me horrified. "but I d.."

I slid out of her and pushed her away "fine Megan if you go back on our deal then I.."

"okay" she looked down at the ground. "how do you want me to do it?"

you will go around back knock on the door and repeat after me.

"hello Jack. my master sent me over to tell you that when I am wearing this necklace I am a fuck toy put only on this earth to please men and if you grab me and you can fuck my mouth tits or pussy. I will not say no and do everything I am told."

she shakily repeated it to me then started towards the door. I followed her outside and around to the door and hid behind a bush so I could watch his reaction.

Megan had trouble keeping balance in her fuck me pumps but she got to the door and knocked. trying her pull down her skirt that showed of the bottom of her ass.

Jack opened the door wide eyed and I think his jaw hit the ground.

Megan repeated her verse stammering and fidgeting the whole time. she got as far as and do everything before he grabbed her roughly by the arm and dragged her in the house with a slam.

I went home and paced back and forth, ordered a whole new wardrobe for Megan with next day delivery and paced some more it seemed like hours until I hear the door to the apartment shut. I quickly ran to see Megan standing puffy lipped with only one pony tail still in, mascara running down her face and what looked like dry cum all over her she looked completely exhausted

"What happened?" I asked surprised and turned on.

"he fucked me!" she yelled slumping down on a chair. "he pulled me in, dragged me down to his teen basement pushed me to my knees fucked my face for like five minutes straight, came all over my face then I got up to leave but he wasn't done he grabbed me threw me on the bed and fucked me missionary then doggy, pulled out came on my stomach after I explained only you can cum in me the. tit fucked me and came in my mouth and on my tits. then when I thought I was done he took pictures of me well fucked and covered in cum then his dad came down stairs!

my eyes felt like they where gonna burst out of my head and my bulge was straining in my jeans. "then... then what happened I continued"

she started to cry a little bit got her composure and continued.

Jack explained the necklace to his dad who after thinking for a minute grabbed my hand and took me up to his room and plowed me until he wanted to cum in my mouth then face fucked me until he burst. I couldn't sallow it all so it poured down my neck onto my chest. I feel like such a used slut!" she cried and her put her face in her hands.

I soothed her and took her up to the room and told her to take a nice long shower and come out when she is ready.

two hours later she came naked out smelling of lotion and toothpaste climbed into my arms in bed.

"im sore all over baby"

"you did so well" I said running my hands through her wet hair

she smiled and nuzzled deeper into me. "I did?"

"its gonna be a long week for you but you can do it for me... for us."

" I can do it baby.. I can" she said before drifting off to sleep.

Waking up on your day off is amazing but waking up on your day off to your sex slave giving head is even better.

"im sorry you didn't get to fuck me last night" she said while taking a breath from her slow deep blowjob.

Her pouty lips felt so good wrapped around my dick as saliva cascaded down my shaft and her warm mouth would scoop it back up just to let more fall from her lips.

I smiled and grabbed her head to hold it in place and started to use my hips to fuck her mouth. her mouth was so warm and her she did well to keep from gagging better then she has before. spit poured freely down my dick and covered my pelvis. she started moaning sensing I was close and used her tongue to work me even more as I used her mouth like a pussy until I had an idea.

Just before I was about to cum I pulled her vacuum like mouth off my dick with a loud pop and pulled her up to the bed and made her lay on her stomach. her ass looked so good laying under me I knew I was going to enjoy this.

"Thanks for lubing me up baby but you have to know who owns you" I said pressing my dick against her asshole.

wait no! she yelled you own me im your fuck toy wait wait.. wait.. ahhhhGHG! she screamed as my dick slowly pushed into her tight little ass. "owe owe owe stop stop stop" she repeated but I ignored her.

I waited until she had a few moments to get used to my size and then pushed further in causing her to tense up even more.

I watched as one of her hand slipped under her taut little tummy to rub her clit and smiled.

I slowly increased speed sliding my spit ready dick in and out of her ass causing her to let out sharp breaths of pain or pleasure. increasing my speed and grabbing onto her ass with both hands I started to fuck her using my hands to push off and slam back down on my wailing fuck toy who rubbed her clit as fast as she could. I could feel she was near and it drove me over the edge and yelled that I was about to cum causing her to pet out a earth shattering scream and squirting on the bed as I filled her ass with cum.

"Say thank you fuck toy" I barked at her bring her down to earth.

"thank you for ensuring my ass will hurt all day master" she said blankly. I laughed and slapped her ass.

for the next eight hours nothing happened I let Megan do her yoga watch her show and read while I played video games content still with the morning fuck until around 5 pm when she was about to get ready to run I stopped her as she was tying her long blonde hair into a tight pony tail.

"before you run babe I have some new running clothes"
for you" She stopped and looked at me with a panicked look.

I pulled out a pair of black Tonic Gather Shorts and blue sports bra with a low cut. she glared at me but stripped off her normal gym shorts and t shirt and walked out of the room naked and angry then after a few moments came back in.

"Happy?" she growled.

I looked and walked around the shorts almost looked like underwear they wear so short and tight fitting and the blue sports bra pushed together her tits but covered so little they almost popped out.

"Very much so" I smiled.

she smiled and shook her head about to turn away when she felt my tap on her shoulders. turning her head to me she saw I was holding the fuck toy necklace. her face went white and her pouty lips pursed. after she put it on I bent her over the table , peeled down her short yoga shorts, pulled out my dick and spit on it then fucked her until she was moaning and I was close to cumming. with a groan I pulled out, pushed her to her knees and shoved myself into her warm wet mouth. Looking down as her big green eyes locked with mine in her tight outfit drove me over the edge I grabbed her head and bucked wildly watching her eyes bulge then screw shut trying to swallow my load.

"Dont come home until you get at least four laps around the Cul-de-sac and don't forget your a fuck toy you have to explain to any man what the necklace means when its on if they look at it or ask and if you do get fucked your outfit never leaves your body." I growled.

Megan frowned and pursed her lips. "I wont forget Mike. I love you."

after taking a swig of water she submissively walked out the door.

"be good I will be watching fuck toy"

I called out as she ran off to take her first lap around the Cul-de-sac. as she got half way I could see the glint of the neckleace bouncing up and down with her perky tits as she got half way around.

I sat on my chair and watched my busty girlfriend run waving to cars and listening to music as she made her way around for the first lap it seemed she had forgotten about the necklace and was enjoying her music.

she passed by me with a confident smile and waved blowing me kisses. I smiled and took a sip of my drink watching her toned legs work.

She got about half way around she was stopped by Mr Geynor at his mailbox. he was a middle aged man and smiled as he talked. I sat up in my chair as he then pointed to her necklace and mouthed something. I could feel Megan's heart pounding through mine as I watched her chest heave up and down as she thought about her options. she looked back at me and I smiled and waved. she then lowered her head and said something to him. he looked at her then looked around the Cul-de-sac then back at her and said something. she nodded and looked down

Mr Greynor put his arms around her little waist and lead her into his garage letting his hand slide down to cup her ass through her yoga shorts as they walked through the door. About fifteen minutes later Megan emerged from the garage wiping something off her mouth, fixed her bottoms, stretched then started running again. when she passed by me she didn't smile, didn't even make eye contact. so I yelled that I loved her. she made one more lap so close to being done passing by me again but waving this time. I could see her body start to glisten with sweat. Whether it was from running or fucking im not sure.

As she neared jacks house ready to finish her last lap jack and one of his friends burst from there car. Megan yelled and tried to run but jack picked her up by her waist as she stopped fighting while she was carried away to the back yard I could see the necklace dangling as she bit her lips and locked eyes with me until she was out of site. I waited a few minutes before walking to the back yard. thinking they would have dragged her to his layer but as I got closer I could her the slapping sounds of Megan being fucked.

"get it you slut!" jacks friend yelled "suck that cock fuck toy."

mmf MMMMF! I could hear Megan's muffled moans an the rhythmic sounds of Jack fucking Megan.

"her pussy is so damn tight man you wanna trade?"

"do you have to ask?"

Rounding the corner I had a perfect side view if Megan on her hands and knees on top of a blanket while jacks friends slide his cock in and out of her mouth while jack grabbed a hold of her bubble butt and fucked her. her yoga pants still technically on was around her one leg while her tits hung freely from her tight little sports bra. with a final thrust that made Megan gag on the other cock stuffing her mouth. jack pulled out of her and stood up while his friend grabbed her pony tail and pulled her forcing his cock down her throat making her shake and sputter spit that dripped down her chin in a long streak to the ground.

when he finally pulled out she gasped for air as they switched places catching her breath and swallowing spit she tried to talk but jacks friend pushed her over, laid her on her back and pushed her legs to his shoulders and started roughly plowing her faster and faster. Megan's face went from shock to terror as I assume her first organism snuck up on her. she bucked and yelled and mumbled something over and over again until she stopped breathing and gasped for air like a fish out of water. as soon as his friend slowed down she caught her breath while he caught his.

"Ah guys.. mm please finish you have had your fun I want to go home I agh! uh uh!"

He had already started another pace forcing her to mumble off again it was then Jack got bored, knelt by her head, turned her then shoved his cock into her mouth while she was fucked. This went on for a few more minutes until his friend said he was about to cum. Grabbing hard on her tits and fucking her with reckless abandon she let go off jacks cock with a loud pop screaming until he pulled out straddled her and grabbed her head shoving his cock into her pouty lips. I watched as her eyes bulged as he erupted, cum shot out of her mouth and splattered all over her face and down her chin mixing with the saliva. she gagged and sputtered but had no time to catch her breath before jack started the same assault on her tight little pussy. the yoga shorts flew left and right on her foot as he grabbed hard and pounded her until he couldn't take any more, pulled out and tit fucked her until he came all over her face and chin like a volcano.

They both high fived then saw me and waved I waved back, walked over and helped her to her feet. she looked dazed but smiled to me covered in cum. "Am I doing well master?" she asked clearly annoyed yet submissive. I smiled thought about it then replied.

"go finish your lap."

"like this?"

I nodded

she pulled up her yoga pants, covered her breast, sighed, took a breath then started running.

Jack his friend and I walked around to the front to watch her as she ran her last come covered lap the fuck toy neckless still glinting in the fading sun.

"you have the best girlfriend ever."

"I know, also did you like you gift? I smiled.

As she neared Mr Greynor she was stopped again but not just by him but him and two of his friends. Lowering her head again Mr Greynor grabbed her by her waist and lead her into the garage with his friends in tow cupping her tight ass through her tinny little shorts..

I had turned this girl from the almost perfect love of my life to a submissive sex slave it was then I had another Idea about her work...


Let me know what you think :) im gonna do a part two at some point. I am trying to improve my writing skill.


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