The doorway to Hell finally opens.
Chapter 11

As expected, the realization that the city was halfway to Hell did not raise morale, on the contrary, the fact that they were completely separated from Earth made everyone feel more hopeless and close to the end. Even while locked in a volcanic shaft, the citizens of New York could at least tell themselves that they still had planet Earth around them, but now, that comfort was gone. True, they could still receive help and reinforcements from Heaven, but from this point forward, they were completely on their own and away from home, like a space shuttle that could no longer see or contact Earth.

Baltoh was lying in bed, Molly pressed against his left side and Selene against his right. All three were naked, with Baltoh’s lips bound to Selene’s as their tongues danced around each other. While they made out, Molly kissed his chest and stroked his erection. After half a minute, Selene and Molly switched roles, with Baltoh kissing Molly and Selene stroking his dick. However, a soft tap on the door soon interrupted the swirling of their lips.
“What the fuck? Who could that be?” Molly swore, angry at her lips being pulled from Baltoh’s. Selene just had a coy smile.
The hybrid merely smiled and stood up, walking to the door with his long whip-like tail swishing from side to side. While Baltoh answered the door, Selene and Molly began to French kiss, with their naked bodies intertwined like the yin yang symbol. At the sound of the creaking door, both women turned and smiled.
Displaying her newly acquired love of bondage and submission, Rosemary, the proud and powerful Archangel, came crawling in on all fours without any clothes on. Her panties had been tied around her face as a gag and Baltoh was beside her with his tail wrapped her neck like she was a dog on a leash. In her mind, Rosemary was happier than almost any other time in her life, and her pussy was already wet from anticipation. She wanted this so badly that she couldn’t stop licking her smiling lips through her gag in arousal. Just the feeling of being at Baltoh’s will and the readiness to be used like a sex toy by the two gorgeous women on the bed was almost orgasmic in and of itself.
“Rosemary, you are to do anything and everything they tell you to do. You are their sex slave and they are your Mistresses, so obey their every command.” He said, making Rosemary tremble in arousal at the mental bliss of being ordered and subjected. He then looked up at Selene and Molly, who were both smiling and shivering in excitement at being able to play with her like a new toy.
“You girls have fun, I’m going to watch for a little while.” He said, releasing his tail from her throat and taking a seat in a chair by the bed.
“Up on the bed.” Selene said experimentally.
Staying on all fours, she climbed up onto the bed and crouched like she was a subject of a dog show and one of the judges inspected her. Selene and Molly coyly sat up on either side of Rosemary and began exploring her naked body with their hands, teasingly rubbing her soft naked skin with their palms and fingers. Rosemary purred and shivered at the ticklish massage, gnashing on her panties between her teeth. Selene and Molly suddenly leaned back and smiled, watching Rosemary’s hands ball into fists from sexual frustration and anticipation. She was an inch away from begging them to keep touching her.
Leaning forward, Selene ran her tongue across Rosemary’s soft lips while Molly began rubbing her hand against her pussy with her thumb pressed down on her anus. The Archangel purred at the sensual touching, even leaning back to try and get Molly to enter her. Finally, her prayers were answered as Molly began working her thumb in her asshole like a small dildo and spitting on the ring, using her saliva as lubricant in Rosemary’s tight anus. As Molly teased her, Selene removed Rosemary’s panties from her mouth, first sucking on them thirstily before putting them aside. She then laid back against the headboard with her legs spread, putting her soft wet pussy on display to the cunt-hungry masochist.
“Do you want to lick my pussy?” She whispered, touching the pink interior lips and then holding out her index and finger in front of Rosemary’s face, glistening with her oils. Before responding, Rosemary shivered in ecstasy as Molly doubled her efforts with her thumb, as well as fingering her snatch and peppering her lower back and smooth rear end with soft lustful kisses.
“Yes Mistress.” She purred before leaning forward and delicately flitting her tongue between Selene’s fingers, as if practicing to explore the lips between her legs. The second the tasteless fluid touched her tongue, a tremor of bliss ran through her body from the sexual realization and symbolism of the taboo act.
“What do you want?” Selene teasingly asked.
“I want to lick your pussy. Please let me Mistress.” She said softly with her rosary bead wristbands ticking as she bent her wrists to ease the building soreness.
Selene just smiled and splayed her hands, inviting Rosemary experience the art of cunnilingus. With Molly now working her thumb in Rosemary’s pussy while she licked her anus, the Archangel leaned down and kissed the lips of Selene’s pussy like a religious artifact. Selene gave a soft release of breath in pleasure, enjoying a strange and new sense of control over her superior.
“That’s right, lick it good.” She said, almost with a primal growl as she laid her hand on the top of Rosemary’s head and gently pushed down.
Five feet away, Baltoh was watching with a smile and an erection hard and strong enough to hit a baseball. The scene before him was driving him wild with sexual hunger and excitement; the rolling of Selene’s tongue across her lips as she shifted her head from side to side in bliss, the whimpers of pleasure being given off my Rosemary as she feasted on another woman’s slit for the first time in her life, and the image of Molly’s head buried between Rosemary’s cute ass cheeks as she worked her tongue back and forth in her anus.
Rolling over, Molly laid down on her back and moved her head between Rosemary’s legs. Raising her head, she flicked her tongue around velvet opening of Rosemary’s cunt, sending shivers of happiness through her pale naked body. While touching herself, Molly began enthusiastically licking Rosemary’s pussy and working her fingers in her anus. Often, she would pull out her fingers and lick them succulently before reinserting them.
“Come up here and give me a kiss.” Selene purred as she tweaked her nipples.
“Yes Mistress.” She replied with a hungry smile. Before making her way up to Selene’s lips, Rosemary began kissing her body first. Deciding to exercise the dominant role that Baltoh had bestowed on her, Selene pulled on her hair and raised her head.
“Did I say you could touch me?” She said almost with a growl. In the background, Molly’s failed attempts at trying not to giggle were obvious and well audible.
“No Mistress.” She panted, feeling a euphoric tightness in her chest at being scolded.
“Am I going to have to punish you?” She asked, really starting to enjoy herself.
“Yes Mistress, please punish me.” Rosemary cooed, desperate to be used.
Molly and Selene switched places with Rosemary staying on her hands and knees. With Molly laying against the headboard with an evil smile on her face, Selene sat behind Molly, running her hand across the woman’s soft rear end. In his chair, Baltoh squirmed and chewed on one of his claws in anticipation. Swinging her hand, Selene smacked Rosemary’s ass.
“Oh yes! Punish me Mistress!” She yelped as a faint red welt appeared on her adolescent rear end.
Molly’s thighs shook as she resisted the urge to clamp her legs together against the warm ticklish shiver that warmed her pussy at the sound of Rosemary’s happy cry. The contorted look of pleasure and pain in her sweet face was driving her wild with naughty desires. Selene ran her tongue across her palm and fingers as if licking off a delicious taste, then with her hand wet, she smacked Rosemary’s other ass cheek, leaving a similar welt and drawing another masochistic cry of joy from the Archangel.
For a few minutes, Baltoh and Molly watched intently as Selene punished Molly, spanking her over and over again while the subservient sex-slave moaned in pleasure. By the time she was done, Rosemary’s ass was red with bruises and she was panting heavily as liquid arousal trickled down her legs, drop by drop.
“Have you learned your lesson?” Selene asked, swinging her hand to ease the aching sting in the nerve endings. Rosemary just whimpered and nodded. With a sweet smile, Selene ran her hand across Rosemary’s ass, up her back, and then lifted Rosemary’s chin so that she was looking up at the ebony goddess with an innocent look on her face.
“Aw, sweet baby. Here, let mama make everything better.” Selene said tenderly before leaning down and placing a kiss on the swollen left cheek. The soft sweet touch was like ice cream after a spicy dinner to Rosemary, and she licked her lips from the sensual taste it put in her mouth.
“There’s a good girl. Now, show me what you learned and start kissing Molly.” She instructed.
“Yes Mistress, thank you.” She murmured gratefully.
Molly smiled and licked her lips with her legs spread and a hungry ‘come hither’ look in her eyes. Making sure not to touch her, Rosemary crawled over to Molly, holding herself over her while the golden-haired Angel ran her fingertips lightly across her smooth belly and firm breasts. Lowering her face, Rosemary gently brushed her lips against Molly’s, relishing the experimental touch and feeling of another woman.
“Try using your tongue.” Molly whispered as she blew on Rosemary’s lips.
Rosemary nodded and kissed her again, this time swishing her tongue between Molly’s soft lips. Molly answered this experimental probing by slipping her own tongue into the Archangel’s wet mouth, licking every corner and inviting Rosemary deeper into the kiss. In a matter of seconds, they were French kissing like a pair of porn stars on Ecstasy. Their tongues were wrapped around each other and every drop of saliva in their mouths was swapped over and over again. Behind them, Selene was fingering herself and massaging her breasts as she watched them.
After a minute of gazing upon their make-out session, Selene laid down beside Molly and joined in, with all three women holding their faces against each other as their lips and tongues flirted in a wet sensual hug. While they kissed, Molly and Selene began fingering each other while Rosemary worked her fingers between her own legs. Watching them, Baltoh was chewing on his lower lip as he felt pre-cum beginning to ooze from the tip of his pulsating cock.
“Do you want to lick my pussy?” Molly whispered with a smile.
“Yes Mistress.” Rosemary said softly as she stopped kissing Selene.
“Then let me see that ass.” Molly purred.
Rosemary nodded and turned around on top of Molly, getting into the 69-position. As Rosemary began going down on Molly, Molly smiled and playfully smacked her ass, listening to the sweet clapping sound and watching as the ripples traveled through her body. Molly then looked at Selene and inclined her head, inviting her to sample Rosemary’s snatch. Selene smiled and kissed her friend, then positioned over her so that she could begin licking Rosemary’s pussy and asshole, succulently working her tongue in the delectable orifices. While Rosemary ate out Molly and Selene ate out Rosemary, Molly contended herself with just laying her head back and relishing the bliss, while she massaged Selene’s asshole with her middle finger, often taking it out and sucking on it hungrily.
Baltoh cracked a wide grin as Rosemary’s hums and soft moans of pleasure began to take a higher and louder tone. Selene and Molly were about to get a very… wet… surprise. Chewing on his nail, Baltoh’s smile grew wider and wider as Rosemary’s moans signaled the climax like the beeping timer of a bomb about to go off. Finally, Rosemary gave a muffled scream of ecstasy into Molly’s cunt, as from her own, a huge splash of clear orgasmic fluid sprayed across the faces and chests of Selene and Molly. They both jerked back, eyes wide with a look on their faces like a pair of cats playing with a water balloon and causing it to burst.
“Sorry.” Rosemary whispered.
With a smile, Selene leaned down and began licking the fluid off of Molly’s breasts, hungrily sucking on Molly’s nipples and making her lover purr.
“Delicious.” She then hummed, letting Molly suck on her nipples and lick her clean.
Desperate for more, Selene began working her fingers quickly in Rosemary’s loosened pussy, trying to reignite the orgasm before it faded. The woman screamed as she had her second, completely soaking Selene and Molly in another spray of her orgasmic juices.
“It’s just like milking a cow.” Selene hummed as she rubbed the juices into her skin like sunscreen.
“Then lets see how much we can get. Rosemary, roll over.” Molly said.
Rosemary did as she was told and Molly sat up, lifting her and holding her upside down. Selene moved over to Rosemary and settled herself on her face, the Archangel loving the feeling of Selene’s full firm ass cheeks smothering her. Her hungry scream increased in volume as Molly and Selene both began orally pleasuring her pussy and asshole, working their fingers deep into her orifices while working their tongues around the entrances.
With their persistence and skill, the two Angels brought Rosemary to a third orgasm in record time. Selene leaned back as the orgasmic geyser sprayed forth from between Rosemary’s lips, letting the spray soak the two of them. Rosemary held her mouth open with her tongue out, drinking in the fluid that sprayed her face, chest and stomach. Selene leaned back and groaned in kinky happiness as the spray soaked her body like a shower, oiling her body in the woman’s orgasmic juices. Selene then leaned down and began sucking on Rosemary’s adolescent breasts, slurping up the membrane of fluid and soaking her nipples with saliva.
As the jet ceased, Molly rubbed Rosemary’s pussy with her hand, almost cupping the juices before rubbing them on her own body and giving her silky flesh as glorious shine. With their naked bodies slippery and oiled, the three women began rubbing against each other like seals while kissing, fingering, and groping each other in wild lust. Molly and Rosemary were lying on either side of Selene, each with one of her nipples in their sucking lips while they each worked their fingers in her welcoming snatch. Watching them, Baltoh could not stop pre-cum from trickling down the shaft of his cock like colorless cooking oil. He could no longer take it, he needed to feel them.
With his cock standing erect like a child’s forearm, he got to his feet and walked over to the bed. All three women were smiling at him coyly, glistening like three bronze statues with their naked bodies wet with the new girl’s juices like body oil. Rosemary and Molly each used their fingers to spread Selene’s pussy lips and invite him, with all three women lying at the edge of the bed. Standing above them, Baltoh leaned down and locked lips with Selene, kissing her and letting her know that she was the only woman there to him while he entered her. Her pussy was so open and willing for the penetration, his manhood slid in as if he were putting on a condom.
Selene’s loud gasp escaped through their joined lips and he began swinging down into her, fucking her with long deep strokes. While Selene was fucked, Molly and Rosemary continued lustfully sucking on her nipples and slathering her melon breasts with their tongues, while they reached across her flat belly and began fingering each other. As he picked up speed, Selene was unable to maintain their kiss and laid her head back as the panted and moaned. For the next several minutes, he fucked her with deep powerful shoves and ran his lips up and down her neck, lovingly kissing her soft kin.
Before too long, Molly decided that she desperately wanted a turn and she moved up on top of Selene, burying her friend’s face with her bountiful breasts and shaking her ass at Baltoh. He smiled and pulled out of Selene, moving up onto the bed and entering Molly in a single confident drive. Mounting her like a dog, he began fucking her with machine-like strength, sending ripples through her hourglass body and shapely ass. Listening to the clapping sounds of her ass cheeks against Baltoh’s thighs and grunting as his cock stuffed her with such power that she could not breathe, Molly shook as she held herself up, giggling and panting as Selene motor boated her tits like nymphomaniac.
She then looked up and smiled as Rosemary set herself behind Selene with her legs spread and her eyes filled with desire, yearning to again feel a woman’s tongue between the lips of her pussy. Molly hungrily obliged, burying her face between Rosemary’s slim thighs and drinking in her juices as if dying from dehydration. While he fucked her, Baltoh smacked Molly’s ass and fucked Selene with his tail, just like how he had done when he first violated Rosemary in that church.
When he finally decided to pull out of Molly, Rosemary was quick to crawl over to him and begin sucking him off, eager to exploit any opportunity to both taste the blond beauty’s juices and have his cock in her mouth, desperate to appease him like a hyper dog seeking attention from her owner. Once she had licked him clean, Baltoh laid back and ordered her to start riding him, while pulling her over with his tail around her throat.
Rosemary gave a soft whine of happiness at the mental feeling of his authority weighing down on her. The power in his voice and the tightness of his tail around her soft throat was so oppressive, she even felt fear towards him, and that fear drove her wild with arousal. Moving onto his lap, Rosemary laid her hands on his chest and gave the smallest of moans as she lowered her petite body onto his cock.
Her young frame shaking, she began bouncing on his meaty missile while he kept his tail around her throat like a leash. She was leaned back, lifting only her lower body as she fucked him. Helping her ride his cock, he wrapped his tail around her chest and soldiers like a harness, using his muscles in the tentacle-like appendage to raise her and drop her onto it, impaling her with his cock. While she rode him, Selene and Molly kneeled beside her, each sucking on her modest yet perky breasts.
With his powerful rhythm, he quickly drew another spray from ‘Old Faithful’, soaking himself in the wetness of her pleasure. Blinking to clear his eyes of the fluid, Baltoh smiled as Selene and Molly crouched down beside him and greedily licked it off his chest. Picking her up with his tail, Baltoh moved Rosemary onto his face, sucking on her soft wet insides while Selene mounted him. With her back to him on all fours, Selene kissed Molly as she helped her by guiding Baltoh’s cock into her ass.
Lifting her body, Selene rocked up and down on Baltoh’s cock as if she were riding a mechanical bull, glad she had spent all that time doing Pilates. With her breasts bouncing like round punching bags, Selene’s deep grunts from the pulverization of her asshole by Baltoh’s cock were mixed with blissful moans as Molly began licking the chocolate-shade lips of her pussy. The third form of pleasure came from Rosemary. With Selene leaning back, Rosemary was lovingly kissing her neck and shoulders, worshipping her flawless body while Baltoh drank her juices.
Selene soon reached her first orgasm and dismounted Baltoh so that she could lick the oil from her ass off his cock. As Selene gluttonously sucked his dick, Baltoh released Rosemary from his tail, wordlessly telling her to pleasure Selene. Rosemary quickly moved off his now wet face, eager to appease her Master and satisfy her Mistress. No longer pinned down by Selene and Rosemary, Baltoh got up and faced Molly, who was already on all fours with her brown eye pointed straight at him and a coy, hungry expression on her face. Spreading her ass cheeks with one hand and hefting with manhood with the other, Baltoh slowly penetrated her asshole.
“Oh yes, put it in nice and deep.” She said coyly as he buried his entire cock in her shapely ass.
With her anus loosening every second to accommodate his bulging dick, Baltoh began moving at increasing speed, fucking her without pause. Molly’s whole body shook with each deep thrust and she was giving an unintentional gurgling grunt as he slammed the farthest corners of her sphincter. Hammering Molly like a fuck-machine, Baltoh looked over to his side and smiled. While Molly was getting her ass fucked, Selene was teaching Rosemary the art of scissoring. The two women were grinding their pussies together and moaning at the kinky touch of their soft lips making out like a pair of lovers.
With all the movement the four orgy members were causing, the bed was once again rocking to the point of collapse. Throughout the frame, screws and nails were becoming exposed and the wooden pieces were separating. As the group continued moving harder and faster, the whole frame became as loose and rocking as an old pick-up truck going off-road.
When Baltoh finally pulled out of Molly, all three women turned to him like cats hearing the opening of a can of food, and like cats hearing the opening of a can of food, they all wanted to fill their mouths. Molly was the fastest, quickly turning around and claiming his cock with her lips and tongue. But in all fairness, she deserved it.
Once Molly was finished sucking him off, Baltoh laid down beside Rosemary, spooning with her. He wrapped his tail around her ankle and lifted her leg, granting him access to her anus. While the position made it difficult, he was able to enter her and begin taking a slow yet steady rate of penetration and retraction. It only took Baltoh a minute to get used to the position before he took his usual machinegun rhythm, hammering her ass with almost brutal speed. Rosemary’s moans where barely audible as Molly crouched over her with their lips locked and tongues dancing. At the end of the chain, Selene was working her fingers in Molly’s asshole, increasing the number as the minutes ticked by.
“Oh yes, put your whole hand in my ass.” Molly groaned as Selene managed to work four fingers in up to the knuckles.
Selene smiled and first retracted her glistening fingers, licking them clean of Molly’s wetness while her asshole sat gaping and inviting. She then reinserted her fingers, adding her thumb. Molly’s breathing became heavy and she groaned as she tried to accept her lover’s hand. Not slowing down, Selene worked her entire hand into Molly’s anus and smiled as the indescribably wet softness for her interior. She slowly retracted her hand and again licked it clean. Contracting her cheeks, she spat out a large glob of saliva into her fingers and then smeared around the entrance the interior, making Molly hum in kinky euphoria. Selene reinserted her hand, this time closing it into a fist and pushing it deeper into Molly’s ass, making her cry out from the size and the joy.
Even while fucking Rosemary’s ass, Baltoh couldn’t help but watch in astonishment as Selene fisted her friend, working her hand in halfway up to the forearm as she slowly punched the deepest corners of Molly’s asshole, with Molly on her hands and knees and yelping in a mix of pleasure and pain.
“Master, I’m about to cum again!” Rosemary whined, regaining Baltoh’s attention and giving him an absolutely filthy idea.
“Do it in Molly’s ass, do it.” He instructed, pulling out of her.
Molly smiled and lowered her head down so that her asshole was pointing straight up, gaping like a well. With her whole body shaking from the oncoming orgasm and the anal pounding, Rosemary stood up on the bed and moved over to Molly. Standing over her, she began awkwardly scissoring Molly in her bent-over position, grinding her quickly-moistening pussy against Molly’s gaping asshole. Selene was lying with her head between Molly’s thighs with her mouth open, waiting to catch any drops that came her way. Her ebony body shook with each powerful thrust Baltoh made into her pussy, fucking her with all his strength and loving the feeling of her warm soft interior. Rosemary was biting her lip and giving a shrill whine as she fingered her slit furiously, trying to satisfy everyone and bring forth another spray.
The group’s patience was rewarded once Rosemary had her orgasm, pairing it with a childish scream of happiness as a splash of climactic juices sprayed from between the petal lips of her snatch like the popping of a water balloon. Selene laughed as countless drops landed on her face and in her mouth and Molly was speechless from the indescribably kinky euphoria of the act as her ass overflowed from her pussy juice-enema.
“Oh my god, I think that is the sexiest thing that has ever happened to me.” Molly whispered, trying to keep from spilling any.
“Just wait.” Baltoh said as he stood up and then plunged his cock into her gaping ass in a single shove, forcing the fluids deep into her body and sending it splashing out from the pressure.
“Oh yes, fuck my ass!” Molly groaned as Baltoh began driving into her, using the liquid from Rosemary as lubricant to move through her easily.
As Baltoh began diving down into her like a buoy on the rough seas, Rosemary stood beside him, running her hand across his chest and fingering herself while they French kissed. Down below, Selene was hungrily licking Molly’s snatch and drinking the juices that were trickling from her asshole. To the wonderful music of her orgasms, Baltoh fucked Molly for ten straight minutes without slowing down or stopping to catch his breath. Once he pulled out of her, Rosemary was quick to lick her asshole clean and Selene took his cock in her mouth, sucking on it with gusto. As Rosemary licked Molly, she continued to finger herself, igniting another orgasm and spraying Selene at pointblank, to which she licked her lips with a smile on her face and rubbed it into her skin.
Grasping Baltoh’s hand, Selene pulled him down onto the bed where she hopped onto his lap, grinding her pussy against the shaft of his cock while she chewed on her lip in anticipation and gripped his shoulders. She then rose up, letting Baltoh enter the soft wet lips and get in nice and deep. With Baltoh’s cock right where it belonged, Selene began gyrating her hips, swinging her lower body so that her lover’s cock swept the inside of her pussy like a rolling pin. Oiled and shining like a polished mahogany table, Selene’s round ass clapped and jiggled against Baltoh’s thighs with each movement of her slender body. Beside them, Molly and Rosemary were interlocked and were sharing a very wet and enthusiastic kiss.
Holding Selene in his arms, Baltoh sat up with her body perpendicular to his, her legs wrapped around his torso and her hands looking for something to cling to. Holding her only with his arms, he began moving her whole body like a doorknocker, slamming her firm ass against his lap and fucking her nice and deep, drawing forth moans of pleasure with her angelic voice as he brought her so close to having another climax that just the excitement and anticipation was driving her more wild than an actual one.
After a quarter of an hour, he sensed that it was once again time to switch places. Gently lowering her down, he laid out the panting Selene on the bed and turned to Molly and Rosemary, who had already separated and were almost fighting each other over who’s turn it was to get fucked. Baltoh picked Molly first, holding himself above her in a push-up fashion with her legs around his waist and her pussy elevated.
Entering her with perfect aim, he began moving his body in a wave, sending a pendulous ripple through his legs and spine to pull out and then diving back into her on the return. While Baltoh fucked Rosemary, Molly moved over to her lesbian lover and began kissing Selene’s body, idolizing her beautiful form. Selene just smiled and laid back, relishing the feeling of Molly’s lips against her bare skin. This continued on for another quarter of an hour before Baltoh again decided that it was time to change places.
He rolled off of Rosemary and Molly quickly pounced on him, mounting his cock in the reverse-cowgirl position. Molly’s body shook as Baltoh’s cock stuffed her pussy to its maximum capacity and prepared herself as he lifted her up with his hands on her hips so that he would have room to maneuver. Driving up like a piston, Baltoh instantly began plowing Molly as his top speed, making her shriek in surprise and happiness as he moved faster than any human could. With her body stationary, Selene and Rosemary crawled up and each began sucking on one of her nipples, pulling on them with their lips and bathing them with their tongues. After five minutes, he lifted her up and pulled out of her, then reinserted his cock into her anus. Molly’s moans took a much lower and deeper hum as he began fucking her asshole with almost brutal speed, driving straight up into her shapely body without pause or hesitation.
After he gave Molly her umpteenth orgasm, Baltoh pulled out and rolled on his side, where he was instantly besieged by the cock-whore Rosemary, desperate for another anal pounding. Like before, Baltoh lifted her leg with his tail while spooning and began fucking her with a steady but powerful pace. Molly had her neck bent between Rosemary’s spread legs and was licking the corner of her pussy with Baltoh’s moving shaft rubbing against the tip. Selene was kneeling over Baltoh, running her hands across his body while he sucked on her breasts.
Once he regained his familiarity with the position, he was able to fuck Rosemary at full speed, but in order to keep this beat going, he had to turn his attention away from Selene. While Baltoh focused on fucking Rosemary, Selene laid down behind him, holding her body against his with her forehead pressed against the back of his neck. She had momentarily lost the desire for fucking, and now wanted nothing more than to feel Baltoh against her in a loving embrace.
As Rosemary soaked the bed with her orgasm, Baltoh pulled out of her, feeling her rectal muscles trying to expel his cock. Upon its removal, Rosemary got up and turned around, taking his cock in her mouth. While Rosemary diligently cleaned him off with her tongue and lips, Baltoh became aware of Selene holding onto him for dear life. Through their touch, he could sense her emotions, her loving desperation. The sexual momentum he had built up had slowed, the fire extinguished. As if Rosemary wasn’t even there, he pulled is cock from her soft mouth and turned to Selene, holding himself over her.
Gently, lovingly, he kissed her on the lips, making them both smile.
“Hey, don’t think I forgot about you.” He whispered, brushing the back of his hand against her smooth cheek.
“I knew you didn’t.” She replied, returning the kiss.
“And I never will.” He said as he entered her pussy.
Selene began panting and moaning softly as Baltoh took a strong but slow pace. She was clawing at his back, unable to leave a mark on his steely skin as he touched all the right places at the perfect speed and in flawless succession in a way that only a true lover could. Watching them, Molly had a warm smile on her face from her envy of their relationship. She knew that the world they were in was all there own, and she should let them replenish their romantic privacy for a little bit. She then looked at Rosemary and giggled at the look of rejection of hunger for attention on her face. Wrapping her arms around Rosemary, he pulled her aside to leave half of the bed to the two lovers.
“Come here sweetheart, let me show you why 69 is my favorite number.” She whispered in her ear.

Three hours and dozens of orgasms later, Baltoh, Selene, Rosemary, and Molly were scattered across the bed with the sheets tangled. The bed itself was now on the floor since the frame had been completely shattered. All four were soaked in the orgasmic juices of the three women, most of which came from Rosemary. Semen was EVERYWHERE. The walls had been painted, the ceiling splattered, and the women drenched. Baltoh was too exhausted to move and the pussies and asses of the three women were too bruised and beaten for them to even feel anything from the waist down.
“I think we’re going to need a new hotel room.” Baltoh said, half awake.
“And a long shower.” Selene added as she raised her semen-caked face off his chest.
“And some crutches.” Molly said, carefully touching her gaping anus and wincing from the swelling, bruises, and friction burns.
“And a confession.” Rosemary finished as she tried to free her hands from the handcuffs made from her panties.

“So, any luck in finding information on the Throne of Cinereo?” Michael asked, standing on an office building rooftop with Gabriel.
“No, and I hope we don’t find anything. The fewer lies and delusions we find on that blasphemous insult, the better.” Gabriel spat.
“Damn it, will you just get over this feud you have with him already!” Michael barked.
“I’ll never trust him. As long as Demon blood runs through his veins, he is the greatest threat to us and could easily be our downfall.”
“And what if he somehow finds the Throne of Cinereo before we do, what then?” Michal inquired. Gabriel sighed.
“Then things will get REALLY complicated, even more so than they already are.” He responded.
“You mean with how people are looking at him now?” Michael asked. Gabriel gave another sigh.
“He’s no god, prophet, or messiah, yet I hear mutterings about him being worshipped wherever I go. He’s quickly becoming the subject of a cult following and there is no way to stop it. We are long past the use of memory wipes, the curtain has been lifted on the world. Now, it is not Jehovah the people are seeing behind that curtain, but an unpredictable vigilante without loyalties.” He muttered.

The next night…
“Master, what are you doing?” Rosemary asked.
She and Baltoh were hovering beneath the city of New York, looking down into the fiery chasm that looked down into Hell. While on the surface, the space above and around the city was darkness with dim swirling lights like a faint aurora, underneath the city, the flames of Hell rising up through the Null Void between dimensions was like hovering next to the sun and getting blasted by a ceaseless solar flare. Above them, deluges of fire and heat were pounding the rocky island that the city was sitting on without pause like the choppy sea on a beach cliff. It was a miracle that the city hadn’t just been incinerated.
“I’m keeping watch for Goliaths and Masters of Torture. I know we would normally have Angels acting as lookouts, but we can’t afford letting one of those things get to the surface, not for a single second. If one of them comes, I’ll scare them off with one of my blasts.” He said without taking his eyes off of the burning storm below them. Before Rosemary could respond, a chorus of roars as loud as the Krakatoa eruption reached them, making both Baltoh and Rosemary have to cover his ears.
“Speak of the Devil, here they come!” Baltoh shouted, preparing to fire one of his blasts. As his halo began spinning between the tips of his four wings, his enemies came into view in the inferno.
They were five Goliaths, all swarming towards New York with blood lust. The first was a colossal millipede with the diameter of the Empire State building and a body well over two miles long. It had one great black eye and a mouth filled with scimitar-like fangs. The second resembled a moth but with large powerful legs, jagged wings spraying poison gas, a mat of quills instead of fur, and horns in place of its antennae. The third looked like a triceratops but with much longer and more flexible limbs, long claws and carnivorous fangs, and a pair of wings. The fourth looked like an eagle with its face hidden by a bone helmet and every wing as sharp and hard as a steel razor. The fifth had the appearance of a Gargoyle, but with wings burning with black flames and was just as large and powerful as any Goliath.
With a roar of determination, Baltoh fired a warning shot down at the oncoming behemoths, using only as much power as a hydrogen bomb, a mere fraction of its full power. The Goliaths all dodged the blast with ease and came to a stop, realizing Baltoh was there.
“I’m only going to say this once: turn back. If you come near this city, I swear I will unleash every drop of energy I have in a single blast!” He warned.
“You can’t kill all of us!” The centipede Goliath hissed.
“No, but it will be more than enough to blow up your home! Come one inch closer and I will annihilate all of Hell in a single shot! Do not fuck with me, I will destroy it all and leave nothing but ashes! Your allies, your masters, and your followers will all be exterminated! I will kill them all!” He roared with a demonic growl in his throat.
The Goliaths all shied away at his threat, giving one last spiteful roar before turning back and returning to the Lake of Fire.

Selene was lying in the bed of their repaired hotel room, moaning as she scissored Molly. Originally she had been waiting for Baltoh to return from guard duty, but when her friend and lesbian lover showed up with nothing to do and bored out of her mind, it didn’t take much to trigger a quick fling. With their soft wet pussies grinding and kissing each other, both women cried out in happiness as they had their final orgasm and fell backwards, their bodies trembling and their breasts heaving.
Panting heavily, Molly disengaged from Selene and laid down beside her, the two of them spooning while Molly kissed Selene’s neck, making her purr and hum from the soft touch.
“My, you sure are affectionate today.” Selene mused. Molly stopped kissing her and became silent.
“Selene, you know that I love you right? I truly do love you.” She whispered. With a small smile, Selene rolled over and gently brushed her lips against Molly’s.
“I’ve always known, and I love you too. What’s wrong?” She asked, stroking Molly’s hair. Her friend and lesbian lover hesitated before speaking.
“I know that you will always be the one that he cares about the most, his favorite, but I don’t care. I think I’ve fallen in love with Baltoh.” She said softly, unsure of what Selene’s reaction would be. Selene just gained a wide warm smile and cupped Molly’s cheek.
“That’s wonderful, when did this start?” She asked.
“Right after that first battle, I asked Baltoh to make love to me, I even asked him to say he loved me. I told him he didn’t have to mean it but…” She began.
“Let me guess, it felt better than you thought it would, you’ve developed strong feelings for him ever since, and you want to hear him say it again.” Selene said with a small chuckle.
“Well we’ve been talking a lot since everything went crazy so I’ve gotten to know him better, not to mention he is the absolute greatest lover I’ve ever had. Listen, I know that you’ll always be the one that he cares about the most, but I just wish I could have what you have and be loved by him. I don’t want this to be a competition between us, I just want us all to be happy together.” Molly said softly. Selene leaned forward and kissed her.
“Tell you what, if Baltoh has similar feelings for you, then you and I will be equals in this relationship. Besides, even if he doesn’t, we’re sure as Hell not going to stop inviting you to join us. We may even get Rosemary to join our little family, I’m sure starting to like her.” Selene established.
“I love you.” Molly said with a sigh filled with relief.
“I love you too.” Selene replied softly.
The two women then leaned forward and kissed, letting their lips join over and over again in a wet synergistic bond while they ran their hands across each other’s naked bodies and their erect nipples brushed against each other over and over again. A sudden whoosh of air drew their attention and they looked over to the balcony as Baltoh landed and folded up his wings.
“Hey, how are my girls?” He asked with a smile as he stepped inside.
“Molly has something she needs to say.” Selene said, putting her friend in the spotlight. Nervous but encouraged by Selene and Baltoh’s words, Molly got to her feet, standing before Baltoh while completely naked. Baltoh already had a throbbing erection as he looked at her beautiful luscious body and Selene lying on the bed behind her.
“Baltoh…” Molly began, drawing his attention back to her. He looked deep into her eyes, noting the nervousness on her face. It was just like that time on the roof of the hospital.
“Baltoh… I love you. I love you just as Selene loves you, and I’m hoping, praying, and wishing that you can love me just as you and I love her. I don’t care if you love her more than me, I don’t care if she is your favorite, I just want you to love me too.” She announced. Baltoh held his breath and looked at Selene, who had only a warm smile on her face. Baltoh took a deep breath and looked back at Molly with uncertainty on his face.
“I’m sorry, but I don’t love you, and I can’t love you the way I love Selene.” He said softly. Selene’s smile faded and Molly looked like she was about to burst into tears.
“But…” Baltoh began as he lifted her chin and looked into her eyes with a small but warm smile.
“I think the day is fast approaching when I will love you, not the same way I love Selene, but in a completely unique way and in the bond that only you and I could share.” He said, lighting Molly up like a Christmas tree.
With Selene watching them with the same smile she would have while watching the happy ending of a love story, Baltoh and Molly wrapped their arms around each other and held a long passionate kiss.
“Welcome to the relationship.” Baltoh whispered as their lips finally separated it.
“Now, how about we consummate it. Come on, I’m horny!” Selene laughed. With a similar girlish giggle, Molly climbed back up onto the bed, laying her naked body next to Selene’s. Giving a warm grin, Baltoh undressed and followed suit.

For the next two weeks, battles raged endlessly between the legions of Heaven and Hell in the streets of New York. As Michael had predicted, no more Masters of Torture attacked the city, obeying Tenebrous’ cautious will. However, they were not protected from rogue Goliaths attacking on their own. A total of six great behemoths attacked the city over the course of the siege, each time needing to be obliterated by one of Baltoh’s rage blasts. The defenders were lucky that Tenebrous had the loyalty and obedience of the bulk of the Goliaths, because if they all decided to attack at once, there would be no stopping them.
With every clash, the human and Angel population would take a heavy toll. More and more people were being recruited to fight the demonic threat as bodies were burned and slain friends and loved ones were mourned. In the concrete jungle of New York, it was impossible for bodies to be buried, and were instead cremated with holy flames until not even ash remained. The city streets were sticky with dried blood and reeked from the smell of buttered carcasses, and just keeping some sense of sanitation was requiring as much effort as healing and repairing. If the decreasing numbers had a silver lining it was that there were at least less mouths to feed.
After the battle against the Master of Torture and his Goliath mount, the people viewed Baltoh in a new light and his message of prayer was taken literally among a large population of the human and Angel inhabitants. In the established shelters scattered throughout the city, countless small clusters of people could be found grouped together, all praying not to God or the Angels, but to Baltoh himself, as their new savior. Many revered him as the returning messiah and the savior of the world in the chaotic times.
To Baltoh, this meant nothing. He did not care if people worshipped him or not, for all that mattered to him was keeping them safe from the armies of darkness and fighting evil. In between battles, when he wasn’t healing the injured and repairing buildings, he was spending time and making love with Selene or Molly, together as often as separately. Rosemary was often included in their threesomes, though much of the time, the two of them were intimate without Selene and Molly, allowing Baltoh to cultivate his growing feelings and desires for her.
In a life that originally consisted solely of fighting and killing, Baltoh’s massive change in so short of time could easily be considered a miracle.

The oppressive aura of a Goliath-level Demon woke Baltoh up from his restless slumber. Her glassy-smooth body pressed against his, Selene’s eyes bolted open as the malevolent presence weighed down on her like a two-hundred-pound straightjacket. Jumping from their bed, the two lovers quickly got dressed and leapt off the hotel room balcony, taking flight. Soaring across the city, Baltoh’s heart seemingly became still in his chest as he sensed multiple entities approaching Hell, all Masters of Torture and Goliaths. Was it possible that Tenebrous had given the order for them all to attack? Was he or one of the Princes of Hell leading them? Was everybody about to die?
New York suddenly began to shake as great fissure cracks opened up in the dry riverbed nearby with tongues of crimson fire leaping out. Falling into the abyss, large sections of the riverbed began to crumble, opening up a hole between the city and Hell. With a soul-crushing presence, over a dozen black dragons rose up from the fire, each as large as the two-headed wolf that had attacked New York before. Their scales looked like they were carved from obsidian glass and were just as sharp, their claws were an eerie and sickening shade of white similar to the face of a corpse, their red eyes glowed like bonfires, liquid shadow flames dripped from their colossal fangs instead of saliva, and their expansive wings were devoid of membranes, yet allowed them to hover. Riding on the backs of each dragon Goliath like a flee on a dog stood a Master of Torture, each identical in appearance and power.
‘We can’t win, this is impossible. Even if I were to use one of my blasts, there is no way I would be able to kill more than a couple before the rest learned how to dodge.’ Baltoh thought to himself with the feeling of cold mercury running through his veins.
“Baltoh, what do we do?” Selene asked with her voice thick with fear. Baltoh turned to her, working with every fiber of his being to suppress his own terror. He had to be strong, he had to brave, and he had to keep fighting for her, no matter what.
“We’re going to win.” He said with all the confidence he could muster.
Baltoh and Selene met with all the Archangels at the bank of the river, already having summoned four Hope Beacons and prepared for battle. Among them were Molly and all of the Angels, knowing that their strength would be needed. However, instead of beginning their siege on the city, the Masters of Torture just hovered in place on their mounts, as if just waiting for something. A minute passed before Baltoh had the courage to speak up.
“Are you here to fight or not?!” He demanded with his halo between his wings, already gyrating to the point where it had turned into a sphere of light.
“No, we are just here for the show.” One of them hollered as he cleaned his talons without a care in the world.
“What show?” Selene asked.
“I’m guessing you don’t know the date. I shouldn’t be surprised, being down here in the darkness. Do you know what happened exactly one month ago?” One of the Masters of Torture responded. Everyone paled, realizing that the end time had come.
“The fireworks should start in three… two… one.” Another one said, looking around.
Upon his countdown, the fence of Hellfire around New York flared upwards like a gas explosion, illuminating the city and shooting upwards as it began to shake wildly. Back on Earth, the dome of black smoke around where New York had been, the last barrier keeping the forces of Hell back, began to open up while the Hell flames surged up the shaft carved into the planet like a chimney fire. A hole opened up in the very top of the dome, and like a vacuum, the air and Hellfire was dragged out with an ear-splitting hiss, almost like a giant steam jet. A curtain of burning clouds began to expand outwards from above the state of New York, encompassing the globe with black lightning crackling and writhing like enraged snakes.
Watching the sky, everyone on Earth simultaneously fell to their knees, tears streaming down their faces as they realized that the end had come. No one disappeared and teleported to Heaven, for this was not the Day of Judgment prophesized in the Book of Revelations. This was merely the end of the world, brought on by the forces of darkness. In every country across the globe, people began praying desperately to every deity they could think of to save their souls as the wall between Earth and Hell opened up.
As the dome up on Earth opened up like a blossoming flower, the city of New York began to crumble away into oblivion as it entered the universe of Hell, being burned away like a meteor passing through Earth’s atmosphere. Out in the outskirts, buildings and city blocks were falling away into Hell with tidal waves of bloody fire surging upwards in their place. The city itself was being consumed by the inferno as the gateway was permanently carved out.
Gabriel and all the other Archangels fell to their knees, cursing themselves and fate.
“We failed, the forces of Hell have bested us and brought about the end of the world. We were supposed to protect the universe and all life on every planet, but we couldn’t even protect one city. This is the end for us all, there is no stopping it or reversing it.” Gabriel said with bitter tears streaming down his face.
His whole body numb, Baltoh looked over to Selene, who was crying with her face in her hands. Molly was holding her tightly, and she too had tears running down her face. The sound of Selene’s tearful sobs pierced his heart like a rusty blade, hurting him more than any physical injury could. He stepped over to her and Molly moved aside, letting him kiss Selene on the forehead, causing her so slowly look at him with two glistening streaks on her cheeks.
“Always remember that everything I did was out of love for you. I love you Selene, you gave me a heart, and even though I was already half-Archangel, it was you that turned me to the light.” He said softly.
“What are you going to do?” She asked. Baltoh turned around and walked away, spreading his wings and widening his stance. Everyone looked up at him.
“I’m going to end this, once and for all. Selene, if the chance of this working was even half of the chance of it killing me, then this world is almost guaranteed safety.” He said.
“What the Hell are you going to do?” Gabriel asked.
“I’m going to become what I was always meant to.” He said, placing his hands on the iron shackles and rosary chains around his wrists.
“Are you mad?! There is no way you can survive doing that!” Raphael shouted.
“It is what I must do.” He said calmly, hooking his fingers underneath the beaded cords and metal bonds. As he gently pulled on them, the air became heavy with energy and drew the attention of the Masters of Torture. Realizing what he was about to do, they drew their swords and leapt from their mounts, terrified of what would happen.
“Stop him! He must not break those bonds!” One of them shouted.
“I’m putting a stop to this, once and for all!” Baltoh shouted.
“Baltoh no!” Selene tearfully cried as he ripped them off like paper bracelets.
The second they broke, everyone was tossed through the air like ragdolls as a geyser of black and gold light surged up around Baltoh from his broken bonds. A wave of power surged out from his body like a supernova, washing over all of New York and halting its annihilation. Clinging to the ground for dear life, Selene and the Archangels looked up at Baltoh, who could barely be seen in the howling tornado of power. Over the sound of wave after wave of energy surging out from him, everyone could hear Baltoh roaring at the top of his lungs as power swept through every fiber of his being.
In the air, all the Masters of Torture were being held in the clutches of their Goliath mounts, having been caught when the surge in energy sent them flying back. They were all watching the growing tornado of power, filled with terror as the light and dark energy of the maelstrom fused together into a neon-silver torrent, expanding like a twisting gas explosion.
“That energy, it’s not possible! He fused Archangel and Demon powers together into a whole new force!” Gabriel shouted.
“What do you mean?” Rosemary cried out, clinging to a street post so as not to be blown away.
“The breaking of the shackles and rosary chains, they are releasing so much power in his body that they are being forced to bond together, like gas being compacted to the point of becoming a liquid! It’s not possible, his body should have been ripped apart instantly from the sheer pressure and mass of the energy building up inside of him! But look, by breaking both his shackles and his rosary beads, they are canceling out each other’s negative affects and leaving him unharmed, his powers aren’t just being added together; they are being multiplied by each other! He figured out how to do it! He figured out how to transcend past his-” Gabriel was then cut off as the tornado of neo-silver surged outwards, encompassing all of New York with blinding intensity and completely consuming it.
The great fiery deluge of power continued to grow, surging upwards through the Null Void between dimensions and crashing against the barrier between the world of the living and Hell. Like the Hellfire before it, the neo-silver energy coursed down the doorway carved into the Earth, moving through the shaft in the mantle and crust like a geyser. Topside, everyone was in the process of evacuating the area formerly around New York to escape the spraying Hell flames, but they were stopped dead in their tracks as the remnants of the dome of black smoke shattered like glass and a brilliant gale of power surged out like an atomic explosion.
Moving at hundreds of miles per second, the twisting torrent of energy consumed the landscape, leaving it undamaged as it grew. Up in space, astronauts observing the planet from orbiting satellites watched in awe as the metaphysical typhoon of light wrapped around the state of New York, New England, the eastern coast, all of America, and the entire western hemisphere, all while increasing in height as well and reaching up into space. In less than a minute, the Earth and the gyrating power eruption looked like a boulder with a full-sized oak tree growing out of the side.
Across Earth, tectonic plates grinded against each other wildly and disfigured the outer layers of the planet, the sea formed undulating tidal waves across its surface, and the clouds became great spinning typhoons. Fueled by the energy being given off, stars across the universe shined with greater brilliance than ever before in their existence and black holes became like pearls as they were bombarded by more energy they could absorb.
Across the planet, the flaming clouds of black lightning were swept aside and extinguished by pulsing auroras of light and power surging out from the towering deluge like the burning shockwaves of a nuclear explosion. People continued praying but at new speed and with fresh passion, believing this to be the work of a god. For the first time, they were right.
Her eyes screwed shut to block out the blinding light, Selene held onto the ground for dear life as wave after wave of power swept over her like a tsunami. She felt so close to Baltoh, like his face was and inch from hers and their lips were just above to touch. Tears streaked her face, but she did not know why, as something in her soul told her that everything was going to be ok.
“Do it, my love.” She whispered.
In the very heart of the storm, Baltoh continued his shout of exertion as he tried to process everything that was happening to him. The strength and power he felt flooding his body and mind were unlike anything he had ever experienced, comparing his original hybrid powers to this would be like comparing the energy of a lit candle to the gamma ray burst of the death of a star. While unlimited power entered his body, knowledge and understanding flooded his mind, bringing forth omnipotence and unparalleled wisdom, allowing him to fully understand what was happening and the transformation that was taking place.
In Heaven and Hell, Jehovah and Tenebrous looked up in shock, sensing what they originally thought was impossible. Against all odds, a new entity had joined their league, one with equal if not greater power than their own. They were witnessing the birth of a new omega deity, one who would change the status quo in a way that the three universes had never before experienced, filling them both with wonder and dread.
Finally, the neon-silver supernova receded and calmed, collapsing in on itself and being reabsorbed into Baltoh. With their whole bodies shaking, everyone got to their feet blinked repeatedly to mend their eyesight and looked around wildly. Finally spotting Baltoh, all the Archangels fell to their knees, with many proceeding to bow down.
Baltoh’s body had completely changed, having undergone a physical transformation with the process. His clothes had gone from dark grey to a deep blue, his dark hair had become blond, and his pale complexion had become a healthy tan. His claws were gone, having been replaced with small metal plates that protruded from his flesh and covered his knuckles and backs of his fingers and hands. His tail was also missing. Instead of horns or a halo, he had a miniature galaxy rotating above his head and a pair of golden fins protruding from behind his ears like the wings of a jet. His four wings had fused together into a hooded trench coat, made of no fabric ever known and carrying the shimmering appearance of the cosmos, with the stars, nebulae, and bright clouds of dust and gas shifting and rotating as if it were instead a window looking at space itself. Last but not least, his eyes had changed as well, with his sclera turning into a rippling cascade of neon-silver rings, all stretching out from his golden irises.
“Baltoh? Is that really you?” Selene asked with her voice trembling and her body refusing to move.
With the most warm and peaceful expression to ever cross her face, he turned to her and smiled, freeing her body from the mental paralysis her worry had inflicted and filling her with relief and happiness. He then began to walk over to her, with every step he took causing the ground around him to shiver and for a soft deep hum to be heard, like the sound of a submarine at the risk of being crushed by the ocean. Crouching down before Selene, he leaned forward and gently kissed her. Selene’s eyes widened as her brain was overpowered by the joy of a thousand simultaneous orgasms, while a projection of the birth of the universe and all of its history was played for her mind’s eye, all in a single second.
“Does that answer your question?” He whispered when her lips finally parted. Selene darted forward, kissing him wildly in refusal to let the pleasure end. Baltoh just smiled and held her in his arms with their lips dancing against each other.
“Is it possible? Can that really be you Baltoh?” Gabriel asked as he slowly walked over with his voice weak.
With his grin widening, Baltoh separated from Selene and stood up. His lover instantly began to tremble at the end of her kiss, as if going through a substance withdrawal.
“It is really me, in the flesh.”
“I’ll be the decider of that!” One of the Masters of Torture snarled as he appeared above Baltoh with his sword in hand.
With a monstrous roar, he brought down the guard-less broadsword down towards Baltoh’s head, but before it even made contact, the Demon was thrown back with his body dematerializing, as if every molecule in his existence was simultaneously snapped. Everyone watched in shock in awe as an invisible force cast the Master of Torture aside with his body vaporizing. Baltoh had slain the almighty warrior without even acknowledging his existence. It was as if by universal law, beings not of Baltoh’s level of divinity were forbidden to touch him without his allowance, and the almighty Master of Torture had just realized the punishment for breaking that law.
“Now, does anyone require more proof?”
“Retreat!” Once of the Masters of Torture howled before leaping onto the back of his shadow dragon and steering it back into Hell, followed by all his comrades desperately wanting to get away.
“Master, what happened to you?” Rosemary asked.
“I attained the Throne of Cinereo. By combining the powers of shadow and light together into a single almighty force, I was able to transcend into a higher being and achieve the mantle of a god. Here, let me show you.” He said, snapping his fingers.
Everyone fell to their knees as New York was suddenly jerked straight up, flying through the Null Void at breakneck speeds. Without any transition, the empty space and pale swirling lights were replaced with the stone shaft that the city had carved when it sank through the Earth. As it rose, the shaft below it closed like a wound and the city was fully repaired. Approaching the surface, the city slowed down and was gently elevated to the top of the shaft, sitting back where it used to with the blue clear sky overhead.
Throughout the city, everyone crawled out of their shelters and looked at the sky and the white clouds, listened to the sound of the river filling back up, and smelled the fresh air. As one, every human and Angel raised their hands and cheered in the joy of victory. They had won, they had been saved from destruction.
“Baltoh… you did it! You repaired the barrier!” Selene exclaimed, looking up at the sun.
“Yes, the precipice between Cinereo and Hell is once again solid and absolute. I even strengthened it, so that no Devil or Gargoyle may ever cross over, even if summoned by humans. Never again shall the legions of Hell be any threat to this universe or its life forms. The barrier between this universe and Heaven has also been reinforced, so that not even the forces of Heaven or Jehovah may enter this realm or Hell without my permission. As the Celestial Avatar, their powers cannot override my laws.” He said with his smile gaining a tired appearance.
“So… is it over? Is everything done?” Raphael asked, unable to believe that not only was the battle over, but that the need for Angels and Archangels was now completely obsolete.
“No, it is not over. There is still one thing I must do.” Baltoh said, turning away from everyone.
“What could you possibly still need to do?” Michael asked.
“I must go down to Hell and return it to the way it is supposed to be. The purpose of Hell is to punish the wicked in the name of justice, not serve as the torture dungeon of existence and house and raise the forces of evil. Tenebrous and his demonic legions have corrupted Hell with their dark ambitions and must be taken care of once and for all. I was born from hatred and the desire to exterminate evil, and now I finally have the power to do it and bring justice to the whole of existence.” He said with his voice thick with determination.
“Then I’m coming with you.” Selene said with equal determination. Baltoh regained his smile.
“Even as a god, I know that I cannot stop you.” He said, turning to her, lifting her chin, and giving her a soft kiss.
“If Selene is going, then I’m going. Besides, I love you too.” Molly said, walking over and kissing her and Baltoh. Rosemary took a deep breath and pulled off the crucifix around her neck.
“I’m coming as well. You have my heart, my loyalty, and my allegiance. From this point forward, I am not an Archangel of Jehovah, but a servant of Celestial Avatar.” She said, drawing harsh glares and gasps disbelief from her former coworkers. She then walked over and kissed Baltoh, standing by his side. Michael cracked a grin.
“There is no way I’ll abandon Jehovah and I’m certainly not going to kiss you, but I will join you for this final quest. Count me in.” He said, walking over to him and shaking his hand.
“If there is a place where I am needed, then that is where I shall go. I shall fight by your side in Hell.” Raphael said as he joined the group and shook Baltoh’s hand.
All the other Archangels gave similar calls of agreement as they walked over and stood beside Baltoh. Before long, only Gabriel was separate from the group, staring at them all with indecisiveness.
“Gabriel, this may be the last time you draw you’re sword. Don’t you want it to happen while fighting side by side with your friends?” Baltoh asked with a smile, holding out his hand. Several seconds passed by, with only the wind and the river audible. Finally, Gabriel walked over and shook Baltoh’s hand.
“Alright, onward to Hell.” He said softly.

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