A feast of incest and anal sex
Our lives appeared to be idyllic, we lived in a mini-mansion situated on ten wooded acres, my Dad, Dr. Phillip Douglas drove a Mercedes and Mom, Mrs. Victoria (Vicky) Douglas piloted a Lexus SUV suitable for hauling my older brother Donnie and me around. We wanted for no material thing.

But like Charlie Rich sang back in the 70’s, “No one knows what goes on behind closed doors.”

Dad had founded and was head of a very successful cardiological practice which provided him an income in the eight figure range. Mom had a degree in education, however, she’d never found it necessary to work

Dad was active in the local medical community, served as a deacon in our church and was an avid golfer with a wide range of friends, to all who knew him he was a hail fellow well met and Mom, well she was good at shopping and lunching at the country club with a few Martinis to take the edge off, because there was an edge.

In spite of outward appearances, life in our household could be a living hell. Dad was a tyrant, spewing demeaning insults toward each of us nearly continuously, demanding absolute obedience and accepting no measure of defiance and whoa be it should we fail to please him, especially Mom and me, then it was over the bed, panties down and he laid the rod to us. The hellacious rod, two feet of burning hell. He liked to use it, only a quarter inch thick it didn’t cause bruising but left striped welts, he called it painting our sorry asses.

You’d think that Mom might come to Donnie and my defense but, no. Honestly she was drunk on gin most of the time, self-medication for her miserable marriage, and she passed along her unhappiness to us. Screaming and swearing she’d go into a drunken rage and beat us. Her implement of choice was a belt and she lashed out at us indiscriminately, face, body, back, legs, it didn’t matter to her where it hit. In many ways she was worse than Dad, at least he laid us over the side of the bed and blistered our butts.

That’s what went on behind our closed doors, at least until I was eleven years old. Donnie was thirteen when he, Mom and Dad went to the lake to water ski, another of Dad’s passions. I didn’t go, a friend and I were going with her mother to the mall and then to the movies, so I wasn’t there to actually see what happened.

As was related to me, Donnie was driving the boat while Dad skied. He fell and Donnie circled to pick him up. In the process Donnie lost control of the craft, hit Dad in the head with the prow then chewed him up with the dual props. They succeeded in getting him back into the boat and rushed to shore for help. An ambulance was dispatched, he was still alive when he was loaded but died enroute.

Mom and Donnie followed to the hospital where they got the news, there they were interviewed by the police, each supported the other’s version of events and Dad’s death was ruled accidental.

As an aside, Dad was insured for five million dollars with a double indemnity clause for accidental death, so, as you can imagine the insurance company investigated far more thoroughly than the police but finally they settled.

I often wondered why Donnie was running the boat and eventually I worked up the nerve to ask him. He told me that Mom had been towing Dad but that he got upset with her. He swore at her and called her a fucking idiot and she made the mistake of screaming a retort. His rod, he had his rod with him, why, was he planning on using it? He forced her down over the bench seat, pulled the bottom of her swimming suit down and “set her sorry ass on fire,” before he screamed at Donnie,

“You run the God damned boat, she’s a fucking idiot.”

As Donnie said then, “So I was running the fucking boat.”

You might think that Dad’s death would have had a calming effect on the household, I certainly hoped so, but just the opposite happened.

Mom slid into depression and sank even deeper into her gin bottle, she gave up the pretense of a Martini, her poison of choice was an English gin called “Fifty Pounds,” and she drank it straight on the rocks. She even quit going to the club, it seems there were some nasty rumors regarding Dad’s untimely demise and, with him gone her social standing fell.

As time went on the beautiful woman she had been changed. The alcohol was having an effect, her beauty dissipated, her body puffy, her eyes baggy and dark ringed, she didn’t even often bother to dress; in a silk peignoir, satin robe and high heeled bedroom slippers she prowled the darkened house, the ever present glass in her hand and the belt more vicious than ever.

Although Donnie got the occasional lashing she seemed to single me out for torment, as I grew older I was becoming a spitting image of her younger self, perhaps it was jealousy. Donnie did his best to protect me from her, often interceding on my behalf, only to get a taste of her belt or the back of her hand. I saw him as my guardian angel and often hid in his room to avoid her. We’d always been close, we drew even closer.

By the time I was fourteen and started high school I hoped that she’d leave me alone. Like every little girl I wanted my mother’s love but she’d made it evident that I wasn’t entitled to that, the only affection I got was from my protector, Donnie. I guess I was a little in love with my big brother and I knew he loved me.

And then it happened, I was getting ready for bed when I heard a disturbance, Mom was screaming for me to come to her bedroom. I ignored her, jumping into bed and pretending to sleep. Then she screamed for Donnie.

“Get me another drink and bring that little bitch in here.”

I suppose I should introduce myself, my name’s Veronica but everyone calls me Ronnie, well, everyone but Mother, she usually calls me “Bitch.”

Donnie stood up to her, I heard him say,

“Mom, you don’t need another drink, you’re drunk and, no, I’m not going to get Ronnie for you.”

“You’ll do as I tell you,” she raged.

He stood his ground saying, “No.”

She growled something at him then I heard as she slapped his face.

There was a momentary pause before I heard the crash then Mother screamed, not her scream of anger but a more fearful sound. I got out of bed and went to see what was happening.

She was screaming, “Get off of me, get the hell off of me or I’ll call the police.”

She was still yelling about the police when I got to her doorway. Donnie leaned forward and whispered to her,

“I don’t think we want the police do we Mommy Dearest?”

He had an arm bar across her chest, holding her down. Her nightgown was rucked up, I could see her red panties and, more than that, I could see Donnie. I’d seen him plenty of times; running from the bathroom to his bedroom, things like that, but nothing like what I was seeing now. His penis protruded from his boxer shorts and it looked huge. Long, red with a plum shaped purple head, I said,


He turned toward me then said,

“Go to your room Ronnie, now!”

Mom had hushed after he whispered to her. She pulled her knees up as though accepting the inevitable. I slipped into the shadows but still saw as he pulled her panties aside, thrust his penis into her and began raping her.

I knew this couldn’t be good, I crept back to my room, got under the covers and listened.

the thumping of the headboard against the wall, the screeching of the bed springs and, mostly the moans and plaintive wails of my Mother.

It seemed to go on for hours before it stopped then I heard the bedroom door slam and it started again.

I’m sure that when Dad was alive that he and Mom had sex but I’d never heard anything like what I listened to that night, off and on until I finally slept I listened to what sounded like rutting animals on “Animal Planet.”

And Mom’s screams changed, now it was “Oh God, Oh God, yes, yes, yesssssssssssssssss,” a wail I came to recognize as when she was having an orgasm.

I was up first in the morning, it was my job to start the coffee, so I was in the kitchen when they came down. Donnie pulled out a chair for her and, as she sat he said,

“Mommy’s decided to put her belt and gin bottle down, she won’t hit and she won’t drink any more, isn’t that right Mommy?”

Quietly she nodded and whispered, “Yes.”

After we’d had our coffee Donnie went back upstairs leaving Mom and me alone, questioningly I looked at her.

“Ronnie, I’m forty years old and he’s going to inseminate me,” she confessed.

“Inseminate?” I didn’t know the meaning of the word.

“He’s going to make me pregnant, I may already be after last night.”

I didn’t know what to say, I sat with her for a few more minutes then went upstairs to shower and dress for school.

Donnie drove, he’d gotten a car when he turned sixteen. On the way I had to ask if what she’d said was true. He smiled at me and asked,

“Don’t you want a little brother or sister?” And said no more.

When we got home that afternoon we were in for a pleasant surprise. Mom was dressed in a pretty housedress, she was wearing a pair of bone colored sandals and her hair was nicely brushed. She was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Donnie gave her a kiss on the lips, I think he was checking her breath.

After we’d eaten Donnie, more or less, held court.

“Ronnie, just because Mommy has said that there’ll be no more hitting I think that we all need to agree and understand, this is her home and we’re her kids, she’s our parent and we need to abide by her rules. We need to treat her with the respect a parent is entitled to just as she will respect us as her children. Does everyone agree?”

Of course we did.

After homework and some television we went up to bed. I noted that Donnie followed Mom into her bedroom and shut the door.

Shortly thereafter last night’s sounds were repeated. They continued that way each night for several days then stopped and Donnie returned to sleeping in his room. After five nights he returned to her room and the cacophony resumed.

When we were alone I flippantly asked, “What happened, you two have a fight and then make up?”

With a sardonic smile she answered, “I had my period, probably my last for some time. He’s counting days now, he’ll know when I’m most fertile.”

She could have been a soothsayer, the time for her next period came and went, she complained that her breasts ached before a home pregnancy test (taken twice) confirmed it, she was pregnant.

Donnie was ecstatic, he grilled some beautiful Delmonico steaks and we had a celebratory dinner. Mom still wore her wedding ring, afterwards Donnie took it off her finger and replaced it with a band of his own.

I’m not sure Mom was quite as happy, in fact, quite the contrary it seemed. At the age of forty pregnancy hadn’t been in her plans and, when we got home from school the following day she’d obviously back slid.

She was again clad in gown, robe and slippers and, when Donnie attempted to kiss her she tried to turn away.

“Where is it?” Donnie demanded.

“Where’s what,” she slurred.

“The gin bottle, bring me the gin bottle.”

“It’s mine,” she hissed at him.

He found it under the sink. As he poured the contents down the drain she shrieked,


He turned to me.

“Order some pizza or something and stay downstairs, Mother and I need to have a conversation,” as he took her by the shoulder and ushered her up the stairs.

The last I heard was the slamming of the bedroom door.

He tromped to his room then back to her bedroom and again, the slamming of the door.

“You lied to us and besides that you’re pregnant and drinking. You need to be punished, assume the position, I’m sure you remember how.”

It was only then that she realized he was holding Daddy’s rod.

“No Donnie.”

“You do it or I’ll force you down, do it now.”

Resigned to her fate and knowing she’d brought it on herself, she stood beside the bed and laid over it so that her feet were on the floor and her torso was on the mattress. He lifted her robe and nightie over her back then lowered her panties to mid-thigh.

Resting the rod lightly on her bottom he said, “Don’t drink again and don’t lie to me.”

She heard the whistle as the rod flew through the air then the sharp crack as it bit into her tender flesh. She cried out just as the second blow struck. After five he paused saying,

“That was for the drinking.”

Then the whistle and ferocious crack, five more, after which he said,

“And that was for the lie.”

She was sobbing and whimpering when he pulled her panties back up and helped her onto the bed. He took her slippers off then told her,

“You just stay here, I’ll be back in a little while.”

He went back to his room, he’d bought a few things and tonight he was going to put them to use, he filled it, capped it and, along with additional lube, took them back to his Mother’s room. Along with Daddy’s rod he put them on the dresser then went downstairs.

Donnie and I split a pizza, when I asked where Mom was all he said was that she wasn’t feeling too well.

After we’d eaten and I’d cleaned up he told me to finish my homework then come to Mom’s room.

With my homework done I went ahead and put my PJ’s on before going to Mom’s room.

When I entered Mom’s robe and gown were draped over her chair. She was under the sheet with Donnie sitting beside her.

“Come sit with us Baby Girl (yes, he called me Baby Girl, sometimes Little Sis or, if he was being playful, Cutie), Mommy wants to apologize to you for what she did today.”

“I’m sorry Ronnie, I won’t lie to you again, I promise,” she said.

“Mommy, why don’t you get up on your hands and knees for me,” he said as he pulled the sheet aside.

She was naked except for her panties, I could see that her breasts were a little fuller, her nipples darker and larger than when I’d seen her before. She rolled onto her tummy then pulled her knees under herself. Donnie put a pillow under her head then pressed her back until she had her head on the pillow and her chest on the mattress. This position forced almost lewdly into the air.

As he lowered her panties to her knees the angry red welts he’d laid on her earlier came into view.

She winced as he rubbed her bottom saying, “Mommy was a bad girl, wasn’t Mommy?”

“Yes Donnie, I was a bad girl,” she said in a throaty, low voice.

He prodded her legs apart as far as her panties would allow.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she,” he said as he kissed her labia.

His tongue split her lips as he said, “And she tastes luscious, too.”

With both hands he opened her vagina, I could actually see into her.

“We came from there Little Sis and in a few minutes I’m going back.”

He reached for the lube and greased his middle and ring fingers before plunging them into her vagina.

“Do you want me to milk your G-spot Mommy, do you want to cum?”

“Please Donnie.”

I didn’t know if she meant yes, she wanted to cum or please don’t humiliate me this way.

He began to rapidly pump his fingers until she started rocking back to meet his thrusts and she began to pant. Even I could tell she was approaching a climax, my wicked little fingers had given me that good feeling several times. Donnie pulled his fingers out and thrust his cock into her, he pumped her hard until she trembled and wailed,

“Oh God, yes, fuck me Donnie, fuck your Mommy’s hot pussy, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

He hammered her as her orgasm washed over her, then he stopped pumping but kept his cock in her until she’d settled down.

Again he took a little of the lubricant but this time he spread a little on her anus then rested his finger on her and pressed until that muscle relaxed and he slid his finger in up to the first knuckle.

He turned to me and asked me to hand him the syringe from the dresser. There was something there that looked like a syringe without a needle, I gave it to him.

He took his finger out of her and stuck that devise into her then slowly withdrew it as he pressed the plunger, as it came out I could see that it contained the same oily lubricant that he’d used on his fingers.

Mom realized what was going to happen before I did.

“Please Donnie, not that, I’ve never done that before,” she pled.

“You won’t be able to say that after tonight Mommy Dearest,” as he pulled out of her vagina and moved up a hole.

He pressed his cock head against her asshole and said, “Push out like you’re trying to poop, it’ll go in easier.”

Horrified and yet awestruck I watched as he pushed into her. The huge purple head disappeared as Mom moaned..

She begged him, “Please Donnie, take it out, it hurts so much, please, please.”

He slapped her ass and said, “Take it like a Good Girl,” as I watched his entire length being engulfed by her pained body.

I looked at her face, our eyes met, I saw her pain but it was her face, she looked shattered. It was then I realized Donnie didn’t just want to punish her, he wanted to humiliate her and totally dominate her. He’d succeeded.

She moaned and mewled like a sick kitten as he rode her for at least ten minutes. When he finally came and pulled out it was grotesque, her asshole was gaped open and oozing his white cum. Slowly her sphincter muscles contracted as she closed.

“You can go to bed now Ronnie, Mommy and I have a little more to do tonight,” he told me.

I didn’t hesitate in getting out of there. Once in bed though, I relived what had happened. Mom’s butt covered with welts from the rod, how Donnie had so lewdly displayed her sex organs, how he’d fingered and fucked her to a screaming orgasm and then how he’d so viciously sodomized her, her pained sounds and broken looks but mostly I’d remember the smells. His cum, her orgasmic fluids, but without a doubt most vividly the musty aroma of her bowels. I slid my hand down inside my PJ’s and panties and rubbed.

As usual I was up first making the coffee. They came down together but Donnie was more or less supporting Mom. She was bent and cradling her abdomen.

“Are you OK Mom?” I asked.

“My tummy hurts,” was all she said as she gingerly took her seat at the table.

I wondered how many times he’d taken her throughout the night.

He continued to sleep with her although the nights weren’t quite so raucous as before and, from her sounds I could discern which hole he was enjoying.

As Mom progressed through her first trimester, she selected an OB/GYN and had her first appointment. Everything was fine but, in part because of her age he prescribed neonatal vitamins, exercise and plenty of rest.

Donnie got right with it, he took her for a walk of half a mile each morning (he induced me to join it, too), and insisted that she take a nap at noon each day. On the weekends we’d both join her on the bed and nap with her.

She was nearly three months along, she’d suffered aching breasts and several bouts of morning sickness but there were no real problems with her pregnancy, when one night she called me to her room. I was already dressed for bed when I went to her. She asked me to get her hairbrush, she wanted to brush my hair. She hadn’t done that since I was a little girl but I thought maybe her pregnancy was bringing out her mothering instincts. I got the brush and sat between her legs with my back to her. The brush felt nice, I was totally relaxed when she whispered,

“I’m sorry Baby but Donnie says it’s your time.”

The hands that had just been so lovingly been brushing my hair now encircled my body pinning my arms as Donnie came into the room. He was wearing only his boxers and as he climbed up onto the bed, he came up between my legs.

I was afraid, I tried to squirm free but Mom just tightened her grip. Then Donnie placed his hands on my sides and gently caressed me.

“Don’t be afraid Little One,” he said as his hands worked down to my hips.

I’ll never forget what happened next. I was in my pajamas, they were brown and yellow plaid flannel and when he got to my hips he grasped the elastic on each side and pulled them off. Next were my plain white cotton panties, once they were off he shed his boxers and slid up toward me. He lifted my legs, placing them over the tops of his thighs then dipped a finger into the sexual lubricant on the nightstand. As he fingered it into the throat of my vagina he said,

“This will make it a little easier for you Cutie.”

As he pressed his penis to my little love channel he told Mom,

“Unbutton her top, I want to see her breasts.

So, as my chest was being exposed I begged,

“Please don’t Donnie, I’m only fourteen, I’m too young.”

He replied, “You’re absolutely perfect Cutie.”

So, with my Mother massaging my small breasts, my sixteen year old brother slid up. One of his hands was on my hip while the other guided his cock. I felt him touch me then he probed forward. As he entered my vagina he encountered my hymen, he flexed his hips, thrusting forward. I felt some pain as he busted my cherry, it was like a bee sting and then he was in me.

“The worst is over Cutie, I’m in you now.”

As he pumped me I kinda disassociated, I said,

“You’re going to make me pregnant, aren’t you?”

He replied, “I hope we can make a little girl as pretty as you are.”

Then I just let my mind wander, I was a freshman in high school, what about my education? Was college in my future, I was an excellent student and I had goals, what now? I had a lot of questions but I had one absolute answer.

Whatever was said there had be a seminal shift in the dynamics of our family. Maybe Mom was the boss in daylight but, behind closed doors, Donnie ruled the night.

When he’d finished Mom cradled me in her arms and I snuggled against her, I guess I was whimpering a little, she pulled my head to her bosom and stroked my hair.

“It’s alright Baby, everything’s gonna be alright,” as she gave me a little kiss on the cheek.

“I love you and Donnie loves you, it’ll be alright,” she crooned.

I just snuggled harder.

Donnie was behind me, he reached over and unbuttoned the top of Mom’s nightgown, exposing her breasts then he gently took my head between his hands and directed my face to her.

“Suck Baby, you’ll feel better,” he said.

And I did, I suckled like a baby. He was right, I did feel better, I suppose I was disillusioned by what had happened but now I felt loved. After I’d been on her for about ten minutes Donnie began to massage my bottom then said,

“Pull your knees up a little and arch your back for me Cutie.”

His fingers opened my labia then I felt his penis at my opening and he penetrated me. There was a slight twinge of pain when he passed through my freshly ruptured hymen, then he was in me. It no longer hurt as his arms encircled me. He held me as he slowly and gently stroked. I didn’t know when he ejaculated, the evening had been tiring for me, and I’d dozed off.

In the morning I started to get up but Donnie stopped me.

“Mom, could you make the coffee this morning, I’d like to talk to Ronnie for a few minutes?”

Mom got up, put on a robe and went downstairs.

After she’d gone Donnie asked, “You’re not mad at me, are you Ronnie?”

“Oh Donnie, maybe just a little, no, I’m not, I can’t be mad at you, I love you, you know and I always imagined you’d be the one just not like how it happened.”

He gave me a big smile, “I love you, too, Baby Girl,” then, taking my hand he said, “Come on, let’s grab a shower.”

He washed me, paying particular attention to all of my special places then dried me with a big fluffy towel. Again, taking my hand he led me to the bed.

As he laid me down, he kissed me as one hand caressed my breasts, then he said, “I have something special for you Cutie.”

He teased my nipples with the tip of his tongue until I began to become aroused then he kissed down my body to my vaginal slit. Fingers opened me and his mouth engulfed me. His tongue snaked along my slit as his lips gently tugged at my labia, the tip of his tongue dipped into my vagina before he licked over my perineum. I got a little shock when that tongue flicked out tasting my anus as he rimmed me. I was startled and amazed at the sensation, I’d never realized that my anus was an erogenous zone; I did now. He could have stayed there longer, it felt so damned good, but instead, he tongued his way back up. With a finger tip he held the hood of my clit back as his tongue caressed the sides of the stem until I was squirming and bucking my hips. Then he took my little opal jewel, the tip of my clitoris, between his lips as his tongue rapidly flicked it.

I thought I was going to explode, as I trembled and my organs clenched in contractions he stuck his finger in my bottom. Then I did explode, my pussy gushed as I wailed my pleasure. People probably heard me for two blocks as I screeched, I was as loud or louder than Mommy (maybe being a screamer is a family trait).

Donnie kept his tongue on me as he lapped up my youthful juices, he also stayed on my clit as I had repeated orgasms. I finally had to cry uncle, the sensations had gotten too intense for me to handle. It was then that he moved over me and fucked me silly. By the time we’d both cum I was one sexually sated Little Girl.

Finished, he asked, “How was that for you Cutie?”

All I could say was, “Wow.”

Downstairs, Mom just gave us a smile. The bedroom door had been open so she’d heard everything.

As we sat around the table Donnie asked, “Mom, can you take Ronnie shopping? I think she needs some nightgowns and some fancier panties, those white cotton ones don’t do justice to her cute little body.”

So, off to the mall we went. I selected half a dozen nightgowns and a dozen pairs of panties, then, on the ride home I asked, “Why did Donnie want me to have nightgowns?”

“Why do you think?” She asked.

“I dunno,” I stupidly answered.

“To make it easier for him to get to that “cute little body, that’s why I have to wear a gown. You’re lucky, he must want you to wear your new fancy panties, I don’t get to, he wants me naked under my nightie.”

I soon found out that she was right, we all slept together now. Donnie had sex with each of us every night. He liked to just lower my panties down to half mast then either push my legs up or, his favorite and mine, too, he’d take me from behind. All of my sex was vaginal but about half the time he’d take Mom anally, I think he liked to hear her moan.

She’d go, “Un, un, un, un,” as he pumped her. She never came from anal but both of us got plenty of tongue to keep that fragrant nectar flowing.

When the time arrived for my period I experienced some cramping and spotting, I thought I was starting but the flow never happened. The spotting was from the embryo implanting in the wall of my womb, a home test confirmed that I was pregnant, too.

Now my morning walk with Mom and Donnie was mandatory, and we had to do a set of ten Kegel exercises three times daily, he wanted healthy babies.

A trip with Mom to the OB/GYN confirmed the home test and, after undergoing a complete gynecological examination, including a rectal exam (YUCK), I got my prescription for neonatal vitamins and a scheduled follow-up appointment.

That evening was a whole lot nicer. Donnie grilled Maine lobsters, my favorite, then put a gold band similar to Mommy’s on my left hand, he thought of both of us as his wives and treated us just that way.

As the weeks passed I felt fortunate, Mom suffered from several of the symptoms of pregnancy, aches, morning sickness, the usual maladies but mine seemed to be going swimmingly until, in my third month I went five days without being able to move my bowels. I’d never been constipated before but, let me tell you, when you need to poop and can’t it’s painful. My abdomen was bloated and cramped, I’d sit and strain for what seemed like hours but nothing moved. I felt miserable and told Mommy.

At dinner that night (what a hell of a dinner conversation) Mom told Donnie,

“Ronnie’s constipated; she needs an enema. Here’s a list of what I’ll need.”

When he got home with my torture devices, out of his shopping bag came a box containing a two quart enema/douche bag, two nozzles and a device that could hang from the shower bar to hold the bag at the right height.

At bedtime she took me to the bathroom, after closing the door for my privacy she spread some towels on the floor, filled the bag with warm water and hung it.

“Baby, I’m sorry but there’s no way to do this modestly, I need you to take your panties off and get on hands and knees on the towels.”

Mommy smeared a little lubricant on me and in me then started the water flowing. At first it felt nice and warm but before too long I let out a little moan, I was getting cramps.
Mommy cut off the water flow until the cramp passed then started it again.

When I started to moan again she once more stopped the water.

“There’s just a little more, I want to get all of it into you. Usually I’d massage your abdomen to disburse the water up into your colon but being that you’re pregnant I don’t want to put pressure on you there, let me try something else and see if it helps.”

She began to stroke my vulva and, lo and behold it did work. It relaxed me enough that I was able to take the rest of the enema. As she took the nozzle out she said,

“Give it a few minutes to work then expel it into the toilet.”

As I sat Mom left the room, closing the door behind her. I was glad she did, it was pretty awful, first a squirt of water then a huge turd and several explosive farts then more shitty water. I sat for over ten minutes draining in the stench then I flushed and continued to wait for the exhaust fan to clear the air. Mom came back in and said,

“Feel better?”

“A whole bunch.”

“Good, because we need to do it again, I want the water running clear.”

If the rectal at the doctor was a yuck, this was a double yuck, I got back on hands and knees.

When It was over Mom ran me a warm bath and tossed some scented bath salts in, “Take a bath, it’ll relax you,” she said as she left the room.

When I came out they both were waiting.

“All better Cutie?” Donnie asked.

“I feel great and about ten pounds lighter. The enema was pretty bad, well most of it, Mom helped me through it, but the bath was wonderful.”

Donnie turned to Mom, “Mommy, can I ask a real favor of you? Could you sleep in Ronnie’s bed tonight, I’d like some quality time alone with her.”

In hindsight, I think she knew what was going to happen, I didn’t, but I believe she did. She flashed me a little smile and, without a word, left the room.

Donnie took me to the bed, there was a towel where he laid me down and joined me. He treated me like I was his woman. With passionate kisses our tongues entwined, we shared each other’s breath, he nipped my lip and sucked my blood then his hands moved to my neck, he lightly choked me as he sipped my blood. As I grew lightheaded he dropped to my breasts, he caressed one as he circled my areola with his tongue before taking my engorged nipple between his lips and sucking then he switched, attending to the other.

By the time he moved down my body my breasts were so swollen and my nipples distended in desire they ached, I ached, I ached for sexual release when his tongue separated my labia, I ached for sexual release when his talented tongue snaked along my vaginal cleft, when the tip of his tongue teased my vagina and, Oh My God, when his tongue penetrated my anus.

He lifted his head and said, “You smell like the sweetest flower Cutie.”

He moved up and unhooded my clitoris, licking along first one side then the other. He brought me to the very edge then would stop. After he’d done this three or four times I was on the verge of going crazy. I begged him,

“Let me cum Donnie, Oh God, I need to cum.”

He only continued to tease me for a few more minutes before he reached to the nightstand, I hadn’t noticed it earlier, but there was a bottle of lube there. He oiled his left hand then drizzled some on my vagina.

First one finger then the second penetrated me, he told me,

“You’re about to get your first G-spot massage Cutie.”

As his fingers slid into me, he found a spot and pressed then began to massage in a strange way. His pressure on me was firm, his fingers seemed to be hooked as he rapidly masturbated me, after a few minutes he took my hand and put it on me.

“Play with yourself Cutie, rub your clit for me.”

We kept at it for about ten minutes when I felt myself leak. I had to pee, Oh My, did I have to pee. I told Donnie to stop, I was about to pee on him.

“Relax Cutie, you’re not going to pee, you’re about to cum like never before,” as he sped up his pumping and increased the pressure.

I screamed, it was so intense, as I erupted he pulled his fingers out of my vagina and stuck them into my anus, God I must have been a sight, fluid was squirting about six inches into the air from my urethra while I was getting my ass finger fucked. And I knew what heaven was, I was there, in the clouds, floating, when he slid up and entered me.

In just moments I was in the throes of another screaming, wild climax, as I settled down he lifted my legs back toward my chest, saying,

“Hold these for me Cutie,” as he again reached to the nightstand.

I watched as he picked up that syringe thingy, this time I knew what it was for. As he inserted it into me then began to withdraw it as it lubricated me internally, I whimpered,

“I don’t want to Donnie.”

“You’ll be OK Cutie,” as his hands massaged my flanks, down to my hips and over my bottom.

I released my legs and started to turn over. He stopped me.

“Just hold your legs for me, I want you this way so I can see your beautiful face.”

He moved up against me, I could feel the head of his penis press gently against my anus, I tensed in fearful anticipation.

He rubbed my tummy, “Relax Cutie, just let yourself go, take a deep breath then let it out slowly, I’m not going to do anything ‘til you’re ready then I want you to push out and invite me in.”

It took several of those deep breaths but as my muscles relaxed I pushed like he’d told me and my sphincters yielded to his gentle pressure. As he slid into my body I felt no pain, it wasn’t until he was completely in me that I felt any discomfort at all. Then I had the sensation of immediately needing to move my bowels. I mentioned it to Donnie.

“That’s an involuntary reflex Cutie, when your rectum is full your body feels the urge to expel the contents. It’s my cock that’s filling your rectum and I have to tell you the feelings are fantastic, your sweet little ass is my idea of nirvana.”

I remembered Mom’s face and eyes, how different this was, I knew I had a little smile on my face. I was proud of myself for having taken my lover so easily and I was happy that it felt good. A lot different than when he was in my pussy, different sensations, a little more stressful on my body, I could tell that my tissues were being stretched to accommodate him, a feeling of fullness way up in my abdomen but I could do some things, too.

As he pumped me I practiced my Kegel exercises, these strengthen the pelvic floor and, as you do them your anus tightens. I found out that it was fun to make him gasp as my sphincters gripped him.

“Wow, that’s fantastic Cutie, I’ve never felt anything near as tight, God you’ve got a spectacular ass.”

And I gave him another squeeze for good measure.

He’d given me mine now he got his, Donnie wasn’t usually noisy when he ejaculated but this time he roared as he came.

As we laid together afterward with him holding me we talked. He asked me what it was like for me and I told him, I liked it, I liked the pressure and I especially liked it that he liked doing it with me.

“I was amazed how well you handled it Cutie, Mom still finds it difficult even after as many times as we’ve done it.”

“Well you can do it with me anytime you want to Donnie.”

And he did want to, over the course of the night he was in me four more times. It was the final time that gave me a better understanding of what Mom experienced.

It wasn’t that it was painful, it wasn’t, but laying with your chest on the mattress, on your knees with your ass in the air and your legs spread, nothing is left to the imagination and when a big cock slides into your Hershey Highway you truly know that you’re the submissive and that you’re being dominated. Psychological, yes, but no less intimidating, I felt like Donnie owned me, I was under his absolute physical control. Strangely it was not a bad thing, the way I felt. It was like I was melting for him.

I said four more times, really it was five. We were spooning, he was in me when I went to sleep.

Donnie was still a teenager, he was up early the next morning and went out to play basketball with some friends so I just lounged. After a while Mom came into the room.

“Whew, it smells like a bordello in here and from the musky overlay I’d guess someone got some severe potty training, no?”


She laid down on the bed beside me and patted my bottom, “Guess he’s got two Backdoor Babes now.”

“Backdoor Babes?” I questioned.

“Oh yeah, Babes that take it in the backdoor.”

“Oh, then yes he does.”

“Ronnie, I wanted to talk to you about last night, you know when I was giving you your enema, how I touched you. If it bothered you I wanted to apologize.”

“No Mommy, it didn’t bother me, there’s nothing to apologize for. It felt good and it sure helped me take the rest of that enema, besides, you’re my Mother, of course you can be intimate with me. I sure was with you when I sucked your breasts.”

Mom was well into her second trimester, she confided to me.

“Ronnie, I’m starting to lactate, maybe when you sucked on my breasts it stimulated me but my milk is coming in.”

As our eyes met she knew what I wanted. She was still in her gown, she slipped it off over her head. Because Donnie wouldn’t let her wear her panties to bed she was nude. She reclined on the pillow and drew my head to her. I tasted my mother’s milk, well, technically her colostrum, for the first time in thirteen years. She was warm, she was creamy and, like me she was becoming aroused.

My hand strayed over her hip, I touched her inner thigh and she opened to me. The only pussy I’d ever touched was mine, her labia were larger and her clitoris more pronounced, she was a mature woman and I was a young teen, I stroked her while I continued to suckle.

Mom asked, “What was it like for you, last night I mean?”

I had to get off the nipple, I answered, “It’s different but I like it, maybe we can get him to do it with me and he can do the other with you, do you suppose?”

“Not a chance, I think he still holds some things against me and he likes to make me moan, to remind me that, in the bedroom he’s the boss.”

I honestly thought she was right but I didn’t say it, instead, I kissed her tummy and then her abdomen before I looked up at her, when our eyes met she gave me a little smile and spread her legs wider in invitation, could I? Would I?

Donnie had done it to me, I knew what to do; I tasted another’s pussy for the first time. I’d licked my fingers after I’d touched myself, she tasted a lot like me, a little salty, a little acidic like citrus but her flavor was deeper, richer, more mature. Then she tapped my head,

“He’s home, let’s not let him catch us,” as she vaulted out of bed and re-donned her nightgown and robe.

She asked how many times he’d cum in me last night, I told her at least five. She told me that I probably had at least a pint of semen in my bowels and that I should sit on the toilet and let it drain, then she fled the room and headed downstairs to make coffee.

Donnie came to the bedroom, I was still being a lazy girl, lounging on the bed. He said he needed a shower and did I want to join him, I told him no, I just wanted to watch him.

It was infrequent when I saw him flaccid anymore, even soft he looked pretty big. He showered then pulled on his boxers, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

“You ready for coffee?” He asked.

“Yep, just let me pee-pee and I’ll be right with you.”

That’s what I did then I stepped into a pair of panties and a little summer weight print dress, we went down together.

As we sipped our coffee Donnie told us about his basketball game then asked about what we’d like to do, it was a Saturday in spring and a beautiful day. Mom suggested we drive up to our cabin on the lake, swim, fish and have a barbecue, we could even stay over and ski on Sunday morning. It sounded like fun, that was our plan.

Donnie said something funny, we all laughed and, as can happen with heavy laughter, I broke wind.

No, I farted, an explosive fart that would have done a stevedore proud. And thence began the most embarrassing moment of my young life. The fart was bad enough, it wasn’t the smell, there was none but the sound was like a bass drum. I flushed red and then I realized the worst, I was sitting in a morass, I’d pooped myself.

From the appalled look on my face Mom realized what had happened. When she finally got her laughter under control she said,

“Teenagers don’t listen to their mothers even when mother knows best. You didn’t sit on the pot like I told you, did you?”

I couldn’t answer, I simply shook my head no.

“I believe you are now sitting on what your brother was kind enough to put in you last night. You were full of air from having your bowels opened to the elements and your rectum was full of semen, what you just experienced was a tremendous cum fart. Why not get changed and packed while I get some food together and Donnie can put the fishing tackle and water skis in the SUV.

TRIPLE YUCK, my panties, I threw them into the hamper, showered and got dressed in shorts for the ride up to the lake.

Once we got in and unpacked we all decided to take a nice refreshing swim. The beach at our cottage was secluded, the nearest house was a mile and a half away, on the other side of the water so we went skinny dipping.

Mom was sporting a nice little baby bump but I only looked like I’d put on some weight, she and I splashed around in the shallows but Donnie showed his swimming prowess, a strong crawl out over the depths and back then we played “grab ass” for a while before going back to the cabin to shower and fix dinner, that task fell to Mom and me.

Steaks, baked potatoes and salads went down easily, we were all hungry from the drive and swim then, even though it was only late afternoon, we went to the bedroom.

Naked, we romped around the mattress having a tickle fest. I kinda pinned Mom then exalted,

“Mommy’s making milk, taste her Donnie, taste her pretty titties. With one of her nipples in his mouth he got her milk flowing but she had interest of her own. Donnie’s penis was flaccid, she reached under him and began to stroke him,

“Oh poor boy, your little sister and I don’t excite you anymore?”

“Oh you excite me,” he said as he became erect.

I had to get my hand on him, too.

“Isn’t he beautiful,” Mom said as her mouth went to him.

As she licked his shaft, I joined in. We slathered his rod with our tongues until my greedy mother took him into her mouth shutting me out. I sat back on my haunches and watched for a few minutes, we’d never performed fellacio on him before but he was obviously enjoying himself. I wanted in on the play, too.

Mom was on her back, her vulva was exposed, I stroked her, then, licking my lips I asked,

“Can I Donnie?”

When he shook his head yes I fell on her like a lion on an antelope. After a few minutes I must have provided to great a distraction to her, she let Donnie go and just reclined on the pillows while I gave her a tongue lashing.

It must have been entertaining to Donnie, he watched for several minutes then got off the bed for a towel and the lubricant. He had Mom lift her hips so he could get the towel under her then said to me,

“Use your hand too, like I do with you,” he poured the oily lube over my hand and onto her vagina.

My short fingers and small hand probed her but something was missing, he told me to use another finger so now I had three in her, it still wasn’t enough, I added a fourth and pumped her while my mouth covered her clit. That seemed to relax the muscles of her vagina, she got looser, easier to penetrate her.

Donnie was taking it all in, suddenly he said,

“Fist her Ronnie, fist her beautiful cunt,” he cheered.

I had no idea what he was talking about so he formed my hand into a duckbill and tucked my thumb into my palm.

Showering us with more of the lubricant he told me, now kinda push in with a twisting motion. So with Donnie giving instructions and cheering us on she and I worked together. When my knuckles slid into her she gasped but once my fist was completely into her vagina and I was wrist deep in Mommy she started to pant and chant,

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God.”

I looked up and our eyes met, I could see that she was straining, I asked,

“Are you OK with this Mommy, am I hurting you?”

“It hurts a little but don’t stop, don’t stop, Oooooooooooooooo, don’t stop I’m ready to cum, make me cum Baby, make me cum.”

As the intensity of her arousal increased, she started to tremble.

“Stick a finger in her ass Ronnie,” Donnie told me.

So, my well oiled finger penetrated her anally and she went off like fireworks on the forth of July. I don’t know what she was feeling but what I felt was incredible. As she experienced multiple orgasms her vagina and anus contracted trapping both my hand and finger. The contractions were so intense that I was afraid she’d break my wrist, it went on for several minutes. By the time she’d settled down and I’d withdrawn my hand she was totally trashed, she just rested on her pillow taking deep breaths before saying,

“My God, that was amazing, I’ve never felt anything like that in my life,” then she laid back limply.

I found what we’d just done tremendously arousing, I guess Donnie did, too.

He stroked then patted my bottom, I reacted in a conditioned response, I was his Good Girl and knew what he wanted. Immediately my chest was on the mattress beside Mommy, my back was arched, my legs spread and my bottom raised like a cat in heat but he didn’t enter me.

Crack, he smacked me on my right butt cheek then his hand went between my legs, he cupped my vulva, one finger toyed with my clitoris while his thumb massaged my asshole. He kept that up until I was rocking back to meet his hand, then,

Crack, my left cheek then the hand and thumb again. He continued until I was wiggling my little bottom (well, maybe not quite so little, with pregnancy comes some changes, not like Mommy, not yet, she was getting broad as a beam, but still), I wiggled.

I’d never even heard of a sexual spanking but that was what I was getting. I wanted him to smack my butt, I wanted him to hold my pussy while he fingered my clit, I wanted his thumb pressing my asshole but mostly I wanted his cock in me.

He continued to play with me, tease me for quite some time before he reached for the bottle of lube. I felt the coolness of the oil on my anus, he fingered me, opening me so he could get the lube up in me, then he said,

“Your ass is pretty in pink,” as he entered me.

Mommy stroked my hair while Donnie fucked me, I was pretty loud when I got it anally so there we were, Mommy stroking me, Donnie butt fucking me and me screaming and wailing. I came and he was right behind me, we collapsed to the mattress with him still on my back and in me. It was right there in the mass of bodies that we napped, but there would be more later after a little rest.

When I awakened Mom’s eyes were already open and she was rubbing herself. I don’t know if it was for sexual stimulation or from relief from the fisting I’d given her when I heard Donnie’s voice.

“Oooooh, Mommy you’re a Bad Girl, that’s what we’re here for,” as he moved over to her.

He replaced her hand with his and masturbated her while he talked to her.

“What should I do with a Bad Girl who plays with herself when her loving family is here to help her?”

He rubbed her faster then inserted two fingers into her cunt saying,

“This is mine Mommy Dearest, you shouldn’t play with it without my permission, should you?”

In a voice full of humiliation she rasped, “No Donnie, I’m sorry.”

“That’s better, now pull your legs up to your chest for me.”

She kinda had to spread her legs to get them around her little baby bump and this opened her exceptionally wide. Her genitalia were swollen, pregnancy and the extreme exercise I’d given her, even her anus was a little puffy, Donnie said,

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she Ronnie, absolutely beautiful but still, she was a Bad Girl, wasn’t she?”

His question was rhetorical, not requiring an answer and I remained silent, I was only interested in where he was going with this, I didn’t have long to wait.

“Bad Girl’s need to be spanked, don’t they Mommy?” As he smacked her bottom.

She jumped and yelped when he slapped her.

“But oh what a fantastic pussy,” he said as he stroked her open slit.

He’s left a palm print on her left cheek, now he gave it a twin on her right.

Crack, his palm, her butt, then he fingered her before doing the same thing again.

He kept it up for over half an hour, a spank then stimulation with his fingers. By the end the results amazed me, Mom’s butt was red, she was teary eyed and whimpering but her vagina was lubricating so heavily that girly cum was oozing from her and puddling under her ass.

Then Donnie mounted her. He fucked her hard and fast, long, deep thrusts. Her moans and grunts as he hammered her, her screams and wails, her body jerked and trembled as she enjoyed a fantastic climax.

Donnie rolled her onto her side and told me,

“Get up here Ronnie, I want her to suck your titties.”

She was on me in a flash, nursing like a starved puppy when I heard Donnie say,

“Arch your back Mommy.”

Her moan, the moan I’d heard so often told the tale, he was sodomizing her while she suckled at my breasts.

We went deep into the night before we surrendered to the Arms of Morpheus.

Breakfast the next morning would, in most households, have been a strange affair. I guess it was Mom that started it when she asked Donnie if you’ like the little oral she’d given him.

His answer was an unequivocal yes, but then he asked about our spankings.

I went first, although they were nothing like taking one from Daddy’s rod, my bottom was still a little tender so it was strange to me, because just talking about it now caused me to dampen my panties. Maybe I had an heretofore undiscovered masochistic tendency but the pain of the spanking combined with the pleasure of the play that accompanied it made the sex that followed some of the most exciting and erotic sex I’d ever experienced and that’s what I related to them.

Mom had taken a harder and lengthier spanking than I had, I’m sure her bottom was still stinging a little but she put it pretty damned succinctly when she said,

“If that’s what a Bad Girl gets, I want to be a Bad Girl, the tears and whimpering gave me a release, I felt like a little girl that Daddy had taken in hand, that’s I’d done something wrong and that I was being spanked with love. The position you held me in was humiliating, you could see my all and everything and I wanted you to, I wanted you to admire me and want me. The spanking itself, it felt like every blow was going straight to my pussy, enflaming me, arousing me, I wanted your cock in me but I’d not been unhappy if the spanking had lasted longer, I liked that as well or maybe even better than the sex.”

Donnie smiled, “Well it sounds like we’re going to have some pink bottoms around here, doesn’t it?”

“It does, but as Ronnie and I get further into our pregnancies we’ll need to be careful of our tummies, maybe we need to experiment with some different positions.”

I know all three of us were ready to head back to the bed but, no, we dressed and took our walk through the woods then went out on the boat.

After my inappropriate crack about Donnie as a boat driver (which went over like a turd in a punchbowl), we motored over to an area where we often fished.

After we had 9 nice fat bluegills on the stringer we went back to the cabin. Donnie cleaned the fish, Mom was going to fry them up for dinner.

He sent us to bed for our naps while he turned on the television and watched a basketball game, March Madness was over but the NBA playoffs were just beginning.

As we laid together Mom whispered, “After what he let us do last night I think Donnie’s OK with us indulging in a little girly play, don’t you?”

“Did you like it when I fisted you Mommy?”

“I wouldn’t want it every night, it’s pretty intense but, yeah, I liked it, I had a really strange thought though, it passed through my mind when you were wrist deep in me that my little girl was trying to get back to where she came from.”

That was delivered with a devilish smile, but I’d had the same thought. Instead of saying that though I told her how much I’d reveled in her taste and fragrance, so much like mine but deeper, richer.

“I bet we both get a spanking tonight,” she said.

I agreed then added, “Yeah and when he sees our pink butts you know he’ll want to slip in our backdoors,” and that comment took us in another direction.

Since that first time she’d given me an enema for constipation she’d had to do it several more times and when she suffered from the same malady, it fell to me to provide her with relief. It had dawned on both of us that, as much as Donnie liked to pack our fudge an accident was inevitable, one day there would be poop on the pillow and I don’t think either of us could have stood the embarrassment so, as a solution to that potential problem we gave each other three enemas a week.

“I packed the equipment,” she told me.

So we each ended up with our butts in the air on a towel on the bathroom floor. Afterwards we took a bath together and naked under a lazily rotating ceiling fan we were napping when Donnie came to the room.

He found us to be so cute he snapped a picture of us with his smart phone then joined us. After some light play Mom and I put on robes, Donnie stayed in his gym shorts, and we went down to prepare supper.

There is nothing in the world like freshly caught fish, so much sweeter than anything you can get at the market. Mom dredged them in a mixture of flour, corn meal and her special blend of spices, she served them with oven browned potatoes, mustard greens and hush puppies and I tossed a mixed salad. We were three happy and full folks when we retired to the bedroom.

And, yes, after some arousing sexual play I got my little (I won’t go into the size again) fanny tanned and my clit strummed like Donnie was playing a vintage Les Paul Traditional. After I’d climaxed twice he lifted my legs back so I was in the diaper position he’d used with Mom and I felt the first Therwhack of his hand on my tender bottom.

I shuddered when he smacked me then reveled when he masturbated me, he took it slowly, a long, firm spanking interspaced with heightening my sexual arousal. There’s something erotically invasive about the diaper spanking position, like being taken anally from behind you totally understand that you’ve submitted yourself to another’s domination. He spanked me until I was in tears and my pussy was aflame then he entered me with a single powerful thrust. I moaned in ecstasy through my sobs until my sounds changed to wails of pleasure, my orgasms rolled through me like the Mississippi in full spate then he forced my legs back, lubricated me and took me anally. God, his big cock felt fantastic as it slid into my empty rectum. I loved the fullness it gave me when he was in me. He had Mom finger my clit while he pumped me, I climaxed just as I felt his throbbing cock swell, jerk and shoot his hot semen into my bowels. I used my Kegel exercise expertise to milk him dry before I let him out.

He hugged and kissed me saying, “You’re unbelievable Sis, absolutely unbelievable.”

After he’d washed his cock and we’d rested for half an hour he took Mommy into his arms, with one hand he stroked her vulva then I was beyond surprised, he said,

“Warm her up for me Cutie.”

He wanted me to arouse her! I looked at her, she smiled and opened her legs, I didn’t need any further invitation.

I dispensed with kisses, breasts, tummies, everything but her vulva. Swollen, puffy, so inviting, so tender, so tasty. I fingered her while I feasted, everything, I tasted everything; her slit, her labia, her perineum, her cute, tight butt hole, I oiled two fingers and gave her a G-spot massage while my mouth covered her clitoris. Donnie got off the bed and watched. I didn’t know he had his smart phone again, he photographed me at my muff diving best. When I had her moaning in erotic anticipation he moved in and took over.

It would be the last time he could do it for some time, her belly was getting pretty big, but he sat with his back against the headboard, spread his legs and with a pillow placed for her to rest her tummy on he took her over his lap.

As his hand rubbed her big bottom he asked,

“Still my Bad Girl Mommy?”

“Yes, I’m a Bad Girl,” she replied.

His hand struck. I watched as the flesh of her ass quivered; he hit the other cheek.

“Spread your legs Mommy, I wanta touch your sweet pussy,” he commanded her.

God, I thought, she was already wet as he slid two fingers into her liquid cunt, pumped several times then spanked her again. She was so ready by the time he helped her up onto her knees that she was sobbing and begging for sexual relief. He took her hard and he took her fast, pounding her pussy unmercifully and she wailed, God did she wail, until her ejaculate flooded out of her. He couldn’t put her on her chest with her butt in the air like he could with me, she had too much tummy so he took her to the mattress on her side, had her pull her knees up so she was in the fetal position with her butt stuck out and entered her. The moans, the all to familiar moans, Mommy still moaned when she took it in the ass.

We decided to stay two extra days, honestly, we were having too much fun, the days were filled with our walks and water sports and our nights, well our nights were heavenly.

But all good things must end, we drove home, but there was pretty exciting, too.

The following Friday, after school Donnie drove me home but left again immediately saying he had some shopping to do. He came home with a shopping bag filled with two gift wrapped boxes for Mommy and me. He wouldn’t tell us what they were saying we’d have to wait until bedtime. There he explained that both gifts were for both of us but he gave us each one to unwrap.

I opened a box that had a strange looking device in it, the box said it was a “Hitachi Magic Wand,” I didn’t have a clue, but he said he’d show me how to use it. Mommy’s box was a little more self-explanatory. It was a strap-on dildo, pretty big but still smaller than Donnie, we both looked at him questioningly.

“You two like your girly games, tonight you get to play them.”

And mostly he was a spectator. With his approval we went after each other like sex starved bunnies, she ended up in the down position with me performing oral sex on her, when I had her as hot as a freshly fucked fox in a forest fire he tossed the strap-on to me saying,

“Fuck her.”

He had to help me put the thing on then he held out the lube to me,

“Use some of this,” he instructed.

For her ease I let her ride me Cowgirl. It was certainly different having a wailing woman riding me and cumming all over my baby bump belly but it was a whole lotta fun, more like sexy games than pure sex, fucking her was an absolute hoot.

Then it was her turn to use our new toy, he washed it for her and helped her put it on then she took me in sorta the missionary position, we couldn’t go belly to belly so she rested on her haunches , pulled me up so my legs rested on the top of her thighs and fucked me.

And then I found out what a Hitachi Magic Wand is. Donnie plugged it in (it operates on 110 current not batteries) and switched it on low (it only has two speeds, high and low), when he touched it to my clitoris I screamed. The damned thing is loud, it sounds like a high power motor (maybe because it is), but the vibrations are so powerful, so intense that I couldn’t take it directly on my clit. He played it along the sides of my clitoral stem and still my hips were bucking and I was screaming, I wanted away from it, I wanted it, God did I want it. Mommy continued to fuck me and Donnie continued, Christ yes, he continued, he continued to make me scream. He kept me just on the very edge until Mommy scooted forward and thrust, holding the fake cock buried deeply in me and Donnie kicked the torture device to high and touched my clit.

I nearly came off the bed, I was squirming, kicking and screaming when my girly cum flooded out of me, I’d never cum quite like that before, God, I was drained by the time I was able to calm down.

When I could finally speak I said, “I wanta use that damned thing on her.”

Donnie just laughed.

He didn’t even take either one of us that night, we’d spent all of our efforts on each other.

After that night Mommy and I had a lot of fun with our new toys. Because of Mommy’s tummy she found it easier to take the top position so I was usually her bottom, when I took her it was normally with her on her side in the spooning position. We did share a lot of tongue action and we figured out how to use the Magic Wand without driving the other crazy. Of course Donnie serviced us nearly every night but we were getting pretty big.

I have to confess, Donnie was a prince. I can’t say I envied him, having two pregnant gals to cater too was no dream. Aches, pains, leaky tits and pussies, food cravings that sent him to deli’s and specialty stores nearly every night, sore backs and hormones going ape shit, between the two of us we made his life pretty miserable but the way he handled us just made us love him more.

Mom and I took it upon ourselves, we set up one of the bedroom as a nursery, even including a day bed where we could rest while our babies slept during the day. We also decided that it would be a good idea to hire a nanny, with two babies to take care of we’d appreciate the help. We told Donnie what we were going to do, finding a nanny fell to me although we’d wait ‘til after Mom delivered.

Time passed, Mom, deep into her ninth month and due any day was getting kinda bitchy and me, in my seventh month was no dream either. She’d stopped getting her enemas but I wanted mine and she wouldn’t give it to me. We hissed at each other like a couple of cats and that was the start of a really bad day. It seemed that whatever I wanted she was against and, I gotta confess, whatever she wanted I fought her about it.

By nap time I was totally frustrated, my hormones were raging out of control and I was feeling a sexual tension that needed relief. Mommy was on the bed for her nap, she was wearing only her panties (she was allowed panties now because of some vaginal discharge in her late pregnancy) and I wanted her. I strapped on the strap-on and climbed onto the bed behind her. I rubbed her bottom and pulled her panties down, saying,

“Pull your knees up, I want to fuck you.”

She turned me down, she screamed at me and turned me down. I’d never said no to her, ever. I pulled the tool off and a screaming match ensued. It ended when I called her a “Fucking cow.” I think every woman has a certain self-consciousness about her body and Mommy was nine months pregnant, she broke into uncontrolled tears and ran (waddled rapidly) from the room. Unfortunately, Donnie was just coming up the stairs, he heard what had transpired.

He went to Mommy, she was on the guest room bed sobbing, and soothed her for several minutes, then he came to see me.

I was still standing beside the bed, in shock that I’d been so mean to my Mother. Donnie told me to take a seat, that we needed to talk.

“Ronnie, remember from the start that we agreed that we would treat each other with respect?”

I was so ashamed of myself as I answered, “Yes Donnie, I remember.”

“I heard what you called Mommy, was that showing respect?”

“No, I’m so sorry, no, I didn’t mean it.”

“That’s the problem with harsh words isn’t it, once spoken they can’t be taken back.”

“I’m really sorry Donnie, I didn’t mean it, I was just so frustrated and I lost my temper.”

I’d put on my panties and nightgown while he was attending to Mommy, he came to me and as I stood still as a statue he took my gown over my head and off.

“I’m sorry Ronnie, I hoped it would never come to this but you’ve brought it on yourself, lie down on the bed on your side with your back to me.”

He tucked a pillow under my tummy for support then took my panties off and told me to pull my knees up as far as I could. Then I saw him pick up Daddy’s rod from the top of the dresser where it always resided.

For any of my readers, a rod is a great tool for Domestic Discipline with a pregnant woman, it doesn’t pound her like a paddle or even a heavy hand, with a wrist snap it is completely topical but it bites like a wasp sting, no one wants it twice.

I was already sniveling before I heard that ominous whistle then the crack as he put the first stripe on me. I tried to roll away from it but my tummy wouldn’t let me. Donnie put his hand on my hip to hold me in place then I heard that whistle again.

Crrrrrrack, only the second and already I was on fire, Crrrrrrack, three and I was begging, four brought wailing, with five came kicking and squirming, but six stopped everything else, all I could do was whimper. Seven, eight, nine and ten followed in quick succession then he sat with me rubbing my back ‘til I’d cried myself out.

As I quieted down he took my hand and helped me off the bed, he held my gown as I put it back on, I didn’t want panties, I was too sore, then he led me to my old bedroom.

“You sleep in here tonight,” he said as he tucked me into my old bed and left the room.

The spanking was terrible but not nearly so devastating to me as being put into this bed, I’ve never felt so lonely and abandoned in my life. I didn’t think I’d be able to sleep, I was as low as I’d ever been. To make it worse I heard as he brought Mommy from the guest room and took her to bed, our bed.

Even through the closed door I could hear them, jealously I thought, she turned me down but she wasn’t turning Donnie down and then I realized just how foolish I was being, neither one of us would deny Donnie.

I couldn’t help myself, maybe I was into self torture, I got out of bed and snuck down the hall to their door, I listened. I knew her sounds so well, I knew she was on her side and he was in her pussy from behind, I listened until I heard her cum then started back to the bed I was banished to, then I heard her scream, a new and terrifying scream.

I ran to the door and stuck my head in,

“What’s happening Donnie?”

“I don’t know Ronnie, I just don’t know.”

I went to her, I may have only been fourteen but I was female, I knew immediately, her water had broken and she was having contractions.”

“Donnie, she’s going into labor, get her suitcase while I put some clothes on. Help her into her gown then we need to get her to the hospital.”

She only labored for two hours before Donald James Douglas II entered the world, we immediately christened him DJ and he was beautiful. At Mom’s breast sucking greedily he was a beautiful addition to our family.

Donnie and I stayed until visiting hours were over, before we left we each gave Mom a kiss and told her she’d had a beautiful baby; we’d be back the following day.

When we got home and dressed for bed I tapped lightly on Donnie’s bedroom door, “Can I come in,” I asked.

In a little girl voice I said, “Donnie, I’m so sorry about what happened between Mom and me, please don’t be mad at me.”

“I’m not mad at you Cutie, come over here and give me a hug.”

“Does that mean I can come back to bed with you?” I asked as I hugged him.

“Of course you can,” he said. He was caressing my bottom as he said it.

I knew what that meant.

“Ah Donnie, the fight Mom and I had, it really started because she wouldn’t give me my enema and I really need it, I haven’t pooped for three days.”

And so, for the first, last and only time in his life he gave one of his grown females an enema, he found the task distasteful but it needed to be done.

He used his fingers and tongue to take me sky walking through several magnificent orgasms before he lifted me to my knees. With a pillow under my tummy for support I got the rectal reaming of my life. I like anal sex but tonight he had me wailing and moaning with every powerful thrust. God, he was so deep in me I know he was clear through my rectum into my colon, for the first time in a long time I was being stretched. I’d almost forgotten how the pain/pleasure felt. I begged him to fuck me even harder, maybe my way of doing penitence for my misbehavior.

With a shudder I came again, he took me down on my side and spooned with me to finish then, still behind me he massaged my breasts.

“Are you lactating yet,” he asked.

I was, I’d just started as I went into my seventh month, when I told him that I was he turned me, curled his body around my tummy and nursed from me until we both dozed off, exhausted.

We were back at the hospital the next day, we looked in on DJ then talked with Mommy, she was coming home the following day. It was decided that she would sleep in her bedroom while Donnie and I slept in mine. Either he or I would change DJ and bring him to her for nursing.

So Donnie got to learn about midnight feedings, diapers, baby wipes and baths, not that I’m an expert but I taught him. It was cute watching big ole Donnie walking the halls with his small son in his arms. On the third night, it had been a rough day for Mom so when Donnie got up to get DJ I asked him to bring him to me. I thought, I’m lactating, why not let Mom rest. I fed him, burped him and rocked him to sleep.

When I told Mommy what I’d done she wasn’t upset at all, in fact she said she’d share my nursing duties when my baby came, too.

Mommy was going to be on the shelf so to speak for three months and I was due in two, I teased Donnie, telling him he’d have to get to know Polly Palmer for that one month difference. He saw no humor in my crack.

Donnie realized that having two women with two babies to care for was going to be a formidable task, he and I went to Mom’s room, she still controlled the purse strings so we needed her OK, we thought it might be best if we hired a live-out housekeeper/cook and that we go ahead and hire a live-in nanny. She agreed, she knew we’d need help.

I contacted an agency for the housekeeper, that’s how we got Martha, a black woman who turned out to be a Godsend, Martha’s nearly six feet tall with wide hips, heavy breasts and a pudgy tummy, she is helping her daughter who is pregnant and unmarried. But she is a great housekeeper and a fantastic cook, we couldn’t ask for more.

The nanny was more difficult, we interviewed several women but none seemed the right fit for us until we received a call from a Craig’s List ad. We interviewed her extensively, if she was going to live under our roof her abilities as a nanny were, of course, important but, in some ways even more vital was discretion.

Remember, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors and we intended that it remain that way.

Gretchen was a German girl, only nineteen but she’d worked for a family in Bremen before she’d been able to immigrate to America, she had a good referral letter (which I verified by a telephone call to the family in Germany) that detailed how well she’d worked with their two children, a two year old boy and an infant daughter. On the surface she appeared to meet our needs.

Mom talked with her first and set out the terms of her employment, that we would provide room and board and what her remuneration would be should a job offer be forthcoming, then she turned her over to me.

I offered her coffee or a soft drink and sat down with her in the living room, I wanted her comfortable, I knew she met our requirements but I needed for her to take me into her confidence, I needed to know the person that we’d be trusting with our secrets.

Gretchen was a pudgy blonde, cute face, heavy breasted with a broad behind, I started by asking about her goals.

She loved caring for children, her idea of a perfect life would be married with a stable home life to raise her children in, she wanted a big family. I asked about a man in her life, was she planning to marry soon?

“No Miss Ronnie, I don’t have a man in my life, I’m embarrassed to confess that I’ve never even been on a date. I don’t want to seem to be complaining but my parents broke up when I was only seven, I was sent to live with relatives but that didn’t work out so I ended up in foster care. I bounced from household to household, sometimes, I think, they only took me in for the Marks the government paid them. So, what I said earlier about a family, that’s more a dream than a plan.

“Gretchen, it’s Ronnie, not Miss Ronnie, OK. Here, we’re not to very formal. If you come to work here, you’ll live like family, you’ll eat with us, vacation with us, go up to the lake with us. When you need clothing we’ll go shopping together, I guess usually a nanny wears a uniform supplied by her employer, like I said, we’re informal here, no uniforms but we will buy your clothing and supply your personal needs. Our housekeeper will do your laundry, the only responsibility you’ll have other that the kids is to make your bed, Martha, our housekeeper will take care of the cleaning.

We really only have one rule that cannot be broken, like Las Vegas, what goes on here stays here. What goes on in this house is not to be discussed, would that be a problem?”

With a zipping motion at her lips she said, “No Ronnie, that would not be a problem, I am not a gossip.”

“My Mother discussed the economics of the position, are they satisfactory with you, Gretchen?”

“I think they are very generous.”

“Then the job’s yours, come on, I want to introduce you to my brother Donnie then I’ll show you your room.”

Donnie was out by the pool, he’d been swimming and was wearing only his swimming suit, when I introduced Gretchen he stood and took her hand.

“Gretchen, I’m delighted that you’ve decided to join our family,” he smiled at her.

I think Gretchen was a little taken, with skin bronzed by the sun, his auburn hair, green eyes and winning smile Donnie was a charmer, add to that his broad chest and the substantial bulge below his waist and I think maybe there were some damp panties and they weren’t mine.

As I ushered her upstairs to her room I asked what she thought of Donnie.

“He’s so handsome, isn’t he?”

“Mom and I think so, too.”

Her room was really a mini-suite with a sleeping area, sitting area, dressing area and bath, she ooed and ahed, saying it was the nicest room she’d ever had. I took her to the window, it overlooked the pool and beyond the woods, then I showed her the nursery and introduced her to the sleeping DJ.

“Oh, he’s beautiful, a beautiful baby boy,” she whispered.

We went back to her room where I explained that I was lactating, too. If Mom was sleeping she was to get me and I would nurse DJ.

I gave her an iPhone and showed her how it functioned as an audio/video baby monitor then asked if, perhaps she’d like to have a shower and, maybe a swim before Martha served dinner.

She liked the idea of a shower but as to the swimming, she begged off saying she didn’t have a suit.

“Gretchen Honey, that’s not a problem, the nice thing about living on ten secluded acres is that no one is around, I don’t wear a suit either, we can skinny dip.”

“Oh Ronnie, I couldn’t, I’m so fat and Donnie might see me.”

“Not to worry, he’ll be watching a basketball game or some such thing and even if he did happen to see you I think he’d be appreciative, I think you have a nice body.”

“Ronnie, I have a mirror, I know my boobs are big and sag a little, my tummy’s puffy, my hips are too wide and I’m broad in the bottom.”

“Perfect, you want children and you’re built for motherhood, I think you’re luscious.”

“Don’t tease me Ronnie, I’ve been hurt too many times in the past.”

“I’m not teasing Gretch,” I said as I gave her a hug.

I stepped back and said, “Take off your dress for me Gretchen, let me see.”

“I aaaaaaaa…,” she stammered.

I was wearing a maternity dress, with a flourish I took it over my head saying, “I’ll show you mine now you show me yours.”

I stood in just my maternity bra, panties and sandals with my belly in full bulge.

She just stared then, as she slowly removed her dress, she said, “I think a pregnant woman is the most beautiful thing in the world.”

Her bra cups were full but it was evident that what she was wearing provided almost no support and, as I looked down I noted that there were several holes in her panties, not from mistreatment but from wear.

I took her hand and walked her to the bed, “Sit down Sweetheart, let’s have a girl to girl talk, OK?”

She sat and I sat beside her.

“Gretchen, I don’t want to offend or embarrass you but I can see that your lingerie is pretty well worn. Remember I said that here we would provide for you, I’d like to take you shopping tomorrow, will you let me do that?”

“Why Ronnie, why would you do that for me?”

“I tried to explain, you’re under our roof, you’re family, I want you to be like a big sister to me.”

“Big sister? But I’m only nineteen.”

“And how old do you think I am?”

“Well, you do look young but if you have the power to hire me you must run this household.”

“Gretch Honey, I only wish, Mommy controls the purse strings, she’s the one that will set it up with her accountant for you to be paid and Donnie runs most everything else. Me, I’ll turn fifteen in a couple of weeks, I’m everybody else’s Little Girl.”

“Mom interviewed you, I talked with you and you only spent a few minutes with Donnie but he had the final word, obviously you impressed him, he gave me his OK.”

“This is going to be an interesting household,” she said.

“You bet, especially now that you’re part of it, now take off your bra and panties,” I said, then added, “the showers can wait ‘til after our swim, I’ll get us a couple of robes.”

She was so shy when we got to poolside but eventually I induced her to join me in the water, I might say she had extreme buoyancy, but her build was ideal for motherhood, she looked like a baby making machine.

I spent a lot of time close to her, complimenting her, playing with her and even teasing her a little.

“It feels so good to be in the water when I’m heavily pregnant, it’s like I’m light as air but when I get out my back aches so much it makes me wish we had a chiropractor on staff, a back rub would feel so good.”

Shyly she said, “Maybe I could rub your back for you.”

“Oh, would you, that would be wonderful.”

Just then her iPhone advised us that DJ was beginning to stir, we got out, toweled off and, in our robes went back upstairs.

Gretchen got him up, changed him and brought him to me.

I was lounging on a pile of pillows on the daybed, I put him on my breast..

As DJ nursed at my naked breasts Gretchen watched in awe, “I think this is the most beautiful thing in the world,” she said.

“And it feels so nice, I love it, it makes me know why I was put on earth,” I answered her.

“Yes?” She said with a question in her voice.

“Yes Gretchen, I believe women should strive to be all they can be but at the end of the day I think we exist to please our man and have and raise our babies.”

“I have to agree with you Ronnie, like I told you when we first talked, it’s just that I haven’t been able to find a man to please and I do want babies of my own someday.”

“Gretch, if I overstep my bounds say so, I tend to be too nosey, but have you ever been with a man?”

Her eyes got a little teary as she confessed, “No, here I am a nineteen year old virgin.”

“You have sexual urges, you must, we all do, have you been with a woman?”

Gretchen didn’t answer, she pulled her robe tighter around herself and was shaking her head no.

And I knew, “Gretchen,” I said.

She couldn’t look at me, she just continued to shake her head no.

“Gretchen, I think you have. There’s nothing wrong with it, sometimes I like the softer touch of a woman.”

“You’ve been with another woman?” She asked incredulously.

“Of course I have, now tell me about your experiences.”

She was red as a beet as she said, “The frau that I worked for in Bremen, we kissed and touched each other, but that was all.”

“I’m sure you touch yourself, did you like being touched by another woman?”

She enthusiastically nodded her head yes.

“Maybe we can get together sometime Gretch, would you do that for me?”

DJ had gone to sleep on my breast. I said,

“How about you burp Junior here and put him back in his crib.”

She took him, got a burp and put him back down.

When I took her hand and led her toward her bedroom she got a deer in the headlights look.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of Gretch Honey, I won’t bite, well, I might give you a nip just to find out how you taste,” I said, giving a little chuckle.

In her bedroom I said, “Give me a hand getting on the bed.”

She helped me get my roly-poly self into the middle of the mattress then I said,

“Take off your robe and join me Honey.”

She hesitated for several counts then, in an almost trance like state, she shrugged out of the robe and let it fall to the floor.

“I think you’re beautiful Gretch, come lie down with me and rub my tummy for me.”

I was on my side, she climbed on so we were face to face then she tentatively reached out and gently rubbed my belly.

“I think a pregnant woman is so beautiful, so sexy,” she said.

“Once you get past the aches and pains, the leaky body, the morning sickness and the constipation, it is pretty awesome, knowing that a new life is growing inside you,” I told her.

“I wish I was pregnant,” she wistfully whispered.

I laughed, “Yeah, you’d really like puking with morning sickness and the constipation, there’s nothing in the world like needing to go and you can’t poop.”

“What do you do?”

“For the morning sickness I got ginger ale, hot tea and crackers and for the constipation, Mom gave me enemas.”

“That sounds pretty yucky, I don’t think I’d want an enema,” she grimaced.

“Oh, I don’t think so, the big ones make me cramp but smaller ones feel really nice, have you ever had one?”

“I still don’t think I’d want one,” Gretchen said.

“I do, I want my enemas but Mommy can’t give them to me now,” I pouted.

“You still get them, are you still constipated?”

“No, no, I take them because I like them and because I want to stay clean “up there,” you know?”

“What do you mean?”

“Gretch Honey, what do you know about men?”

“Nothing I’m afraid, absolutely nothing.”

“OK, a little lesson, I think we, women I mean, are the luckier sex, Mother Nature gave us an organ that’s only purpose is to give us sexual pleasure. Our clitoris is the only organ in the animal kingdom that’s devoted solely to sexual pleasure and a man can use his fingers, tongue or penis to stimulate us. We, on the other hand have more to offer to him, yes, we can use our fingers and tongues and we have vaginas for his enjoyment. But that really doesn’t answer your question, men, lots of men like to visit us through the back door, know what I mean?”

“Not really, what does through the back door mean?”

“They like to have sex with our bottoms, you know, they like to come in the back door.”

“Yow, that’s gotta hurt, do you do that?”

“Oh Yeah, I love it but it could get messy, that’s why I like an enema three times a week so my rectum’s clean for my man, and now Mommy can’t give them to me.”

She seemed to have lost her concentration as we talked, I said, “Rub Honey, that feels good.”

I thought Gretchen was getting a little aroused, I cupped my hand around the back of her head and pulled her toward me saying, “Suck my breasts Gretchen.”

That was a big step, I’d set out to seduce her and a little sexual contact would go a long way toward getting her to open her legs for me and, ultimately, for Donnie.

I stroked her hair and whispered sweet words to her as she was on my bosom.

Of course DJ let us know that he wanted attention at that particular moment. As Gretchen raised her head I gave her a little kiss and said, “That was nice, but now, let’s take DJ down the hall to Mom.”

Gretchen changed DJ and carried him, Mom was awake, she lowered her gown and gave him a breast then she looked at Gretchen and me.

“Pretty informal dress for this time of day, isn’t it ladies?”

“Ah, we were swimming Mom.”

If there was anyone who could spot my arousal it was Mom and the red flush on Gretchen’s chest kinda gave her away, too.

Mom said, “Sure it’s fun playing water games, I like girly play, too. Ronnie, can you get that salve over there and rub some on my episiotomy incision for me?”

I got the salve off the dressed as she raised her gown, she didn’t have panties on so she just drew her legs up, exposing herself for her medication.

As I rubbed some of the salve on her scar I thumbed her clit.

“Oooo, you bad little girl,” she sighed as she laid further back on her pillows.

“Do you mind?” I asked.

“So long as you’re not too rough, I like it, it’s kinda relaxing.”

I masturbated her for about ten minutes, slowly and gently until she said, “

“That’s enough Baby, I don’t want to cum, I’m afraid the contractions might tear my stitches.”

We sat and talked with her until DJ was sated, Mommy burped him and played gitchy-gitchy goo with him, he has a melodic laugh as she tickled his tummy.

They played until DJ got a little testy, he was obviously getting tired. Gretchen took him back and walked him up and down the hall putting him to sleep.

I stayed and talked with Mom.

“She doesn’t have much Mom, I want to take her shopping tomorrow if it’s OK with you, we’ll take a taxi so Donnie can stay here and help with DJ.”

“That’s sweet of you Baby, sure it’s OK with me.”

The following morning we took a taxi to the mall, we started at Macy’s. Gretch was like a kid in a candy store looking at everything. We picked out four house dresses, pretty pastels, four pairs of shorts, half a dozen tops, and then in the lingerie department, four new brassieres that would support her large breasts, four nightgowns, two robes and a dozen pairs of panties. In the shoe department she got two pairs of bedroom slippers, a pair of trainers, a pair of flats and two pairs of sandals then we broke for lunch.

We both had lobster salads and iced tea then I led her to Victoria’s Secret.

“For when you’re feeling sexy,” I said as we selected set of panties and bras in red, black and peach.

Outside the store she hugged me, “Thank you so much Ronnie, I’ve never had such nice clothes.”

“Well, when we get home you have to model them for me, I want to look at your luscious body.”

She snorted, “My luscious body? I’m fat.”

“Hardly, I like to think of you as plush.”

She chuckled, “That does sound better doesn’t it.”

Once home we let Mom know we were back, checked in on DJ then went to her bedroom. She laid everything out on the bed and I said, “OK, now let’s have a fashion show.”

Progress from yesterday, she didn’t hesitate to get out of the clothes she was wearing, right down to even her underwear. I picked up one of her new bras and said, let me help you put this on.

I let my hands cup her breasts, “God you’re wonderful Gretchen, I wish I was this big, you’re perfect for feeding your babies.”

I rubbed her shoulders then let her put a pair of her panties on. She pulled one of her new dresses over her head, I handed her one of the pairs of sandals, once she had those on she stood and pirouetted for me making the skirt of her dress flare.

“You like Ronnie?” She asked.

“I like,” I answered.

She modeled each of her new dresses then her shorts and tops, when she’d finished I said,

“Now the lingerie from Victoria’s Secret.”

First the black then the red and finally the peach. When she put the peach on I tried a wolf whistle, the pastel color looked wonderful with her pale white skin.

“Wow, you are spectacular, it almost makes me wish a guy, you look totally fuckable.”

She flushed red and turned away, I thought I’d finally gone too far, until she turned back to me and said,

“You really think so Ronnie, don’t tease me, do you really mean it?”

“Why don’t you get out of your underwear and join me in bed, maybe I can show you.”

I stripped off my clothing and climbed to the center of the bed. I stayed on hands and knees like a big, pregnant cat waiting to pounce. Gretchen joined me.

I rolled her onto her back then kissed her. I teased her mouth with the tip of my tongue until her lips parted then I sucked the breath from her and slid my tongue over her teeth and into her mouth. As we swapped spit my hand massaged one of her breasts. Her breathing changed, her nipples swelled and her skin flushed. I slid my hand further down and caressed her abdomen.

“If I could I’d put a baby in you right here,” as I pressed on her uterus.

I raked the hairs on her mons veneris then cupped her vulva.

Breaking the kiss I asked, “Are you OK with this Honey?”

With dreamy eyes she rasped, “Yes.”

My finger dipped between her labia and traced her vaginal slit. I even slipped my fingertip into her vagina, verifying her virginity then I moved up, unhooded her clitoris and masturbated her until her body began to quiver and she started to pant. With some difficulty I moved my body over so I was between her legs then I held her labia apart so I could see her glorious pussy, God, I really did want to fuck her, if I’d had our strap-on I probably would have,

“You’re beautiful,” I said as I lowered my head.

Her tummy muscles rippled, her body trembled, she gasped and moaned as her orgasm climbed to a climax. She got her legs wrapped around my head and pounded against my face until she was spent.

After she’d had a few minutes to recover she said, “God Ronnie, I can’t thank you enough, I’ve never felt so good in my life, do you want me to do it to you?”

“Tell you what, if you really want to do something for me, I’d like it if you’d give me my enema.”

“I don’t know, I’ve never given one, I might hurt you.”

“Why don’t I give you one first, I can teach you how to do it.”

It was probably her gratitude that induced her to agree. I didn’t delay in getting the equipment, I didn’t want to give her time to change her mind. In her bathroom I put down a towel, filled the bag with two quarts of warm water and hung the bag.

“What do you know about an enema Gretch?”

“Not much.”

“What we’ll do, you need to get on your hands and knees on the towel, I’ll put a little lubricant on and in your anus then I’ll put the nozzle into you and turn the water on. After a while you may feel cramping, if you do, tell me and I’ll stop the flow until the cramps pass. I’ll help you with that, Ok. Then, after you evacuate the water I’m going to give you another smaller enema that you can hold for a while. Now, get on the towel.”

I dipped my finger into the gel and rubbed her anus before sliding a finger into her up to the second knuckle, she gave a little gasp as I penetrated her. I twisted the nozzle in and started the water.

She had a little smile when the warm water started to fill her, I let her enjoy it, keeping the flow slow but after about a third of the bag was in her, I lowered the bag to accelerate the volume of water, I wanted to induce cramping and it didn’t take long.

“Oh Ronnie, that’s enough, my tummy hurts.”

I stopped the flow and massaged her abdomen, dissipating the water into her colon, then I resumed the flow. I raised the bag back up to avoid the cramping then rubbed her vulva as she filled. At my touch she recoiled then settled back with a sigh. I got the full two quarts in her then had her lie on her back as I massaged her abdomen forcing the water up her Sigmoid colon, her descending colon, her transverse colon and her ascending colon, I wanted her to have a complete washout.

When she began to moan, “I need to go Ronnie,” I helped her up and onto the commode.

“You go ahead, I’ll wait in the bedroom, just let me know when you’ve finished.”

I went out but left the door partially ajar so I’d hear if she needed help. She didn’t need me but the explosiveness of her release made me think she might have really needed her enema. After about fifteen minutes I heard her flush then call out, “I’m all done Ronnie.”

She was standing when I went in, I kissed her and asked, “Feeling better Honey?”

“Yeah, I do, it hurt when I got the cramps but now I do feel better.”

“Your next one’s going to be a lot smaller, after we’ve finished I want you to go and lay on the bed until you need to go, OK?”

After the small enema I took Gretchen back to bed.

“It feels good, doesn’t it. I love the warm feeling it gives,” I said to her.

“It does feel good, I think I understand why you like them.”

“And right now you’d be ready for a man’s penis.”

“What do you mean?”

“Without an enema anal sex can be kinda poopy and no girl wants that embarrassment, that’s why I like to keep clean.”

“You do that a lot?”

“At least three times a week. My guy likes the back door even more than the front door.”

And, of course DJ had to choose that moment to begin to squall.

“You go ahead, use the toilet and get a bath, I’ll take care of my lovely brother,” I said.

I got him up and changed his stinky diaper then bathed him, re-diapered him, put on my robe and took him to his Mamma.

As he been to suckle greedily Mom asked about my rapidly developed relationship with our new nanny.

“Mom, she’s so sweet and she’d excellent with DJ but she’s incredibly naïve. I mean she’s nineteen and has never even been of a date, she’s a frustrated virgin. She wants children of her own but doesn’t have a clue about how to find a man. You’ve seen her, doesn’t she look like she could be a baby making machine?”

“She does look like she’s built for a man’s comfort.”

“Exactly and I thought we might want to introduce some new blood into the family, I’m not quite ready to recommend it yet but I think she could be a wonderful addition. If I’m right I’d like it if you’d adopt her, she could be my big sister.”

“What are you going to do?”

“More than anything I want to be sure that she’d appropriately discreet about our affairs.”

“Yes, of course, have you spoken to Donnie about this idea yet?”

“Not yet, but I will tonight, I mean, if she’s unattractive to him she wouldn’t be a good candidate.”

“Do you want me to take DJ back?”

“No, I need to move around, I think I’ll take him for a little walk.”

“I’ll put the pram by the front door for you Mommy.”

“Thank you.”

When I went back to Gretchen’s bedroom she was just getting out of the tub, she said,

“If you’re ready I’m willing to try.”

I washed the nozzle with hot soapy water and filled the bag with two quarts and hung it for her then handed her the lube.

“Use your finger, put some of this at my opening and push some up in me, OK?”

“OK Ronnie.”

I got on hands and knees and stuck my butt up on the air.

She handled her job beautifully. After I’d emptied my bowels and taken a quick bath I joined her on the bed.

We fondled each others breasts, she rubbed my baby bump while I massaged her abdomen then we played a little lower.

“Gretch Honey, you can put your fingers in me if you want to, I won’t do that to you though, you’re a virgin and it should be a man that harvests your cherry.”

“Harvest my cherry, I don’t understand.”

“Break your hymen, be the first to enter you.”

“Ah, I see. I’m afraid my cherry is going to rot on the tree.”

“No it’s not, yours will be completely ripe and sweet when you give it to a man.”

“We’ll see.”

“Yes we will, won’t we,” I answered.

As we masturbated each other we talked, well, I talked,

“You know Gretchen, I’ve only known you for a couple of days but I feel so close to you already, I’m beginning to love you like a sister.”

“Yes, that would be wonderful, I don’t have any family that I know of and I do feel so close to you already, even though I’m four years older I sometimes feel like a little sister to you, you know so much more than I do.”

“Maybe about sex but that’s all and you’ll learn quickly enough, maybe we can have a little lesson now, get some of that lubricant, will you?”


“Yes, now put some of that in my vagina, use your fingers, Ah, that’s right, now get a bunch of it on your middle and ring finger of your left hand, good.

I want you to stick those two fingers in me. Turn your hand palm up and slowly feel along the top wall of my vagina until you find a spot where the texture of the tissue begins to feel a little rougher.”

As she inserted her fingers she asked, “Like this?”

“Just like that, let me know when you find the spot.”

When she had her fingers about two inches into my vagina she had her ah ha moment, I could see her satisfaction in her eyes.

“I found it Ronnie.”

“That’s my G-spot, you have one, too and after you lose your virginity I’ll massage yours but now here’s what I want you to do. Bend those fingers a little like you were asking me to come with you, like this.”

I showed her what I wanted her to do.

“Now I want you to use real firm pressure, press on my G-spot and work your fingers back and forth rapidly.”

“Like this?”

“No, you need to make the pressure really firm, Oh yeah, like that.”

“What does this do,” she asked.

“It may take a while but eventually you’ll feel it begin to swell as it fills with fluid, it’ll get about the size of a walnut and I’ll probably leak out my urethra, you know, my pee hole. Then I’ll be about ready to cum. You’ll need to put your mouth on me then, use your tongue and rapidly flick my clit with the tip of your tongue.”

Then I laid back, relaxed and let her sweet hand and mouth do their magic.

God, she got me going, I was panting like a thirsty bitch then started chanting, “Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh God, Oooooooooooooooo,” as I squirted a couple of inches high.

Gretchen recoiled from me, “What was that?” She asked.

“You made me cum Honey, you made me cum, don’t stop now, lick me, drink the nectar I’m offering to you, that’s right, that’s right, now come up here and give me the biggest kiss you’ve ever given.”

She fell into my arms as we kissed passionately, when we broke apart I put her on my breast, letting her drink even more of my fluids.

Sometimes I just can’t shut up, I started talking again.

“You know the ancient Native Americans used to cut themselves and mix their blood, they called each other blood brothers, now I’ve tasted your juice and you’ve tasted mine, I guess we must be Sex Sisters. Even with my tit in her mouth she chuckled.

Once again DJ interrupted our fun, he was in his crib, in the next room, with the door between the rooms open, and the last time I’d seen DJ was in my mother’s arms, ergo she’d put him in the crib and, of course, she’d have to have seen us. I wondered just how long she’d watched.

It dawned on Gretchen, too.

“Oh Ronnie, Mrs. Douglas must have seen us, I’ll probably lose my job, won’t I?”

“Not a chance Gretch, remember when I told you that what goes on her stays here? It’s stuff like this that I meant, we’re a very sensual and sexual household, what you and I are doing is normal here, she’s not only my mother, she’s my lover, too and when she’s recovered she’ll no doubt have you in her bed.”

“You’re kidding, I mean…”

“Can you live like that Gretchen, I want you here but if you’re uncomfortable with our arrangements I’d understand. Our lifestyle would certainly be defined as an alternative lifestyle, wouldn’t it.”

“You mean you make love with each other?”

“We love each other and we’re not afraid to express it, no more no less.”

“And I would be part of that, too?”

“Of course you would, you’d be part of the family.”

“You fight, of course just like any other family, don’t you?”

“I foolishly called Mommy a fucking cow once but I’ll never do it again, instead of fighting we try to work off our frustrations on the bed, it’s a whole lot more fun that way.”

“So you are like Bonobos, yes?”

I had to laugh out loud, “Yeah, I guess we ARE like those mini-chimpanzees, why fight when we can fuck.”

“And you would let me be part of your family?”

“If you choose to be, yes, pending Donnie’s approval but I’m sure he won’t have any objections.”

“But if you and your mother say it’s alright, he couldn’t say no, could he?”

“Donnie can say no to almost anything, he sets the rules and he rules the household except for the financial side, Mommy holds sway there. He wears a velvet glove but it covers an iron fist.”

“What do you mean?”

“He insists that we treat each other with respect. We aren’t allowed to scream and curse at each other and whoa be it if we should strike each other, thank God that has never happened. We also cannot drink any alcohol when we’re pregnant nor would he be happy if we did something so foolish as to put our health at risk, therefore, no drugs, not even cigarettes.”

“What would happen if he caught you smoking for instance?”

“He’d blister my little butt and put me to bed.”

“Blister your butt, I’m sorry Ronnie but I’m German, I speak English, yes, but sometimes the slang I just don’t know it.”

“I understand, it means he spanks, hard.”

“You mean he has spanked you?”

“Yes, when I called Mommy a fucking cow, I got the rod and Mommy got it once for drinking and lying. She had a drinking problem so Donnie doesn’t let her have any alcohol, ever.”

“Those are serious spankings, Mommy and I get a lot of spankings with his hand, those sting but it’s all sexual and the payoff is heavenly.”

“You mean you like to be spanked?”

“Oh yeah, he always makes it worthwhile.”

“But what about your husband, what does he think?”

“My husband? What do you mean?”

“You’re pregnant, you must have a husband, your mother just had DJ, she must have a man, too, where are they?”

“I’m going to ask you a very serious question, are you in or out, do you want to be family or not, your answer is important.”

“I think my head is spinning but, yes, I think I want to be part of your family.”

“No Gretchen, it can’t be “you think,” I won’t take you to Donnie on an “I think,” you’re either in or out.”

“Then yes, I want in, I want a family more than anything.”

“Do you want a family or do you want to be part of a family?”

“Both, I want both.”

“Let’s go see Donnie. Put on one of your new nightgowns, a robe and your slippers and we’ll go see him.”

Donnie was kicked back on the sofa watching the Spurs kick the hell out of the Thunder in the Western Division finals, I’m not sure he enjoyed the interruption but, interrupt I did.

“Donnie, Gretchen wants to be part of our family?”

“What does Gretchen know about our family?”

“Enough that she knows she’d like to be part of us.”

“What has Mommy said?”

“That if you approve she’d consider adopting her to make her real family.”

Donnie rubbed his chin and contemplated Gretchen until she began to squirm under his unrelenting gaze.

“Why do you want to be part of our family,” Donnie asked her.

“What do I call you; Mr. Douglas?”

He smiled at her, “No, Mr. Douglas or more correctly Dr. Douglas was my unlamented father, I’m Donnie.”

Like sampling a new taste she said, “Donnie, yes, Donnie.”

He again smiled at her, then said,

“Go on.”

“I, I, well I’ve never really had a family, I went through a lot of relatives and then foster homes but Ronnie has made me feel so wanted here, I guess I just want to be wanted, I want a man and I want children of my own, I’m a simple girl, all I’ve ever wanted is to be part of a family and to be a mother, is that too much to ask?”

“Ronnie, I think she’s perfect, now a few tests, do you object?”

I pretty much knew that Donnie would put her through her paces but, of course I said no, I had no objections.

“Gretchen, come to me,” Donnie said as he sat up on the side of the bed, Donnie had her sit on his thigh.

“Don’t be so tense Gretchen, I won’t hurt you, more likely we’ll adopt you.”

She was shocked, “Adopt me, I’m nineteen, I’m too old to be adopted.”

“Of course you aren’t, Ronnie thinks you’d make a wonderful addition to our little group, do you think you’d like that?”

“I,I, well, I’m speechless, wwwhy would you want me?”

“I can understand your question, I hardly know you but Ronnie speaks so highly of you and we do seek each others council. I understand that she has a knowledge of you that’s intimate, is that right?”

Gretchen was embarrassed by the question, she flushed red. Donnie recognized her discomfort, he stroked her hair,

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, we, all of us are sexual beings. I understand that you haven’t had much experience but that you are an enthusiastic learner, I think that’s wonderful, now why don’t the two of you go back up to your room, I’ll join you later, when this game’s over, and we can continue our conversation.”

After they’d gone Donnie smiled to himself, she seemed so perfect, young enough, virgin and willing. He still wanted to see her body before he made a final decision but that would come soon enough, he was sure that Ronnie would have her ready when he went upstairs.

The Spurs won the game in a rout, he switched off the set and went up to visit with his Mom.

“So what do you think of Gretchen,” Mom asked.

“So far, so good but ask me after tonight when I’ve gotten to know her better.”

“Are you going to sleep with her?”

“Still undecided, but probably.”

“If you do, do you think I should adopt her?”

“Absolutely, if she’s going to have children for us she’s entitled to the protection and security that being family brings, don’t you agree?”

“Yes, yes, of course, I mean her children would be my grandbabies, wouldn’t they.”

“I’m glad you agree,” he said as he lightly kissed her lips.

“Is there anything I can do for you before I go Mommy?”

“Well, you could put the salve on my incision, I’d like that.”

He got the tube and raised her gown, “Pull your legs up Mommy, let me see your pretty pussy.”

“Oh you Bad Boy,” she said as she brought her knees up, exposing herself.

He gently rubbed the salve on her wound then lightly kissed her at the top of her vaginal slit, “Get well quick, I already miss this.”

He went down the hallway, through DJ’s room and stood in the doorway. It was almost more than he could have hoped for.

Ronnie was reclining on a stack of pillows with her legs spread, Gretchen’s attention was diverted, she was performing cunnilingus and fingering Ronnie’s sweet pussy. She was on her knees between her thighs. Donnie could have given her a gyno exam with what he was seeing.

Her hips were wide, her bottom was broad and fleshy, divided by her anal cleft, her anus was like a small flower, her labia were puffy, her pubic hair as blonde as her head and he could see her breasts, large and capped with tan areolas and strawberry nipples, as an erection rose uninvited he knew that she would be a perfect mother, he shucked his clothing and slid onto the bed beside Ronnie.

Gretchen raised her head, startled.

“Don’t let me interrupt you Honey, I’m only here as an observer,” he smiled at her.

It was erotic watching girls together, everything seemed tenderer, softer, exotic. Smooth skin on smooth skin, soft lips on tender body parts, long hair draping her partner, it had a beauty unrivaled.

Donnie smiled, Gretchen was using the technique he’d taught Ronnie, oral along with a G-spot massage, he got off the bed, there was something he wanted.

From Mom’s room he got the Hitachi Magic Wand, he wanted to see Gretchen having a screaming orgasm and this tool would get the job done. He also picked up some lube. He didn’t want to take her virginity, not tonight but he did want to drive her half crazy and leave her wanting even more. He plugged the Magic Wand in and got back on the bed.

Just in time as it turned out, Ronnie was on the very edge,

“Faster, do it faster,” she panted.

With fingers and tongue flying Gretchen felt Ronnie’s swollen G-spot then a contraction and a squirt. This time Gretchen stayed on her, licking her slit and sucking on her urethra, draining her juices.

The pleasure of a tremendous climax shone on Ronnie’s face when Donnie brought Gretchen to him.

“That was beautiful,” he said as he kissed her drawing some of Ronnie’s nectar from her mouth.

“Umm, delicious,” he said, “Now I want to taste you.”

He attended to her breasts, full, with swollen nipples, he tongued them and tugged at her with his lips.

“You’re luscious Gretchen, perfect,” as he kissed down over her soft tummy, it was like she still had a roll of baby fat and he didn’t mind at all. She was exactly as Ronnie had defined her, plush.

Her bush was not a tangled mass, her hair was fine and soft, he nuzzled her mound then parted her labia with the tip of his tongue then decided he wanted a better look.

With his fingers he opened her, her inner core was a pretty coral, her vagina still a small dimple, as he parted her outer labia her inner labia came into view, in many ways she reminded him of a beautiful flower blossom opening, he licked her then snaked his tongue along her vaginal slit.

Ronnie and Vicky tasted similarly, the only real difference being Vicky’s maturity but Gretchen was different with an acidic tang. He teased at the throat of her vagina with his tongue then slid down and licked her perineum, before circling her anal pore with the tip of his tongue.

Gretchen was shocked, he was licking her asshole, she couldn’t believe it but it felt really good, she relaxed enjoying this strange new sensation. Donnie stayed there for several minutes, he wanted her to realize what a powerful erogenous zone her anus is, he wanted her to crave attention there. Finally he moved up to her clitoris where he teased along both sides of her stem. Gretchen’s breathing became ragged as she became more aroused then I saw Donnie dip his fingers into the lubricating gel.

He gently stroked and circled her anus with his greased fingers then he reached for the Magic Wand and switched it on low speed.

When his mouth came off her he replaced it with the Wand.

Gretchen jumped like she’d been shocked by electricity then screamed as the vibrations hit her. She moaned when two fingers penetrated her. Donnie pumped her as her hips bucked and her screaming continued unabated.

Then he switched the power to high,

“Oooooooooooooooo, Nooooooooooooooo, Oh God, Oooooooooooooooo, Oooooooooooooooo.”

She bounced all over the bed, the stimulating of the Magic Wand unrelenting, the fingers in her ass probing her rectum, bringing on orgasm after orgasm until she begged for him to stop.

“Pleeeeeeeeese, Donnie, no more, no more, Oooooooooooooooo.”

I know he wanted to roll her over and fuck her nice broad ass but he didn’t, he switched the Magic Wand off but kept his fingers buried, pumping her for a few minutes.

She’d gone kinda limp, he took his fingers out of her, moved up and kissed her.

“Did you like that Gretchen?”

“I thought I was going to die,” she gasped.

“You’re incredibly tight, I’m going to love it when I go into you.”

Then he moved over to me, he had a raging hard-on. He got between and lifted my legs, resting them on the top of his thighs and moved up against me. He ran his cock up and down between my swollen labia then poised it at the throat of my vagina then said to Gretchen,

“Would you like to watch?”

She rolled so she could see.

He entered me slowly letting her see as each inch of his manhood slid into my body. He fucked me with long languid strokes so she could see as my girly cum coated his cock then, as I got more aroused he sped up, he fucked me until we mutually ejaculated then he kissed me and said,

“Why don’t you sleep here tonight, I’ll see you two tomorrow.”

After he’d left Gretchen looked at me, “What would your husband think about him doing that?”

Obviously she hadn’t garnered a complete understanding of the relationships in out family, I said,

“Sexually he is my husband, there’s only one man in this house and it’s Donnie.”

“Your mother?”

“She’s his mother, too, but yes, DJ is both his brother and his son.”

“Yours, too?”

“Mine, too, my little girl (yes, I’d had an ultrasound) will be his sister and his daughter.”

“Ronnie, he kinda scares me, what he did to me, you know.”

“You didn’t like how he made you feel?”

“It’s not that Ronnie, my God, I thought I was going crazy with the fantastic sensations, but I felt like I completely lost control.”

“Yeah, he can do that to you.”

“Ronnie, what happens next, is he gonna, you know, is he?”

“Is he going to harvest your sweet little cherry?”


“Not unless you want him to, I want you as my sister, I want you to agree to join our family as a full member Gretch.”

“You mean you want your Mom to adopt me?”

“Wouldn’t you like to have a mother, a brother and a sister? Wouldn’t you like to have financial security for yourself and your children? We offer membership in a family that will love you unequivocally.”

“What would it be like, being your sister I mean?”

“Gretchen, most of the time we live like any well to do American family, none of us work outside the home, we don’t need to. Donnie and I go to public school and get good grades, we do our homework and study just like any other kid. Yes, we have more stuff than most families, Donnie drives a Mercedes that use to be my Dad’s before he died and Mom gets a new Lexus every two years, we have a boat and a nice lakefront summer cottage, we vacation in some pretty exotic places and we dine in nice restaurants, but all in all we live a pretty normal life during the day.

We have family rules like any family, no drugs, no smoking of cigarettes, no underage drinking and no alcohol at all for Mom, she used to have a little problem, no lying, no hitting and each of us is entitled to the respect of all of the others. Donnie enforces the rules and he rules the night.

As I’ve told you, we’re sexual, I’m not satisfied if Donnie isn’t with me at least five times a week and Mommy expects the same, you would, too.

Any questions?”

“What do you mean Donnie enforces the rules?”

“It means we’re Good Girls or we can’t sit for three days, he spanks and he spanks hard with a rod, it stings like an angry wasp.”

“He’d spank me, too?”

“If you’re part of the family and you screw up badly, yes. Don’t misunderstand, he doesn’t go around bullying us and beating us. I’ve gotten the rod once and so has Mommy but we know the limits and don’t push them.”

“It sounds stupid, I know but no one has ever loved me enough to spank me. I’ve been beaten, slapped and kicked because someone was mad or drunk, what’s it like to be spanked?”

“You know what you did was wrong, he sees to it that you understand why you’re being punished, he spanks you then sits with you rubbing your back and caressing you until you’ve calmed down, he makes you know he loves you.”

“Ronnie, I want to do it.”

“Give me a hug and a kiss sister. We’ll tell Mommy and Donnie in the morning so Mommy can get the paperwork started.”

“When will he do it?”

“Soon, why, are you anxious?”

“Anxious and scared.”

“Gretchen, I’ll be with you, I’ll even hold you while it’s happening, Mommy held me when it happened for me and I think it made us even closer. She kissed me and hugged me while it was going on then she caressed my breasts. That first time hurts when you lose your virginity and you may bleed but Mommy helped me relax.”

“Yes, I’d like you to be with me and hold me.”

First thing the next morning we did tell Mommy. She had me get Donnie, we were all in agreement; Gretchen would be a wonderful addition to our family.

With hugs all around, we celebrated the decision. Mommy interjected,

“It looks like we’re going to need a bigger bed.”

Then we had a little family meeting. I wanted to talk about my education, I would be going into my Sophomore year and certainly didn’t want to drop out. I guess I’d forgotten an important fact.

Mommy said, “You know, I have a degree in education, I can home school both of you and when our children grow to the appropriate age I can educate them, too.”


Gretchen asked, “Could I attend, too? I wasn’t able to complete my education in Germany.”

“Of course, maybe you can even teach the two of them German,” Mom said.

So thus it was, Mom would be the teacher, Gretchen would, of course, continue as the nanny, I was nominated to be her assistant and, unsaid but understood, Donnie would continue to be the stallion to his growing little herd of fillies.

My morning walks were shorter now, really, they were more like my morning waddles. My butt was spreading wider and my belly and tits were growing larger by the day, Gretchen went along with us this morning, with her iPhone monitor she could keep tabs on DJ and, if we didn’t go too far it wasn’t a problem.

As we walked Donnie asked,

“You girls want to play tonight?”

Sure we did. He said we could go up right after dinner if we wanted.

Sure we did.

Gretchen and I had already started by the time he joined us, we still had on our gowns and were just kissing and fondling each others’ breasts.

“I like watching you two, don’t stop,” he said as he dropped his boxer shorts and climbed on with us.

After having watched us play for a while, he began to rub my bottom, my reaction was immediate, I pulled my knees up under me, arched my back and prepared to accept him. I forgot, I still had my panties on. He lowered them for me.

“Gretchen, please hand me the lubricant there on the nightstand,” he asked.

He greased my anus then, with two fingers he worked some of the gel into me, when he pressed the head of his penis against me I pushed like he’d taught me to do. Even after having taken him dozens of times it still brought a little gasp from me when he parted my sphincters and, even though he’d had me this way with Mommy there, I was just a little uncomfortable knowing that Gretchen had just seen his big cock slide into my asshole, in fact she gasped, too, when he penetrated me.

When I’m gripping the sheets and biting the pillow, I know how I look, I’ve seen Mommy and, even though I do like anal there’s that pleasure/pain thing. I get a plaintive look in my eyes as I experience Donnie’s total domination of me, the sights and sounds are completely different than when I’m having vaginal sex, a lot of little moans and my,

“Un, un, un, un,” each time he thrusts into me and tonight Donnie is giving me a nice hard ride. He can’t get really rough with me, my belly won’t let him but he’s using long deep strokes and he’s really got me singing by the time his pulsing cock fills my bowels with semen.

When he’d finished he gave each of a kiss and, leaving the room he told us he’d be back the next night. I still wondered why Gretchen was still a virgin.

After he’d showered he went to visit Mom. He got in bed with her and asked how she was feeling. She replied,

“Better, I walked some today. The incision doesn’t hurt so much as itch so that must mean it’s healing.”

“Do you need some of your salve?”

“No, but I would like it if you’d rub my clit a little while you suck my breasts. I don’t want to cum, I’m not ready for the contractions yet but I would like a little thrill.”

So, like teenagers of a date, it was only fingers and lips until Mommy went to sleep. He slept with her and was still in the bed when we took DJ to her the next morning.

At mid-day the doorbell rang, when Martha answered it was UPS with a small parcel for Donnie, I wondered what it was when she took it to his room.

That evening I found out what the package contained, Donnie brought a new lubricant with him and put it on the nightstand. I picked it up and read. Conceive Plus is what it was, a sexual lubricant that didn’t adversely affect sperm. I knew then that tonight was Gretchen’s night and I further realized he wanted to inseminate her as quickly as possible.

I said to him, “Donnie, Gretchen wants me to hold her like Mommy held me, can I?”

He smiled at me, “I think I’d like that.”

I think Gretchen realized what the evening had in store for her, too. She was nervous and anxious, Donnie was his most seductive self with her. He told her how glad he was that she was joining the family, how beautiful he found her, and how cute her German accent was then he asked if he could kiss her.

As he held her and caressed her, stroking her back through her nightgown he discovered that she was wearing her bra.

“My girl’s don’t wear a brassiere under their gown Honey,” he told her.

“But my breasts are so big,” she answered.

“Your breasts are fantastic Gretchen, be proud of them, show them off,” he said.

“I, I, I’m sorry,” she stammered.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about, now you know. Let’s get the bra off so I can admire you.”

Of course she had to take her gown off to remove the shoulder straps, when she started to put it back on he stopped her.

With a smile he said, “Leave that off, too, why don’t you sit between Ronnie’s legs and lounge back against her, I want to see you in all your magnificent blonde splendor.”

I took my gown off and got into position to hold her.

He worshiped her bosom with his fingers and tongue, sucking and nibbling her until her nipples were stiff and swollen. Then he took her panties and said to me,

“Ronnie Baby, why don’t you make her titties happy for me,” as his head dipped down to engulf her vulva with his mouth.

As I gently caressed her breasts Donnie licked along her slit and gently tugged at her labia with his lips. He then moved up to her clit, unhooded it with his fingers and, when her little jewel was exposed, flicked it several times with the tip of his tongue. He used his tongue to lick along the sides of her clitoral shaft until she was totally aroused, I expected him to give her a climax but instead he moved up close to her exposed sex organs and allowed his cock to slide up and down her moist slit.

“Are you ready Gretchen?” He asked her.

“I’m a little scared, you know?”

“I understand, but I’ll be gentle with you,” as he reached for the Conceive Plus. “I’m going to use lubricant, it will make it easier for you.”

As he fingered some of the lube to the throat of her vagina I felt her tense up.

I stroked her hair and the side of her face, “Relax Honey, I’m here for you, I’ll take care of you.

As I stroked her hair Donnie was stroking her flanks then he massaged her abdomen.

“We’re going to make a baby and you’ll carry it right here, are you ready to be a Mommy?”

She whispered, “Yes.”

As she did so, Donnie guided his cock head to her virginal vagina and lightly probed her, once she’d accepted the head he slid in a little further, until he made contact with her hymen.

“Just relax for me Honey,” were the last words he said before he flexed his hips.

I read a little pain on her face but, stoically she was silent until he was completely in her.

Then, with a little moan, she opened her legs even wider and drew her knees up, making a nice cradle for Donnie.

He began to slowly stroke into her as he said,

“That’s my girl, you’re wonderful, so pretty, you’ll be a beautiful mother,” he crooned to her.

She got a little smile on her face, after the initial pain as her hymen was ruptured it was evident that sex was very pleasant for her, even this first time.

Donnie leaned forward, her breasts were pressed to his chest, their lips met, their tongues intertwined as he continued to stroke her.

“God you’ve got a fantastic, sweet pussy,” I heard him whisper in her ear.

“My pussy loves your cock,” I heard her answer.

I thought it would be quick but they both seemed to enjoy it so much that they mated for over half an hour. Even after Gretchen trembled and bucked under his as she had an orgasm he continued to fuck her. When she came for the second time Donnie pumped her fast a few times then, with a groan, he filled her cunt with cum for the first time. As his cock came out of her she truly did seem a rose, her pink labia were parted and there was a tinge of red from her vaginal blood at her core

He held her for a time afterward as they traded little kisses and soft words, finally he turned her and put her on my breast.

He let her nurse for a few minutes, her back was to him and he started rubbing her bottom.

“God you feel nice Gretch, you’re so soft, so desirable,”

She wiggled from his complimentary words then gave a sigh when he took a little of the lubricant and massaged her anus. She was on my breast and I was holding her in my arms, I thought he was going to sodomize her right then, but no, he had her arch her back, ran his cock up and down her anal cleft then penetrated her vagina. He slowly fucked her while she suckled.

The three of spent the night together although neither Donnie nor Gretchen got a lot of sleep, they were either hugging or snuggling or he was in her, I believe he took her five times over the course of the night.

She was sore the next morning but sore with a smile. Apparently she liked sex a bunch.

We both helped in taking DJ the following day, I gave him his late night feeding while she changed him, bathed him and took him to Mommy in the morning. That night I was in for a disappointment, Donnie told me that he and Gretchen wanted some private time; I was banished from the bed until he let me back in.

I was jealous but it really wasn’t catastrophic, I got in bed with Mommy and ‘though it wasn’t vigorous we engaged in some fun girly play. She was mentally ready for sex but physically she needed more time. We shared each others breast milk then she used her talented fingers on me and I went down on her using just the tip of my tongue on her clit. She even experienced a small orgasm, nothing earth shattering but her first since she’d delivered DJ.

When Gretchen brought DJ in for his midnight feeding I took care of it, Mommy fed him in the morning.

Donnie kept me out of their bedroom for a week and when he let me back in, his infatuation with and his training of Gretchen was obvious.

She was lounging on the bed wearing only a pair of panties, I joined them but I was more or less ignored, it seemed that they wanted to play together.

Donnie tapped her inner thigh and she opened her legs. Through her panties, with the tip of his finger he traced her slit, forcing the material between her labia.

“Doesn’t she have the cutest camel toe Ronnie?”

Yeah, I thought, if you like fat pussies, it looked like her labia had doubled in size since the last time I’d seen her. I knew it was that nasty green eyed monster but I was jealous, he’d spent the last week with her and I wanted some attention. I wondered if he now found my swollen body gross, I pouted.

He kept on playing with her, he spanked her pussy, not hard but it had to sting a little. She opened her legs further, encouraging him. He gave her a couple more whacks then climbed up her body and straddled her with his penis laying between her breasts. She took one in each hand and pressed them together so he could titty fuck her. Finally she leaned her head forward so she could lick the head.

“Aaaah, that’s the way Honey, give me your sweet lips,” as he rolled off of her.

Then she did something neither Mommy nor I had ever done for him, she licked and sucked on him, she couldn’t get it all in her mouth but she bobbed up and down as far as she could. When he said,

“I’m gonna cum, Honey.”

She sucked harder and faster until he thrust his hips upward, he came in her mouth.

The whole time he was ejaculating she stayed on him, when she lifted her head I saw that she hadn’t been able to swallow it all, lewdly, cum was dripping from both sides of her mouth. She cleaned herself with her tongue.

“I don’t want to miss any of it, if I don’t get it in my pussy I want it in my mouth,” she said as she looked at me.

God, in a week she’d gone from shy virgin to cum slut, I wanted to slap the smug smirk from her face. No, that’s really not what I wanted, what I wanted was to be there and see her pain and her look of abject surrender the first time Donnie’s big cock went up her fat ass to harvest her anal cherry; that’s what I really wanted.

She’d made me feel fat and ugly, with my swollen body and big belly I couldn’t compete with her in the bedroom, I knew it and she knew it. He was giving all of his attention to her and I was heartbroken. Teary eyed, I left the room, went to my bedroom, closed the door and buried my face in my pillow. Now I’m sure my hormones were making me a little crazy but then I thought I’d die of sadness.

I didn’t respond to the light rapping on my door, it could only be Donnie and I was mad at him. He came in anyhow and sat beside me.

“What’s the matter Baby Girl?” He asked me.

I guess I sniveled, “You don’t love me anymore, you love her.”

“Ronnie, I love you more than life itself, what would give you that idea?”

“You let her suck you and you’re giving her all your attention,” I pouted.

“Tell me Ronnie, do you want to suck my cock? Would that make you happy?”

“Noooooo,” I wailed.

“What do you want Baby?”

“Can you just hold me for a little while, I want to feel loved.”

So he laid down, I was on my side, the closest thing to comfortable that I could do. He was behind me.

“We’re going to have the prettiest little girl in the world,” he told me as he gently caressed my swollen abdomen, “I can’t wait, I’m sure she’ll be as cute as her Mommy.”

He stroked my hair, down my flank and over my hip where he gave me a little pat on the bottom. I snuggled back against him, it felt so good in his arms, when my bottom came in contact with his penis he said,

“Do you want to, Baby Sister?”

Just his words started me lubricating, I arched my back like a cat in heat, his fingers spread my labia and with a single thrust he was in me.

I sighed, “Yes.”

“God I wanted you in me Donnie, I want your cum in me, I won’t get it for very much longer, I’m due in a month.”

About the only way I could fuck was in the spooning position but anyway he could get in me was fine, he rocked against me for ten minutes before he said,

“Play with yourself, get your fingers wet, I want to suck on them, I want to taste my sweet Baby Sister.”

I came almost immediately, he kissed my fingers then sucked them dry of my juices,

“Sweeter than wine,” he whispered.

I’d cum, now I wanted a little more. There were tubes or tubs of lubricant in all of our bedrooms, I reached out, got the tube that was on my nightstand.

As I handed it back to him I said, “Do me in my broad butt, will you? I want you to hurt me just a little bit.”

Any time he sodomized me I felt like I was giving him some of my heart, some of my soul, I knew I’d moan and pant when he filled my rectum and that’s what I wanted. I wanted to surrender to him, for him to know that I was his.

I liked it when he touched me, with his fingers he lubricated me up into my body, I felt his big cock press against me, I took a deep breath, let it out and relaxed, still I moaned when he parted my sphincters, his hand was on my hip holding me.

“Unnnnnnn,” I moaned as he slid into me.

“You like that Baby Girl, does it feel good ‘cause it feels fantastic to me, God I love your sweet ass Sis.”

“Nyess, nyess, Oh God, I like it Donnie, I like it.”

As he started to pump me he slid his hand around and gently caressed my tummy. At that moment Chloe (that’s the name we’d selected for her) decided to kick.

“Wow, she’d got a powerful leg,” he said. It was the first time he’d felt her.

I think she kicked because she didn’t like sharing my innards with his cock and it made for some weird sensations, her booting me in the womb and Donnie thrusting through my anus but, nonetheless I was a happy camper, I wanted the baby and I wanted the cock.

I felt him swell and jerk as he pumped his ejaculate into me, so hot, so nice.

I rolled over so we were face to face, I wanted to suck his cock but he wouldn’t let me so I said,

“Well you suck me then,” and pulled his head to my breasts.

Soon Chloe would take his place but, for now, I loved the feeling of his lips taking my mother’s milk. Like a baby he dozed off with my nipple in his mouth.

Once was never enough for Donnie especially when it came to a nice tight bootie so I wasn’t surprised when he moved behind me in the middle of the night, I feigned sleep but couldn’t stifle my little moan when he entered me.

“Greedy Big Brother,” I said.

“You’re just too sexy, I can’t stay away,” he retorted.

Strange to have a conversation while he was pumping my bottom but I wanted to know.

“Are you going to sodomize Gretchen tonight,” I boldly asked.

“Maybe, why?”

“ ‘Cause I want to be there and watch.”

“I don’t think so, it’s awfully invasive for a girl and it ain’t always pretty. When you and I did it we did it in private, remember?”

“I’ll never forget, but I was there when you did it with Mommy.”

“Did you enjoy watching us?”

“Not really, Mommy looked like a whipped puppy.”

“That’s my point Sis.”

I wouldn’t usually challenge Donnie but I did now.

“I don’t care, I’m going to be there.”

“Ok, Ok, you win; be sure to give her an enema this morning so she’s ready for tonight.”

Then he started riding me a little harder before he bathed my bowels for a second time.

I awakened before him the next morning and I knew what I wanted to do, slowly I turned back the sheets so as not to wake him, his penis was flaccid but I intended to change that. I licked along his shaft until he became erect then took him in my mouth, if Gretchen could do it so could I. With a little “Ummmmm,” his eyes came open to see his Baby Sister fellating him.

“What are you doing Ronnie?” He asked.

“I think it’s pretty evident,” I said as I lifted my head up for a moment then went back to work.

He seemed to be enjoying himself, he just laid back and let me have my fun. When it was time I felt him swell then his cum flooded my mouth, I swallowed for all I was worth but, like Gretch I came up with cum dribbling from both sides of my mouth.

With a swish of my tongue I said, “Now that was fun.”

“Ronnie, you’re a trip. I didn’t wash after last night, did you like the taste of your own ass?”

“Hummm, was that what it was, I noticed a musky taste but the cum was wonderful.”


He got up and showered, I heard Gretchen taking care of DJ then taking him to Mom but I just continued to lounge with my back propped up by several pillows. When Donnie came back into the room I asked,

“Will you fuck me Donnie, in my pussy, I want your cum in me there, too.”

Never one to shirk his duties, Donnie climbed up between my legs then rested him on the top of his thighs. He moved forward and entered me, he stayed on his knees so I didn’t get his weight on my tummy. As he stroked into me he took my right hand and put it on my clit. He wanted me to masturbate myself as he fucked me. My fingers danced as he stroked, it only took about ten minutes before we came together. The climaxes weren’t explosive but they were sweet, I got what I wanted when he left me with a cute cream pie. I dipped my fingers into my pussy then sucked our melded juices off then decided to move. I rolled out, showered and went to see Gretchen.

She was a little moody, after all Donnie had left her to come to me that night.

“Don’t pout,” I told her, you’ll have him to yourself for a while in less than a month.

At that thought she brightened up.

“Let’s go in the bathroom, you’re due for your enema Honey.”

“A big one, I don’t want a big one.”

“I’m afraid it will be, I need to give them until the water runs clear so it may take a couple.”

I thought she was going to fight me, instead she moped into the bathroom, put the towels down and got on her hands and knees.

This was going to be enjoyable for me. I filled the bag with two quarts of warm water then sprinkled two packets of Castille Soap in and swished it around to mix it.

I lubricated her, inserted the nozzle and started the flow by the time the bag was empty she was moaning from cramps. I had her lie down on her back and massaged the abdomen, working the fluid up into her colons. I had her hold it for five minutes then helped her up, she was bent in pain, her stomach distended when she sat on the commode. I stepped out while she emptied her bowels.

Then I repeated the procedure, this time without the soap. After completing the third enema the water she discharged ran clear, her rectum and her colon were empty but she was worn out, I told her I’d take care of DJ, why didn’t she get some rest.

Then I went to Mom’s room, she and I played with DJ until he was worn out. He went to sleep on her shoulder so I took him and put him in his crib. Mom was getting around fine now, in fact better than I, she didn’t have my belly, we went downstairs for coffee and conversation.

I told her what was going to happen tonight and that I was going to be there, she wasn’t sure that was a good idea saying,

“I remember when it happened for me. You were there and when our eyes met I had wished you weren’t, I didn’t like it that you’d seen me so vulnerable.”

“I know, I wish I hadn’t been there either, you’re my mother and my heart went out to you but Gretchen’s been pretty uppity for the last couple of days, she needs to learn that we’re all equally important, I do want to watch her become a Backdoor Babe for Donnie.”

Then she said, “Let me give you some advise, as you get closer to your due date have Donnie fuck you ‘til you climax every night, the contractions from my orgasm started my labor and it might work for you.”

I replied, “Even if it doesn’t work I’ll enjoy the sex.”

“I know what you mean, I miss it a lot.”

“How are you coming along, anyway?”

“I think I’m ready, God, just talking about it and I’m getting wet.”

“Me, too,” I told her as I nuzzled against her, “Open your top Mommy, I want to suck your breasts.”

I loved the taste of her, the lingering taste of baby’s breath, the sweetness and warmth of her milk, I began to gently stroke her pussy, she WAS wet, I wanted to help her, I took her with my mouth.

With soft little moans her arousal climbed, the lube was there on the nightstand, I dipped into it and began to finger her, saying, “If I hurt you say something.”

Instead of complaining she opened her legs even wider and said, “You can do me harder, God, this feels so good.”

I wasn’t going to fist her, not so soon, but I did give her a vigorous three fingered G-spot massage while I continued to perform cunnilingus on her until she enjoyed a trembling climax.

“Feel good Mommy?” I inquired.

“Oh God yes.”

We snuggled, this time it was she that took my breasts, as she nursed we both relaxed and napped.

Gretchen awakened us when she brought DJ in for his feeding.

As DJ suckled Donnie came in. He asked me if I’d come with him, he had something he wanted to show me. As he led me to the staircase I assumed we’d be going down but, no, we were going up to the seldom used third floor.

He opened a locked door and, ushering me in, said, “Everyone has a bedroom but me, now this is mine, do you like it?”

I knew he’d been working on something with a contractor but the room was amazing. It utilized indirect lighting to create a candle light effect, soft music played and the walls and ceiling were mirrored. He had a huge bed, an overstuffed chair and a futon that was obviously designed for sex from behind.

He hugged me and said, “I wanted you to be the first Baby Sis,” as he lifted my gown over my head.”

My nine month pregnant belly was humungous and my tits sagged nearly to my, well, to where my waist used to be. As he held me he massaged my breasts then led me to the futon.

“Pose for me,” he said as he helped me to lie down.

As I reclined it was obvious that the lounge was designed for the comfort of a pregnant woman. Cushions supported my back and shoulders, for the first time in weeks I didn’t feel completely dominated by Chloe, I settled back with a smile.

Donnie directed me to different poses, he concentrated on my face and breasts, in fact I surprisingly still had my panties on. He was fascinated by the fact that my areolas were huge, at least four inches across and my nipples were swollen to thumb sized.

“You look delicious,” he said to me.

“I look huge, I’m ready for Chloe to join us in the world, are you going to help in getting her out?” I answered.

“Help you? Sorry Sis, I’m no doctor.”

“Donnie, I don’t need a doctor right now, I need your cock. Make me cum, get the contractions started damn it.”

“Oooh poor baby, lift your hips, let’s get your panties off.”

He knelt between my open legs and gently massaged my swollen belly then leaned forward and whispered to my belly button, “How’s my pretty little baby girl,” then kissed my stomach. He was talking to Chloe.

“Oooooh,” I sighed as his tongue parted my labia.

He smiled up at me, “I’m going to suck on her toes.”

It was not toes that he sucked, when he pulled my clitoris between his lips and teased it with the tip of his tongue I wriggled my big butt, God that felt good. My pussy was lubricating heavily when he slid two fingers into me, he massaged my G-spot while he tongued my clit.

“Oh, oh, oh, God Donnie, Yes, Yes, Yesssss,” as he fingered and sucked me to a climax.

I didn’t go into labor but, damn, it felt so good, then he moved against me. He rested on his haunches and scooted up, his fingers opened me and he thrust forward.

“Play with yourself while I fuck you Baby Girl, I love to watch you masturbate.”

It didn’t take me long, the contractions of my uterus, my vagina, I tightened and squeezed him as he continued to pump me. Once I’d stopped he stopped. He rubbed my bottom, my signal. He pulled out and helped me turn over. He positioned the cushions so that my tummy rested on one while the others supported my chest and head.

“Comfortable, Ronnie?” He asked.

“Unhunh,” I uttered in reply.

He stroked me, my vulva, over my perineum and he rubbed my anus.

“You’re swollen,” he said.

“Baby’s dropping, that’s what happens,” I replied.

“You’re beautiful,” he told me as he licked me.

His tongue circled my anus, I said, “You can if you want to.”

He gave me a little pat, saying, “That’s OK Sis, we’ll save that for later,” as he penetrated my vagina.

I sighed as he slid into me. I love it when he enters me from behind, he can get sooo much deeper. As he began stroking into me his thumb circled and pressed on my anus, God, he got all of my girly nerves firing.

“Oooooooooo,” I moaned, “Faster, fuck me faster Donnie, I wanta cum, Oh yeah, harder, make me cum, make me cum, Oh Christ,” I wailed, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.

My big butt was slamming back against him, meeting his thrusts, forcing him deeper, I wailed and screamed as my female fluids flowed, soaking him, streaming down my inner thighs, leaving the first stains on his new futon. It felt absolutely fantastic (but it didn’t put me into labor).

Afterwards, he held me for a little while, we talked and I told him that Mommy was ready and anxious to resume, then he said that he was going up to his room to take a nap, he was anticipating a long night.

I showered then dressed in a pair of panties and a gown before going downstairs to watch television and rest before supper.

At our meal I noted that both Mommy and Gretchen were attired the same as me, just gowns. Donnie was flirtatious with all of us, he even was playful with Martha along with being quite complimentary of her cooking. I was sure high spirits were his anticipation of gaining a new addition to our Backdoor Babes Club, and I wasn’t far from wrong. After dinner he took me up to his room. He’d promised that I could watch so he made me comfortable on the futon then went for Gretchen. Mommy was going to take care of DJ this evening.

I’d noticed when I came into the room that there was a jar of lubricant and a loaded lube launcher (yeah, I’d learned the name of his syringe thingy) on the nightstand. When he and Gretch came in she seemed nervous. After having received her enema earlier I’m pretty sure that she knew she was going to lose her anal cherry later.

I enjoyed watching as he took her gown over her head, her large breasts were milk white with tan areolas and strawberry nipples, he left her apricot panties on as he kissed her then curled down with her to the mattress. They kissed and he fondled her breasts for some minutes, her nipples swelled and he lowered his head to them. With fingers he circled and gently pinched and tugged on one while he sucked the other. He took his time until Gretchen began to respond then he licked down her tummy.

“Let me see your treasure,” he said as he rolled her panties off. He opened her labia with his fingers, laved her vaginal slit with his tongue then tugged at her lips with his. As she began to lubricate he licked her then moved to her clitoris. The tip of his tongue caressed the sides of her clitoral stem, he continued until Gretchen’s body began to tremble as she moved toward her climax then he sucked her clit into his mouth and flicked at its opaline tip until she came with a screaming orgasm. He didn’t hesitate, he moved up on her and entered her wetness with a single thrust.

He fucked her hard and fast, she soon had her legs wrapped around his waist as she thrust upward to meet him as she wailed, “Oh yes, oh hell yes, fuck me Donnie, fuck your Honey Girl, Oh God, your cock’s so big, so big, sooooooooo fuckin’ big,” as she climaxed she screamed, “Cum in me Donnie, give me your cum, give me a baby.”

I was surprised as he slammed against her and emptied his balls, I thought he’d save it for later, but then realized that he wasn’t yet sure that she was pregnant. He stayed in her until he became flaccid.

They snuggled for fifteen minutes of so then I saw him regain his erection. He rubbed her bottom saying, “Get up on your hands and knees for me Honey.”

Once she was in position he spread her. Her cheeks were large and soft, alabaster in color, her open vulva was coral with semen oozing out and her tight little asshole was pink. He mounted her, sliding easily into her wet vagina and fucked her to a third orgasm, then he reached to the nightstand.

With his cock still in her pussy he smeared some of the lubricant on her then picked up the lube launcher. She gave the slightest of moans as he inserted it into her, then pressing the top he slowly pulled it out, filling her with the lubricant.

Gretchen was fearful and anxious, in a quaky voice she said, “Do we have to do it this way Donnie, can’t you put it back in my pussy?”

Stroking her bottom he said, “Gretchen Honey, you can do it, just relax, I’ll be as gentle with you as possible.”

“Please Donnie, can’t we do it another way?”

“Your bottom’s so beautiful, so desirable, I’ve just got to have you.”

He pulled a pillow so it was below her head then with gentle pressure he eased her down so that her head was on the pillow and her breasts were on the mattress.

He pressed the small of her back, saying, “Arch your back for me, raise your bottom and let me see you in all your spectacular glory.”

Once he had her positioned he spread her cheeks with one hand. For a moment the lube on her anus glistened in the low light then he guided his cock to her hole.

“Relax for me Honey,” he said. I saw the muscles of his butt flex then the plum shaped head invaded her, painfully piercing her sphincters.

Her moan changed to a wail. Her voice gained in volume and pitch ‘til it sounded like she was the soprano in an Italian opera in full throat.

“Noooooooooo, take it out, please take it out Donnie,” she sobbed as she reached back and tried to push him off.

He held her in place then gave her a sharp little crack on her right buttocks.

“Settle down Honey, just settle down.”

I knew my Donnie, once his cock was in he wouldn’t pull out ‘til he was ready.

Slowly he forced his cock deeper into her, I knew he’d get it all in before he stopped.

Gretchen turned her head so she could look backward at him, she looked like a whipped puppy, her eyes dark and her blonde hair falling over her cheek as she begged,

“Please Donnie take it out, you’re hurting me, please, please, pleeeeese, I’ll do anything for you.”

“You’ll do this for me, won’t you Gretchen?”

Once he was completely in he began to pump her. She ceased to beg, now she was making whimpering moans and groans. It wasn’t the entertainment I thought it would be, watching what was happening to her, hearing her pitiful sounds, I began to feel empathy for her. Quietly I got off the futon and left the room, she didn’t need an audience.

I looked in on DJ, he was sleeping like a, well, like a baby, then I went to my room and laid down.

I dozed off but hormones, big belly and especially a kicking Chloe awakened me frequently, as such I was awake when I heard Donnie padding down the hall. A glance at the red numerals on my clock radio told me it was 11:06 p.m., Donnie had been with Gretchen for four hours, I supposed he was going downstairs to get something to restore his energy. I was again able to get a little rest.

I was awakened by the weight of someone joining me in my bed, a check of the clock showed it was nearly 1:00 a.m. Donnie’s arm snaked across my body, he rubbed my swollen tummy and said,

“ I didn’t wake you did I Ronnie? I just wanted to visit with my two favorite girls.”

“I don’t sleep very well anyhow and your girls are always happy to see you,” I replied.

He whispered to my abdomen, telling Chloe how much he loved her and how lucky she was to have me for a Mommy then he rubbed my bottom. It was my signal, I began to pull myself up to my knees but he said,

“Just stay comfortable Baby Girl, do you mind?” As he lowered the seat of my panties and caressed my nether cheeks.

“No, I don’t mind Donnie, I never mind your attention.”

His fingers slid into my anal cleft, I felt the coolness of lubricant being spread on me, his intent was evident and he’d come prepared, as the lube launcher slid in and then out I pulled up my knees and arched my back, readying myself to accept him.

As always I emitted a little moan as he split my sphincters and I sighed as he filled me completely. As he began to slowly pump me he asked me to play with myself, he wanted me to cum, too. So, down the front of my panties went my right hand, I spread my labia and rapidly teased my clitoris as he fucked my hungry ass. He stayed in me for about twenty minutes before speeding up, he said,

“I’m about to cum, cum with me Baby Girl.”

I fingered myself faster and harder, I wanted to get there with him, I felt him jerk as the first pulse of cum shot into me. My orgasm hit immediately, my contracting anus squeezing his cock, he groaned with pleasure then pumped the rest of his load into me.

When he pulled out he pulled the seat of my panties back into place then held me, stroking my tummy.

“Are you going to spend the rest of the night with me?” I asked.

I could almost feel his smile as he said, “I’d love to but I need to go back with Gretchen, I thought she needed a little break but we’ve still got a baby to make.”

With a flash of jealousy I snapped, “Have it your way Donnie.”

With a sharp smack to my butt he said, “Be a good girl, you know I love you best.”

And I believed he did. Before he left me he asked if I’d take DJ to Mom in the morning, he thought that Gretchen might still be otherwise occupied.

When I heard DJ begin to stir I arose and got him, changed his diaper and took him to Mom’s room. She greeted us with a smile.

“My, my, you look happy this morning,” I said.

She chuckled, “Happy, sated and sore this morning Ronnie, happy sated and sore.”

With DJ at her breast she told me that Donnie had visited her last night.

“It hurt a little when he put it in me, I guess I needed to be stretched, but then it felt heavenly, God he made me cum three times. I wanted it so much I didn’t even mind when he sodomized me, Oh I moaned the whole time but getting a load of his hot semen in my rectum felt good, too.”

“God Mom, our boy Donnie gets around, he even stopped in my room and gave me an anal injection after he’d finished with you.”

“Yeah, and I imagine we have another member in our exclusive little club,” she added.

He must have heard, Donnie came into the room and said,

“You’re correct ladies, the Backdoor Babes have their newest member. Now I’m going downstairs and have coffee with Martha while she gets breakfast on the table.”

I decided to look in on Gretchen, she was still in Donnie’s room sprawled across the bed and, in just a few words, she looked like she’d been rode hard and put away wet. Her eyes were as black as if mascara had run and her blonde locks were sweat matted and lank. I got her hairbrush and began to put her in better order.

With a damp cloth I cleansed her face then handed her panties to her along with a robe.

“Let’s get some breakfast,” I said.

“Oh Ronnie, I don’t feel much like eating just yet.”

“Come on, at least have some coffee, it’ll make you start to feel human again.”

“Ronnie, he wore me out and he said that we’ll spend most of the day together.”

“Gretch, I don’t know how to tell you this but it’s only just begun. He’ll stay with you until you’re pregnant.”

“How can he do it Ronnie, he fucked my pussy four or five times but he really tore my bottom up. He must have cum in me there at least six times, I have at least a quart in me.”

“You’ll be OK, now come on, I want coffee.”

Vindictive bitch that I can be, I got her downstairs without a trip to the bathroom, I vividly remembered my embarrassment the morning after and I wished the same on her.

Mom had already put DJ down and was sitting at the table with her coffee by the time we got there.

Martha served scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, toast and orange juice, we were nearly finished with our meal when it happened.

With a sound like a wet tire deflating, Gretchen farted. The look of abject humiliation on her face told the tale, she was sitting in a morass of jizz and didn’t have a clue what to do aside from turn a flaming shade of red.

I let her, to coin a phrase, stew in her juices before I took pity, took her hand and led her back upstairs to her room.

“Sit on the toilet for a while then a bath and you’ll feel better.”

“Ronnie, I’m so embarrassed, in front of everybody I mean.”

“I understand and I mean that, it happened to me, too.”

Donnie spent the rest of the day and night with her in his room, he took her there each night for a week until she complained to me about how much her breasts ached. We had pregnancy test kits on hand, she tested positive twice. I congratulated her, she was with child. I let her make the announcement to the rest of the family. As he’d done with both Mom and me, he had a special meal prepared for her and put a ring on her finger, she was his third “wife.”

Two days later I went into labor. I brought home our daughter Chloe who, over the years had come to be known as “Demon Daughter.” As quiet and calm as DJ was as a baby Chloe came out bitching and hasn’t changed since. She’s beautiful, she’s smart, she’s talented and boy, is she disruptive.

I’m skipping ahead, I’m now thirty years old and the mother of six girls (all of the kids are girls except DJ), Gretchen has four and Mom had one, so, we’ve got eleven girls between us. Mom’s classroom is like a “Little House on the Prairie” one room schoolhouse with kids from seventeen (DJ) down to our little five year old preschooler, Amy. But it’s the older girls I want to talk about.

When Chloe was nine Martha, our housekeeper’s life took a traumatic turn, her daughter overdosed on narcotics and she had to assume the care of her nine year old granddaughter Riana. She began acting out at her school and at home, Martha felt it would be necessary to take other employment so she would be at home more often to provide direction to Ree. We didn’t want to lose her, she’d been with us for nine years and in addition to being a fantastic cook and housekeeper she is a wonderful person. Mom and Donnie talked with her and suggested that she move in with us, she could continue her employment and still be available for Ree. So, we increased our live-in household by two.

Ree joined Mom’s class and nearly immediately there was trouble. Mixing my “Demon Daughter” with Ree was like throwing gasoline onto a fire, their disruptions in the classroom became intolerable to Mom so she went to Donnie.

Our home, like all homes had rules, Donnie enforced them. If punishment was necessary the little ones were given corner time and/or loss of privileges. After they began first grade at age six they were subject to spankings. Donnie took them over his lap, lowered the seat of their panties, spanked then held and soothed them, pulled their panties back up and gave them to their mother. All spankings required that the child’s mother be in attendance. Once they reached the age of ten he insisted that they remove their panties completely although he still spanked over his lap and, ‘though it had yet to occur, once they were fourteen and of high school age they could be punished as an adult, naked, on their back with legs held up in the diaper position, spanked with hand or rod depending on the seriousness of the infraction.

Unfortunately, Chloe spent more time in the corner than “Little Jack Horner” when she was under six then, almost as a birthday present for her, she merited her first spanking just days after her sixth birthday. I hoped that she’d learn her lesson from that, foolish me. It seemed that at least once a month she was over Donnie’s lap.

After Mom went to him about Chloe and Ree he spoke with Martha, Chloe was going to be spanked and he felt that Ree needed it, too. Martha agreed.

So, the nine year olds and Martha and I were in Donnie’s room at bedtime (all spankings were administered at bedtime giving the young ladies something to think about as they lay in bed afterwards).

He took Chloe first and she got twenty firm whacks. In tears and sniveling she promised to be good as he held her then she came to me.

Ree wanted to argue when it was her turn but it didn’t do much good. Martha told her to cooperate then Donnie took her by the arm and pulled her over his lap. Like Martha Ree’s a tall girl, already 5’6” but slender. She flailed her long legs, trying to fight. Donnie pinned her and took the seat of her panties down, she’s much lighter than Martha so, her first whack left a visible pink handprint, nineteen more followed, bringing wailing and tears.

Once he’d finished Donnie cradled her in his arms, kissed her cheek and smoothed her hair.

“Promise me you’ll be a good girl Ree.”

“I promise Mr. Donnie, I’ll be good for sure.”

So, they’d both promised and they followed through, for about two weeks, before Martha, me and our daughters were back in Donnie’s room at bedtime.

Gretchen’s daughter, Stacy, was eight and my seven year old twins, Simone and Shannon never got in trouble, it was just “Demon Daughter” and her sidekick, Ree but they were enough.

It was when they turned ten that I noticed changes in the way Donnie administered their spankings. Of course they now were required to remove all of their clothing, I believed it was to add some embarrassment and humiliation to the punishment but I came to wonder.

I’ll never forget Chloe’s first nude spanking, she resisted, stomped her foot, and refused to disrobe. I thought surly Donnie would grab her and pull her over his lap, but, no. He just continued to insist that she was going to undress for him.

“Come on Sweetheart, let’s get this over with. I’ll wait as long as it takes but you’re going to be the one to get yourself ready. I want you to undress and then tell me you’re sorry for what you did. You’ll get your spanking, then we’ll forget about what you’ve done, I’ll never bring it up again.

She was wearing a yellow T-shirt and beige shorts, he said, “I want you to take your shirt off, just your shirt so you can show me your cute little chest.”

Her little nipples were beginning to develop topping miniscule mounds, she said, “But Daddy, you’ll see my titties.”

“Un hunh, of course I will, men like to look at girls’ titties, now show me yours Sweetheart.”

Slowly she removed the shirt, of course she didn’t need a bra so she was nude from the waist up, he said,

“Come here Chloe.”

When she’d approached him he lightly rubbed her nipples. I saw her shudder then smile as he told her,

“You’re too cute, you have the nicest little nipples I’ve ever seen but I’d like to see you in just your panties, can you take your shorts off for Daddy?”

She was quicker this time, she was wearing pink cotton panties with little red bows on each side. Her bubble butt filled out the seat, Donnie rubbed it.

“God, you’re such a pretty girl and you’re going to be a beautiful woman. Will you take your panties off and let me see all of you?”

She delayed for several minutes but Donnie just quietly waited. Finally she lowered her panties to her feet and stepped out of them.

I could see that she was starting to develop a feminine shape, although her mound was still denuded her hips were beginning to broaden. He took her hand and brought her to him. He kissed her then said,

“That wasn’t so hard was it Sweetheart, you’ve made Daddy happy by letting him see you, aren’t you proud of yourself?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“But now you know what we need to do, come over my lap Sweetheart.”

As she got into position I was amazed, I’d watched as he’d sweet talked her out of her panties and had gotten her to willingly accept her spanking.

He didn’t start immediately though, Donnie rubbed and caressed her naked bottom then said,

“Tell me you’re sorry for what you’ve done.”

A little girl voice whispered, “I am sorry Daddy.”

“Ready?” He asked.

“Yes Daddy,” in the same voice.

Crrrrrrack, the first firm blow fell. Chloe yelped and Donnie rubbed the handprint he’d made.

Crrrrrrack, stroke number two, eliciting a wail from our daughter. Again Donnie paused, he rubbed her then seemed to cup her bottom with his hand and caress her.

“You’re doing fine Sweetheart,” he said as she accepted her third. This time there was no mistake, he was rubbing her intimately.

Then Crrrrrrack, Crrrrrrack, Crrrrrrack, her pretty eyes teared up. As he again caressed her, his fingers spread and her little butt cheeks parted, I watched unbelievingly as his middle finger dipped into her anal cleft and he massaged her tight rosebud.

She got five more, a total of ten and was bawling like a baby when he stopped spanking. Once again his finger circled her anus then I heard him whisper,

“Spread your legs for Daddy.”

As she did I realized that he was stroking her vulva.

I realized something else, a girl doesn’t have to have gone through puberty to have an orgasm, as he teased her tiny clitoris her small body shook as she climaxed.

He turned her onto her back and cradled her in his arms.

“That wasn’t so bad was it Sweetheart?”

“No Daddy.”

“Are you going to be a good girl for me?”


“Maybe? What, do you want another spanking?”

“Maybe,” was her amazing reply.

As he put her down and steered her to me he said,

“Would you put Chloe to bed and ask Martha to come in with Ree, please.”

I wouldn’t be there for Ree’s spanking but I’d find out later what happened from Martha.

It wasn’t quite the same, Ree was adamant in her refusal until Donnie said,

“Ree, you’re going to get your spanking. If I have to undress you I’m gonna give you twenty whacks but if you’ll undress for me it will only be ten, it’s your choice.”

She stripped rapidly and threw herself over his long, slim body over his lap.

He had his hand on her bottom rubbing her as he said,

“That’s my girl, God you’ve got such a cute little bottom.”

Then he spanked her with the same rhythm he’d used with Chloe and like Chloe after the spanking was over he had his thumb pressing her anus and his fingers dancing on her immature clit as he gave her an orgasm.

He held her, kissed her then gave her to Martha to put her to bed.

I soon noticed that the spankings were more frequent, Donnie seemed quicker to administer them and the girls seemed to do things that they knew would result in a spanking.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that the girls wanted the orgasms that ended each spanking and that Donnie was grooming his next generation of girls.

And so it went for the next several years. Oh, occasionally one of our younger daughters would screw up and get a few whacks but among the older girls it was only Chloe and Ree, or at least it was until last week.

And what happened brought chaos to our household, controlled chaos to be sure, Donnie saw to that but it was a week that, God help us, will never be repeated.

And I was at the center of it. My twins, Simone and Shannon came to me one morning. They wanted to tell me what Chloe and Ree were up to. I cautioned them that Daddy, all of the girls called Donnie Daddy, even Ree, did not care at all for tattling, he felt, and I agree, that it caused discord and distrust among our children. None the less, it came spilling out.

“But Mommy, they’re doing things they shouldn’t do,” Simone said.

“Yes Mommy, they have marijuana in their room and vodka, too, I think,” added Shannon.

“And they’re doing stuff to each other,” piped up Simone.

“What kind of stuff are they doing to each other Simone?”

“You know Mommy, they’re kissing and doing other stuff like touching “down there.”

“How do you know about touching ‘down there,’ do you two do that?”

“No Mommy,” they answered in unison.

I almost said, “You’ll go to hell for lying,” they were thirteen year old girls, of course they’d started to experiment and, as close as they were, probably on each other, but instead I asked,

“How do you know what Chloe and Ree are doing?”

And I got the shock of my life.

“Stacy told us,” Shannon answered.

Stacy is Gretchen’s fourteen year old daughter, I asked, “How does Stacy know?”

“Sometimes they let her in their room,” Simone said.

“OK, you two run along,” I needed a little time to think this out.

Finally, although I realized the potential consequences, I knew I had to tell Donnie and I knew that couldn’t go well.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked.

“No, I only know what the twins told me.”

“Ronnie, you know you and the others are responsible for monitoring the conduct of their children and this is serious misconduct. The sexual exploration doesn’t upset me but marijuana and, especially alcohol in this house is intolerable, absolutely intolerable, I need to talk to the other two mothers to find out what they know.”

First he spoke with Gretchen, like me she was in the dark. But when he talked to Martha she gave credence to the tale. She said she knew that Ree had made contact with some of the kids from their old neighborhood and that they certainly could secure drugs and booze.

Donnie told her, “Martha, I’m sorry but if Ree brought those things into this house she’ll have to go, I won’t tolerate it.”

“Mr. Donnie, please don’t do that, I don’t have anywhere else to take her and if she gets back with those peoples she’ll get in trouble just like her Mamma did.”

“I’m sorry Martha but I don’t see any other way.”

“Mr. Donnie, maybe you could make her part of the family, she’s old enough, she just needs to learn some responsibility, you know.”

“What are you suggesting Martha?”

“You could put a baby in her like you do with Miss Ronnie and Miss Gretchen.”

“Martha, what do you know about that?”

“Mr. Donnie, I’m your housekeeper, I probably know more about what goes on here that even you.”

“Martha, I’ll tell you the truth, I’ve never been with a black girl and I don’t know that I want to start.”

Truth be told, although Donnie had engaged in sex thousands of times he’d only ever had sex with three women, Mommy, Gretchen and me.

“Mr. Donnie, you know how you always tease with me and pat my big butt, maybe you could start with me.”

“You sure about that Martha, you’d do that for your granddaughter?”

“She’s my blood, she’s all I got left.”

“So you wanta be my Big Black Mamma, do you.”

“If you’ll have me.”

“If I agree you have to understand that Ree will still be punished, I can’t leave what’s happened unaddressed. And you need to know that I hold you, Gretchen and Ronnie partly responsible so the three of you will be punished, too. Finally, I want you to be aware that everything I’ll do with Ree I’ll be doing with you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mr. Ronnie, I understand.”

“OK, Ronnie will talk with you and let you know what you need to do.”

“Thank you Mr. Donnie, thank you so much.”

Donnie spoke with me and told me about the agreement, I was glad he could get it worked out, I didn’t want Ree put out into the street then he told me the rest.

“I’m going to have a busy day Ronnie and you’re not going to like most of it. First I want you to get with Martha, take her shopping, I want her in pretty panties, buy her a dozen pairs if you like but I want her in white. When you get back from shopping give her an enema then I want her, Gretchen and you in my room. You ladies screwed up your responsibilities and I’m going to remind you. At seven I want you to bring the twins to me. I realize we wouldn’t have gotten the information without them but I won’t tolerate snitching, they’re in for their first spanking and afterwards bring Martha to me. You can stay if you like.”

“No thank you, I’ve seen Mommy and Gretchen get it the first time and, Donnie, it ain’t pretty.”

He was right, I didn’t like most of it, my butt was gonna be sore, my twins were going to be initiated, and at thirteen I knew what would happen and, maybe most of all he was going to be with Martha. Damn it, I was fertile and ready for another baby.

Martha was more than surprised when I told her we were going shopping. I took her to Macy’s, got her a dozen pairs of panties, four new brassieres and a satin robe with matching slippers. Then home.

“OK Martha, now you have your clothes for tonight, now I need to get your body ready.”

“What you gonna do, I mean it’s been a long time since I been with a man but I do remember how, I think.”

“How long has it been Martha?”

“Since my husband got killed, that would be seventeen years.”

Martha was forty-three, she’d been celibate since she was twenty-six.

“Martha, I don’t mean to pry but have you ever done oral sex?”

“Oh yes, my old man wanted in my mouth every time.”

“How about receiving it?”

“You mean did he eat my pussy? No way, black guys don’t much do that.”

“How about anal?”

“Ain’t no man ever fucked my bootie Miss Ronnie, black girls don’t much do that.”

“Bet you won’t say that in the morning Martha, now, get undressed, I need to give you an enema.”


“Mostly for you, think how embarrassed you’d be if you pooped all over the bed.”

“I ain’t never done nothing like that.”

“You’ve never been sodomized before either.”


“Ah Martha, fucked in the ass, he’s going to do that.”

“How you know?”

“Because he told me to give you an enema, now, let’s go to the bathroom.”

After that was done came the part I wasn’t looking forward to, I called for Gretch to meet us in Donnie’s room then Martha and I joined her there.

It wasn’t much of a chastisement, al Donnie said was,

“You ladies are responsible for the monitoring of the conduct of the children, they are going to be punished and you three are going to experience what they’re going to have to endure. When we’ve finished I certainly hope that all of you will take your duties more seriously. Ronnie, let’s start with you, you’ve experienced this before. I need you to get in position.”

It was then that I noticed Daddy’s rod was laying on the bed.

He wanted me completely stripped, I took off my blouse, bra, shorts and panties, then laying on my back I pulled my knees up to my chest. The diaper position, I can’t imagine a more vulnerable way to be disciplined. My vulva and anus were exposed, he picked up the rod and without a word from him I heard that fearful whistle then Crrrrrrack.

There’s a moment from the time of impact until the pain is felt then I wailed. Oh God, it hurt.

I laid there for a few minutes expecting the next blow but it never fell, he said,

“Ladies, you’re only going to get a taste of what your daughters will feel, Martha, you’re next.”

She undressed and assumed the position. Whistle, Crrraaack, Aaaaaaah, she didn’t cry out but her pain was evident. He gave her a few minutes to recover then told Gretchen to ready herself.

Gretch had been with us for over fifteen years but she’d never met the rod, she didn’t want to now.

She was trembling and begging, “Please Donnie, I didn’t do anything. Stacy just went along with the older girls, it’s not her fault either.”

He was unmoved, he said, “Gretchen, sit on the bedside, Ronnie, Martha, help her.”

We each took an arm and led her to the bed. Once she was seated Donnie said,

“Undress her.”

Martha pulled her t-shirt over her head and I unfastened her brassiere, as her breasts fell free she cried out,

“Please Donnie, No.”

He said, “Take her shorts off.”

We laid her back over the bed and while Martha held her I unfastened, unzipped and removed her shorts then Donnie stepped forward and took her panties.

“Hold her in position,” he directed.

I pulled her right knee back to her breasts while Martha did the same with her left then that fearsome sound.

Whistle, Crrrrrrack, Wail, but Donnie said, “Hold her,” and the Whistle and Crrrrrrack were repeated. No wail this time, loud sobbing and tears.

“Gretchen, I expect your obedience and cooperation, the second was for resisting, you can get dressed now.”

As we left the room Donnie reminded me,

“Simone and Shannon at seven.”

Once in the hall Gretchen said, “Oh my, that hurt.”

I added, “Feel for the girls, theirs is going to be worse.”

We all went to Mom’s room, I guess we just wanted a hen’s session so I was surprised that DJ was there with her, under the covers.

He gave me a guilty smile and said, “Hi Ronnie.”

I said, “Hi DJ, having fun?”

The guilty smile only grew as he said, “Oh Yeah, lots of fun.”

Mommy seemed to be trying to disappear under the covers, it appeared that she was engaged in her motherly duty, giving her son his sex education with hands-on instructions, in other words, it was coitus interruptus. I hurriedly excused myself and led Gretchen and Martha out.

Martha laughed, “Well, the boy had to learn sometime.”

Mom was now fifty-seven, long past her child bearing years but that hardly meant she’d given up sex, I wondered if Donnie knew.

We just hung around, Gretchen and I helped Martha with dinner. At six o’clock we all sat down together. I noticed that Mom had a rather smug look on her face and that DJ was fawning over her. The twins twittered back and forth as usual but the big girls were subdued, I think we’d realized what they were up to, and so it went, as always we had a table full.

After we’d finished Gretchen helped Martha with the clean-up while I took the twins upstairs. In their bedroom I told them that they needed to dress for bed which they questioned, it was early yet and they wanted to play on their computers. Then I explained that they needed to see Daddy.

The chatter between them stopped. They looked at each other and then at me, although they’d never had occasion for a bedtime visit to Daddy they knew what it usually meant.

“Why Mommy, what did we do?” Shannon asked.

“I’m afraid it’s about being tattle tales,” I told them.

“He’s going to spank us, isn’t he Mommy?”

“Probably, yes,” I couldn’t lie to them.

“Mommy, we’re scared.”

If I’d know in advance what the evening held I might have been frightened, too.

I could see that they were both terrified, Simone eyes were near tears and Shannon just stood dumbly, her lower lip quivering.

“Come on, get your clothes off and let’s go to the bathroom, I think someone’s about to wet their panties.”

After they’d both urinated I got out fresh panties and nighties for them, then looking at the clock, herded them down the hall.

Donnie was waiting, he was seated on the side of the bed wearing only a pair of gym shorts.

His look was stern as he asked, “Do you two know why you’re here tonight?”

“We snitched on Chloe and Ree,” Shannon said.

“That’s right,” he answered.

“But Daddy, they’re doing bad things.”

“Yes they are and I’ll deal with them over that but I still can’t overlook what you’ve done. Let’s get this over with and put it behind us, OK, I need both of you to get undressed.”

They stood before him naked and trembling, he sent Shannon to me and said,

“Simone, I need you to lie across my lap.”

Thirteen, what an age, a little bit of grown up and a lot of little girl, she stood ready to cry.

“Come on Cutie, get over my lap, it won’t be all that bad,” Donnie said to her.

He took her hand and guided her into position.

Instead of spanking he rubbed her bottom saying, “My, you have the cutest little bottom, I don’t think I’ll ever see another as cute.”

Shannon couldn’t resist, “Yes you will, mine looks just like hers.”

Donnie chuckled, “Aren’t I the lucky one then, I get to see the two cutest bottoms in the whole world.”

“Are you ready Cutie?” He asked Simone.

She nodded yes.

He gave her two whacks, they were firm but hardly his best, no handprint was left.

Of course Simone was tearful. He rubbed her for several minutes before he said, spread your legs a little for me.”

“That’s a girl, good.”

Two more whacks, seemingly even lighter than the first pair. Nonetheless Simone wailed, “No more Daddy, please.”

Again he rubbed her but now he caressed down her inner thighs, “Only one more if you promise to be a good girl for me.”

“I promise Daddy, I promise, cross my heart.”

Whack, her final spank fell.

She jumped when he struck her. He put his hand on her bottom and held her down, her cheeks were a light pink when he said,

“I want to admire your cute bottom for a little while Cutie.”

Slowly he caressed her then his hand fell between her legs, she gave a little jump, startled as he traced her young vulva as his thumb circled then pressed her anus. When he began to stroke her clitoris it was evident in her reaction. She stopped whimpering from her spanking, oh she was still making a noise, a noise she’d never made before, the sound of a female becoming aroused.

As he continued she began to rock her hips and after several minutes her body went stiff across his lap, she sighed, “Daddy,” and went limp. I’d just watched as my little girl had experienced her first orgasm.

He lifted her and held her in his arms, with a little kiss he asked, “You’re going to be a good girl for me aren’t you Cutie?”

With an absolutely angelic smile she whispered, “Yes Daddy.”

He stood and laid her on the bed then pulled the sheet over her, “Why don’t you wait here while Shannon takes your place.”

I was left with empty arms as I watched the seduction of my second daughter. Everything went as it had with Simone until he began to stroke her sex organs. As he pressed her anus her hand shot back. I was sure she wanted to rub her sore bottom but, no, As she opened her legs further she spread her own cheeks for him, offering herself.

When he pressed she bucked back skewering herself on his thumb, she wanted him to penetrate her. I guess that like me Shannon is anal erotic. Once she’d achieved her climax he put her in his bed beside Simone, told the girls to wait there, he’d be back then walked me to my room.

“What are you doing Donnie, the girls, what?”

“I guess you could say I’m giving attention to my daughters, now, about you, you’re fertile right now aren’t you?”

“Yes, yes I am, I thought we’d be together but now there’s Martha.”

He hugged me, kissed me and lowered me to the mattress then lifted my dress and pulled off my panties, “I hope you don’t mind Baby Girl but we need to do this.”

He entered me smoothly, we’d been sexual partners for nearly sixteen years and this was the first time that he hadn’t romanced me first but I knew he wanted to get some sperm swimming through my cervix when my egg dropped, I didn’t mind, I was ready to be pregnant again.

When we’d finished it was twenty minutes after seven, he said,

“Get Martha ready and bring her to me at eight thirty,” then he returned to his room.

I went to Martha’s room, bathed her, lightly scented her, applied a very small amount of lipstick then brushed her hair until it shone. I picked out a pair of white silk panties then helped her into her robe. She stepped into her slippers.

She said, “I’m nervous Miss Ronnie, it’s been a long, long time.”

“Just relax Martha, he doesn’t bite…well, at least not too hard.”

I took her arm and led her to his room.

He got up to greet her with a hug.

“You look lovely Martha, absolutely lovely.”

As I left the room I noted a couple of things on his nightstand, a jar of sexual lubricant, three of his lube launchers, one of which appeared to have been used and, finally something I’d never known him to use, a prescription bottle of blue pills, Viagra.

I decided to look in on the twins before going to bed. They had always slept together, tonight I found Shannon snuggled in Simone’s arms.

“How are you two,” I asked.

“I’m fine but Shannon’s tummy hurts,” Simone answered.

I went to them and felt Shannon’s brow, no fever.

“What did you two do?” I inquired.

“Daddy came back and we all played,” Simone said.

“Played?” I asked, “What did you do?”

“Well, we didn’t have any clothes on so Daddy took his shorts off and got under the covers with us then he asked if we liked what he’d done.”

“We told him that we didn’t like getting spanked but afterwards he’d made us feel really good.”

“Did it feel good?” I asked.

“Oh Mommy, it was incredible, you can’t imagine.”

I could have commented, Oh hell yes I can imagine, even I’d gotten a nice little thrill this evening but I held my tongue.

“Go on,” I said.

“Well, Daddy showed us how to make each other feel good, he even showed us our little holes he said a man puts his penis in to make babies. Mommy, it’s so little I can’t believe a man can get his thing in it, how does he do it?”

“Well, his penis gets hard and we stretch, believe me, after six daughters I know,” I chuckled.

“Yeah, he told us a man gets hard. I asked if he was going to put babies in Shannon and me but he said we were too young, maybe in a few years. Then Shannon asked if we could touch his penis and he let us and it did get hard. Real soft on the outside but so hard on the inside.”

“You said he showed you how to make each other feel good, what did he do?”

“Well, he rubbed Shannon’s breasts then he showed me how to do it and how to suck on them, too. While I was sucking on her he rubbed her “down there,” until she was bouncing around all over the bed then he licked her. I couldn’t believe it, he licked where she pees and he even licked her bottom hole, that seemed so gross to me but it was driving her crazy. Then he told me to do it.”

“Did you?” I said, urging her on.

“She liked it so much that I finally did.”

“And, what did you think?”

In a complete non sequitur she asked, “Mommy have you ever done that to a girl, I mean tasted a girl?”

Flustered, I stuttered, “Well I, aaaah, I asked you first.”

She laughed at me, “You have, haven’t you?”

Mousily, I confessed, “Yes Simone baby, I have.”

Then she said, “I liked it, did you?”

I was loosening up, I said, “Yeah, I like it, still do.”

“You play games with grandma and Gretchen?” She asked incredulously.

“I confess,” I said.

Then she surprised me when she asked, “Do you suppose you could play with Shannon and me?”

The thought flashed through my head, what the hell kind of mother was I, here I was on the verge of arranging sexual liaisons with my thirteen year old daughter or, maybe plural, daughters.

All I could get out was, “Maybe.”

“Yesssss,” she exalted, “Did you hear that Shannon?”

In the intimate conversation I was having with Simone I’d forgotten Shannon, I asked if her tummy was sore because of something she’d eaten.

“No, Mommy, not that.”

“Well, tell me then.”

“After I did that stuff to Shannon she got real excited then something came out of her, it was kinda creamy tasting and a little salty then she laid there and calmed down so Daddy said she should learn to help me. He had me lie on my side then he put her on my breast like a little baby. Daddy laid down behind her and rubbed her while she was sucking on me. He rubbed her tummy then her bottom then she gave a little gasp.

“Daddy, what did you do, that feels cold and greasy.”

And I knew why the lube launcher on his nightstand was empty.

He said, “Just relax Sweetheart,” then put her back on my breast.

“What happened then?”

“He had her pull her knees up and stick her bottom out then she moaned real loud and kinda whined. Then I could tell, he was pumping into her and she was going, Unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, she kept going like that and I knew he was into her bottom doing it to her.”

Oh Christ Donnie, I thought, you’ve sodomized our thirteen year old with her twin in the same bed.

I went to Shannon, she’d put her panties back on, “Let me look,” I said as I lowered them. She was red and swollen, it was obvious that she’d been sodomized.

I said, “Let me clean you up and put some salve on you.”

Amazingly she said, “No Mommy, I’ve got Daddy’s sperm in me and I want to keep it.”

I glanced at Simone, looking for support I suppose, just the opposite, “Next time we play Shannon has to lick me and Daddy’s gonna give me his sperm.”

My head spun, what the fuck, then I understood, Shannon and Simone had always felt they were second fiddle to Chloe’s orchestra and now their Daddy was paying attention to them, he wanted them. The little girl parts wanting to please Daddy the woman part being sexually aroused, then I remembered my first time.

“What was it like Shannon?” I asked as I smoothed her hair.

“It hurt Mommy when he put it in me, it felt like my bottom was on fire when he went in me but then it felt funny, it still hurt but not as bad, I guess I’m littler than he is, it felt like he was stretching me then he stopped, I think he was all the way in me, it felt like he was way up in my belly then it felt like I needed to poop, he said that maybe I did but it was probably him filling me up and that next time he’d give me an enema before. Now my tummy hurts and I still feel like I need to poop but I can’t.”

What to do, every fiber of me as a mother was appalled, every nerve of me as Donnie’s sister/wife/lover understood, the twins were already well on their way to becoming productive breeders for the family expansion, as always with me, Donnie won out. I’d play girly games with the girls grooming them for the production of another generation.

I slept with them that night with one on each breast and Simone’s fingers exploring the portal that had been her entry to the world.

The next morning I met Donnie in the hall, the twins were still asleep and I wanted some coffee, so did he, he ducked his head into Mom’s room to ask if she wanted some but promptly closed the door, seems the sex ed session was ongoing. We went down stairs and I filled the Mr. Coffee.

After we each had a cup he asked if I’d check on Martha, she was still in bed and he said she’d had a rough night. It would have been the ideal time to discuss the twins but I kept quiet, I’d already decided how I was going on that.

“Want an English Muffin?” I asked.

“No, but a bagel with Nova Lox, cream cheese and a slice of Bermuda onion sounds fantastic.”

I fixed my muffin and his bagel then we chatted. He told me that he was going to see Chloe, Ree and Stacy together for their discipline then he was going to leave them together to see what they did with each other, finally, if they were sexually active with each other he intended to introduce them to motherhood.

I understood exactly what he said, he’d whip them, then knock them up, Jesus Christ, I couldn’t imagine what nine months from now would be like. He had or would impregnate me, he probably already knocked up Martha and Chloe, Ree and Stacy were on deck. There was a damned good chance of five babies within a month. I told him,

“Stay the hell away from Gretchen, we’ll need someone to help with all the babies.”

When I’d finished my muffin I went up to check on Martha, I’m glad I did. I found her curled into the fetal position on a bed soaked with more fluids than I could believe possible from two people.

She said, “Miss Ronnie, that man be a sex maniac, he done fucked me more ways than there is to fuck and he say he cummin’ back for more, he jess love his Big Black Mamma’s ass.”

“How many times?” I asked.

“I done lost count, he musta fucked my pussy ‘bout five or six times but he like my big ass better, I can’t be right, no man cums that much but I believe he was up my ass eight times. My pussy feel like it stretched as big as a garbage can an my ass got a telephone pole up it.”

I went to his bathroom, got a cool cloth and a Fleet enema, after I’d sponged her off I had her lie on her side and gave her the enema to empty her bowel of the semen then helped her into her panties and robe and took her downstairs. For the first time I cooked for her, I gave her an English muffin with a cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice.

Donnie was still there, he gave her a huge smile and said, “My Beautiful Big Black Mamma, wow, you’re something.”

“Mr. Donnie, sometimes a woman just know, I think you knocked this old woman up last night.”

“Wonderful, absolutely wonderful, Martha we need some new blood in this family,” as he came around the table, hugged and kissed her then said, “Let’s go back upstairs and make sure.”

And, damned if off they didn’t go.

When Donnie came back down it was just the two of us, he asked me what I thought of Martha becoming part of the family.

I love her and I said so and I agreed, we needed some diversity then I had to laugh at a thought that struck me.

“And I really want to see how big those huge titties can get when she’s pregnant and lactating.”

“We need to get you lactating again Baby Sis, God I love it when your bottom’s broad and your tits are leaking, you’re so damned sexy.”

“I agree, but first, tell me what the hell you did with Martha last night, she was pretty much a wreck when I went to your room.”

“Oh we had sex of course.”

“It sure looked like more than that,” I told him.

“You’re a nosy one aren’t you Baby Girl.”

“Just interested,” I retorted.

He took my hand and led me, saying, “Come with me then.”

He led me outside and around the pool. There was a guest house on the other side but since we never had guests it was never used. Donnie took out a key and unlocked the door.

I was surprised, for an unused house it had a certain lived in look.

“You’re entering my private man cave,” as he led me down the hall. We passed a bedroom, I assumed that was where he was taking me but we continued. There was a door at the end of the hall, again the door was locked, he took out a separate key and unlocked it, he ushered me in.

I realized this was his sanctum sanctorum, one wall was nearly covered by a huge television monitor, there was a bed and futon much like those in his room in the house along with several overstuffed chairs and a recliner aligned for television viewing. When he opened a cabinet I saw oodles of recording equipment, he queued up a video then sat on the futon, I laid down with my head in his lap and the video started.

I saw myself leading Martha into his bedroom, as I left he was hugging her.

“Oh My God Donnie, you recorded last night?”

“I record everything that goes on in that room Baby, I started that first night with Gretchen, remember that?”

“How could I forget, wait, you said you record everything, do you have recordings of me, too?”

“More than anyone else you’re my leading lady.”

“Donnie, damn it, I want to hit you”

He laughed then said, “And you look lovely in all of them.”

All right, I am nosy, I asked, “Can we watch those together sometime?”

“Sure, but let’s answer your questions about last night first.”

The video had moved ahead while we talked, he’d taken Martha’s robe off, she was laying on the bed with Donnie posing her.

Martha, as I’ve mentioned is a large woman, he had her posed like an ebony model for Peter Paul Rubens and she looked sexy. Her breasts were large and heavy, the areolas dark and covering the entire end of her breasts her dark chocolate nipples swollen. Her belly was puffy, her hips wide, the hairs of her mons veneris, full, curly and raven. Then Donnie joined her on the bed.

She seemed nervous, he stroked the side of her face then down her flank and whispered,

“We’re going to have fun and I’m going to put a baby in you, do you want a baby Martha?”

“I think I’m too old for that Mr. Donnie,” she answered.

“No you’re not, you’re my perfect Big Black Mamma and you’re going to be the perfect Mamma of our little girl.”

He began to massage her breasts, “Do you like me playing with your titties Mamma?”

“It feels good Mr. Donnie.”

“Donnie, just Donnie, we’re going to be lovers Martha, so no Mister, OK?”

“Donnie,” she rolled it over her tongue savoring the taste and the intimacy it implied, “Donnie.”

He mouthed her bosoms and after a few moments she sighed and relaxed. As he kissed and licked down her torso to her tummy he looked up at her and smiled,

“You’re delicious Mamma, do you like it when a man tastes you?”

Anxiously she said, “Ain’t no man ever done that to me Mr.…ah, Donnie.”

“I think you’ll like it, lift your hips and let me get your pretty panties off.”

As he took them from her he continued, “I really like you in white panties, I want you to wear them whenever we get together.”

“We gonna get together again Donnie?”

“I have a feeling we’ll be getting together a lot.”

I could tell he was separating her labia but the camera angle hid her slit from my view. He nuzzled her ebony curls then his tongue flicked out.

When his tongue touched her clitoris she reacted like she’d received an electric shock then he licked between her labia down to her vagina, dipped his tongue into her and went back to her clit.

As he performed cunnilingus on her for the first time, she was vocal in her appreciation.

“Oh God Donnie, Oh God, that feel so good, whooee that feel so good.”

Then he began to finger her while he ate her.

“Damn you taste good Mamma, deep, earthy, wonderful.”

He dipped his fingers into the jar of lubricant and I knew what was coming, my favorite, he slid his middle two fingers into her vagina.

She reacted when he began to massage her G-spot. He worked his fingers fast and deep with firm pressure, she’d never experienced a G-spot orgasm so it would probably take a little while but Donnie was nothing if he wasn’t patient with his women.

Occasionally he would look up and say something to her but for the most part he kept his mouth on her with his tongue flicking rapidly on the tip of her clit.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum,” Martha wailed.

Donnie slowed down, she wasn’t where he wanted her yet. As she calmed he increased the intensity.

She’d cry out that she was ready to cum and he’d ease up. He kept that up until he’d brought her to the cusp four or five times until she tried to get up.

“I gotta pee, please let me pee,” she pled.

I knew what was happening, her G-spot was completely swollen and fluid was leaking from her urethra causing the sensation of urination.

He pressed down on her abdomen and said, “You’re OK Mamma, now push down for me,” as his mouth again covered her.

Her eyes flew open, she screamed and fell back grabbing the sheet as her ejaculate gushed upward. She continued screaming unintelligibly as she continued to gush, I watched as she created little geysers three times then she went limp.

Donnie lifted her legs and pushed them back so she was in the diaper position then he entered her with a powerful thrust.

“You like that Mamma?” He asked.

“God, what you do to me Donnie, I ain’t never cum like that before.”

Donnie rode her hard and fast, I could even hear the slap of his balls against her sopping pussy.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, Oh yes, fuck your black Mamma, fuck my black pussy, God you fuck good boy, give it to your Mamma, fill me up with that baby makin’ juice, Aaaaaaaaaaah, damn, damn, shit, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cummmmmmmmmmmm.”

Martha was all over the bed, her thick thighs spread wide as Donnie pounded her pussy, she was thrusting up to meet his assault then she screamed and clawed at his back, she held him against her as her thunderous orgasm wash over her. Donnie roared as he poured his sperm into her hungry vagina.

As they both settled down Martha said, “Jesus boy, you fuck good.”

Donnie replied, “And you know words I didn’t expect you to know.”

“I saves them for special occasions and this sure be a special occasion.”

“I’m going to make you pregnant you know that don’t you Martha?”

“I think maybe you already did.”

Then he surprised me, he pulled out of her then climbed up her body, he straddled her chest and laid his cock between her breasts.

“Get me hard again Mamma, I want some more of your fine pussy.”

She clamped her breasts together as he titty fucked her then, as he began to become erect she took him in her mouth.

She licked along the sides of his cock like it was a lollipop, tasting their mingled ejaculate, when he was hard he put her on her side then lifted her top leg then, sitting on her bottom thigh he entered her once again.

Donnie hit pause then said, “I’m gonna fast forward now unless you want to watch. I fucked her several more times but I did want you to see how she could use her mouth, damn she’s good.”

“No, move it forward,” I said.

I have to confess, I was rubbing his cock through the gym shorts, my pussy was wet from just watching. He’d never fucked me as hard as he did Martha and I hoped he never did, I could understand why she was sore and bruised but it had been arousing.

He stopped the fast forward then looked for the frame where he wanted to start it again.

She was on her side again with her knees pulled up to her chest, he rubbed her bottom.

I knew what he wanted but Martha wasn’t trained yet, he said, “When I rub your butt Mamma I want you to get up on your hands and knees.”

As she did so I could see that she was moving a little gingerly, I’m sure she already had a sore pussy.

He nudged her legs further apart like he was posing her for the cameras. For the first time I had a clear view of her vulva. Her labia were dark, nearly as black as the hair on her mons then he spread her. Her anal cleft was deep, her puckered anus like an ebony starfish but her vaginal slit, inner labia, urethra and vagina were a reddish pink, just like mine.

There was a small amount of his semen oozing from her vagina, it provided the lubricant as he powered into her. He fucked her like he owned her for at least fifteen minutes (the Viagra was sure working), before she began to scream. As her orgasm subsided I watched as he got a little lube on his fingers and smoothed it on her anus then he reached for one of the lube launchers.

When he inserted it in her Martha realized what was going to happen, as he pulled it out, filling her with the oily lube Martha said,

“Mr. Donnie, please don’t do that to me, I ain’t never done it before.”

He put his hand on the middle of her back and gently pushed down.

Lie with your chest on the mattress for me Martha, you can use a pillow for your head, you may need it. Now arch your back for me.

When she hesitated he gave her a firm whack on her right cheek, “Arch for me Martha.”

When she’d complied he spread her cheeks with one hand, the other guided his cock to her tight rosebud.

“Relax for me Mamma, take a deep breath then let it out slowly.”

I didn’t want to see any more, I’d seen Mommy and I’d seen Gretchen lose their anal virginity, I told Donnie to turn it off.

“No Sis, not now, not yet,” he said to me as, on the screen he pushed into her, maybe three inches went in.

Martha wailed in pain as his big cock split her sphincters, she tried to move forward to escape but Donnie now had her by the hips, he held her in place.

As his cock slid in deeper he said, “God you’re tight Mamma, you have a spectacular ass, I’m gonna fuck you good.”

Martha was sobbing as she mewled, “Please Mr. Donnie take it out, Oooooooooo, you’re hurting me, God my asshole’s on fire.”

Big Martha’s voice was so small and pleading she sounded like one of our little schoolgirls near the end of her spanking.

I knew Donnie wasn’t going to stop and I knew something else, as I watched it came to me; Donnie fucks our pussies for procreation but he fucks our asses for domination.

Seeing what was happening to Martha was educational, just as Donnie was the dominant, Martha was his submissive. I realized that Mommy, Gretchen and I had started out the same but that we’d come to relish our submissive position, of having a big powerful man to take care of us. I know a feminist would be up in arms over that comment but we’re comfortable and happy in our roles and, I was sure that once Martha got past the initial pain she’d enjoy the fact that her and her granddaughter’s futures were safe and secure.

By the time the screen had regained my attention Martha had fallen into a rhythm with Donnie’s thrusts.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh,” as she gripped her pillow to her face.

Donnie shut off the machine.

“You know what’s surprising Ronnie? As big as Martha is her rectum’s as tight as a thirteen year old virgin’s.”

“I guess you’d know,” I said snidely.

“No, I guess I’d about half way know, bring the twins to my room at six tonight, you can stay if you’d like.”

“And do what, watch you sodomize our other thirteen year old?”

“Exactly Ronnie, exactly. I’m going to fuck Simone, you’re going to be there then I’m going to fuck you, we can call it the twins sexual education, any questions?”

As I stroked his cock I had one question, he’d told me what I was going to do this evening so, I’d do it. I asked, “Can I suck you ‘til you cum?”

“You can suck me ‘til I’m ready to cum but take your panties off first and I’ll cum in you, we have a baby to make.”

With him still in me I asked, “Tell me Husband, are the ten, eleven and twelve year olds safe or do you intend to fuck them, too?”

He smiled at me, “Only as they become teenagers, like a good orchard farmer I won’t harvest my cherries until they ripen.”

So, at six we approached his door, two scared little girls and one very anxious mother, I knocked then entered. Donnie was waiting on the bed.

Donnie called Simone over to him, she knew she was going to be the object of his attention tonight, he said, “Would you like to get undressed for me, I want to see your cute body, you can leave your panties on for now.”

She complied then he picked her up, hugged and kissed her then asked, “Do you want Shannon and Mommy to join us?”

A little surprised she asked, “Mommy’s staying?”

“Yes, Mommy’s going to be here for you…and for me.”

He laid her on the mattress then asked Shannon to get undressed.

“You remember what Simone did for you, I want you to do the same for her. Play with her breasts and suck on them.”

As Shannon went at her sister it seemed to me that they might have been practicing, her fingers worked one breast while her mouth covered the other.

“Rub her between her legs Cutie, get her excited,” he said.

Then he motioned for me to join him on the bed.

“They’re delightful, aren’t they?” He asked.

They were, lovely Chestnut curls, Simone with an angelic smile of pleasure on her face as Shannon teased her tiny breasts and excited her with fingers through the materiel of her panties. And Shannon, concentrating of arousing her doppelganger, on her knees bent forward, her tight little no longer virgin butt in the air, God she was so cute I almost wanted to fuck her myself.

Donnie said, “I think I’ll help,” as he took Simone’s panties off.

He spread her legs a little further then opened her Pudendal Cleft, her outer labia had been sealed as tight as a clam until he’d spread then, her inner labia were small and pink, her vagina no more than a dimple, above it her urethra then her clitoral hood.

Donnie pressed the hood back displaying the opaline tip of her clit then he covered her with his mouth. He slid a hand under her and massaged her anus as he feasted on her vulva. Shannon continued on her breasts.

It was like an electrical overload, all of the nerves of her sex organs firing at once, too much for a young teen, her body trembled, I could see the muscles of her tummy rippling then she went stiff and wailed out, “Oooooooooooooooo,” as she climaxed.

She had a dazed look in her eyes and a smile on her face, “Did you like that Cutie?” Donnie asked her.

“Yes Daddy, I like that a whole lot, it was fantastic.”

“You’re the one that’s fantastic Cutie,” he said as he massaged her abdomen.

“Are you ready to suck Shannon’s breasts like she sucked yours?”

He didn’t really wait for her reply, he simply turned Shannon onto her side so she was facing Simone then lifted Simone so that her face was at Shannon’s bosom. Simone took her sisters breast and suckled.

He and I watched as both became comfortable, Shannon had a little smile on her face, she said,

“My baby.”

Simone sucked a little more vigorously.

Then Donnie scooted up against Simone, his right arm circled her waist and he massaged her abdomen.

“You feel soft and lovely,” he whispered to her.

She kinda wriggled under the compliment.

Then he began caressing her bottom saying, “And you have the cutest little butt.”

She came off the nipple for a moment to say, “See, I told you mine’s as cute as hers,” then back to the breast.

Donnie traced along her anal cleft then got some of the lube on his fingers and gave her an anal massage.

I hoped that he’d massage her again after he’d used the lube launcher, I knew from experience that massaging her anus would help her outer sphincter to relax.

Finally he picked up the syringe like device and whispered to her,

“Relax for me Cutie, I’m going to put something in your bottom.”

She gave a little sigh as it penetrated her, he slowly withdrew it as it filled her with the substance.

“That wasn’t so bad was it Cutie,” he asked as he resumed massaging her.

Speaking around Shannon’s nipple she said, “No Daddy.”

He tucked her knees up toward her chest then said, “Arch your back for me Cutie.”

He helped her get into position then moved up behind her, he guided his penis to her virgin asshole, encouraged her to relax then told her to take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

As the air flowed from her lungs, he flexed his hips. The head of his cock met resistance then with a nudge he was in her.

She fell off the breast as her as she flung her head back and moaned.

Donnie rubbed up her tummy, over her breasts to her throat, he encircled her neck, pulling her head back so he could whisper in her ear,

“You’re the best Simone, the very best, you’re fantastic, so tight, so wonderfully tight,” as he forced himself deeper, filling her rectum as she moaned,

“Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy.”

Slowly he began to fuck her, he was gentle or, at least as gentle as a grown man can be when sodomizing a thirteen year old girl, and, although it’s hard to admit, I was entranced, remembering how he’d taken me when I was only a year older.

Watching Mommy and Gretchen had bordered on gruesome but there was a strange beauty with her. She wasn’t silent, of course but there weren’t the tears and wailing of those earlier engagements either, just a huffing of breath in rhythm with his thrusts.

He stayed in her for about five minutes before I heard him whisper,

“I’m going to cum in you Cutie, do you want Daddy to cum in you? Tell me, tell me you want my cum.”

“Nyess Daddy, nyess, nyess, I want your cum in me, Oooo, cum in your little girl,” as he pushed into her, held her and filled her bowels with his hot, gushing semen.

He stayed in her until he became flaccid then slowly withdrew.

He held her but she rolled so she was facing him and said,

“I love you Daddy.”

With a kiss and a hug he said, “I love you, too Simone, I love you with all my heart.”

He held her for quite some time letting her snuggle and nuzzle against his chest before he said,

“Shannon Cutie, could you bring me a warm washcloth and a towel, please.”

And I knew it would soon be my turn.

He cleaned Simone then himself, dried then spread the towel on the bed, that could mean only one thing, he wanted my butt right in the center of it. I was right, he positioned me then said to Simone and Shannon,

“Isn’t Mommy beautiful?”

My chestnut hair was absent any gray, my face was unlined and, even after six children my tummy was still flat (on the rare occasions that I wasn’t pregnant), but my bottom and hips had spread through child bearing and my breasts weren’t as firm as a teen’s any longer, I waited for their judgment.

“Yes, she’s very beautiful,” said Simone.

“The most beautiful Mommy in the world,” added Shannon.

Donnie massaged my breasts then gave one to each of my daughters.

“Taste Mommy,” he instructed, “She’s delicious.”

I was taken aback at first but then thought why, I sucked Mommy’s breasts frequently, that was the way of things in our household.

And besides, it felt nice, I laid back and enjoyed.

Donnie began to rub me between my legs until I’d soaked my panties then he took them off. God, I love it when he eats me, he started doing that now.

When his slicked up fingers filled my cunt I knew why the towel was there, I was in for a G-spot massage, and the only thing better than oral is oral with a G-spot orgasm.

After he’d taken me to the heights several times only to bring me back down before blast-off his mouth came off me and Shannon abandoned my left breast then, moments later a strange tongue was tasting me. Donnie continued to pump me with his fingers.

I realized that Shannon was the one now performing my cunnilingus.

His firm pressure on my G-spot had caused it to swell to the size of a walnut then I felt like I needed to pee, a little squirt came from my urethra and with a scream of release I erupted.

I was still squirting when Shannon said, “Mommy, you peed on me.”

Donnie corrected her, “That’s not pee Cutie, Mommy just came hard.”

Then from my side Simone asked, “Can you make us cum like that Daddy?”

“Not until after you’ve lost your virginity, I have to put my fingers up in you to hit the right spot.”

“Take my virginity then, I want to cum like that,” Simone continued.

“Me, too,” echoed Shannon.

“Not yet, when I take your virginity I’ll make you pregnant and you two are still to young to be having babies but we can still have a lot of fun, can’t we.”

“And Mommy can have fun with us,” he said as his hand rubbed my bottom.

He was going to do it, he was going to sodomize me from behind, sodomize me with our daughters watching. It’s true, I really like anal but I’m not quiet about it, no matter how often we did it I still moaned the whole time he was in me. I guess I’m a touch on the masochistic side, a little pain enhances my pleasure, he lubricated me with his fingers then pointed and said,

“Simone would you hand that to me please.”

The other loaded lube launcher, as he slid it into me Shannon asked, “What are you doing Daddy?”

“Getting Mommy ready, this is the same thing I used on both of you, it lubricates her internally so it’s easier and less painful for her when I go into her.”

He let them look at my asshole.

“See how she’s lubricated? You really need a lot of lube for anal sex.”

I felt the pressure of his penis against my anus, I relaxed and took a deep breath, as I let it out he pushed into me. The twins stared, fascinated as his cock pierced my anus. I moaned.

When we’d finished the girls wanted to know if he was going to do it to them like he did it with Mommy, he told them,

“Maybe next time.”

He popped a couple of the Viagras then told me he needed to spend a couple of hours with Martha.

“Bring the girls and come back at nine,” he told me then as he walked me to the door, out of earshot of the twins he said,

“Give them enemas and bathe them, you might want one yourself because tonight’s going to be an anal orgy.”

Trying to convince two thirteen year old girls to get on their hands and knees with their butts raised in the air for a Fleet fill-up was no picnic but, after I explained how to administer one and allowed them to give me mine they came around.

As I administered their Fleet enemas both said, “Mommy, this is SO gross.”

“Not as gross as pooping the Daddy’s bed,” I told them.

“Oh My God Mommy, we’d die of embarrassment if we did that.”

“You won’t, your little rectums will be nice and clean and empty, now come on, we can all take a bath together.”

As we splashed (water all over the floor) and stroked each other I realized just how much fun I’d have playing with my two little imps.

I stayed with them, we talked girly talk, they both thought anal hurt but they wanted intimacy with their Daddy, they really were anxious for vaginal intercourse, ready to have Daddy’s babies and they wanted to know why it hurt when he went in their bottoms but not me.

I said, “You two are still a little too young to start having babies but I’m pretty sure it won’t be too long.” Then, “I’ve been having anal sex for a long time, I like it, I like it a lot but you two heard me moan, it still hurts a little.”

“Are you pregnant again Mommy?”

“Probably, Daddy and I want another baby.”

At a few minutes before nine I led our little procession down the hall, we were all clad in only robes, slippers and panties. Donnie came out, he was holding Martha’s arm, providing her with support. Like us she was wearing only panties, robe and slippers, her hair was in disarray, she was bent with one hand holding her abdomen.

The girls said, “Hi Martha.”

With a wan smile she said, “Hello.”

Donnie said, “Go on in, make yourself comfortable, I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.”

When we went in Shannon scrunched up her nose said, “PU, what’s that smell.”

I told them, “Get out of your robes and slippers and jump up on the bed, you’ll get used to the smell.”

Oh, I recognized the funky aroma, the twins didn’t realize it but they’d contributed to it.
Feminine ejaculate and male semen, vaginas and over it all the musky fragrance of opened female anuses. Four females had been sodomized here in the last couple of hours, the room reeked of sex and the scent was sure to get stronger, I saw four lube launchers on his nightstand, only one of them had been used, the other three were for us.

We were all lounging on the bed when Donnie came back, he looked us over and said,

“Three of the prettiest girls in the world, I’m one lucky man,” then he jumped on the bed with us.

“Why don’t you three have a little fun with each other, I’d like to watch.”

Like two little wolves they were on me, tickling me then Simone kissed me while Shannon went for my breasts.

“Can we make Mommy cum like you did Daddy, that was way cool,” Simone asked.

“I think you need to get her aroused before you try something like that,” he answered.

It was strange being romantically kissed by my daughter, I wondered where she’d learned. Her tongue snaked between my lips, her mouth was soft and her breath was fresh and her sister’s lips felt heavenly on my nipples.

Donnie whispered, “Rub her through her panties until they’re nice and wet.”

Her little finger traced along my Pudendal cleft then she began to gently stroke my clit. After a few minutes Simone broke the kiss, began nursing on my other breast and joined her sister in stroking my vulva.

It felt funny but in a nice way, soft feminine lips on my breasts, small hands gently stroking me, I smiled to myself, my little imps were making me wet with desire.

“Lift your hips Mommy,” Simone said to me, as I did she tugged one side as Shannon tugged the other. The took my panties from me and with the direct contact from their fingers the sensations became more intense.

Simone became the more adventurous, her index finger probed my vagina. I doubted that her small fingers could even reach my G-spot, then Donnie stepped in to help her.

“Dip your hand in this,” he said as he held the jar of lubricant to her.

“That’s right but you’re going to need quite a bit,” she got more.

“Now use two fingers and work that into her vagina, yes, that’s the way.”

She pumped me like Donnie had but, like I thought, her hand was just too small.

“Add another finger, use three, good, good, now add another, you’re doing fine Simone, OK, now I want you to cup your hand like this and tuck your thumb into your palm, perfect.”

Now she was stretching me and I suddenly knew what Donnie was going to have her do.

“OK, now Cutie, push into her and twist your hand like this,” as he demonstrated what he wanted her to do.

“Harder, push a little harder,” he told her.

Even with her small hand, when her knuckles pushed into me I groaned. When I looked down most of her forearm was buried in me, God it felt like I was skewered on a huge cock, she was pumping me so deeply she was occasionally bumping my cervix, then I heard Donnie say,

“Her clitoris Simone, use your tongue on her clit.”

Her mouth settled on me, the pumping fist in my cunt, the dancing tongue on my clit, I was moaning and wailing, new sensations, fantastic new sensations, then I heard Donnie say,

“Simone, use this.”

“In here, put your fingers in here,” he told her.

“Daddy?” Simone questioned.

“Do it Cutie, do it now.”

With a mouth on my clitoris, a fist in my vagina and now, two fingers up my ass I blew it, I mean I came like there was no tomorrow. I didn’t squirt but I gushed, girly cum flowed from me like lava from a volcano as I screamed nearly deliriously. I threw my head back and, whipping my hair around wailed,

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Oh God, Christ, no more, please no more, no more, no more.”

The damned torturesses didn’t want to quit, they were taking a perverse pleasure in watching Mommy writhe and scream like a banshee to their accompanying laughter. By the time Donnie interceded and saved me I was on the verge of exhaustion.

Then all three of them were on me with hugs and kisses, “Wow Mommy, you really cum good, we can’t wait ‘til we can, too,” Shannon said to me.

Thirteen, well thirteen and a half and they want to cum like Mommy. I couldn’t shake the thought that their sweet little cherries would be harvested before they made fourteen and I’d be there for them.

I was on my back with a girl under each arm, they were each toying with a breast when Donnie began to massage Simone’s tummy.

“Such a pretty, pretty girl,” he said, as he stroked her from throat to vulva, over her breasts, her tummy and flanks and between her legs. As she began to respond he took her panties off, saying,

“Daddy wants to taste his Cutie.”

As he began to lick her vulva she lost interest in my breast, her concentration was now completely on her own pleasure.

As her breathing became ragged and irregular Donnie scooped some of the lubricant onto his fingers and gave her an anal massage as he continued to pleasure her with his tongue. She was still in my arm, I felt her body tremble then stiffen as she had a climax; Donnie continued to lick her.

When he came up for air he told her, “You’re sweeter than sugar, my favorite taste in the whole world.”

Then he lifted her legs and pushed her knees back to her chest.

“Hold your legs like this for me Cutie,” he said as he reached for his lube launcher.

Once she was prepared he said, “I want to be able to see your angelic face.”

He guided his cock to her opening and pressed forward just a little then said, “Take a big breath for me and relax.”

Simone’s eyes were shut, she threw her head back and her mouth formed a silent scream, my little girl had a cock in her for the second time.

He entered her slowly but he didn’t stop until he was completely buried in her, she kinda chanted,

“Ah Daddy, Ah Daddy, Ah Daddy.”

Donnie was holding her by her hips, he fucked her for several minutes then took her hand and guided it down to her clit.

“Rub yourself for me Cutie, make yourself cum, I want you to cum for me while I’m in you.”

I knew it wouldn’t be easy, her face, the expression one of surrender, of submission, the same that I’d seen from Mom, Gretchen, Martha and now Simone, one I was sure I’d also had, registered that she was in some distress, finally I said, “Shannon, can you help your sister? Use your mouth on her.”

Shannon scrambled from under my arm and to Simone, her lips took the place of Simone’s hand. With an arm now free I began massaging her breasts. Even with our help it still took at least ten minutes to get her off, as she came Donnie fucked her faster.

“Oh God, you’re so tight Cutie, so tight, Oh yeah, squeeze me, squeeze Daddy’s cock in your wonderful little asshole, God you’re perfect, just perfect.” As he flooded her rectum with his semen.

Shannon scampered to get a warm cloth for him while I held Simone to my breast, she was still making small whimpering sounds, I soothed her and crooned to her. It had been an ordeal for her, very shortly she slept.

After Shannon had cleansed Donnie’s penis, he laid down with Simone and me, he held Shannon and, shortly we were all napping.

Not a long rest, less than an hour later I was awakened be a small hand lightly masturbating me, my eyes opened to see Shannon smiling.

“Does that feel good Mommy?” She asked.

It did, I remembered dreaming that I was being touched by fairies, but, alas no, just one of my imps.

“Un hunh, very nice,” I answered.

She was on her knees between my legs enjoying her little game with me when Donnie woke up, he arose, went to the bathroom, got a drink of water and came back to the bed. Shannon’s little butt was in the air as she concentrated on me, he came up behind her admiring her cute panty covered butt, he couldn’t resist. He began stroking her through her panties as she continued to stroke me.

“Use your mouth Cutie, Mommy loves it when you use your mouth,” he told her.

When she leaned forward to lick me, he lowered her panties to her knees and spread her legs as far as he could with the panties providing some restraint.

“God I wish I had a picture, Cutie you’re beautiful,” he told her as his fingers sought out her small slit.

I thought, you wish you had a picture, Donnie, I know this is all on video, YOU DO HAVE A PICTURE.

Then he began to use his tongue, from her clitoris to her anus and back he laved every inch of her sex, I knew he delighted in the light fresh taste of these young girls, when he drilled into her anus with the tip of his tongue, she cooed, she was as anal erotic as I was. He continued until she gave a little quiver, he’d given her a small orgasm then he lubricated her with his fingers.

As one hand massaged her anus his second reached for his lube launcher, she uttered a small moan when he filled her with the greasy substance.

I couldn’t believe what I knew was going to happen, he was going to take her from behind using my body to support her, I’d hold her in my arms as he sodomized her, he moved up behind her.

When she felt the pressure of his penis pressed against her anus I saw the fear in her eyes.

“Relax Shannon Baby, relax for Mommy, I’m right here for you,” I said.

As he pushed through her sphincters she had the saddest look in her eyes I’ve ever seen, she gasped,

“Mommy,” then moaned from deep in her throat.

Once he was in her he began to slowly pump, it created the oddest of sensations for me. Shannon was between my legs, the position he had her in put her groin to groin with me so each time he thrust into her, her groin rubbed my groin as though we were lesbians muff bumping. All that she was saying was, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.”

I held her and continued to encourage her, “Please try to relax and accept it Baby, Daddy loves you and doesn’t mean to hurt you.”

“But it does hurt Mommy,” she whimpered.

“I know Baby, it did at first for me, too.”

“He did it to you when you were little?”

“I was fourteen and we’ve been doing it ever since, now, relax,” I said to her as I rubbed her back.

“You’re fantastic Cutie, the best ever, just so sexy and desirable,” he whispered to her.

She wanted to please him so much, she answered, “Thank you Daddy.”

Her rocking against me sped up, he was fucking her faster and harder, getting ready to cum.

“Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy,” she mewled as he unleashed a torrent of scalding sperm into her guts. His pumping slowed as he completed his ejaculation, he pulled out of her.

I pulled her up so she was lying atop me, she was dazed so I just held her and hugged her.

Donnie got up, went to the bathroom and cleaned himself up then said to me, “Give the girls a bath then we can go to bed, I want all three of you to sleep here tonight.”

The warm water helped with their sore bottoms, when I came back into the bedroom and started to gather up their panties he said,

“Don’t Ronnie, you won’t be needing them.”

Ominously I saw that he’d refilled the two lube launchers he’d used.

Later in the night he took Shannon in the missionary position and Simone from behind, they’re twins, each always got what the other received, then as I held the two of them he lubricated me and, in the spoon position, entered me.

In the morning, before he went down for coffee he told me that the afternoon and evening were going to be busy, he was going to deal with Chloe, Ree and Stacy and I was free to go to the pool house if I wanted.

I understood, I could watch if I wanted to. I asked for his keys.

I took the twins downstairs, we had breakfast then I took them back to bed, none of us had gotten much sleep that night.

We napped then we played and finally we went down to visit with Mom. After some time with their grandmother and being big sisters to DJ the twins seemed none the worse for wear.

“Is Daddy going to do that to us again?” Simone asked.

“I expect he will,” I answered.

Mom raised an eyebrow questioningly.

“The newest and youngest members of the Backdoor Babes’ Club,” I confessed.

“He didn’t,” she said.

“Oh yes, and he enjoyed it immensely, I’m even a little concerned for Kelly, Kelly was Gretchen’s twelve year old daughter.

“But she hasn’t even had her menarche yet,” (menarche is a young girl’s first menstruation).

“My little angels are still virgins, at least for the time being, he sodomized them.”

“Is he going to?” Mom asked.

“They want to and, I think he wants to, so, probably.”

“Well delay it as long as possible, after all they’re only thirteen.”

“His attentions are going to be elsewhere for a while,” I replied.

“What do you mean?”

I recounted the facts as I knew them, that Chloe, Ree and Stacy had smoked marijuana and drunk vodka in their room and that they were engaging in some sexual play.

“He and I have talked about it, tomorrow he’s going to deal with the smoke and drink, three butts are going to be sore when he’s done. He’s not concerned about the sexual play but he feels that if they’re taking an interest in sex it’s probably time.”

“Are you, Gretchen and Martha going to be there?”

“No, he feels that, at fourteen and fifteen he should treat them as young women, no mothers required.”

I shooed the twins out, told them to go downstairs and get Cokes from Martha, I wanted a moment alone with Mom.

“Have you seen Donnie’s room up on the third floor yet?”

“Yes, he took me up there once to show me what he’d done, why?”

“Have sex with him?”

“Oh yes, memorable sex. He nearly screwed my brains out on the bed then he took me over to the futon, it’s perfectly designed for a woman on her knees and her butt in the air. He had me moaning like I was an anal virgin when he took me there, but why do you ask?”

“I just wanted to know if he had you on video, too. Everything that goes on that room is recorded but it also runs real time into his den in the pool house. I’m going to watch what goes on this evening, wanta watch with me?”

“Ronnie, I couldn’t, it wouldn’t be right…what time?”

“I’ll come get you, he plans on a long night, he’s gonna start at four.”

There are some things you just know you’re gonna regret but you can’t resist, this was one of them. I stocked the fridge in the pool house with soft drinks and flavored waters then laid out some of our sex toys on the nightstand. Sexual lubricant, the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator and the strap-on, the girls weren’t the only ones going to get fucked tonight, I fully intended to fuck Mommy, damn, I spent the day aroused, I could hardly wait.

When I went to get her at a few minutes ‘til four she was wearing a pretty blue blouse, khaki shorts and strappy sandals. I was in a robe and slippers, I said,

“Mommy, you’re overdressed, this is a real casual occasion, just panties, robe and slippers.”

As she undressed I said, “Lose the bra, too.”

“But Ronnie, I’m fifty-six, I sag.”

“You’re beautiful, I may want to suck on them.”

When I took her to the pool house then into Donnie’s special room she commented, “This is pretty plush, isn’t it?”

We lounged on the futon and I switched the equipment on. The room was empty but I saw the three loaded lube launchers on the nightstand and the rod was on the bed, Donnie was ready.

He brought them in, all three were dressed in shorts, t-shirts and sneakers. He sat them on the bed and stood in front of them like a schoolmaster.

“I can’t adequately express how upset and angry about what you three have done, smoking an illegal substance here in our house, putting yourselves and the rest of the family at risk of arrest, I’m appalled that you could do something so stupid and the vodka, the vodka. No alcohol is permitted under this roof. We’ve endured the problems it can cause in the past and it WILL NOT happen again.

“Now Stacy, please explain why and how you used these nasty things.”

“They were just here, I don’t know where they came from but everybody else was doing them and I wanted to try them. I’m sorry Daddy, I won’t do it again.”

Fourteen, he thought, and a follower, he believed her and believed she wouldn’t do it again, she’d always been the shy one.

“I believe you Little One.”

“How about you Chloe, why and how?”

“I wanted to experiment Daddy but I didn’t like it, the marijuana made me feel funny and the vodka tasted terrible.”

“Hunh, you should have mixed it with some juice, that way you could have at least enjoyed the fruit of your sins. But you didn’t tell me the how.”

“…I, Ree and me, we bought it.”

“Where did you buy it?”

“I, I don’t know Daddy.”

“You bought it but you don’t know where? You expect me to believe that?”

Her eyes were tearing when she blurted out, “It’s true Daddy, I gave my money to Ree and she got it, I’m sorry.”

“You will be, that I can assure you.”

“And what’s your story Ree? Did you just find it on the sidewalk?”

“No, a guy from my old neighborhood sold it to me.”

“What were you doing talking to someone from your old neighborhood, I let you and Martha move in here to get you out of that environment.”

“We were just talking and, well, we just…”

“I want each of you to know what you’re going to get this afternoon is only a sample of what will happen if this ever happens again, OK, I want you all to undress, you can keep your panties on but everything else comes off, move it.”

Stacy was the slowest of the three, she’d never been spanked before and was terrified but once she was down to her panties Donnie told Chloe and Ree, “Over on the futon until it’s your turn.”

“Stacy, sit on the side of the bed, OK, now lie back.”

Her butt, back and head were on the mattress with her legs hanging over the side, I wondered what he was going to do.

He sat beside her.

“Pull your knees up to your chest and hold them there,” he told her.

Once she was in position he took her panties up to her knees, baring her bottom.

“Stacy, this spanking is for what you did,” he told her.

He put his left arm under the back of her knees to hold her in place and swung his right hand.

I expected him to include a little sex in the spanking but he didn’t, he spanked her, twenty strokes, firm, hard and fast. I watched as her butt went from white to pink to red to fiery then he picked up the rod.

“And this is for being stupid.”

Swish, Crrrrrrack, that awful sound. Stacy had gone from begging and pleading to sobbing and finally to mewling. Normally he would have hugged her and let her cry herself out, not today, he simply said,

“You can pull your panties back up but stay here on the bed, Chloe, you’re next, come over here.”

He had her position herself in the same way that Stacy had and told her the same thing, that the spanking was for what she’d done.

Then the spanking began.

“Daddy, Daddy, Oooooooooooooooo, please touch me, touch me, Aaaaaaah, that hurts Daddy, you’re hurting me, stop, please stop, No more, Pleeeeeeeeeese.”

She liked her little spankings, she liked it when he got her off, she didn’t like this, when he got to twenty he didn’t slow down.

She was crying uncontrollably when he stopped at thirty, he picked up the rod,

“This is for being stupid and for involving Stacy.”

She screamed as the rod whistled then striped her three times.

“You can pull your panties up but stay right here on the bed, Ree, your turn.”

Long, lanky Ree could rest her feet on the floor while laying on the bed, that just gave her longer legs to hold up. He positioned her then bared her bottom.

“I view you as the ringleader and you’ll be punished accordingly.”

He pushed her legs down so the skin on her bottom was drawn taut then he whaled away, she tried to wriggle out of his grasp, he just held her tighter and hit her harder. She was much lighter of complexion than Martha, she reddened just like the first two, when she was fiery, she’d been smacked thirty times, he seemed to hit even harder, twenty more. She’d gotten fifty, she was beyond tears, whimpering like a little girl and she still had the rod coming.

“The spanking was for what you did, this is for bringing that vile stuff into my house.”

And the rod whistled, five times the rod whistled, five times she jerked under the impact, five times she wailed in agony.

“Don’t do it again, any of you. Ree, you can pull your panties back up but stay on the bed.”

He got up, returned the rod to its place of prominence on his dresser then picked up a jar of aloe gel. He tossed it on the bed saying,

“This will take some of the sting out if you want to use it,” and he left the room.

Stacy had calmed down, Chloe was still sniveling and Ree was in mortal agony, Stacy was the first to reach for the jar.

“I’ll put some on you two if you’ll put it on me,” she said.

“Wow, I’m glad that wasn’t me. I still remember how it felt and that was fifteen years ago,” Mommy said.

I kinda cringed, I remembered, too, so why was I wet?

I reached between Mommy’s legs and rubbed her through her panties, I wasn’t the only one who’d lubricated.

Grotesquely, we’d both been aroused by the spankings, “Come over my lap,” I said to her.


“I’m going to spank you for being a bad girl.”

A light spanking, just enough to sting, on her panties.

“Spread your legs for me, God, I can smell you, you’re still so sexy,” the gusset of her panties was soaking.

But then there was action on the screen, it got our attention. The girls had rubbed each other with the aloe gel, obviously it had helped, now they were wrestling with each other.

It was fun watching as their lithe, young bodies rolled around. What a contrast, Stacy was the youngest and the smallest but nonetheless, with Gretchen’s genes she had the largest breasts. My Chloe seemed to be the strongest, she could even hold Ree down and Ree, already nearing six feet in height, had the smallest breasts of the three, she had a flat belly and narrow hips but when her little pink pantied butt was in the air she looked spectacular, tightly muscled, her cheeks created a small bubble, I’d bet Donnie was salivating.

They played for a few minutes before Chloe pinned Stacy down on her back and said, “Ree, get her titties.”

Ree straddled her and with a breast in each hand rubbed and squeezed until Stacy moaned.

“Suck her titty, I’ll get the other one,” Chloe laughed.

“You like this Stacy, you like this Little Girl,” Chloe teased.

“Let me go Chloe,” Stacy said.

“Oh, you like this, Ree, play with her pussy, let’s make her cum.”

“You wanta cum don’t you Stacy?”

Watching, Mom and I could tell when she went from fighting to enjoying. She sighed and spread her legs. In the HD monitor we were watching we could see the crotch of her pale lavender panties darken from her moisture.

Then Donnie came back in.

The girls jumped apart but he said,

“Don’t stop, I want to watch.”

After a few minutes he said, “You two stay on her breasts, I’ll take her pussy and show you how it’s done.”

“Mommy, the show’s about to start and that sheet’s gonna be a mess by the time they’re done.”

“What do you mean Baby?”

“I mean there are three virgins, there’s gonna be blood, there’s gonna be girly juice, there’s gonna be cum and there’s gonna be sweat and tears. I see three of his lube launchers on the nightstand so there’ll be three more Backdoor Babes by tomorrow and I didn’t give them enemas so there might even be some shit, God I hope not though.”

While Chloe and Ree held Stacy down, sucking her breasts Donnie took her panties from her.

He ran his fingers along her Pudendal Cleft then took her with his mouth.

Her first oral, the exquisite sensations, her head back, her eyes closed and her mouth open, breathing hard.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it Mommy.”

“I wish it was me, it’s making me so hot, I want to cum so bad,” she said as she slipped her hand inside her panties.

“Let me do that Mommy,” I said as I took her hand and replaced it with mine.

As I masturbated her I whispered, “I’m going to fuck you tonight Mommy.”

She gasped then opened her legs further, “Make me cum first.”

On screen Stacy pounded her hips up to meet Donnie’s lips as she screamed, “Ayeeeeeeeeee.”

Donnie took a little of the lube and slicked it onto his cock, “Mommy, watch,” I breathed.

He moved up against her, one hand parted her labia while the other guided his cock to her tiny vagina, he eased into her until he met her hymen.

He thrust, she winced when he broke her thin membrane, her legs fell apart then she wrapped them around his hips as he plunged into her.

“Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy, I’m your girl aren’t I?”

“You’re my sweetest Little Girl, my very sweetest.”

“You’re going to give me my baby Daddy, I want a baby.”

“She’s not much more than a baby herself,” Mommy said.

“I was fourteen, too, remember?”

“We’ll have a baby Sweetheart, the cutest little baby in the world, I bet,” he told her.

“I can’t believe she’s taking it so well,” I said.

“Daddy’s giving her attention and she wants to prove herself. I think she’ll be a good wife for him, probably will have at least ten kids.”

“She does seem to like it, doesn’t she.”

“Yeah, she might become a favorite but the real test comes later, you know that.”

“I sure did, I wondered how she’d take it when he went up her chubby little ass, we’d see.”

“Lift your legs for me Sweetheart, I want to be right on your cervix when I cum.”

With her legs back and wide open, he plowed into her then held himself against her, his ass cheeks clenched each time he pumped a load into her. After cumming he stayed in her until he softened, there was blood on his penis when he pulled out.

She rolled on her side and asked, “Do you love me Daddy?”

“I love you bunches and bunches Sweetheart,” he answered.

“I love you too, Daddy.”

“Why don’t you put your panties back on, you may bleed a little.”

But he was too late, she’d already shed drops of her virginal blood on the sheets.

He snuggled with her for a few minutes then, rubbing her back said,

“Let’s go over to the futon, you can lie down and get some rest, you’ll need it for later.”

He walked her over and got her comfortable then returned to the bed, he embraced his first child, my daughter and caressed her.

“How’s my favorite girl?” He asked.

She knew what was about to happen, she answered, “Ready Daddy, I’m ready for you to make me a woman.”

He was romantic with her, kissing her, nuzzling her throat, caressing her breasts, easing her, relaxing her, exciting her.

“Take your panties off for me Baby Girl, give me your precious gift,” he whispered.

As she laid back he admired her naked body, “You’re beautiful, a beautiful girl just like I told your Mommy you’d be.”

His mouth went to her breasts, he wanted her aroused, the muscles of her vagina relaxed when he entered her, he’d use his mouth and lips.

He kissed down over her tummy then licked and tugged at the chestnut curls of her mons veneris then his fingers spread her labia. His head bent and his tongue snaked along her cleft. She was delightful, mild fragrance, tasting of citrus and salt, he dipped into her vagina then continued downward, laving her pudendum then pressing the tip of his tongue to her anus. She wiggled just a little, his fingers had touched her there but this was a first with his tongue, as he rimmed her she sighed.

Like me, I thought, anal erotic, she liked his attention there, he opened her wider and tongued deeper, partially piercing her sphincter before moving back up to her clitoris. It was time to get her ready.

With all of her female nerves firing she came to a shuddering orgasm quickly, again he spread some of the lube on his cock and moved to her, guiding it to the throat of her tiny vagina. He leaned over her, took her in his arms and kissed her as he worked just the head into her.

“This may hurt,” he whispered to her as he thrust forward.

She didn’t cry out but her face registered pain as he tore through her hymen, he whispered,

“That’s it, I’m in you Baby,” as he slowly started to pump her.

I hugged Mom, “My baby isn’t a virgin anymore.”

After several minutes he rolled onto his back and brought her atop him, she was in the cowgirl position.

“Sit up baby, let me look at your sweet young body, you can move up and down on me.”

Slowly and gingerly she began to ride him, he let her fuck him for about ten minutes until it became evident that she was enjoying herself. He massaged her hips and flanks and caressed her breasts then took one of her hands and put it under her.

“Play with yourself Baby, rub your pretty little pussy for Daddy.”

He wanted her to cum and from the blissful look on her face it was evident that she was close. As her body trembled he thrust up to meet her then rolled her back into the missionary position where he held himself deep in her as his cum gushed.

When he pulled out, Chloe’s virginal blood joined Stacy’s, further staining the sheet.

“Did you like that Baby?” He asked.

“It hurt when you went in me but it felt good when I was on top, that was fun.”

“Had you ever played with yourself before?”

“Un hunh, sometimes.”

“Well, let’s go over to the futon, you and Stacy can fool around with each other while Ree and I are here on the bed, OK?”

He led her to the futon then took Ree’s hand.

After they were on the bed he said, “You’ve never had sex before have you Ree?”

“No Daddy.”

“Have you ever thought about having sex?”

“Yessss,” she breathed out.

“Who did you think about having sex with?”

“You Daddy, I knew it would be with you.”

“How did you know that?”

“Gram told me. She said she’s going to have your baby and that I was going to have one, too. Are you going to make me pregnant like my Grandma?”

“Yes, yes I am, we’ll make a beautiful baby and you’ll be a fantastic Mommy.”

As he’d talked to her he’d been rubbing her through her panties, now he said,

“Your pink panties are cute but I think they’d look even nicer if they were off. Can I take off your panties Ree?”

His hands wee on the elastic band on each side, she lifted her bottom and he slid them down.

“You’re majestic, so long and slim, so utterly desirable. Hold your pussy open for me, I want to see you, use both hands…that’s right.”

Her inner core was pretty pink, Donnie explored her with his fingers. He stroked her clit, teased at her urethra then held her vagina open. Her virginity was obvious, the thin half moon of membrane partially covering her vagina.

“I’m going to taste you, would you like me to do that?”

“Daddy, I pee from there, I’ll just taste like pee.”

“Oh No, you’ll taste like sugar, the sweetest brown sugar,” as he began to perform fellatio on her.

Her pleasure was immediately evident, she let her legs fall further apart, opening herself wide for his oral attention, she was soon moaning,

“Daddy, Oh Daddy, taste your sugar, taste your sweet Brown Sugar, Oh God, that feels so good, so damned good.”

He stayed on her long after she’d had an orgasm, when she came the second time he moved on her.

The penetration was swift, guiding himself to the throat of her vagina he entered her with a single powerful thrust, she groaned from the stinging pain as her hymen was ruptured then he rode her hard and fast.

Ree moaned, “Un, un, un, un,” as he pumped her then he rubbed her bottom.

“When I rub your ass Sugar I want you to get up on your hands and knees, OK.”

He slid into her from behind, “That’s the way Sugar, move your cute little ass for Daddy.”

A hand was on each of her cheeks, he held them apart while a thumb rubbed and pressed her anus,

“God you’ve got such a cute ass and you’re going to give it to Daddy, aren’t you Sugar.”

“Nyess, nyess, nyess, my little ass is yours, take my little ass, nyess, nyess.”

Her narrow hips were working, her bottom was pounding back to meet his thrusts, he was fucking her like he would an experienced woman and she was taking everything he threw at her, this girl loved to fuck, now I just hoped she liked to take it up the ass ‘cause I knew he was hungry for something even tighter than virgin vagina.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, Daddy,” she screamed as she climaxed once again, her vaginal contractions took him over the edge, he roared as he pumped gush after hot ropy gush of cum into her.

When he pulled out, she stayed in place for a few moments, there was blood and cum oozing from her, then she dropped to the mattress and rolled on her back, adding to the stains on the sheet.

He held her, “You liked that, didn’t you?”

“Oh God yes Daddy, I was so ready, Gram said you fuck good, I didn’t know what she meant but now I do, you can have all my pussy you want.”

Thank you Ree, you’re always going to be my Sweet Brown Sugar, aren’t you?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“You know, you’re lucky to be a girl, did you know that a human female’s clitoris is the only organ in the animal kingdom that’s only function is to give her pleasure?”

“No, I didn’t know that Daddy.”

He rubbed her between her legs, “And it does feel nice, doesn’t it.”

Her hand came down on top of his, they both masturbated her as he said,

“And girls are lucky another way, they have so many ways they can give pleasure to their man. You can use your hand or your mouth or you can take him into your body, like we just did, then there’s my favorite, (he began rubbing her bottom as he talked), I love to put it in a girl’s ass, did Martha tell you about that?”

I thought I could see Ree tremble as her voice got low and breathy, “She told me, she told me you fucked her a bunch of times that way and she said it hurt, are you going to do that to me?”

“Yes, I’ll try not to hurt you, I’ll be gentle, but how much it hurts is really up to you, if you’re relaxed and ready I can go in easily but if you’re taut and tense it will probably hurt.”

“Are you going to do it now?”

“No, I thought we’d take a rest, go downstairs and have a snack and a drink, how does that sound?”

“Good, I want a sandwich and a Coke.”

“OK, girls, all of you, we’re going down for a snack and a soft drink, just panties and t-shirts, we’re coming back here when we’ve finished.”

As they streamed out the camera showed an empty room.

“Did you like that?” I asked.

“It was pretty arousing, didn’t you think,” Mom replied.

“Let’s go over on the bed while they’re out,” I said as I took her hand and led her to the bed.

“Fifty-six, I can’t believe you’re fifty-six, you still look fabulous,” I said to her.

“Flattery will get you everywhere, with all those sweet words you might even talk me out of my panties,” was her tart reply.

Breathlessly I rolled them off and took her with my mouth. I’d tasted myself a number of times, on my fingers, on Donnie’s fingers, from his kisses and even from his cock, Mom and I tasted much the same, she’d been richer, earthier when I was younger but I was changing, becoming more like her. I wondered about Chloe and even the twins.

Once I had Mommy good and wet I strapped on the strap-on and slid up between her parted thighs, I was on my haunches when I entered her, I watched as the faux phallus slid into her vagina. I wondered if Donnie had any recording of us girls at play, if so I wanted to see them. I thought there was nothing more erotic than two women engaged in sexual play .

As I slowly fucked her my mind wandered, would Donnie let me use his special room, it would be fantastic, we could get Gretchen and the three girls for a few hours of frolicking. Donnie might even enjoy the video, I knew he liked watching, I’d ask him.

Mommy’s orgasm boiled forth as I gave her a good hard ride, that’s what she wanted, a cunt churning fucking, that’s what she got.

My turn.

I gave her the strap-on, as she stepped in and belted it around her waist I walked to the futon, I wanted it from behind and I liked the feel of the futon under my tummy.

She licked me from behind then entered me just as Donnie and the girls reentered the room.

The three of them seemed subdued, I think they knew what was coming next. He left Chloe and Ree in the first room and took Stacy with him to the bedroom, she was going to be first.

“Get me off Mommy, get me off, I want to watch but don’t stop, I wanta cum, too.”

Donnie had pulled one of the pillows to the center of the bed and laid Stacy over it so that her bottom was slightly elevated. I knew the position, it was probably the easiest on the girl, he couldn’t penetrate nearly as deeply as with missionary and certainly rear entry.

Mommy grabbed my hips and screwed me for all she was worth, God, that little dildoe felt good sliding in and out of me, it wasn’t earth shaking but I got mine just as Donnie scooped a little of the lube onto his fingers.

I could hear him, “Relax for me Stacy Sweetie,” as he massaged her anus, as her muscles loosened he was able to slip a finger into her, she tensed.

He massaged her cheeks, “Take deep breaths and let them out slowly, I want you totally relaxed for me.”

He worked a second finger into her, stretching her, readying her. He reached for the lube launcher.

Once she was lubricated he again massaged her anus.

Her skin was alabaster white and porcelain smooth, like Gretchen Stacy had fleshy cheeks, Donnie had them spread, her asshole was a pink button that would soon be red and swollen, he straddled her thighs and laid over her.

I couldn’t see the penetration but his buttocks flexed.

Stacy head flew up, she clawed at the sheets and mournfully wailed,

“It hurts Daddy, it hurts so much, Oooooooooooooooo, please take it out Daddy, Pleeeeeeeeese.”

“Just relax Sweetie,” he whispered to her, “Just relax.”

He didn’t fuck her hard and he didn’t fuck her fast but he did fuck her long, for nearly twenty minutes he pumped her as she moaned,

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.”

He jabbed a little harder then with his arms wrapped around her he came.

“You did good Sweetie, God you’re a sexy girl, you give Daddy a lot of pleasure, are you happy that you give pleasure to your Daddy?”

“Yes Daddy, yes.”

He hugged and caressed her for a few minutes then he had her put her panties back on and he led her out of the room.

I thought he’d leave her in the front room but he told Chloe and Ree that he’d be back in a few minutes, he took Stacy to her bedroom and told her to get some rest.

I’d seen it, as Stacy clawed at the sheets, the look on her face, the pain but more than the abject surrender I’d seen with all the other girls when he entered them for the first time and I knew I was going to see it again tonight.

When he came back he took Chloe’s hand and led her into the bedroom, he closed the door.

He told her the same things he’d told Stacy, about her clitoris and about how lucky she was to have so many ways to please her man.

She was lying on her back with him stroking her pussy through her panties, he told her that they were going to explore some of the ways she could bring pleasure.

He had her lift her hips, he took her panties and put a pillow under her, raising her hips then he got a little of the gel and massaged her anus.

She seemed to know what was coming.

“It’s going to hurt, isn’t it Daddy?”

“Only if you make it hurt, if you can relax completely it will be easier when I go in you.”

“Do we have to do this Daddy? I don’t really want to.”

“It’s part of becoming a woman Baby, you need to know how to satisfy your man, I’m going to put something in you now, just relax, it won’t hurt.”

The lube launcher, he slid it into her then slowly withdrew it as it deposited lubricant into her rectum and the muscles of her sphincters, as it came out her anus twitched, then he massaged her.

As he moved against her and pressed the head of his cock against her he told her to relax then pushed.

Her tight little anus opened under the pressure, her sphincter muscles yielding as two inches of his cock penetrated her.

She moaned as her anal virginity was surrendered, he continued pressing forward until his pubic hair rested against her bottom, then,

“I’m in you Baby, the worst part’s over.”

She looked pitiable, the pain mirrored in her eyes, her voice a little girl’s,

“It hurts Daddy, it hurts so bad, please take it out of me, please Daddy.”

“Baby, it usually hurts the first time but it will get better the more we do it, now try to relax for me.”

“I can’t Daddy, I can’t, it hurts too much.”

Instinctively she tried to relieve her distress, she grasped and squeezed her own breasts then one hand shot to her clit, she gasped with each of his thrusts but her fingers danced over her little love button, still it was not enough.

As I watched, her pretty eyes teared up then, a choking sob, “Please Daddy, no more.”

That was all it took, he pushed her legs even further back then rapidly pounded her, as she sobbed he exploded into her, his cum flooding her bowels as he emptied himself into her, his pumping slowed then he pulled out.

He let her snuggle against his chest until her crying stopped, “It’s over Baby, it’s over for now.”

He hugged and caressed her for several minutes then got up and handed her panties to her, once she had them on he led her to her bedroom.

As he reentered the room he smiled, “Come on Sugar, let’s go have some fun.”

She was still wearing the pink panties, he told her that thereafter she was to wear white, he loved how they contrasted with her darker skin.

“Jump up on the bed, I’ll be back in a moment,” he said as he went into the bathroom.

When I saw what he was carrying as he came out I thought he’d be keeping her with him, once, OK, but when he sodomized her multiple times he’d stir up her bowels, he had a Fleet enema.

As he sat on the bedside he said, “Take your panties off and come over my lap Sugar.”

“What are you going to do Daddy?”

“I’m going to give you an enema before we have sex, come on, get over my lap.”

Donnie rarely gave enemas, that was my job, now I’d have three adult women and five teenagers plus myself to service. I imagined them all in a line as I moved from butt to butt, no, that wouldn’t work, we’d have backups at the commode. I decided I’d go from room to room so they could use their own toilets.

This evening though he gave Ree her enema. From the look on her face I could see she found it to be distasteful. He gave her a whack on the butt, “Lose the attitude, you’ll be getting a couple of these a week from now on.”

He greased her up, she pouted as he inserted the nozzle and squeezed the plastic bottle, once finished he began rubbing her back and bottom.

“Just lie here until your tummy feels fizzy then go to the toilet, OK.”

A few minutes later, “Whoa, I gotta go,” as she sprung off his lap.

After she’d evacuated and flushed he went into the bathroom and drew a tub of water.

“Come on, we both need a bath,” he said.

Scrubbed and dried they went to the bed.

As she lounged he said, “You’re luscious, absolutely scrumptious, God I love your body.”

I could understand, all of the adult women, myself included had bodies that had broadened and sagged from child bearing and even the four other girls were built more for comfort than speed. Only Ree was long and sleek, light brown skin and piercing hazel eyes, with small, firm breasts, breasts that he now stroked.

“You’re going to spend the night with me. I’m going to teach you all about receiving and giving pleasure. Did you like it when I used my mouth on you, did it feel good?”

“Oh God yes, it felt so good.”

“I’m glad because I like doing it with you, you’re erotic, exotic and your flavor is exquisite, have you ever tasted yourself?”

“No, of course not.”

“You will, you will.”

He fingered her Pudendal Cleft then held her labia apart, I could see that her vagina was still red from the loss of her virginity.

“So pretty,” he said as his mouth covered her.

He brought her up quickly, let her down, brought her up, as she writhed in the throes of her orgasm he mounted her, he threw her legs back so her feet were beside her head, he could get every last inch into her in this position.

She gasped as he pounded her, her pussy was no doubt still sore from earlier but he fucked her like he owned her.

She made little mewling sounds, he told her,

“God, your pussy’s great Sugar, the sweetest Brown Sugar there is. I’m gonna put a baby in my Brown Sugar, you want my baby don’t you Ree.

“Oh God yes Daddy, yes, yes.”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen cum as much, when he pulled out his thick creamy baby sauce dripped from her, adding to the stains.

The snuggled for several minutes then Donnie asked,

“Do you like it when I use my mouth on you?”

“That’s the best Daddy.”

“Men like it, too, when a girl uses her mouth on him,” he was gently pushing her head downward.


“Take me in your mouth, lick it, suck it, get it hard again, I want you again, I want your sweet body.”

He continued to lower her head, she didn’t resist but she did keep her mouth closed. Her lips touched the shaft.

“Suck it Ree, suck me now,” his voice was harsh.

He put a hand on her bottom, he rubbed her then gave her a firm whack.

“You’re going to do it Ree, I’d like you to do it willingly, I want you to be my Best Girl, but…”

He whacked her again.

Tentatively she touched him with the tip of her tongue. She made a face and pulled away,

“I don’t want to Daddy.”

“In the bedroom you don’t make the decisions, I do, suck it.”

When she hesitated yet again he jerked her over his lap.

“If you refuse again I’m going to give you fifty strokes then ten more with the rod, would you care to rethink this?”

He let her crawl off his lap, his sweet words had convinced her, she buried her face in his groin, her head bobbing.

He smoothed her hair, “That’s my girl, just get me hard, I don’t want to cum in your mouth this time.”

When he was turgid he rubbed her bottom.

“Remember what I told you?”

She scrambled up on her hands and knees.

“Good Girl, you’re learning,” he said.

As he stroked her he scooped some of the lube onto his fingers, he smeared it on her anus then worked a finger into her, he pumped her ass and her pussy together.

“Are you going to put it in me there Daddy?”

“Yes Sugar.”

“Can’t you just stay in my pussy, I like it there, don’t you?”

“Ree Sugar, I like pussies for making babies but I truly love a nice tight rectum and with your narrow hips and muscular bottom I know you’ll be splendid.”

“It’s gonna hurt isn’t it, Gram said it hurt like fire when you did it to her.”

“I won’t lie to you, when I had my finger in you, you have the tightest sphincter muscles I’ve ever felt, I can’t tell you how important it is that you relax, if you fight me it will hurt all the more and when I’m in you I’ll probably be stretching the walls of your rectum. Once I’m all the way in you’ll feel like you need to poop, you won’t really need to though, what you’ll be feeling is me filling you.”

“That’s why you gave me my enema, isn’t it, so I’d be empty.”

“That’s right, it was just a little one to clean your rectum, tomorrow I’ll have Ronnie give you one to completely clear your colon, OK.”

He picked up his lube launcher and inserted the slick oily substance.

“Put your head on the pillow and your chest on the bed, now tuck your knees up under you, arch your back and show me your bottom. Beautiful.”

He guided the head of his cock to her tight opening, as he thrust into her his arms circled her, holding her in place.

She cried out as he slid through her powerful sphincter muscles, but he was in. Slowly he pumped her adding about half an inch with each stroke, when he was as deep as he could go he stopped.

“Feel the fullness Sugar?”

“Nyess Daddy, nyess I feel so full.” She wasn’t crying or even whimpering but she was panting hard, like they teach you in Lamaze class.

He rode her hard, exalting that she was the best, the tightest, superb, how she was his Best Girl, yada yada yada. I was pissed, I was his Best Girl and had been since I was fourteen, the bastard.

I didn’t care to watch the rest of it but Mommy did so I saw, I saw him fuck her, I saw him cum in her, I saw him caress and kiss her. He turned off the light but I could still see that he was spooning her, fucking her again.

In the morning he asked me to give her enemas, I did, big ones, abdomen stretching ones, three of them, although with her on hands and knees, her bottom in the air and her anus, still red from the activity the night before, I saw his attraction. If I’d had my strap-on I think I’d have sodomized her myself.

Donnie was like a shark on a feeding frenzy, he’d taken the virginity of Chloe, Stacy and Ree, then he’d taken the anal virginity of Martha, Simone, Shannon, Stacy, Chloe and Ree, all within just a few days but he wasn’t done, he gave Ree a day to recover and visited Gretchen, Mommy and finally me. I wanted to give him a piece of my mind but he got what he wanted, a piece of my ass, instead.

I did smart off to him, though.

“Damned shame you’ve run out of girls, there are only nine of us and ten would have been a nice round number.”

“Yeah, your right, it’s a real damned shame.”

That evening Gretchen caught up with me, “Ronnie, Donnie took Kelly to his room, I think he’s gonna spank her and she hasn’t done anything.”

Kelly, Gretchen’s little twelve year old, I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.
I ran to the pool house and switched on the video.

He had her panties off, she was laying across his lap as he massaged her bottom.

“You’re gonna be Daddy’s Little Woman, aren’t you Honey.”

My fault, it was my fault, I shouldn’t have teased him about missing out on number ten.

He inserted the lube launcher.

My belly churned, I couldn’t watch, I switched it off and ran for the bathroom.

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