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A little background: I accidentally wondered on to this web site and after reading some of the adventures here and I was inspirited to tell one of my stories. This is a true story, it happened 10 years ago. As the story begins, my mother was 28 years old. Her parents are from northern Italy. My mother is 5-4, brunette, blue eyes, slim, 34 c, leggy and very charming. She worked for a major department store in woman’s fashion as a buyer. As the saying goes, apples don't fall too far from the tree, Now that I am her age I am pretty much her ditto. My mom is still single and loves taking trips with the friend she is playing with at the time. She is still competitive with me with men. I have a few stories about mom and me and her friends, but this is my first. This is also my first story on the web. I don't consider myself a writer. Hope you like my story.

My mother and father separated when I was 10. My father was never really a part of my life, I remember him but he never really treated me more than a object child when the need arose. The love I received was from my mother. Unlike others I have know, the divorce was not a difficult problem for my childhood, at least that is my opinion. They didn't fight a lot , he just left one day and never returned. My mother’s reaction did not appear to make me think it was a big deal. I actually thought he would return at any moment. I received a few birthday cards from him at first, but those ended a few years later. Tina, my mother never really told me what happened. They married young (she got pregnant with me at 17) and later she told me, after 10 years of marriage you appreciation the idea of divorce. She has always had a happy go lucky attitude which has severed her well.

About two months after my father left, my mother started seeing friends. She was dating again. She described dating as “seeing friends”. She referred to men she was seeing as friends in an attempt to insulate me from the numerous men in her life, but, I wasn't that naive, I knew more was going on with her friends.

My mother was a very attractive woman. Slim, sexy, charming and she made every attempt to keep her youthful figure. Every morning before she went to work she would work out in front of the TV with a exercise tape. I often would join her in the workout, it was a fun time for both of us. I would often see her looking at herself in the mirror in her panties and bra. She was in her late 20s and looked very youthful. As I grew older we were often mistaken for sisters.

After father left her “friends” seemed to be younger guys, she was a natural flirt and loved attention, even more so from handsome younger men. I think she liked the idea of younger men still interested in her (she is even worse today, but that is another story). What woman doesn't like to be noticed by a young attractive man? As we both got older I became completion for her. I look just like her when she was younger. Men are always attracted to us when we are out together. She became jealous of me at some point. We would be out together at a restaurant and a guy would approach us. At 17, mom was 34, and if I dressed up and mom dressed to look younger we could pass as sisters. So when a guy approached us she was competitive with me, like one of my boy crazy girlfriends. Mom didn't care so much about winning but she hated to lose. But I learned a lot from her in the art of seduction, flitting and how a man’s head works, both of them.

One of her friends was so sexy to me, he was italian and tall, with great physical features and a big flirt. I think he was the first older man I ever thought about sexually. When he came over I would always make sure to wear a skimpy little outfit. He would flirt with me and I really loved it. He made me realize my body had power. Of course it didn't make mom too happy, any attention drawn away from her, even from her skinny 15 year old daughter. But he did make me feel special and I couldn't help from teasing him.

Mom was funny, she could be in the most sexy outfit and if I showed up in a T-shirt, no bra and panties she would have a fit. She hated the competition from the beginning. Masimo would always gaze at me and wink and say cute things in Italian. I didn't really understand what he said but I liked the way he smiled at me and said it. Mom of course would throw me a dirty look , like, don't you have homework or something? Masimo was 26 and a classic Italian stallion.

When I was nearly sixteen I starting fooling around with guys. At first guys my age, then I quickly learned older guys were more fun. Watching mom and her friends was good training for how to handle men and sex. I soon had a 19 year old boyfriend, he had is own apartment. He became my sexual boot camp. He was in college and I would go to his apartment after school and have sex. I learned a lot from him and gained a lot of confidence about my body and sex from my experiences with him. Although he had a nice body and was good in bed I soon realized I needed more. I wanted to not be limited by my relationship. That's the PC way of saying I wanted to be free to fuck other guys! with out feeling guilty about it (LOL). Sorry, I am drifting from my intended story.

I seemed to always be attracted to older men. My shrink says I am looking for my father. I think I just liked a more mature guy. At the time, guys my age seemed like clueless dweebs. Looking back, I am sure I was just impressed by the older guy BS, the money and cars they all seemed to have endless supply. As the story continues I am now 17, still with Bob but we are really just fuck buddies.

Masimo hadn't been around for a over a year. Mom of course had a new friend. She told me Masimo had returned to Italy because his father was ill and she wasn't sure he would ever be back. So she of moved on of course.

It was a Saturday and Mom had gone shopping with her friend Gabby and wasn't expected back till early evening.

The door bell rang .

Masimo was standing on the porch all smiles and compliments so happy to see me as I opened the door. He kissed me on both cheeks and was all excited. He was tan and tall and looked great as usual. “Ciao Bella ! OOhhh my look how good you look ! “ OH , OH ,,,, you look so sexy “ in his cute italian accent. His pale blue eyes set off from his tan face (god, I thought he is so hot).

He asked if my mom was home, he wanted to say hi. He was back from Italy. I lied and told him she just left for the market and would be back in 30 minutes and did he want to come in and wait for her. I told him I was sure she would be excited to see him. He continued to tell me how good I was looking, how fresh and sexy, so much older ! And how my mother must be jealous of her beautiful daughter. He laughed at that like it was our private joke. (What is it about Italian men anyway? )

I really wasn't prepared for a Italian stallion to be with me at that moment and kinda looked not so great for this occasion. But mom’s genes kicked in and I quickly made up a sequel for my fist lie about mom being back in 30 min, that I had a big date that night with a new guy and I was going to get in my bikini and get some rays by the pool. Would he mind waiting while I changed and we could hang out with me by the pool and tell me about his life in Italy while he waited for mom. Of course he thought that was a great idea, Without much time wasted I changed into my smallest bikini with a little sheer beach blouse cover. I walked through the room and he followed me, telling me again how sexy I looked, and what a beautiful ass I had as he followed me to the pool.

Something about italian men speaking Italian accented complements that to this day gets me excited.

We have a small pool in a secluded back yard. It was warm that day and I dropped my beach blouse and towel on the chase. I could feel Masimos eyes all over me. I pretended not to notice. But I was modeling for him, turning around straightening the cushion on the chase, bending over fixing my towel. I sat on the chase and looked over to see him smiling saying “Andrea you were always a beautiful girl but now , but, now you are a sexy woman!” What a difference I see in you!, Que bella donna!”
I smiled and was flattered with all the attention. ( I wasn't sure at that moment what I wanted, but the attraction between us was obvious to me. I knew if I wanted to I could fuck him. I knew guys and I knew how they worked and I was confident I could have him. Part of me definitely wanted to, but part of me wondered if mom found out what complications it would create for me with her. And also I thought, if I fucked him once would that be enough, then what? it was SO confusing, but I was definitely thinking I would love to fuck this guy, he is the kind of guy any horny 17 year would think about, especially in my situation.)

It was July and I already had a nice tan working. Masimo sat in a chair next to me and lit a cigarette. He asked if I would mind if he took off his shirt and take some sun too. His chair was positioned close to my lounge and his view was to me. I watched him as he took off his shirt. He was tan and built with sexy work out pecks and a flat stomach. I told him he had a very sexy chest and he smiled and told me he loved being in shape and he flexed his muscles for me and winked. Seeing his chest was a turn on (I am such a slut I thought, but god what a sexy chest he has) . It was now warming up and he looked at his watch and said , “what do you think happened to Tina?” “Gosh, you know her, I have no idea.” With no warning, stood up and took off his pants He was wearing small white euro briefs that hung tight to his nice butt and you could see the outline of his cock in the cotton brief. He dove into the pool with a splash, his tan toned body swimming a few laps.

He got out of the pool slowly walking towards me, his briefs hung to him like a glove. His cock was very well defined in the thin white fabric. My eyes were fixated on his cock, it was impressive even relaxed (now I really understood why my mother thought he was special!). He stood near me and took a towel from the foot of my lounge and dried himself in front of me. Teasing me as I watched him. He smiled at me and said something in Italian and laughed. He could see me starring at his his thick cock outlined in his brief. I knew he was loving the attention. I smiled at him and said I understand why mom likes you Masimo. He smiled “we are good friends, I like her too, she is so sexy”.

(I knew at this point I wanted more to happen. My pussy was wet. I was pretty certain he wanted me, and I had made up my mind that he really wasn't mom’s boyfriend anymore and I wanted to fuck him and I guessed that if I fucked him once it would not be the last time. I couldn't believe how good his cock looked, it was really thick even just normal. I remember peeking on him with mom, but I never really saw it, just heard her moaning about it. Damn he looked awesome to me)

I've always loved teasing and seduction for the hot rewards it brings, so I was going to see how long I could play this out.

As I unfastened my top, I asked him if he would mind if I was topless, he said of course not, its very european. Then he corrected himself and said I am not sure how your mother would feel about you being topless alone with me. I smiled and said, are you gong to tell her? he laughed and we both smiled.

“I love seeing young beautiful girls topless , it’s inspiring for me, in Italy it is so normal you know “(even when he speaks english, his accent is sexy and charming). I took lotion and put on my bare breasts. I am very confident about them, 32 b with up turned nipples. Guys have always been impressed with my small but sexy breasts and want to touch and kiss them. As I rubbed them with lotion the nipples became hard and stood up. Masimo was staring and smiling at me. “Andrea your nipples and breasts are very sexy, you have really matured in the last year”.. He asked me to rub more oil on them, he said it was so sexy watching me. As I reached down for the baby oil I checked out his crotch. The head of his cock was peeking out of the side of his briefs. This guy was so hot and if mom found out she would kill me, but all of this made it that much more exciting, I put more lotion on my breasts and massaged the nipples, I was getting so horny.

He told me he loved the way my nipples looked, He told me there all kinds of nipples for women but mine were the best in his opinion (i bet he has more than one favorite!). “If anyone knew what good nipples looked like it would be you Masimo”, I responded. We both laughed. “Yes you are right !” he joked.

I looked down at his crotch again but this time I was more obvious about it. The head of his cock was almost fully out of his briefs, his cock was a semi erect. He noticed my stare. “Its only natural I get this way with your nipples exposed to him like this, “If I didn't react to a sexy topless woman I would be alarmed” he laughed. I smiled at him and said “yea I see what you mean”, smiling and looking at his crotch.

“ Andrea do you find a man’s genitals sexy ?” I paused a moment, “ yeah , of course.”
“You know you remind me a lot of your mother”.

“Do you mean that in a good way? “

“Yes of course in a good way, she is a very sensuous woman, and I think you are too.
You have her poise and confidence, its so obvious to me.”

While watching him, he pulled back the edge of his brief so the head of his cock was fully exposed. It was a beautiful head, big mushroom type with a thick ridge. He rubbed his thumb on the head of his cock as I watched. “I can tell you like cock Andrea by the way you have been looking at me.”

I just smiled at him, my pussy was so wet.

He was bigger than anyone I had known. Larger than my boyfriend. It wasn't so long as it was thick with a large head, I kinda knew he was big, but seeing him sitting four feet from me with half of his cock hanging out was making me fucking horny.

“Masimo , you’re so sexy!” He grinned, “Do you like seeing my cock ?” “God yes, I cant believe how fat your head is.”, I tried to be innocent about it, but I was drooling. He looked down at his cock, “your words are making it bigger too”, “God Masimo, your making me so horny”,

“Andrea we better start to be careful, your mom could be back any time, and I just can’t imagine she would appreciate seeing us like this.” Smiling, “I have a secret to tell you . . . . mom went shopping at the outlet near San Diego and wont be home till 8 or 9.” “Aww,. . .. Andrea, you are such a sneeky naughty daughter!” looking at me in a knowing way.

My hand rand down my body to my thong and I put a finger under the edge and slowly rubbed my pussy as he watched. He rubbed his cock watching me. God his cock looked amazing and he was so casual about all of this, I loved how intense and sexual he was. I pulled back my thong a little more so he could see my pussy.

“Oh Andrea, you are so beautiful and seductive, you know at some point you are going to make me lose my cool, I just want to make sure you know what you are doing ?” I just smiled and didn't say a word, my pussy was so wet, I put a finger in and continued to rub myself.

He slid his briefs down his legs and exposed some very large meat. God I was in aww. His crotch was shaved except for a clump of hair above his shaft, his balls were huge and shaved. He held his thick cock in his hand and slowly massaged it as he watched me fingering my wet pussy, my thong pulled over and my shaved pussy was exposed to him. (I couldn't believe all of this, I had thought I was seducing him but now I wasn't sure what was really going on , I realized we were both seducing each other, this was like gasoline on a fire !)

He moved over to my chase and was on his knees, his face near my stomach. He put a finger in my mouth and I sucked on it, licked it. He watched me and put his other hand on my ass, massaging my butt, he pulled my leg up so I was fully open to him. “Andrea . . . I love eating pussy, and yours . . . mmmm looks so good” and he ran his fingers over my lips, “I love young shave pussy the best”, as he put a finger in me teasing me. “God Masimo” I sighed, sucking his finger like a small cock. He started licking my belly and moving down to my pussy. I moved his hand to my breast, and signed, “God Masimo, please . . . . please eat me baby, eat me , I really want it”, his tongue was playing with my little strip of hair just above my pussy, my hands were in his hair. I could not believe how horny I was, I could feel my juice oozing out of me down my crack, I could feel his breath on my pussy. He put a finger deep into me and fingered me. I ve always loved these moments of sex, the foreplay before you explode in lust and he was a master at getting me there. He slowly started to lick my lips at my clit, he pulled my lips open to allow access to my clit, God I was loving it. “Oh Masimo, god you are good baby. . . . eat me please”, “You deserve to be eaten like a princess”, as he licked my clit fingering my wet pussy. He was sucking on my clit and running is tongue in me as I pressed into his face wanting more. I had never had such oral pleasure before. I could tell he loved eating me as much as I loved being eaten. The first wave of orgasm came over me as I held on to his head and came in his face.

I told him I wanted to fuck him and that I didn't want to do it here. I said lets go into my room. He picked me up and carried me to my room. He sat me on my bed and as he stood in front of me I grabbed his cock. It wasn't fully erect but felt so big in my hand. The head of his cock was really large, fat and long, the ridge was really big, it was all big but the head was really impressive. I stroked it and just looked at it, getting so turned on by watching it.

“Andrea, suck me bella, I want to see you suck it” I was holding the base hard and watching the head get bigger. My other hand was stroking the shaft, and playing with his huge balls. I licked the head like a popsicle and looked at him , “I love sucking cock .” and put my mouth around the head of his cock, I sucked the pre cum up and spit it on my hand and rubbed his cock. I looked over and could see our reflection in the mirror, god it was making me so hot. I had both of my hands around the shaft and my mouth on the head and I didn't have all of it covered. He moaned and “Yes bella suck me baby.” He stopped me and laid down on my bed and told me to get on top of him he wanted to 69.. I put my pussy in his face and he pulled my ass to him as he started eating me again. I sucked on his balls and licked and stroked his cock. His finger started playing with my asshole as he fingered and ate me. He told me he wanted me to sit on his face and fuck his face. I turned around and pressed my pussy and hips into his face , riding his tongue, he squeezed my nipples and drove me more insane. I watched him eat me in the mirror, it was like my own private porn movie. I was so turned on.

I grabbed his cock and got my pussy over it and rubbed my pussy all over it as I held it. I wanted to fuck it so bad. I put the head in my pussy and moved around on it, my hands on his chest. “Andrea so good baby” I slowly took in more of his massive meat. “Fuck me Andrea, fuck me good baby, I love watching you on my cock baby.” he now noticed us in the mirror, oh baby you look so good, take all you can, “God Masimo, Its so thick, I love it baby fuckme.” I wiggle down on it, it was half way in and filled me so good. I pulled it out to the head and wiggled on it again getting a little more in me. He held my ass as I rode him. Pushing his hips up to me slowly as I pushed down. I stated to loosen up and I was so wet. I started fucking his cock deeper. He picked me up and put me on the bed his cock still in me. He pulled it out and put it back in me several times. “Do you like my big cock baby?” “Oh yes ! Masimo I love it. Fuck me”,

He pushed my legs back to my shoulders and slowly pushed his cock into me. I started cumming , he could feel my contractions and I told him to please keep fucking me. A huge wave organism was cumming over me. He had almost all of his cock in me and I was having a giant climax. His cock filled me and the pleasure was painful but I loved it. He kept working his rod in me, I couldn't believe it, he didn't cum and he was continuing to fuck me , I was starting to feel like I was going to cum again. “God Masimo, you’re driving me mad !” He was holding my legs up in the air and ramming like a hot piston,

He kissed me and asked if I was on the pill ! What a question I thought, I said the way your fucking me you better hope I am ! He turned me over and had me on all fours on the bed , he was standing at the end of the bed and pulled me into his cock. He teased my pussy the the big swollen head and I could see us in the mirror. He then got on his knees behind me and pulled my ass to his face and ate my pussy from behind , God this guy was too much, then he moved his tongue to my asshole and rimmed it ( I learned later that its called “rimming”, it was amazing) I was begging for his cock, I had never been so hot in my life. I've been hot since then but at this moment I didn't realize that I could be so fucking hot and horny as I became with him. I really became sexual animal with him. After he ate my ass and finger fucked my ass , he put his cock in my pussy and fucked me hard and fast. I watched it in the mirror and it was so hot watching us fuck. He fucked me and unloaded his hot cum in me. I came a 4th time and was totally exhausted from it all. He was spent too and laid next to me. I told him he was unbelievable, and any time he wanted to fuck please let me know. He told me loved my young pussy and cold make a habit of it. I had to ask him, how it was fucking Tina’s daughter. He smiled and said it was very erotic because we are a lot alike but different too. He said it was a first for him to have sex with a girlfriends daughter. I told him I would prefer that my mom didn't know about us. He agreed to keep a secret. I asked him if he came over today to fuck my mom, he laughed and said he was hoping yes. He told me in so many words that my mom was a hot fuck. But i didn't disappoint him. I not sure but I think that was that a compliment?!

We laid around talked he told me his fantasy was to have 3 some with my mom and her friend Gabby. But then he looked at me and said you know I think a better fantasy is your mom and you. I told him that I thought that was not likely of ever happening . . . but . . . said “I could see him with Gabby and me. “ “Aww what a wonderful fantasy . . .” as we both laughed.

“Andrea you look so sweet and innocent but I am glad you are not !”

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For not being a writer you did very well on your first story. Would like to be in Masimo's shoes. My smile would be a mile wide.


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you must forget the pill , you and your mother must become pregnant from one man .the first cum for your mum and the second is for you .
good luck and make the babies with your favorites men.

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