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Chapter 01 - The Curse

Volledio is a great hunting city to the east of the great continent of Lemaria. It is bustling with brave souls who want to make a name for themselves. People of all classes, adventurer, warrior, fighter, mages and healer, visit this city to take up jobs and hunt down monsters for indescribable riches. Each class are skilled differently and have numerical leveling system to rate their proficiency. Everyone would normally go on hunts or raid dungeons in teams to ensure highest success rate. Adventurers are great at exploration and traps. Warriors would possess great strength and serve as great frontline. Fighters skilled in close combat because of their extraordinary agility and accuracy. Mages are long-range spell caster who have mastered elemental manipulations. Healers are essential to every team because of their ability to revitalize and heighten the team’s battle power. Every class has a role to play in every battle thus Volledio is always packed with people of all race and class.

Late one night, at the gate of Volledio city, a young woman slowly making her way into town. Her body covered in blood and bruises. Her leather armors and clothes battered and torn up. Her small frame body sway from side to side as she dragged her feet across the gravel path in exhaustion. This is yet another common sight in the great city, the sight of defeat. The hunter would become the hunted when they underestimate their prey. Many would perish in battle. The lucky ones would be allow to grieve over their lost and, if they are courageous enough, pick themselves back up and head out for another hunt. Amelia is the lucky one tonight. She was able to make it back after her entire team of five suffered a humiliating defeat at the hand of a single demon. She is a level 87 fighter, an elite, who had been through many tough battles and raided countless dungeons. The fighter team up with other great elites to raid a dungeon, located in the dark forest far to the south, on a request with massive rewards. They were asked to raid this dungeon, keep whatever they found there, and only have to bring back the head of the dungeon master. The group made their way down the dark and dangerous dungeon. Slaying countless hordes of demons and monsters along the way. After three days of fighting and recovering, they finally reached the deepest and most ominous room of this massive cave. Exhausted, they pressed forward in hope of accomplishing their goal. They pushed the gigantic stone door open. The dungeon master, a great demon, with pitch black skin and fiery red eyes awaited them in its throne. Its name is Malik, the legendary demon. The team was overwhelmed by its presence. The sheer force of malice it was giving off, sent shiver down their spines. Amelia could feel her body trembling with fear. However, there was no turning back now, the team pushed forward in hope of defeating the fearsome demon.

Eric, the adventurer, was burned to ashes in an instant. The protection spell casted on him did not have the slightest effect against attacks from the formidable being. Then, Alex, the warrior, came up with a plan. He wanted Madroff, the mage, to imbue Amela’s daggers with holy element. Then the great warrior would distract the demon while she maneuvered behind it and dealt a fatal blow. After the team have prepared their final strike and spreaded out, Kailey, the healer, got sliced to pieces from the wind blades that Malik sent out with little flicks of its fingers. Madroff was consumed by a dark element attack and vanished. Luckily, he was able to successfully imbue Amelia’s daggers. Alex quickly ran up to Malik and swung his enormous axe at it in frenzy. The dark being evaded his attacks with ease then threw a few punches back. He blocked the punches with his shield but each strike nearly knocked him off balance. The demon was toying with him. It could have finish him off at any moment. However, being underestimated was exactly what Alex hoped for because it would give him an opportunity to create and opening for Amelia. Seeing an opening in the demon's defense, Amelia jumped behind it and swiftly drove her daggers into its back. In tremendous pain, Malik roared with anger. Thought that they had won, the two lowered their guards and stood dazed. Suddenly, the gigantic black hands, faster than they could react, seize Amelia by her throat and Alex by his head. Within second, the warrior’s head was crushed to a pulp. The demon lifted her up with ease, suspended her in mid air. The young fighter shut her eyes tight and braced herself for the final blow.

“You who injured me shall be spared for your bravery…” The demon spoke for the first time in a deep low voice.
“However, we shall play a game...” Pulling out the enhanced daggers from its back, it sneered sinisterly. The gaping wounds slowly sealed themselves and gradually vanished.
"Win and you shall be granted a chance at normal life..." The demon whispered.

Malik placed its hand over her abdominal as a flash of bright red light bursted out from its palm. Amelia, suddenly, felt a searing pain pierced deep into her innards. She screamed helplessly, her face twisted under intense pain. After what felt like an eternity of immense agony, the dark being closed its hand. The light vanished, as well as the unbearable pain. She felt her strength drained as she hung from her neck like a ragdoll.

“” She muttered while panting heavily.
“I have taken your time...and given you a wonderful curse.” Malik replied in its deep low voice.

The demon raised its close fist up and slowly opened it. A small ball of white light elevated from its palm and stopped in mid air.

“This light is your soul…” It explained.
“You shall remain unchange and live for eternity for as long as the soul is not within you” The demon added. The black hand raise higher and the ball of light split into four smaller ones then shot up and disappeared through the walls.
“You shall regain all your soul pieces by the thirteenth full moon or remain cursed forever.” The conditions were set.
“You shall be plagued with tremendous hunger...” The demon continued.
“Hunger which neither food nor wine could ever satisfy.” It stated after a pause.

Malik stared deep into her frightful eyes and laughed with pleasure. Suddenly scorching red flame engulfed Amelia and she was teleported back to the entrance of the dark forest. Her legs trembled and she fell on her butt. The young fighter sat there on the cold grass motionless. Suddenly tears rolled down her cheeks. Amelia cried and cried, grieved over the death of her friends and her lack of power, for hours before she could muster enough strength to pick herself up and head for Volledio.

Amelia finally made her way back to the tavern where she had her lodging. An elegant sign firmly fasten above the entrance, The Portell. She walked up the step slowly then pushed the half swing door open. Behind the swing door was a great opening with a bar stretching along the wall of the opposite end. Big wooden tables and chairs filled the hall. The place bustled with business. People from all over the city gathered here to eat and drink to their hearts’ content. The great hall was packed with people until it felt overcrowded. Everyone were talking and laughing out loud without a care for anything. The conversation paused for a split second as Amelia made her way through the swing door then it resumed in an instant. An injured fighter was nothing short of a common occurrence in this town, and if you could get through the swing door, it meant that your wounds were not fatal. The weakened fighter pulled herself up the stairs to the room that she rented out with dreadful struggle. After locking herself in the room, Amelia fell flat on her bed and lost consciousness right away.

The next day, Amelia sprung out of bed drenched in sweat. She just had a terrible nightmare. In her dream, she saw her teammates being killed by Malik one by one as she watched helplessly. She was spared but would later be raped by many black figures which she was unable resist. Eventually she would give in and drowned herself in pleasure. Amelia pushed herself out of bed quickly, flustered by the insane dream. She stripped bare and was astonished that all her injuries had healed. She quickly jumped into the bath and began closely examine her body. Rubbing dirt off her skin, the fighter noticed that her skin had become smoother and more radiance. Her nipples seem be glowing with a softer shade of pink and her breasts felt a little heavier as if they have been enlarged. Her butt became much softer and extremely well-shaped. The most shocking of all was her private area. It had been rid of any hair, leaving her pussy bare, looking like an inexperienced child. Indeed, Amelia is not seasoned in the lustful deed. The young fighter only had little exposure to sex because men she had encountered only wanted to pleasure themselves and always left her unsatisfied. Eventually she found sex unpleasurable and decided to spent most of her free time in training. For those reasons, she shied away from men and sex altogether.

After a long bath, Amelia finally felt refreshed. She put on a tiny panty then squeezed her small frame body into a undersized shorts which would emphasize her round bun and show off a little of her bottom butt cheek. Then she slided a two-layered white wide collar blouse over her head. The white top loosely hang from her shoulders and dropped down to just a little below her braless breasts, exposing her curvy waist. She tighten two straps which hung loose from the front of the inner layer so that it would wrap around her perky breasts and stay in place. The 5’4” woman had always been confident in her figure and never shy to show it off now and then. She sat down on her bed and started to recollect. She became sadden by the lost of her friends but quickly erased it from her thoughts. The young fighter had wept for them long enough, it is time for her find a way to avenge them. Amelia had witnessed changes in her body so she believed that Malik could truly have made her immortal. The young fighter leaned over and grabbed a dagger from her nightstand. With a hint of hesitation, she slid her left palm long and deep. Her teeth clenched as blood oozed out of her parted flesh, she sat motionless staring at the self inflicted wound. Her eyes widen in shock when her wound sealed itself and disappeared within seconds. The demon did not lie. Uneasiness filled her mind, she now have the curse to worry about. If the demon could grant her eternal life, a curse would be nothing short of a child's play. What is the hunger? How will she satisfy it? And most important of all, why did it had to change her body? Amelia became bothered with countless unsolvable riddles. It would be best if she regained her soul pieces quickly. Suddenly a groan from inside her abdominal broke the silence. Amelia felt her empty stomach rumbled intensely.

"This must be the hunger that Malik mentioned..." She murmured to herself.

Not knowing what to do, she decided to just eat and find out. Brushing all the questions in her head aside, the young fighter looked out the window to find the sun setting on the horizon. Amelia got out of bed and quickly exited her room.

In the bar downstairs, Amelia ordered a big piece of steak and a beer. She began cutting out a piece from the thick juicy meat and forked it in her mouth. The young fighter expected the taste to be exquisite but, to her dismay, the steak was tasteless and smelled like stale meat. She kept chewing on it, disgusted, before snatching the full mug of beer from the table and gobbled a big mouth full. The ice cold beer was tasteless, yet again, and it filled her mouth with the odor of rotten juice. Her face twisted in agony, Amelia forced them down her throat. Confused by how terrible the food was, she started to recall Malik’s words. What is it that she will need to feed her hunger?

Suddenly a heavy footstep approached her from behind. A tall muscular man walked up and stopped next to the seated fighter. He put his left hand on the top of her backrest and pressed his right palm on the edge of her table.

“Eating alone tonight, beautiful?” A deep low voice came from behind her.

Without even looking back, Amelia knew full well who it is. She felt irritated thinking about him. It is Marco, a level 42 warrior, who had been trying to hit on her every time she was alone. Marco always hang out with his two friends in the tavern. Joel, level 35 healer, and Nelson, level 26 fighter. He and his gang had infamous reputation of being sadistic. The 6'7" warrior is their leader. Amelia looked over her shoulder and, as she expected, Joel and Nelson were staring right back at her. The last time they met, Marco and his gang tried to sexually assault her in a dark alley. Being well-trained and highly skilled, Amelia took them down with ease. She was surprised that he dared to show his face again. The young fighter could bet everything she has that they were scheming something to take revenge on her.

"I don't have time for this, Marco. Get lost!" She hissed, looking away.

Before Marco could say a word, Amelia stood up, trying to leave the table. Suddenly she felt dizzy and weak. Her legs gave out and the young fighter collapsed back into her chair. Marco tried to hold her but she quickly swatted his hand away. She took a deep breath then forced herself up again then slowly dragged herself across the great hall, wavered from side to side. When she finally made it to the stairs, Amelia leaned against the rail for support and strained herself to move up the steps. Marco watched the elite fighter dreadful struggle and grinned boldly.

Amelia barely able to stand as she struggled to enter her room. She took a few wobbly steps to her bed while carelessly left her door ajar. Suddenly strength escaped her weary body, the young fighter fell to her hands and knees. She panted heavily, baffled by bizarre occurrence. Then the door swung open. The young woman looked back over her shoulder in shock. A big masculine man marched confidently into her private quarter. Marco, knowing that his target is greatly weakened, aimed to make her pay for the humiliation she caused him.

“What do you want?!!!” she snapped at him
“You know what I want...” he replied after swing the door close and lock it
“Still mad that a woman kick your ass?” Amelia smirked as she taunted him.
“We’ll see how long you can keep up that attitude...” the man calmly walked towards her

Amelia pushed off from the floor with all her might, determined to get back on her feet. She straightened herself to face the warrior. Marco did not know why she had been weaken to this state but he would never pass up his only chance for revenge against this elite fighter. Closed the distance in an instant, the warrior came inches away from his prey after a few short strides. Standing face to face, the smell of sweat and musky leather struck her nose. Marco’s body odor. It made her groggy. She felt butterflies in her stomach then became feverish. The wavering fighter tried to take a step back but her wobbly legs gave out and she fell to her knees. She somehow did not find the body odor unpleasant, rather it was alluring and arousing. She is getting turn on. Amelia could feel her pussy tingle as fluid started to seep through the fabric of her panty. He squatted down in front of her. Within her reach, Amelia could not take her eyes of his crotch. Her mouth suddenly gushed with saliva as her eyes fixed inbetween his legs. The horny fighter had finally found the mean to quench her hunger. Amelia tried to fight back as her body was being conquered by lust. Lecherous thoughts clouded her mind as her bottom lip drooled profusely onto her underwear. The room suddenly felt like an overheated oven. Her face had turned bright red and her skin became overly sensitive. The curse have kicked in at full force. Marco grabbed her shoulder with his left hand and pushed her back with minimal effort. Amelia fell backward without any restrain and hit the floor hard. She groaned as her upper body bounced off the floor and fell flat on it again. The force caused the straps that tighten the inner layer of her blouse to come undone, loosened her top. The powerless fighter lied there with dazed eyes, her head fogged with sexual desires. Her breaths became heavy. her nipples erected while her pussy oozed with love juice. The elite fighter had been completely conquered by the lecherous curse.

Seeing no resistance from the elite fighter, Marco knelt down and spreaded her legs apart. The warrior slided his right hand under her blouse and gently caressed her round breast. Amelia gasped and moaned in ecstasy. The gentle tease made her extremely sensitive body go wild. Her love nectar flowed out endlessly soaking half her shorts then formed a small puddle on the wooden floor. Marco pinched her rock hard nipple and pulled hard. Her face distorted by pain and pleasure as her nipple turned from pink to blood shot red. Amelia arched her back as she felt an orgasm approaching. However, right at the verge of receiving the lustful joy, the young fighter was left with emptiness. Baffled at the outcome, the unsatisfied fighter lay bewildered. Marco, letting go of her soft breast, grabbed on the top of her shorts with both hands. With one powerful pull, he ripped it apart. Her lower half jolted from the floor slightly as her lust-filled shorts and underwear pulled away from under her butt. The warrior licked his lips at the sight of her glimmering bare pussy.

Having her private part displayed before the eyes of the man she despite had somehow provided her with unbelievable arousal. She was totally shocked when more clearly fluid endlessly poured out of her pussy. Then a sound of heavy objects hit the floor echoed through the room. Amelia slowly turned her head to look at the space between her legs. The warrior had already striped his clothes off and knelt back down between her legs. His gigantic penis throbbing, eagered to advance. Amelia swallowed her overflowing saliva as she stared at the 9" meat stick with longing eyes, yearning for it to fill her up.

Marco flipped her blouse over to reveal the round perky breasts then lifted both her feet up and put them over his shoulders. He squeezed on her breast with his left hand as he pressed the tip of his penis against the split of her pussy then stroked it up and down. Her body shuddered as if being electrocuted as the round tip spread her labia apart and gently rubbed against her clit. Amelia let out a loud moan as her back arched high. A single touch to her clitoris was enough to send her over the edge. She felt an orgasm built up and peaked instantly but, as she held her breath and closed her eyes in anticipation, all the build up vanished and she was left with another empty unsatisfied feeling. Amelia opened her tightly shut eyes in surprise. How can an orgasm just disappeared like that? What have the curse done to her this time? However, before Amelia could even begin to analyze it, Marco shoved his big cock all the way into her well-lubricated pussy. The 3" thick cock stretched her pink slit wide apart. Amelia screamed with pleasure as her body cramped up and overwhelmed by ecstasy. Every muscle in her body convulsed. It had been many years since she have had a man in her but she could not recall having felt such pleasure from a single thrust. Amelia had finally realized that the curse had turned her into a lecherous whore as her entire body became extremely erogenic. Marco drew back his enormous cock slowly as to savor the taste of conquest. After pulling out the whole shaft, he grabbed her hip firmly with both hands before thrusting his hip forward with all his might. The sound of collided flesh exploded, followed by loud cries of pleasure. In this fraction of a second, Amelia felt an orgasm imminently approaching. This climax would definitely send her higher than she could even imagine. Suddenly, everything went blank again. Unable to comprehend the situation, Amelia lied there helplessly tormented.

Marco released his grip from her hip to fondle the jiggling breasts as he began rocking his hip violently. He would pull out the entire length of the shaft, and pause for a little, then powerfully impaled her again. The young fighter's face twisted with endless pleasure. Her body shuddered uncontrollably with every thrust. His long penis hit the deepest part of her vagina, shiver rushed to every nook of her body. With the way her body now, each thrust could send her to heaven in an instant. However, she could never reach it. She would always be left high and empty right at the very end. Even though frustrated and confused, Amelia did not have even a single moment to be upset. Each of Marco’s violent thrust gave her great ecstasy beyond any woman wildest imagination. She screamed and moaned excessively without holding back. Even without a single climax, the sheer stream of endless pleasure was able to trap the young elite completely. After what feel like an eternity of failed orgasms, Marco gave his last powerful push and quickly pulled out just before he would ejaculate. He shot his load high and far into the air. It fell and splattered all over her stomach and white breasts, a tiny bit even reached the corner of her mouth. Tired and unsatisfied, Amelia lied there with heavy breathe. Suddenly the strong pungent smell of semen attracted her attention. She felt a strong urge to taste it. Let her instinct took control, she licked her lips hungrily. Her tongue caught a splash of the yellowish murky fluid. The thick semen reeked of urine and tasted bitter and salty. A combination that could hardly be pleasant in anyone's mouth. However, Amelia did not feel disgusted by it. On the contrary, she found it delicious and fascinating.

After being satisfied, Marco pressed his hands on the floor and tried to push himself up.

"NO! DON'T GO!!!" She screamed. Marco stopped in his track surprised.
"...F...fuck me again..." She stammered.
The warrior smirked and sat back down on the floor.
"If you want it, then beg for it..." He teased, knowing he had complete control now.
".....Please..." Amelia started as she struggled to get up.
"Please, fuck me with you big cock again!" She pleaded after getting up on her knees. Marco felt even more empowered after hearing the lustful plea.
"Make me hard with your mouth..." He ordered as he leaned back on his arms and spread his legs.
"But I've never done it before..." She reluctantly replied.
"Put it in your mouth and suck!" Marco stated his demand firmly.
"And no hands..." He added.

Looking straight at the semi-hard meat rod, Amelia got on all four then crawled her way to it. Inexperienced, she opened her mouth awkwardly and stuck out her tongue to lick the slimy tip. She somehow found his penis mesmerizingly delicious. As she bent down further to try and suck it but her loose blouse would slide forward and get in her way. Without hesitation, she straighten back up and pulled it over her head. The unneeded top was tossed to her side as her bare perky breasts revealed boldly to her rapist. Amelia rushed back down to try and get his cock into her mouth. She opened her mouth as wide as she could while whacking her tongue around aimlessly. Then with one lucky stroke, she whisked the hot rod in to her mouth. Afraid to lose it, Amelia closed her mouth tightly and started sucking on the glans eagerly. She pushed her head even further and gobbled the entire semi-hard rod into her mouth. The taste and pungent smell of cum on his dick drove the young fighter crazy with lust and hunger. She gluttingly licked and sucked on it. Marco let out a soft moan as his penis quickly expanded and filled up her small mouth. Once fully erected, Marco pulled her head up by her red hair and looked straight into her dazed eyes.

“You are allowed to ride me now…” He gave her permission.

Her face brightened, like a kid being allowed to play, she jumped on to his crotch and quickly hovered her drenched slit over the tip his hot throbbing rod. Amelia put her arms around his neck then lowered herself down slowly. She trembled and exhaled loudly as the round head spreaded her labia apart and disappeared inside her. Within moments, her lower lips had swallowed the gigantic cock whole. The young fighter shuddered violently as intense pleasure swept over her extremely sensitive body. Amelia started to instinctively rock her hip back and forth. The mushroom like glans rubbed against her g-spot every time she rocked back. Each time she was sent near a shattering climax and each time it would vanish. Consumed by pleasure, the fighter swung her hip back and forth faster and faster while squealing at the top of her lungs. Marco, nearing his limit, leaned forward quickly and grabbed her ass with his right hand. He caressed her round breast with his left and suck on her pink nipple thirstily. Amelia let out loud moans, her momentum broken, as shiver coursed down her spine. Her pussy tingled and tightened as massive love juice flooded her womb and gushed out of the stuffed pussy. The masculine warrior grabbed her butt with both hands and slided her up and down his long stick. He lifted her up until the entire shaft is exposed then, in one massive thrust, pulled her down with all his might. Amelia was sure that she would have had many numbing orgasm from just that one thrust but, yet again, she was left empty and unsatisfied. The warrior continued his tremendous thrusts as he was bringing himself to climax. Her bodily fluid splattered all over the floor and the sound of their colliding flesh echoed across the room. Marco gave the final shove all the strength he possessed before letting out a loud moan. The number of orgasms that Amelia could have reached from this brutal fuck session would send any woman to insanity. Each thrust could have taken her to paradise multiple times and she had been ruthlessly pounded over a hundred times for the passed two hours. The warrior meat rod twitched and throbbed, as he gave another loud moan, before releasing his load. He hugged her slender body tightly against his chest as he cried out in pleasure. Amelia could feel hot liquid jetting into her uterus. Her hunger seem to subside a little as she felt another urge to climax. Expecting to be disappointed again, she let it roll. The pleasure swiftly built up and instantly peaked. Then to her pleasant surprise, all the mind blowing climaxes that vanished were returned to her. She was overcame by an endless stream of one tremendous orgasm after another. Amelia felt like her body spasming as clear hot fluid shot out of her stretched out pussy like a broken dam. Amelia screamed and cried uncontrollably as she felt pleasure much more powerful than anything she had ever experienced. The elite fighter fell to the floor, seized by an unending lust, lost control of both her mind and body.

The rapist stood back and watched as his prey lost herself under intense pleasure. He grinned wickedly. Marco never expect things to go so smoothly. He had just fucked an elite fighter twice and even ordered her to suck his dick. The warrior looked out the window and saw that the moon is just coming up on the horizon. He still have plenty of time enjoy the young fighter tonight but just fucking her would not be enough. He had much more things installed for her. Marco quickly get dressed and leave the room. Before he left, the warrior took a peek at the still shuddering and moaning fighter and grinned. Hot liquid continuously squirted out of her pink slit as her lower body bounced up and down fiercely from endless climaxes. The door slowly shut, as the helpless fighter drowned herself in nearly two hundred orgasms in continuous succession. The lock clicked and Amelia was sealed away from any interruptions.

To be continued in Chapter 2 (The Fall)

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