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It was a multi-sport camp held at a large university
Yep, you read it right, it was a multi-sport camp held at a major university which will remain nameless for obvious reasons. The athletes at this weekend camp range in age from 10 years old up to and including college players improving their skills for the coming seasons.

The players, trainers and coaches began arriving, checking into the dorms and preparing for the full schedule of events that awaited for everyone. We had a coaches meeting for both the male and female coaches who would be leading both male and female camp attendees.

After our meeting we headed for the ice rink to begin our first on ice session. Some of the players in this session were known by members of the coaching staff which made it somewhat easier.

Our day was very full, 3 on ice sessions, 1 off ice session, a meeting with the attendees all wrapped around two meals. When the last ice session ended I could not wait to get to the dorm for a shower and bed. The dorm was shared by male and female players and adult coaches and trainers.

I headed to the shower room to take that long relaxing warm shower. When I entered the men’s shower area I found 3 shower stalls plus the other essential areas. The room was empty but it really did not matter to me as I hung my towel and stripped. Got the shower running and got in – oh did it feel good as I had not been on the ice since mid-March and it was now the last weekend of June.

There was a noise as someone else entered the shower area but again it did not matter to me as I was totally enjoying the shower. The curtain was not totally closed so I got a peak of what appeared to be one of the college players and he looked in the early 20’s, thin and stood about six feet tall give or take and inch or so.

I did continue to peak out to see what he look liked as he undressed. The view did not disappoint me; he was in what looked like fairly good shape with a nicely shaped butt. He turned and I got a look at his cock just hanging there below a well groomed hair line. When he looked in I just looked away as if I was not interested, but I was really enjoying the quick look.

The shower next to me started and I heard him get in then he said, “Shit”. My guess was that the water was not the correct temperature but I was wrong and I am glad. Within a few seconds I saw my curtain being pushed back slightly and he asked me if he could borrow my shampoo. There was a small pause before I said sure but our eyes stayed locked, then he put one foot into my stall. Instinctively I stepped back instead of reaching for the shampoo so he stepped in the shower with me.

There was that silent moment and instead of reaching for the shampoo he took the bar of soap from my hands and began to wash my chest. My heart was racing but I made no effort to stop him especially as he paid a lot of attention to my nipples. He splashed water on them to rinse off the soap, dropped the soap and began to play with both of them. Finally he bent over and began to nibble on the left nipple then the right. I was totally losing it in a great way. He gave me a hug and whispered in my ear if I wanted I could meet him in his room, 313, the door would be unlocked. He stepped out of the shower and left the locker room.

As I dried off my mind was bouncing back and forth plus my heart was racing in anticipation of what could happen. I threw on my t-shirt and shorts then headed to my room and while on the way I decided to head to his room.

I walked by the door 4 times before I actually stopped, turned the handle and slowly pushed the door open. There was only one dim light on in this typical dorm room which contained two twin beds and desks etc. I heard a voice say, “I am glad you decided to join us”. WOW I was shocked to see another guy in the room. Before I had a chance to say anything or leave he came over and gave me another passionate hug.

As we were hugging I felt the second pair of hands rubbing my back and heading down toward my butt. Before he got there he slid them under my t-shirt and came up between us and began to play with my nipples.

I was still being hugged, which I was also returning, those other hands slid down and pulled down my shorts. Finally after waiting in anticipation there was finally a hand on my cock – it began to get hard immediately.

We all separated and they took the twin mattresses and put them on the floor, throwing a sheet over then creating a large play area. I wanted a cock so bad that kneeled down in front of one of them and began to suck his cock. My hands found their way to his very firm butt and with gently pressure guided him in a fucking motion. He knew what I wanted so he grabbed my head and fucked me hard for several minutes gagging me a little.

We then laid down so we each could be sucking a cock while getting our cock sucked. This pleasurable event took place for a while with hands moving all over each other’s body including some butt playing.

The one that was sucking my cock made a special effort to moisten his finger and insert into my ass. When I did not give him any resistance he spent more time fingering me with one then two fingers. I was really enjoying the cock in my mouth and having my ass fingered. One of then said, “do you like this?” and with a cock in my mouth I moaned yes.
There was a shifting of bodies and I found myself on my hands and knees waiting in anticipation. It was awesome, first I felt some warm lube being rubbed around my hole then the fingers entered me again which disappointed me I wanted cock!! Well I was not disappointed the fingers came out and I felt the head of a rock hard cock trying to find its way into my ass. It was a little painful at first but that quickly gave way to the pleasure of him slowly sliding in and out. He put his hands on my hips and began to pump faster and firmer.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed that feeling then felt a hand on my face. I opened my eyes to find another cock within inches of my mouth. Now you can only guess what happened – yep – I opened my mouth and began to suck this cock as I was being fucked.

If I was to try and say how long this was happening it would be a guess, I can only say it seamed to last for hours but I am sure it was not.

Finally I tasted some pre-cum which was followed by a load of very tasty, slightly salty cum. I sucked that cock like a straw in my favorite drink making sure I got every drop. As I was savoring the taste of the cum I felt more speed and harder pounding in my ass as he was cumming.

We all laid they with both of them panting since they just came hard when one of them said, “It is now your turn”. They positioned themselves near my cock and took turns sucking it, licking my balls and rubbing a finger around my ass. Finally I came and I could hear them licking the cum as it was on my stomach, legs and probably them.

We laid there a while when one of then asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of the night with them. I told them I needed to head to my room as I had to hit the dinning hall first thing when it opened then head to the ice rink.

As I left totally satisfied and in disbelief they asked me to return tomorrow around nine ish and we would have another great time.

I did return and it was another great night with other adventures taking place 

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2014-07-04 11:51:18
Great story, but how old were you at this point?

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