16 year old Michael is trying to rub one out when his 13 year old sister knocks on the door...
I'm back! It's certainly been a while, unfortunately I rarely get a chance to write these days, incredibly busy. But, here is a story that I was in the process of finishing when that age ban was imposed. I've been working on alternatives, but now that the ban has apparently been lifted I can go back to working on some sequels, as well as being able to publish this. I am currently working on a sequel now but I'm also leaving a spot open for another sequel, so please comment below with which story you would like to see another chapter for, as well as any comments or feedback on this story.

As always, I hope you enjoy!

I was lying in bed, jacking off. I had been horny all day after getting a good look under the skirt of the girl who sits in front of me in class. She was bending over to retrieve something just as I looked up from my textbook, and the sight of her white panties being stretched by her round ass had been burned into my mind for the rest of the day. Finally I was able to have my release, and I knew it was going to be a good one.

I was nearing my peak when there was a knock at my door. Who the hell is that? It's nearly midnight, everyone should be in bed. Stopping just in time before I went beyond the point of no return, I called out in a frustrated tone.
"What?! What is it?"
Slowly the door opened, to reveal my 13 year old sister standing in the doorway.
"Michael" She began in a piteous voice. "Michael I can't sleep, my mind is too active I keep thinking about stupid shit. Can I sleep in here with you?"

"I was frustrated already that I had to wait before I could get my release, and now this?!" Is what I thought to myself, but to her I said "Ugh, do you REALLY have to sis? I'm so tired, I just want the bed to myself. Plus I'm naked." I added quickly, hoping that would be sufficient to scare her off. It wasn't.

"That's okay I'll just stay on my side, I promise. Please Mikey?" She pleaded, using her childhood nickname for me. She knows she will always be able to make me do what she wants in the end, I'm not as stubborn as she is. With an exasperated sigh I relented.

"Oh ALL RIGHT. But hurry up about it, I want to go to bed now."

"Okay, thank you so much Michael, really"

She closed the door and hurried over to the bed, getting in on her side. I inched a little away from her, just so there was no possibility of naked contact, and tried to go to sleep. However my penis had no intention of going down. It was still as hard as a rock, pulsing with the need of release, making me go crazy. I tried lightly touching myself and rolling over and trapping it between me and the mattress, but nothing made it go down.

Finally my restless turning and fidgeting caused Rachel to sit up in the darkness.
"What's wrong mikey?" She asked curiously.
I replied quickly "Nothing. It's nothing".

"You keep tossing and turning, can't you sleep? What is it?"

"It's okay! I'm, I'm fine."
She leaned over and turned my bedside lamp on.
"No, you're not. What is it?"
I shifted uneasily and looked at her awkwardly.
"It's kind of.. personal..."
"WHAT is? Tell me!"

I sighed and tried to get the words out.
"I was.... before you came in... I was actually kind of, touching myself, you see... and you interrupted me before I, could, umm... finish. So it's distracting me."
I finished talking and looked away from her awkwardly.
"Michael.... I'm so sorry, I had no idea.
We sat there for a while in an awkward silence, and then she turned to me.
"Well, look, why don't you finish? I'll just turn around and face the other way."

Is she serious?!
"No, no that's alright Rach, I'll just read a book or something, then it'll go down."
I was still avoiding eye contact, I was just feeling too embarrassed by all of this. Then I felt her hand on my shoulder. Looking up at her face I could see it was full of concern.

"Mikey, if it's that bad then you should just do it. I'll be okay, I won't look or interrupt at all. You should be able to do what you want in your own bed! Just pretend that I'm not here."
I was sure this wasn't going to end well, but as she talked I began to brighten up to the idea.

Maybe it wasn't such a big deal after all. She wouldn't be near it or anything, and then we'll both get what we want. With only 3 years separating us, we were close enough that not too long ago we were bathing and showering together. Maybe this could be innocent like that was?

Whatever, I needed to get this orgasm out before I burst.

"Well... alright then, but no one else can know about this!" I said defensively.

"Know about what? I'm asleep right now" She replied, turning over and pulling the blanket up. I pushed the blanket off and grabbed my cock in my hand. Well, here goes. I started off slow, not wanting to disturb Rachel at all, and before long I had a decent erection going. But I didn't want to try speeding up with her trying to sleep just inches from my body. I tried alternating the speed and pressure I was applying but it was no use, I won't be able to get that necessary build-up without making a lot of noise. After several minutes of trying I gave up and let out a frustrated sigh. The noise made Rachel stir.

"Did you do it?" She mumbled, obviously half-asleep.

"No, I couldn't. I'm just gonna forget about it and go to sleep."
Rachel rolled over to face me.
"I'm sorry Mikey, it's because I'm here isn't it?"

"No, it's not that I'm just... I'll be fine."

She sat up and looked at me. "Michael....." She began, then trailed off. She was looking troubled as she watched me. Then her expression cleared. She leaned forward and put her hand on my bare chest.
"Let me help you"
I stared at her blankly.
"Help me?" I asked.

She responded by shifting over until she was right next to me and resting her head on my shoulder.
"Wait... h-hold on Rach, you don't mean... help me.... wank, do you?"
She lifted her head up to look me straight in the eye.
"That's exactly what I mean."
I could see the nervousness in her eyes, but she was nevertheless 100% serious about this.

I was dumbfounded.
"H-how could you be okay with that?! I'm your brother, doesn't that... I mean, you know...." I trailed off, unable to process an end to what I was saying. When she spoke she sounded shy and quiet.

"It's because you're my brother that I don't think it's a big deal. It's not like we're going to have children or something, I'm just gonna help you perform a completely natural bodily function..... right? So... just relax" she said, placing a hand on my chest and softly rubbing it. Her gentle touch helped to calm me down, and I allowed myself to relax. She moved in and placed her head on my shoulder again, and this time I didn't react.

"Thank you for letting me do this" She whispered as she shifted closer to me. Her body was pressing into my side now. I could feel the warmth from her crotch through her pyjamas heating up my hip. I had never been this close to another girl and it was really getting to me. My cock was now standing up straighter than ever. Her hand started to slowly move down from my stomach and down my abdomen. I could feel my heartbeat quicken as I shivered with anticipation. I no longer had ANY doubts about this. Her fingers gingerly came into contact with my shaft, and I gasped from the touch of her warm fingers and the realisation that my little sister was caressing my cock.

When Rachel spoke, her voice was full of awe and excitement.
"Michael, it feels so big! It's so hard too. Wow...."
Her hand began to fully explore my genitals now, tracing and rubbing every inch of my girth she could reach. It felt amazing, the way her fingers dragged along my skin and traced hot lines of pleasure all over my hardness. Slowly her fingers wrapped around my cock and held it in a fist, and she gently worked her hand up and down, getting a feel for how the skin stretches and pulls.
"Aaaaah fuck, that feels niiiiice" I moaned, and Rachel giggled as she nestled her head into my shoulder.

I turned my face towards hers and kissed the top of her head. "Thank you" I murmured, and she giggled again, quietly this time as she moved her head in to kiss my chest. Her lips felt hot against my naked body and I leaned into the kiss involuntarily. My hands went around her shoulders and pulled her closer to me, and she tilted her head up so that she could kiss the underside of my chin. This and what she was doing with her hand as she slowly jerked my cock was taking me to new heights of pleasure. I was amazed at how good she was at this.

I shuddered and went to speak, my voice cracking from both pleasure and excitement.
"Rachel, you know exactly what you're doing, it's.... absolutely amazing."
She kissed me again under my chin and moved her mouth up to my ear, whispering:
"This is as far as I got with Josh before we broke up. He could never get as hard as you though. Also you're a lot bigger than him so that makes it a lot easier."
I'm glad the lights were off, I could feel my cheeks going red from embarrassment.

I turned my face towards her and kissed her cheek, right next to her lips. I had wanted to kiss her mouth so badly but I also didn't want to freak her out. Her reaction was promising though: she made a little whimpering noise in her throat, and gripped my cock tight when I kissed her. When I moved my head away hers moved with me, and she brought her lips up to my cheek and kissed it softly. Her lips felt so good, I really wanted to know what they felt like pressed to mine. Before I went any further however, I had to ask her a question.

"Rachel.... why are you doing this? I mean, I'm just curious... I never imagined that.... you know" I felt dumb the way I was stumbling over my words, but Rachel just giggled and snuggled even closer to me.

"Why?" She whispered "I don't know... I guess I've always been a little interested in you. I know you're my brother, but you're also the first boy I've ever seen topless, and, well..... you're kinda hot. Maybe it was because I knew I couldn't have you, but the idea of touching you and having you kiss me has always been a huge turn-on for me. You know..." She moved her lips up to my ear and whispered sexily "...whenever I did stuff with Josh, it felt best when I imagined that I was doing it with you."

Unable to hold back any longer I held the back of her head and pulled her face into mine. My lips met hers, and they were softer and sweeter than I could have ever imagined. Her hand on my cock began to pump harder, and faster. I could feel her breath flowing into my mouth as our tongues danced, and I greedily sucked the air into my own lungs. Her breath was sweet, and it gave me a bizarre sensation of it being something simultaneously familiar and foreign to me. Our kissing grew fierce and desperate, while her hand became a blur on my shaft. I was getting close to cumming when she finally drew away, gasping for air. Her hand slowed down, bringing me back from the brink just in time. I didn't want to cum yet, not when there was so much more to do.

I brought my hand to her chest and gave one of her breasts a gentle squeeze. She grunted and arched her back almost painfully, crushing her breast into my hand. Her pyjama top was soft, but I knew that what lay underneath was even softer. I began to slowly undo the buttons to her top, going slow enough to give her a chance to stop me. She groaned deep in her throat and leaned forward to kiss me again, her hand gripping my shaft even harder. Taking this as a sign of encouragement I quickly undid the rest of the buttons, and brushed the cloth to one side. I tenderly placed my hand on her stomach, and slid it up towards her chest.

Her mouth froze against mine, and she stopped pumping my shaft as my hand slowly made it's way upwards. Finally I reached her breast, my fingers lightly grazing her skin as I marvelled at the wondrously soft and supple texture. One of my fingers brushed her pert nipple, and she bucked against me, her hand slipping off my cock for just a second as a jolt of pleasure rushed through her. Her hand quickly found my cock again and gave it a vigorous squeeze as I encompassed her breast with my hand. Her nipple was poking into my palm, and I shifted my hand from side to side, rubbing against it while I squeezed.

"Nngh. Oh fuck yes that feels so good" she whispered hoarsely against my lips. I kissed her, again and again, feeling indescribable sensations well up and crash over me. They weren't just feelings of passion and lust, I felt tenderness too, and affection. I slowly kissed a path down her chin and neck, finishing up with my face just above the breast I was currently neglecting. I sucked the top curve of her globe into my mouth, letting my tongue run over it. Slowly I brought my mouth closer to her nipple, making her squirm and pant all the harder. When I finally did make contact with her little red nub she squeezed my dick painfully.
"Oh god Mikey, that feels incredible"

I was rolling her nipple around with my tongue while I massaged and squeezed her other breast with my hand. Eventually I felt the urgent need to explore further, and I brought the hand I had on her chest down to massage her soft stomach. Her breath caught in her throat when I did this, and she started to pump my shaft even harder. I gathered some courage and continued on my descent, until I was gingerly cupping her mound. Her sex felt so hot through the fabric of her pyjamas. I pressed down with my fingers, and she brought her legs together impulsively, trapping my hand. That was fine by me, as I had no intention of moving. I pressed harder into her crotch as I increased the pace of my tongue as it lashed her nipple.

Her breath was coming out in ragged gasps now as she jerked my cock spasmodically, her attention seemingly focused on what I was doing. I was having too much fun to care. Her breast felt so soft and wonderful in my mouth, and the way she was bucking against my hand, forcing me to dig as much as possible into her groin was giving me this deep, warm feeling of satisfaction. I knew she was my sister, but that didn't matter; right now we were simply two separate beings momentarily uniting in exquisite pleasure. It wasn't long however until Rachel was pushing me off of her body.

"P-please stop, if you keep distracting me I'll never get this done!" She pleaded breathlessly, as she resumed her vigorous but consistent pumping of my shaft. I didn't want to stop touching her but at the same time I was really close to the edge, and I was ready to surrender myself to oblivion.

I laid down on my back and Rachel moved forward, resting her head on my chest. Even through my haze of pleasure I noticed that her body was tense, like she was waiting for something. After a few more strokes of her hand I let out a strained groan, and at this Rachel lifted her head.
"Are you close?" She whispered.
"Ungh.... very close."

"Then it's time for the Grand Finale" She said, giggling that beautiful little laugh of hers. Before I had a chance to ask what she meant she scooted down my body and popped my cock into her mouth. I gasped loudly as the warm dampness engulfed my mushroom head and set it ablaze with pleasure. My breathing became sporadic, speeding up and slowing down unpredictably as I focused on the heavenly feeling Rachel was producing with her mouth. She dragged her tongue along my tip, applied a light suction and began to gently bob.

This sent me over the edge, and I cried out in shock as I felt the tremendous force surging up inside me.
"Raaaacheeeeeel" I wailed in my attempt to warn her of the coming onslaught. She seemed to pick up her speed as I threw my head back and sucked in air, suppressing the urge to shout and moan. I exploded into her mouth, my entire being frozen in rapture as she kept up her relentless pace. She choked as more and more cum entered her mouth, yet she didn't let up her assault on my pulsing manhood for a second.

In what was supposed to be a word of concern for her, I uttered a strangled gargling noise, my voicebox seemingly paralysed from my earth-shattering climax. Finally she slowed to a stop, caressing and stroking my scrotum with her fingertips as she gently nursed the tip of my cock with her mouth. My body twitched and jerked as she gingerly played with my softening member.

As it shrunk she let it slip from her mouth, and she crawled up my body to rest her head on my chest. She let out a long, contented sigh as her hand came up and rested next to her face, lightly stroking my sternum. I let out the air I was holding in as my whole body relaxed and settled into the mattress. I was in heaven. Rachel's leg came up and rested on top of mine. It was so nice and comforting to have her warmth and weight pressing into me as I basked in the slowly-ebbing waves of my orgasm. She moved her head up further and kissed me softly on the cheek.

"How was that?" She asked, leaning her head against my cheek.
"Jesus Rach, that was insane. That has never felt so good before. Far-fucking-out!"
She giggled and tilted her face up until her lips were right next to mine.

"Good" she whispered, and moved closer until our lips were touching. I shuddered as I pulled her closer to me, feeling her whole body pressing intimately into mine as we kissed. Before tonight I had never so much as looked at Rachel sexually, but now I felt like I had a Sex Goddess laying half on top of me. I was trying to wrap my head around the concept that I had a younger sister who lusted after me, but it just felt like I was in some incredible dream.

As we made out I felt Rachel slowly move her hand down until it was between her legs. Suddenly I was no longer exhausted, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this newfound energy. Without breaking contact with her lips I gently turned her over until she was on her back, and placed myself between her legs. I pushed myself to her, letting my cock rub against her pyjama's crotch. She started to push and grind back, and our kissing grew to a feverish pitch until Rachel broke away for air. I started to slowly kiss a path down her face, over her chin, down her neck and to her collarbone.

Rachel was gasping now, her hands wandering over my back and hair, as if they didn't know where to go. I continued on my path downwards, reaching her succulent breasts and their perky nipples. I paid extra attention to her chest, sucking each nipple into my mouth and making sure that both breasts were sufficiently licked and kissed. She kept moaning my name and making beautiful little whimpering noises. Then I continued on, slowly reaching her stomach. She was having a hard time keeping still as I kissed and licked my way around her bellybutton and reached the spot just above her pyjama bottoms.

Rachel had been transformed into a writhing, sexual beast, lifting up off the bed and gripping my hair in her fists, trying to control the direction and speed of my face, essentially propelling me down towards her love-box. I decided to continue my way over her pyjamas, and kissed her mound through the fabric before finally settling just below it, where I knew her vulva must be. She was panting uncontrollably, flexing her legs and pushing up into my face. I opened my mouth wide and slowly breathed hot air into her crotch. Rachel shuddered from the sensation and gripped my hair even tighter.

"Your breath feels so good... your breath.... my, my brother's breath, on my pussy.... oh fuck, oh fucking god."
Her hands left my head and flew to her waist as she sat up. I moved my face away, and she whipped off her pyjamas and knickers and spread her legs again, her hands reaching out for my face desperately, eager as they were to pull me back in. I wanted to dive in there just as much as she wanted me to, but at the same time I knew I had to cherish this moment. I moved to her left leg and softly kissed her smooth skin. Slowly I worked my way up, getting closer and closer to the main goal. Her leg became softer and warmer as I neared the top, and I began to feel the heat emanating from her pussy. Finally I reached the joint between her leg and her labia, and I stayed on that spot for a while, kissing and licking it repeatedly.

Her hands were sort of smacking her stomach and hips, doing their own little dance of frustration as Rachel huffed and groaned. I moved my face up and whispered "are you ready?" Before slowly lowering my mouth to her slit. My lips touched hers, and she let out a particularly large gasp of air as I let my mouth grind against her groin. I could feel her wetness touching my lips, and the exotic smell of her arousal was filling up my nostrils. I opened my mouth further and gave her pussy a tentative lick. Her flavour exploded onto my tongue, hitting me with force. It was unlike anything I had ever tasted, and I wanted more. I licked and licked, swallowing as much of her juices as she could make.

And boy, was she making it. I had her writhing and bucking underneath me as I kept up my assault on her vulva. I found that whenever I ran my tongue over her clit she would jolt and squeeze my head with her thighs. I also noticed that she particularly liked it when I dipped my tongue into her opening. I slowly worked out a routine, spending most of the time licking the flat space between her clit and the opening, then quickly darting to one or the other and vigorously lashing it with my tongue. I was able to penetrate her opening with my tongue, and her entire body clenched up as her breathing grew louder. I knew she was close, so I picked up my speed, quickly administering to each spot as fast as I could. My jaw was beginning to ache and my tongue was tired, but I was determined to make her cum.

"Oh fuck, oh god, oh Mikey this feels sooooo goooooooood" Rachel was babbling as I kept up this break-neck pace. Her legs clamped down on my face and refused to let go. Her hands were gripping and shoving my face deeper into her crotch. She was quivering and shuddering, and bucking against my face as her climax neared. I was running out of breath and couldn't draw more as she had me trapped, but I didn't want to break contact with her anyway. Finally I felt Rachel stiffen and hold her breath, and my mouth was suddenly being flooded by her juices. I swallowed it all, eager to get as much as possible. It was intoxicating, drinking the nectar of my sister's release as she tensed and made deep guttural noises.

Rachel released the hold her thighs had on me and I adjusted my head to allow air through my nostrils, but I didn't want to stop. I changed to a slow, gentle pace, slowly lapping up her slit, stopping just below her little nub. She was sighing and moaning softly, her fingers gently running through my hair, soothing the raw feeling of having my hair pulled viciously.

"Mikeeey, that felt 'so' so amazing. Holy fuck. You are gonna make so many girls happy with your tongue! I mean, was that REALLY the first time you've done that? It was better than anything in my wildest dreams! I'm really sorry about your hair, and.... suffocating you. I should have-"

I lifted my face up and spoke, my voice breaking from exhaustion and wonderment.

"Rachel, I loved the way you pulled my hair. I 'love' the feeling of your thighs squeezing my face. I want you to do it every single time. Fuck, you taste so bloody good Rach! Everything about this is amazing, the smell, the touch, the taste. I'm so happy that I can return the favour and enjoy it just as much as I did receiving in the first place."

Her hands came down and cupped my face as she looked at me tenderly. I shared the look for as long as I could -before returning to my prize. I felt the thump of Rachel's head hitting the pillow and smiled to myself as I laboriously dragged my tongue up her glistening pussy.

After about 20 more minutes of eating her out I was able to produce another mind-boggling orgasm. This time she trapped me between her thighs for even longer, and her vicious bucking into my face was making it harder and harder for me to maintain my hold on her clit. Finally I had to break free before I passed out. I desperately pulled at her legs with my hands, and she immediately released me. I was on my hands and knees, panting, as she sat up and pulled me into a hug.

"Oooh, sorry Mikey! I just... that was.... oh GOD that was even better than the first! Fuck, I love you so much Michael!"

I lifted my face up to hers and softly kissed her lips. Then I rolled over to the side, facing her. She came to me and we cuddled each other for a while as I softly kissed her forehead and cheeks. I was too tired for words, I could only smile satisfactorily at her as my hand slowly caressed her side. When my strength returned to me I rolled onto my back, pulling Rachel with me so that she was laying on top of me.

I turned her head and whispered in her ear "I love you more Rachel."
As I said those words I knew I genuinely meant it. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me close, her head facing me so that she could kiss me passionately. My arms came around to rest on her back. It felt so nice to have her warm, naked body pressing against mine, but the fabric of her open top was preventing me from rubbing the bare skin of her back. I began to tug on it, hopefully providing a clear enough hint. Rachel seemed to get it, as she sat up and quickly removed her top, leaving her completely naked. She lay back down on me, and I let my hands explore and caress the beautiful warm skin that was now completely exposed to me.

I ran my hands down the smooth curves of her back, feeling my cock beginning to stir again. He had gone completely hard during the first session of cunnilingus, but once he realised that I had planned to spend a lot of time down there he left me alone. But now he was back with a vengeance, quickly growing to full length and sticking straight up, desperate to get at what he knew was only several inches away. As my hands passed her hips I couldn't help but push her down my body a bit. I stopped before my cock made contact with her, but Rachel wriggled a bit to get comfortable, and in the process her outer labia brushed against him.

Her eyes widened and looked at me sharply. I dared not move, my hands frozen on her back. Slowly, her mouth separated from mine as she slowly relaxed, my cock still pressing into her moist slit.

"Do you.......have any, uuh...condoms?" Rachel whispered nervously. I instantly regretted not having the foresight to get one to have ready at all times.

"No. I don't" I said bitterly. Rachel squirmed a little, her face a mask of uncertainty as she looked down at me. I could see she was biting her lip.

"Oh....ooooh.....Fuck it!" She cried out, and pushed herself against my cock. I placed my hands on her sides and stared up at her, surprised but excited. I couldn't believe this was happening. From the look on Rachel's face she couldn't believe it either. She was wriggling around and pushing at different angles, trying to help me gain entrance. Finally she reached around and held my cock to line it up.

She began to gingerly ease herself onto my throbbing muscle. I felt the hot, moist touch of her opening surrounding my cock-head. I gasped, and thrusted reflexively. My dick entered her slightly, and Rachel immediately tensed up. I could feel her virginal barrier blocking any further passage. Rachel nodded at me and braced herself, before I thrusted upwards forcefully. She let out a tiny squeak of pain as I busted her cherry. I held her to me as her vagina grew accustomed to my girth. All that was running through my head was that I had simultaneously taken my sister's virginity and lost my own.

"Rachel... Are you okay?"

She nodded her head against my chest and squeezed my arms reassuringly with her hands. Her pussy felt so incredibly tight and warm around my shaft. I experimented with rocking backwards and forwards in tiny movements. Rachel let out a quiet moan, and I responded with a small grunt of my own. I could feel every inch of her vaginal walls that were clinging to my cock. Rachel slowly lifted herself up, then brought herself back down, this time impaling herself completely on me. Soon enough we were both grunting and moaning quietly as we bounced and humped against each other. The feeling was indescribable. It was pure bliss. My cock was pumping in and out of my 13 year old sisters warm, wet pussy.

"Thanks to your amazing hand and mouth skills, that last orgasm completely drained my balls. I think our first time is going to be a long one." I said to my majestic lover.
Her hair was flying all over her face as she bounced on my cock, and she was already huffing and panting.
"......Fine.... *huff* *huff*"
I held her hips and helped her to control and maintain a rhythm. After about five minutes of this Rachel seemed to have worn herself out, so we switched places and went at it missionary. My thrusts were a bit wonky at first, but slowly I worked out a reasonable pace. I was slowly sliding in and out of her slick opening as we kissed and caressed each other's bodies. I had never before felt this much happiness, this much passion, and this much love and affection for another human being.

My pace began to build as I brought my mouth down to her breast and sucked her nipple. Suddenly Rachel let out a loud squeak and clawed at my arms. I could feel her vagina clamping down and milking my cock and I knew that she was climaxing. This knowledge increased my pleasure, and I stopped holding back. I began to slam into her in long, powerful strokes. I was quickly losing control, and was getting ready to pull out when I heard Rachel's voice crying out in desperation.
"Yaaaargh! Fuck! Fuck! Don't stop Mikey, don't stop...fill me up, let me feel you pulsing inside me!
"Oh fuck!" I cried out as I quickened my thrusts. I was wild. I could feel the tide rushing forth so I buried myself up to the hilt inside her. We held each other in a tight embrace as I pumped my seed into her pussy. I held and caressed her while we coasted on our waves of pleasure.

Eventually I rolled off of her to the side, and immediately she turned to face me and moved in closer. I pulled the blanket over us and lay there on my back, lifting my arm up so that I could put it around her as she came in to rest her head on my chest. She sighed and rested her hand on my spent organ, softly cradling it. She kissed my chest affectionately and started to stroke my cock.
"Mikey" She whispered. "You are like, some kind of Sex God. Unf, I don't even know what just....what just happened?" She asked.
I laughed and and placed my hand on her head, caressing her hair gently.
"We made love."
The sound of her exhausted but happy giggle reached my ears as she slowly stroked my cock. I could feel it trying to respond but it didn't quite have the energy. I laughed again and let my hand slide down her back, until my fingers were just resting on her buttocks.

"You think I'm a Sex God huh?" I said with humour in my voice. "Nope. Sorry to correct you, but anything I did was just to keep up with your tremendous passion. You're the fornicating deity in this relationship. I mean, look at you now! Trying to get me hard for another ride. I doubt you'll be able to get anything decent from him for a while."
"Oh, I know that. I don't want sex." She said casually, her fingers moving down to slowly caress my balls.
I flinched from the contact and let out a small grunt. "Then what are you...?" I asked, confused.
"I'm settling the score. You gave me three orgasms and have only had two yourself. So I'm making things right." She began to move her head down my chest and stomach. I lifted my own head up to look at her.
"Oh Rachel, you don't have to worry about that I had a great-"
Rachel silenced me by sucking my cock into her mouth. I felt her tongue lick all the way around, cleaning all of the juices off. She began to suck while her tongue poked and slid across my rising member. I let out a moan and let my head hit the pillow. Whatever, I tried to refuse!

Rachel had a consistent rhythm going as she bobbed back and forth on my cock. All I could think about was how far we had both come in just one night. We had already had sex and now she was working hard to make me blow my load. She was probably going to catch it in her mouth again too. Why was I so damn lucky? I thrusted as her tongue swiped across a particularly sensitive/pleasurable area. I could feel my orgasm rising again. I placed my hand on her head and caressed it lovingly. She released my cock from her mouth and turned her face into my hand, nuzzling it. Her hand was pumping my cock as she looked at me. "Close again?" She asked.
"Oh yes...Rachel, it feels so fucking good...."

"Make sure to cum as much as possible. I want it all." She said mischievously before going back to my cock. The amazing feelings she was administering to my cock were amplified by her lust-filled words, and before long I felt the floodgates open. I began to jerk and hump against her mouth, and Rachel understood the signal and sped her bobbing up until she was a blur. My cock erupted, sending several pulses of cum into her mouth. She happily swallowed my jism and kept her suction up as I slowly humped her face. Finally she released him once more, and crawled up to my face.

I was too exhausted and satisfied for words, I just looked at her happily and gave her a tired but intimate kiss. We lay on our sides facing each other and held hands as we slowly drifted off into sleep.

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2014-08-18 17:25:17
I came sooooooo hard from this, thank you :P

Clev is BaeReport

2014-07-31 21:27:47
Just re-read the intro can't wait for the sequel.

Clev is BaeReport

2014-07-31 21:24:41
Nice story, I reall enjoyed it. Are you going to do more of this particular story?

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