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Her moan was enough.It was crux time.I called the boys away.This was the first bitch Earl showed reluctance to leave.They were sitting either side of me.Earl was bordering on disobedience with his want to mount this piece of prime pussy.I walked over to her.I caught her eye.Her face was flushed.Her pussy was so drenched from the boys tongues that it looked like somebody had thrown a bucket of water over it!

"Up Stacey on your hands and knees!The way animals do it.On all fours.And you better do it good!Stick your ass up in the air!Raise your pussy and ass!

Desperation in her eyes...but she did it.What a picture!This teen bombshell She got on all fours offering her pussy to her violaters!

Bruno knew to stay and wait his turn.They had learn't the hard way.When I had brought Chandre home they had been overkeen and clumsy.I had hit them viciously and they knew not to mess up.Earl's enormous cock was ready for action.Long and red,unsheathed his swollen knot looking larger than ever before.

"Come boy,mate her,break her hymen,come"

The reason for the cream had been to moisten her pussy.The boys licking inundating her pussy with moisture.They had done a good job!Even her pubic hair atop her mound was wet, her hair matted.

Earl was straight atop her.A old hand by now when it came to mounting young girls.And so he should be I had let him fuck Fazlin night after night.He had fucked the arrogance out of her till she was his cum dispencer and bitch!

Earl was thrusting for all his worth.His hind legs working furiously.I knelt down to have a birds eye view and catch this long awaited moment on videocam.The first thrusts were off target.His now massively erect prick fucked at Stacey's thighs then up and brushed the length of her cunt.Just as I was about to guide him.He found the honeypot!The tip slipped into Stacey-Lee!Earl does'nt know about virgins and being gentle.He just knows about fucking.Fucking fast and hard!I quickly moved up to catch Stacey's facial expressions.What a sight!Eyes wide,mouth open!Face contorting with disbelief!Did the stupid bitch think an animal could'nt fuck a human?She screeeeaaammmed when Earls huge surging doggycock smashed her hymen forever!I had never seen Earl hump his bitch with such abandon.He was really excited.I steadied Stacey helping to keep her up on all fours.

"Can u feel him inside you,Stacey?Huh?Answer me!"

Her little tits were bouncing in time with Earl's thrusts.."ummmm, me"

"Is he big?"

"yessss".She was chewing her bottom lip eyes glazed.

Earl was fucking the living daylights out of her!Not letting up with the tempo.

"How big stacey?"


How he managed to get it in I dont know.Maybe she was so drenched in saliva,pussy juice,blood and precum but to my surprise when I looked down between Stacey's legs.I saw that Earl's knot had dissapered into her cunny!Her virginal blood and other juices had mixed and run down the insides of her thighs!

Earl had slowed down and was taking a breather so I thought untill he spasmed violently and thrashed howling loudly.

Stacey uttered"OhohAaahOooAhhh..shit ah oh its hot ooooh"

"Is he cumming in you Stacey?"

"Yesss.Yip...oh a hose..ohhh"

Involuntary maybe but I think just then young Stacey came!She bent her head down said "Ooooooooh" and shoved her hips back against Earl.Then forward arching her back.She was so beautiful.

Earl took long to extracate himself from Staceys cunny.I waited patiently and caught it on film when his deflated knot slipped out of Stacey.It was worth the wait a Torrent of doggy sperm mingled with blood poured out of Stacey.Some thick stringy goblets oozing out after the initial torrent.

The sight drove me crazy.Fuck Bruno he was getting thirds!I mounted the bitch.Her fuck tunnel was a sticky mess but still fairly tight."Move with me Stacey,come on Baby!Oh yeaah!"She made a half-hearted effort.I reached under her and found her slightly inflamed clit.Manipulating it."Come Stacey move with me".This time she thrust her hips back and buried my cock deep inside her!Her giving just that little bit even if it was purely from duress heightened my arousal to boiling point and I humped her like it was my last.I stuck my thumb down between my pelvis and her buttocks and stuck it up her anus.I rode her my brow heavy with sweat.And then the sweetest sounds from my little Stacey-Lee ....first a faint "aah" then a "ohhhh...I..I"She thrust her butt feverishly against me and let out a mistakable cumming groan as her body shivered and shook.I ejaculated deep in her young womb my semen mixing with Earls inside her!I was sated.I sat back against the wall and let Bruno take his turn.He was so horny that he came prematurely.Long strings of his cum dripping from Stacey while he was connected to her.He had his fill then sat down licking cum and staceys juice from his cock.

Stacey was spread eagled on the matress.She looked used.Her face flushed.Sweaty breasts.Cum covered butt,legs,thighs and pussy.In the morning she would smell like sex,dried cum,sweat and unwashed.We would take her again then.

I left her in the room.Closing her in with the dogs.There was no getting past them.She better get used to that all fours position.They would be at her again during the night.

I think I will hold on to Stacey for awhile.


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Another chapter please, I want to read about him taking her ass hard while being knoted. My pussy is dripping at the thought!

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