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Sunday morning, the aftermath of the party.
Joey and his Bullies 4
By Mathew Elizabeth

On Sunday morning, 16-year-old Chad was
sleeping naked, resting on top of Joeys mother, Monica.
His mouth was suckling on her large milky breasts like a
baby. He was satisfied with the night before. He had a
great party; all the boys from school congratulated him
for breaking in a mom, and controlling a faggot like

Two of his friends, Evan and Jake crashed in the lounge
room, and Gail, Joey's father was sleeping in Joey's
room. Chad got up, gave Monica a few swats on her butt and
told her to get out of bed. He led her out into the
kitchen in her pink pyjamas, with multiple cartoon
piggies on it. He woke Jake and Evan, gave Monica another
smack on the butt and told her to make breakfast for
them. "I don't know man, I'm not that hungry huh," Evan
said, hung over.

"Are you sure? She's cooking bacon." Chad said

"Yeah, we better get home to our rents."

"Suit yourself," Chad added turning on the radio to
Sunday music and sitting down.

Evan and Jake then stared at 36-year-old Monica in the kitchen.
She was already sizzling up the bacon in a pan over the stove. She bent
over it, her fleshy butt attempted to poke out of her
piggy designed pyjamas and wiggled and swayed slowly to
the music playing. The smell of bacon sizzling and the
image of her large behind dancing increased their
adolescent appetite.

"On second thought," Evan said, getting himself a seat with Jake
"Were pretty hungry now," They sat down and continued to stare.

Gail, Monica's ex-husband, came out of Joey's room after
a night of humiliating him. He sat with the boys and
watched Monica as well.

Joey also exited the room, he was naked and looking pathetic
like he always does. He was bruised everywhere and both his
eyes were black and puffy from punches. For some reason he was
walking funny, he kind of waddled as he walked, with his hands behind his

"Bend over and show us your asshole," Chad commanded. Joey then turned around,
bended over to much of the guys delight and spread his ass cheeks.His puckered little hole
was swollen and bleeding, and the boys smiled.

Joey listened as the boys snickered and giggled as he exposed his ass
to them. Little Jake gave Gail a high five and all the
boys congratulated him, for a job well done.

"He's just a worthless little slut," Gail retorted " And I wanted him
to know, that he wasn't my son anymore, but just a ass to

"Agreed," Chad said as he evilly observed girly Joey, who
had bent over naked for everyone on the kitchen table to

Monica had finished cooking the bacon, she served it
to all the boys and her ex-husband, and she knew not to
serve any to Joey.

Joeys large bubbly butt was poking out at them and he whined in discomfort.

"Finger your hole," Chad commanded and laughed.

"But I'm all cut and bruised back there!"" Joey complained, "It will hurt a lot,"

"Good," Chad retorted and laughed once again with his buddies, "It should
hurt. You should be ashamed of being a faggot slut,"

Joey whimpered and began to probe at his little hole; he spread his legs
and whined as little stings of pain coerced through his body.

"Hey Jake," Chad said to his friend, "here's some money,
go up to the corner store and gets some diapers,"

Jake looked at Chad in surprise but delight. He grabbed
the cash and ran for the store. "Evan, you can have a
turn of Monica's ass if you want, me and Gail are
going to take care of the faggot for the next half hour,"

"Hell, Ok!" Evan said excited.

Chad and Gail lead Joey into his former room, and he
walked between these two powerful males. They cupped an
ass cheek each in their hand and pushed him forward;
until finally they gave him a sharp push and he landed on
his hands and knees in the room. They closed the door
behind them and pulled their pants down, but left their
shirts on. Joey looked at them both in fear.

Gail was his father, a strong hairy man who had already broken in his
cute chubby ass.

Chad was a authority figure. He was a year younger than Joey, but
powerful, strong and Joeys worst nightmare.

Meanwhile 16-year-old Evan, Chad's best friend had pulled
off Monica's piggy pyjamas and fingered her asshole with
one hand and rubbed her breasts with the other. He was
all over her. He was glad his best friend Chad was
letting him have a piece of her ass; her fat juicy ass.
He got really rough, he hit her and slapped her butt
rubbing his thin body against it. She just surrendered
herself to his blows and squealed in delight.

In the bedroom, Chad sat on Joey's bed and watched Joey
suck his daddy off. Gail's big penis stretched Joey's mouth
.Joey pitifully sucked on his hands and knees as Chad sat back
and laughed. Joey's ass was exposed to Chad; it shook and wiggled
in distress.

Chad couldn't take it anymore, this faggot was asking for it,
Chad wanted to fuck his cute ass really hard, Joey was
being a slut and his butt wasn't even filled. Chad had
had enough; he knelt down behind Joey's fat ass and
positioned his penis between Joeys butt cheeks. He was
about to be double-teamed, spit-roasted! Like the fucking
pig he is! Chad thought.

Chad had entered Joey's ass and fucked
away, Just like Monica's butt, Joeys butt jiggled
fantastically every time he slammed against it. Joey
squealed with his daddies cock in his mouth. Gail
shoved it harder in his mouth every time he made a noise.
Chad humped and humped; slapping Joeys butt hard and
grunting angrily.

Evan fucked Monica's ass outside, relishing its fatness
as his little cock slipped into it, he felt so bad and
tough, fucking a ghetto assed momma in her own house. He
slammed his slender 16-year-old hips away at her gigantic ass;
it felt really good to him. He slapped her ass hard as he
pushed into her. She squealed and pushed her fat ass

Jake got back with the diapers, waling right past the
butt pounding in the kitchen and straight into the double
team in the bedroom. Jake got the surprise of his life,
he watched as both Gail and Chad were squashing Joey's
fragile body between them. They grunted angrily, calling
him names like 'faggot' and 'butt slut'. They both
slammed away until they cummed inside of him. Jake
laughed, gave the diapers to Chad, grabbed Joeys face and
farted on it.

"Boy," he said "you're so going to get it at school


It was Monday morning, which meant back to school for 17-
year-old Joey and 16-year-old Chad. The morning started
off positive for Chad. Joey was made to kneel naked in
the main bedroom of his house and watch Chad, his bully
and tormentor, fuck his mother doggie style up
the ass once again.

"Hehehe.I need to clear my morning boner" Chad grunted as he pounded
his slender smooth frame into her fat bottom.

He cummed inside of her with in ten minutes. Joey just watched with tears in his eyes,
helpless and pathetic. He fingered his chubby bottom as
he watched, crying and begging to have some pleasure out
of the situation.

Chad lifted himself from Monica's overflowing ass,
grabbed a leash from the side of the bed and put it
around Joey's neck. He led Joey to crawl to the shower
with him. Joey lathered up Chad's body in the shower with
soap and cleaned it intently, Chad looked down on him
smiling evilly like Joey was the worst person ever. Like
before, he turned around, grabbed Joey's head and shoved
it into his cute sweaty little ass.

He held Joeys pretty face saying, "Hang on faggot..its coming..IIItts coming".

Chad then strained a little and did a massive fart on Joeys face.


Joey just continued to sob like the little pig boy he was and lather up Chad's hot butt with

"You like that huh? You like how that smells?" He said to
the pathetic boy below him. He made Joey lick his butt
hole and clean it intently. Chad pushed his ass back
laughing at how funny Joey looked doing it. Joey
continued to lick and kiss between Chad's butt,
until it was pink. He was left with a bitter
taste in his mouth.

"You like it faggot; don't you," Chad said "Get used to it huh,
because that's where you gonna be for now on, in shit!"

Joey began fingering his own butt hole again, furiously
and animilistically, kneeling naked in front of a younger
and more powerful naked body. "Don't worry faggot, your
going to get a lot of stuff up that pretty ass of yours
today, your going to be spending time with the popular
boys now. Well, your ass is anyway, we don't give a shit
about you,"

Chad spun around and slapped his thick dick on Joeys

He rubbed the pole of his dick against Joeys cute
little button nose, "It smells like yur moms butt huh?"
Chad said laughing "Suck on it! Suck on it hard you
fucking faggot bitch! You fucking girly ass slut!"

Joey sucked pitifully, sucking it deep just like Chad
liked him too.

Joey was made to wear the tightest pants after the
shower, it chaffed against his legs and butt. It purely
defined the shape of his ass; it poked out and revealed
its voluptuousness as if it were magnified.

Evan and Little Jake entered the household knowing that they
didn't have to knock. "Go on then," Chad said to Joey.

"What?" Joey asked surprised.

"I'm not going to school today, theirs no way I'm leaving
your mom un-poked for 6 hours. Not when I've only been
fucking her for 3 days anyway. Jake and Evan will take
care of you, don't worry."

Joey looked at Jake and Evan who looked back at him with
an evil and excited glare of pleasure and arousal.

He left with them soon after and walked to school with them,
his butt wiggled because of his pants tightness. Evan and
Jake looked at it and laughed. They both cupped an ass cheek
each in their hand, squeezing and groping at them as they bobbed
up and down as Joey walked.

Other boys and girls who were also walking to school
walked past and laughed at Joey for letting them do it.

"We are going to have so much fun with you today, Cocksucker," Little Jake said evilly

To be continued.

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2014-07-11 19:11:25
I have to agree with anonymous readers comments , it is crap , much better stories on here , stories with such bad ratings should be pulled from the site so we don't have to waft through the shit ones to find a decent one , as a writer myself on here , if i post something and rating is bad i pull it and try another , this writer should do same . As the other guy says " shiiite"

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2014-07-09 01:00:27
Now I have to wounder is this what the writer had done to him or is he chad but with a different name but well i'm not keen on the story and it seems not many are but because many know what being bullied feels like so feel pity for joey and will there for hate the story but if you don't want to believe well that is your choice respect it and only go with it

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2014-07-05 23:18:24
This anonymous loser one comment below probably has rated this 'negative' over and over again. He/she or one or two other people. Don't listen to those few idiots. Please keep going! Can't wait to find out what happens to Joey at school

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2014-07-05 17:40:18
Id say this is shite an who cares , 11 votes , 9.1 % rating , that's 1 positive vote out of 11, probly from the prick that wrote this crap and commented below ha

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2014-07-03 09:40:54
I agree Joey neeeds to man up some how or get away to plan revenge it would be so much fun for him

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