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Ok. First story so be nice but please put comments down at the bottom!!!
I am just starting collage. It's my first day and I am dressed to impress. I have on a short dress that comes to mid thigh and hugs my curves. It is black and has lace around its edges. With my black strappy wedges and bare shoulders I feel totally sexy ;) my hair is curled and elegantly falls down my back to frame my face. With light makeup on and contacts in I saunter down the sidewalk to where a group of guys are being idiots and playing that stupid chicken game

If u don't know what that is it is where u start at their knee and move ur hand up their leg until they call chicken.

Anyway, as I walked by there were atleast 6 catcalls and so when I had just barely cleared them I pivoted at the hips and winked ;)

Only one of them saw me and he seemed shocked. I put a finger to my lips and then beckoned him to follow

He immediately got up and made an excuse as I walked away. Knowing he would follow

I turned a corner and spun around. Seconds later the hottie almost ran by me before realizing where I was.

"Took your time" I joked

He seemed surprised and stuttered a small apology

He had brown hair that spiked up slightly. With his gorgeous blue eyes I could already feel myself getting wet. He had on a loose pair or jeans and a t-shirt.

I grabbed his collar mischievously with a seductive look

I pulled him to me and kissed him hotly. I slip my tung into his mouth.

He seems completely shocked at my boldness. I twist the doornob to the library and take his hand.

Leading him to the far corner of the library and knowing no one would be there.

I went into the computer room in the back. I lock the door behind is giggling slightly and draw the blinds so no one can see us. I push him back onto the cozy looking little couch and jump onto my prey.

I straddle his lap and kiss him passionately again. I sit down hard on his lap and feel a bulge beginning to form. I rock forward a little so I had my chest pushed up against his upper chest and almost into his face.

"So uhh... What's ur name again?" He asked.

"Like u care" I said as I reach down in between my legs to touch his -now large- bulge.

I carefully move my hand up and down his dick and he moans slightly.

"See? U don't really care do u?" I asked. I leaned up again and put my mouth right next to his ear "shall I leave you with some serious blue balls?" I asked before moving and kissing his neck.

"You better fucking not!" He said before finally taking charge and gripping my ass tightly in both hands.

I kissed him again and made him turn and lay down on the couch

I stand up for a minute. "Where do u think ur going?" He asked almost angrily

"Cool it" I said simply before straddling him once more. I put my ass high up in the air for him to see and move back so it is nice and close. I put my head down by his bulge and massage it slightly before unzipping him.

I push his pants and boxers down to his ankles and pull his huge, sexy 8 inch cock out of his pants.

He grabs my ass and pulls it back. "Holy shit... You don't have any panties on..." He says as he sees my pussy for the first time.

"U thought I did?" I asked jokingly.

I pump his dick up and down in my fist and spit on it. I lick it's head and take it in my mouth slowly before bobbing my head and sucking softly

I hear him moan in pleasure and feel him pull me back slightly. I squeal slightly as I feel his wet tongue enter my soaked pussy.

I moan around his dick and fondle his balls softly. He explores my pussy folds and wraps his mouth around my clit. He sucks hard and I moan loudly and drop down closer to his mouth.

I can feel I'm close to orgasm and feel he is too. I take his dick out of my mouth and lick his balls. I suck softly and start to make a small hicky on his balls.

He shoves a finger into my pussy while still sucking my clit and I shutter and moan again before cumming all over his face.

I move back to his dick and suck harder while pumping my fist. I feel him thrust into my mouth a few times before a huge cumshot goes down my throat.

His dick softens slightly and I get off him. "Done already?" I ask playfully.

I pull my dress off and stand before him completely naked. His eyes widen at my D-cup tits and I put my hands on my hips.

He stands up and strips quickly. I back up and beckon him towards me. I notice he is already hard again and giggle. I almost get to the wall before he picks me up and slams me against it.

I wrap my legs around his waist as he buries his face in my boobs. He licks inbetween them and kissed them softly. He swirls his tung around my nipple and then seals his mouth around it.

I can feel them both growing harder as my pussy starts dripping its hot juices onto his midsection and down to his dick.

He sucks hard and I moan loudly. I twist my hands into his hair and after he felt that I was ready his dick responded. I felt it hit my ass softly as he gets a full hard-on again.

I reach down with one hand and aggressively grab his dick in my hand. I pull it up and into my soaked pussy and he lets me slide down the wall. His dick slowly slipps all 8 inches into my pussy. I shutter slightly and wrap my arms around his neck.

He grabs my ass with both hands and starts thrusting into me. I feel it deep inside me and orgasm again. This time with him burried deep inside of me. We both moan and I lay my head down on his shoulder. I could see and feel his huge muscles holding me up as I was barely able to hold on.

He walked over to one of the desks. He thrusts a few more times before laying me back on the desk. He pulls almost all the way out before shoving it back it again. I arc my back in pleasure and moan loudly.

"OOOOOHHH!!!!!!!" I scream as he gets faster. "Yes YES YYYEEEESSSS!!!!!"

He leans down over me and starts kissing my neck and breasts as he continues to thrust again

He is breathing heavily and I hear him moan loudly once again before he shoves it all the way inside me.

I felt him shutter and we orgasmed at the same time.

He collapsed on top of me and we both just layed there for a while breathing heavily.

I felt him slowly grow soft again and I hugged his head slightly. "Someone is going to notice if we don't get up soon..." I said inbetween deep breaths.

He slowly gets up and we gather up our clothes. "So what is ur name anyway?" He asked before we left.

"I'm Savanna" I said simply. "And urs?"

"I'm David" he said.

"K David" I said with a wink. "I'll see u later"

And with that I sauntered off again with my dress back to normal again ;) other than the cum dripping down my leg that is.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-07-18 01:54:06
Or spelled.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-07-18 01:53:14
Yes, it would be good if you spelt all the words out but other than that I like it the way it is. Continue the good work.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-07-03 22:00:49
I have to agree with the other comment. Write, don't text. What are you, an eighth grader? Also, where did you learn to begin each sentence on a new line? Take a look at some of the better authors here like senorlongo or wirepaladin or even try reading an actual newspaper or magazine. You'll find something there called "paragraphs."

Anonymous readerReport

2014-07-03 17:54:42
Terribly poor writing. You write as if you are texting on a cell phone.
Don't use texting shorthand when you are attempting to write a story.
Learn to write, then try again. If you know anyone who is fairly literate, ask them to proof-read and edit your stuff prior to posting.
Learn to SPELL before trying to write again.

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