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5 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
Written by:
Chapter 36: "Process"


"Devon, Trish and Amy are all going to skip breakfast?" I
asked Kristanna, my arms draped over her shoulders and gently
encircling her from behind, my hands also linked at her
midriff, as I followed her into the formal dining room.

Kristanna nodded her head and answered, "Yeppers. Devvy
said she was going to steal your _Jeep_ and take the girls
to the lava beds on the north side of the island for a long
morning picnic. They left about a half-hour ago."

"My _Jeep_?" I confirmed, feigning anger. "Devon took my
_Jeep_? You know that no one TOUCHES my _Jeep_." I was
merely joking, though, but Kristanna was well aware of that.

"I told you Devvy stole it," she laughed.

"But you didn't tell me about it until now. You know,
Krissy... failure to report a crime is a felony itself."

"What are you going to do, Jeremy?" the lovely 23-year-old
swooned, her expression playful. "Lock me up and throw away
the key? Who would marry you then?"

"I've got a couple of possibilities."

Kristanna made a face, then snickered, "Duly noted... I
suppose that you have a point there."

"You do realize that I had plans of spending the day with
Devon today, right? Yet she went off with the others."

"Devvy will be back shortly after noon," Kristanna assured
me. "You can have the whole rest of the day with her."

I serenaded the back of my fiancee's neck with kisses as
we made our way over toward the dining room table. "Why
didn't you go with the other girls on the picnic?"

Now trapped between my front and the table, Kristanna
turned to face me and offered a glittering, seductive smile.
"Why... when I can spend time here with you instead?"

I tilted my head and smiled at her. "You're so precious."
I placed my hands on either side of Kristanna's trim waist,
then hoisted her up and set her down upon the very edge of
the table. When she hooked one leg around my hip, I moved
in for a deep, pleasurable kiss.

"A lot has been going on here the past couple of days,"
she observed once our kiss was complete. "First it was Trish
and you getting her to agree to stay with us and try to build
a life here, and then of course the same thing last night
with Amy on the boat. And, your decision to basically set
Lindsay's family up for the rest of their lives in terms of
finances." Kristanna paused, then wondered, "Are Trish and
Amy even friendly with each other? I don't see them doing
things together quite often."

"I agree," was my response. "But I think it can grow. I
know a few weeks ago, Trish was really upset at Amy."

Kristanna nodded. "Yeah... the whole _you stole Lindsay
from me and are planting bad ideas in her head_ thing. I
believe that is one reason why Devvy took Trish and Amy on
the picnic up to the lava beds. She wants them to become
closer and more friendly - more intimate - with each other.
I think Trish is a lot more accepting of Amy as of late,
with the sudden change to her personality and demeanor."

"Have you spoken to her?"

"I've spoken to both of them," she informed me. "Trish
did not care for the gruff and ultra-aggressive Amy. She is
much more tolerable of the passive and submissive Amy. In
essence, Jeremy, by becoming Amy's Master - her keeper, her
protector - in life, you have put a muzzle on her."

"A muzzle?"

"It's a good thing," Kristanna assured me. "A very good
thing. Amy is much more approachable and social now. She
is no longer concerned for herself, and her own gains."

"You do realize she has mental health issues..."

"Oh, I know," Kristanna nodded. "I also know that the
medicine Amy is taking is helping her out too... just as
much, if not more, than your influence on her." Kristanna
thought that over for a moment or two. "Actually, your
influence on Amy is the biggest and most decisive thing."
She giggled and then proclaimed, "Congratulations, Jeremy...
you tamed Amy. You tamed the wild beast!"

"I tamed her?"

"No one else could possibly do it, but you did," Kristanna
told me. "You've domesticated her! Remember how wild and
aggressive Amy was when she first came to the island? Look
at her now... timid and submissive." The young woman smiled,
then nodded her head once again. "It's what I thought all
along about her. Amy was a little girl trying to play big
girl games. It took 31 years for someone to find that little
girl inside of her, but you did. You did, Jeremy. Amy just
wants to give up all control, and feel safe and shielded.
She just wants to crawl into your arms and never look back."

"And of all the people in the world," I said, "the one
that Amy looks up to and wants to be a dominant figure in
her life is ME. That doesn't make much sense."

Kristanna giggled. "It is kind of funny. You are so
passive and easy-going, Jeremy, so friendly... I would have
never thought of you as being strict and authoritative with
others... especially women. But you have developed quite a
dominant side to your personality. You've been convincing
with Amy, and even Lindsay."

"There's really only one thing left for me to do."

"What's that?"

"Now I need to tame and domesticate YOU."

Kristanna burst out into laughter at my unexpected words.
"Good luck with that, mister!" She even pushed me away from
her, albeit in a playful manner. "Lindsay... you are going
to miss her when she goes home in six days. Aren't you,
Jeremy? You and her have gotten a lot closer as of late."

"I will," was my admission. "I love having her around.
I wish she would stay as well, but I know that will never
happen. Not only does Lindsay want to go back to her family,
but there would be the whole other issue with Trish. Trish
was very adamant during my talk with her that if she was
going to stay, Lindsay would NOT be staying."

"That's only because Trish cannot be with Lindsay in a
romantic or sexual sense," Kristanna theorized. "If Trish
could, she would jump at the chance for Lindsay to stay."

I shrugged my shoulders. "Regardless, it does not matter.
Lindsay loves her family and is dying to get back to them.
Perhaps we can visit her in the future from time to time?"

Kristanna nodded. "Her family lives about 20 minutes
from where your momma, your sister and one brother lives,
right? In the Cincinnati area? When we visit your family
in the future, Jeremy, maybe we can visit Lindsay, too.
Take her out to dinner or something."

"But only if Trish is okay with it," I clarified.

"Trish would not go to the dinner," Kristanna told me.
"She would stay behind in the hotel... or wherever. Trish
does not want to ever see Lindsay again once she goes home
next Monday. You cannot blame her."

"No, you can't..."

"At least, Jeremy, it seems that you are past the stage of
worrying about whether or not Lindsay actually cares about
you, or if she just looks at you as a dollar sign to help her
family out. I think it is fairly obvious that over the past
week or so, Lindsay has actually fallen in love with you.
Lindsay now realizes that she will never meet a better man
than you, Jeremy. She even says so herself."

"Lindsay is young," Kristanna continued. "It took her
awhile to understand that. But the rest of us... we are
older. We have been around the block a couple of times.
That is why Devvy and Pamela latched onto you so quick,
Jeremy, and did not want to let go. Trish, Amy, myself...
we all know and realize that a man like you does not come
around all that often. We all latched onto you. Look at
the sacrifices others are making to be with you."

I still did not quite understand what Kristanna, as well
as the others, found so appealing about me. Perhaps I never
would. Honestly, I looked at myself as just an average,
ordinary 39-year-old man. There were both good and bad
things about me, but I do not believe anything stood out
either way. Surely, no one would ever mistake me for a male
model or famous movie star who posed for the cover of _GQ_.

But I was not going to dispute Kristanna's assessment of
me. I was glad she felt the way she did. On the other hand,
Kristanna truly was the poster girl for perfection. I loved
her more than anything, and there was no length that I would
not go to in order to make her happy in life.

"How is your back feeling today? Is it better?"

I nodded my head at her. "Yes, it is. I took some pain
medicine late last night once we got back to the island from
Lima, then I took more this morning. Feels fine now... but I
do not want to risk anything with it until at least tomorrow."

"There is no reason, Jeremy, for you to worry whether or
not you'll be able to keep up and satisfy four women over the
long haul," Kristanna advised me. "It won't be just your
job, you know. Us girls won't be JUST coming to you for sex
and companionship - we will have each other, too."

Kristanna breathed deeply, then pressed on, "I think our
future life together will be a lot like the past five weeks
have been for you, Jeremy. We can dial your workload back a
bit, per se, but I think it will be very similar. One day
you may focus on me, or Devvy, or Trish, Amy... then the next
day it may be someone else. Or it may be the same person.
Or a group of two... it will vary. Whomever you are not
with, there will be someone else for them to spend time with.
If you decide to spend the day with Devvy and Amy, for
example, then Trish and I would have each other to ourselves.
I like the idea of something new and fresh every single day."

"You have always been fascinated with the idea of a group
relationship," were my words for her.

"I have," she admitted. "I love the idea. I love the
mere thought of being with a different person every single
day. But that does not mean I would love you any more or
less, Jeremy, if our relationship was one-on-one. Be it
one-on-one, or with three other girls, I still love you the
same. I would still focus on you... and YOU would be MY
center. You are my center... just as you say I am yours.
I just... you know I am girl-crazy, Jeremy. You know that."

I chuckled and shook my head at her. "My intention in
bringing all of these girls to the island was NOT to emerge
from these six weeks with the possibility of one day having
FOUR wives. I just wanted one. I'd be happy with one."

"You may never take that extra step with Devvy, Trish and
Amy. You may never actually marry them, Jeremy. They may
just stick around and be girlfriends for you. Me, though...
I WILL marry Devvy. She and I are tying the knot shortly
after you and I do, Jeremy." Kristanna smiled brightly and
cooed, "That reminds me... you and I should get married next
month when we visit my family in Norway."

"I already figured you would say that, Krissy. I would be
honored to marry you in front of your friends and family; in
your native country - your back yard, so to speak..."

Kristanna crinkled her nose and giggled, then kissed me
flush on the lips and chirped, "Did you ever think, Jeremy,
in your wildest dreams that you would one get married in the
greatest country in the whole, wide world? Norway?"

I shook my head and answered, "Can't say that I did."

"Mid-August," Kristanna proclaimed. "I say you and I get
married in the middle of August. That gives us five weeks to
prepare and get everything ready."

"Whatever you want, sweetheart, it's fine with me."

"Oh... look at that," Kristanna said, suddenly glancing
over my shoulder. "Hi, baby."

I turned and found myself delighted by the wondrous sight
of Lindsay. Dressed in a pair of tight black jeans and a
loose-fitting t-shirt (with the logo of a punk rock band
that I had never heard of on it), the 18-year-old had on a
stylish pair of sunglasses, but they were propped high on
her forehead and thus, not shielding her eyes. As usual,
Lindsay never ceased to amaze. She looked absolutely divine.

"Hi Krissy. Hi Jeremy," she greeted back. "Is it time
for breakfast yet? I'm hungry."

Kristanna dropped down from the edge of the dining room
table, then made her way over to Lindsay and promptly planted
a long, tongue-laced kiss directly upon her lips. Obviously
not expecting that, Lindsay took a step back once it was over
and her face blushed brightly in response.

"I love your hair," Kristanna murmured, motioning toward
the sassy red streaks that seamlessly blended with her blonde
tresses. "Did you wash it yet this morning?"

Lindsay smiled faintly, then shook her head. "Not yet.
Not until later. I think it looks perfect now. I don't
want to mess up what they did at the salon yesterday."

"Devvy, Trish and Amy went out for a morning picnic,"
Kristanna said to Lindsay. "Jeremy and I told Louisa not to
worry about making breakfast this morning." Lindsay pouted
as Kristanna continued, "But you're hungry? I think we can
find something nice and juicy for you to munch on."

"Oh? What's that?"

Kristanna looked over at me for a brief second, then
re-focused all of her attention upon Lindsay. "I know that
Jeremy over there has had a bad and achy back the past couple
of days, honey, but have you had the chance to properly thank
him for what he volunteered to do for you and your family?"

"I've thanked him a million times since Sunday."

"No," Kristanna countered, defiant. "I mean, REALLY thank
him. You know..." The Norwegian made a fist, then brought it
close to her mouth and began making oral sex motions with it.
My eyes wide at the idea, Lindsay's face reddened yet again.
"I bet you haven't had the chance to thank him properly yet."

Lindsay glanced my way, then licked her lips at the
prospects. "No, I haven't."

"Would you like to?" Kristanna wondered, suddenly taking
Lindsay by the hand and guiding her over toward me.

"I don't want to hurt his back, or anything," she fretted.
My God, what a sweetheart Lindsay was...

"Oh, you won't hurt his back," Kristanna insisted. "Not
just sucking his cock. He feels better today, anyway." She
patted Lindsay's little ass and encouraged her, "C'mon, baby.
I know how much you want to thank Jeremy for everything he
has done for you. And I know how much you LOVE sucking cock.
Why don't you get down on your knees and thank him properly?"

"Would you like that, Jeremy?" Lindsay inquired, shedding
her sunglasses and putting them off to the side.

"Very much so," I eagerly replied, my shaft already thick
and bulging within my trousers.

"Can we go into the den?" was Lindsay's only request. "I
don't know why, but the dining room floor hurts my knees."

"Oh, you poor thing," Kristanna swooned, already guiding
Lindsay out of the dining room by hand. Of course, I was
quick to follow. I would have been a fool not to.

With her free hand, Lindsay reached back and snatched one
of my own. We now had a three-person train chugging along.

"Best of all, honey," Kristanna proclaimed, "I'm going to
be there and watch you thank Jeremy for his generosity..."

* * *

Gripping the length of my cock with her little, manicured
hand, Lindsay smiled at me and offered it a good, hard
squeeze. Moments after I allowed her and Kristanna to lead
me out of the dining room, I was now in the den with Lindsay
on her knees in front of me. The sweet-as-silk teen-ager
was so eager to perform oral sex on me that she immediately
dropped down to her knees once we first entered the den.
Thus, I found myself floating somewhere high on cloud nine.

"Hmmmmm... that feels so good," I moaned out loud, as the
little angel palmed my testicles with her left hand and
gently caressed them. I kept my gaze locked on Lindsay as
she licked and swiped at the tip of my cock with her tongue.

Eventually, Lindsay slipped my pulsating shaft between
those moist, red lips, and took half of it into her mouth.
I momentarily closed my eyes and sighed contently, reveling
in the feel of her warm, luscious mouth.

Seated on the edge of the sofa, I growled out in ecstasy
once Lindsay, who was nestled atop her knees in front of me,
locked eyes with me and offered a hot, vampish expression.
Her blonde head was already bobbing back-and-forth as she fit
more of my erection into her hungry mouth. Those glossy lips
of hers were providing just the right amount of heat and
friction as she feasted away upon my hard shaft.

"I wanna suck your cock from now until the end of time!"
she exclaimed, momentarily withdrawing it from her mouth
and swiping away at my testicles. "Hmmmmm... it tastes so
good! And it feels so good in my mouth!" With those words,
back in it went. In the span of just five short weeks,
Lindsay's little mouth had already become a bona-fide suck
machine. Best of all, I was the lone beneficiary!

I could feel an orgasm brewing somewhere inside of me.
With the feel of that warm, wet mouth upon my cock, as it
sucked away for dear life, I was being driven insane.

Apparently, Lindsay sensed that I was extremely close to
the edge of release. Thus, she decided to increase the
speed and ferocity of her oral work. Lindsay added fuel to
the already burning inferno as she flicked her tongue in
rapid-fire succession across the underside of my cock.

I grunted as thick globs of sperm jettisoned outward from
my shaft and directly into Lindsay's hungry, awaiting mouth.
She guzzled my juice down her throat, relishing in its taste.
Seconds later, however, the steady flow of sperm got to be
too much for Lindsay to handle. She grabbed her throat with
her right hand and choked momentarily, allowing my cock to
slip free from within the glorious clutches of her mouth.

"No!" Lindsay squealed in disgust, upset with herself.
She wiped away some of the excess sperm from her chin and
whined, "I can't believe I wasn't able to swallow your whole
load down." Lindsay licked her hand dry and added, "I want
to get to the point where I never choke on it again."

"Good girls truly do swallow it all," came Kristanna's
voice from off to the side of us.

My precious fiancee was standing in the doorway to the
den, her dazzling, penetrating eyes surveying not only me,
but Lindsay as well. She had a look, or an aura, about her.
She was done watching, and wanted in on some of the action.

What was there not to appreciate about Kristanna and the
way she looked? The 23-year-old may not possess the shapely
curves that Devon, Trish and Amy were so famous for, but she
more than made up for it with a raw, athletic sexuality that
was second to none. Kristanna was so lean and physically fit
that she could easily pass for an Olympic athlete. She was
a workout warrior to the highest degree - doing aerobics and
exercises every single day, and constantly pushing herself
to greater lengths in her practice of the martial arts.

Despite her intense daily physical regime, Kristanna still
maintained every last fiber of her femininity - and had plenty
left over. She was the type of woman that you could see on
the cover of a fitness magazine wearing a bikini one week,
then have a smiling head shot upon a cosmetics magazine the
next. She was that beautiful, and dare I say, versatile.

Kristanna was also living proof that a woman did not need
considerable, top-heavy curves to be considered a goddess.
She measured out to a humble and very demure 34b-22-30, but
would not look right any other way. Kristanna's indelible
face, her taut figure, that perfect complexion and oh...
those legs. Those long, long legs. Whenever she had them
on display - which, thankfully, was quite often - I found
it rather difficult to tear my gaze away from them.

"Sometimes it's hard to swallow a big load like that,"
Lindsay said in defense of herself to Kristanna.

Kristanna's eyes were mostly trained upon Lindsay as she
stood at the entrance to the den, but the enchantress glanced
up long enough to offer me a very sultry, steamy look. An
instant later, though, she focused upon Lindsay once again.

Kristanna began moving toward us in a leisurely fashion.
"I want to lick your pussy, honey, and make you scream in
orgasm." She closed the short distance between them and
then sunk down to her knees beside Lindsay. "Did you enjoy
sucking Jeremy's cock? My husband-to-be's cock?"


"Can you still taste his cum in your mouth?"

When Lindsay nodded her head in affirmative, Kristanna
quickly moved in for yet another deep-rooted kiss. She let
loose with a wild moan and then wrapped her arms around the
18-year-old's lithe body and embraced her tightly. Seated
on the sofa, I watched with very interested eyes as Kristanna
trailed her hands southward, cupping and squeezing Lindsay's
taut, denim-clad ass rather fiercely. It was also clearly
obvious that Kristanna was looking to extract as much sperm
as she possibly could from Lindsay's mouth.

"Touch me," Kristanna breathed once their kiss concluded.
"I want you to touch me. I want to feel your hands on me."

Lindsay squealed with delight as she placed both hands
upon Kristanna's lush, firm breasts. She began to knead and
caress them through the fabric of Kristanna's halter top.
This was something new for Lindsay. Aside from the seven
girl orgy, and then the seven-on-one gang-bang of me which
immediately ensued one evening nearly a month ago, Lindsay
had not been with Kristanna in a sexual setting. I could
tell that being with someone relatively fresh excited her.

"You like that?" Kristanna moaned, her blue eyes glazed
over with pure, unadulterated lust, as she stared at Lindsay.
She kissed her passionately on the lips and demanded, "Do
you like touching my breasts? Do you like my body, honey?"

"Y-Yes," Lindsay responded, the excitement level within
her multiplying by the millisecond.

Kristanna turned and offered me a passionate glare, but
soon focused upon Lindsay once again. "Do you like having
cum in your mouth?" she asked, eliciting another red-faced
expression from Lindsay. "How does it taste, baby?"

"Good," Lindsay replied in a hushed tone. "I love the
taste. I... I love sucking Jeremy's cock."

"I could taste him when I kissed you," Kristanna told her.
She turned toward me once more and noticed that my cock was
hard and bulging. The sole reason for that was the intense
series of kisses that Kristanna and Lindsay had just shared.

"Would you like to suck him off again, honey?"

"You know I would," Lindsay countered.

Kristanna smiled. "Why don't you suck his cock while I
play with your body? All three of us will be happy."

After nodding her head, Lindsay grasped my swollen shaft
with her right hand. With a soft, but firm grip, she began
pumping my cock as Kristanna, still perched upon her knees,
moved in directly behind Lindsay and grinned brightly at me.

Once I let out a loud, audible sigh, Lindsay smiled as she
stared into my eyes. I could tell that Lindsay really enjoyed
the look of unbridled passion that was etched across my face.
It was there because of what she was doing to me.

"You can suck me off ANYTIME you want..." I gasped at her.

Lindsay giggled as she slid her velvety lips around the
hot, throbbing head of my erection. She stroked its base
with her right hand while twirling her curious tongue over
and across its tip. Already, I was set to explode again.

"That's it, Jeremy," Lindsay encouraged me. "Cum in my
mouth, big boy. Shoot your stuff for me."

Now gasping for breath, I looked down and admired the
sight of Lindsay, who was waiting for my load with her mouth
wide open and tongue extended. She offered the base of my
cock a couple of squeezes with her right hand, baiting me.

"Come on, Jeremy. Shoot your stuff in my mouth." Lindsay
was still staring into my eyes, her ruby-red lips and white
teeth glistening. "Come on! I want to taste you again!"

Suddenly, I lost control of myself, firing a heavy glob
of sperm across Lindsay's tongue which splattered against the
roof of her hungry mouth. She quickly clamped her lips
around my shaft and tried to swallow the ensuing blasts, but
found herself choking again in just a matter of seconds.

Soon, streamers of sperm were dangling from Lindsay's chin
and dripping down onto her t-shirt in a lewd, obscene manner.
When she withdrew my cock from her mouth to catch her breath,
I rewarded Lindsay with one more heavy blast which left her
otherwise pretty, immaculate face a total, gooey mess.

"Oh... look at that," Kristanna remarked, reaching around
Lindsay's supple body and cupping her breasts from behind.
"You got cum all over your t-shirt."

Lindsay turned and glanced over her shoulder at Kristanna,
a suggestive, naughty smile upon her saturated face. "Then
maybe you should take my t-shirt off. How about it?"

"I should take ALL of your clothes off," Kristanna mused,
already beginning the process. She literally ripped the
t-shirt from Lindsay's body. "I want you nude." Next came
her bra, and then the pair of denim jeans which had hugged
her nubile, young ass in an enticing manner. Kristanna
finished the deal by helping Lindsay out of her panties.

Next, Kristanna offered Lindsay a deep, maddening kiss.
The two ladies hugged and embraced with wild, reckless
abandon as they dropped to the floor and rolled on top of
each other several times in succession.

Soon, Lindsay was flat on her back with Kristanna's face
now nestled between those tender, creamy thighs. Still
seated upon the sofa, I took a deep breath as Lindsay's blue
eyes went wide at the initial contact of Kristanna's tongue
upon her little, swollen pussy. An instant later, Lindsay
was moaning and growling out like never before.

I watched Kristanna as she used her tongue to work her
new-found lover into a hot, all-out frenzy. It was readily
apparent as I watched her animated actions to Kristanna's
oral workings that Lindsay truly appreciated that skillful
tongue upon her juicy pussy.

Once Lindsay started to grunt and squeal, a blaze of hot
lust overtook her body all at once. She clenched her thighs
tightly around Kristanna's probing head and even lifted her
hips high off of the floor while experiencing the intense
joy of orgasm.

Awestruck, I just sat idly by and watched. Not only was
my cock fully tapped out, but I could not run the risk of
re-injuring my back by tossing myself between these two
bombshell blondes and literally going to town with him. I
wanted to - trust me - but knew that ultimately I could not.

"Oh my God!" Lindsay cried in the aftermath, her naked
body squirming and writhing about in ecstasy upon the
carpeted floor. "That was incredible! Just incredible!"

"I want to worship every inch of your body!" Kristanna
said, finally withdrawing her face from the silken joining
of Lindsay's thighs. She lunged upward and smashed her lips
upon the teen-ager's mouth for another hot, searing kiss.

There was really only one thing that was certain from
this little three-way tryst of ours. I needed my back to be
100 percent healthy and able to endure any physical activity
that I presented it with. Once I got to that safe point,
Kristanna better watch out. I was going to sink my cock so
far into her that it just may never come out...

<<<- End of Chapter 36 ->>>

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"Island Fever"

(c) 2014 JeremyDCP


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