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5 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
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Chapter 37: "Share"


One of my true passions in life (aside from beautiful
women) has always been the game of baseball. Even now, at
the age of 39, the romance is still going quite strong for
me. Playing, watching, listening and reading about baseball
has been an integral part of my daily routine since I was a
small child. I still remember relishing every opportunity I
had to play _catch_ with my big brother, Dan, when I was a
youngster, or riding my bicycle to the local park to play a
couple of disjointed innings with a group of friends.

I also still remember the first professional baseball game
that I went to. May 11, 1985 was the date, and my hometown
team, the Cincinnati Reds, played host to the Houston Astros.
I remember looking up at the old, dilapidated structure once
known as Riverfront Stadium as I went through the turnstile
for the very first time, and thinking that it was a palace.
A magical palace which, up to that point in my young and
impressionable life, I had only seen on television. I came
oh-so-close to catching a foul ball during batting practice
that, to this day, I can still see the ball coming right at
me. A little side note of that game, even though Cincinnati
lost, was that Reds' star shortstop Dave Concepcion notched
hit number 2,000 of his career. That is what I remember most.

The wonder of the game - baseball - still gets to me
today. Even in the days of November, December, January and
February - commonly referred to as professional baseball's
_hot stove league_ - I check the Internet quite frequently
to stay up to date on what new development has occurred in
the sport, who has been signed, who has been traded.

One of my favorite all-time movies, _Field of Dreams_,
had a definite baseball flavor to it. Although the movie
is a bit corny, I have probably watched it 200 times. In
recent years, I have often wondered if _Field of Dreams_ was
a metaphor for living out our own field of dreams. Was
creating a clearing done to allow the dream to materialize?
In the movie, the main character - played by Kevin Costner -
cleared away his entire crop of corn to build a baseball
field on his family farm. Do we need to clear away our own
inner corn field to see the dreams that capture our hearts
and then create a path to reach those dreams?

But I digress. Here on the island, I had my very own
field of dreams - sort of. A main feature of the athletic
complex, located just outside of the mansion, was a batting
cage with five different pitching machines. There was a
net, which encircled the entire hitting area, along with
underground pipes and a central hopper. The cement surface
inside of the hitting area was sloped, which resulted in
all loose baseballs eventually finding their way into a
pipe and then the hopper itself. Once there, they were
loaded into the pitching machine that was currently in use.

Ever since I had it first installed several years ago,
the batting cage had been a great _stress reliever_ for me.
I would come out here once a week and take about 100 swings
before finally tiring and deciding to call it quits. What
is the sound that all batters want to hear? That bang, that
square hit, that crack of the bat. You know, as a batter,
that you have just launched one. You know that the ball is
taking off; exploding from your bat. It is a great feeling.

I figured that a good way to put my back to the ultimate
test, and see if it is truly healed or not, was to venture
out to the aforementioned batting cage and take some swings.
If I made it through with no discomfort, I could throw all
caution to the wind and not worry about my back anymore.

No more than ten minutes after I began taking my cuts with
the bat, I found myself with some unexpected (but welcomed)
company. The lovely and opulent Devon had decided to grace
me with her presence. She made her way up to the cage behind
me, but stayed outside of the netted barrier to ensure her
safety. I glanced back at Devon and offered her a brief nod
and smile, but otherwise remained focused on blistering those
40 mile-per-hour pitches from the automated machine.

"I never quite understood the appeal of this game," Devon
eventually said to me, breaking my concentration.

I took a step back and then turned toward Devon, all the
while twirling the bat about as if it were a baton. "Let me
guess, sweetheart... you have never played baseball. Right?"

Devon shrugged her shoulders. "I guess I have found more
necessary things to do with my time over the years than slap
a piece of horsehide with a stick."

I laughed at her choice of words, but then shook my head
and motioned for her to step closer. "Come in here, Devon."

The 27-year-old again shrugged her shoulders, but then
complied with my request by opening the nearby cage door and
joining me inside. I stepped further away from the batter's
box and gently pulled Devon into my arms. I spun her around,
so her back was to my front, and then placed both of her
hands upon the handle of the bat. Devon turned her head and
shot me a curious glance as I guided her toward home plate.

"Give it a try," I suggested, as a pitch went by.

"Are you serious?"

"Of course I'm serious." Standing directly behind Devon
with my hands covering her own upon the bat, I got her into
a proper hitter's stance and helped her with a couple of
practice swings. "Don't strangle the bat, Devon," I added,
offering her some friendly advice. "All you want to do is
shake hands with it." My voice changed as I mused, "_Hello
Mr. Bat... pleased to make your acquaintance_. _Oh no, Miss
Devon... the pleasure is all mine_."

Devon giggled at me. "What?"

"We wanna go hips before hands," I coached her. "Okay?
We want to stride forward and turn. Block everything else
out of your mind. Hips before hands, stride forward, turn."
I placed my hands upon Devon's waistline to put her into the
proper motion. "Hips before hands. Got it?"

She nodded her head. "I guess."

I tightened the grip of my hands upon her own. "One more
time, dear. Hips before hands. Right?"


"Yeah, what?"

"Hips before hands," she told me.

"We are gonna wait on the next pitch, sweetheart, and keep
our eyes on the ball."

"All right."

"Then we're gonna make contact... not gonna even think."


"We're just going to let it fly, Devon. Okay?"


I smiled. "Say goodbye, baseball."

I helped Devon take what may have very well been her
first-ever swing at a live pitch, but we missed terribly.
After two more horrible misses, we finally made contact.
Devon was credited with a weak dribbler toward the side.

"That's a mighty fine piece of ash you got there."

Devon momentarily glanced back at me and offered a
wicked, yet playful, look. "What did you just say?"

"The bat, Devon. The bat..."

I released my grip upon her hands and allowed Devon, who
was chuckling at me, to take some swings on her own. On the
fifth pitch, she hit a line drive (sort of) back toward the
pitching machine. It was her best contact yet.

"Excellent!" I praised her. "Now, what you may find
happening as you concentrate on that little, round ball,
the rest of the world and everything in it will just fade
away." Devon barely tipped the following pitch as I kept
talking, "All of your everyday concerns... how you didn't
get that nice leather jacket you wanted on your birthday
this year. How you threw away your career as a project
manager to come to this island and eventually fall in a
love with a very strange, albeit witty and charming man
such as myself. How your collection of pornographic videos
has somehow outgrown your collection of music downloads."
Devon whacked the next pitch as I ended, "Oh wait... that
last one is my problem, sweetheart. Not yours."

Devon wiggled her hips in an exaggerated manner and spoke
with conviction, "Shut up, Jeremy. I'm playing baseball."

* * *

"Did you have a good time during your picnic up at the
lava beds with Trish and Amy earlier?" I asked Devon a few
moments later, after she had become quite winded and decided
that swinging a baseball bat no longer interested her.

"I sure did," Devon responded, taking a seat beside me on
the bench just outside of the cage.

"How did Trish and Amy get along?"

She shrugged her shoulders at me. "They seemed fine. I
think whatever bitterness or jealousy there was between them
concerning Lindsay in the past is just that - in the past.
I think they ironed out their differences a couple of days
ago, actually. Trish and Amy seem focused on the future."
Devon flashed a dazzling, brilliant smile, then reached out
and grasped my hand. "Krissy said you were looking for me?
That is why I came out here to the batting cage."

"I've just been looking for the opportunity to spend some
one-on-one time with you," were my words, which brought
another smile to Devon's pristine face. "I have been so
focused on the others as of late; trying to get them to stay
and commit - Trish and Amy, obviously, and Pamela before
them, and of course I put so much focus and energy onto
Krissy." I frowned momentarily, then continued, "I have
been neglecting you as of late, Devon, and I am sorry."

"I don't feel neglected," she cooed back at me. "It's
not like you've been ignoring me. I see you every single
day; we talk, we laugh, we have our intimate moments. I
understand why you have putting a lot of time and effort
into Trish and Amy, Jeremy, and Pamela before them. The
clock is ticking. If they were to stay with us, you only
had so much time to convince them. With me, you already
knew that I was staying. I am not going anywhere." Devon
paused, but then added, "Let me say, though... I for one am
glad that Pamela is NOT here anymore. I did not like her."

"Why is that?"

"Pamela hated Krissy," Devon sniped. "She was so jealous
and angry because of what you and Krissy have together.
Pamela had no interest in sharing, or even the thought of it.
Pamela did not care for me all that particularly much either,
to tell you the truth. Her whole thing was that she got to
you, Jeremy, and was with you before me. Pamela had sex with
you and laid her claim to you, so to speak, before you and I
even touched each other. That was her big claim against me.
Yet the one thing that Pamela just refused to realize was
that you and Krissy have been together for a good four years.
It was off-and-on, albeit, but your impending marriage with
Krissy has been four years in the making."

"Krissy and I weren't supposed to be together, you know,"
I countered. "She and I have known each other and been great
friends for four years. But that was just it - we were
friends. Friends with benefits, mind you, but we weren't
supposed to be a couple. I think that was part of Pamela's
thinking, too, and why she was so upset at everything."

"It doesn't matter now," Devon shrugged. "The best thing
that could have happened during these six weeks in paradise
actually DID happen. That being, of course, you and Krissy
winding up together. I'm not going to stand in your way or
become jealous, Jeremy. I see what you and Krissy have with
each other. It's magical. I am just happy to be a part of
it. I care for you, obviously, and I care for Krissy. I
feel honored that you two have allowed me into your lives.
I hope to be on the same level as Krissy in your eyes one
day, Jeremy. I trust that I will be. I know that I will be."

"What you and Krissy have together, Devon, is magical," I
informed her. "The two of you are all over each other at
every opportunity. I think you and Kristanna fell in love
from the very outset, and never looked back."

"Krissy certainly is a very special and unique girl,"
Devon commented. "She is my ultimate fantasy come to life.
I would do anything for her."

I smiled at those words. "What are your thoughts on Trish
and Amy, and them perhaps staying with us long-term?"

"I have no problem with it," the 27-year-old answered. "I
sort of agree with Krissy that I like the idea of one big,
happy family. Krissy is my favorite of the three - by leaps
and bounds - but that does not mean I cannot love and care
for Trish and Amy. I already do love and care for them, and
those feelings are growing. Trish is such a nice, nice
person; the sweetest and most giving person I have ever met.
Trish is sort of like the female version of you, Jeremy." My
eyes went wide as she added, "And Amy? I like Amy a lot more
now than I did a few weeks ago. I know that Amy has some
mental health problems and issues, and you want to help guide
her through them. Amy would go back to her old ways and bad
habits if you were no longer a part of her life, Jeremy. She
basically has to stay with us out of necessity."

"Are you okay with that, though? Is Devon [Last Name]
okay with sharing me with multiple women?"

"Krissy and I are one," she began. "I may have trouble
explaining this to you correctly, Jeremy, but I have such a
good synergy and rapport with Krissy. When you are with
Krissy, you are with me. When you are with me, you are also
with Krissy. She and I have no secrets; we share everything.
That is another thing. You have been worried about maybe
neglecting me as of late. Strange as it may sound, I do not
feel that way because each time you've been with Krissy, you
have also been with me. Krissy and I are one; we share
everything. We love each other, and get along together, that
much." Devon shook her head and fretted, "You probably don't
understand. It is impossible for me to explain it properly."

"I think I understand," I told her. "It is very unique,
but I think it goes to how well you and Krissy are perfectly
suited for each other. There is no jealousy or resentment,
nor will there ever be. You and Krissy are truly happy to
share everything for the rest of your lives."

Devon smiled and nodded her head. "Exactly."

"What about Trish and Amy? How do you feel about them?"

"I already told you that I love and care for them."

"But what about them and the whole sharing thing?"

"I'm not at the point with either of them that I am with
Krissy," Devon explained. "But I'm not the jealous type.
As I said, I like the idea of a big, happy family. Neither
of them are anywhere near like Pamela. Trish is so passive
and friendly. I actually believe that she fits in perfectly
with the lifestyle that we want. Amy? As long as you keep
Amy under control, Jeremy, I have zero issues with her and
the idea of her being a long-term fixture in our lives."

"I think the medicine Amy is now taking is doing much more
for her mood and outlook on things than I ever could," I
offered. "The good doctor in Lima nailed it on the head with
Amy. She has responded well to her medication, and has no
lingering side-effects from taking it."

"I would like to one day look at and think of Trish and
Amy the same way I do Krissy," Devon mused. "I want them to
be on that level I spoke of earlier. But who knows? We do
not want to rush into anything. Maybe one or both of them
stay with us for six months, or a year, and then decide to
go back to their old lives. I do not want that, but it is
a possibility. Krissy is quick to point that out, too. The
only two things that are truly guaranteed, Jeremy, is that
one, you and Krissy are getting married and two, I will be
with you and her during every step of the way."

"Krissy says that she is going to marry you, sweetheart,
shortly after she marries me."

Devon giggled. "Krissy also says that YOU are going to
marry ME, Jeremy, in a super extravagant wedding in the
Bahamas later this fall."

I chuckled at those words. "Krissy making plans for both
of us behind our backs, huh? What a sneaky girl."

"Sneaky, but lovable," Devon giggled. She patted my leg
with an open hand and swooned, "Rumor is that you had some
fun with Krissy and Lindsay while the rest of us were having
our picnic at the lava beds a couple of hours ago." Devon
giggled again, then clarified, "Lindsay finally got the
opportunity to properly thank you for helping her family out
the way you have? That is what Krissy told me, at least."

"Yeah," I nodded. "Properly thank me... with her mouth.
Kristanna was really insistent on using that term."

"Krissy really enjoys seeing you with other girls," Devon
smiled, reaching up and now touching my shoulder. "Do you
realize just how much it turns Krissy on to watch other girls
giving you pleasure? That is another reason why she is so
gung-ho about this group marriage thing. What has Krissy
always said to you? All she really, truly cares about,
Jeremy, is seeing you happy. She has told you that forever."

I dipped my head for a brief moment, but then laughed and
made eye contact with Devon once again. "I am definitely
happy now. I have never been more happy in my entire life."

"Good," Devon nodded, her smile golden and radiant. "You
deserve it. You really do."

"These past five weeks have been incredible," was my next
remark. "My life has changed so much, so quickly..."

"How is your back? Is it feeling better?"

"Feeling fine," I answered. "That is what the batting
practice in the cage was for. It was the litmus test for my
back. I wanted to see if swinging the bat was going to
aggravate the pulled muscle in my back or not. It didn't."

"So now you can get back to your normal activities?"


"I still wouldn't overdo it, though," Devon advised me.
"Do you think Krissy is watching us right now?"

"In the voyeur room?" I specified. "Krissy said she was
going to watch us all day long. I am sure she is."

"Where is the hidden camera around here?"

I pointed toward a huge tree across the way. "There."

Devon turned and waved her hand at the tree. "Hi Krissy!
Just letting you know that I love you!" Devon blew a kiss
toward the tree and snickered out, "Mooooo-wah! There you
go, Krissy baby... a kiss for you!" Then, Devon turned her
focus back toward me. "I love you too, Jeremy."

I nodded my head. "The feeling is mutual."

Devon suddenly pouted. "I wish my first time with another
woman was with Krissy! Camille was nice and all at the
beginning, but... I mean, Krissy is _my girl_. I am her girl.
Our relationship would be even more special if she was my
first-ever woman. I know she would have treated me so good."

"Kristanna is _my girl_ too," I grinned. "So are you. I
just don't want you to forget that."

Devon nodded. "I guess that means we will just have to
share, then. Remember you are _my guy_. Krissy's, too."
The 27-year-old pressed her lips to mine for a deep-rooted,
pleasurable kiss. "Hmmmmm... I cannot wait until you and
Krissy get married! I just LOVE weddings! Can you just
imagine what Krissy will look like with a wedding dress on?"
Devon sighed at her own words. "Oh God... she will be so
gorgeous. A million times more than she already is!"

"Is that even possible?"

Devon nodded her head again. "Oh yes... it is. A woman
never looks any more beautiful than she does on her wedding
day. Krissy already is a goddess. She will blow the whole
church away when she makes that long walk down the aisle.
Krissy will be a goddess multiplied by a million times."

I groaned at the mere thought. "I cannot wait, either.
You get to be the maid of honor. It will be a great day."

"Krissy wants it to happen five weeks from now," Devon
reminded me. "That is kind of ambitious if you ask me.
Just five weeks to plan a wedding? Especially one in Norway?
All of your family from Ohio and wherever else will need to
fly overseas so they can be part of the big day."

"I have no doubt Krissy will have everything planned and
ready to go. That is what you will learn about her, Devon.
When Krissy sets her mind to something, she gets it done.
Five weeks will be plenty of time for her to plan whatever
she envisions. Krissy already has her own family, as well
as her friends, working on it back in Norway as we speak."

"You're letting Krissy handle the wedding and its set-up?"

I smiled at her. "For now. I plan on adding my own touch
to it eventually. I have a few surprises in store for her."

"Oh? What are they?"

"I cannot tell you," I grinned, pointing toward the tree
where the surveillance camera was hidden. "We have company,
you know. _Big Bird_ is watching."

"Big Bird?" Devon laughed.

"Krissy is 5-foot-11... she is very tall."

"What do you think of Lindsay?" was Devon's next question.
"I believe you like Lindsay, Jeremy, more than you like Trish
and Amy. Which, you know, is saying a whole lot..."

"I could, but I don't," I countered. "Trish and Amy have
made a commitment and want to build a relationship with us.
Lindsay will be going home in six days. I am not going to
let myself fall too much further with Lindsay, simply because
it will make the goodbye next Monday all the more painful.
Trust me, my feelings for Trish and Amy are much further
along at this point than they are for Lindsay."

"Fair enough," Devon grinned. "But I can tell how much
Lindsay means to you. She is your little, baby girl, Jeremy.
Your little princess. And you... you are like this older,
ultra kind and loving, generous... father figure to her."

I chuckled at Devon's unique analogy. "I never quite
thought of it that way, but okay."

"Krissy says that you have been in love with Amy since day
one," Devon pressed on. "Even when Amy was acting all crude
and crass, Krissy says you were still in love with her. She
says you saw straight through Amy, and believed there was an
entirely different person underneath all of that aggression.
Lo and behold, you were right. 100 percent, all the way."

"Krissy saw through Amy as well," I informed Devon. "As I
told you earlier, the medicine is doing its job. I do not
think we will ever see that side of Amy again."

Devon giggled. "You are doing your job too, Jeremy. Just
keep Amy on that leash, so to speak, and she will be fine."

"Maybe I should keep YOU on a leash, dear Devon."

The exotic blonde giggled hysterically at my lewd, but
playful proposition. "Now that sounds intriguing! But only
if you keep me chained up with Krissy..."

* * *

"You KNOW that I enjoy it when you rub my feet," Devon
said later that very same evening, as she sat alongside me
upon the bed in the guest suite that she once shared with
Camille. Her legs extended, Devon smiled brightly at me.
"Whenever I feel bummed-out or tired, one of your famous
foot massages always seem to do the trick, Jeremy."

Indeed, it had been a long and eventful day for the two
of us. After our discussion at the batting cages ended, I
escorted Devon on a strenuous hike alongside the southern
tip of the island. We then spent a good amount of time at
the beach, sunning ourselves and frolicking in the water,
before having a private dinner picnic of our own.

Afterward, Devon and I returned to the mansion and had
since retired to this particular guest bedroom. I was
content to allow Kristanna, Trish and Amy to spend the
evening together in my luxury suite - provided I could have
Devon for myself. She and I had been together for the better
part of eight hours, and I saw no reason to include anyone
else. We got a late start, but this was, quite simply, my
day to be alone with Devon. I did not want it to end.

I leaned over and gave Devon a simple kiss on the lips
before lifting one of her smooth, immaculate legs up, and
over, my lap. Soon, I did the same for her opposite leg.
"If a foot rub is what the princess wants, then a foot rub
is what the princess shall get. Or mi'lady."

Devon giggled at my words as she reclined back until her
elbows were firmly planted upon the comfortable mattress.
With her lower legs draped across my lap, I slipped her pink
socks off and tossed them onto the floor. Devon laughed yet
again, this time wiggling her toes and twirling her feet. I
grasped both of them with my hands and began to massage the
soles of her feet with both of my thumbs and forefingers.
Devon closed her eyes and sighed for a brief moment, then
reclined all the way back until she was lying upon the bed.

I looked at this woman and smiled, enjoying the content
and happy expression upon her face. It was there because of
what I was doing to her feet. I found great pleasure in
bringing Devon pleasure. I always wanted her to feel good.

Soon, I began to concentrate on her right foot. I
grasped either side of it with both hands, then rubbed the
full length of each thumb across its tender sole. Devon
moaned in response and shifted about slightly upon the bed.

"Feel any better?"

Devon opened her eyes and smiled faintly at me. "No, not
really. I think I need you to rub my feet some more."

"Is there something wrong?" I asked, concerned.

Devon shook her head. "Nah... just a little tired is all.
You and I had quite the day together."

I switched my focus from her right foot to her left, and
gave it the royal treatment by using both hands and offering
a double thumb massage. Still wiggling her toes about, Devon
cooed like a baby when I leaned over and planted a kiss upon
her left big toe. I followed that up by extending my tongue
and gliding it between her first, second and third toes. Now
looking at her, I could not stop smiling.

"What are you thinking about, Jeremy?"

"That you're my girl, and I love you."

Devon smiled as well. "I'll always be your girl. And so
will Krissy. Never doubt that, Jeremy. I belong to you and
Krissy. And you and Krissy belong to me."

"And I belong to Krissy," I finished.


"What a nice thought," I grinned.

Just then, there was a gentle knock upon the entrance to
the guest bedroom. Devon turned her attention toward the
adjacent door and once it opened, a happy, vibrant smile
flashed across her charming face. "Hi honey," she greeted,
waving her right hand at Trish.

Dressed in a pair of white socks and a large, oversized
Toronto Maple Leafs' replica hockey jersey, Trish appeared
uneasy as she looked at us. "Am I intruding? I'll leave if
I am. I know today is your day to be with Jeremy, Devon."

"Not at all," she stressed, motioning for Trish to come
over to the bed and join us. When she did, Devon reached out
and locked hands with Trish, and pulled her down to the
mattress. "Everything okay? I thought you were going to
spend the night with Krissy and Amy in the big bedroom."

Trish made a face and shook her head. "Kristanna and Amy
asked me if it would be all right if they invited Lindsay,
and thus spend the night with her. Apparently, this is going
to be the final night that both of them spends with her."

"Are you okay with that?" Devon asked, curious.

"Yeah," Trish sighed. "I told them it was okay."

"You didn't want to stay there with them?"

Trish laughed at Devon's words. "Are you serious? I
cannot stand to be around Lindsay for more than a couple of
minutes at a time. I know if I were to even lay a finger
on Lindsay, I would fall in love with her all over again.
I... I cannot let that happen."

"Come here," Devon said, encircling Trish with both arms
and offering her a warm, compassionate hug. "You poor baby.
You cannot even look at Lindsay without all those feelings
rushing back to you. That must be horrible."

Trish shivered as if she had a sudden chill. "I deal with
it every single day. I am just glad Lindsay is going home
next Monday. It will give me the opportunity to focus on you
and Jeremy, Devon, as well as Krissy and even Amy. I will be
able to get Lindsay out of my system once and for all."

After their embrace ended, I took Trish into my arms and
offered her a hug of my own. I brought her pretty face to
my shoulder and held it there, kissing the side of her head
in the process. "Krissy told you to come and spend the night
with us instead. I know her too well. Didn't she?"

"Yes," Trish confirmed. "Kristanna didn't want me to be
by myself tonight. But if you two rather be alone..."

"Nonsense!" Devon exclaimed, flailing her arm outward for
added emphasis. "You can stay with us here tonight." Even
as I still held Trish in my arms, Devon hugged her from
behind and frowned, "I'm sorry you cannot be with Lindsay
the way you want to be, baby. I know it's awful for you."

"I just want Kristanna and Amy to have one last night with
Lindsay," Trish conceded. "They deserve it. I am fine with
it, really. I just wish things were different for me. I...
I... I wish I could have one last night with Lindsay, too..."

"No you don't," I quickly corrected Trish, and she nodded
her head in agreement. "No you don't. That girl is bad news
for you, sweetheart. You need to stay away from her. Just a
few more days, and you'll be clear. You know full well that
Lindsay said a couple of weeks ago that she wants to keep
her distance from you. Just let it go. Let it go."

When Trish detracted her face from my shoulder, I noticed
that there were tears in her eyes. I quickly embraced her
yet again, this time even tighter and more protective than
before. "We talked about this a couple of days ago, honey.
Why are you letting Lindsay overtake your mind again?"

"It's just because Krissy and Amy are with her now,"
Devon answered for Trish. "It's probably upsetting to her."
The 30-year-old again nodded her head, her face buried upon
my shoulder, as Devon commented, "I don't think it was right
for Krissy and Amy to choose Lindsay over Trish tonight.
They should be with Trish now instead of Lindsay."

"I told them it was okay!" Trish reiterated. "They have
no idea that I am upset. It... it's fine. I'll get over it.
I'm not going to deny Lindsay or anyone else their fun. I
figure that this weekend, Lindsay will be wanting to spend a
lot of time with Jeremy. It will be her last weekend here.
I'm not going to deny either of them that."

"I won't be with Lindsay if it hurts you," I informed her.

"No!" Trish erupted. "I'll be fine. I WANT you to be
with Lindsay, Jeremy! I know how well you and her get along
together! I just..." Trish's words trailed off for a brief
moment, but then she shook her head and proclaimed in a hurt
tone, "I should have never come here tonight. I should have
just went to an empty bedroom and gone right to sleep."

"WHY?" Devon screeched, upset.

Trish pulled away from me and looked at Devon. "I should
not have intruded on you and Jeremy like this. I probably
ruined what has been an otherwise perfect night for you.
I... I'm sorry, Devon. I really am."

"You did not ruin anything!" Devon exclaimed. "My God,
Trish... we want you to stay here with us long-term. How
could you ever possibly intrude on us, especially when you
are upset and not feeling right? There is NO REASON for you
to be alone tonight. You are staying with us."

"But I don't want to be the cause..."

Trish's words were cut off in mid-sentence as Devon moved
in for an open-mouth, soul-touching type of kiss. For the
next 45 seconds, I sat idly by, completely awestruck, as
Devon tightly gripped the back of Trish's neck and literally
worked over every nook and cranny of the Canadian's lush,
velvety mouth with her probing tongue. I could even hear
little _clicking_ and _sucking_ noises that each lady made
with their respective mouths...

"You're staying with us tonight," Devon repeated once the
long and drawn-out kiss had finally reached its conclusion.

Her face flushed, Trish bit her lower lip and nodded her
head in response. She glanced downward for several seconds,
but then made eye contact with Devon and smiled faintly.

"Why don't you go and draw a bubble-bath for Trish?" was
Devon's suggestion for me, those eyes never once leaving her
girlfriend. "I bet Trish would LOVE a back rub and massage."
The 30-year-old again nodded her head as Devon concluded,
"All three of us can take a bubble-bath together."

"Would you like that?" I asked Trish, already knowing the
answer. That kiss Devon planted on Trish just seconds ago
definitely had a very profound effect on her.

In response to my question, of course, Trish simply nodded
her head one more time. She actually seemed to be in
somewhat of a daze right now. Devon could easily do that to
a person when she wanted to. But best of all, Trish was no
longer upset. Those feelings were suddenly ancient history.

"Draw a bubble-bath for us," Devon again told me. She
pecked Trish's cheek with a gentle kiss and cooed at her,
"Jeremy gets to wash your hair, but I get to clean and scrub
your little pussy. With my tongue, that is..."

<<<- End of Chapter 37 ->>>

==---- -- -- -- - --- -- -- - - --- -- -- --- - -- - - - - --- -- ----==
"Island Fever"

(c) 2014 JeremyDCP


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