A 13-year-old dominant girl manipulates her older brother into serving her as a pet. There is much humiliation and sexual (incest) feelings, but no actual sex.
Larissa’s Pet Brother by Ambuja (


A 13-year-old dominant girl manipulates her older brother into serving her as a pet. There is much humiliation and sexual (incest) feelings, but no actual sex.

Chapter 1: Morning Arousal


The girls suppressed their giggles while checking the photo image just taken on the phone.

“Shhh!” said Alexa, as she tried hard not to wake her sleeping cousin. “Oh my God, he’s so adorable!”

Larissa Rogers had an unhealthy obsession with her older brother. She loved him. Perhaps she loved him too much. “Let’s touch it”, she suggested.

“No! Not yet,” Alexa whispered. “He’s going to wake up. Let’s go to your room and look at this picture. We can make a plan!”

The picture was of Scottie, sleeping soundly on his “bed” -- the living room sofa. The 16-year-old slept in his usual outfit, which consisted of gym shorts and a t-shirt. But what caused his 13-year-old sister and 14-year-old cousin to giggle and snap the photo was the tented protrusion bulging from Scottie’s shorts while he slept.

Scottie stirred slightly as he slept and the girls retreated to the relative safety and privacy of Larissa’s bedroom, giggling nonstop.

Scottie did not have a bedroom. Not in this home, where he had moved with his Mom and little sister less than a year ago. He was 5’5 and weighed just 115 pounds, a body frame which made him perfect for his high school cross-country team. But he was neither a star athlete, nor an especially strong student academically. He had no close friends, but neither did he have any enemies. Scottie was one of those teen boys who simply blended in. Perhaps that is why he had never kissed a girl.

Scottie and Larissa had grown up in a nice home in Arlington, Massachusetts. Their father was a busy executive in the financial industry who traveled regularly throughout America, and occasionally overseas, and who commuted to downtown Boston when he was in town. Family had never been a priority and he had regular extra-marital trysts wherever he happened to be. When he chose not to return from a recent business trip overseas, his wife and children were crushed to learn they had been abandoned.

Now Scottie and Larissa lived with their Mom in a much smaller home in nearby Franklin. It was a 2-bedroom/1-bath ranch-style house – very small. Scottie may have only been a teenager, but he desperately tried to become the man of the house. He had moved much of the furniture and boxes himself, and once the home’s layout had been assessed, he graciously offered to sleep on the sofa every night so his little sister could have her own room. He would never understand the depth of admiration Larissa would feel towards this chivalrous gesture. The obsessiveness and infatuation she felt towards her brother had become even stronger.

As Scottie stirred awake on the couch, his erection rubbed against his stretched underwear and gym shorts and it felt great. He had never masturbated nor even had a wet dream. Indeed, Scottie was only vaguely aware of the function of the male organ. He only knew that when he was fully hard, he did not want it to end. So he lay there groggily and savored his feelings of morning arousal, completely unaware he was the subject of a recent photo, and on-going sexual conversation between two preteen relatives.

In Larissa’s bedroom, she and Alexa downloaded their recent photo onto Larissa’s laptop for a much larger and clearer image.

“Look at that boner!” said Alexa as she nudged her cousin knowingly. “That means he’s dreaming about sex.”

“We should have touched it”, responded the beaming Larissa. “Have you ever touched one?”

“No, but now we’ve got him. We can blackmail him, or sneak up on him any time he’s sleeping. We’ve got Scottie! God, he’s so hot!”

Larissa was smiling, but such comments from her older cousin always caused pangs of resentment. Scottie was HER brother and she was very possessive of him. Alexa always got everything she wanted, Larissa thought. Her cousin was blonde and petite, smart as a whip, and knew seemingly everything about boys. But Larissa had one thing Alexa did not have: Scottie was her brother!

Larissa was about 15-20 pounds overweight. Not fat, but it affected her self-esteem when it came to boys. She was 5’3” and weighed 130 pounds. Her shoulder length dark hair often covered her pretty face. She had tried-out, but not made the cheerleading squad at her new school. This disappointment had led to a year of loneliness. She found refuge in her bedroom, surfing the Internet, where she had found appealing websites on hypnosis, witchery, and female supremacy. These subjects had planted seeds in her impressionable young mind, which would come to fruition during this summer break.

“So what happens is, when guys think about sex, they squirt their sperm. It kind of looks like snot,” said Alexa authoritatively. “And if the sperm goes inside a girl’s pussy, she might get pregnant.”

This wasn’t a newsflash for Larissa. She had a basic understanding of the birds and bees, learned from her Mom and the Internet. She had also overheard older girls in various conversations and had become fascinated with all things sexual.

The cousins were startled by the quick but soft knock.

“Larissa and Alexa”, came the female voice outside the bedroom door, “I’m off to work. I’ll be home late this evening. Please be good and if you need anything give me a call. I love you!”

“Love you too, Mom!” replied Larissa.

“Bye Auntie. Luv Ya!” chimed Alexa.

The girls smiled. Even though they seldom received parental authority, it was an even more liberating feeling knowing they were alone … with Scottie!

Leslie Rogers was not a perfect Mom. The attractive 40 year-old Canadian emigrant had met her husband shortly after college. Sex was a very important component of their relationship, both together and with others. Mr. and Mrs. Rogers were not declared swingers, but what the other did not know was tacitly accepted by both. Even after the birth of Scottie and Larissa, the couple preferred to keep their unspoken, unfaithful ways.

When her husband left the family, Leslie was pissed. Not hurt, just angry. Her easy life had just become quite difficult. There was no divorce, so there was no alimony or child support. Her parents and brother still lived in Canada, and they were not capable of providing reliable financial assistance. So Leslie found money where it was immediately available – she sold the Arlington home and one of the cars. She bought the less-expensive ranch house last summer and had determined that the kids were old enough to raise themselves. Leslie took a job at a large law firm in Boston as a receptionist. Her pride would only allow her to have such a menial job for so long. Therefore, with the support of several attorneys at the firm, she had also enrolled in evening law classes. This, along with the occasional male hook-up, kept her away from home almost every waking moment.

Leslie stepped into the living room and planned to give her sleeping son a kiss on the cheek before she left. But as she spotted Scottie lying there, her eyes were immediately drawn to the bulge in her son’s shorts. She hesitated momentarily, reminded herself with the inner voice that Scottie was her son, and kept walking. She smiled as she walked out the front door to begin her commute, shaking her head and rolling her eyes. “Just like his father,” she sighed.

Scottie had heard his Mom walk into the living room and feigned sleep. It was so embarrassing, having a boner, and though he did not understand, he was not about to ask Mom, or anyone else for an explanation.

Now that his Mom was gone, Scottie arose from the couch and walked, as best as possible considering his aroused state, to the bathroom. As he passed his sister’s door on the way to the bathroom, he could hear giggling inside, but had no idea of the scheme being hatched for him by Alexa, and especially Larissa.

Chapter 2: Games Girls Play

Alexa kissed Scottie on the lips. It only lasted about 2 seconds, but the blindfolded boy enjoyed both of those precious seconds. There was a very deep feeling that what he was doing wasn’t right. But he liked the way it made him tingle and he was able to suppress any feelings of inappropriateness.

“Can you take off the blindfold?” he gasped after the kiss.

“No!” came the simultaneous reply from his cousin and his little sister. They had been bossing him around for several hours and his numerous other requests had also been swiftly denied.

He was on his knees in his sister’s bedroom. His hands were tied tightly behind him with one of Larissa’s black-striped knee socks. The other sock in the pair had been tied tightly around Scottie’s eyes. He had been bound in this position for almost 3 hours.

“Open!” commanded Larissa, and she held the opening of the Pepsi can to her older brother’s lips. Very slowly, she raised the can and poured the remains of the soda, mostly her backwash from previous sips, into the boy’s mouth until the can was empty.

Larissa set the empty can on the floor and placed the sharp edge of her fingernail under her brother’s chin.

“What do you say?” she asked, smiling deviously.

“Thank you,” replied Scottie.

“Thank you, WHAT?” demanded Alexa, who was kneeling beside Larissa on the floor in front of her blindfolded and helpless cousin.

“Thank you, Princess Larissa,” said Scottie. “Thank you for giving me something to drink. Can I please go to the bathroom now? Please!!!”

“Little boy,” replied Alexa, poking her index finger in Scottie’s chest to accentuate every syllable, “you will go to the bathroom when I DE-CIDE you can go! Got it!”

Knowing the blindfold prevented him from seeing their reactions, the girls glowed and smiled with each of their actions. They were enjoying every moment of their torments. Scottie was a prisoner and the preteen girls were his sadistic captors.

Larissa removed her finger from under Scottie’s chin and slapped her brother gently on the cheek.

“Come on, Scottie. You’re not being very obedient. Alexa asked if you’ve got it and she’s expecting an answer. ANSWER HER!”

Scottie sighed before answering and reflected on how he got in this predicament.

After emerging from the bathroom early this morning, he had changed into his running gear. He planned to take a morning run, have a late breakfast, watch a video, and then head off to his part-time job at Friendly’s.

As he stood in the living room doing his usual 2 minutes of warm-up stretches prior to his run, Larissa called from her room.

“Scottie, I need you!”

Scottie was a good older brother. He didn’t pick on Larissa very often, especially in the past year without a father in the house. He did not feel especially close to her, but he was dependable. Larissa however, knew, and FELT, that Scottie was the only male she really wanted in her life. He was simply the best, as far as she was concerned.

So Scottie had tapped on the bedroom door after his sister’s summons. “Larissa, I’m going for a run. What do you need?”

The silly preteen giggled and responded with a falsetto, “Entre, darling!”

As Scottie opened Larissa’s bedroom door, he spotted his little sister sitting on her bed and beckoning him towards her with a crooked finger and an alluring smile.

Scottie wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. He had forgotten about Alexa, and even if she had not been there, Larissa could have likely tricked him into doing almost anything she wanted.

As he stepped into the room, he was ambushed. Alexa, who had been hiding behind the bedroom door, slammed the door closed and tackled her unsuspecting cousin to the floor.

“Hold his arms!” squealed Larissa.

As Scottie squirmed with surprise at the aggressive playfulness of his sister and cousin, Alexa wrapped her legs around Scottie from behind and squeezed her thighs together. The exhilaration this produced, especially with her private area rubbing against her cousin’s back, sent chills through her body. Scottie’s squirming was causing Alexa to involuntarily “dry hump” him and she was ecstatic with sexual energy. Her dominant instincts kicked in and she responded to Larissa’s command by grabbing Scottie’s arms and pulling them back.

“Girls. Stop. What are you doing?” said the struggling boy.

“Shut up!” said Alexa. And she squeezed her thighs even tighter around Scottie’s waist, causing him to gasp for breath.

As he focused on trying to get his arms loose and wriggle his body free from the 14-year-old’s thighs, Scottie was embarrassed to feel his penis become very hard. The truth is, Alexa would have felt it with her legs, if the sheer eroticism had not overwhelmed her own body from the boy under her control.

Larissa suppressed the jealousy she was feeling towards the intimate contact between her cousin and her brother. She was feeling a stirring in her own private area watching Scottie struggle, and she wanted to do things to him also. She began by taking her black-striped kneed sock and tying it around her brother’s head.

“Stay still or I’ll slap you!” his sister commanded.

Scottie and Alexa were both taken aback, momentarily, by the domineering tone of the 13-year-old. During that brief moment of hesitation, Larissa seized the moment and secured her knee sock tightly around her brother’s eyes. She smiled at her handiwork.

“Okay, now let’s tie him up!” Larissa suggested.

Only Alexa was not ready to relent her enviable position any time soon. And Scottie had resumed his struggling, once again sending waves of sensuality through her young body.

“Oh my God,” thought Alexa, “This is the greatest feeling ever!”

And Larissa could see the elation on her cousin’s face. She knew she needed to feel the same, and she knew she did not want her cousin to continue to feel such ecstasy at the expense of her naïve brother.

As Scottie struggled against his cousin’s thighs, he rolled forward, taking the lightweight 14-year-old girl with him. He was now on his knees with his head on the floor. Alexa was attached to her cousin’s back like a cowgirl, her legs still wrapped around Scottie, and her hands pulling his arms back securely.

“Whew hoo!” she cried! “I’m riding a horsey!”

Larissa saw an opportunity to exert some control over the situation and she reached into the gap between Alexa’s front and Scottie’s back to tightly tie the matching black-striped knee sock to one of her brother’s wrists. Stretching the sock, she was able to wrap the other end of the sock around Scottie’s other wrist and pulling, she brought his two hands closely together. She continued wrapping the sock around both of his wrists and then tucked the end. Now he was blindfolded and bound with his sister’s socks.

Alexa saw that she no longer needed to hold Scottie’s arms and let go. This brief moment allowed the cunning Larissa to grab a handful of her brother’s hair and lift him. As he rose under the grip of his little sister, Alexa slowly fell backwards and needed to release her thighs from Scottie’s waist so she could stand.

Larissa smiled. She had her blindfolded and bound brother by the hair, and had freed him from her cousin’s scissor hold. And she did not hesitate. She tugged the handful of Scottie’s hair and lowered her brother back to his knees.

“On your knees, Scottie!” And he obeyed. “Good boy!”

Once on his knees, Alexa came up behind her kneeling cousin and wrapped her arms around him. She desperately wanted to maintain the tingly sensation she had been feeling.

“Oooooh, Scottie, you feel so good!” Alexa cooed.

Larissa was content to let Alexa hold her brother from behind, but it was time to assert herself as her brother’s chief tormenter.

“Okay, Scottie,” Larissa began. “We’re going to keep you tied up until you have to go to work. That means we’ve got you for about 4 hours. If you don’t do exactly what we say, we have a picture of you and we’ll blackmail you.”

Larissa looked down at the bulge in her brother’s running shorts and smiled. She reached to the nightstand for her phone and took 2 more pictures.

Scottie knew he had a continuing erection, but had no idea about the pictures. Larissa took the phone and showed the photos to Alexa, who was still hugging her cousin from behind. Alexa smiled and squeezed Scottie even tighter. Her words stung Larissa.

“Oh Scottie, I love you so much. You are just so cute!”

Over the next few hours, the girls satisfied their preteen sexual appetites with Scottie as their victim. Nothing was consummated. Indeed, even though Scottie remained hard throughout, he never ejaculated. Rather, it was foreplay reserved for those not yet mature enough for sexual activity. And even though they were blood relations, especially so for Scottie and Larissa, the inevitable feeling of taboo never manifested itself. It was harmless, and yet extremely satisfying.

When Scottie was finally untied and had his blindfold removed, he blinked until he could focus on the smiling and pretty faces of his little sister and cousin, sitting on Larissa’s bed in front of him.

“Princess Larissa and Princess Alexa, may I please have permission now to go to the bathroom? Please! I really have to go! And then I have to go to work.”

Alexa, in perhaps her last opportunity to dominate her cousin, replied, “Good boy, Scottie. Yes you may. But you have to bow down to us first, kiss our feet, and thank us.”

Scottie did not hesitate. There was a latent feeling of submissiveness that had come to the forefront in this morning’s activities and from his knees, he bowed his head to the floor. The girls’ small bare feet were close enough to Scottie so he only needed to scoot slightly. Then he placed a light, but affectionate kiss on each of the girls’ 4 lovely feet.

“Thank you Princess Larissa and Princess Alexa. Thank you very much!” Scottie rose back up but stayed on his knees before the 2 preteens.

“Good boy, Scottie!” said his sister. “Now go away to work. When you come home, you better bring us some food from Friendly’s. Got it?”

“Yes, Princess Larissa.”

“Now go!”

And Scottie scampered off. First to the bathroom, then to change clothes, and then to work. He was on top of the world. Smiling, mostly on the inside, and looking forward to bringing dinner home for his little sister and cousin.

Chapter 3. The First Induction

It was one week later. Cousin Alexa had returned to Canada, leaving Scottie with the memory of his very first kiss.

Larissa, however, had been greatly relieved with her cousin’s departure. She conceded to herself that there was some natural jealousy, but she was determined that Scottie would never love Alexa.

“Can I talk to you, Scottie?” Larissa said with a pout. She was a shrewd little girl and had learned the art of manipulating the male gender early on. She had started with her grandfathers, then her father, a couple of male teachers, and now she worked her magic on her brother. It was too easy.

“Sure Larissa, everything okay?” Typical Scottie. Always putting the needs of others before himself.

“Such a great brother,” thought Larissa. “I’ve already got him where I want him.”

“So,” she began, “I received an e-mail from my 7th grade life science teacher for next year. There’s an extra credit project I can do this summer. Too bad you were at a different school in 7th grade. This project seems so cool.”

“You see,” she continued, “I get to choose a subject about something I love – psychology.”

“But you’re only in 7th grade,” said Scottie. “Isn’t that for high school seniors.”

Again, Scottie wasn’t too bright and had no clue that Larissa was making all of this up. There was no 7th grade science project and she had received no e-mails from her teachers. But Larissa was confident she had her brother hooked.

“I know,” replied Larissa, “that’s what’s so great. I get to be part of this really important project. And I’m hoping, (PLEASE!), dear brother that you will help me.” She turned on the Bambi eyes.

“No problem,” said Scottie. “What do you need?”

“Ha!” she gloated, “I’ve got him and he’s all mine!”

“Okay Scottie, you’re going to be my subject and I’m going to use psychology on you and do my report. It will take all summer, but you don’t have to do too much. I’m the one with all the work, but I’m so glad I have you to do such a small and important part.”

“Don’t worry, Larissa. When I’m not working, I should have lots of time to help you with anything you need.” Good ol’ Scottie. “Besides, it will give me something to do this summer. Run in the mornings, work in the evenings, and the rest of the day I can help you.”

“Perfect,” cooed Larissa. “Ready to start?”

Larissa had Scottie sit in the most comfortable chair in the living room. It was late morning so she closed the blinds and curtains so the room was quite dark. Then she lit a tall candle and placed it on the coffee table just in front of her seated brother.

“Comfy?” she asked.

“Yep, I’m okay,” replied Scottie.

“Okay, first rule, you’re not allowed to talk. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that. If I ask you questions, the answers will be very simple so I just want you to quietly moan once for ‘yes’ and twice for ‘no’,” Larissa explained. “Let’s try it now. Are you ready?”

Scottie smiled, and then provided an exaggerated moan.

“It’s not funny,” scolded Larissa. “If you can’t be serious, maybe I shouldn’t let you do this.”

“I’m sorry, Larissa. I wasn’t trying to be funny. I’ll do what you ask.”

“Then shut up and stop talking,” replied Larissa nastily. She really knew how to keep her brother exactly where she wanted him. She moved so she was sitting immediately beside him. “Now, I’m going to give you just one more chance. Are you ready?”

Scottie moaned once and made sure he didn’t smile. He did not want to disappoint Larissa.

“Good boy,” she commended. “Now, I want you to begin staring at the flickering candle flame. Watch the different colors. Watch how it moves back and forth. And watch how it matches my voice. That’s all that matters for the next few minutes. Watch the candle and listen to my voice. You’re being a very good boy, Scottie.”

Scottie watched the flame and was mesmerized. His sister’s voice was low and suggestive.

“Scottie, I’m going to make some suggestions. Keep watching the flame!” Larissa chided when she saw her brother blink. “The suggestions are going to be very deep inside you, but you won’t be able to say what they are. You have nothing to worry about. They will be very simple and I promise it won’t be anything bad.”

Scottie was starting to feel a bit groggy, but he managed to moan once.

Larissa smiled and moved even closer to her brother. She lowered her voice. “Good boy! I’m going to count to three and when you hear the number “three”, you will close your eyes. But even with your eyes closed, you will still see the flame and you will hear my voice. It will be crystal clear and for you only.

Scottie moaned once. Larissa smiled. She had read about hypnosis and even watched several videos on YouTube. She knew that hypnosis was only possible if the subject was a willing participant. Obviously her brother was a good candidate. She knew he would be.

“One,” she began softly.

“Two.” She waited, keeping her brother anticipating her next command.

She smiled even more and then gave her brother what he was waiting for. “Three”.

It was too good to be true. Scottie had closed his eyes, exactly as she had ordered.

“Good boy. Your eyes are very heavy and cannot be opened. But you can still see the candle flame and hear my voice. That’s all that matters.” Larissa took a moment and studied her brother in the dark. She loved him so much and at this moment, she knew that she could do absolutely ANYTHING she wanted to him. “Patience, Larissa,” she smiled and said to herself. “I have the entire summer.”

“Scottie, you did not get very much sleep last night and I know you woke up very early this morning. You need more sleep. You crave more sleep. I want you to have more sleep. I want you to sleep for me. Very simple. Just sleep for me. You are completely relaxed and you will sleep for several hours. And it will be the best sleep you have ever had. Nothing to worry about. I will count to three and when you hear the number “one”, you will fall very deep. When you hear the number “two”, you will fall deeper. And when you hear the number “three”, you will be asleep.”

“One. Deep, deep, deep, Scottie.”

“Two. Deeper, deeper, deeper.”

Larissa waited and watched. She knew Scottie was asleep. His breathing was deep and relaxed. He looked so peaceful. She wasn’t even sure if he could hear her.

“Three. Sleep, sleep, sleep.”

For several minutes, Larissa watched Scottie. She was sure he wasn’t faking. If this worked, she couldn’t wait to keep working on him.

Chapter 4: Sleep

“How was work, sweetie”, asked Leslie Rogers.

“It was fine,” replied Scottie.

“You look so … happy,” said Larissa.

It was late and the siblings were having a rare moment of family time with Mom. She had gotten home just a few minutes before her son.

Scottie smiled. He FELT happy. He wasn’t sure why, but work had been great. It seemed like all the customers, especially the cute girls, were smiling at him.

He didn’t realize it, but another cute girl, his sister, was sitting across from him and she was smiling also. Her “science project” was going according to plan.

Leslie Rogers made some more small talk with her children and then excused herself. Time with her kids was not her strong suit. She looked forward to some sleep and then back to the city tomorrow morning for work, school, and friendship. Larissa had remarked that Scottie seemed happy and Mom agreed. Everything must be fine.

Scottie and Larissa sat at the dining table after their Mom went to bed.

“By the way, thank you SO MUCH for helping me with my science project today. You were great!” Larissa reached over and touched her brother’s arm.

“No problem. What happened? I think I just fell asleep on you.”

Larissa smiled. Her brother had no clue. Yes, she had led him into sleep. And that was it. But now she would mess with him a bit.

“Scottie, I want you to be honest with me. This is important. I had you doing a lot of different things during our session today – saying things, walking around, making phone calls. Do you remember any of that?”

Scottie seemed perplexed. “Are you serious? I remember looking at a candle flame and I think that was about it.”

“Oh my, God! It worked!” cried Larissa. “Scottie you must be the perfect subject. This was part of my science hypothesis.”

Science hypothesis. “Wow,” thought Larissa, “I’m good.”

“Okay, Scottie. I promised you I wouldn’t do anything mean and I won’t. But from what I’ve heard, there aren’t many people who make good subjects. It’s so cool that you seem to be meant for this. Can I PLEASE keep using you for my project? PLEASE?”

Scottie did not hesitate. Besides wanting to do something nice and helpful for his sister, he also liked the feeling of bliss that her science project seemed to be instilling in him. He was so rested and happy.

“Sure. Just let me know, Larissa.”

“Okay”. She lowered her voice and intensified her eye contact. “We’ll do that tomorrow. For now, I just want you to sleep.” “Sleep”, she repeated.

Her brother’s response was immediate. His eyes glazed and his lids, though still open, were beginning to droop.

Larissa stood and gently took her brother by the arm. She led him to the living room and turned off the lights. Then she lowered him onto the couch.

The couch wasn’t made with sheets or blankets yet, and Scottie was still dressed in his khakis, polo shirt, and sneakers.

“Time to go to sleep, Scottie. Go to … sleeeeeeep.”

Larissa put one hand on her brother’s chest and gently lowered his body into the reclining position.

“Sleep, Scottie.” She waited about five seconds. “Sleep”.

Scottie closed his eyes and curled up.

Larissa smiled and said once more, “Sleep”. She stared at his sleeping form. She thought about removing his sneakers and maybe even his clothes, but decided against it. She liked the idea of making Scottie sleep whenever and wherever she wanted. And she could make him sleep without a pillow, blankets, or comfortable sleeping clothes. Perfect, she thought, and slipped away to her comfy bed for her own night of peaceful rest.

Chapter 5: The Second Induction

The next day, Larissa made Scottie his favorite lunch: Quesadillas. She made sure to put her hands all over the tortillas, sprinkled the cheese with her bare fingers, and after pouring him a glass of lemonade, stuck her fingers into the glass a few times, licking the lemonade from her fingers each time.

It may have seemed crude, but Larissa wanted to put as much of herself into her brother as possible. Her reading on witchery had planted the suggestion and she planned to do so at every opportunity. She was casting her spell and Scottie was ensnared.

After lunch, Larissa requested that Scottie sit in the same living room chair, before the lit candle, and he was glad to comply. She once again made the room dark and began by sitting beside her brother, gently caressing his arm.

“Scottie, remember how good you felt yesterday?”

Scottie moaned once and Larissa smiled.

“Good boy. You remembered that you are not allowed to speak. I want you to stare at the beautiful flame but look at it even more closely than you did yesterday. Look at it very closely, Scottie. Close your mouth and breathe through your nose very deeply and slowly. Find an easy rhythm.”

She watched her brother’s chest rise and fall with each breath. His mouth was closed and his eyes seemed to be especially focused on the candle. Just as she had commanded. Larissa continued to caress the very light hair on her brother’s forearm. She wanted to get him comfortable with her touch and this would become a regular part of her time with him.

“Scottie, I’m going to count to three. With each number, your eyes will get heavy. When you hear the number three, your eyes will be closed.”

Scottie moaned once. He was becoming Larissa’s puppet.

“One. Your eyes are heavy, but still open.”

“Two. Your eyes are much heavier, and you are fighting to keep them open. You know what is about to happen. Wait for it …”

Larissa hesitated and watched her brother struggle to keep his eyes open. He looked completely helpless. She couldn’t believe that she was only 13. And already all those wonderful instructions she had read about were actually working.

“Three. Your eyes are closed but you are completely aware of every word I am saying. Your eyelids are sealed. You cannot open them and you do not want to. You can’t.”

Larissa’s ministrations with her fingers on Scottie’s forearm continued and she could feel his skin getting a bit warmer.

“Now Scottie. You see the flame from the candle behind your closed eyes. The flame is going to be blown out and it will be completely dark behind your eyes.”

Larissa quickly but gently blew a puff of air on her brother’s cheek.

“There. The flame is out and it’s completely dark,” she said.

Larissa smiled and looked at the coffee table where the candle flame continued to flicker. “I must have been born for this,” she thought.

“Scottie, it’s very dark, but my voice is going to guide you. You must completely trust me. Do you understand?”

Scottie moaned once.

“Good boy. Scottie, it is very dark, but you are going to jump in the dark and fall through the air very slowly. And I am going to catch you. You must trust me. I’m going to count to three and when you hear the number three, your mind will make the leap into darkness. Everything is okay. One …”

“Two … Get ready to jump Scottie. Remember, trust me.”

Larissa waited and continued to caress her brother’s warm skin.

“Three,” she said very gently. “Jump into the darkness Scottie and float very slowly down to me. Fall to my voice, Scottie. I’m waiting for you. Keep falling. Good boy. Falling, falling, falling.”

Larissa looked at her brother and it seemed he was peacefully falling. Such a good boy, she thought.

“Look down into the darkness, Scottie, and you can start to see me. I’m standing in some very soft light. Fall to me, Scottie. I’ve got you.”

Scottie made a soft moan, but it wasn’t in response to a question. Larissa looked at her brother in the dark. He was very seriously hypnotized. “Wow,” she thought, “this really works!”

“Look at my extended arms, Scottie. It’s okay. Trust me. I’m going to catch you. Good boy. That’s it. You’re with me now. Everything is okay. You’re safe. I’ve got you. Larissa’s got you.” She increased the pressure of her touch to his arm.

One more test, Larissa decided. Let me see if I really have him. She had read about this trick and it seemed pretty cool.

“Now Scottie. I have a very big balloon filled with helium. There is a string tied to the end of the balloon. I’m going to tie the other end of the string to your wrist.” Larissa gently pinched the skin on Scottie’s wrist.

“Can you feel the string Scottie? Is the string tied to your wrist now?”

Scottie moaned once.

“Good boy. You can feel my hand holding your arm down,” said Larissa, as she stopped caressing Scottie’s arm and applied gentle pressure downward.

“Scottie, my hand is holding your arm down. When I remove my hand, the balloon is going to pull your arm upward. Even with my hand on your arm, you can feel the string of the helium balloon tugging. Can you feel it pulling on your arm, Scottie?”

Scottie moaned once.

“Good boy. I will count to three and let the string of the balloon pull your arm upward. One. It’s tugging, Scottie. You can feel the string tugging.”

“Two. It’s tugging even more and I really have to hold your arm down.”

Larissa could feel Scottie’s arm pushing up against her hand.

“Three.” Larissa moved her hand from Scottie’s arm and watched in amazement as Scottie’s arm drifted upward. She was in awe! Scottie’s arm was completely straight and pointed directly up above his head.

“Good boy, Scottie. Let the balloon pull your arm.”

Larissa stood and walked to the refrigerator. She looked back at her brother in the dark. Scottie was slumped in the living room chair. He appeared to be sleeping, but his right arm was aloft. Larissa laughed and poured herself a cold glass of water. She sipped it very slowly, watching her brother. When she finished drinking, she put the glass down and returned.

“Scottie, I’m going to let the helium out of the balloon very slowly and as the helium is released, your arm will no longer be pulled upward. Just let it lower gently back to your side. All of the helium will be gone on the count of three.”

“One.” Scottie’s arm immediately dropped a bit.

“Two.” Now his arm was about halfway down.

“And … Three.” Scottie’s arm gently lowered to his side.

“Awesome!” thought Larissa.

“Good boy. Scottie, now it’s time to sleep. You will sleep for several hours and it will be very deep. No counting this time. Listen for the snap of my fingers. When you hear my fingers snap, you will sleep very deeply for several hours. Do you understand?”

Scottie moaned once, and Larissa snapped her fingers.

Chapter 6: A Serious Talk

Scottie’s inductions continued for several more days and with each session, he slipped into trance more and more easily. Larissa was very pleased with his progress. She had made several hypnotic suggestions, and Scottie had seemed to willingly comply each time. Now she was ready to make Scottie obey her when he wasn’t hypnotized.

“Scottie, can you find me a piece of gum?”

“Sure, Larissa.”

Most boys weren’t this submissive, Larissa was certain. Her brother was indeed special. She knew that most boys would have never allowed themselves to be hypnotized. And not only did Scottie allow Larissa to put him in a trance every day the past week, but he was genuinely deep and obedient to her every word.

Scottie handed Larissa the fresh stick of gum. Larissa made a show of taking her old gum out of her mouth.

“Open!” she commanded.

Scottie stood before his little sister and obediently opened his mouth. Larissa placed her old gum in her brother’s mouth.

“Good boy,” she said, placing the fresh stick in her mouth and walking away, leaving her submissive older brother standing there.

That afternoon, Larissa summoned her brother to her bedroom. When Scottie knocked on the closed door, Larissa responded, “Wait just a moment.”

Inside her bedroom, Larissa began playing a song. She turned the volume up and flitted about her room just doing a few things along with some singing and dancing.

The song ended after six minutes and Larissa called, “Scottie?”

From the other side of the door she heard, “Yes, Larissa. I’m here.”

She smiled. “Of course you are,” she thought. The she said, “You can come inside now, Scottie.”

Scottie entered the bedroom. “Close the door.” Larissa’s command was succinct and Scottie obeyed immediately. He stood in his sister’s bedroom as she sat on the edge of her bed, her legs crossed, and smiling at her brother. Larissa usually wore the same outfit every day during the summer: Black spandex shorts and a t-shirt. But now she was wearing a very lightweight yellow skirt, white ankle socks, and pink top. Her shoulder length dark hair was pulled back, exposing the tiny pearl earrings given to her by her grandmother, and which she always wore. She looked very pretty.

Scottie stood there waiting for further instructions and Larissa let him stand.

“We need to talk,” she began. “Scottie, I have a confession. You know I have been hypnotizing you for about a week, but what I don’t think you know is some of the truths that have been coming out. You would be very, VERY surprised by some of the things you are saying and doing.”

“I’ve been filming you and taping you while you have been hypnotized as part of my project. Trust me. You do not want anyone to know the way you really are. It’s … shocking, and if I was mean, I could blackmail you into becoming my slave.”

“And I’m not mean, Scottie. You know that.” She paused for effect. Her next comment came after a very lengthy wait.

“But it would be so nice if you were my slave,” she said in a low but very suggestive voice.

Larissa summoned her dominant charm and smiled seductively at her big brother. She slowly uncrossed, and then re-crossed her legs.

Now she would see just how good she really was. Would Scottie take the bait?

“I … I … I don’t know what to say,” replied Scottie.

Larissa let him stand there uncomfortably and struggle with his response. She leaned back on her hands but never stopped smiling at her brother. And time just continued to slowly, almost imperceptibly, move forward.

“Larissa, you’re my sister. I … I care about you and especially since Dad left, I promise that I will always be a good brother, and …”

“Shut up!” Larissa stood and faced her older brother. “Just leave!” The bossy 13-year-old stepped forward and pushed Scottie in the chest. He needed to take 2 steps back to keep from falling.

“I thought you really wanted to do something for me, Scottie! I thought you trusted me! You have seemed so happy this week, for the first time in a long time. And that has made ME so happy!”

Her tone momentarily became sinister. “You realize, Scottie, that you have no life without me. You understand that, right?”

Larissa pointed her index finger in Scottie’s face. “Just look at you!” she continued. “You run in the morning, work in the evening, and sleep on the couch every night. You do absolutely nothing during the day. You have no friends and I’m sorry if this hurts your feelings Scottie, but girls don’t like you! The only girl you’ve ever kissed was your 14-year-old cousin. Gross! You understand Alexa is back in Canada going on dates with lots of boys and making fun of you?”

Scottie looked like he might cry so Larissa turned the screws even tighter. “Dad left. Mom doesn’t care. Think about it Scottie, I’m all you have. Just me. I’m the only person in the world who loves you for who you really are. So think about what I’m asking you. What I want you to do. It comes down to trust, Scottie. Trust me. Trust me!”

Larissa stood even closer and Scottie backed up against her closed bedroom door. She stood so she was just barely making contact with him, her small breasts touching his chest about 2 inches below his own nipples. Her eye contact with her brother never faltered. “Just let all my hypnotic suggestions do their job,” she thought.

Larissa intentionally lightened her demeanor. In some ways it was very subtle, a softening of her voice and an irresistible allure of her dark eyes. She reached her hand to her brother’s hair, combing her fingers very slowly from front to back. Then she rested her warm palm against her brother’s soft cheek.

“I’m going to give you a choice, Scottie. You know where the door is. You can just get the fuck out. And if you do, don’t you ever come back. Ever!”

Scottie was shocked to hear his little sister drop the “F” bomb. He was older and even he didn’t speak that way. He was so surprised that his sister’s ultimatum seemed tame by comparison.

“Or, Scottie, you can stay. If you stay, you know what I want from you. Do I need to say it?” Larissa used her hand to gently pinch her brother’s cheek, then lowered her hand and maintaining eye contact, slowly backed away. She continued shuffling backwards until she felt her bed with the back of her legs. She sat, crossed her legs again, leaned back on her hands, smiled, and waited.

“Oh, I’m good,” she thought. “Just wait for him Larissa,” she said to herself, “You’ve got him … Here Scottie, Scottie, Scottie.” Her smile was still wide, but she knew she didn’t need to say anything else to her brother.

Scottie’s eyes never left hers. And when her brother finally stepped towards her and knelt before his sister’s crossed legs, she gave him a reassuring look and ran her fingers through his hair once again.

“Good boy!” Larissa purred.

Chapter 7: Puppy Dog Training

“Stay! Good boy!” Larissa smiled down at Scottie, who was on all fours and in the first few hours of his new life as a slave to his little sister. Larissa had decided that her slave brother would start out his new life as a puppy dog.

When Mom was home, Scottie would be “asleep”. Larissa would explain that Scottie was working hard and very tired all the time. Mom would buy her daughter’s explanation and very few things would change in the Rogers’ household.

And Scottie would indeed be sleeping. Larissa knew she could make her brother sleep immediately with a few simple words and the snap of her fingers.

Scottie finally had a bedroom, and he was sharing it with his little sister. Larissa would make him sleep on the floor between her bed and the wall, out of sight in case Mom peeked inside. Mrs. Rogers knew that Larissa and Scottie had the sleeping arrangements figured out. It wasn’t something she worried about.

Larissa walked out of her bedroom, leaving Scottie on all fours. She stayed away intentionally for about an hour. She made herself a nice lunch, then walked out the front door, making sure she made plenty of noise so Scottie would know she was leaving the house.

Larissa crept around the other side of her house and peaked in her bedroom window. She saw Scottie still on all fours in the middle of her bedroom floor. She was giddy with excitement. “Fuck you, Alexa!” she thought. “Kiss my brother. Dry hump my brother. And love my brother. But you don’t OWN my brother and he doesn’t love you like he loves me.” Larissa knew she was winning.

Larissa walked back in the front door. “Doggie, come!” she commanded.

A few moments later, Scottie appeared in the living room, walking hesitantly on all fours. He looked at Larissa and proceeded to move towards her slowly, waiting for additional commands.

Larissa stepped to her brother and took his chin in her hands, forcing him to look up at her. She scolded, “What took you so long?”

Scottie knew he wasn’t supposed to talk, but he wasn’t sure how to respond.

“Doggie, when your owner tells you to, ‘Come’, you better bust your little doggie butt to get to me. Now get back in MY bedroom and wait for my next command. I’m very disappointed with you!”

Scottie tried to turn and walk back to Larissa’s bedroom but she grabbed the back of his shirt, holding him in place. She reached to a table, grabbed a magazine, and using her body, managed to roll it with one hand. Larissa gave Scottie some slack by easing her grip on his shirt and his walk soon became a scamper as his preteen sister spanked his bottom repeatedly with the rolled magazine. She laughed when he was gone and sat down to watch a TiVo episode of “Pretty Little Liars”.

Her next command came 30 minutes later. “Doggie, come!”

Scottie walked as quickly as possible into the living room. He was actually out of breath and this made Larissa smile.

Larissa was sitting in Scottie’s “hypnosis chair” and as Scottie approached, she silently pointed to the floor area just in front of her.

“Good boy,” Larissa responded, when Scottie was before her. “Let’s go over a few things. First, you can get up and walk away any time you want. Most slaves don’t have that option. But if you walk away from me Scottie, you better keep walking because you will never have me in your life again.”

She paused and let her words sink in. Simple reverse psychology.

Larissa looked at her brother’s awkward body position. “You know, I’m not happy seeing you like that,” she said.

The 13-year-old grabbed a handful of her big brother’s hair and guided him to where she wanted him. “On your knees. Good boy. Sit up with your paws in front of you. Don’t be so stupid, doggie!” Larissa impatiently reached down and moved every part of her slave exactly where she wanted.

“There! That’s how I want my puppy dog to sit!” she responded with a bit of satisfaction.

“Next. I’m your sister, and your owner. You have agreed to be my slave and I’ve decided that you are a dog, not a human. Yes, I will sometimes give you permission to ACT like a human when you go to work or school, but always remember that you are really just a dog. MY dog!”

“When I give you permission to ACT like a human, you can talk and do all the things humans do. But you better not ever forget, you are MY slave! When you are not ACTING like a human, you ARE A DOG! That’s what you REALLY are! A DOG!”

“Dogs can’t talk, Scottie, so this is going to be one of your first tests and you better not get this wrong. Ready?”

“Scottie, how do dogs communicate with their owners?”

There was a pause of about 3 seconds and Larissa could see her brother was seriously considering his response. He looked like he really wanted to please her.”

When Scottie responded, he did so with an unusually high pitch voice.


Larissa stared. Scottie looked both embarrassed and terrified. Was he going to be punished by his little sister?

He waited for Larissa’s reaction with apprehension. And then he got it.

Larissa laughed.

“Oh Scottie. I love you so much!” She reached down and took her brother’s face with both hands. Pulling him close, she kissed his forehead. It was the second time in his life that he had, technically, been kissed by a girl. First his 14-year-old cousin, and now his domineering 13-year-old little sister.

Larissa composed herself. She was on top of the world. She had him. “Okay, so you know how doggie’s communicate. Good boy! Next, your name. Scottie is a type of dog, so your name is perfect. Always remember that “Scottie”, even your name is a type of dog. Got it?”


Larissa smiled and released her brother’s face. She sat back and crossed her legs. She let her foot, covered with the ankle sock, rub against the side of her brother’s neck. It must have tickled because Scottie seemed to involuntarily twitch, using his ear to rub his sister’s foot. Larissa loved it.

She continued. “Doggie outfit. We’re going to go shopping in a few minutes, but for now, understand that I’m going to dress you like a doggie every day. You will be wearing my black spandex shorts, no underwear, a dog collar with a padlock on it, and I’m going to make your wear paws for your hands and feet. You’ll see when we get back. You’re also going to have doggie ears and a doggie tail. You’re a dog and I’m going to make sure you look like one.”

Larissa stood up and walked away, leaving Scottie kneeling in the sitting position. She returned with a pair of her black spandex.

“See these, Scottie? I’ve got many pairs and I’m going to make sure you wear these every day. Part of being a dog. Open your mouth,” Larissa commanded.

Larissa put the waist band of her spandex shorts in her brother’s mouth. “Walk into the bathroom, just like a dog. I want you to put these on as quickly as possible. Remember, no underwear, and you are not allowed to stand up like a human. I expect you to get back in here as fast as possible. I know you can’t bark with the shorts in your mouth, so move your paws up and down if you understand?”

Scottie’s hands pumped up and down, like a dog begging.

Larissa laughed. “Go!” she commanded, giving her brother a playful, but surprisingly firm kick in the rear, which made him somehow walk even faster.

Less than 60 seconds later, Scottie reappeared, wearing Larissa’s short, black spandex shorts.

Larissa reached down with her hands and felt her brother’s butt, both cheeks. Ostensibly, she was feeling for underwear, but she was also relishing in her power to touch her brother anytime and anywhere she wanted.

“Good boy! Sit!” And Scottie obeyed. Then she left the room. When she returned, she had a clothesbasket full of her brother’s clothes. She dumped the load in front of her brother.

“Let’s figure out your wardrobe.” She pulled aside all 10 pairs of Scotties boxers and threw them to the side. “No more boxers. You will wear my spandex shorts all the time from now on.”

She found all of his socks and threw them on top of the boxers. “You’re going to wear girl socks from now on to cover your paws,” she said. “You’ll see!”

Larissa continued her inventory and when she had finished, Scottie was left with 2 pairs of khaki long pants, 2 polo shirts, one pair of running shoes, a jacket, and a winter coat. Larissa got a hefty bag from the kitchen and filled it with the discarded clothes.

“When we go shopping in a few minutes, we can drop this bag of your clothes in the donation box at that church parking lot down the street,” she said.

Larissa sat in the living room chair and placed a foot on each of her brother’s shoulders as he sat like a dog. She let her toes rub his neck area, just below each ear, and confirmed that Scottie was indeed ticklish.

“Now, listen closely Scottie. You and I are going shopping. Mom left the car at the train station. You’re going to walk over. No wait. RUN! Yes, RUN! You’re the little runner boy, aren’t you? So you’re going to run to the train station and get our car with the spare keys. Then pick me up here.”

“Now pay attention, doggie! When I snap my fingers, I want you to ACT like a human. You will stand up and I’m going to finish dressing you. Ready?”

Larissa snapped her fingers and Scottie hesitated as he stood very slowly.

“Good boy. It’s okay. I know this might be confusing. But this is how you are going to ACT every day when I tell you to go to work, and in September when I let you go to school. Remember, you are really my slave, which means you are really a dog. Don’t you ever forget that,” said Larissa shaking her index finger in her brother’s face. “But do your best to PRETEND you are human for now.”

“Now, I know those shorty shorts are embarrassing, but you’re a runner and that’s how you’ll look for our shopping trip.”

Larissa found a running t-shirt for her brother and made him change into it in front of her, admiring her brother’s body for the first time. She liked what she saw. She found a pair of ankle socks and made him put those on with his running shoes.

“Here’s your driver’s license and the spare keys. Even though you have my permission to act like a human, I don’t want you to talk to anyone. If you do, you better tell me about it when you get back. Remember, no talking! I want you to run to the train station as fast as possible. How far is that, how long will it take you?”

“It’s, …” Scotty began but realized he had not spoken in many hours. He realized he needed to actually think about speaking. He cleared his throat and tried again, “It’s just over a mile. I run past there all the time. If I run really fast, I should be there in about 7 minutes.”

“Then you better do it in LESS than 7 minutes, got it?” commanded the bossy preteen.

“Yes, Larissa. I promise. I can do it.” And Scottie knew if he was running for Larissa, he would run faster than he had ever done before.

Larissa looked at her cellphone. “I’m timing you! Why are you still here?”

Scottie ran out the door and just as he had predicted to himself, he had never run faster. Yes, he must have looked a bit odd. Girls ran in short spandex shorts. Not boys. But his appearance did not concern him. His appearance was Larissa’s responsibility.

Just over six minutes later, Scottie was fumbling with his Mom’s spare keys and trying to open the door of her car, which she had parked in the commuter rail lot early that morning. Once inside the vehicle, he drove safely, but very efficiently back home. Less than 10 minutes had passed since the last time he had stood before his sister. She was waiting for him, and she looked beautiful.

Larissa was dressed in her yellow summer skirt, pink top, and white Keds sneakers. Her hair was tied in a pony tail and she was chewing gum. “I need money. How much do you have?”

“Just over $500.00, Larissa. It’s in my savings account.”

“Well, get your ATM card and let’s go!” Larissa was enjoying her bossiness, even though she feigned impatience.

Chapter 8: Petsmart

As the siblings walked to the driveway, Scottie surprised his sister by walking slightly ahead of her and opening the passenger door. Larissa had to smile. Her brother was the perfect gentleman. “Too bad he’s a dog!” she thought. Nonetheless, she couldn’t help saying it. “Thank you, Scottie.” She gave her brother a sweet smile.

Larissa stepped inside the car and Scottie closed her door. He quickly walked to the driver’s side and got in. This time it was Larissa who did the surprising. As Scottie started the car, she kicked off her sneakers and placed her socked feet on her brother’s lap. She smiled contentedly and turned on the radio for the drive.

Scottie dropped off his bag of clothes at the donation box, then drove to the bank’s drive-thru ATM and withdrew $500.00 from his $518.00 balance. He handed the cash and receipt to his sister.

She studied the receipt and commented, “You need more hours at Friendly’s. And every cent you make will be mine. That’s okay with you, isn’t it Scottie? You want to give me all your money, don’t you?”

“Yes, Larissa.”

“How much do you make in tips each night?”

“About $25.00.”

“Well, Scottie, you better work your little butt off and try to make more. And every night when you come home, I want you to smile and give it all to me, okay?”

“Yes, Larissa.”

“We’re going to Petsmart. Let’s stop at McDonald’s on the way. I’m hungry!”

When Scottie pulled into McDonald’s, Larissa told him, “Drive-thru. Order me meal #10, the 10 piece nuggets, bbq sauce, with Dr. Pepper to drink.”

Larissa continued. “And don’t worry, Scottie. I’m going to make you walk around Petsmart, but I’m not going to embarrass you too much as my slave. But I really think going into McDonald’s dressed in those shorty shorts might get you beat up as some sort of sissy. That’s why we’ll use the drive thru.”

Scottie pulled the car forward and ordered Larissa’s food. The teen girl at the window noticed Larissa’s feet on the driver’s lap and smiled. Cute young couple, she thought.

As Scottie drove away, Larissa began enjoying her meal. Perhaps it tasted especially good since she had used Scottie’s hard-earned cash to pay for it.

The smell was the toughest part for Scottie. Yes, he was hungry, but the aroma compounded his desire for a bite. But instead of sharing her lunch, Larissa began using her feet to rub her brother’s thighs. Considering the shortness of the spandex he was forced to wear, there was quite a lot of her brother’s thigh for Larissa to caress.

Petsmart was just down the street and Scottie found a parking space near the front. He was about to exit the car when he felt Larissa’s feet apply pressure to his thighs.

“I didn’t tell you to get out,” she said simply. I’ve got something special for you and I know you are going to like it very much. I’ll bet you can smell it. Does something smell good, Scottie?”

“Yes, Larissa, very good!”

“Okay, then, close your eyes!”

Scottie closed his eyes and even opened his mouth, anticipating that Larissa was going to share some of her food with him. But Larissa had another idea. Purely mischievous, if not evil, she reached down and grabbed one of her sneakers. She quickly used one hand to grab the back of her brother’s head and forced her brother’s mouth and nose into the inside of her smelly sneaker.

The true submissiveness of her brother manifested itself in his response. He let her do it. He didn’t fight. He didn’t resist. And there was no way he could have even expected it.

“Breathe, breathe,” said Larissa, laughing. “Isn’t that the best smell ever?” She forced her brother to inhale her sneaker’s fumes for over a minute. At first she was disappointed he didn’t fight, but she quickly came to appreciate Scottie’s devotion and obedience. He was a perfect slave!

When Larissa removed the shoe, she innocently asked, “Hungry?

“Yes! Yes, Larissa!” Scottie seemed completely unfazed by what his sister had just done to him.

“Good. Look at me. I may as well tell you this now. You’re going to be eating a lot of dog food from now on.”

She stopped eating momentarily and looked at her brother, letting those words sink in. “Okay?”

“Yes, Larissa.” But he looked sickened and scared.

“It may not taste good at first, but if you’re hungry enough, I know you will eat it. And eventually, you’ll even like it. I’m going to make you try lots of different brands and I don’t want you resisting. You better just obey me. Got it?”

“Yes, Larissa.”

“Good boy!” She took a bit of a chicken nugget and after letting it sit in her mouth for several seconds, she removed it.

“Open,” she commanded, and when her brother obeyed, she placed the moistened nugget in his waiting mouth. “Eat!”

“Thank you, Larissa,” said Scottie and he savored the half nugget soaked with Larissa’s saliva. Larissa acted like a spoiled princess toying with a new servant. This continued with the remaining scraps of McDonald’s food. She hand-fed her brother a few fries and partially eaten nuggets, even commanding him to lick her fingers. She also treated him to a few sips of Dr. Pepper, which late in the meal, was mostly her backwash.

Larissa swung her legs over and began putting on her sneakers. “I’m waiting!” was all she needed to say. Scottie sprang from the driver’s side and opened Larissa’s door, closing and locking it after she emerged. This time, she did not thank him. “No need to thank slaves,” she reasoned. Instead, she deftly stepped behind her brother and hooked her index finger in the waistband of Scottie’s spandex shorts.

“Walk!” Larissa commanded, and Scottie led the way, his speed easily controlled by his little sister. If she wanted him to walk faster, she pushed him in the back with her hand. Slowing down was simply a matter of giving a firm tug on the waistband with her index finger.

Once inside Petsmart, Larissa made Scottie get a large shopping cart. She nudged him down the first aisle and proceeded to the back of the store where the pet cages and transport crates were located.

Larissa let go of her slave and pointed to a couple of different cages and containers, making Scottie remove them from the shelf and setting them on the floor.

“Now we have to see which ones have the best fit. I want you to just barely fit inside. If I’m making you stay in a cage, it may mean I’m not happy with you and I want you to be very uncomfortable.”

Fortunately, the minimum wage employees of Petsmart stayed far away and Larissa was able to put her brother into several different containers. Ultimately, she was happy with two. A small, wire cage in which Scottie was completely visible, and a smaller transport crate in which the only door also provided the only way to see inside. Those two purchases would total almost $200.00.

At Larissa’s command, Scottie placed both containers in the shopping cart and she led her sibling by his waistband to the dog collar section.

The collar would be worn every day so Larissa spent the most time finding the best one. She made Scottie stay on his knees while she tried several around his neck for a proper fit. Originally, she had envisioned a black leather collar, but she was not satisfied with those available. Instead, Larissa seemed most happy with a beige collar. Its most appealing feature was that once secured around her brother’s neck, she noticed it would be possible to attach a padlock. Perfect!

Leashes were easy. Larissa found exactly what she was looking for and chose a common leash that was a six foot chain with a leather handle. “He won’t be able to bite through that!” thought Larissa.

“Okay, Scottie. I think I heard your tummy growling. You must be starved. And every time I buy dog food for you, I want you to be very, very hungry.” On the way to the dog food aisle, Larissa bought two large silver bowls. She handed them to her brother, who placed them in the cart.

“We need dry food, canned food, and doggie snacks.” Again, they were fortunate there were no hovering Petsmart employees. Larissa pulled the string on a small bag of dry food and removed a piece.

“Open!” she commanded.

Scottie obeyed and Larissa popped the dry morsel into her brother’s mouth.

“Well, I’m waiting!” And Scottie began eating the dog food. It was very crunchy and hard to bite, but Larissa knew that soaking it in water would soften the food so she wasn’t worried. She was mostly just curious to see how Scottie would behave in public and she was thrilled. She had made him eat dog food in a store!

Larissa settled on a small bag of dry food, which she made Scottie load in the cart, several small bags of doggie treats (which she planned to carry in her purse when they went out), and numerous cans of Alpo in an assortment of meaty flavors.

“Okay, doggie boy, let’s go home.” On the way to the register, Larissa found one more item. A large rubber bone. She placed it in her brother’s mouth and ordered him to bite tightly. Then she tried to remove it, tugging her brother’s head in several directions without Scottie letting go. She was laughing as she wrestled and played, trying to get Scottie to release the bone.

By this time, the young brother and sister had drawn the attention of a few customers, one of whom voiced her concern to an assistant manager.

“Can I help you?” asked the young man, approaching the cute young girl and quiet, older boy

“No, we’re ready to pay,” responded Larissa. The young man let the matter go, especially when he saw Larissa pay the $400.00+ bill with cash.

Soon the siblings were walking to their car. Scottie was pushing the cart as Larissa once again controlled him with just her index finger tucked in his spandex shorts. At the car, Scottie opened the door for his sister, then loaded all the recently purchased items in the back seat. He ran the empty shopping cart to the corral and hurried back to the car.

“Hi Doggie!” Larissa was beaming as her brother got in the car.

Scottie noticed the wide beige collar in his sister’s hands. “We need a padlock for your collar. Home Depot is on the way so we’ll go there. But first, lean over to me.”

Scottie leaned forward to his sister. His face was directly in front of her small breasts, just the way Larissa planned it. She secured the dog collar around her brother’s neck snugly and commanded him to drive to Home Depot.

As Scottie drove, Larissa reached in the back seat and found what she was looking for – a package of soft doggie treats. She opened the small bag and removed a morsel.

“Keep your eyes on the road, Scottie! Open your mouth.”

Larissa placed the doggie treat in her brother’s open mouth. “Mmmm, I bet it’s good, huh?”

Scottie chewed and said, “Yes Larissa”. The truth was, the dog food he was forced to eat in the store tasted horrible and so did this one. But he swallowed and remembered he was his sister’s pet. “Thank you!”

“Ha! I take care of my slaves,” she said.

“Hey Scottie, how would you feel if I get some more people to be doggie slaves with you? Maybe Alexa?”

Scottie didn’t know how to respond so he wisely chose to stay silent.

“I hate her. Did you know that? I wouldn’t even want her to be my slave. Bitch!” Larissa was a 13-year-old girl and not above feelings of bitterness towards other young girls. Even her cousin.

Scottie may have been enslaved and under his sister’s spell, but talk of Alexa brought back the recent memory of his first kiss. He secretly hoped she would visit again soon so he could be tied up by both of the young vixens. Such thoughts were hardening his penis as he drove and he found himself becoming flushed with excitement.

Larissa, who had returned her feet to her brother’s lap for the drive, felt her brother’s boner. “Oh my, my, my! I think somebody is dreaming about girls again,” she teased. Larissa really was merciless.

Scottie found a parking spot at Home Depot and was about to open his door when he remembered Larissa’s admonishment at the Petsmart Parking lot.

Larissa saw that her lesson had registered. “Good boy! You remembered that I make decisions for you. You’re going to stay in the car while I go inside. I expect you to be a good doggie!”

Larissa reached in the same bag in which she had found the doggie collar and pulled out the leash. She looped the chain around the steering wheel and clipped the end to her brother’s dog collar. Then she did what she was looking forward to doing very often in the future. She pulled her brother close to her lips and gave him a kiss on his cheek. She pulled away and smiled.

“How about another doggie treat for being such a good boy?” she said. She pulled one from the bag and forced it into her brother’s mouth. “Mmmmmmm, so good!” She then stepped out of the car and showed her leashed brother the palm of her hand.

“Stay!” she commanded.

Larissa took her time in Home Depot, finding a very large and heavy padlock, which came with several copies of the same key. She also bought a small padlock, which she planned to use to lock her brother in the dog cage or crate. “So many plans,” she thought, “so little time!”

She made the purchases and then walked next door for some FroYo. From her seat in the Frozen Yogurt stand, she could see the back of her car and her brother sitting very still in the driver’s seat.

“This is just so, perfect” she thought and “perfect” seemed to be the only way she could describe her role as her older brother’s keeper.

Larissa finished her treat, paid for with her brother’s money, but decided to sit in the air-conditioned store much longer than necessary. “Poor little, Scottie”, she thought, “leashed to the steering wheel in the hot car and waiting for me to return. But I really do love him. Honest!”

She finally walked back to the car and let herself in. She reached over and unclipped her brother’s leash, releasing him from the steering wheel.

“Scottie, drive to area behind the store. I want to see something.”

“Yes, Larissa”

Scottie made the quick trip behind the store and just as Larissa had remembered, there was a long paved area with a few dumpsters, but otherwise no cars or people in site.

“Stop the car! Put it in park, but don’t turn it off. I’m going to drive.”

Scottie was a bit startled but did a very good job of masking his concern.

Larissa got out of the car and stood by her open passenger door. “Okay doggie, slide over this way.”

Scottie obeyed and found himself sitting in the passenger seat. Larissa reached down and pushed the button to lower the passenger window.

“Now, put your knees on the seat and face the door.” Scottie obeyed his sister and she closed the passenger door before walking over to the driver’s side.

Larissa sat in the driver’s seat and moved the seat forward so she could reach the pedals. She closed the driver’s door. Then, with her brother kneeling on the adjacent seat with his back to her, she told him, “Okay doggie. We’re going to go for a ride. And doggie’s love to stick their heads out the window.”

Larissa put her hand on her brother’s back and pushed him forward until his head was sticking out the passenger window. Then she put the car in gear and began driving slowly, smiling as she knew the wind was blowing on her brother’s face.

“Wheeeeee! Isn’t this fun doggie? Wheeeeeeee!”

The area behind Home depot was almost a quarter mile long. When Larissa reached the far end, she took her time and slowly turned the car around. She did well, even though she was only 13.

She put the car in park and reached over to the passenger door. Putting one hand on her brother’s back to keep him in place, she used her other hand to push the window button, slowly raising the passenger window until it made contact with her brother’s neck. Larissa had effectively trapped her brother – Scottie’s body on the inside of the car, and his head on the outside.

Larissa got out of the car and walked over to face her brother. She put her hands on his cheeks and pinched vigorously.

“You are so adorable!” she gushed. “This time, I want you to really act like a dog. Your tongue needs to be hanging out as far as possible and you should look like the happiest doggie on earth.”

Then Larissa bent down and placed a kiss on her brother’s lips. She was gentle and hesitant at first, only determined to intentionally kiss her brother for longer than 2 seconds. Alexa may have been the first girl her brother ever kissed, but Larissa wanted to make sure he would never forget the first time he kissed his little sister.

After 10 seconds of locked lips, Larissa slightly opened her lips and pushed her tongue forward. The advanced move surprised both her and Scottie and she quickly backed off, deciding she wasn’t ready for French kissing yet.

“Good doggie!” she said and she reached up and tousled her brother’s hair. “You look absolutely adorable. I love you so much!” And Larissa reached forward and planted one more kiss on Scottie’s lips, but just a very short one.

“Ready to go for another ride, doggie? Let me see you panting, just the way all dogs do when they ride with an open window.”

Scottie did not hesitate. “Arf!” and then he extended his tongue from his mouth and began panting.

Larissa patted his head. “Good doggie! Let’s go.”

Larissa returned to the driver’s seat and carefully put the car in gear. As the car slowly moved forward, she couldn’t resist. With her left hand on the wheel, she used her right hand to reach over and run her fingers over the stretched spandex covering her brother’s butt.

The touch surprised Scottie and he lurched forward, but he really had nowhere to go since his movement was restricted by the closed window.

When Larissa had driven back to the original starting point, she placed the car in park and reached over to lower the passenger window.

“Get out!” she commanded.

Scottie opened the passenger door and as he turned back, he saw that his sister had already scooted back over to the passenger seat. He carefully closed the passenger door and returned back so he could be the driver.

They made it home, unloaded the car, and Scottie was ordered to return Mom’s car to the train station and then run home to his sister as quickly as possible. She was so happy to see him when he burst back through the front door! Scottie had run the distance even faster than last time.

Chapter 9: Advanced Training

“Take off your shirt” Larissa commanded her out-of-breath brother.

Scottie removed his shirt. He didn’t have a six-pack or any pecs, but Larissa still liked what she saw. “Now take off your shoes and socks. Take your shirt and stinky socks to the laundry room. Hurry!”

Scottie obeyed Larissa exactly as she had ordered. He now stood before his 13-year-old sister wearing only a very small pair of her tight and very short black spandex shorts. Larissa stood in front of her brother with her arms crossed and a smirk on her face, looking him directly in the eye.

And then it happened. It could only be described as a physical attraction. It just happened to be between a biological brother and sister. They each seemed to feel the aura at the same time. For Larissa, it began in her budding nipples and vagina simultaneously. She actually shivered with excitement.

Scottie’s attraction for his little sister was much more obvious. His penis was doing all it could to stretch the spandex shorts he was forced to wear. The other place he felt attraction for his sister was in his heart. He realized that he genuinely loved Larissa.

Larissa broke the silence. She felt the sexual tension but wasn’t going to let the lust for her brother affect the dominance she had over him.

“I’m going to give you a bath. You’re all sweaty from running and I want you to smell good. Get your little doggie butt in the bathroom.”

Larissa began running the bath and filled the tub with a fragranced bubble bath. Slipping her finger into a loop on Scottie’s collar, she pulled her brother down to his knees and then removed the collar.

“Get in the tub!” And her brother did his best to act like a dog and crawl over the tub’s edge. As his butt rose, Larissa couldn’t resist. She slapped his cute behind through the spandex and Scottie yelped.

Larissa used a loofah to lather her brother’s body. She explored Scottie slowly and he did his best to remain on all fours.

“You’re doing very good, Scottie! Your first day as a puppy dog and just look at you. You haven’t spoken a human word since you walked back in the front door. You know you’re a dog again and that makes me so happy. I’m going to keep training you and you’re going to be the best dog ever. Now, I know you are ticklish and you have no control over me touching you. When you feel tickled, I want you to pant like a dog and twitch the way all dogs do. Got it?”


“Good doggie! I’ve been looking forward to hearing you bark again.”

Larissa shampooed her brother’s hair and then rinsed him completely. She made him stay on his hands and knees while she dried him. Then she tested him. She very slowly concentrated on the sensitive areas of his body she had recently discovered and just as she hoped, Scottie twitched and panted every time his little sister tickled him. This was a part of being a slave owner that Larissa was going to enjoy very much.


Larissa slipped from the room but returned quickly with a fresh (and dry) pair of her short spandex shorts.

“Okay, Scottie. Time for a talk. I’m going to see you naked a lot. A LOT!” she emphasized. “But I’m not going to let you see my body. At least not for a while. I love you but I don’t want to have a pervert relationship with you. And I bet you feel the same.”


Larissa bent down and kissed her brother’s cheek. “Excellent. I knew it. No, you’ll be your little sister’s pet dog, but none of that perverted stuff, huh?” she asked, laughing at the irony.

Then she began to remove her brother’s wet spandex. His erect penis reminded her of a cow’s udder and she briefly thought about milking it. Instead, she used the towel to dry him some more.

“Time to get out of the tub, doggie.”

Scottie again did his best to get out of the tub as a dog would. Once on the bathroom floor, he felt Larissa’s hands as she placed his collar around his neck. It was uncomfortable, but part of being his sister’s pet.

Larissa reached to the sink for her brother’s toothbrush and applied a thick gob of toothpaste. “Open!” she commanded, and she proceeded to roughly brush her doggie’s teeth. When she finished, she rinsed the brush and returned it to the holder. She took her brother’s chin and looked at his mouthful of toothpaste lather. He had not been allowed to spit. “Swallow!” And Scottie swallowed the strong paste. “I want my doggie to have clean teeth,” said Larissa showing Scottie her own perfect smile, “and fresh breath!”

Larissa then swatted her brother’s bare behind. “Go to the living room,” she commanded. And Scottie obeyed.

In the living room, Larissa applied the heavy padlock through a loop on the collar. The weight of the padlock tugged on the back of Scottie’s neck. Larissa noticed his discomfort and gently patted her brother’s head. “It’s okay doggie. I know it must be heavy, but you’ll get used to it.”

She removed the gold necklace she always wore. Like her pearl earrings, it was a family heirloom. She unhooked the latch and slid the key onto the thin chain. Returning the necklace to her neck, she reminded her brother, “If you ever want me to release you, just ask. The key to your freedom will be right here,” said Larissa, pointing to the bottom of the necklace, and intentionally touching her own nipple as she did so. “Look Scottie, this is where it’s at,” she said smiling. And her finger continued to touch her nipple. Teasing was such fun and Larissa was an expert.

“You’re doing very well, Scottie. I know you are starving and tired. I promise I’m going to take very good care of you. I promise.”

Larissa then put the fresh pair of spandex shorts on her naked brother, touching her brother’s very warm and hard penis to make sure there was a proper fit.

“Sit!” she commanded, and her brother assumed the required position. “Stay!” And Larissa slipped off to her bedroom again.

She returned with three pairs of socks – one pair was red, one pair was black, and one pair was blue. Larissa stepped behind her brother and put the blue pair of socks on his feet and stretched each sock tightly to mid-calf. She removed rubber hair ties from her wrist and placed one around each of her brother’s ankles.

“Turn around, doggie!” she commanded. Larissa held up the red pair. “I’m going to use socks for your paws,” she explained. “Puppy dogs don’t have fingers and toes and these socks will remind you that you are a dog, and all dogs have paws.”

Larissa then put the red pair of socks over each hand and stretched them up her brother’s forearms, almost reaching his elbows. She took 2 more hair ties from her wrist and applied them to her brother’s. “These are tight, huh?” she said, snapping one of the bands on Scottie’s wrist and giggling when he winced.

Finally, Larissa held up the black pair. “I guess I only need one of these each day,” she said. She took one black sock and threw it back in the direction of her room. She took the remaining black sock and tucked one end in the top of Scottie’s spandex shorts. She then stretched the other end of the sock over her brother’s butt.

“Okay, now you have a tail. When doggies are happy they wag their tails. Are you happy?”

Scottie responded as best he could. He tried to shake his bottom back and forth. Larissa squealed with laughter. She straddled her brother’s back and bent forward, placing both hands under his chin and lifting his head upward and back to her. She smiled and paused momentarily before placing a kiss on her brother’s forehead and then releasing her hands.

Larissa stepped off to her room again, picking up the wayward sock on the way. When she returned, she had an eyeliner pencil. She knelt before Scottie and took his chin in one hand.

“Time to make your face look like a dog.” Larissa used the make-up pencil to draw long whiskers on her brother’s face, along with a few dots, and solid black for the tip of his doggie nose. Then she outlined each eyelid before admiring her work.

“One more thing,” said Larissa and she disappeared one more time to her room. She was gone a bit longer this time. When she finally returned, she held up one of her plastic hairbands. She had taken two brown socks and attached one to each end of the hairband with a hair tie. She placed the headband on her brother’s head in such a way that the brown socks hung by the side of his face. Scottie appeared to have brown floppy ears. That was definitely the touch of little girl coming out in 13-year-old Larissa. When they were little, she had enjoyed pretending she was the older sister. In many ways, she really was.

“Okay puppy dog, I’m hungry and I know you are too. I’m going to make some dinner and I don’t want you in the way. I’m not mad at you but you need to get used to being in your cage or crate. Come!” And Larissa led the way to her room. She had placed the doggie cage beside her bed, away from her door so her Mom wouldn’t see, and the traveling crate was in her small dark closet.

She opened the closet to reveal the crate, opened the latch, moved back some long skirts and dresses hanging inside and motioned for her brother to climb inside.

Scottie did not enjoy enclosed spaces. He didn’t even like to sit in the backseat of a car, but he wanted to obey his sister. So far, he had accepted his role as his sister’s slave, being her puppy dog, and even tasting dog food. This was his first slight hesitation and Larissa immediately noticed.

She grabbed a handful of her brother’s hair. “Listen doggie, you don’t have a choice! I know you are claustrophobic but I don’t care. Guess what? You’re not going to be claustrophobic any more. Do you think there is a doggie in this world that enjoys being in a cage or crate? Of course not. So you’re just being a normal doggie. But that doesn’t mean owners always let doggies get their way. Now you are going to get into this crate while I make dinner and I don’t want to hear any whimpering.”

Larissa emphasized the end of her talk with an especially sharp slap on her brother’s butt cheek. Then another, and another, and after the third one, Scottie was ready to cry. He wanted it to stop but it seemed the only way for that to happen was to walk into the crate. And very reluctantly, that’s what he did.

With most of his body crammed into the very tight space, Larissa gave him a final sharp kick with her bare foot and that was the extra space she needed to be able to latch the door closed.

She couldn’t resist. “Stay!” she commanded, and closed the closet door, leaving her brother caged tightly in the darkness.

Chapter 10: Eating Like a Dog

Larissa turned on some music in the kitchen and sang along as she cooked her pasta dinner. She enjoyed cooking, as much as she enjoyed eating, and it was while she was singing and dancing that she made a decision. Since Scottie would not be eating human food regularly, she would begin saving his portion for her own dinner a following evening. If she could begin cutting her meals in half, and exercising, she might make another dream come true. She could become a thinner and hotter preteen girl.

Scottie thought about screaming inside the dark closet, but first of all, he knew it would do no good. In fact, he knew an evil little 13-year-old who would relish spanking her big brother again. Second, he really didn’t want to disappoint Larissa. He really liked being her slave. And he really liked being her puppy dog. Yes, he knew it was weird, being bossed around by his little sister, but she really was smarter than him and he knew she was right – he had no life without her. He trusted her and knew he would never be claustrophobic again if she did not want him to be.

After an hour of stifling immobility, a light appeared in the closet. Scottie waited for the latch on the crate to open, but it never happened. Instead, he felt the crate tilted upwards forcing his face down and pushed even tighter into the crate. He was being dragged through the house by one end of the crate.

Larissa set the crate next to her chair at the dining room table. The television was on and she was channel surfing. But Scottie was facing the wrong direction and the end of the crate with his face had no opening. He listened to the different shows his sister was watching and hoped that she would release him from the crate and give him the attention he craved from her.

Larissa ate slowly. She had read that was another easy way to lose weight. She also drank several glasses of water with her meal. She was hungry, not having anything to eat since her nuggets meal at McDonald’s.

But she knew someone who must be much hungrier, and that’s just the way she wanted him. Larissa wanted her brother to depend on her for his nourishment. She would decide what went into his mouth and when. If she could control his sleep and his food, there were only a few other areas that would make Scottie weak and completely dependent on his little sister.

The dishes were washed and the TV was turned off when the latch on the crate was finally lifted. Scottie desperately wanted to move, but knew that was not his decision.

“Good boy! You know you must wait for permission to leave your crate. Very good boy, Scottie. Now, GET OUT AND HURRY UP!”

The 16-year-old slave wriggled backwards. His feet, or rather paws, covered in his sister’s blue socks, were the first out. His spandex shorts with his simulated doggie tail came out next. Then Larissa saw the large, heavy padlock, secured to her brother’s dog collar, and the brown socks representing his floppy dog ears, and finally she saw the red socks covering his hands. His paws.

Larissa reached down and clipped the chain leash to the underside of her brother’s collar. She tugged on the leash, keeping it tight, and led her brother to the sliding class doors, which opened onto the patio. It was still light outside, but getting late. A tall redwood fence enclosed the very small back yard so privacy was assured.

Larissa walked her brother to the furthest distance from the house. A small tree was planted there. She reached down and pulled her brother’s spandex down, observing that his erection had subsided only slightly, and continued pulling the shorts completely over his legs and off his body.

She tightened the leash again. “Doggie, time to go to the bathroom. You can only go to the bathroom if I take you or give you permission. Got it?”


“Good doggie. If you have to pee, I want you to bark once, lift your leg like a dog, and pee on the tree. If you have to poo, I want you to bark twice – number 2, get it? If you have to poo, you’ll have to dig a hole with your paws in the soft mulch around the tree. I know it’s going to stink and we don’t want the neighbors complaining, so I want you to try to only poo when you use the bathroom at work or school. But you will still have to text me for my permission.”

“Never, ever, forget, I completely control you in every way. You’re a dog and you always will be. I’m your owner forever. Don’t you ever forget that! So for now doggie, bark once or twice for peeing or pooping.”


“Good boy. You know what to do.”

Scottie lifted his leg to the tree, but after a short wait, he realized he was too embarrassed to pee in front of his sister. Larissa may have been only 13 years old, but she knew exactly what to do.

She tightened her grip on the leash and knelt so her brother’s face was close to hers. “You better get that leg back up in the air.” Scottie obeyed. “Now listen to me doggie. I want you to understand the complete power I have over you. You – are – a – dog. Dogs don’t think, they obey. You tried to think a few hours ago about not going in your crate, and look at what happened. You got your little butt smacked and you still went in. And I was right -- You’re not claustrophobic anymore! And you’re not embarrassed to pee anymore either. I love you, and I know you love me, don’t you doggie?”


“Look in my eyes,” Larissa commanded.

Scottie met his sister’s gaze. “Now I’m going to count to three. When you hear the number three, you will pee immediately. Do you understand, doggie?”


“One. You feel the pee in your wienie but it’s not going anywhere, yet.”

“Two. Doggies are trained to obey and I know you are going to obey me.”

Larissa paused. Scottie’s leg had remained lifted and he did not lose eye contact with is sister. She enjoyed making him anticipate her next command. And she had no doubt that her power was complete. “Just watch this, Alexa,” she thought.

“Three!” The pee shot from Scottie’s penis and onto the tree in a strong stream. Scottie felt immediate relief in his bladder, as well as relief that he had pleased his little sister. And he never lost eye contact with his Larissa. He knew she could MAKE him do anything.

When Scottie had finished urinating, Larissa put his spandex shorts back on and led him by his tight leash to the patio. He had not seen the silver bowls on the way to the tree, but now they were there, waiting for him.

“Scottie, I know you are hungry and thirsty. When you were in the closet, I spent a lot of time making our dinner. You know I’m going to feed you like a dog, but I don’t want you to be scared. Your body isn’t ready for a steady diet of dog food yet and I know that. I’m going to get your body ready and dog food will soon be the only type of food you ever eat. And I know you are going to love it! I promise!”

“Now I want you to trust me. You always trust me. I know you do. I have food in one bowl, and water in the other. Dogs eat very fast and you’re a dog. I want you to strain against the leash for your food. When you are finally able to reach your bowls, I want them to be completely cleaned of everything as quickly as possible. And I want those bowls SHINING! Now, try to get your food doggie.”

Scottie leaned forward but Larissa had placed one of her bare feet between his shoulder blades and was pulling back on his leash.

“Doggie, it’s time to eat! Get your food!” she commanded.

Scottie tried so hard to obey Larissa. He could feel her foot pushing him forward but the leash was choking him.

“How bad do you want your food, doggie! Show me!”

And then it happened.

Scottie began barking. Larissa could not believe it. His previous barks had all been monosyllabic and responses to his sister. Now he was barking like a real dog, knowing no other way to express his frustration. Larissa hoped the neighbors did not hear the high pitch barking from her brother, but she could not have been more delighted with her brother’s vocabulary. And as Scottie struggled furiously against the taut leash, Larissa suddenly dropped it, using her foot in his back to propel her brother towards his bowl of dog food.

The sudden release surprised Scottie and the force from Larissa’s foot almost sent him head first into the house, but he stopped just in front of the bowl on the left, which happened to be food. He simply did not think, he only obeyed. He could smell the nastiness, but he only wanted to obey Larissa. He buried his head in the bowl and used his tongue to scoop some food in his mouth. He detected something odd, and then he realized there was other type of food in the bowl. Yes, he recognized the flavor of the dog food, but it was mixed with a few pieces of pasta and even a few vegetables – pieces of corn, some carrots. Larissa must really care about him, taking the time to mix his dog food with some nutritious human food. But he really tried hard not to analyze too much. He knew his little sister expected him to eat quickly, just like a dog.

About half-way through the bowl of food, (he estimated he had been eating for about a minute), Scottie leaned over to the water bowl and began lapping. Larissa had been waiting. If her brother had tried to drink from the water bowl any other way, she would have scolded him and given him several painful smacks. But she loved hearing his loud laps, each one only taking in a tiny bit of water, which meant he needed to lap even faster.

When Scottie returned to the bowl of food, he felt Larissa’s hand on the back of his head. She was holding his face in the food and he could feel some of the food sticking in places he would not be able to lick off. Why was she doing this? He was trying so hard to obey her!

Larissa gripped Scottie’s hair as he desperately tried to eat the food as quickly as possible for her. But his face was suddenly lifted, and Larissa transferred his entire face deep into the bowl of water. It was impossible to lap, so he gulped. Fortunately, the water seemed to clean the food from his face.

Larissa released her brother’s hair and Scottie gasped for air over the bowl of water. His quick glance at his sister was met by a disappointed scowl. He returned to the dog food mix and after several more mouthfuls, realized he had eaten all of the large pieces. He began cleaning the bowl with his tongue. This time he felt Larissa’s bare foot on the back of his head. He couldn’t lift his head, so he used his tongue to clean the bowl from side to side.

Scottie believed his food bowl to be clean so he strained against his sister’s foot, hoping she would release him. She smiled and complied. When her brother began lapping the remaining water, she was pleased that Scottie had cleaned his food bowl almost perfectly.

A little over two minutes had elapsed when Scottie lapped the last drops of water from the bowl. He moved to the “Sit” position and panted, trying to catch his breath.

“Well, well. I see my little puppy dog was hungry and thirsty. You did very well, but I think next time you can eat your food faster. Do you promise me you’ll try?”


“Good doggie! Let’s go in.” And Larissa led her brother back into the house by his very tight leash and took him to her bedroom. She had his dog cage opened and waiting for him. She stopped him just before the cage and unclipped his leash. She walked to a chair and took a soft afghan blanket, which she folded and placed in the bottom of his cage.

“Get in!” she commanded.

Scottie quickly walked into the cage, his legs resting on the soft afghan.

Larissa laughed. “Good doggie! Turn around!”

Unlike the crate, Scottie was able to turn his body inside the cage, though it was still a tight fit. Larissa wrapped Scottie’s leash around her nearby bedpost and then threaded an end back through the cage where she clipped the leash back to her brother’s dog collar.

Scottie watched as Larissa took a small padlock and secured the cage door. She took the small padlock key and showed it to her brother. Then she let the key fall inside the cage, where it came to rest beside one of his paws.

“There’s the key! Remember, Scottie. You can walk away anytime you want. Unlock the cage door, let yourself out, and just walk away. Anytime … You … Want!”

“Now, close your eyes. I’m going to count to three. You’ve had a very busy day and I know you must be so tired. After I count to three you will hear my fingers snap and that’s the last thing you will hear before you fall into a very deep sleep. I love you very much, Scottie. Goodnight. One … Two … Three.”

Larissa snapped her fingers and her brother had no choice but to fall deeply into the conditioned sleep for which he had been trained.

Chapter 11: Sexual Feelings

Larissa took a long warm shower and for the first time in her 13 years, began using her fingers to pleasure herself.

And her body did indeed feel good. Larissa knew she was close to ecstasy, yet something was missing. She turned off the water, reached for a towel, and began drying herself slowly. Then she smiled because she knew what was missing.

Larissa stepped from the tub, dropped the wet towel on the bathroom floor, and walked to her bedroom. Nude.

She stood before her brother’s dog cage. Her doggie was asleep and the spell she had cast on him would ensure he would be asleep for a long time.

Larissa sat gingerly on the cage, her skin slipping through the cracks in some places, almost making contact with her sleeping brother below her.

Now she had everything, and her body was tingling with excitement.

Larissa touched herself again. She discovered she was very warm, and very wet. She was thrilled and throbbing as she looked down at her brother and noticed that drops of her perspiration were falling over his sleeping body.

And moments later, when her very first orgasm rocked her preteen body, and shook Scottie’s dog cage, she knew she would forever be thankful that she had shared this memorable experience with her brother.

The next morning, after exercising and having a nutritious breakfast, Larissa was glowing. She had decided to wear a red bikini, knowing the effect it would have on any male, but especially her older brother. She walked to the dog cage in her bedroom and gave it a sharp kick with her bare foot.

“Get up!” she yelled at her sleeping brother. “Get up you stupid, lazy mutt!” And she continued kicking the cage.

Larissa thought it was funny, but could tell her slowly waking doggie was scared. He had been in a very deep sleep when he heard yelling and felt he was being physically shaken. When he tried to move, his head would barely budge. His leash was still tied to Larissa’s bedpost and there was very little slack.

“Doggie!” Larissa feigned hostility. “I’m going to beat you! Wake up now! Hurry up!” She was smiling at the panic induced in her groggy brother.

Scottie finally made eye contact with his sister.

“I can’t open your cage without the key. There it is, next to your paw. Give it to me!”

Scottie tried to lower his head, thinking he could put the key in his mouth and hand it to his sister. But his head would not lower. So he used his paw to start pushing it.

“Stop!” Larissa demanded. “You had the right idea the first time.” She reached over and untied the leash from the bedpost.

Scottie lowered his head and, using his tongue, scooped the key in his mouth and delivered it to his sister’s waiting fingers. Larissa unlocked the padlock and quickly reattached her brother’s leash.

“Get out!” was her simple command.

Scottie walked out of the cage on all fours, though he didn’t have much of a choice as his preteen sister was dragging him by the leash. As he walked behind her, he noticed she was wearing a red bikini and his penis began to stiffen.

Larissa took her brother to the back yard and unclipped his leash. She pulled down his shorts and took them off.

“Go Pee!” And she watched as her brother walked to the pee tree, lifted his leg, and relieved his bladder. “Ha!” she thought, “just like a real dog.”

Just as the last few drops of pee left his wienie, Scottie felt excruciating pain. His sister had snuck up behind him and grabbed his balls.

Larissa had done her homework. She had watched a few FemDom videos, as well as studied some on-line photos of male dogs. She had been impressed by the way their balls had been so exposed. The dominant and cruel young women in the videos had taken advantage of this vulnerability with their male slaves. Scottie would provide her with the opportunity to feel male testicles for the first time.

“Can you get away?” she asked her brother.

Scottie moaned and yelped in pain, causing his little sister to laugh.

“I didn’t think so!” she said. Larissa removed a rubber hair tie from her wrist and wrapped it around both of Scottie’s balls causing even more pain to her brother.

“Oh, live with it, Scottie!” she said contemptuously as she released him. “You better hope I don’t take you to the vet to get you neutered! Now, where’s your rubber bone?”

Larissa found the bone lying nearby in the grass. She picked it up and tossed it the length of the yard. “Fetch, doggie!”

Scottie obeyed. Walking quickly, he picked up the bone in his mouth and returned to Larissa. She reached down and ripped it from his mouth, not giving her brother a chance to resist. She quickly threw the bone again. “Fetch!”

Her brother fell for her ruse. He turned, took a few steps, but didn’t see the bone. Larissa continued with her mean trick.

“Hurry, doggie! Go fetch! Find the bone, find the bone!” She was laughing, still holding the bone behind her back. “Where is it?”

Scottie realized what was happening, mostly from the sarcasm in his sister’s voice. He had known her for 13 years and knew she had a diabolical streak. As if on cue, Larissa produced the bone and held it before her brother. “Okay, boy. Look at this! I found it for you! Jump and get it.”

Her brother had no choice. He joined his sister’s game and jumped, knowing it would be futile. And Larissa enjoyed every second. “Keep jumping, doggie! C’mon, get your bone for me!”

Scottie really did try, but Larissa kept the bone just out of his jumping distance for several minutes. And then, as she sensed his fatigue, she unexpectedly shoved the bone in his mouth. “Good boy! You got it! Now bite hard and don’t let go,” she commanded.

Larissa gripped each end of the bone sticking from the corners of Scottie’s mouth. Holding the ends, she then straddled her brother’s back and slowly began to lower herself, wrapping her soft little legs around his waist.

Controlling Scottie’s head with the bone, she pulled back until she had her brother exactly where she wanted him – completely wrapped up and under her control. Ever since she had seen Alexa do this to her brother, she had schemed for this opportunity.

Larissa squeezed her legs tighter -- rubbing her clitty against her brother’s squirming hips followed naturally. It had only been a few hours before that she had fingered herself to her first orgasm. She was about to have her second.

“Try to get away, Doggie!”

As commanded, Scottie kicked and struggled, but his dominant little sister was much stronger. He could feel the warmth as the crotch from her bikini bottom pressed against his lower back. Then he felt some wetness as Larissa began shaking. He knew he was being used sexually by his little sister. He just wasn’t clear on the details. His cousin had kept him in a similar scissor hold just over a week ago, but he had to admit that Larissa’s body felt better against his.

Larissa held her brother tightly for about 20 minutes, unintentionally synchronizing her heavy breathing with the panting of her doggie. And when she finally released Scottie from her grasp, he was pushed over in exhaustion. Larissa stood and secured his leash to his collar. She was aglow once again.

“Whew! That was awesome! Good doggie!” She tugged his leash until Scottie managed to rise to his hands and knees.

A rare moment of compassion overcame Larissa and she gently led her shaken and disoriented brother into the house, and to the bathroom.

Larissa stripped her brother so he was completely nude, including his dog collar. She continued to wear her red bikini.

The 13-year-old girl turned on the shower and commanded her doggie to join her under the warm water. Larissa shampooed her hair and let the suds fall to her brother who was perched obediently on all fours at her feet.

She then bathed her brother, rinsed him, and turned off the water. She dried herself first and stepped out of the tub. She then used her wet towel to dry Scottie. Examining his bound testicles, she observed they were dark purple. This concerned her and she knew there was a problem.

She touched her brother’s scrotum gingerly. “Does that hurt, Doggie?”

“Arf!” And he was obviously hurting.

“Okay. Let’s get the band off. It sure is tight!” said Larissa. She struggled to loosen the rubber hair tie and Scottie began to struggle. She slapped his butt cheek, then quickly untwisted the band and released her brother’s testicles.

Scottie wailed loudly.

Larissa reached forward and put her hand snugly over her brother’s mouth. She was furious. “Idiot!” she said menacingly. “Do you want the neighborhood to hear? I’m going to put a muzzle on you if you’re not a good doggie. Do you want a muzzle?”

Scottie struggled to shake his head no, his mouth still smothered by his little sister’s hand.

“Then shut THE FUCK up! Get out of the tub! Do it now!”

Scottie did his best to obey his sister. She immediately locked him back in his dog collar with the padlock but otherwise, kept him nude.

“Doggie, are you hungry?”


“I’ll bet so! You haven’t eaten since last night. Remember, if I keep you really hungry, you will like your dog food even more.

Larissa turned, then opened and slowly closed the lid of the toilet.

“Time for a lesson,” she said. “Sometimes the lid will be up, and sometimes it will be down, but the SEAT will ALWAYS be down.”

That had been a sore spot in the Rogers household for several years. Dad had always left the seat up, despite criticism from his wife and daughter, and Scottie had grown up imitating his father.

“You’re never, EVER, going to use the toilet in this bathroom again. You’re a dog and doggies pee and poo outside, unless I give you permission at work or school. But sometimes this LID might be up. Look at it, Scottie!”

“Whenever the lid is up, that’s a signal that you must drink the toilet water. All dogs do that. It’s important to stay hydrated and I’ve got better things to do than to keep refilling your water bowl. But here’s the catch: Don’t ever let anyone see you drinking from the toilet. That’s disgusting! Do you understand?”


“I’m going to go and make you an omelet. I know you like omelets. You’ll have to eat like a dog though. Out of your doggie bowl, and you have to eat it as fast as possible. But I’m doing something very nice for you by taking the time to make you an omelet. Okay?”


“Good boy! Now lick my hand to thank me!”

Scottie gave a quick lick to Larissa’s extended hand before she giggled and pulled away. Then she made eye contact with her brother and, very slowly, made a show of slowly lifting the lid on the toilet. Then she smiled and slowly backed away.

“Good boy. I’ll be in the kitchen cooking. You be good!”

And Larissa smiled and walked away.

Scottie looked at the toilet. Obviously Larissa was testing him. She must want him to drink from the toilet. This was going to be very unpleasant. But he WAS very thirsty.

He peaked over the toilet seat and looked down to the toilet water. It did not look clear. Larissa was indeed evil. She had peed earlier and intentionally chose not to flush.

Scottie reluctantly moved forward and put his head inside the toilet. “I’m a dog,” he thought, “and dogs aren’t allowed to think. Larissa expects me to drink toilet water. She’s my owner and I’ve got to obey her.” And then Scottie leaned even further into the open toilet, extended his tongue, and began lapping. There was definitely something unusual about the taste of this water. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. But his tongue continued to lap, just like a dog.

Suddenly, he felt the toilet lid fall onto his upper back and quickly a lot of weight was applied. He was trapped with his head in the toilet.

Larissa had snuck back to the bathroom and had seen her brother doing exactly what she knew he would do, his head was in the toilet and she could hear him lapping the toilet water. Suppressing her laughter, she had stepped forward and trapped her brother with the closed toilet lid on his back and her 130 pounds of preteen weight holding him in place.

Larissa got comfortable and watched her brother begin to thrash about, trying to get free. She reached forward and grabbed the waistband of his spandex, pulling him up and giving Scottie a very uncomfortable wedgy in the process. The she began slapping his butt cheeks.

“Bad doggie! Bad doggie!” And the slapping continued, even though she was trying had not to laugh.

Scottie was yelping like a puppy. Larissa had a knack for making the slaps of her had sting upon contact. Each time she slapped his butt, it hurt her brother very much and felt like a bee sting to his bottom. And she did this repeatedly. But he was trapped by her body weight and completely helpless. He began to cry.

Larissa must have smacked her brother’s bottom about 15 times. She began to sense that he was hurt and his thrashing was no longer one of escape, but rather pathetic. Scottie’s body language was compliant, and it was obvious that he was behaving like a kicked and beaten dog, trapped in a corner and just hoping the cruelty would stop.

She stopped the slaps and released his spandex waistband, which snapped back to his waist. She continued to sit on her trapped doggie. Occasionally bouncing, just to see if there would be a response. She heard some suppressed sobs and knew it would be best to wait.

After a few minutes, she began caressing Scotties exposed back. Larissa could sense that Scottie enjoyed her soft touch, so she continued, even taking her fingers down to his spandex-covered butt cheeks.

Scottie was indeed enjoying his sister’s touch. He may have been trapped inside a toilet, but the fact that his sister was sitting on him and touching him, especially his butt, made him love her even more.

Then Larissa smiled. She reached down and grabbed her brother’s spandex waistband once again. She timed her pull so that she lifted her body weight just enough, allowing her doggie’s body to slip even deeper into the toilet, before sitting down and applying her weight again. Then, with her other hand, Larissa reached back and flushed.

Chapter 12: Will Work for Food

“It’s an omelet, Scottie! I know you are starving. Come on, Scottie! How badly do you want to eat! Go get it. Go get it, boy!”

Scottie was on the patio, straining against his leash, which his sister was pulling back ferociously. He was SO hungry! And it was so nice of Larissa to make him an omelet. He wasn’t sure he could force himself to eat dog food again. It was so disgusting. Maybe if he just kept obeying his sister, she would do nice things for him. She had even said that all of his meals would not be dog food. Even though Larissa wanted him to eat quickly, he planned to savor every bite of this omelet. As he strained to get closer to the bowl, he could see that she had put some cheese over the top of it. He was craving this treat!

“Come on, Scottie!” He said to himself, “you’ve got to get that food. It’s human food! Yes! Larissa was nice enough to make it for you. She loves you! Now she wants you to really work for it and it’s all yours! So pull.”

Larissa’s bare foot was again planted between her brother’s shoulder blades, pushing him forward. But she had two hands on the end of the leash, holding him back and choking the poor boy. She loved this!

Finally, Larissa let go and when she did, the momentum again almost sent her brother flying headfirst into the house. He used his paws to stop himself, scrambled to his food bowl and took a much anticipated bite out of the omelet. He had never wanted to eat an omelet so badly in his life.

He tasted the cheese, a huge mouthful of egg, and then he tasted it. A mouthful of disgusting meat! It had the texture of sloppy joe, and the taste of rotten beef. Larissa had snuck dog food into his omelet!

Scottie almost cried as he tried his best to enjoy only the good parts of the omelet. But it was futile. He could taste the dog food and it was horrible.

He felt Larissa grab a handful of his hair and pull him up.

“Doggie! You’re not eating very fast! How are doggie’s supposed to eat?”

She continued to grasp his hair and made him pull and pull, trying to get back to the omelet.

Larissa finally let go. “Eat!” she said with contempt.

She walked away and went inside the house.

Scottie was almost ready to cry. He HATED dog food!

Scottie did the only thing he could: He obeyed his sister. And he ate his food as quickly as possible, and then lapped up every drop of water in the other bowl. He licked both bowls clean, as he knew Larissa would expect, then walked to the closed sliding door.

As he waited outside the glass door in the sitting position, his paws up and his leash hanging by his side, he could see Larissa sitting in the comfortable living room chair. She was laughing at a program on the TV. Unfortunately, there was no angle from outside where he could see what was playing. He began to wonder. Would he ever again be allowed to sit in a comfortable chair? Sleep in a bed? Eat with a fork? Taste any food not originally meant for canines? Have an intelligent conversation? Watch a TV show? Sit on a toilet?

Larissa had told him twice, and seemed sincere -- He could walk away anytime he wanted. Even right now! Maybe he should stop this. He could stand up and walk inside HIS house. He could make her unlock the big padlock she had secured to the back of his collar. He could take off her socks and shorty shorts and find a comfortable pair of boxers. He could make the little Princess give him back some of his money, and then he would go somewhere and get some human food. “Human food,” he thought. Why did he call it that?

He found himself sitting there on his legs. “The sitting position”, Larissa called it. Look at him. Holding his paws in the air, like he was begging. “Paws?” Why didn’t he say, “hands”?

“Scottie,” he said to himself, “Just stand up! Just stand up, Scottie! Don’t worry, she’s your little sister. This is just a game. A silly, sick fantasy game made up by a 13-year-old girl. Don’t let her do this to you! She’s wrong. You do have a life. You run and you work, and …”

He paused. He ran and he worked. He ran and he worked. “Come on, think! What else do you do? Larissa said girls don’t like me. I don’t have any friends. I don’t have a Dad. Where’s my Mom? She hardly ever even comes home anymore. His thoughts were interrupted by the opening of the sliding door.

“Good boy, Scottie! You are such a good boy!” His sister knelt down and held her brother’s face in her hands. “I love you very much!” She bent forward and kissed Scottie lightly on the forehead.

“Did you enjoy your Alpo Omelet?” Larissa laughed.

“Arf!” His most reluctant barking response yet.

“You did?” said Larissa pretending to be surprised. “Ooooh, Goody! I can’t wait to give you some more Alpo. It’s just like Hamburger Helper for doggies! Won’t that be yummy?”


Larissa ran her fingernails lightly over her brother’s spandex covered butt cheeks. She knew the omelet had upset him and had discovered, correctly, that her caressing touch seemed to calm Scottie considerably.

She leaned closely and whispered, “Scottie, you don’t have to do this. You know that.” Larissa ran her fingers up and down her brother’s covered butt crack, causing him to twitch involuntarily. “But I asked you to be my puppy dog, and you did. I would have never asked you to be my pet if I didn’t KNOW FOR CERTAIN that you would. Just as I KNOW you will never walk away from me. Ever. You know you can’t do it. I’m not even holding your leash and I still have complete control over you. You’re my doggie forever.”

Larissa kissed Scottie again on the forehead. “You’re such a good doggie! I love you very much, Scottie. I really do!”

Larissa picked up the loose leash, wrapped it around her hands a few times to remove the slack, and tugged viciously.

“Inside. Now!”

Scottie obeyed. He immediately forgot the doubts which had manifested themselves moments ago. He loved Larissa. He was her doggie and he would obey her.

Larissa sat on the comfortable chair. She pointed to the floor by her feet.


Scottie assumed the sitting position. His paws up, where they were supposed to be.

“I want to talk to you about a few things while you sit there.” Larissa crossed her legs and put a bare foot against her brother’s cheek. He nuzzled her foot gently and inside, Larissa swooned.

“First, you have to go to work this afternoon and that means I want you to ACT like a human. Don’t ever forget this Scottie, YOU ARE A DOG! But when you ACT like a human, you get to walk on two legs, speak with words, and do other things REAL people get to do. But I’m still going to control you in every way! Second, when you go to work, I want you to walk there, not run. I’m taking away your running privileges, at least most of the time. I don’t want you to run like a human. I know you enjoy running, so I’m not going to let you do it anymore. Do you understand?”


“Good boy! When you get to work, I want you to ask your boss for more hours. As many as she will give you. That will keep you busy when you are away from me, and it will provide a bigger weekly paycheck, which you must always give to me. Always! Every night after work, I get your tips. You will get on your knees and hand me the cash. You better work hard for those tips. If you ever give me less than $25.00, I will be very disappointed. If you give me more than $25.00,” and as Larissa paused, she reached down and ran her fingers through her brother’s hair, “then I will be very, very happy with you.” Larissa accented this last remark by taking her index finger and touching the tip of her brother’s nose.

“When you take your breaks, I want you to call me. I will tell you what to do. Any time you have to go to the bathroom, I want you to text me and wait for permission. You have to tell me if you need to pee or poo. I want you to try to poo as much as possible at the bathrooms at work. I don’t like you stinking up the yard with your smelly poo. Got it?”


Larissa reached to the table and took some wipes from a packet. She used these to clean the eyeliner pencil from her brother’s face. She scrubbed hard and he was finally clean.

“Lie on your back, Doggie”, she commanded, and her brother immediately obeyed. To the delight of his sister, Scottie extended his paws in the air.

Larissa smiled and straddled her brother. She lowered herself so she was sitting on his belly. He grunted involuntarily from his sister’s weight, but she ignored him.

She took the eyeliner pencil and began using it on his chest. First she circled each of his nipples, darkened the tip of each nipple, and then made a smiley face. “Your nipples look like little Cyclops,” she giggled. Typical silly girl.

Then she printed in very large letters across her brother’s chest, “ I AM A DOGGIE”.

Larissa stood up. “Roll over. On your belly.” And Scottie rolled over.

Larissa slid her brother’s shorts down his legs but left them around his ankles. She sat on his legs and faced his butt. On Scottie’s right butt cheek, Larissa printed, “PROPERTY OF LARISSA ROGERS”.

“Time to settle another score,” she thought. On Scottie’s left butt cheek she wrote, “FUCK YOU, ALEXA!”

“There.” Larissa pulled her brother’s shorts back up. “Before you leave, I’m going to dress you and release you from your collar.”

“Stand up!” Scottie tried to stand, wobbling slightly. Larissa laughed. “I don’t think you were meant to be a human,” she said. She reached up and unclipped the leash from his collar. Then she used the key on her necklace to remove the heavy padlock and finally, his dog collar.

Larissa brushed her doggie’s teeth again and then dressed her brother in khakis, polo shirt, and running shoes. She laughed, realizing there were so few options. She handed her brother the phone and began pushing him forcefully to the front door.

“Now get out!”

Chapter 13: Nighttime Adventure

As Scottie walked towards his house that evening after work, he saw his Mom’s car in the driveway. He was filled with a quick surge of panic, but tried to calm himself knowing that 13-year-old Larissa could handle almost any situation.

It was after 11:00 p.m. when he walked through the front door. Larissa was in the big chair, and Mom was on the sofa. They were watching TV.

“Hi Sweetie,” said Mom. “I haven’t seen you in so long! Come give me a kiss.” Scottie walked over to his Mom and bent down for her to peck him on the cheek. His 14-year-old cousin had kissed him on the lips and he had been thrilled. His 13-year-old sister had kissed him several times, and he was beginning to look forward to her lips, even though he knew kissing his sister wasn’t right. But he just couldn’t bring himself to kiss his Mom, or enjoy it when she kissed him. He didn’t like the feeling.

“So, Larissa’s been telling me you can’t run anymore because you hurt your back. Do you want me to take you to the doctor?”

“No.” His usual response to any request from Mom. He hadn’t really processed the question.

“Okay, but don’t get mad. I have to ask. Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Mom! I, I, I …”

Larissa spoke up. “Scottie, you can tell us! It’s okay. Emily’s sister works at Friendly’s and Emily said you’ve been wanting to get more hours so you can spend more time there.”

Mom was elated, “Oh, Scottie! That’s wonderful. Larissa and I have, uh, been a little worried about you. We won’t tease you too much. Just be a gentleman and I’m sure she will love having you for a boyfriend.”

“Yeah, you need a girl to properly train you,” giggled Larissa. “Plus, you’re going to make lots of money. By the way, how much did you make in tips tonight?”


“You did not! Let me see,” said Larissa. Scottie pulled the $35.00 from his pocket and placed it in his sister’s outstretched hand. Larissa smiled and exaggerated counting it. Then, locking eyes with her brother, she pulled the top of her shirt down and stuffed the cash inside her bra. She was beaming.

Mom rose. “Larissa stop being so silly and give your brother his money back.” But the siblings both knew that was not going to happen. “I’m off to bed you two. I’m going to stay in the city for a few days but I’m happy to see that you are having a good summer and you don’t need me babysitting you. Goodnight.” She bent to kiss Larissa, then walked over to hug Scottie and give him a peck on the cheek.

When she had left the room. Larissa reached in her bra and handed the money to her brother. As he reached for it, she pulled it back and said, “I don’t think so! You know the rules. I’m your pimp. Holy shit, $35.00! I think that’s going to be the minimum from now on. At LEAST, $35.00 each time you come home from work. Got it?”

“Yes, Larissa.”

“Did you enjoy the salad I gave you permission to eat at Friendly’s?”

“Yes, Larissa.”

“What else do you have for me?”

Scottie pulled out a sheet of paper with tons of writing on it. As Larissa had directed him on the phone, he had spent one of his 10 minute breaks writing furiously, “I (heart) Larissa”, in small print and as many times as possible. He was very proud of his effort.

Larissa took the paper and studied both sides, smiling. She locked eyes with her brother and slowly began to crumble the paper.


Scottie obediently opened his mouth.

“Bend down!” And when he did, Larissa stuffed the paper in his mouth. “Go throw it away”

When Scottie returned, Larissa was standing over him, hands on hips. She was dressed in black tights and a black, long-sleeve pullover. The shirt was a size or two too small and her erect nipples could be seen through the stretched fabric.

“Strip!” But her voice was low so Mom would not hear.

Scottie took off his polo shirt and placed it on the couch. He then removed his running shoes and placed them near the wall. Then he unbuckled his khakis and pulled them off, folded them, and placed them on his polo shirt.

He stood before his sister in his black spandex shorts and blue knee socks. Larissa admired her writing on his chest, “I AM A DOGGIE”.

“Sit!” Scottie assumed the sitting position and Larissa quickly produced his dog collar. She secured it snugly around her brother’s neck. Then she placed the heavy padlock into the ring in the back and snapped it shut. The collar was secure.

“Scottie, don’t act like a human anymore. Not until I tell you. Be a good doggie for me. Okay?”


“Shhhh, not too loud, doggie.” Larissa reached forward and attached the leash to her brother’s dog collar. She gave it a firm tug, pulling her brother forward and off-balance.

She walked her brother to her bedroom and put a fresh pair of red socks over his hands. Then she applied the rubber hair bands just over each wrist. Larissa squeezed the red socks with her hands, tacitly taunting her brother that she could use her hands and he could not use his.

“Your paws!” she said, grinning. She placed the hairband with attached socks back on her brother’s head and admired her doggie’s floppy ears.

“Stay!” To make sure, she looped the end of his leash around her bedpost. She left her bedroom and returned. She was holding a flashlight in her hand. “Time to pee,” she said, and she pulled her brother to the front door by the leash.

Larissa led Scottie into the front yard. He was confused. His pee tree was in the back yard.

Larissa bent down and removed her brother’s spandex shorts.

She spoke quietly. “Doggie, I think there’s a fire hydrant somewhere down the street. That’s where you’re going to pee tonight. I want you to mark your territory for all the other doggies in the neighborhood. C’mon.” And Larissa led her brother to the street in front of their house.

The asphalt was painful to Scottie’s knees, and Larissa knew this. She was walking in bare feet. But she reasoned this wouldn’t take too long. They walked past 2 of their neighbor’s houses then, from a distance, headlights appeared down the street and began to get closer to the siblings.

“Oh, Fuck!” said Larissa. At first she stood there, gripping her brother’s leash, and just watching the approaching car. Then she began giggling and dropped the leash. “Stay!” the little girl commanded her 16-year-old brother, and she ran quickly behind a parked car in a neighbor’s driveway.

Real dogs began barking from houses and behind fences. Larissa looked back and saw Scottie still standing in the road, his leash hanging by his side, looking scared and ready to cry. She laughed. He was so stupid, he had no clue what to do.

Scottie watched the approaching headlights. He was nude and dressed with a dog collar and his sister’s socks. “What if it’s the police,” he thought. He was frozen. If Larissa didn’t tell him exactly what to do, he was helpless.

And just as quickly as the car had appeared, it turned into a far driveway, and the situation was resolved. As Scottie remained on all fours in the street, watching where the car had been, he felt a vicious tug on his leash.

He looked and there was his little sister, laughing and once again controlling his freedom.

“Stupid!” she began, “Why didn’t you just run away?” She didn’t wait for an answer. She lowered her voice and bent lower so she could begin caressing her brother’s head. “Is it because you are a doggie and you wanted to protect your owner?”

Scottie was still scared and confused, but the way his sister presented the question seemed to make perfect sense. And her hand running through his hair was mesmerizing. The pause was long and he guessed he should respond.


Larissa laughed. “Shhhh”, Doggie, you’re going to wake up all your doggie friends. Listen to all that barking. I think they’re trying to talk to you.” She was giggling, almost out of control. “What are they saying?” Her laughter continued.

“So you were going to protect me from that mean car? Good doggie!” She was almost hysterical. The brother and sister were still standing in the dark street of the quiet neighborhood. “Who knows, maybe one night that car will be Mom coming home from work. Won’t she be surprised?”

Larissa was slowly composing herself, but the tight leash continued to pull on her brother’s dog collar.

“We’ve got to find a place for you to pee. I can’t remember where the fire hydrant is.” She thought for a moment and then beamed. “All these dogs barking. Let’s mess with them!”

Larissa led her brother down the street to an especially dark house. There were no cars in the driveway, but a small dog had been yelping non-stop since they had been in the street.

Larissa stopped in the street area directly in front of the house. A small white dog could be seen in the window, barking madly. “There’s your little friend, she said to her brother,” laughing. She reached down and unclipped his leash.

“Scottie, that little dog is going to go nuts when he sees you peeing in his territory.” Larissa grabbed a handful of her brother’s hair. “Go into that yard and take over that doggie’s territory. Be a better dog and assert yourself! I want you to pee on every one of his trees. Pee on the porch, and even raise your leg and pee on the window, right at the little bastard.”

“Hurry up! Don’t keep me waiting. I want to go home and get some ice cream and if you’re a good boy, you might get some also. Now!” And Larissa released her brother’s hair and gave a sharp smack on his bare butt cheek. Right across the words, “Fuck you, Alexa.”

Scottie walked on all fours quickly into the dark front yard. He stopped at the first tree, raised his leg, and peed. But he found it very difficult to stop the urine flow. He managed to do so, but it took effort and seemed to burn the inside of his penis.

He marked 3 other trees, peed a little on the front concrete stoop, and then walked to the window, directly across from the barking little dog. If the glass had not been there, Scottie was certain that little dog would try to bite his balls off.

It was extremely vulgar, even more than what he had already done to the residence. Scottie raised his leg and emptied his bladder in a strong stream, right at the little barking dog. “That dog is going ballistic,” thought Scottie, “Just imagine if its owners had seen me do that! But my owner is so much better than his!” He couldn’t wait to get back to his sister. He craved her complete control.

He watched his pee flow down the window pain and the furious little creature on the other side. Then he turned and walked quickly on all fours toward the street, eager to present himself proudly to his 13-year-old sister.

But Larissa was nowhere to be seen.

It took Scottie almost five minutes to walk back to his house on all fours. He was nude, dressed like a dog, and terrified he would be seen.

He arrived at his own front door. He had walked through the very same door like a human less than an hour ago. Shortly afterward, Larissa had taken away his human privileges. He hoped she was home. He knew his Mom was asleep and he heard the TV, so he was almost certain Larissa was inside.

Scottie reached up and scratched at his front door, trying to make enough noise to be heard over the TV, but quiet enough so his Mom would not wake up.

He was so relieved when the front door opened and he saw his beautiful little sister standing there in a very short, yellow nightshirt and pink panties. He loved her so much and began to walk forward to rub his head against her leg.

But he was stopped by Larissa’s bare foot on his forehead. She wasn’t going to let him in. She removed her foot and lowered one of his silver bowls to the concrete stoop. Inside the bowl was a partially melted scoop of vanilla ice cream. And it was topped with a handful of moist doggie treats.

“Eat!” And Larissa turned back inside, closing the front door.

Chapter 14: Larissa’s Dreams Come True

And that’s how the summer progressed. Larissa spent most of her free time laying the groundwork for the upcoming school year. She lost weight and got in great physical shape. She made lots of money from her brother’s daily tips in cash, plus his weekly paychecks. She used the money to buy lots of cute outfits for the upcoming school year.

Her mother trusted her completely for maintaining such a smooth household over the summer. And her cousin Alexa was back in Canada and no longer able to touch her brother.

Then there was Scottie.

Larissa needed a male in her life, and her father’s abandonment of the family had crushed her. She seized the opportunity to take over her older brother’s life, making him a dependable male presence for the foreseeable future, and hopefully for a lifetime.

Her brother slept at her feet every night, often while she pleasured herself while thinking of him. He attended school and with some mandatory tutoring from his little sister, managed to be a “B” student who completely blended in. He worked lots of hours, which Larissa knew would keep him busy and under her control. And any available free time was spent responding to the whims of a manipulative and very precocious 13-year-old girl.

Larissa’s studies of hypnosis had made all of this possible. The passion she had developed for witchery had allowed her to keep Scottie under her spell. And her genuine belief in Female Supremacy, at least over one pliable male, had given her the confidence to achieve her Middle School dream – she was destined to become a very pretty, fit, and popular cheerleader … whose older brother just happened to be her pet.


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If this type of story is appealing to your interests, you may wish to read my other published story, "One of the Girls".

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