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5 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
Written by:
Chapter 38: "Scopophiliac"


"I just think you are so, so precious," Devon murmured,
splaying a series of tender, loving kisses along Kristanna's
face and neck. "I want to worship every square inch of your
body!" Grinning, Devon moved her lips to Kristanna's ear and
gently blew into it. Laying atop a beach towel somewhere
deep in the forest, that teasing, subtle move caused the
erstwhile 23-year-old to erotically squirm and fidget about.

"Oh God..." Kristanna moaned in response, smashing her
mouth upon Devon's for a kiss. Groaning, Devon brought
Kristanna into her arms and embraced her warmly. The lovely
pair of blonde divas swapped both their lips and tongues
together between a hot, frenzied, open-mouthed kiss.

Through the halter-top that Kristanna wore, Devon grabbed
a handful of luscious breast and squeezed firmly. With her
other hand, the young woman reached between Kristanna's
thighs as she spread them apart, and openly massaged their
joining through a pair of sexy, denim cut-offs.

Devon seemed somewhat surprised with the ferocity and
hunger which Kristanna put forth in their mutual kiss. She
had planted her sweet mouth upon Devon's and was seemingly
attempting to devour it. Extremely aroused, Kristanna kissed
Devon with great need and wanting, her tongue slip-sliding
and tasting all the inner recesses of her lover's mouth.

Before too long, Kristanna reached around Devon's
voluptuous body and then latched onto her ass with both
hands. At the same time, Devon kept her right hand between
Kristanna's slender thighs and continued to openly rub and
massage her pussy through the denim shorts that she had on.

The two ladies were kissing one another so hard that the
breathing between them had become very rough and ragged. It
must have felt wonderful, though, because it seemed like
Kristanna wanted this to go on forever. However, Devon had
to eventually break the kiss in order to catch her breath.

Always the insatiable one, Kristanna used the opportunity
to serenade Devon's delicate neck with her lips and tongue.
She nuzzled her lips upon Devon's neck, then started to
nibble and bite gently. Soon, Devon was cradling Kristanna's
head in both hands as the Norwegian continued to lick, kiss
and caress her neck. At the same time, she kept massaging
Kristanna's pussy. The action was reaching its fever pitch.

Suddenly, Devon decided to roll her girlfriend underneath
her, and pin her shoulders to the ground. "This is like
opening a Christmas present!" Devon giggled as she lifted
Kristanna's halter-top up, and over her head. Much to Devon's
delight (as well as mine), Kristanna was not wearing a bra.

Seated within the prime comfort of my voyeur room, I had
my cock out and was busy stroking away as I eavesdropped on
this promising encounter between Kristanna and Devon with the
help of the surveillance system. Both of them were curled
up together upon a beach towel somewhere off in the forest,
with sunlight streaming down between the canopy of towering
trees and providing just the right amount of illumination
for my lecherous eyes. Best of all, as Kristanna and Devon
worked themselves toward what would hopefully be a monstrous
climax, I had a front row seat for the action!

"You are so incredibly hot," Devon swooned, taking
Kristanna's breasts into her hands and groping away. "Your
breasts are so tiny and delicate. But they look absolutely
fabulous on you!" She kissed each of Kristanna's hard, rigid
nipples and added, "I think you are perfect, baby. Perfect!"

Devon moved back a bit, then leaned over and kissed the
blonde's flat stomach and midriff. She trailed her tongue
upward, between what there was of her lovely cleavage, then
attached her lips to a nipple and began sucking away.

Devon now had one hand resting on Kristanna's denim-clad
ass while the other stroked her inner thigh. Kristanna
returned the favor by extending a single finger and gently
sliding it over and across the back of Devon's neck.

Her body shivered in response as Kristanna's finger and
its sharp, pink nail tickled and teased the back of her neck.
Nevertheless, Devon continued to suck and slurp away upon
that nipple, keeping it trapped within her lips and mouth.

"Fuck me with my dildo," Kristanna suddenly requested.
"Just like you promised me. And please do it hard."

Devon withdrew her head from her lover's breasts and
smiled down at her. "Wow. I try a little foreplay with
you, but you want to get right to the good stuff." Devon
leaned down and kissed her square on the lips. "Anything
for you, baby. I'll do anything to make you happy."

Devon reached for the button of Kristanna's denim shorts
and undid it, then slid the tight-as-a-glove garment down
her hips and thighs. After her G-string was disposed of as
well, Kristanna's suddenly nude body writhed and squirmed
in pure anticipation for what Devon had in mind for her.

"My favorite dildo is in the blue bag," Kristanna said.

As she sat upon the towel, Devon leaned over and reached
for the aforementioned duffel bag. She placed her hand
inside and without even looking, found the big, 12-inch
monster of a dildo which Kristanna had claimed as her own
(it used to belong to Amy). Black and made of silicone,
I often wondered how the huge joy-toy could fit in such
a small pussy like Kristanna's.

Devon dangled the crude object before Kristanna's blue
eyes and giggled at her reaction. "Sometimes I think you
love this dildo more than life itself."

"Please fuck me with it," Kristanna begged.

"I will," Devon promised. "But first, will let you do
what I love doing more than anything else? I'll fuck you
with it, honey. But first I want to lick that sweet pussy."

Kristanna nodded her head as Devon dove face-first between
her outstretched thighs and went to work. Her knees high
and feet flat on the ground, Kristanna writhed around beneath
Devon as she tongued and licked her moist, damp slit.

Eventually, Devon moved a finger between Kristanna's trim
thighs and eased it between the damp folds of her pussy.
Kristanna moaned and her body tensed in arousal, then Devon
began to thrust the finger in-and-out of her a very quick,
furious rate of speed. All the while, Devon continued to
lick and swipe away at the enchantress' heated slit.

Soon, Devon withdrew her finger and decided to focus all
of her effort into pleasing Kristanna with just her lips and
tongue. Obviously, Devon thought Kristanna had a delicious
pussy. She worked it over, and paid special attention to
her little clitoris. The 27-year-old brushed her lower lip
across it, which caused Kristanna to groan out in response.

Once Kristanna's body started to buck and vibrate beneath
her, Devon knew that she had her close to an orgasm. She
could have went into an all-out oral frenzy, but knew that a
promise had been made - and it was now time to fulfill it.

Devon took the large, thick dildo into her hand and then
guided its massive tip between the damp, awaiting folds of
Kristanna's pussy. The Norwegian began to churn and squirm
about upon the beach towel in anticipation, then she wailed
out in utter passion as Devon thrusted the pleasure tool
in-and-out of her at a quick, blinding rate of speed.

"OH FUCK YES!" Kristanna screamed as her hips contracted.

Devon was all smiles as her hand and arm were now an
absolute blur. She was thrusting the dildo into Kristanna as
hard and as fast as she possibly could.


Once Devon inserted her tongue into the mix, Kristanna lost
control of herself. I could not have been happier, either.

When Kristanna toppled over that proverbial ledge - or the
point of no return - every muscle within her body contracted
at once and she cried out at the very top of her lungs. Even
as Kristanna began the intense, joyous progression of orgasm,
Devon was beyond relentless, still assaulting and jamming
that dildo into her overexerted, gushing pussy. Devon kept
her tongue close, quick to lap up the gooey, sweet nectar as
a reward for her effort and energy.

When it was over and Kristanna began to crest downward
from the height of orgasm, her body collapsed into a heap
onto the towel beneath her and she sighed contently. Devon
still had half of the dildo buried in her, but decided to
keep it there as she leaned upward and found Kristanna's
mouth with her own for yet another tantalizing kiss.

"Thank you, Devvy," Kristanna muttered in the aftermath,
reaching up and cradling her face with an open hand. "God,
I love you so much. We will be so happy together."

"Yes, we will," Devon agreed, before kissing her again.

Perhaps I should also point out that Kristanna and Devon
were not alone in the forest. Off to the side, Trish and
Amy were relaxing upon a beach towel of their own. The two
ladies had been hugging and caressing each other as they sat
by and silently watched Kristanna and Devon do their thing.
Trish and Amy had both recently stripped all of their
clothing off and were now completely nude.

"That looked like fun," Amy giggled at Trish, eyeing the
quivering couple before her. "What do you think?"

Trish reached out and placed a hand upon Kristanna's knee,
which twitched in response, but kept her other arm sealed
tight around Amy's body. "Maybe we can out-do them?" was
her suggestion for Amy. "Out-sex them?"

"I would love to give it a try," Amy said to her, a wide,
far-reaching smile upon her immaculate face. She shared a
kiss with Trish, then offered her a glittering smile to boot.
"I am so happy that after everything that has happened
between us in the past, Trish, you and I get to emerge from
these six weeks as friends and hopefully lovers."

"I'm glad too, Amy."

This time, Trish and Amy shared a truly heated kiss. The
pair of lovely ladies moaned and shivered as one, which of
course resulted in me busily pumping and frigging my cock
even faster than before here within the voyeur room.

I moaned myself and watched with interested eyes as their
kiss continued. Trish and Amy were exchanging tongues
between their open-mouthed kiss. I zoomed in for a closer
look with the hidden camera, which did nothing but force my
throbbing shaft to finally reach its fully erect potential.

"I could hug and kiss on you forever!" Amy exclaimed once
their lips finally parted ways. She even bumped noses with
Trish, then looked deep into her eyes and proclaimed, "I'm so
sorry if I ever hurt you with the whole Lindsay fiasco."

"It's okay, sweetie," Trish assured her. "I don't want to
dwell on the past any more. I just want to focus on the
future, and what it has in store for all of us."

"Can I get some?" Devon asked in the sweetest tone, as
she was now on her hands and knees before Trish and Amy, and
eyeing them intently. At first I was unsure of what Devon
exactly wanted, but it became rather obvious once she stole
deep, tongue-laced kisses from first Trish, then Amy.

"You two look awesome together, by the way," Devon said,
as Trish and Amy continued to hold and caress each other.

With these four ladies enjoying some quality time in the
forest, one should not forget that I had a fifth guest here
on the island as well. Lindsay had been left out of the
proceedings in the forest for obvious reasons - mainly, her
relationship with Trish (or lack thereof) - but that did not
stop me from keeping a curious eye on her via the
surveillance system over the past several moments.

Lindsay began to peel layer after layer of clothing as
she admired herself in the large mirror within the washroom
that flanked her guest suite. Needless to say, this
definitely caught my attention. When I activated the hidden
microphone, Lindsay grinned at her own reflection and gently
cooed, "Girl, you deserve a nice, long bath..."

"YES!" I exclaimed out loud, unable to harness my arousal
as I sat at the control panel inside the voyeur room. All of
my focus, of course, was now directed upon the monitor which
oversaw Lindsay's private washroom. I absolutely loved the
idea of hot, beautiful women taking showers and baths!

"Take it off, honey," I encouraged the 18-year-old, as
she slipped out of her bra and G-string. "Take it ALL off!"
Once Lindsay was totally nude, her luscious ass was staring
me (and the hidden camera) directly in the face as she bent
over to turn on the water within the adjacent bathtub.
Lindsay settled on a warm/hot combination and then squealed
as she poured a good helping of liquid soap into the tub.

Sultry, seductive and seriously sexy, Lindsay was easily
one of the most alluring young women I had ever laid my eyes
upon. She was a drop-dead gorgeous blonde bombshell with
long, luscious hair (with spectacular red streaks woven in),
lean and lovely legs, and a strikingly beautiful face that
truly belonged on the cover of a fashion magazine. Lindsay's
taut, unblemished body, however, was her true calling card.
She was a 5-foot-3 picture of absolute perfection.

After stepping into and then taking a seat within the
large bathtub, Lindsay soaped up a washcloth and rubbed it
all over her upper body - especially her breasts. She
lingered upon one breast for several seconds, then switched
to the other. There was a smile upon her face as she then
went from breast to breast in a continuous cycle for a good
minute or two. Obviously, Lindsay enjoyed touching herself.
The big, toothy smile upon her enchanting face told me so.

Soon, she stretched a leg out above the surface of the
water and ran the soapy washcloth along it. Suddenly, the
little vixen rose up to her knees and slipped the washcloth
between her thighs. Lindsay moaned with obvious arousal as
she then rubbed and massaged her tender pussy with the rag.

After dunking the washcloth in a patch of soapy suds,
Lindsay smothered it between her thighs and pressed deeply
upon it with a pair of fingers. She rotated those fingers
in tiny, erotic circles upon her pussy and sighed in delight.

Next, Lindsay scrubbed her breasts and shoulders with the
washcloth, then got up and took a seat upon the inside edge
of the tub. It was three feet in width, so there was plenty
of space for her to recline back and still be comfortable.

Directly facing the hidden camera, Lindsay spread her
thighs wide and reached down into the water with the sudsy
cloth. She brought it back up and settled in deeper upon
the ledge, and planted it upon her sweet pussy once again.

After several seconds of self-induced pleasure, Lindsay
reached back into the water and then crumpled the washcloth
in one hand. She wrung it out at her abdomen, letting the
excess water trickle over and across her pussy. Then she
began offering herself long, slow swipes with the rag,
concentrating on the sensitive cleft between her thighs.

Spreading her folds open with her other hand, Lindsay
dunked the cloth once again, then nudged it across the
exposed area. She rubbed and massaged herself for a good
half-minute, then tossed the rag into the sudsy water and
decided to use her bare hands and fingers to masturbate.
While stroking her clitoris with two fingers from her left
hand, she used three extended fingers from her right and
thrusted them in-and-out of her velvety opening.

After retrieving the washcloth, Lindsay stood up in the
center of the bathtub and wrung it out at her stomach once
again, letting the water filter over the folds of her pussy.

Lindsay proceeded to turn around and bend over at the
waist. The blonde then put one hand on the ledge where she
had just sat, and propped a foot up there as well. With her
free hand, Lindsay reached behind herself and eagerly rubbed
the washcloth between her luscious ass-cheeks.

"Oooooh!" she squealed in arousal, prodding her anus.

That hand still behind her back, Lindsay dug into her
pussy and then dragged the washcloth up and over her anus.
She repeated this same motion several times before dunking
the rag into the water once again.

Still bent over at the waist in this obscene position,
Lindsay simply used her index finger and forged it between
her ass-cheeks. She cried out in sheer ecstasy upon anal
penetration, then cooed and relaxed for a quick moment.

Lindsay started to gyrate her hips as she wiggled the
finger about within her sweet ass. Clearly, she was burning
up inside. Her entire body began to buck and convulse, and
she nearly slipped before finally withdrawing the finger.

Lindsay was about to retrieve the washcloth when she
noticed the hand-held shower nozzle upon the tiled wall.

"Hmmmmm," she moaned, curious, while turning it on. When
water spurted out, Lindsay shoved it between her thighs.

The young woman could not stop moaning as she allowed the
pulsing stream of water to bombard her nether region. Lindsay
slipped a finger into herself once again and really went to
town with it. A moment later, she let out a savage moan and
cried out in desire. Obviously, it was time for an orgasm.

"Ohhhhh.... OHHHHH.... OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" was her scream,
as the juices began to flow. Lindsay dropped the nozzle,
which was still shooting water out, and braced herself with
both hands upon the ledge. "YES!" she screamed as the tidal
wave of orgasmic bliss reached its apex. "Feels so GOOD!"
Her whole body rumbled and vibrated about in the sensations
as she then crested downward from the height of release.

"Oooooh!" the enchantress moaned in the aftermath, rising
from the bent over position. She grabbed the washcloth one
more time and swiped it across her pussy, then methodically
lowered herself back into the water. "Hot!" Lindsay growled,
taking a seat in the bathtub. "Very hot!"

Of course, I was in no position to disagree with her...

My attention was diverted yet again, as back in the
forest, Devon and Trish were lying side-by-side upon the
two beach towels, their faces turned toward each other and
their lips locked in unison, as Kristanna and Amy performed
oral sex on them. Obviously, I did not know how much more of
this intense, steamy action that I could possibly withstand
before I went out of my own mind with wild lust!

Just a few short weeks ago, I never thought I would be
witness to the sight of Amy's face and head burrowed between
Trish's thighs. These two ladies had been at odds when Amy
was playing BDSM games with Lindsay and introducing the young
and impressionable teen-ager to the lifestyle. Back when she
was still with Lindsay, Trish believed that Amy was a bad
influence on her little sweetheart, and really had nothing but
evil intentions in mind for her. Once Lindsay abruptly ended
her relationship with Trish and seemed to focus even more onto
Amy, it drove an even bigger wedge between them.

Alas, never would I have imagined that in such a short
period of time, Trish would have Amy's head nestled between
her thighs and openly welcome and encourage that tongue upon
her pussy and clitoris. They had seemingly patched up their
differences, and were willing to become friends and possibly
soul-mates for the sake of our overall group relationship.

"Oooooh yeah!" Trish cooed in response to those expert
oral ministrations being provided for her. "Oh God, Amy...
YES! That's it! Right there! Oooooh, yeah!"

I momentarily glanced at the other active monitor here
within the voyeur room and noticed that Lindsay, still seated
in the bathtub with soapy bubbles foaming up all around her,
had a large dildo in hand and was busy sucking on it as if it
were a real cock. She had made a fist and held the nasty
object tight, and jammed it in-and-out of her mouth. I could
also tell that with her other hand buried deep in the water,
she was again twiddling away upon her pussy. Perhaps Lindsay
was fantasizing that dildo was actually my very own erection?

Devon was now seated upon her knees directly behind Trish
while also cradling her head in her lap. Kristanna was also
on her knees, but off to the side, hunched over and grasping
Amy's luscious ass with both of her hands. Amy, of course,
was still doing her best to bring Trish toward an orgasm with
her tongue. I had no doubt that she would succeed.

Still moaning and panting out in pure satisfaction, Trish
made eye contact with Devon and then sucked her index finger
into her mouth. Devon offered a dazzling smile in response
as she allowed Trish to dutifully work over her finger with
her lips and tongue.

Meanwhile, Kristanna moved directly behind Amy and jammed
her pelvis upon the 31-year-old's upturned ass. When
Kristanna brought her hand back and offered Amy's backside a
couple of hard, unrelenting swats, Trish's brown eyes nearly
exploded from their sockets as she glared up at Devon.

"OH MY GOD!" she roared out. "I'M CUMMING!"

As Kristanna continued to administer discipline to Amy's
rounded ass (much-needed discipline, I may add), Trish's
eyes rolled clear into the back of her head. She pounded
her open hands upon the ground beneath her several times in
succession, her body and senses nearly exploding from the
unbridled rapture of orgasm. Her eyes trained upon Trish,
Amy just kept licking away.

"Let me have a taste," Kristanna said, grabbing Amy by
the hair and pulling her away from Trish's treasure trove.
Kristanna dove right in and began guzzling up any excess
leftovers as Trish seemed to settle back down and relax.

"Oh God, Amy... that was incredible!

Still cradling her head in her lap, Devon curled her
own head and leaned over, then pressed her lips to Trish's
for another deep, passionate kiss. Amy got onto her hands
and knees and crawled close to them, waiting for their kiss
to end. Once it finally did - nearly a minute later - Amy
lowered her mouth to Trish's for an exchange of their own.
I smiled at the image on the monitor in front of me. Indeed,
Devon was right. Trish and Amy looked awesome together.

Elsewhere, Lindsay was now slumped over in the bathtub,
with just her head and knees above the sudsy water. The
expression upon her face was unmistakable, however, and the
fact that I could tell her entire 95 pound frame was bucking
and churning about underneath the surface was all that I
really needed to know about what was happening. Lindsay was
blasting her precious, little pussy with her dildo.

Devon, Trish and Amy had all converged on Kristanna, and
now had her pinned to the ground and were not allowing her
to move. With Devon as their ringleader, the three ladies
were ready to pounce onto Kristanna and make mad, passionate
love to her. Kristanna, of course, welcomed the idea.

"WHERE IS JEREMY WHEN I NEED HIM?" came Lindsay's loud,
desperate cry, as she experienced a self-inflicted climax of
her own. Amazingly, her head slid right down into the water
and completely vanished from sight.

Those words, followed by that little display, was entirely
too much for me. I nearly fell out of my chair in the voyeur
room, then realized that sperm was gushing out uncontrollably
all over my hand and wrist. Then, I actually _did_ fall out
of the chair! Oh, what I would have given right now for one
of these incredible ladies to be here to clean this sticky,
gooey mess up for me with her mouth...

<<<- End of Chapter 38 ->>>

PLEASE NOTE: This story will END after chapter 42. The finale
draws near!

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"Island Fever"

(c) 2014 JeremyDCP


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