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A young lad's first time it one to treasure
***I am gonna see if they still have a place to post photos on the message boards. If so I will post it under Stepmother Olivia. There is a very specific woman who inspired this story and these photos do her justice.****

It sucks being small. I was always small. A few inches shorter, a few pounds weaker. I wasn't real small, where some gals love you cause your so cute. I was just always a little bit behind, so I acted like it, and was a little shy, due to a lack of confidence and since I didn't stand out in any way physically, girls didn't just come over to me the way they did to a lot of guys. So then I felt even more self conscious and hence more shy. Of course, when you are young, you always exaggerate what you don't like about yourself so I thought I was the odd, short, weakling and acted like it. As I grew older I filled out some, made it to an average height and turned out to be pretty handsome. I also became very good at getting women, and there is no question why, and that is what I am going to tell you about.

Not only was I shy but my parents were divorced. My dad worked for a big construction firm and often spent time overseas so I ended up living with my Mother and would go to my Dad's for Xmas break and summers. There is little question as to his infidelity on those long excursions and we weren't the closest. Not that I didn't love my Dad, i did. He was a good provider and he really did love the time we spent together. But during those formative years where a Dad helps his son learn to be a man, I got very little one on one time, especially the last few years when summers were cut short due to all the new work he had in China since his company had gotten in good with the government. My birthday was very near the end of the school year and I had finally gotten my drivers license. Not that I had a lot of friends to hang out with or any girls to drive around, or a car to do it in, but it was a milestone just the same.

The Xmas before my Dad had got engaged to a woman he was working on the project he was working on. Some woman named Olivia. They were still in China then so I stayed home for Xmas and would meet her in the summer when they would have a big wedding while I was out there. I flew out to Chicago and then took the train to the small town Dad lived in. Why he lived in that little town with his money I don't know, but Chicago was only an hour and a half by train and he had a gorgeous large house with a great patio deck and pool area with a outside kitchen with grill. There was even a guest house out by the pool. I got a call from my dad as I was getting close to my stop that he would be stuck at work an extra hour and that he had already called me a cab and it should be waiting and was paid for, and when I get there my soon to be step mother should be there..

After a short cam ride I got to the house and walked to the door and took a deep breath and knocked. I don't know why but the name Olivia said some skinny, frigid elitist, the kind of woman who loves only a man's money, a robot. I also just assumed she was Caucasian and was part of my Dad's company and they met when he was put on the same project as her. Suffice it to say my Dad and I don't communicate well and due to our being very different people, don't spend much time on the phone. So let's just say I was about as far off as possible. She opens the door, sees me and squeals, "Are you Marc?"

You have heard the word stunned. People say they are stunned at something. Usually that is an expression, oh no, I was literally stunned and took about 5 seconds to answer. It took a moment to register I had been asked a question because I was staring at perhaps the most desirable woman I have ever seen. My dad had always been into tarts. This woman was not a tart, at least not the type I had gotten to know. FIrst off, she wasn't half his age, she was older than him. She was what I would learn was 46, but the body shape in her mauve colored summer dress was that of a playmate. She had thin legs, with perfect feet in open toed white high heeled sandals. She had widened hips, with a thin waist, large breasts, very large up top. The cleavage, while not brazen was noticeable due to the size of the mounds.

She had long dark hair and a fantastic smile. She showed her age a bit in her face but it was still an angelic face, enough to make any man look twice. She was the dolled up type, her hair was curled at the end and the sides tied back,makeup which accentuated her great smile. Olivia was not part of my Dad's company but worked for the government department in China that hired my dad's company. She was ethnically a Hmong and was born and raised in Thailand, mostly during Britain control and was very westernized with a slight accent. She and my father met in China and had an affair there and they had gotten married in China to get permission for her to relocate to the US. Money talks and due to my dad's company and his personal status in it, had pushed it all through. You may have scene Gran Torino and be saying that Hmong are not that hot, well maybe she was mixed with another Asian race or was a different Hmong strain, because she was intoxicating. I instantly felt my virgin manhood jump for a moment when I saw her. She had blonde streaks in her brown hair and had a french manicure. She also had a fantastic dark brown color to her skin. She looked literally delicious. I finally got my bearings and said meekly. "Uh, yeah. Are, are you Olivia?"

"Ay yay yay! Yes I am!" She ran to me and gripped me in a hug. She was taller than my 5 foot 4 self. Add the shoes and she was clutching me directly to her chest. My nose was literally smashed against the upper right curve of her left breast, where it was above the bra. Let's just say even then, having never touched one, or seen one naked outside of some kind of media, I knew these were great. It was a fat lump pushed up by wire., there were bulbous and firm. The size I actually don't know, but I would say G cup. Their perkiness created a brilliant cleavage curve. But this woman was most certainly genuine. She was very warm, loving, sensual woman, and not shy at all. She pulled me inside and sat me down at the table, she poured me a large glass of iced sun tea and we chatted the whole hour until my dad came home.

She got up and let my dad in when he got home and we hugged and then opened up the Chinese food dad picked up on the way home. While we were eating Olivia asked me, "So, tell me about the girls. I love young love. Who are you seeing?"

I looked at her and felt my ears get red and start burning. "Um, well, none right now."

"Your in between right now? Don't waste too long finding your true love. Hmm honey?" She said as she smiled to my dad. Jesus she was hot. For the rest of my life if you put two equally hot women next to each other, one older and one younger, I will always take the younger. But with her, she was really perfect. I am sure she was astounding when she was young, but even to this day I say that summer, she was literally perfect, nothing could have made her more desirable to me.

My dad concurred and leaned over to kiss her and I realized that I was jealous of my dad. I was also instantly aware that even my nerd dad was more manly and confident than me. Maybe if I was a Vice President of a business I would be able to someday have a woman like her.

"Well, I uh, don't get a whole lot of attention from girls. I am not on the football team or the basketball team."

"So?" she asked.

"Girls only want tall guys."

She laughed. "No, girls only want what they think the other girls want. It there is a girl who truly only wants a physical trait, that woman isn't deep enough to be a good enough woman for you." I loved the compliments from Olivia but wanted to retort that girls that were pretty like her only ever were talking to the athletes.

"Plus I am to fat.": I said.

"Fat, honey you need to gain some weight. What do magazines teach kids these days?" She asked.

"Same things Cosmo says to women" My dad said with a snicker.

"Ok, not fat, flabby. I don't have muscles or a hard stomach."

"oh, you're still growing and you are so handsome, just like you Daddy here. Stop putting yourself down so much."

Over the next few weeks she was very complimentary to me and tired to help my confidence. But it still didn't make me feel any less self conscious. She also tried ot force interaction on me. Any time I was with her and she saw someone she knew with their daughter she would make me go with her to talk to them and force their daughters to converse with me. But this all just made me get nervous put on the spot and just in general I realized I was scared of women, and the more attractive, the more they scared me. The only ones pretty enough to spark my desire intimidated me so much I just stood there too shy to say more than a few words. She would always goad me about it after wards telling me I needed to be more assertive, but it just reaffirmed to me that I folded in the moment and felt even more shy.

But my new step mom kept at it. She kept having families over for dinners at the grill and the pool. Let me tell you every family accepted the invite and I will bet you dollars to donuts, the men of the neighborhood talked. Olivia had a lot of bathing suits, most bikinis, and mostly sheer lengthy cover shirts for when out of the water. She always wore styles that framed her fantastic breasts high and proud. I also will bet all of those neighbors had some vigorous sex that night, with the men turned on like they hadn't been in years by their own wives, by my top self stepmother. These families always had a daughter within a year of two of me. Sometimes it was multiple families, but I shied away most of the times we had company. Kept my shirt on, avoided the pool worried I was too pale and still was worried I didn't have the physique to impress girls. And of course my stepmom invited the families with the prettiest daughters most often. It was miserable for me. Sitting on the edge, head down, quiet. Only answering when asked a direct question. I just felt so unwanted by the girls, as I would later learn, I was just a stupid kid who overthought everything.

I had always lived in the house with dad but dad had always been single. The third night I was there I was up playing video games and went downstairs at 1 AM to get a soda and, heard my stepmom. She and my dad were having sex and she was a vocal woman. Well, she knew how to dress to stun, how to act to make every man fell special, figures she would know just what noises to make to help intensify a man's pleasure.

"Unnnnn-ooof! Mmmmm-hm-hm-hm-hm," she moaned with a giggle before sucking in a deep breath audibly through her teeth. "Ooooh, oooh baby, ugh, right there, baby that's right, mmmmm" she continued in a throaty deep for her voice, talking slow and sexily slurred.

I sneaked into the kitchen and grabbed a soda, being sure to be subtle with the fridge. My stepmom was loud enough, especially with the tv left on in the bedroom, though its volume wasn't that loud. I walked back out of the kitchen, still hearing her. As I reached the turn to the stairs I realized the door was open enough that I could see the vanity mirror. The tv was lighting the room from a flickering blue hue. While the angle was tilted with the mirror and the tv light was residual not direct I could still make out my step mom's shape. She was on top, bobbing up and down slowly. I penis was rock hard as I drooled at the vision in the mirror. She was pulling up her hair as she rubbed her hands around her head.

"Oo-oooh, OO-ooooh, OO-oooh. Mmmmmm." The start of each ooh more a squeal and the rest a moan. She kept this style of sounds at this point. Different words and grunts and moans, but they all now started in the hipitched squeal, followed my a mon or that sexy slurring speech she used. At this point I rubbed on my shorts, as I imagined I was the one underneath her.

"Haaaaa, ooooomf!" Her moan cut off by her biting her lip. "Ooo, ooo shit baby. Oh you're gonna huh baby? You're gonna cum for me aren't you? Come on baby, I'm ready!" She finished ready in such a high pitch her voice cut out on her and it was just a whisper.

I felt my self cum in my pants and almost lost my grip on the soda can. I had never had an orgasm standing up before. Just as the first wave of my orgasm flowed over me, I heard my dad grunt. "Ugh, of fuck yeah baby, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" My dad said horsely.

"Ummmm, oh shit baby. Oh my god, I can feel it. Oh sweetie, you came so much, ha ha! It's so warm!"

"Unngh! Whew, shit baby, one more little spurt. oh shit."

"I will take it all baby." Olivia said sultry as she laid down and was out of my view. I gathered my composure and started up the stairs, the first two making creaks.

"What was that?!" said my stepmom in a harsh whisper.

I froze.

"Nothing, it's a older house, they creak in the summer from humidity."

I stayed where I was until my heart was beating normal again and crept up the stairs step by step to be quiet. Once back in my room I surfed the internet for pitchers of older Asian women. I found some that kind of matched Olivia's body, though the face was far from it. I found a photo on my iphone with my stepmom and zoomed in on the face and photo shopped it onto one of the nude photos from the internet. I stared at that and jacked off again, replaying the vocals of my stepmom I had heard earlier. It didn't take long.

The next morning my dad said at breakfast that I was a man now, and I deserved my own place and he decided I was mature enough to use the guest house. At first I was angry, knowing it was because of the noise the stairs had made, and I knew I wouldn't get to listen to Olivia again. But on the plus side one of my dad's former guests had obviously not wanted to take contraband on the plane and there was a small pipe lighter and some week in the freezer. I had gotten high a few times, and it always gave my dick a tingle and I enjoyed masturbating while baked.

I had a penchant for sleeping in and Olivia either had enough saved not to work or dad was willing to let his princess live completely on his dime, and if so, could I blame him? WIth a woman like Olivia, what else did matter? Turns out Olivia keeps that great golden brown by tanning consistently in the California sun. Every morning from 10:30 to 11:30 and then she made lunch. I used to not wake up until about lunch time. Then one morning I woke up a bit early to pee and caught a view out the window of Olivia sunbathing. She always wore a bikini and they were all hot. The breast pieces either a wide silky fabric with tiny strings or darker, firmer, thicker and frilly tops. I loved those, they almost were lingerie. She always wore a different color bottom and often the tops and bottom had metal or plastic loops at connection points sometimes chains, sometimes just the bikini thread ties. Covered in oil she was a shiney, sweaty, slick sexpot. I stared, until she turned my way, I froze, worried she caught me checking her out but she kept rolling and grabbed her cup and took a long pull on the tumbler's straw. Her breasts were pushed together. God they held there form!

She rolled back onto her back and continued tanning. I watched for a few more minutes and then took a single puff of pot and jacked off. Always fantasizing about her and always a great orgasm. This became a pattern for me. Get up, stare at Olivia for 15 minutes to charge up, then take a puff and jack off, and cum really hard every morning. I may have not gotten any feminine attention but I had all I need with my sex goddess step mom.

One day, after my gaze and puff, I laid in bed and began to massage my cock, I sadly and short there too, only about 5 inches, but it was real hard. Olivia had on a sexy suit today. I was in the middle of fantisizing about those breasts, trying to picture what they would really look like when I suddenly heard the door to my guest house open. "Marcus?" Olivia said in her sexy slight accent. "Are you here?"

I sat up like a bolt looked for my shorts. Shit! They were kicked off over to the wall. I heard her steps on the wood floor about to get to my door and yanked the comforter over myself, hoping to hide my still rock hard erection. She popped her head in, "Ah, there you are, I am gonna grab a water out of you fridge, ok? The fridge out there is empty. "

Before I said a word she took off to the fridge grabbed the water and came back in. She was so fucking hot! She had on a red top, with a gold bar between the cups, and white bottoms, tied on each side. "You up already I thought you usually slept til . . ." She sniffed the air. Then sniffed a bigger breath. "Are you smoking pot in here? Answer me."

"Yes, but it isn't mine, it was in here already. I thought since it was here and summer, I thought it was okay. I have done it before but I still have a 4.0."

"You shouldn't smoke it at your age. Your brain is still changing, you aren't old like me. You know Jack and Sally were here last week, I wouldn't be surprised if it was them. I thought they seemed buzzed every night at dinner." She stared at me for a few seconds.

"Oh fuck it, I won't tell on you if you tell me where it is."

"On my sink in the bathroom." I replied. She walked to the door of the bathroom connected to my bedroom. I thought she would be in there long enough to let me grab some shorts but she just grabbed the pipe and lighter and came back in and sat next to me on the bed. God her tummy was flat when she sat, this woman really was a goddess, her body was impossible. She was a toasty brown a month into the summer. She had also just a bit of sweat on her, one drop took off from her chest and rolled down her breast to soak into the bikini top. She craddled the water bottle between her shapely thighs and lit the bowl and took a hit and breathed out an impressive cloud. She giggled and we chatted for a few minutes about nothing.

My hard on was not going away and it was getting hot under that comforter, but until she left, I was stuck. The conversation turned to girls.

"So, what is the deal Marc. You don't talk to any of the girls I bring over here. We are having a moment here. Answer me this, are you gay? Or something else where you don't want women?"

"What? No, no, I . . . I am scared by girls. If they are pretty its worse."

"What are you scared about?"

"That they can tell that other women don't desire me. Like you even said, girls want what they think other girls want."

"They will want you, you are handsome, I promise. You need to have some confidence, being so shy makes you seem like you don't think you are worth anything. But you have no reason to be, your smart, your sweet, your kind, I promise you that women care about more than just physical attraction and even so, you are just fine."

"Yeah, ok."

"So any of the neighborhood girls you like? I can try to help."

"Well. . . I mean they are pretty but . . . "

"But what?"

"They're not pretty like you."

"What do you mean sweetie?"

"They, well they aren't, aren't not white."

"You mean you want a girl of a different race?"

"Yeah like you. You're the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

"Oh my goodness. Aren't you sweet?" She cupped my face in her hands, and my dick jumped, reminding me I still had a hard on. It had actually started to soften to a chub but her touch fired the little guy back up.

"But no girls like lazy bones, let's go!" and she yanked off my comforter without warning and it pulled against my penis causing it to wave back and forth. Olivia looked and say it and said, :Oooop!" and clasped her hand over her mouth as she giggled and looked into my eyes. All the frustration over my inadiquacy came out at once and my eyes filled with tears as I clutched a corner of the comforter over my crotch.

Her giggle stopped instantly when she saw the first tear fall and I started to sob quietly.

"Oh it's ok, don't cry sweetie. You don't have to be embarrassed. I have two sons, its nothing I haven't seen before."

"I know it's small, but you didn't have to laugh" I fought through sobs.

"Oh I was laughing that I caught you naked, you're fine, it's not small its just fine. I promise I was laughing at the situation." She put a hand on my shoulder.

"Sure it is, I have seen other ones, I know its small. I am small in everything. I will never get a woman because they will know no woman ever was willing to touch me!" I couldn't stop the sobs. I was so angry. It wasn't something i could control, and the most beautiful woman saw it and wasn't impressed, she laughed. She may not have been laughing at the size, but it wasn't impressive enough to catch her attention. I was so mortified.

"I promise, you will be fine, stop worrying. Everything will be fine."

'No it won't they all know no woman would want anything to do with me. I will be a virgin forever."

"Sweetie, you can't believe that."

"It's true, I can't talk to women, I am too intimidated, none of them want me."

"You can't have that thought in your head, or you never will get a girl. You have to believe in yourself."

"I believe what I know, no girls come up to talk to me, none of them are ever looking at me. They never have, no female wants me, it's true, and it always will be!" I couldn't continue and curled my legs up, and didn't care about the comforter falling off. I continued to cry stuck in my own sorrow and telf completely emasculated. She had even wondered if I was gay.

I was sobbing too much to notice that she had moved until I felt her fingers wrapped around my hard on and gave it a slow spinning stroke from the top to the bottom, then I felt a second stroke. My sobs stopped and my head popped off my pillow and starred to the foot of the bed. Olivia was laying on her stomach, her face just below my crotch, her french manicured nails, shinny from the suntan lotion looked so hot grasping my penis. I was in such shock I could only get out, "Oh, oh, oh, ohliv, heh, heh, heh, wha wha wha. Wha ah-ar you do-do-do- oh- oh, huh!" the last syllable more a cry of shock than a spoken sound.

"You are going to be able to tell a woman that a hot woman touched you and she will know it's the truth looking in your eyes."

She closed her eyes, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue long and parallel to her face and licked from my testical sack all the way up my shaft to the tip of the head. "hu-hu-hu-hu-hu-hu-hu-hu!" My breath stuttering my body going though a simultaneous panic attack and asthma attack. To see this woman run her tongue on the under side of your penis is indescribable. I was so overcome with emotion I thought I might cry and I thought I might puke.

I watched as she gave my cock french kisses on the sides as she went from the base to the tip. Once at the tip she kissed the top of my penis. This one just a peck. Then another. Then a french kiss. Then another. I swear to you I couldn't feel a thing through the shock. My whole body was tingling but not in an orgasm way but more like I was wholly numb.

She kissed the tip but this time parted her lips more plicablly and took a centimeter or two in her mouth, then again, again, again, then more like four centimeters. An inch. Then she paused above it and opened her eyes wide and stared up at me. She never broke eye contact as she, took me in her mouth and went about half way down my shaft.

"Mmmmmmmm" she moaned, her lips still locked on the head. "Hm-hm-hm-mmmm," She closed her eyes as she giggled while sucking on my penis. She opened her eyes and looked me in the eye again and took me all the way down my cock to my stomach and then pulled up to the head and repeated it about 10 times, each time she went down giving an enthusiastic "mmm-mmmm."

I was frozen solid, still feeling nothing watching this glorious goddess take my whole length, modest as it was, into her. Everytime she would look in my eyes, my heart would skip a beat and my cock would hop in her mouth

She pulled all the way off this time and stroked it twice with her right hand. "Mmmmm, I forgot how great young cock is, he-he. So hard and enthusiastic. Her left had had found its way to her back and pop when the clasp, un hooking the ends. She reached under her top and pulled it up and slid it over her head, her hair pulling up through the still tied neck piece, making her hair drop heavenly over her shoulders. My fantasies were a joke. Her breast were finer than any internet porn I had ever seen. They were so firm but bobbed falling back from the bikini top. I felt my heart pounding so hard I thought I was going to black out.

"Mmmm, that's better baby," she said in a deep smokey voice. She laid back on her chest and began to suck again. She pulled off and brought her jaw together and parted her lips, her tongue pushing out like a spear in the middle and started at the base and ran up my shaft.

"Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!" I stuttered my first audible sound in a while.

"Mmmmmnn?" Olivia questioned with her eyes and inflection though a closed lipped grin. She made the same mouth configuration and started from the base to the tip again on the underside.

"N-n-n-n-n-n--n-n-n-nnnnah!" She had found the one not numb spot. And she knew it. She wasn't wasting any more time. She made the shape with her lips and tongue and started at the base and zoomed to the top, this time pressing on the opposite side of my shaft putting more pressure from her lips and tongue on it. She went right back down and continued this pattern. God this woman was talented. And why not, she probably had had sex with any person she ever wanted to. God knows I would if I could, and there was no doubt she could. Likely for the last 30 plus years.

"Oh-oh-sh-sh-sh-sh-shit. Ah-ah-mm-mmm. Mmmmm." my lips pressed now the stirrings of intensity starting in my testicles.

"Come for me baby." Olivia said in a lazy drunken sounding plea., and ran down the bottom one more time.

"MMMMMMMMM!" I felt the rush begin.

"Mmmmmm?" she moaned into the underside of my cock zooming to the top for the last time, at the top her lips became pliable one more time and she enveloped the head of my cock in her mouth on more time.

Her timing was impeccable and she zoomed up my dick the last time and the cum was trailing just after. The first shot of my seed slammed into her palette, her mouth arriving just before my cum. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" she maintained a subdued hum as she slid her mouth up and down the top half of my penis, the bottom half cracked by her saliva soaked hand. I felt my hips buck three more times as I emptied more cum into my stepmother's mouth. My hand were gripping the bedsheets, my eyes big and unblinking ask my body road over the climax of my climax. I continued to breath in short breaths as I watched Olivia slow her bobs and apply more pressure with her lips, creating a seal and suctioning up my cum. My penis would still jump a tiny each time her tongue would slide across it cleaning as she went until she finally passed up off the tip.

I gasped.

She looked at me and that is the last thing I remembered. . . . .

. . . . . until I woke up. I don't know if it was 10 minutes or an hour or more. I came around and felt heat beneath me, my head resting on a firm bump. My hand was laid flat, the sensation of my fingertips was soft, silky and smooth. I finally came to the understanding that I was lay up against another body, my head on their chest and my hand on their stomach. My leg wrapped around theirs, my flaccid penis against the side of their ass cheek.

Then I remembered, my stepmothers!

I pulled my head up as I opened my eyes and looked up, my step mother was smiling at me, stroking my hair. "Now every woman you talk to even the pretty ones, will know when you tell them you have been in the company of a woman, they will know you are telling the truth."

"I . . . I. . . .um. . . . um. . . . um"

She giggled and sat up and pulled me with her. Then she stood up and grabbed my arms and pulled me to my feet. I fell into and embrace with her and she held me for a moment, Then pulled away and grabbed my hand. "Let's get you cleaned up!" She said it with such a wonderful smile to me. I knew I had completely fallen in love with her. I wondered how this would play out, would she be my wife instead of my dad's?

She led me over the deck and to the main house. I fell slightly behind and watched her bikini covered ass and shapely brown legs walking to the house. The woman still had her high heeled sandals on. Did I say this woman was incredible?

She lead me to the master bedroom and opened the shower door. It was a large multi spout shower made for two. She turned on the water, a perfect warm mix with the crisp air conditioned air of the house. Olivia pushed me back into the water streams and grabbed the body wash and a wash cloth. She ran her hands over me, getting me wet. She squeezed a healthy amount of wash into the cloth and suds me up. I watched her breasts as she cleaned me, she spun me around and even washed out my ass. She spun me back around to wash my lower front.

I stared down as her gorgeous breasts from on top, the first time I had seen that angle. God those fuckers were incredible. She washed my legs and I watched the suds wash down over her and her crouched legs, her thighs looked perfect in the squat and I started finally feeling life in my genitals again. My cum hangover was finally ending. She soaped up the cloth again and began to wash my twig and berries. I can honestly say I have never ever again had a hard on develope that fast before.

She tried to act like everything was normal and kept washing until she finally snickered. "Jesus, I thought I emptied that thing. You must have a hell of a reserve. I guess it isn't fair to only do a half assed job, I gotta empty you out. She looked up at me and quickly enveloped my penis in her mouth again.

"Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho shi-i-i-i-i-t. My hands grabbed her shoulders as my legs began to feel like jello. She worked my shaft for some few seconds before delicately and silently pulling off for a quick spit of the build up of the soap in her mouth. I don't know if you have ever felt a talented blowjob with soap, but there is literally no pussy better than that. I just kept stuttering out random syllables as she pulled off and scooped up her breasts in one are and began to massage my cock with them as she sat up on her knees full height.

After that she rubbed the shaft with her breasts and just worked the head. I was almost delirious, sure I had died and was experiencing heaven. No reality could be this magical. I felt her hand grab the edge of my ass cheek and before I could protest she sent a finger up my anus. It only took a second of her touching my prostate and I exploded.

MMMMMMMM-OOOOOOOOH!" I shouted as the cum shot through my dick in a sustained orgasm and expelling of cum. When I finished my legs crumbled to my knees and then to my butt, pulled my penis free of her mouth. I laid against the wall of the shower and watched her plop down on her bottom as well, her legs together and curled in front of her. She looked and me and giggled, and put her hand over her mouth.

A moment later I saw a few white globs fall from behind her hand and realized it was my semen. She rang out the washcloth and delicately washed my softening penis. After she was done, she helped me back to my feet and grabbed a thick fluffy towel and began to dry me, and dried every inch. She pulled me to her and held me as she lead me to the bed and laid me down on the massive mattress. She laid down next to me and put her arm below my head and cradled my head to her breasts. I instinctively succulled her breast.

"Just for a minute sweetie, just for a minute. Thank you for letting me spend this special time with you." She massaged my shoulder with her fingers. Time passed indiscriminately to me. I just sucked away, her perfect breasts felt better than I could have imagined. They were the greatest breasts god had ever created. I continued to suck her nipple until I thought I heard something. I continued to succule and then I heard it again. I light squeek. This time it was with a slide push on my shoulder, pushing my face further into her breast. I continued to suck.

"Auuuuunghna!" I heard my step mother moan. Then again and again, louder and louder. "NNNNNa! Ha-eh!" She panted. "Fuck, they're so sensitive. Ooooooooooo!" She pulled me to her harder. "Shit!"

This continued for a few moment sporadically. "God damn it! God, I think my body knows you are a virgin, it is trying to prepare my body for copulation. Oooooooo-nnnnnnnah! Fuck. Oh! Rrrrrrr!. She pushed up , pulling her breast from me. She slid down and looked in my eyes and kissed me long and deep, the first french kiss I had ever experienced. After a few kisses she opened her eyes and stared as me and I felt some movement down out of sight. I saw her are raise behind her outstretched and saw the smallest smidge of white before her hand sunk back out of sight. She kissed me again, her hand now touching my cheek lightly. She turns her head to the side and whispers to my ear, "I can't help it, it wants meat."

I felt her slide her leg over my stomach and rubbed against my penis, now full engorged once again. I feel the slight tickly of the whispy landing stip of her pubic hair. Her hand slid down my stomach under neath her and in one fluid motion pushed my penis down to it was sticking out and slid back onto her heels, her lined up pussy lips paring as I entered her and she then put her other hand on my chest into a sitting up position and let the rest of my length inside.

"NNN-nnn- Oh-ohli-li-li-livia! Ya- yo-yu-ung" I couldn't even register what I saw. I couldn't have just gone inside her. I couldn't. even tell her to stop. I wanted it more than my next breath, but the reality of it was overwhelming.

She pressed a finger across my lips and said, "Shhh, sweetie, let me handle it." in a quiet voice. She sat all the way back and rubbed her fingers across her stomach as she said, "Mmmmmm, so warm."

Oh my god it was. I felt like her pussy was on fire, my penis felt very very warm.

"Ahhhhh-ah-ah-ah-ah" I breathed as my hands grabbed her hips my hand shaking.

"Shhhhh. Here we go" she said softly.

She began to rise and lower ever so slightly, her inner walls gripping me only as the base, only rubbing the base, keeping me from getting worked up too fast. Undoubtedly the two massive loads I had given to her mouth earlier were helping too. I closed my eyes and felt her slight movement and started to drift.

"Ah-AH!" she said as she shot up half my length and fell back down, sending a sharp wave of pleasure and pulled me out of my daze.

"Stay with me, stay with me" she said as she looked to my eyes. She clasped my hand and pressed it to her tummy. "Mmmmm-baby. It's right there. Can you feel it? It's all the way in there!" She said in an elated whisper.

I felt my hips buck up to her. God she knew exactly how to drive a man insane. I could not feel my penis thorough her tummy of course, but my god, that kind of dirty talk just isn't fair.

"OOOO! Ha ha ha ha. Hey now!" she reacted to my buck. She continued the slow milking of my lower shaft and I just watched her make love to me. I felt a strong emotion I couldn't really identify, but I felt like I was going to start jerking spazmically uncontrollably. I was overloaded with feelings and my brain was fried. This continued on for some time until I felt a familiar feeling and my shaky hands were now firm and gripping her hips hard.

Olivia looked into my eyes, "It's time isn't it baby?"

I tried to answer but just groaned, "UUUMMMMP!" and dug my nails into her skin.

"Ok, baby!" Olivia cried out at a high pitch. "Ok, here we go, here we go. . . " and she began to raise up on her knees and I slid out to the head and then she sat down again over and over. Each sit up pulling my head all the way to the tip before taking it all in again. The rapid massaging of my cock head by her opening was the description of pleasure and I felt the orgasm start, as always at the bottom of my balls.

"Ah-AH-Ah-UN-UN-UN-UNG!" I grunted as I stared at her bouncing breasts. She wasn't a woman, she was the essence of sex itself, she was not a person but a god, too brilliant for this world.

:Yes, yes baby it's okay. Let it go baby, give it to me! She closed her eyes and squinted hard her face pursing like a lemon, I can't describe how sexy that face was. It seemed to be conveying the almost pain of orgasm.

"NNNNN!" and it felt like every muscle in my body convulsed at the same time sending the first spurt of cum out of my manhood and into her womb.

"Oh my god baby. Oh my god. I took it!"

"UUUUUUUUUH!: a second convulsion of cum, and instead of a normal cum, where the orgasm occurred in my balls and spread out waves of pleasure, this time the second shot sent the orgasm itself into my legs, making them tinkle violently,

"Oh Jesus! Oh my god baby, I took your virginity!" Her hand clasped around her mouth and she continued to ride me. She seemed equal parts elated and horrified, but if nothing else, it gave her the most intense of taboo orgasms. I felt her vagina grip my penis firmly as she spasmed for a tick and then giggled, overcome with her own orgasm.

I felt a third convulse and think more cum came out but I can't be sure. This one pushed the orgasm to the rest of my body and I thought I might die. I was completely covered in a tingle. I didn't think there was any way my body could take it. It was like the first time I ever masturbated only doubled. My body held rigid for a few seconds until my muscles released and I fell limp to the mattress. My arms curled into my chest as I reverted to fetal position as much as I could, still inside her. I drifted off, nothing could have kept it away I was completely spent, and the only time in my life, utterly content.


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the story is all over the place, tried to read it unobjectively, but after a few minutes trying to make sense of it gave up in frustration

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