The city drowns in a torrential downpour of blood.
Chapter 8

The sky was filled with thousands of Gargoyles, all bursting from the ground and gathering above the city like a cloud of toxic gas in the first battle of New York. Working together to counter the army of darkness, all the Angels in New York grouped together and attacked like a tidal wave of light, slamming into the Gargoyle swarm and slaughtering hundreds of beasts every minute with their combined power. Selene was not among them, as Baltoh wanted her close by at all times when the fighting began. Regardless of Baltoh’s worrying, she refused to stay out of the battle and fought with everything she had against the Gargoyles.
Like all Angels, she had no sword or spells with which to fight, so she instead fought hand-to-hand and a nameless radiance that allowed her to shock and burn unholy creatures on contact. Even without having ever been in a real fight or even a martial arts lesson, she was able to take on the Gargoyles with miraculous skill, having been reborn faster, stronger, and smarter as an Angel. With holy energy wrapped around her like a shroud, she would obliterate Gargoyles with individual punches and kicks that would burn right through their flesh. Whenever she was wounded, she would retreat to heal her injuries and then return to battle.
Baltoh flew like a dizzy housefly through the cloud of Gargoyles, swinging his sword wildly and hacking the beasts to pieces like blades of grass under a lawnmower. Moving faster than a high-caliber bullet, he zoomed through the crowd, carving dozens of Gargoyles in half every second with his sword glistening with their blood. Now with greater numbers of enemies all around him, his death count was reaching its usual numbers. Unlike before when he was basically trying to kill moths with darts, now it was like shooting fish in a barrel.
A booming laugh drew his attention and his instinctively looked over to Selene who was flying though the air as fast as possible with a Demon with two elephantine tusks protruding from his jaw chasing after her. Zooming over, Baltoh appeared in front of the Demon and grabbed him with his tail like a fly landing in a spider’s web. With a powerful jerk of his tail, Baltoh crushed the Demon in his grip, slicing it to pieces as if a dozen guillotines had besieged the body. Baltoh then whiplashed his tail, discarding the body and splattering off the blood.
Down in the street below and in the buildings, humans with blessed weapons were trying to fight the Gargoyles that were crawling out from underground. Everything that could be used against them had been blessed by Angels, meaning that anyone who could fight and had the guts to fight were facing the forces of Hell with blessed crowbars, nail-bats, butcher knives, and firearms. While the sky was filled with howls and wing beats of Gargoyles, the streets were filled with the clapping of guns and screams of the injured in dying. Holy bullets flew like hornets, slaying Gargoyles in the same way that they would bears. However, the battle was far from in the human’s favor. The Gargoyles were resilient, able to keep fighting after multiple gunshot wounds to the chest, not to mention that they too had a long-range attack in the form of their mini Dark Pulses. The streets ran red with blood as people were tackled and torn to shreds by the gleeful Gargoyles, feasting upon the living flesh with gusto.
In one office building, a man with a blessed shotgun had been forced out of hiding and was being chased by a group of Gargoyles, running on all fours like a pack of cheetahs sprinting after a fleeing gazelle. With sweat and tears running down his face, the man ran as fast as he could towards the window. As he ran, one of the cubicles he was passing by was ripped apart by a pouncing Gargoyle. The airborne creature managed to leave five deep gashes across his shoulder and back as he flew over the man. The desperate mortal quickly jumped to his feet as the recovering Gargoyle reached out to grab him. Taking aim with his shotgun, he blasted the monster in the face with a load of holy buckshot, ripping off the top of its skull and leaving its flesh badly burned.
He turned around, firing two rounds at a pair of the chasing Gargoyles, slowing down the pack while he ran backwards. Slamming against the window, the man jerked and looked around, realizing his back was to the wall and there was no way out. With the Gargoyles slowly approaching, weaving through the maze of cubicles, the man discharged his last empty shell casing and hurriedly began to reloading, trying to keep his hands as steady as possible while sweat dripped from his nose. He looked up as one of the Gargoyles turned a corner through the cubicle aisle, slowly approaching on all fours like a stalking lion. Raising his weapon with trembling hands, the man loaded the first shell and fired, blasting the beast in the shoulder and wounded it. A second Gargoyle leapt from the side, snarling with bloodlust. With a scream passing his lips, the man discharged the empty casing with a yank of the fore-end and fired, blowing a hole in the creature’s chest and sending it tumbling to the floor, struggling to stay alive.
As one, all the Gargoyles instantly attacked, thundering towards him and knocking everything aside. Working feverishly, he fired four rounds, cocking his shotgun almost before he had even pulled the trigger. One Gargoyle was sprinting towards him head-on with its long forked tongue swinging from side to side. Discharging the empty shell, he took aim and fired, only to hear a soft click instead of a loud bang. Before he could even swear, the Gargoyle tackled him, knocking them both through the window as it sank its teeth into his neck.
Down the street in an alley, a 19-year-old girl was screaming and crying as a Gargoyle raped her, thrusting its spiny cock into her frail body with brutal power. A puddle of blood was already forming beneath her, her pussy was an indistinguishable mess of shredded flesh, and her pelvis was already broken. As the Gargoyle grunted and snarled while tearing her apart like a chainsaw, the screaming girl was desperately reaching for a gun she had taken from a disemboweled police officer. Sitting in a puddle of filthy water, the pistol was almost mocking her, laughing as she was violated. With one final scream and stretch, she reached out grasped the end of the barrel, pulling it towards her and grabbing it. Turning around, she pointed the gun at her rapist and fired five rounds straight into its skull, shredding its brain and killing it.
As the Gargoyle fell dead to the side, its cock was removed with one final painful tear. With her lower body almost ripped apart and tears streaking her face, the whimpering girl looked around, praying that someone would help her. She looked and gave a silent cry as she saw a lone Gargoyle, clinging to the wall with a devilish smile and a throbbing erection.
Releasing its claws from the wall, the Gargoyle dropped down towards the Gargoyle towards the girl. There was only one bullet left, and the Gargoyle was too powerful to be taken down in a single shot. With tears streaming down her face, she whispered a soft apology to her family, put the gun in her mouth, and pulled the trigger.
In the distance in the central plaza of the city, the pavement opened up into a burning pit and eight Gargoyles streamed out, pulling a chariot of twisted black steel with flaming wheels and rotting carcasses nailed to the sides. Being dragged behind it were four long bladed chains, secured to the rusted collars of slaves from Hell, each with rags for clothing, rail-thin bodies, bound arms, and iron masks. Riding in the chariot was a Demon with black armor, a whip of pure fire, and a serrated broadsword. He began shouting out in Hellscript, making every human and Angel cringe as the unholy words ravaged their minds like bullet ants chewing on their eardrums.
“Conterst eorus ossit, lacertata eorus carnous, ot bibero eorus sanguoto! En mulierta voluntex clamazos unt nox xtrupros eoz! Un filiixeras voluntex clamacta unt nox dezorab eoz! En hominequs voluntex orsa enos mortest unt nox facerex eoz vigilos ex servaxor eoz! Fiaz eoz scirs cruziato, fiaze eoz scirs timosos, ex fiaz eoz scirs infernusam!” ‘Crush their bones, rip their flesh, and drink their blood! The women will scream as we rape them! The children will cry as we devour them! The men will beg for death as we make them watch and enslave them! Let them know pain, let them know fear, and let them know Hell!’ He shouted.
“Demon Art: Graveyard Of The Damned!” The Demon then called as he cracked his whip.
Upon the announcement of the spell, the street was ripped apart as hundreds of tombstones of all sizes and shapes burst out like groundhogs, destroying the roar and coming up with enough power to flip cars. With a dull roar, skeletal hands with greenish-black color reached out of the ground as the Sinners of Hell entered New York, each grave spitting them out like snakes from a pit. Swords of black steel in hand, the skeletons laughed and cheered at the chance to finally bring carnage to a real human city after so many years and Hell. Being truly evil souls, they had lost their flesh and blood in tandem with what little mercy they had when they were living, becoming the malicious undead and the foot soldiers of Hell.
Police cars and SWAT vans skidded to a halt at the end of the street as the skeletons marched down the road with a deep clacking rhythm. Wasting no time in ordering the undead criminals to halt, the officers formed a thick barrier with their cars and all opened fire with pistols, shotguns, and machineguns, raining holy lead down upon the skeletons. While they were weaker than Demons in terms of power and they were made of only bones, they proved to be quite resilient to the bullets. The skeletons were made of a far stronger material than just calcium-rich cells, and unlike the Gargoyles that required organs to live, the Sinners could only be stopped through dismembering or obliteration of the skull.
Shouting swears and praising the Devil, the skeletons broke rank and charged towards the line of police officers, swinging their swords above their heads while they ran. The closer they got, the more damage they received from the officer’s bullets, fracturing skulls, breaking off limbs, and snapping spines. But while they were falling like dominos in the fray, their momentum was only being slowed. Inevitably, they reached the barrier of cars and immediately went to work, stabbing, slashing, and butchering the police while screaming in sadistic enjoyment.
Landing on the roof of one of the SWAT vans, an elderly Archangel clapped his hands together.
“Angel Art: Heaven Lantern Summoning!” He called.
Behind him, a fifty-foot tall statue of a nude female Angel materialized, carved from marble and holding out a solid gold lantern. A bright flash sparked within the confines of the lantern, and in a vibrant display, the light of Heaven shone down from the sides and onto the army of the Sinners. The skeletons howled in agony and tried to shield themselves as the light set them ablaze like ants under a magnifying glass.
The Demon commanding them shielded his eyes as smoke billowed from his flesh, hissing from the burning pain. With a roar of frustration, the Demon cracked his fiery whip, causing it to grow in length and dart forward like a tentacle. The flaming tether wrapped around the statue, and with a furious snarl, the Demon yanked on the handle, tightening the whip’s hold and shattering the marble Angel, sending huge pieces of marble tumbling to the ground with the lantern now dark.
“Angel Art: Divine Smite!” The Demon heard.
He quickly looked up, spotting the Archangel flying straight down towards him with his sword in hand. With a bellow of confidence, the Archangel brought down his sword with the weight of a 747, pulverizing the Demon’s chariot, reducing the Demon and his Gargoyles to bloody paste, and causing every building in the four surrounding city blocks to simultaneously explode into clouds of dust and twisted metal.
Off in the distance, a deafening screech cut through the air, following several ominous crashes. Great pillars of smoke and dust were rising into the air as buildings collapsed, due to the forces of Hell coming up from right beneath them. These were a new threat, great skeletons that towered at over two hundred feet in height. These dark-green bone behemoths were known as Bleaks, and they were the result of hundreds of Sinners joining together into one entity, similar to how Demons are born.
However, their size and bodies were due to the fact that the hatred of the individual spirits that made them up was not purely concentrated. Unlike Demons, which were born from the pure hatred of prisoners joining together from the purest ashes, all the emotions and memories from the Sinners were included, resulting in an inflated creature that was not dense enough in its evil to gain a compacted Demon body. However, while they were not quite as durable as Demons and they lacked the ability to use spells, their full-sized Dark Pulses and colossal bodies allowed them to cause vast amounts of destruction.
With their red eyes gleaming, the three Bleaks opened their jaws and each released a devastatingly powerful Dark Pulse, launching the dense black lasers into the city. The blasts whiplashed across the sea of buildings, blooming into massive explosions that illuminated and shook the city and sent rubble flying in all directions.
Raphael zoomed towards the Bleaks as fast as his wings could carry him, charging his power in preparation to destroy the unholy abominations. Spotting his approach, one of the Bleaks roared in fury and swung its arm like he was a fly, missing the Archangel but ripping away the roof of a tall apartment building and sending bricks and twisted metal raining down into the street.
“Angel Art: Divine Smite!” Raphael shouted, reached the Bleak’s face and delivering a powerful kick.
Upon contact, the giant skeleton’s skull turned into a claymore mine, spraying shrapnel in one direction from the power of Raphael’s kick and essentially beheading the beast.
“Angel Art: Gates of Heaven!” Raphael cast with his back turned to a Bleak charging a Dark Pulse. The black beam surged out from between the skeleton’s jaws and was deflected by the golden gate behind Raphael, protecting him from harm.
“Angel Art: Divinity Ray!” He called once the blast was ended, turning around and firing an equally powerful beam of holy energy at the skeleton and obliterating its skull.
The third Bleak reached out towards him, trying to swat him out of the air with its palm. With little effort, Raphael brought his sword down onto its wrist and sliced off its hand. The Bleak roared in pain and shouted curses at Raphael while charging a Dark Pulse. Before the blast could be launched, Raphael shot up and then swooped down with his sword raised, bringing the blade down onto the undead beast’s forehead. He carved his way down through the Bleak’s skull and split its body in half, slicing it all the way through its chest and spine as if his sword was fifty feet long. Upon breaking through the pelvis, Raphael looked up as the split parts of the skeleton began to separate, detonating the half-charged Dark Pulse and shattering the entire body in the explosion.
Raphael looked back across the smoldering city at Baltoh, who was working together with the Archangels to fight the flood of Gargoyles coming up from Hell. The area they were rising from was just a massive gaping pit, with Gargoyles swarming up in the millions. All the Archangels were firing Divinity Rays into the black geyser of beasts while Baltoh was using both the Feather Arrow and Claw Bullet spells, essentially turning his body into almost three-dozen Gatling guns.
Do to the affects of his spells, blood and butchered body parts fell like waterfalls from the deluge of Gargoyles and smoke filled the sky from the burning bodies that were incinerated by the sweeping Divinity Rays of the Archangels. Every second that passed by, tens of thousands are Gargoyles met their grisly end, stifling the black geyser into a low-pressure fountain. But as powerful as the forces of Heaven were, the legions of Hell outnumbered them in horrifying magnitudes, not just with Gargoyles and Sinners, but also with Demons. Every few minutes, one of the Archangels would have to leave and go face a Demon that had snuck through and was blowing up the city.
On the roof of a nearby building, Selene was battling individual Gargoyles that had managed to get past Baltoh and the Archangels. She was surrounded on all sides but her confidence in her newly acquired fighting skills were high. Roaring on how it planned on raping her to death, one of the Gargoyles pounced with its claws barred.
Selene turned around, wrapped in holy energy, and delivered her strongest punch to the Gargoyle’s face, destroying its skull like a watermelon under the blow of a hammer. She quickly looked back as a Gargoyle behind he attacked and ended its life with a lethal kick, slicing its head off its shoulders with the white aura wrapped around her foot.
Two Gargoyles suddenly pounced on her from the left and right side, giving her no chance to deliver counterattacks. Instead, she jumped forward and rolled, letting the two Gargoyles collide in midair like cartoon characters. The crowd of Gargoyles around her reached down to end her life, but with her feathers glowing with blessed power, she spun around with her wings full expended and carved them all down like the blades of a helicopter.
Standing at the edge of the roof with a large crowd of Gargoyles slowly inching towards her, Selene didn’t have a single drop of fear in her heart and was barely out of breath. Even in the midst of battle, she had a wide grin on her face from the physical exertion and the feeling of the sweat on her face. This fighting was resonating with her; the true life or death challenge and the chance to be pushed to her limits, it was practically euphoric. She could barely contain her happiness at pressure she could feel and energy within her that was pushing back against this pressure.
“Die, little bitch!” One of the Gargoyles howled as it leapt towards her.
With a swing of her arm, Selene sliced the creature in half right down the middle and sent the two parts flying past her and down into the street. Now it was her turn to strike. Stretching her wings, she gave a mighty push against the air and threw herself forward, straight into the Gargoyle midst. The Hell beasts did not see this coming and were caught of guard, giving Selene the opportunity of a lifetime to begin hacking and slashing at them as if her hands had been replaced by two machetes.
As she spun around like a ballerina and carved down the black creatures with her glowing wings, one of them managed to land five large cuts across her shoulder. While the pain stopped her momentum, the shivers it sent through her only made her smile grow in savageness.
“Perfect, it’s no fun without a little something to compensate for.” She purred with blood trickling down her arm.
The Gargoyle that had slashed her licked her blood of its claws in relish and then lashed out with its tail, trying to skewer her. She caught its tail and yanked on it with all her strength, pulling the beast off its feet and swinging it around like a giant flail. As she knocked down the surrounding Gargoyles like bowling pins, her wounded arm ached from the strain, but the endorphin rush it had triggered and the effort being used to combat the pain made Selene’s heart race in enjoyment. It was not a sadistic pleasure, but an energetic one, like a hyperactive child desperate to get out of school and just run around freely.
The Gargoyle’s tail finally snapped from the strain, sending the creature hurtling off the building and taking away all of Selene’s balance. She continued to spin, desperately trying to slow herself down and get a hold of herself. So dizzy she could barely think, Selene fell back into the arms of Baltoh, who caught her as if they were dancing the Tango. Looking at each other, they both smiled and shared a long kiss while the battle around them raged,
“Baltoh, get back up here! We need a way to stop his flood of Gargoyles! They’re taking up all of our attention!” Rosemary shouted over the nearly-deafening chorus of screams. Baltoh chuckled and stood Selene back up, then turned back to the beastly deluge and clapped his hands together.
“Angel Art: Roaring Clouds Of Heaven!” He shouted.
Deep in the Gargoyle deluge, a great eruption of white clouds surged outwards like a gas explosion, spinning in a dense vortex with holy energy crackling through the folds of vapor like lightning. The storm consumed the unholy spawn while it grew and reduced them to ash, but not before killing them like a poison gas cloud. The cloud lowered itself, forming a seal over the massive chasm and killing any Gargoyles that tried to use it to enter New York.
“Good, now we can focus on other areas. Come on Baltoh, Baltoh?” Rosemary panted, looking around. Her gaze shifted upwards and she became pale as she spotted him, hovering up above the cloud barrier. His four wings were pointed downwards and his halo was spinning wildly between the tips.
“Are you crazy?! You’ll destroy all of Hell!” She shouted.
“Relax, I’m just using a fraction of its true power. Everyone hang on! This is really going to shake the city!” He hollered. Hearing his warning, all of the Archangels fled as fast as they could, just moments before he released the unfathomable blast.
The neon beam exploded from his halo, shooting straight down like a colossal waterfall and snuffing out the cloud barrier blocking the Gargoyles. Baltoh’s calculations had been correct in the intensity of the blast, as its diameter was just shy of the diameter of the pit, essentially filling it up like a pipe with acid. The beam shot down into the sea of Gargoyles that had risen up from Hell to try and get to New York, basically carving through their horde like a jet of hot water through ice. Several million Gargoyles were just killed by the blast alone.
The blast zoomed down between the inter-dimensional void, finally striking Hell and detonated. In a blast that shook New York to the point of near city-wide destruction, an explosion was set off in Hell, equal to more than ten thousand hydrogen bombs. An ocean of fire surged up in the space between New York and Hell, engulfing every entity that had been trying to reach the city and killing them like insects under the fury of a flamethrower, sending their death toll to the range near ten digits. From every opening carved into the city, a pillar of fire shot upwards like a geyser, incinerating just about anyone close by and blinding whoever looked directly at it.
The city became dead-silent as every entity tried to regain their mental bearings and figure out what they were supposed to do. Everyone was looking at Baltoh in shock and awe as an ash cloud rose up from the bit below him.
“Let’s take care of the survivors and then repair the damage.” He called out as his halo returned to the top of his head.

Baltoh stood in the hallway of one of New York’s hospitals, tending to a wounded man who was struggling to stay alive with a torn windpipe and jugular vein. His hands were glowing with green energy, repairing the damaged faster than modern medicine ever could. To the sound of the generator humming in the basement, doctors and nurses struggled to keep people alive with dim lighting and disappearing resources. Every hallway and room was stuffed with beds, the floor was wet with blood from poorly-bandaged wounds, and those who had only minor injuries would basically have to deal with it themselves or hope they could find an Angel to help them. This was just one hospital, and that was only counting the people who had actually been brought in. The city was blanketed with the dead and wounded, with those needing immediate care basically being brought in by the truckload.
As the dying and injured cried out in pain and need of help, the medical staff worked feverishly not to waste time or attention by asking the Angels questions while they helped tend to the wounded. For every doctor and nurse, there was one Angel using his or her power to heal someone, and the need to ask them about the afterlife or, the secrets of the universe, or even personal questions was overpowering. Here they were, the answers to the greatest questions on Earth, but just as they would open their mouths to speak, a cry of pain from their patient or a sudden spray of blood would drag their attention back to the matters at hand, forcing them to hold in their curiosity.
The Angels had a similar nervousness around Baltoh, though they were filled with more curiosity than fear. That had been told that Baltoh was one of the greatest threats to Heaven, a berserker that had defeated Archangels as if they were nothing. Even though he had never killed any of the forces of Heaven, his Demon half and his unstoppable strength in battle made him a terror, while his Archangel half and his drive to slay evil made him almost an idol.
Once the wound in the man’s neck closed, Baltoh sighed and looked out the nearby window. Well over a hundred Angels were arriving to assist in the healing process, meaning that he could finally take a break. Even after firing a rage blast to end the battle and not resting after having healed almost three hundred people, his energy levels were still fairly high, but his mind was weary. The sight of all the blood and the screams of pain were drawing memories from the human components of his mind, causing flashbacks of every human soul that made him undergoing the tortures of Hell.
Becoming intangible, he floated up to the roof of the hospital to clear his mind for a few minutes. Stepping onto the roof, he leaned against the side of the exit with his hand over his face as he rubbed his temples.
“Baltoh…” A woman’s voice said softly. He looked over and his eyes widened as they focused on Molly, who had a nervous look on her face.
“Molly, hey.” He said, unsure of what else to say.
“Can I talk to you about something, or is now a bad time?” She asked sheepishly.
“No, it’s fine.” Baltoh awkwardly replied as he placed his hand on her shoulder. She stepped over to him and leaned against the wall, hesitating before speaking.
“Normally I would talk to Selene, but I can’t find her anywhere and she is probably just as busy as you are. To be honest, I have no one else really to talk to. You’re the only other non-human that I know, and I just don’t think a living person would understand me.” She said nervously.
“You could actually consider this our first conversation.” Baltoh remarked, trying to lighten the mood.
“Oh god, this is so stupid. I don’t even know you and yet…” She cursed, turning away from him.
“Molly.” He said softly and kindly, but with such authority that she stopped in her tracks.
“I know what you’re going to say. You don’t even know me and yet we were intimate, I feel the same way, but that doesn’t mean I want to push you away. I love Selene with all my heart, but we share a bond now as well and I should at least be able to help you. I want us to get to know each other, so please, talk to me.” He said. Molly turned to him with a sad smile on her face.
“Thank you.” She said before retaking her place beside him and looking down at the floor, taking a deep breath.
“The problem is… I was too scared to fight. I ran away when the battle started. Everyone else fought against those monsters, but I was petrified.” She said shamefully. She then looked up.
“Even Selene jumped into the fray without hesitation, but when I thought back to what those Demons did to me, I just froze up. I don’t even know why I was made an Angel in the first place, I don’t even know how I even went to Heaven.” She cursed.
“Molly, there is nothing wrong with being scared, especially for someone in your position. If Selene had endured what you endured, then she would have froze as well. Not only is it ridiculous to just expect you to be a fighter, but to do so after what those bastards did to you… you have nothing to be ashamed of or apologize for. I’m the one who should be apologizing; I got you involved in this mess in the first place.” Baltoh said softly as he gently brushed back a lock of her golden hair.
As his finger grazed her cheek, Molly burst into tears and sat down on the floor, wrapped in her wings. Baltoh crouched down and put his arm around her, holding her tightly as she cried. He tried to think of something to say, something to make her feel better, but he had no experience in which to draw on. He didn’t know how to comfort people when all he himself had known was pain.
“Every time I close my eyes, I see all the Demons standing over me, laughing. Every time my mind wanders, I remember the pain I endured. They raped me, they tortured me, they killed me!” She sobbed. Very slowly, he reached out and cupped her cheek, ending her gasps.
In the corner of the roof, Rosemary landed while cloaked to be undetectable, as she was hoping to just get Baltoh and not get swept up in the calamity of the hospital. She was originally there to tell him that there was a meeting going on, but now, she didn’t want to interrupt. With a look of warm pride on her face, she stood back to let Baltoh help Molly.
“Shhhh, it’s ok. They’re dead now, I killed them all for you and for what they did to you. All that happened to your old human body, but you’ve been reborn into a new body. I’m not saying that you should just act like it never happened, but you have no scars in which to carry. Your body is completely untouched, nothing has been taken from you. The only traces of your pain lie in your own memories. All you have to do is look forward to the future and bury the past like your old body. What happened to you happened, we can’t change that, but you can come to terms with it and with what has happened since then. You aren’t their victim, you are an Angel, and you have the greatest chance in the world to change everything and start from scratch.” He said, holding out his other hand to her. Molly gained a small smile of peace on her face as they both got to their feet.
“Baltoh, it seems that Selene really was just what you needed…” Rosemary silently whispered, feeling her heart swell as she listened to him.
“Listen, take all the time you need, do whatever you need to do to be at peace. If you ever want to fight, you’re more than welcome, but if you feel like you can’t do it, then no one will judge you. You have all the time in the world to sort things out and you’ll always have the support of Selene and I. Like I said before, I love Selene, but after that wonderful night, you and I share a bond as well.” He said with a small smile. Molly was silent, but Baltoh knew that she wanted to say something. He held up his hand and lifted her chin, looking into her blue eyes and trying to get her to speak.
“What is it? Tell me.” He said softly.
“There is one thing that I need, one thing that you can do to make me feel better. Make love to me Baltoh, just like you do with Selene.” She whispered with a small smile. Baltoh was troubled by her response and Rosemary was shocked as well.
“Are you sure? Oh all things, you want that after what happened to you?” He asked, wanting to make sure.
“What they did to me was an act of cruelty, I want an act of kindness. Please, I just want to be taken care of.” She whispered before leaning forward and kissing him.
‘She can’t be serious! She knows he’s with Selene! How can he-‘ Rosemary thought before Baltoh and Molly began making out.
Rosemary’s jaw dropped as she watched their tongues dance and their hands run across each other’s bodies. Baltoh shoved Molly against the wall of the exit and pulled his lips away from hers, instead kissing her neck and making her purr in pleasure. Rosemary watched them with her whole body shaking and her breathing quick and shallow. This was the first time she had seen something so… passionate, so… arousing.
Picking Molly up and holding her against the wall, Baltoh continued to kiss her neck and collarbone, while she purred in happiness from the touch of his lips and wrapped her legs around his waist.
“Yes, just like that. Just like you would with her.” She murmured, pushing his hood back and running her fingers through his hair.
Looking up, Baltoh slipped his long tongue between Molly’s lips, licking the inside of her mouth while she lovingly sucked on it. While they kissed, Baltoh reached up with his tail and carefully cut the lacy straps of her dress and bra. Holding her up with one hand on her shapely rear, Baltoh used his other hand to pull down on her dress, letting her melon-sized jugs pop out like airbags. Molly’s breathing was heavy as the fresh air kissed her tits, followed by Baltoh. Running his lips across the plump soft balloons, he stimulated every nerve with artistic skill, bringing her to her maximum level of arousal.
As Rosemary watched Baltoh suck on Molly’s nipples and leave them wet and erect, she listened to Molly’s coos of pleasure and felt them resonating with her body. Watching the two of them made her breasts tingle with the desire to tasted and stimulated and listening to Molly and seeing the look of euphoria on her face was sending ripples of warmth through her body from between her legs. No matter how hard she tried to fight it, she was finding herself turned on. But she was also feeling envious, as her breasts were nothing compared to the squishy bowling balls that stood out on Molly’s chest.
“Baltoh, tell me you love me.” Molly whispered as he cut away her dress, exposing her wet panties.
“What?” He asked, almost shocked.
“You don’t have to mean it. Please, before you take my virginity, I just want to hear it.” She panted with her breath thick with hormones and her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. Baltoh hesitated but proceeded.
“Molly, I love you.” He said before kissing her for several seconds and then running his tongue down her neck and making her hum.
“Thank you.” She said softly as he cut away her panties, revealing her smooth wet slit, begging to be penetrated.
Undoing his sash and pants with one hand, Baltoh pulled out his cock, which was already fully erect and trembling with his pulse. Instead of entering Molly, he continued to kiss her and instead just grinded the shaft against her awaiting pussy, driving her wild with anticipation. Without him even inserting the head, he had Molly giving soft moans of bliss as his muscular cock rubbed against her soft delicate lips, it felt so hot and powerful that she was almost at the point of begging to feel it inside her.
From where she was standing Rosemary was unable to see Baltoh’s manhood, but in the back of her mind, she desperately wanted to, not only do to her feelings and desires for him, but also out of the mere curiosity of whether he had the endowment of a Demon or not.
“Are you sure you want this?” Baltoh growled in her ear as he kissed her neck.
“I’m sure, just please say it again.” She said softly, holding onto him for dear life while his cock rubbed against her pussy and got soaked in her juices as it widened her lips in preparation.
“I love you Molly.” He whispered in her ear, seeing no harm in indulging her.
“Thank you Baltoh, thank you. Now please, let me feel you.” She murmured with her face buried in the side of his neck.
Holding her up even higher, Baltoh positioned his cock against the spread lips of her pussy. The two of them were both shaking in preparation for the sexual bliss. Working his cock into the entrance, Baltoh immediately felt Molly’s interior open up and widen to accept him, while she gave a high-pitched moan of pleasure that jumped in volume each second. In the background, Rosemary was watching them with her eyes wide and her breathing heavy, as she was suddenly overwhelmed with jealousy for Molly, desperately wishing to experience what she was.
Feeling her hymen, Baltoh came to a stop and pressed himself against Molly, holding her against the wall with his body. He then grasped her hands with both of his and held them against the wall with their fingers intertwined above their heads. With Molly’s hands spread and their palms pressed together, Baltoh dug his claws into the wall, giving him a handhold for when he would take his usual rhythm. Sensing what was about to happen, Molly readjusted her legs around his waist, waiting for the final push.
Finally, in one great thrust, Baltoh forced his entire cock into her virgin slit, rupturing her hymen like a grape under a sledgehammer and making Molly moan so shrilly and loudly that it echoed across New York. Rosemary shivered as she listened to Molly moan like an opera singer, wishing that she could feel the same penetration. Baltoh slowly pulled his cock out of her, revealing the blood of her hymen coating his member.
With her hymen ruptured, Baltoh began working his cock back into her in long deep thrusts. Each time he re=entered her, he would increase the power and speed of his penetration, while holding onto the wall with his claws. Her breasts breasts bouncing with each powerful thrust, Molly gave a continuous moan of sexual ecstasy as Baltoh pummeled her insides with his muscular organ, growing in speed in speed every second. In less than a minute, he was fucking her like a machine with her body pinned against the wall and her fingers wrapped around his as he worked to keep his powerful pace. Her breasts were jiggling nonstop and she was moaning at the top of her lungs, unable to describe the feeling of her body being stuffed and stretched by Baltoh’s powerful manhood.
In the background, Rosemary was flushed with the overwhelming desire to touch herself, her skin crawling and itching as if she were covered in bug bites. Listening to Molly begging for Baltoh to fuck her harder, faster, and deeper was driving her wild with lust and envy, but no matter how great the desire became, she refused to indulge in the sinful desires. She had to stay resolute, she had to do whatever she could to keep from committing the act of self-gratification. But no matter how hard she tried, she could not look away from the sensual passionate scene.
“Baltoh, I think I’m going to cum.” Molly whined after ten minutes.
Deciding that there was no reason to prolong it, Baltoh lowered his own mental barriers of self-control and increased his speed and power, fucking her as hard and fast as physically possible, making Molly cry out in happiness as his cock plunged deep into her soft warm pussy, slamming into every sensitive spot and driving her wild.
Baltoh had his orgasm just a few seconds before Molly did, but with a jet of semen spraying her insides with what felt like the pressure of a fire hose, she honestly couldn’t tell that he had stopped thrusting. The feeling of his seed filling her to the point where it sprayed out of her pussy from the pressure of the overflow heightened her own orgasm, rocking her world as she screamed in jubilation and squeezed Baltoh’s hands as tightly as she could.
“OH BALTOH!” She hollered as her whole body shook from the earth-shaking orgasm.
Both of them breathing hard, Baltoh pulled out of Molly and slowly lowered her to the floor, but with how badly her legs were shaking, she was unable to stand. As if broken from a trance, Rosemary shook her head from side to side and felt her arousal dying down… mostly. Quickly becoming intangible, she passed through the roof of the hospital into the top floor and then made her way through the building to the staircase leading back up. She had to seem like she had just gotten there or they would suspect her.
Reaching the stairwell, she became physical once again and lowered her cloaking spells. Taking one last deep breath to calm her nerves, she walked up the staircase, opened the door, and came out onto the roof. She turned around to Baltoh and almost jumped at the sight before her. Molly was on her knees, her head bobbing back and forth as she sucked Baltoh off with incredible skill, draining every last drop of semen. Baltoh grunted as he had his second orgasm and Molly quickly leaned her head back with her mouth open, letting semen spray her face and fill her mouth, which she hungrily swallowed before blowing him again, sucking up every remained glob and licking him clean. Even while flaccid, Rosemary was unable to deny that Baltoh’s manhood was beyond impressive, but with a scowl, she let go of the door and allowed it to close, creating a loud bang that made Baltoh and Molly jump in surprise.
“There is a meeting about to happen in City Hall, follow me.” She said dryly before opening the door and walking back inside. As Baltoh refastened his pants, Molly stood up and kissed him lovingly on the cheek.
“Thank you Baltoh, I really needed that.” She said softly. Baltoh turned to her with a small smile and leaned forward, kissing the one spot on her face that wasn’t coated in semen.
“Of course, it was my pleasure.” He replied before chasing after Rosemary and stepping into the dark staircase where Rosemary was waiting. Not even bothering to wait for him to close the door, she turned around and began walking down the stairs, stomping loudly as her temper leaked out.
“If they’re all in City Hall, then why are we going downstairs?” Baltoh asked as they turned a corner..
“So that I could do this.” Rosemary said before turning around and smacking him across the face as hard as she could. The blow didn’t send Baltoh back a single step, but he clutched his cheek and growled.
“What the Hell was that for?”
“I always knew you could be mean, but never cruel. I thought you were in love with Selene!”
“I am!” Baltoh barked.
“Then what are you doing fucking that whore?! After everything that happened, how can you just cheat on her?!” Rosemary angrily demanded.
“I wasn’t cheating on Selene, Molly is part of our relationship. Remember when I asked for your advice and told you that Selene wanted something that would normally be the desire of the man? Well it was a threesome with her friend. It’s what we were doing the night Selene was captured and Molly was killed, and it won’t just be a one-time thing. Including Molly was all Selene’s idea, she is now part of the group. I did nothing wrong.” He cursed. While his words crushed Rosemary’s accusations, there was still so much anger in her eyes.
“You can be a real bastard Baltoh, you know that?” She muttered before turning away. Before she could storm off, Baltoh grabbed her hand and spun her back around.
“If you’re going to be angry with me, then at least have the guts to say the reason. Don’t be a passive-aggressive bitch about it.”
Rosemary looked away from him as a tear ran down her cheek.
“You were supposed to love me! I knew you first, I knew you the longest, and I knew you better than anyone! If you were supposed to fall in love with someone, it should have been me! Instead you just mounted the first human you saw and started fucking any piece of ass that walked by without care or emotion! If it was so easy for you to be intimate with someone, why couldn’t you be intimate with me?!” She sobbed angrily. Baltoh was silent.
“I’m sorry, but I changed. I’m not the same person you met in Hell sixty years ago.” He said softly.
“Don’t give me that shit, nothing in Hell ever changes!” She spat. Scowling, Baltoh grabbed her by the shoulders and slammed her against the wall, leaving her stunned.
“I said we met in Hell sixty years ago, that was sixty years for you, but for me, it was 21,900 years. Considering how long I’ve been alive and how much I’ve been through, you should consider yourself lucky that I even remembered your name. Things change Rosemary, things always change, including people.” He said with their faces just inches apart. She turned away from him.
“It’s not fair, if you changed so much, then why couldn’t you be with me?! Why couldn’t I be the one who affected you so much?!” She angrily cried out.
She suddenly jerked as Baltoh picked her up as if she was weightless and pinned her against the wall with their fingers intertwined and his claws digging into the concrete, letting him hold on while he had his body pressed against hers. Rosemary shivered as she felt his erection between her legs, the two of them separated only by the fabric of their pants. Even while covered, it felt so warm and powerful to her, she desperately wished she could see it and touch it.
‘So this is what it feels like…’ The thought to herself as she was forced to hold onto him by clinging to his waist with her legs.
“Is this what you wanted?” Baltoh whispered, the two of them in the same position that he had been in with Molly just a few minutes ago.
“Yes.” Rosemary said softly with her eyes closed. Baltoh leaned forward and kissed her, causing her eyes to bolt open as their lips joined and separated and their tongues danced. Rosemary began to hum and purr as Baltoh proceeded to begin thrusting his body forward, rubbing his clothed cock between her legs, with her panties becoming moister and moister.
“Is this what you wanted?” Baltoh whispered again.
Instead of kissing her and continuing, Baltoh lowered her to the floor.
“Then in time, perhaps you shall have it. Things are changing Rosemary, they’re changing faster than ever before. I have a feeling that my truce with Heaven won’t last too long after this all ends and the lines of division will be redrawn. When that happens, you are going to have to pick a side, just make sure that it is the correct one.” He said before standing up and walking away, leaving her sitting in the stairwell, struggling to think properly while her hormonal rush refused to die down.

“That attack definitely bought us some time. Even in Hell, it will take a while for enough troops to be found to march on us again.” Raphael said. Again, the leaders of the defensive force were all standing in the mayor’s office, planning their next move. Selene was there but Rosemary was late to arrive.
“But at what cost. Baltoh, do you have any idea how much damage you may have just inflicted to Hell? If that realm became too damaged, it might just collapse in on itself and then we would really be in trouble. Forget a hole between dimensions, that dimension would destroy itself and drag the other two with it.” Michael warned.
“I know, that’s why I kept the power usage low. That blast caused a lot less destruction than you think, as most of the energy was expelled through the upwards burst of the explosion.” Baltoh defended.
“How are the people of the city?” Selene asked. Gabriel shook his head with his eyes bloodshot from stress.
“We lost well over a seven thousand people and more than a million were wounded. Even with Angels flooding the city, there were just too many enemy forces to keep the humans safe. And that’s not even counting the number of Angels we lost.” He sighed, brushing back his Mohawk.
“I expected nothing less. I can’t imagine any of the residents of this city surviving this war. Most likely, whether we win or lose, everyone will probably dead and the gutters will be overflowing with blood.” Baltoh ominously muttered.
“Have you guys figured out how to reverse all this yet?” The mayor asked impatiently.
“We have our best minds in Heaven running simulation after simulation and studying this anomaly from every angle. However, it is not nearly as simple as we thought it was. It seems that bastard Abaddon and his friends wasn’t just lounging and eating people between their appearances. We’ve found signs of symbols scribbled across the city in human blood, and I don’t just mean at the sites where those Inferno Abysses were summoned. This city is literally blanketed with symbols. As you can imagine, it is Hellscript, and it obviously serves some purpose.” Raphael sighed.
“So? What the Hell does all this mean?!” The chief of police yelled, already on edge from the battle, the deaths, and the finger he had lost in the fighting.
“It means that the ritual they used was much more complex than just six summons and human negativity. They basically wrote all of the information in the Library of Congress out of binary code, that’s how complex it was. We’re trying to figure out the exact sequence of symbols required, but it’s longer than your DNA and finding even most of them and what order they went in is impossible. We’re basically trying to figure out the blueprints of a castle after finding just half a brick wall. The fact that I need THIS many metaphors should tell you what kind of quagmire we’re dealing with. If we were to try and create a reversing formula from scratch, it would take thousands, if not tens of thousands of years…” Michael cursed.
“Which the demons have had thanks to the day-to-year time ratio of Hell.” Baltoh interrupted.
“So the situation is really that grim?” Selene asked worriedly.
“Even more so. Unless the geniuses in Heaven just draw out the correct sequence at random like a bunch of monkeys on typewriters printing out the works of Shakespeare, then we have no way to reverse the affects of this ritual.” Gabriel swore with his tone as cold as space.
“Can’t you guys just call on God to help us?” The mayor asked. The room was silent.
“Jehovah stopped caring about the goings on of the world a long time ago.” Baltoh muttered.
“What if we snuck into Hell? I know you said that we cannot face them head on, but if we were to get in their discreetly and tried to destroy whatever it is that’s allowing this ritual to continue?” Selene suggested.
“No, Tenebrous would just sense us immediately and kill us.” Baltoh sighed, sitting down in a nearby chair.
“Tenebrous?” The mayor asked.
“The true Devil. I’m sure you think that the Devil is actually Satan, who was originally the fallen Archangel Lucifer. That is incorrect. Satan and Lucifer are princes of Hell. You know how they say that Satan is the prince of darkness? Well Tenebrous is the king, the first demonic entity born through neither human coalition or the falling of an Archangel.” The hybrid explained with his hands on his face.
“And not even you can stop him?” Selene whispered. Baltoh took a deep breath.
“No, his powers are worlds apart from mine. I can’t even defeat the Hell Princes. I’m a powerful fighter and I can cause planetary devastation. However, Tenebrous is a true god and his powers lie on a universal scale. I’m just a mosquito to him. He’s personally come after me several hundred times, and each time, I escape by the skin of my teeth. Every time I’ve come to Earth, it was to escape Tenebrous or the Hell Princes that were on my tail” He admitted grudgingly.
“So we’re right back where we started; facing the end of the world and with no way to stop or reverse it.” Said Rosemary. Everyone was silent and time slowly passed by. One minute, two minutes, three. Baltoh had his chin resting on his tented fingers, deep in thought.
“Deus Ex Machina.” Baltoh finally said under his breath. Everyone turned to him, the Archangels with an especially anxious look on their faces.
“What?” Selene asked.
“There might be a way to reverse the process. Deus Ex Machina, ‘god out of the machine’.” He mumbled.
“Blasphemy! Speaking such words is sacrilege!” Gabriel hissed. Baltoh repeated the phrase in Hellscript, speaking in an abnormally deep voice and making everyone in the room cringe from the vileness of the dialect.
“What is Deus Ex Machina?” Selene asked with a very serious tone.
“It is a theory dreamt up in Hell by pagan philosophers, one that insults everything we stand for!” Gabriel boomed.
“It is only insulting to a small mind like yours, one that has not lived for as long as I have lived and seen as much as I have seen. As I said, it means ‘god out of the machine’, and it originally referred to Horace’s Ars Poetica, in which he warned poets to never solve the plots of their stories through the abrupt interference of a god. Machina refers to the cranes used in plays to lower the actors playing these gods dramatically onto the stage. However, it has a different yet similar meaning.
The part of the idea of Deus Ex Machina refers to the theory that it was not Jehovah in Heaven that created this universe and Hell, but Heaven and Hell splitting off from this universe upon its birth, in which you humans call the “Big Bang”. Basically, if Heaven and Hell are opposite weights on a scale, then this universe is the scale itself. In this idea, this universe is known as Cinereo, which is Latin for ‘gray’, or essentially the combination of darkness and light.
The second part of the idea of Deus Ex Machina refers to the theory that Jehovah and Tenebrous were not always divine, but at one point were lesser beings, no greater than you or I. The belief is that there are three Thrones, each serving as the beating heart and matrix of a realm. Whether these are real thrones or symbolic ones, nobody is sure. But they say that whoever is able to take a Throne becomes a god of that universe. Tenebrous occupies the Throne of Hell, Jehovah occupies the Throne of Heaven, and the Throne of Cinereo is vacant and always has been. In this case, ‘god out of the machine’ refers to the Thrones creating the gods.” He explained.
“So you’re saying that if we can take control of the Throne of Cinereo, then we can reverse all this?” Selene asked desperately.
“Whoever takes a Throne becomes a god, those are the rules. And if you ask me, I think having a god on our side is our best bet.” He answered, standing up.
“Listen Baltoh, I said we would work together from now on, but that doesn’t mean we’re friends so you don’t get to pull these practical jokes!” Gabriel barked.
“The only reason why you are so against it is because it disagrees with the lies you’ve been told. With the theory of Deus Ex Machina, life originated in this universe instead of being created by God, meaning that evolution is true and you and your fellow Archangels were created after the arrival of humans, being created by God, who was inspired by the design of humans on Earth.” Baltoh said as he turned to him.
“Heresy!” Gabriel shouted.
Rosemary on the other hand had her scowl focused instead on Gabriel.
“Hold on, when I learned about Deus Ex Machina, there wasn’t nearly as much detail or information. The explanation I received was nothing like this.” She growled, pointing her arm out at Baltoh.
“It doesn’t matter what version you heard, every version is wrong. Don’t you hear this? Don’t you hear the insult to everything we believe and follow? The insult to the truth of the world?!” Gabriel countered.
“What is the truth Gabriel?! What is the truth that we believe and follow? Think about it, Jehovah hasn’t once explained the truth to any of us, none of us. He hasn’t even spoken to us for over a thousand years. We’re his Archangels, his messengers, and yet I can’t remember the last time I saw him or heard him. We know nothing about Jehovah, only what we have told each other. And here he is, the oldest and strongest of us, the only Demon-Archangel hybrid to ever exist, the greatest anomaly in the universe, and he knows the origin of the universe with more clarity than we do!” She exclaimed. Gabriel stood close to her, their faces inches apart.
“He is NOT one of us.” He hissed.
“You’re right, I’m not one of you.” Baltoh said dryly, drawing back the Archangels’ attention.
“I’m better. Now you listen to me, you’re going to tell half Angels and Archangels in Heaven to stop their impossible mission to find a reversing spell and instead tell them to start looking for the Throne of Cinereo.” He established.
“Are you ordering me?” Gabriel snarled, stepping over to Baltoh.
“No, I’m threatening. Because if you don’t do as I say, the next time I fire one of my blasts down into Hell, it will be at full power. I don’t care if it inadvertently destroys Hell and we go down with it, it’s one of our only considerable options. Find the Throne or blow up Hell, it’s your call.” Baltoh said with a deep rumbling voice.
“Damn it, will you just do it already! I don’t care what it takes, just save my city!” The mayor shouted.
“Fine, but if this all fails, it’s on you.” Gabriel cursed before storming out.
“Arrogant prick.” Baltoh muttered.
“Baltoh, you said it yourself that you don’t know if the Thrones are actual thrones or if it’s a symbolic name. How can we find something without knowing what it is and what it looks like?” Michael asked.
“Not to mention that looking for it means searching the entire universe.” Raphael added.
“I know that, that’s why we need to look at it from a philosophical point of view.” Baltoh countered. Michael sighed.
“I’ll get our brightest minds on it. At least we have something to go on.” He said before disappearing in a flash of light as she returned to Heaven.
“I digress, there is nothing we can do now but wait.” Baltoh finished before turning around and leaving with Selene trailing after him.


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