"And ye shall seek and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart" Jeremiah 29:13
Amanda leaned in and kissed me. I know a lot of people say kissing your sibling leaves you with a weird taste in your mouth but I didn’t find that was the case. If anything, it was just like kissing any normal girl.

Big problem? She was my sister.

I twisted my head away but her hands held it firmly in place as she mashed her lips against mine. She was grinding her pussy against my dick like she had the day before only now there was only one layer of clothing separating my cock from her pussy and her wetness was more obvious. Her tits were squished against my chest, two soft pillows against my rock-like pecs.

My cock twitched and I forced myself to think about something completely un-sexy. Like Amanda trying to have sex with me. That about fit the bill.

Amanda pulled herself back and pouted. “You could at least put in a little effort, Jack.”

“Well, I’m not going to,” I snarled, “Let me go.”

“Or what? You’ll tell on me?”

At this point I was considering just about anything. It’s not like the situation looked any different than it really was. “Maybe I will,” I said.

She sat up on me and ran her nails lightly down my chest. “Go right ahead,” she said, “Call for mom and dad.”

If she thought I wasn’t really going to do it, she was mistaken. I opened my mouth to call them but before any noise could come out, Amanda was cramming something into my mouth. Something made of cloth. It pressed my tongue down and stuck just before it entered my throat.

“It’s my panties,” she whispered, “I’d have you eat me out but since you don’t seem to be in the mood, let’s call this good.” She got off the bed and slipped off the rest of her teddy, leaving her completely naked in front of me.

I didn’t want to admit it, but up-close Amanda was even sexier than I had seen before. Her tits, though not fully grown yet, still hung out proudly with their small pink nipples as a peak. Her pussy was completely shaven and her legs were smooth as silk. Her whole body looked smooth and, were she someone else, I would love to caress her body. If she were Kayla…

She saw me looking at her body and smiled. “Do you like what you see, Jack?” she asked, running her hands all over her body. She moaned and bit her lip as her hands caressed her breasts, trailed over her flat stomach, and disappeared between her thighs. She closed her eyes and moaned softly. “Oh, Jack,” she said in a breathy voice, “I’ve wanted you for so long.”

“Since when?!” I roared. Or tried to roar. The panties in my mouth made it difficult to form words.

“You’ve wanted me too?” she said, sliding a finger along her pussy, “Jack…mmmm, Jack…that gets me so wet.” She slid a finger inside her and arched her back, throwing her breasts out. “Mmmmmm…I can’t wait until that’s your hard cock deep inside me. You’re so much bigger than Alan…ohhhh, Jack…”

She might actually be insane. Either that or there was something seriously fucked up going on with her taste in men. Thankfully, I still had managed to avoid getting hard. If I could just keep it like this, maybe she’d give up.

She noticed my flaccid dick and didn’t seem deterred. “Awww, is he not ready to play?” she asked with a grin. She slid onto the bed, drawing her pussy along my leg and leaving a trail of wetness behind. “But that’s okay,” she said kindly, “It’s your first time. You’re nervous.” She brought her face down to my groin and smiled up at my. “I know how to make you relax.”

I knew what she was going to do but I couldn’t do anything about it.

She stuck her tongue out and drew it slowly up the length of my cock. It didn’t feel much like anything at first; if anything, it just felt like a wetness being drawn up along my length. But once she got to the top and swirled her tongue around the head of my cock and shuddered. I never realized just how sensitive it was and her tongue was licking and flicking along every sensitive point until my cock started to react. I was using all my willpower to try to keep it down but this was the first blowjob I had ever received. I wasn’t prepared for how distracting and, I’ll admit it, amazing it felt.

Amanda wrapped her hand around my growing length and continued to lick it up and down. When I was at half-mast, she smiled sweetly up at me. “I told you,” she said, “He just needs a little encouragement.” She opened her mouth and slowly started to take my dick in her mouth.

The best way I can describe the feeling is to have you remember your first blowjob. I could feel my eyes roll back as her warm, wet mouth encircled the top of my dick and slowly applied pressure. She drew back up, keeping her lips closed tightly around the head and then went back down, even further than before. One hand was wrapped around my growing dick, sliding down to my balls when her mouth came down, while the other was lightly running her nails along my thighs. It felt good. Hell, it felt great. She must have had plenty of time to practice with Alan.

It took a few minutes but she finally managed to get my entire length into her mouth. She took a long time to come back up, sticking her tongue out from her bottom lip slightly to trail over where her lips had just been. When she got to the head she stopped, keeping it in her mouth as her tongue swirled around it again like a lollipop.

It was amazing. It was wrong and I was still trying to fight but…fuck me, it was an amazing feeling. Years of jacking off to porn, imagining it was someone else’s hand, was nothing compared to this.

Amanda was twisting her hand on my cock as she sucked me faster. She was even making sexy little sighs and moans as she blew me, her other hand fondling my balls. Finally, and despite my best attempts, I was fully hard and very close to cumming. I think she could tell, since I was breathing fast and clenching my hands, and she drew her mouth off my cock. “Yummy,” she said with a giggle, “I’ve never gotten so horny just from a blowjob before.”

She slid up my body so that my cock was resting between her pussy lips. The first thing I noticed was just how wet and slick it was. It was like having soaked velvet caress my dick, as arousing as her mouth had been. She leaned back and moaned. “Ohhhh, Jack…yessssss…”

She looked towards the window and then grinned down at me. “Too bad your dream girl can’t see us. Maybe next time we’ll move the bed to the window.”

If nothing else, the thought of Kayla seeing me with Amanda made my muscles surge with energy. I thrust up and twisted and bucked as hard as I could, trying to throw Amanda off. She held on tightly, stunned by my sudden show of energy. “Whoa, big fella,” she said, slightly breathless, “Wait until I get you inside me.”

I shook my head so hard, my brain rattled in my skull. This isn’t how it should be. This isn’t how I wanted it to be. I thrashed and fought and buckled and struggled but it was no good; I was fastened tight. I was hyperventilating now, which was made slightly more dangerous by the fact that I had something blocking my air. I fought and fought and fought and fought until I had exhausted all my energy. Then I fought some more.

It was no use. Amanda held on tight, looking down at me with confusion.

My head fell back against my pillow. I tried catching my breath, tears rolling down my cheeks. Amanda actually looked concerned and took hold of the panties in my mouth. “No shouting, okay?” I nodded weakly, tears still streaming down my cheeks.

She pulled the panties out of my mouth. “Please,” I whispered, “Please don’t. I beg you.”

“Jack, I love you,” she said, putting a hand on my cheek, “And you love me. Don’t you want to lose your virginity to someone you love?”

“Yeah, but you’re my sister,” I hissed, straining my head up, “I want to lose it to someone I actually care about.”

She stared down at me, looking more hurt than I’d ever seen her. It was like I had shot her puppy in front of her. I immediately realized I had said it the exact wrong way. “Amanda, I didn’t—”

She got off me, grabbed the handcuff key, unlocked one of my hands, then threw the key on my chest. “You can get the rest yourself,” she said brusquely, picking up her teddy and stalking out of the room. I thought she was going to slam my door but she had enough self-control to click it shut silently.

I unlocked the rest of the handcuffs, leapt out of bed, and locked the door. I put my back against the door and slid down, my head in my hands. Holy shit…did that just happen? It wasn’t enough that she had tied me down and given me a blowjob, I actually liked it. I mean, I didn’t like that it was from my sister, but the blowjob itself, I’ll just say it, it felt amazing. If only it had come from someone else…

I felt bad about what I had said to Amanda, at least the way I said it. What she was doing was so, so wrong but I didn’t want her thinking I didn’t care about her. I did love her, she was right. And because I loved her, I was willing to sit her down and talk to her about this. I half considered including Alan in on the conversation but I figured the fewer people who knew about this, the better.

I hid the handcuffs in my closet and slipped into bed. God damn. Craig was gone, for now, but now I had Amanda to deal with. Wonderful.


My phone buzzed before my alarm rang, waking me up.

Kayla: Good morning, Jack Attack ;)

I rubbed my eyes and shook my head. The memory of last night was still hanging around and felt even more surreal this morning. More than anything, I wished I had someone to talk to about it. But who exactly can you have a conversation with that starts with the phrase, “Hey, my sister just blew me and wants to fuck my brains out.”?

Me: Good morning. I’ll think of something for you soon, I promise.

Kayla: That’s perfectly fine! Excited for today? ;)

Me: You know it! When do you want me to pick you up?

Kayla: An hour? If that’s okay?

Me: So around 9?

Kayla: Sounds great! Whole day out!

Me: Lol yep! What do you wanna do first?

Kayla: I’ll think about it. Feed yourself and get ready for fun!

Me: See you soon!

I was alone downstairs for breakfast. Mom and dad had the weekends off so they were probably sleeping in. Alan wouldn’t roll out before noon and I highly doubted Amanda wanted anything to do with me at the moment. Chewing my cereal, I realized that I should have been more firm with Amanda. I mean, yeah, she should have listened to me when I said, “No,” but if I didn’t keep running away, maybe she wouldn’t have felt led-on. I should have sat down with her and told her, “No, I don’t want this at all and if you keep coming after me, I’m going to put you in your place.” What her place was, I have no clue.

Ugh, if only girls were as easy to understand as guys. With guys, we throw a couple punches and then go out for a drink. Girls…I just don’t know.

I was dressed, Gamestop application in hand, and ready to go five minutes before nine so I shot a quick text off to Tara.

Me: Hey coz, guess what?

Tara: It better be something awesome if you’re texting me this early. :P

Me: Remember the girl I was telling you about?

Tara: The one dating the douche?

Me: Well, she dumped him. :)

Tara: That’s pretty awesome.

Me: And I’m hanging out with her all weekend! :D

Tara: That’s double awesome! :D :D :D Way to go coz!

Me: Lol thanks. I hope I end up being a better guy.

Tara: Coz, don’t even think about it that way! You’re better than almost every guy I know! She’s lucky to be hanging out with you. :)

Me: Thanks, Tara. You’re awesome.

Tara: I wanna come visit you soon so I can meet her.

Me: You’d like her.

Tara: If she likes you, then I will like her. Now I’m going back to bed. Let me know how it goes!

Me: I will. Love you, coz.

Tara: Love you too.

It was a little after nine so I put my phone away and left the house. I was walking over to her house when I saw her get up from the porch and come out to meet me. “Good morning,” she said, giving me a hug. I was a little surprised by the hug but pleased at the same time.

“Good morning,” I said, giving her a smile, “How are you feeling?”

“Excited,” she said, bouncing a little, “I haven’t really had the chance to get out much since I got here. Unless you count…well, let’s not think about that.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” I said, escorting her to my car, “What do you wanna do first?”

“Just drive around,” she said, looking around, “We’ll find something fun to do along the way.”

“Sounds great. Don’t know how much will be open this early,” I said, opening the car door for her.

She nodded thanks to me. “Then we’ll have plenty of time to just drive and chat.” That sounded great to me. I got in and turned on the car. “And Jack?”


“Thanks for being such a gentleman.”


I drove us around for a couple hours, just showing her the different stuff we had around town: the ice cream shop, the bowling alley, various restaurants. I never really realized just how much I knew about every place until I started talking about it. Once I ran out of stuff to show her, I parked us at the mall and we just chatted for a while. I told her about growing up as the triplet that didn’t fit in the trio, growing up in the area, and how Joe and Brad and I had gotten so close. She asked dozens of questions but none of them were too probing or personal. She was genuinely interested in everything about me.

I was just as eager to learn about her as well. I found out she’d moved quite a bit during her life, courtesy of her dad working for the Navy on submarines. He was retired now and working for a government contractor. Her mother, who I still had to meet, worked as a political coordinator. “Word of advice,” Kayla said, leaning close, “Never bring up politics around my mom. You won’t get free.” I nodded, noticing her beautiful scent again. Was that really just her body smell? Wow.

Around noon I shot a text to Joe and Brad, telling them to meet us at Chipotle. They showed up at almost the exact same time we did, grinning like baboons at seeing the two of us together. “How’s the date going?” Brad said, leaning down between the two of us.

Kayla and I both blushed. “Guys…” I groaned between my teeth.

“Ignore him,” Joe said, shoving Brad aside, “Took too many shots to the head.”

“And you took too many shots to the mouth,” Brad replied, shoving Joe back. Kayla was leaning against the wall, she was laughing so hard.

We all got thick burritos and sat outside since the weather was so nice. Brad was an athlete so he was used to eating large quantities of food quickly, my appetite was almost as big as my metabolism, and Joe could polish off a pizza like it was nothing…but Kayla managed to beat us all. We watched in shock as she stuff huge chunks of her burrito in her mouth like it was a bag of chips.

She tossed the last bite into her mouth, belched loudly, then gave a contented sigh. She noticed us staring and frowned. “What?”

“How…did you do that?” Brad asked, pointing at her like she was a ghost.

“Well, you have these things called teeth, that mash your food. Then you’ve got your jaw muscles that can—”

“How did you eat that so quickly?” Joe asked, astonished, “I’m barely halfway through mine!”

She shrugged. “I was hungry.”

“Damn right you were,” Joe said in an admiring tone. I was admiring how she could eat that whole thing and still have such a great figure.

“Oh, how was the party last night?” Kayla asked, picking at her teeth.

Joe and Brad both heaved a heavy sigh. “Great…until the cops showed up. We were hiding in the bushes for three hours until we could get back to our cars.”

“Sounds like a fun adventure,” she said.

“At least you weren’t hiding in the water,” I said.

Joe grimaced. “Some of them did. More than a few wet their pants waiting for the cops to leave.”

“That shouldn’t matter,” Kayla said, trying not to smile, “They were in the water, so who cares?”

“You still have to give them shit for it,” Brad commented.

The guys and I finally finished our meals and stretched, letting our shirts ride up our full bellies. “Wow,” Kayla said, eyeing my midriff, “You pack that somewhere else?”

“Where do you think he gets his fat ass from?” Joe asked. I hurled my napkin at him and he caught it, grinning.

We said our goodbyes, promising to hang together again soon, then drove off. “Where to now?” Kayla asked.

I glanced at the clock. It was around one. “You mind if I toss in a quick job application?”

“Sure!” she said happily, “Get you all employed and making the big bucks.”

“Pffft, where can a sixteen-year-old guy make big bucks these days?”

“On the street.”


“Yeah,” she said, poking me, “You could strut your fine self down the sidewalk, hollering for a sugar mama.”

“The hell?”

“Come on. Handsome guy like you?” She wrapped her arm around mine and leaned in. “I’d match your price.” Well, now…

We pulled up to the Gamestop and I turned to her. “You can come in, if you want.”

“You wouldn’t mind?”

“Why would I mind? I’m just tossing in an application.”

She grinned and got out. We walked to the store. “You’re a gamer, huh?” she asked.


“You play co-op?”

“Sometimes,” I said, stopping and turning to her, “Are you a gamer too?”

“Sort of. On occasion. Challenge me to Super Smash Bros and I’ll have you begging for mercy.”

I put a finger to my lips, pretending to be mystified. “Where have I heard that boast before? Was it when you crushed me at sit-ups?”


“Or when you butchered me at pull-ups?”

“Keep going and there will be a butchering.” I laughed and we entered the store.

The guy behind the counter, a short guy with a goatee whose nametag designated him Paul, recognized me. “Got something to pick up?” he asked.

“Got something to drop off,” I replied, sliding my application across the counter.

He glanced over the application and the qualifying attributes I had listed. “You know, just buying lots of games doesn’t make you ready to sell them.”

“Good thing I know everything about them.”

He dropped the application and leaned forward. “Oh, really? Name of the bad guys in Mass Effect.”


“City in Bioshock.”


Bioshock Infinite.”


“Voice of Tenpenny in GTA: San Andreas.”

“Samuel L. Jackson.”

“Biggest update to the latest Madden game.”

“Trick question. The series hasn’t evolved since 2003.”

Paul nodded in approval. “Not bad,” he said, making a note on the application, “I’ll pass this on to my manager.” He looked over my shoulder. “Your girlfriend need anything.”

I turned to see Kayla scanning the racks of games. “We’re good,” I said. Girlfriend. He had said she was my girlfriend. She wasn’t, at least not yet, but it was a nice feeling all the same.

“What did they say?” Kayla asked as we were leaving the store.

“He’ll pass it on to the manager,” I replied, holding open her door.

“They better hire you,” she said when I got in, “I’m a girl with expensive tastes.”

“Yeah, my wallet’s feeling the effect of that right now.”

“Oh, Jack, I’m sorry!” she said, looking a little distressed, “I didn’t mean to have you blow all your money.”

“It’s cool, I still got some left. What do you want to do next?”

“But I feel bad if you don’t have much cash left…”

“I got enough. What do you wanna do?”

She twisted her hands guiltily and looked up at me. “I haven’t been bowling in a while,” she said quietly.

“Bowling it is, then!” I said cheerfully as I pulled out of the driveway.

We played five games at five bucks each, which effectively drained the last of my cash. However, it was worth it to see Kayla having the time of her life. I had never seen her so cheerful, so energized, as when she was hurling the ball down the lane. She had the cutest little bounce as she watched her ball get closer and closer to the pins and the cutest little pout when she didn’t get a strike. I hadn’t played in a while, either, so we both worked away the rust on our techniques together.

In the end, she managed to score the win because my stupid fucking shoe slipped right at the end of my walk, causing me to toss a gutter-ball. Kayla was doing a victory dance all the way out to the car. “Who wo-on? Who wo-on?” she chanted, “Me! Me! Me! Me! Oh yeah…oh yeah…”

“Having fun?” I asked, strapping on my seat belt.

“I don’t know. Does winning count as fun?”

“Does walking home count as fun?”

She pouted again and slid close to me. “You wouldn’t do that to me, would you Jack?”

I sighed. “Of course I wouldn’t. You know that.”

“Yes I do.” She smiled gratefully at me. I smiled back.

I would have loved to take her out to dinner but socioeconomic disparity (read: no cash) meant I had to axe that idea. I apologized profusely, promising her dinner as soon as I had started raking in the ‘big bucks’. “Well, until then,” she said, pulling out her phone, “I’m going to ask my parents if you can come over for dinner.”

“You sure that’s okay?”

“It will be if they say it is. I don’t mind, of course.” She batted her eyelashes at me. I grinned to hide the fact that my heart raced when she did that. I think the word for what I was feeling is ‘smitten’.

We got halfway to her house when her phone beeped. “They would love to have you over,” she said happily.

“Awesome! Hey, do you mind if I run back to my house really quick before coming over? I want to change into something more appropriate.”

“You’re fine. Just because my dad’s former military doesn’t mean you need to pull out the fancy suit.”

“Well, just to say hi to my folks, then.”

“I can come too. I’d like to say hi to them again.”

I was more than a little uncomfortable with her being anywhere in the vicinity of Amanda but with my folks around, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. “Sounds good.”

My dad was waiting in the living room when I opened the door. “Oh, you do still exist,” he commented dryly, “I was beginning to think I had just imagined you until now and you vanished without a trace.”

“Ha ha,” I drawled. Kayla giggled.

Dad sat bolt upright when she came into view. “Hannah!” he called, “Jack’s brought one home.”

I heard my mom squeal with delight as she ran in from the kitchen. “Kayla!” she said happily, coming in for a hug.

“Hey, Mrs. Harrison!” she said, feeding off her enthusiasm, “Hey, Mr. Harrison! How are you guys doing?”

“Excellent,” my dad replied, giving me a sly look, “Did you guys have a good time today?”

“We did,” she replied, “I invited Jack over to my place for dinner. I hope that’s okay.”

“Absolutely,” dad said airily, “We’ll actually be able to get seconds for once.”

“Har har,” I sighed. It was exactly like introducing a girlfriend to the parents, even though she wasn’t my girlfriend yet.

“Oh, how did tossing in the application go?” dad asked.

“The guy said he’d pass it up to his manager. So we’ll see.”

“All righty.” He eyed the woman, who were deep in a rapid-fire girl conversation and said, “Jack, can I talk to you in the kitchen for a second?”


He leaned against the kitchen counter, arms folded. “Do you know what’s going on with Amanda?” he asked.

Ice water spread down my spine and into my belly. “What do you mean?”

“She doesn’t want to come out of her room,” he said, looking up at the ceiling, “We’ve had to bring her food and she’ll barely eat anything. Alan’s been trying to get her to open up all day but…” He spread his hands.

They didn’t know. Well, that was a start. “She was a bit subdued yesterday,” I said, “But I don’t know what could have got her like this.”

“Me either,” dad said, tapping his chin with the fingernail on his thumb, “I’ll admit I’m not an expert on teenage girls, but this? Something’s happened and she doesn’t want to tell us.” He looked at me. “Maybe she’ll tell you.”


“I’m running through our options, Jack. I’ve tried, your mom’s tried, and Alan’s tried. By process of elimination, that means it’s your turn to try. Heck, maybe Kayla can try since she actually is a teenage girl.”

That possibility sounded as appealing as shoving my head in the garbage disposal. “I’ll try, but I don’t know why she’d open up to me.”

“You’re her big brother.”

“By ten minutes.”

“You’re still the big brother.” Her voice, saying the phrase ‘big brother’, floated into my head and I shuddered.

But I still reflected that it would be a good idea to have a talk with her. I know, I know, you’re wondering why I’d want to go anywhere near her after last night. Well…she’s still my sister. I love her and, even if she is marginally deranged, I want her to be happy. If that happiness means just ignoring the fact that she and Alan are porking each other then so be it. At least she’ll forget about me.

“I’ll see what I can do,” I promised.

Dad gave me a hug. “Thanks, big guy,” he said, “Now get out of here. You’ve got an impression to make next door.”


Mr. Hannigan was the picture of jollity when I came over, insisting on shaking my hand with both of his. “How’s the jaw?” he asked. I frowned, confused. “Kayla told us about yesterday. You took a punch for her?”

“Oh, that,” I said, waving my hand vaguely, “I’m fine. He won’t be.”

“You took him apart?”

“No, he’s just facing the harsh punishment of the high school education system.”

“Basically, a slap on the wrist,” Kayla said bitterly.

“If he gives you any trouble,” Mr. Hannigan said, rubbing his fist, “I’ll have a talk with him.”

“Thanks, dad,” she said, giving him a hug, “But I’ve already got a knight in shining armor.” She linked her arm through mine.

“Awww,” said a woman’s voice. A short, friendly-looking woman came into the room, drying her hands on a towel. Mrs. Hannigan, since it couldn’t be anyone else, looked completely dwarfed by her husband. She had Kayla’s dark blonde hair as well as her blue eyes, though hers were tingled so they appeared more hazel than blue. In fact, seeing Kayla with her parents, the mixture made sense. Kayla had gotten her facial structure from her dad (no, it wasn’t as pretty on her dad) but the finer details from her mother.

Mrs. Hannigan finished drying her hands and then extended one. “Mary Hannigan,” she said in a chipper tone, “Nice to meet you, Jack. Sorry we didn’t get to meet you when your parents came over.”

I shook her hand. For such a small woman, she had a very strong grip. “Sorry about that,” I said, “Kayla’s been teaching me the ways of the extrovert.”

They all laughed. “You won’t be much of a shining knight if you’re introverted,” Mrs. Hannigan said, leaning against her husband. He looked like he could put her on his shoulder and still have room to turn his head. “My knight in shining armor learned that quickly.”

“He looks more like a tank in shining armor,” I commented. They all laughed again.

“Awwww, daddy’s just a big teddy bear,” Kayla said, hugging her dad tightly.

“He wasn’t much of a teddy bear when he thought I was Craig,” I said, following them into the dining room.

Mr. Hannigan drew out a chair for me, frowning. “Anyone tries to mess with my girl will find that ‘pain’ has a very broad range of applications.” He leaned down close to me. “Anyone.”

“Don’t worry,” I said, firmly, “Anyone messing with her when I’m around with be swallowing his own teeth.”

Mr. Hannigan clapped me on the shoulder, buckling my knees. “I like this guy.”

“I like him too, dad, but not with broken kneecaps,” Kayla said, watching me rub my knees.

Mrs. Hannigan (she insisted I call her Mary but I couldn’t get the hang of it) had made a pasta casserole that was absolutely delicious but what struck me in particular was how straightforward it was. My mom would throw in random fruits, vegetables, and sometimes dessert products for her culinary experiments. To eat something like this, where you weren’t constantly wondering what was in it to give it that ‘odd’ flavor, was a refreshing change of pace.

Mr. and Mrs. Hannigan were genial and inquisitive hosts. They decided to forego the ‘intimidate the guy the girl brought home’ part of the dinner and went straight into the more general questions, basically the stuff I had talked with Kayla earlier about. I had fully expected Mr. Hannigan to be the dominant presence, for his size if nothing else, but I found that Mrs. Hannigan stood out more. Her giant of a husband looked to her like a student looks to a teacher, trusting her completely. When she spoke, whoever she was speaking to suddenly became the most important person in the room. There was no one else for that moment.

Kayla stayed silent for most of the meal, smiling at me whenever I answered her parents’ questions. I tried to get her involved in the conversation, feeling bad that she was silent at her own dinner table, but she just shook her head whenever I spoke to her.

We finished up the meal with a dessert of fudge brownies and vanilla ice cream. Once I had polished off my plate and wiped my mouth, I said, “That was amazing, Mrs. Hannigan.”


“Mary…Sorry, I’ll get used to it.”

“Well, keep coming over here and it’ll get easier,” Mr. Hannigan said with a wink.

“I’d be happy to come over more as long as I’m wanted.”

Mrs. Hannigan laughed. “Don’t ask us, Jack. There’s only one person who can decide that.” She pointed at Kayla.

Kayla blushed and tossed her hair. “Well, I suppose he can come over again. And next time I might not even have to get a day out from him first.”

I reached under the table and poked her right in the thigh. She jumped and yelped. Her mom laughed. “If you two are going to get touchy-feely, we can leave.”

I looked up and blushed. Kayla took the opportunity to jab a finger in my ribs, right on my most ticklish spot. I yelped even louder than her and jumped to my feet. “Ohhhh, you’re gonna be fun,” Kayla said with her eyes narrowed mischievously.

“Don’t scare the boy off,” Mr. Hannigan said, waving me back into my chair, “Not this one, anyway.”

“I’m just kidding, dad,” Kayla said, rolling her eyes.

“So, Jack,” Mrs. Hannigan said, suddenly sounding like she was conducting an interview, “Why do you like Kayla?”

Oh, damn. Wasn’t expecting that one, at least not the first time over. Kayla looked stunned as well, but also very curious. I had three pairs of eyes looking at me. It may as well have been three sniper dots aimed right at my head. If I screwed this up…

I took one look at Kayla and knew I wouldn’t. I couldn’t, not if it was about her. “Mrs. Hannigan…Mary…honestly, that isn’t a short-answer question. I like everything about her. Her face, her hands, her hair…everything. But if you’re asking what makes me attracted to her…that’s more complicated. It’s not just one thing. I can’t narrow it down and say, ‘I like her because of this one thing’. Gun to my head…I like her because when I’m talking to her or hanging with her, I don’t feel like I have to be someone else. I feel like…who I am is exactly who I need to be. I haven’t felt that with anyone else. I like your daughter…because she is who she is.” I was rambling but like I said, it was a complicated thought to get out.

Rambling or not, it had a powerful effect on Kayla’s family. Her parents were staring at me as if I had sprouted a third head and Kayla’s jaw was almost to her chest, her eyes misty. I was confused and a little concerned by the reaction. “Is…that okay?” I asked, “Did I say it all right?”

Kayla got up, put her arms around my neck, and hugged me to her midriff. “Didn’t I say he was the sweetest?” she said softly, an edge of tears to her voice.

“I’m starting to see that,” her mom said, “Jack…you are…what’s the word I’m looking for, honey?”

Mr. Hannigan shrugged. “Unusual?”



“That’s closer.” Mrs. Hannigan came up and gave me a hug as well. “How many girlfriends have you had in your life?”

“None,” I replied.

“Now, Jack, it’s not polite to lie to a lady,” Mr. Hannigan admonished.

“I’m serious. None.”

They stared at me again, like a third head had joined the second. “Are the girls around here stupid?” Mrs. Hannigan asked, “Or just blind?”

“I think they’re teenagers,” I responded. Kayla and Mrs. Hannigan looked confused. Mr. Hannigan nodded in understanding.

I helped them (over many protests) clean up and do the dishes, only stopping when Mrs. Hannigan claimed Mr. Hannigan needed to work on his domestic skills and shooed Kayla and I out of the room. We sat in the living room together.

“They love you,” Kayla said happily.

“You think so?”

“I know so. Dad’s never had such an easy time talking with any of the guys I’ve brought home before?”

“How many is that?”

She thought. “I’d say around none-your-damn-business-teen,” she said, sticking her tongue out at me. I aimed a jab at her ribs and she rolled away. “Stop! I’m ticklish!”

“I fail to see the incentive to stop,” I responded, grinning wolfishly.

“How about a punch to the balls?”

I crossed my legs. Seriously, ladies, that threat alone is enough to hurt them.

“Good,” she said, sitting back down, “Say Jack?”


“Do you think Craig is going to come after me?”

I chewed my lip. I had thought about it myself. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s been turned down but since she was obviously important to me… “I don’t know,” I said, “But if he does, he’s going to have to go through me.”

“Awww, thanks,” she said, snuggling up to me, “I’m sorry I spent so much time with him.”

“Don’t be,” I said, “You didn’t know.” I almost mentioned what he had planned to do but held my tongue back. That information was now moot, thankfully.

“Well, now I know,” she sighed, running a hand through her hair, “Thanks for always being there for me.”

“Of course! I’m not going to let you down.”

“Never gonna run around and hurt me?” she sniggered. It took me a second, then I got it. That fucking song. Damn it, now it was stuck in my head!

I glanced at my watch. It was almost half past nine and, even though I didn’t have school tomorrow, I didn’t want to impose any more than I had. “I think I better be heading home,” I said, giving her an apologetic smile.

Her face fell. “Do you have to? I don’t mind staying up for a little while.”

I glanced toward the kitchen and lowered my voice. “I don’t want your parents to think I’m a lurker or something.”

“A lurker?” she said, a sly grin spreading across her face, “Mom! Dad! We have a lurker in the living room!”

“Just get the broom and swipe it away, honey,” Mrs. Hannigan called back.

“Well, that’ll look lovely. Me getting chased out of your house with a broom the first time I come over. What’ll the neighbors think?”

“I think those neighbors,” Kayla replied, pointing toward my house, “will love the show.”

We laughed. “Thanks a lot for letting me come over,” I said.

“Of course! And I better get a visit to your house soon!”

“I think I can swing that,” I said, grinning, “You ready to get some hardcore homework done tomorrow?”

She pretended to barf. “As long as we stay away from English, I’ll be fine.”

Lord of the Flies, right?”

She shuddered. “Yeah.”

“We’ll figure something out. What time do you want me over?”

“Anytime after I wake up works for me.”

“And when do you wake up from your beauty sleep?”

“Har har. I’ll send you a wake-up text.”

“Or I’ll send you one.”


We both stuck our tongues out at each other. “I’m going to probably get a quick workout in the morning and then shower so…I might be over after lunch.”

“You trying to show off?” she asked with a wink.

“Just like staying active.”

“Good for you,” she said approvingly.

She gave me a tight hug at the door and kissed me on the cheek. “Thank you for a wonderful day,” she said sweetly, “It’s what I needed.”

“I needed it too,” I said, “See you tomorrow!”

“Bye.” She waved to me until I was out of sight before closing the door.

I’ll admit, I had a little bounce in my step. Were I of a mind, I might have even been humming as I crossed our lawn. It’s that inflated feeling your get after an amazing date (whether or not today technically counted as a date didn’t matter) when you feel like you’re the king. And maybe I strutted a little. Just a little bit.

I thought back to what Mrs. Hannigan had asked; how I had not had a girlfriend before now. The truth was, and this was the romantic in me, I didn’t want one just so I could place the label on a girl I knew. I was waiting for ‘the One’, I guess you’d say. Yes, I’ve seen dozens of movies and TV shows that disprove the existence of ‘the One’ but if you’ve got the hope there, then you’ve got the will to wait. And I had waited. And it looked like that wait was going to pay off.

Just maybe.

No lights were on in the house, presumably because mom and dad had gone to bed and the twins…were in their room. I wondered about that. Would Amanda still want Alan after she had come on to me? Some of the stuff she said, like me being bigger than him (yeah, that did stroke my ego), led me to believe she may not want him anymore. Or, at least, not as her main fuck toy. With me booting her out, was she going to go back to him?

Poor Alan. He’s still completely oblivious.

I crept up the stairs, knowing that Amanda would be using whatever voodoo magic she had to sense my presence. As always, the crack at the base of their door let a little light spill out into the hallway and, as I got closer, I could hear the faint slapping as Alan thrust himself into Amanda. I didn’t even feel the temptation to stop and look this time. I walked right by the door.

The slapping suddenly stopped and I heard, faintly, what sounded like crying. I stopped. I heard, again very faintly, Alan say, “What’s wrong, Amanda?”

“Nothing,” she responded, just as quietly, “Keep going.”

“But if you’re—”

“Keep going.”

The sound of his thrusts started up again and I could only imagine how uncomfortable it must be in there now.

I closed my door softly and ran my hands through my hair. Amanda had tried to seduce me, she’d handcuffed me to my God damn bed, she’d blown me, ignored me every time I said ‘no’, and was perfectly ready to have sex with me.

So why exactly was I feeling like an asshole?

I turned on my light and looked over to Kayla’s window. She seemed to be cleaning up her room but she stopped when she noticed my light coming on. She waved cheerfully to me and I waved back. She dropped everything she had (probably creating even more of a mess) and picked up her cell phone. A few seconds later, mine buzzed.

Kayla: You look good even from far away.

I blushed fiercely and gave her a wry smile.

Me: Don’t you mean ONLY from far away?

She got the text and then glared up at me, shaking a fist.

Kayla: Don’t do that, Jack. You’re a handsome guy! Really! I agree with my mom. How have you not had a girlfriend before now?

Me: I just never found the one I wanted to be my girlfriend.

Kayla: So does that mean you never went over to a girl’s house for dinner?

Me: That is correct.

Kayla: Awwww, does that mean I am the one? ;)

I stared at that text for a while, debating on how best to answer it. Or rather, gathering up the courage to answer it the way it should be answered.

Me: I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have it be :)

I sent the message, my heart pounding in anticipation, hoping it didn’t seem to forward of me. The few seconds it took to reach her phone felt like an eternity, the instantaneous delivery of the message still somehow too slow. Finally, she looked down at her phone and then covered her mouth with her hand. She looked up at me with an expression that, from a distance, was only shock. I gave her a small smile, still worried that perhaps it had been too much, too soon.

She was typing on her phone.

Kayla: Jack…do you really HAVE to work out tomorrow?

Me: Lol this Greek god body doesn’t maintain itself.

I watched her shriek with laughter.

Kayla: Well, Mr. Adonis, I’m going to be twiddling my thumbs over here waiting for you so you better hurry through it.

Me: I’ll go as quick as I can. Promise.

Kayla: Thanks :)

Me: Well, I’m going to hit the sack. Sleep tight!

Kayla: Don’t let the bedbugs bite! Good night, hun <3

She gave me one last wave and a dazzling smile before she closed her curtains. I dropped my phone and stripped. I decided to forego the shower tonight, still on edge from Amanda’s ‘surprise’ this morning. Speaking of Amanda, I made sure to lock my door and, as an afterthought, dragged my beanbag chair over to give it some extra protection.

I slipped in bed, one eye watching the door warily. Even if she hadn’t managed to have her way with me, she was forcing me to make a fortress out of my own room. If this was going to be how it was for the rest of my life, I was looking at a long few years.

Thanks, Amanda.


First thing in the morning, I downloaded Lord of the Flies onto my Kindle. While I was waiting for it to load up, someone knocked on my door. I stiffened. If it was Amanda, it might be worth having a baseball bat in hand, just in case. I dragged the beanbag chair out of the way, unlocked the door, and opened it to find that it was not Amanda but Alan.

“Hey, Jack,” he said in a subdued tone, “Can I talk to you?”

“Uh…sure,” I said, letting him in. I was instantly on guard; had Amanda finally told him that I was aware of their relationship?

Alan beat his fists together, looking like he was having trouble getting the words out. I leaned against the wall, arms folded, and waited for him. Finally, he turned to me. “Jack, there’s…a girl…”

“From what I understand, there are many,” I replied.

“Come on, man, don’t be an asshole. There’s a girl that I really care about and…I feel like she’s slipping away from me.”

“Okay…” I said. I had to be careful. I knew he was talking about Amanda but I couldn’t let him know that I knew. Ugh, even thinking sentences like that gets my brain confused.

“I mean…” He waved his hands vaguely. I knew he was also trying to figure out how to continue the conversation without revealing who the girl was (*cough* Amanda *cough*). “She’s amazing. She makes me feel…amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever cared about a girl this much in my entire life.”

“What about Amanda?” I asked, hoping that would help with the illusion that I knew nothing about their relationship.

Alan colored. “Well, maybe except for her,” he said carefully, “But…Jack, can I tell you a secret?”


“Promise it’ll stay secret?”


“This girl…I’ve been having sex with her.”

Nooooooo, a sarcastic voice in my head said. “Really?” was what came out of my mouth.

“But lately…she hasn’t been much into it. Hell, last ni…last time we did it, she was crying for half of it. I don’t know what the heck to do, man.”

“Did she say anything?”

“No! She refuses to talk! Fuck, Jack, I don’t want to lose her. I’m going out of my mind trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong and how I can fix it!”

He looked so distraught and down that I couldn’t help putting a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Alan,” I said soothingly, “If you care about this girl that much, sit down and have a talk with her. If she feels the same about you, she’ll be willing to hash it out and find the source of the problem.” That source being, of course, me but he didn’t need to know that.

“What if she doesn’t want to talk?”

“Then you may need to find someone else.”

His face fell even more. “I don’t know if I can.”

“Sure you can! You’re a freshman! You’ve got four years to chase as much tail as you want!”

“Is that what you do?”

“Naw, that’s just what other people do.”

“Maybe I can start talking to Kayla,” he said thoughtfully, looking over at her house.

I squeezed his arm until he was thrashing in pain. “Dibs,” I said.


Alan left, scratching his head, and I changed into my workout clothes. So Alan and Amanda were on the outs…all because of what happened yesterday. Or, more accurately, what I had said to her. I wasn’t upset with the outcome but I thought, perhaps, there may have been a better way I could have said it. Panic and fear for virginity don’t exactly make for a lucid mind. I was going to have to talk to her as well, though she may need a few days before she would deign to speak with me.

I finished downloading the book and took my Kindle with me downstairs to the treadmill. As I ran, I started thumbing through the book that was giving Kayla so much trouble. It was a fairly long book, with enough overly-descriptive words and complex phrases to add to the length, but I didn’t have much difficulty understanding it. It’s an examination of human nature, particularly in times of crisis. The same basic idea as Animal Farm, so I had a pretty good base of understanding.

An hour later, I had read a good way in, more than enough to help Kayla with the section she had been assigned. Everything else she might need help with would be a cake-walk. Sweating but feeling accomplished, I went back upstairs and bumped into Amanda coming down the stairs. She took one look at me and quickly scampered down the remaining stairs and out of sight. I wanted to say something, if only to let her know I still loved her, but…How would I say that? “Hey, Amanda, I love you even though you tied me up and tried to fuck me. By the way, don’t tie me up and try to fuck me again, okay?”

And the award for Most Compassionate Brother goes to…

I was climbing out of the shower when my phone buzzed. It was from Kayla. She had not texted me before now and it was closing in on eleven in the morning.

Kayla: Jack!!! You were supposed to wake me up earlier so we could talk :(

Me: I’m sorry. But I just had this mental image of you sleeping, all calm and cute, and I just hated to disturb that.

Kayla: I’ll have you know, Mr. Harrison, that I droll just like any respectable sleeper!

Me: Rawr.

Kayla: Damn it, stop that! I need to keep my blush under control!

Me: Awwww, I make you blush? ;)

Kayla: You know you do!

Me: Well, then I’m doing something right lol

Kayla: You’ve got a major butt-kicking coming to you when you come over!

Me: Well, if that’s what I have to look forward to, maybe I should stay home…

Kayla: I will come over and drag you out by your collar if I have to.

Me: I’d like to see that lol

Kayla: I bet you would. Come over soon! <3

Those hearts were like personal signatures and I smiled every time I saw them.

Once I had showered and dressed, I went downstairs to grab some lunch and found my parents in the process of cooking up some leftovers from last night. “Jack!” my mom said, giving me a hug, “How did last night go?”

“Very well,” I said, grabbing some of the leftover pot pie (I thought it best to just eat and not ask what she had put inside), “Her parents are awesome.”

“You know,” dad said, spooning some cole slaw onto his plate, “If you had come with us a couple weeks ago to meet them, you might be dating Kayla right now.”

I had just taken a bite of the pot pie and it now lodged somewhere in my throat, making me hack and cough. Dad thumped me on the back and I spit some back out onto my plate in the most sophisticated and not-at-all disgusting way possible.

“Honey, he just went out on a date yesterday!” mom said, rubbing my back where dad’s thump had made a bruise.

“I don’t know if it was a date,” I said hoarsely, “It was just a nice day out. We needed it after this past week.”

“Speaking of, you going to do anything about Craig?” dad said.

“Don’t push him, dear,” mom replied, “The last thing he needs is to get in a fight. He’s been banged up enough as it is in just the first week. I don’t want him coming home with new bruises and cuts.”

“But it’s a story each time,” dad said, winking at me. I smiled a little.

I finished up the leftovers, the pot pie being a particularly enjoyable blend of vegetables and shaved lamb meat, and said, “I’m going to be heading next door to do homework with Kayla. I’m not sure exactly what time I’ll be home.”

Mom glanced out the window. “Well, it looks like a storm’s coming in so I’d head over there soon.”

I looked out the window as well. The sky was thick with clouds and I saw the darker smudges of storm clouds on the horizon. “Looks like we’ll be studying indoors.”

“Good,” dad said, “No studying out by the pool. Hard to concentrate if she’s running around in—” Mom picked up a spatula and chased him out of the room. I laughed and put my dishes in the dishwasher.

By the time I had gotten my teeth brushed and my hair combed (even during a study session, I wanted to make a good impression) and loaded up my backpack, the dark smudges had appeared overhead and a light drizzle had started. I slipped on my shoes, said a quick goodbye to everyone, getting a response from everyone but Amanda, and ran over to Kayla’s house.

As I knocked on the door, the drizzle started turning into a downpour, starting just after I had run under the awning of her porch. She opened the door. “Hey, Jack,” she said with a smile, “Beautiful weather, isn’t it?”

“Lovely,” I said, coming inside and taking off my shoes, “I’d work on my tan if we didn’t have work to do.”

“Awwww, but there’s so much we can do on a rainy day,” she said, skipping into the living room, “We can watch a movie, we can play a game, we can just chat, we can—”

“We can get this homework done so we have time to do all of that,” I interrupted, dropping my backpack on the couch.

She put her arms behind her back and twisted her foot in that adorable way she had. “Well, actually…” she said, a little smiling playing on her lips.


“I got all of my homework done already,” she giggled, “Except for the book, which sucks.”

I was stunned. “Then why did you want me to come over?”

“Because you’d be here, with me,” she said, beaming at me, “And my parents are gone for the day so we can just hang out.”

“Where did they go?” I asked. A day hanging alone with Kayla? Thank you, God!

“Some meeting my mom had out of town. Dad went with her because he’s the only one who can keep her awake during them. They’ll be back tomorrow morning.” She was smiling shyly at me.

I looked at my backpack, then up at her. “What did you want to do first?” I asked.

She squealed with happiness and clapped her hands. “How about I give you the tour?”

The tour was fairly short, as one would expect. The house was set up very much like ours (it was one of those template neighborhoods where the construction workers had maybe three different blueprints to work from), right down to an identical porch with a pool in the backyard. Stupid rain. That would have been fun to do.

As she showed me around the house, I became more and more aware of just how close we were. If anyone else was standing this close to me, I’d have to have a talk with them about personal space, but it never bothered me with Kayla. We kept ‘accidentally’ bumping into each other, giggling every time it happened. Butterflies were bouncing around my stomach and I could actually feel myself shaking. God, what was wrong with me?

Finally, she showed me her bedroom. I had only ever seen a little through her bedroom window and, even then, most of the time I was just looking at her. Now I saw that her entire bedroom was a leprechaun’s dream; lime-green walls, a forest-green ceiling, and a pea-green carpet. “Got a thing for green, do you?” I asked, looking around.

“Just a little,” she replied.

Aside from the walls and carpet, there wasn’t much else green in the room, thankfully. Her bed was covered in a rainbow blanket with loops and swirls stitched into the fabric, ending in a pair of sea-blue pillows. Her desk, loaded with papers, office utensils, and a computer, occupied one wall, while a small red sofa took up another. A bookshelf, packed with books of every kind, sat right next to the door and I casually glanced through it. “You read all of these?” I asked.

“Most of them. Some of them are ‘advanced thinking’ books for when I start thinking abstractly, if that ever happens.”

The whole room smelled like her and I was made dizzy by the scent. Even after five days of hanging around her, it still affected me like nothing else ever had. She noticed my reaction and was concerned. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” I said, “Just smells good.”

“I didn’t use anything.”

“I know.” She blushed (yeah, maybe I needed to stop doing that) and gave me a playful shove.

After she concluded the tour by bringing us back to the living room, she offered to get us a couple sodas. While she was out of the room, I looked out the window. The rain was coming down hard, obscuring everything beyond a few feet. The gutters would be flooded by now, creating enormous puddles that passing cars would spray on anyone unlucky enough to be passing by. Honestly, I didn’t care. If I was trapped inside, at least I was trapped with Kayla.

She brought back a couple of Cokes and we toasted, clacking the plastic together. “Well, Mr. Harrison,” she said, straightening her hair-bow, “It’s only two o’clock. What would you like to do now?”

“I seem to recall you claiming you would whoop me at Super Smash Bros,” I replied, taking a drink, “And the challenge intrigued me.”

She nodded. “So we’re starting off today with a healthy dose of humiliation. Got it.”

We went into her family room, where a huge flat-screen TV hung from the wall. As she got the system hooked up (she had an old N64. Hey, if you’re going to play SSB, go classic or go home), I looked out to see that her pool looked close to overflowing. Jeez, Weather Gods, I get it. I’ll stay inside.

She got the system booted up, plopped in the game, and tossed me a controller. “I apologize,” she said.

“For what?”

“For beating you.”

“We haven’t even started!” I said, “And you haven’t crushed me at a single thing yet!” She just smiled in response.

I chose Link (my old reliable choice) while she went for Samus. Classic male vs. classic female. Nice. We chose a random arena and ended up getting dropped into Hyrule Castle. Good, I knew this one well. All I had to do was get her into the tunnels beneath the starting level and I could pummel her until she gave up.

I started tossing out boomerangs, hoping to get her on the defensive quickly. Samus was a slow character and all I needed to do was start juggling her in the air and I could wipe the floor with her. Kayla leapt the boomerangs and started trying to blast me. I rolled away then jumped, spinning to get more altitude. Kayla suddenly did a bomb jump, rocketing her up towards me and hitting me a punch that sent me tumbling to the ground.

I recovered quickly, then tried to move in close so I could grabble her. In response, she blasted me with flames, sending me flying like a flaming comet. I was stunned; how was she doing so well? I looked over at Kayla and saw her grinning sadistically. Oh, damn…

The details of my humiliating defeat are probably best left in my memory. Let’s just say that she had an answer for everything I had planned, stopping my strategies almost as soon as I thought of them. Time after time I was hurled out of the arena after barely being able to scratch her health. I thought myself an expert on videogames and here I was being creamed like I had never held a controller before.

Finally, I dropped my controller and said, “I give.”

Yeah,” Kayla said, jumping up and shaking her hips, “Victory dance!” She proceeded through every lame dance move in the book, somehow making them incredibly sexy without trying.

“You weren’t kidding,” I said, sitting back on the couch, “How many hours have you spent on this game?”

“More than my parents would have liked,” she said, sitting next to me, “Want to go again?”

“How about we just say you beat me again?”

“Now that’s an attitude I can get behind,” she said, ruffling my hair. I poked a finger into her side and she shrieked with laughter.

We did end up playing a couple more games and each time she wiped the floor with me in less than five minutes. I employed every strategy I knew, even resorting to tickling her to distract her, which led to her getting me in a headlock as she threw my Donkey Kong off a skyscraper.

“Are we going to try that again?” she asked, flexing her muscle against the side of my head.

“No,” I gurgled back.

Ten minutes later, I had enough. “I surrender forever,” I said, dropping the controller, “You are the Super Smash Bros champ for life.”

“I know it,” she said, doing another victory dance, “But it’s still nice to hear.”

She shut off the system and we chatted for a while longer, mostly random topics like what my mom might make for dinner when Kayla came over for dinner, how the twins started their Devil Twin act, what it was like for Kayla to move around so much, etc. It didn’t really matter what we said; it was just nice talking with her.

Eventually she heaved a heavy sigh. “We have to go back to school tomorrow,” she whined with a pout.

“Oh, how bad can it be?” I asked.

“Very bad. That stupid book is kicking my ass!”

Lord of the Flies?”

“Yes! Makes…no…sense!”

“Well, I read some of it this morning and I think I can help you understand—”

She held up a hand. “You have the book at home?”

“Well, no, I downloaded it on my Kindle.”

“To help me?”

“Of course.”

She looked at me and smiled. “So what did you find out?”

I explained to her my point of view, how each of the boys in the book represented a different facet of the human soul as well as a different part of human society. Being stuck on the island was akin to be separated from moral control (i.e. God) and what happens when they are left to their own devices. I further explained that the fact that the kids were English schoolboys was almost intentional irony, using what were thought of as the most civilized and sophisticated type of people imaginable to show the degradation of order in society.

I didn’t know how much of this was making sense to Kayla but she never stopped me. She just continued to stare at me with a smile on her face. God, I hoped I was making sense.

Eventually I ran out of things to say and sort of trailed off. “And you got all that from just reading it this morning?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Maybe you can read the rest of it and tell me what it’s about?”

“Now, Kayla, why would I deny you the opportunity to get your own headache from this book? What kind of monster do you think I am?”

“Blahhhhhh,” she droned, sticking out her tongue.

I roared with laughter. “Is that the sound of a whale farting?” I asked when I had caught my breath.

She nodded, trying to keep her own laughter down. “And that’s what I say to your suggestion…blahhhhhhh!”

I laughed again. “Blahhhhhhhh!” I taunted her.

She scooted closer and got right in my face. “BLAHHHHHHHHH!” she roared, blasting my face with breath.

My hands shot forward and caught her in the sides, squeezing her ribs. She shrieked and tried to get away but I was on top of her, tickling her mercilessly as she squealed and giggled and thrashed. Tears were streaming down her face as she roared with merriment, helpless under my hands relentless tickling.

“Stop! Stop!” she managed to get out between bouts of laughter, still thrashing around. I continued, running my fingers up and down her sides to find more ticklish spots.

She finally heaved herself up, almost falling off the couch as she did so. I managed to catch her in time, pulling her back onto it. “Are you okay?” I asked, keeping my hands on her waist.

She wiped her eyes, slightly out of breath. “Yeah, I’m good,” she said, catching her breath and resting her hands on my arms.

Her eyes looked into mine and we both froze. My heart was beating like crazy and I could tell she was experiencing the same thing. She may have been out of breath from the tickling but my shortened breath was for something completely different. I was aware that I was on the threshold of something big, something that could change my life forever.

And I wasn’t afraid. I wasn’t afraid because it was her and me.

Our heads slowly moved towards each other, my eyes never leaving hers. Slowly, our eyes shut. Her aroma was so close, I could have found her even if I was blind and deaf. Suddenly, and yet very slowly, our lips came together.

Heaven. That’s all I can say to describe it. Our lips molded together as if they were meant for each other from birth. I felt the gentle breeze of the breath from her nose brush against my cheek as I pressed a little harder into the kiss. I didn’t want to rush it, didn’t want to get too forceful too soon. It was perfect the way it was and I wasn’t afraid to let it lead itself to where it needed to go.

One of her hands left my arm and slowly slid up to cup the back of my head and press me slightly harder into the kiss. I was lightly gripping her hips, enjoying the heavenly feeling of her lips pressed against mine. I never imagined it could feel so amazing. I wanted to feel it forever. I never wanted to let her go, never wanting to stop kissing her. I couldn’t imagine anything I’d rather do than be here with her, forever. I was almost dizzy with happiness.

After what seemed like a long time, though it may have only been a few seconds, we came apart. “Wow,” Kayla whispered, keeping her hand on the back of my neck and keeping our foreheads together.

“Kayla…” I said softly, taking her other hand.

“Jack,” she said, looking at me with misty eyes, “Thank you. That was…the most wonderful feeling of my life.”

“Mine too,” I said, “I wanted to do that since the first time I saw you.”

She smiled and laughed breathlessly. “I think I did too. I knew I wouldn’t mind it if you had wanted to.”

I leaned forward and kissed her again, this time with more passion and urgency. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I wrapped my arms around her midriff, pulling her to me. Our lips met again and again, each time building the need and desire in both of us until we were kissing as if it was the only way to keep breathing. She leaned against me and I felt a tear slide from her cheek onto mine.

I pulled back from the kiss and looked into her face. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” she said, holding back more tears, “And I’m just sorry it too me so long to realize it.”

“I’m sorry it took me so long to act on it,” I replied, “But you were with…you know who.”

“I wasn’t yesterday,” she said, looking at me with a slight frown, “If you had tried yesterday, I would have been happy to.”

“I wanted to give you some time. You know…if you needed to get over it. I didn’t want to try and move in too quickly.”

She sat up and looked up at the ceiling. “Okay, you’re right. I need some time to get over Craig.” She blinked once. “Done.” She leaned back down and kissed me on the nose.

“Are you sure?” I asked, “Are you ready for me to be your boyfriend?”

“You think you can handle me as a girlfriend?” she said, holding my head in place and narrowing her eyes at me.

“Oh, that’s a challenge I can’t wait for,” I said, hugging her to me tightly, “But are you ready to move on to another boyfriend so soon?”

“Think of it as a palate-cleanser,” she replied, “But if you’d rather not think of yourself as my boyfriend, just think of yourself as a friend I’m going to make out with every chance I get.” She tickled me a little in the side, making me squirm.

“Every chance you get?” I asked, stroking her back.

“Hell yes,” she said loudly, “Like right now.”

She scooted back in order for her face to reach mine. In the second it took her to do that, my eyes wandered to the porch window. The rain was making everything dark, almost as if it was evening rather than early afternoon. Something caught my eye though and I started.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, turning to the window.

“Nothing,” I said, “The rain is just insane.”

“Yes it is,” she said, looking down at me with a sultry look, “Good thing I’m stuck inside with my new boyfriend…or make-out friend.” She thought about it. “Nope, I’m sticking with boyfriend. Jack Harrison, you are my new boyfriend.”

“I am honored,” I said with a grin. I really was. My heart was swelling and I was dizzy with happiness. I could even feel my eyes starting to water a little. I couldn’t imagine any feeling more wonderful than this and I never wanted to lose it.

She noticed my watery eyes and bit her lips. “Awww, sweetie,” she said, kissing me lightly on the lips, “Are you really that happy?”

“I am,” I said, trying to keep my voice steady, “More than I could have ever imagined.”

She didn’t say anything. She leaned down, holding my head gently in her hands, and kissed me again, a kiss so filled with passion that my heart actually stopped beating like a bird in a cage and calmed down a little. This was right. This was perfect.

We kissed for a while longer until she pulled back for air and snuggled up to my chest. “Thank you for being the best ever,” she whispered, nuzzling up to me.

I wrapped my arms around her, amazed at my happiness. I thought back to what I thought I saw at the window, trying to remove it from my head. The joy I felt easily overpowered the trepidation I felt but…I couldn’t shake the feeling that there had been someone outside the window looking in. I had only gotten the impression of a body and a face. A face transformed by rage and hatred.

And it put me uneasily in mind of Craig.


Author's Note:

I know I said this in the last chapter but honestly, the response to that chapter was so amazing and unexpected, I just wanted to say it again. Thank you all for the support you have shown. It really does give me the confidence to continue working. I know this has been kind of a slow-burner but thank you all for reading and enjoying it so much. More to come! Romance, sex, conflict, and drama are assured. Thanks again!

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