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Originally published on Sex Stories: July 9, 2014

This is a story about loss and moving on. It contains consensual and interracial sex, male/female, alien/human and some weirdness.


Written by

- ObeyU86 (basic theme, chapters I and II)

- Norton X (chapters III to XIII)

I ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"One more time, daddy, please?" Ember pleaded with her doe eyes and heart-shaped lips in a pout. "Tell me about mommy."

Zach Henry looked at his five-year-old daughter, who was the spitting image of his late wife Michelle, and so many emotions filled him. He was still grieving the loss over the love of his life, his lover and best friend. He felt a sadness and regret that his wife never had a chance to see how beautiful their daughter was getting everyday and how his daughter would never know for herself how wonderful her mother was. But most of all he felt anger. Anger towards God for tearing apart his family this way and anger at himself for not being there on time that day. How many times did he wonder if he could have saved her if he'd just come home that much sooner? He didn't save her, couldn't save her. And to add to his torment, his baby girl laid there with her mother's eyes and mess of curls, pouting her lips the same way Michelle did to get her way. The heavens were cruel.

"Not tonight, princess. We have an early start in the morning."

She didn't give him any sass or resist when he pulled her blanket up and tucked her in tight. He picked up a small pink teddy bear off of the floor and tucked it in under the blanket as well. "I'll tell you again tomorrow night, okay?"

Ember smiled and nodded. He ruffled her curls, kissed her on the nose and forehead.

"Get some sleep, princess. I love you."

"I love you too daddy."

And with that, Zach Henry turned off her light, leaving a night light on, and the door ajar.

He walked to the kitchen reaching into the cabinet above the sink, retrieving a bottle of whiskey and a glass. Dragging his feet he walked into the living room. It was getting easier to walk around the house without seeing Michelle in every piece of furniture she had picked out, or in the color of the paint on the walls. He could still see her face and the way she furrowed her brow while they argued over horizontal or vertical blinds. She was so damn beautiful when she got angry.

He sat in the couch in the center of the room and poured whiskey into the rocks glass about half full. He took a swig and relished in the burn. Drinking didn't help the pain much, but if he drank enough, he'd at least get a shot at sleeping without dreaming about her.

He stirred the whiskey with his finger mindlessly and took another gulp, stretched out his legs on the couch, and waited for the drink to take him.

II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Zach was jarred awake by the sound of the phone ringing. He opened his eyes, head aching a bit. Sitting up, he accidentally knocked his drinking glass over and muttered a curse. Reaching over the side of the couch, he picked up the phone on the nearby table.

"Zach, it's momma."

"I know, mom. Caller ID."

"Is Ember ready? I'm just about nearing the house."

He looked at the clock on the wall, held the phone away from earshot, and cursed again.

"No, mom, I over slept. It won't take me long though."

"Never you mind. I'm pulling up now. And stop that cussin', Zach Henry. You're raising a lady under your roof, and I won't have that kind of talk."

"Yes, ma'am. The door's unlocked."

He walked a short way through the kitchen to the front door, unlocking it, and made his way back down the hall to Embers room. Her bed was empty and her teddy bear gone. Zach muttered another curse. She was in his bedroom. He tried to break her out of that habit, but she always made her way into his bedroom to sleep on Michelle's side of the bed. He hated going in there.

Michelle's presence was strongest in the bedroom. Her clothes still hung in their closet and drawers. No matter how many times he had washed the sheets, they still held her scent. He had stop sleeping in there because of it, but at the same time, couldn't bring himself to get rid of her things. He wouldn't let anyone else either; they tried, but Zach would budge on it.

Zach's mother Hannah walked in, and she stopped short when she came around the corner, seeing her son standing outside of his bedroom door. Tears threatened to fall down her face, but she knew she could break down in front of him. She walked up to him and placed her hand in his shoulder.

"Would you like me to get her?"

Zach sighed, shoulders dropping. "No, I got it. I gotta go in there at some point, right?"

He smiled, but when he faced her, she knew it was just a front. His eyes gave him away. He opened the door and walked over to the bed. Ember lay in a little ball like she always did on Michelle's side, hugging the pink teddy with her thumb in her mouth. Her dark curls half-covered her face. He almost didn't want to wake her. Zach smoothed his hand through her hair, pushing it back from her face, and she stirred.

"Hey, princess. Time to get up."

Ember smiled sleepily and murmured something he didn't catch.

"Come on, sweet pea. Nanna is already here."

Ember woke up and wiped her eyes with the back of her tiny hand. On opening her eyes, she saw her grandmother standing in the doorway. "Nanna!" she exclaimed, scurrying out of bed and jumping into Hannah's arms.

III ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Two days later.

Four men filed into the outdoor supplies store. One of them was Zach Henry. The other three were his friends: Ray Chan, Joss Mahad, and Bruno West. They all worked at the same company, and by coincidence, had attended the same college before that.

Bruno turned to the rest of the group and said, "Zach and Ray, you two check out the fishing and sports section, while me and Joss'll check out the gun section."

Zach said, "Fishing section? I thought we came to take pictures of nature and the jab-"

His three friends shushed him quiet before he could complete the word. They looked around the store and smiled at everyone, like a bunch of troublesome ten-year-olds up to no good.

Joss grabbed Zach by the shoulders, looking him straight in the eyes. "We cannot afford to give away the true purpose of our mission here."

Zach calmly replied, "We're a mixed-race group of thirty-somethings, hundreds of miles away from our homes, in the middle of Bumfuck Nowhere, attempting to catch a glimpse of a creature that doesn't exist. There's nothing special about that."

"Oh, there is," Joss said with a familiar look of fanaticism in his eyes. "We're doing this together, as friends!"

"And you're also doing this to help me get my mind off of...." Zach didn't want to finish, but his friends knew. It was a trip to help him recuperate from the loss of his wife Michelle.

Joss squeezed his friend's shoulder. "That too."

"I just don't understand why you and Bruno have to be so stereotypical here," said Ray.

Bruno got into the shorter man's face. "What do you mean by that?"

"Er, well, y'know, you're black and he's from somewhere in the Middle East. Get it?"

"No, I don't get it."

Joss said, "Yeah, elaborate, Ray Cha-cha." He got to the other side of Ray and playfully shoved him at Bruno, who shoved him back.

"Never mind," said Ray getting dizzy from the pushing.

Zach yanked his Asian buddy from between the intimidating African-American and Arab. "Just when it was about to get interesting." He and Ray started off in the direction of the fishing section - not that they would be purchasing anything from there.

Bruno called after them. "You two behave yourselves, especially you, Ray. Don't molest little girls. Just because they're the same height as you, doesn't mean they wanna play. Get it?"

Zach laughed, placing an arm over Ray's shoulder. "Dude, are you gonna let him dis you like that?"

Without looking back, Ray gave Bruno the middle finger. "You don't have to tease me to suck my dick, Bruno. Just get it line."

"Ooh!" said Joss, laughing at Bruno. He made the whip gesture and sound effect. Bruno fake-slapped him before they both turned and made for the gun section.

IV ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Zach was testing the flexibility of a purple fishing rod when Ray cried out, "Zach, duck!"

He ducked and managed to dodge a flying tennis ball, but the blonde teenage girl behind him checking out a spool of fishing line was not so lucky. The ball hit her left boob and she cried out in surprise more than pain.

Zach shot his pal an angry look. "Ray!"

Ray showed a guilty smile. "Sorry, Zach. My bad."

The girl stomped over to him. "Mister, are you old enough to be swinging that thing?" She grabbed hold of the tennis racket, but he wouldn't let go.

Zach shook his head and left the two to argue and wrestle as he made his way further down the aisle.

"Ah, the lures." He picked up a pink rubber squid with a hook attached to it.

As the four friends had journeyed from the city they lived in and passed through two other Southern states, thoughts of Michelle kept floating into Zach's consciousness, but he pushed them aside and focused on his friends and their boyish antics. He felt it was unfair to fall into a melancholic state when his friends had arranged this trip for the sole purpose of keeping him away from that. He also felt ashamed to admit to himself that when he did make the effort to connect with his three pals, he felt a strange kind of sensation and freedom; almost as if he were a kid again. Yes, he could put up with them and enjoy this time; even dodging a stray tennis ball from Ray was rejuvenating in a certain way.

"I don't think you'll find a lot of fish attracted to that particular lure in these parts, mister...?"

"Henry. Zach Henry." He turned, intending to flash a quick friendly smile at this person. But on seeing the person, his smile lasted longer and turned to one of awe at the tall, ebony beauty dressed in a neat, pressed, park ranger uniform.

"Wow," Zach said.

"Wow?" Her smile went up a notch in brilliance.

"Wow, as in, you look fantastic in that uniform."

"Why, thank you, Mr. Henry."

Zach gave her a quick once-over. "So... uh... Would you care to make a recommendation for what lure I should use?"

"Sure." Her eyes scanned the displayed lures. "You're from out of town?"



"Me and three other guys. They're all immature idiots. I'm the only sensible, mature one in the group." He puffed out his chest slightly and took on a more alpha male stance.

The chocolate beauty smiled. "Uh-huh. You boys are all the same."

While she was looking at the lures, Zach took the time to ogle her more thoroughly. She was younger than he was, in her late twenties. He mentally nodded approval on seeing that she had all the right curves. Excellent standing posture and gait, which he was critical about when it came to women. Black hair tied back in a pony tail. Also a wedding ring. Shit. What a bummer.

She handed him a green and yellow fish lure with black stripes. "This should do the trick."

"Thanks." He took the lure and examined it.

"Your finger on your left hand. It looks sore. Is that a rash?"

"Oh." His ring finger. The wedding ring wasn't there. He'd been scratching it constantly ever since Ray had tugged it off during one of his road naps.

"What was that for, Ray?" he had asked.

"Dude, do you think I'm gonna let this little chunk of gold get in the way of your enjoying this trip to the max? If you want it back right now so badly, punch me in the face and I'll peacefully hand it over."

Zach smiled but his tone was serious. "You better not lose it, otherwise, you'll need facial reconstruction when we get back."

"My ring, yeah, you know those immature guys I told you about? One of them stole it from me. I hope there isn't a pawn shop in this town. If there is, there's a good chance he'll trade it for money," Zach said, shaking his head in disapproval. "These friends of mine are so insensitive. I really ought to find new friends, but they'd be lost without me. I just... I couldn't do that to them, y'know?"

She laughed at the fake, earnest manner he was speaking in. "Aw, you're such a sweet guy, looking out for them and all."

They both heard the sound of hard wood hitting the tiled floor with a multitude of things falling and rolling off, followed by gasps and laughter.

"What was that?" said the pretty park ranger. She walked quickly to the beginning of the aisle and Zach followed after.

They found Ray and the blond teen hottie on the floor laughing hysterically at themselves covered by a thick blanket of tennis balls, basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, etc.

The park ranger looked to Zach. "One of your idiot friends?"

"Unfortunately, yes."

V ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In the parking lot, Zach, Ray, Bruno and Joss loaded the goods purchased from the outdoor supplies store and the three women they had picked up as well.

Zach slid the van door shut and put on his seat belt. "Not complaining or anything, but it does feel a little crowded in this van."

"You have the right to voice your complaint, sir," Joss said. "But we also retain the right to not give a shit."

Ray smiled dreamily with his arm wrapped around the blonde teen's waist. "The more the merrier is what I say."

"Your 'more' is sitting in my favorite seat," Zach said.

"Hey, don't talk like I'm not here," said the blonde teen, glaring at Zach. "I'm a person and I've got a name. Ray, introduce me to your homo friend, please."

"Zach, Betty. Betty, Zach."

"Like the character in the Archie comics?"

The look she gave him could have wilted a pot plant. "We're. Not. Related."

"Oh. Kay."

Bruno was driving. In front, between him and Joss, sat a hot redhead, who was introduced as Phoebe, and in Joss's lap, sat a gorgeous Native American woman named Lorna. Phoebe looked somewhat older than Bruno, in her early forties, while Lorna was a perfect match for Joss.

During lunch at a local diner and on the trip to the camp site, Zach couldn't help feeling guilty about his flirting with the park ranger. The only thing she had in common with his dead wife was that she was African-American and quite lovely to look at. He felt as if he and the park ranger could have made a stronger connection in that encounter, but maybe he was expecting too much from this trip. Instead of trying too hard, he would simply let the tide of events carry him along.

VI ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Phoebe asked why they had driven so far from the main park and deeper into the forest that wasn't as frequently visited as the rest of the surrounding area. It was three in the afternoon.

Bruno said, "We read on a blog somewhere that the jaberwocky lives in these woods, specifically in this part, where not too many people venture. We're here to capture it on video."

The women laughed at that, but they quickly realized these men were serious... in a way.

"Really?" Betty looked from Ray to Zach, disbelieving.

Zach motioned to Betty that they were far from outside help - indicating the deep forest - and that he and his three pals were crazy, just to get her worked up. The silent panic written all over her face was worth money. After faking a cough, he said, "Guys, I'm guessing your dates want to be taken back to civilization right now."

"Golly gee whiz, Zach," said Bruno, stopping the van. "If they do, it's a long walk." He winked at Phoebe.

The road literally ended there where they stopped. It was roughly nine miles to the main park area from which this road and the other park roads branched off.

Phoebe tilted her head back and said in a tired voice, "Just my luck, letting myself get picked up by crazy boy campers."

This made Zach wonder if the three females were randomly looking for fun or if they were actually hookers - moderately dressed in jeans and t-shirts - working that outdoor supplies store. "None of you lovely ladies are hookers, right?"

It took Ray, Bruno and Joss all their might to stop Phoebe, Betty, and Lorna from choking, punching and tearing Zach apart. Even as they agreed to set up camp after that ordeal, one, two or all three of the women sought out and took advantage of opportunities to physically hurt Zach as revenge for what he said. At the end of the set up, all four men were tired of the scuffling and consented to start "Jaberwocky hunting" the following morning. They collapsed into their four tents, each with a woman to cuddle with, except for Zach.

"Great way to recuperate, dude," he told himself before dozing off to sleep.

VII ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

He woke up and checked the time on his watch. Eight o'clock in the evening, which meant he had been asleep for about five hours. Zach saw the flicker of firelight and shadows outside his tent. A new voice he recognized was speaking. He zipped open his tent and peeked out to see the beautiful park ranger from the outdoor supplies store give back what looked like an ID to Betty. They were all seated around a camp fire.

"Thanks, Betty. I just needed to make sure you were of legal age, although one day past your eighteenth birthday is still cutting it too close, if you ask me. But that's just my extremely old-fashioned opinion. Don't let me judge you or your friends. And I hate to ask you this, but after you've explained your intentions to me, are you on birth control and have in your possession some contraceptives?"

"Of course," Betty said.

That's a lie, Zach thought. The park ranger wasn't buying that either, but what else could she do? This is where parents come in. But who needs parents when you're eighteen and horny? What if we were a bunch of sickos with nothing against raping and killing these women in this dark forest? It's a fucked up world we live in.

The park ranger rose to her feet. "I'll leave you people now. Be safe. And don't go more than a hundred yards in that direction." She pointed.

"Why?" said Betty, eyes large with worry.

"Vicious wolf packs hunt in that area. If they find you, they'll tear you to pieces and feast on your flesh."

"Yum," said Ray. "For the wolves, I mean."

Zach emerged from his tent and joined the group. "Thanks for the word of caution, ranger."

"Mr. Henry," she said, fixing her gaze on him. Looking directly into her eyes in the firelight was enchanting. He almost lost his balance as he walked toward her. "Your friends will fill you in on the details you may have missed. Are you feeling alright? You look sore and slightly bruised all over."

He shrugged. "Me and the guys got into a friendly fight earlier on while setting up camp."

"Well, don't get too friendly." She stepped towards him and gently placed her hand on his neck, where it was a tad colored. "Was someone trying to choke you to death?"

"Yes, but I had it coming."

She withdrew her hand and headed for her vehicle that was parked some yards away on the road end. "You people take care of yourselves and have fun, especially you, Zach."

"Thanks, Michelle."

The park ranger stopped mid-stride and turned to face him. Everyone else went silent, staring at him.

Oh, fuck me. Zach hated it when he said things involuntarily. This instance was quite embarrassing.

Betty chuckled. "Who's Michelle?"

The ranger saw the look on Zach's face and understood. "Your wife?"

He nodded, gazing hard at the forest floor. His hands came together automatically, and without being conscious of it, he massaged the pink mark around the finger where the ring used to be.

Speaking to Zach, she said, "My name is Barbara, but you can call me Babs." She winked at him.


"Good night, Zach," and to everyone behind him, "Good night, folks."

VIII ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Zach experienced difficulty sleeping. He realized he had been trying for almost an hour and it was now 11:31 PM. He crawled out of his tent and spent several minutes on his back, staring up at the starry sky. The moon worked magic, turning everything in it its light a soft deep blue. Zach felt his soreness and bruises disappear under the lunar spell. His breath came easy with the cold night air and a smile flitted across his face. The yellow glow of fireflies beautifully contrasted the blue-on-black of his surroundings. Zach heard laughter and exclamations of pleasure coming from the other three tents arranged in a circle around the fire pit.

Propping himself on his elbows, he saw the movement of figures inside the tents. Bruno's tent glowed red against the blue world, Joss's tent glowed green, and Ray's glowed orange. Zach focused his hearing and could hear and see the shadow of Phoebe riding Bruno, who laid on his back. The shadow image of her breasts jiggling, while she went cowgirl on him was extremely sexy.

Bruno said, "Yeah, baby. Ride me like that."

"Oh my gosh," said Phoebe. "This is the best cock I've had since high school."

"Really? Tell me about it."

"His parents were Mexican, he had this really sexy Latino accent. What impressed me the most about his cock was its texture and shape."

"Compared to my dick?"

"Yours is bigger and more filling, while his was almost as big, but even more lovely to look at. Knowing it was inside me was the greatest thing ever."

"Okay, I think I'm jealous."

Phoebe made a sound of surprise as Bruno quickly changed their positions and drove his phallus into her missionaire style. Zach saw her legs go up and wrap around Bruno's waist while he penetrated her like a piston.

"What about your ex-husband?"

"Not worth mentioning. Not even a footnote."

Zach turned his focus on Ray's tent, the shadows and the sounds. Ray was reclining and Betty was sucking his cock, the shadow of her head gently bobbing. From the shape of the image, Zach guessed she was sucking Ray sideways along his shaft. He heard Ray groan and reach over to push her head down, causing her to deep throat on him. Betty gagged and coughed. She angrily batted his hand away and continued to suck at her own leisure. Moaning, Ray reached out again, but this time simply clutched her hair above her head in a pony tail through his fist, giving the length of her hair some slack so she could continue to bob her head on his cock. He enjoyed watching her suck him off, working her mouth over his dick and sliding her tongue excellently on that pole.

"Damn, girl."

She responded with a giggle (the sound distorted by his cock in her mouth).

It was a minute more before Ray stood and Betty sat up on her knees. He made a long moaning sound as he jerked his cock in close range to her face. Zach knew his friend was now filling the blonde teen's mouth with his cum.

"Ohh..... Swallow it...... Very good, yes, ohh."

She swallowed and sucked him some more. Zach watched their shadows go at it and then change positions. Betty placed her head down obediently on a pillow, her knees folded beneath her, and her rear put out. Ray took her hair in his fist again, pulling back, causing her to raise her head up, facing forward. Getting behind her, he plugged his cock into that young pussy and groaned, thrusting initially slow but gradually quickening the pace. Zach watched the two temporary lovers fuck each other to orgasm in that position, and then fuck to orgasm twice more in two other positions before falling tiredly in one heap for the night.

Joss's tent wasn't so entertaining for Zach because that night his Arabian pal had decided to stick to spoon fucking and face-to-face, strictly horizontal loving. The best of this Zach saw from the outside was Lorna's leg being raised by Joss's arm and the rest was left to his imagination, which was fine, but not as visually stimulating as the previous two tents.

After watching these shadow acts, Zach felt like urinating and maybe jacking off. He stood up and went in a direction different from the one Babs had pointed out.

IX ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Standing behind a tree, he unzipped and peed.

A wolf howled somewhere. Unsettled, Zach finished his business and zipped up.


The voice came from within his head. He just knew. And he knew who it was, but how on Earth?

"Zach, don't follow me."

What the fuck? "Michelle?" He looked around frantically.


A pale blue foot disappeared behind a tree. Zach went after it. "Michelle, wait!"

He got there and saw no one. Then he saw her several yards up ahead. She was naked and bathed in pale blue light that contrasted with the deep blue on black surrounding forest. He saw her from the rear, that flawless body walking away from him, that perfect bubble ass swaying with her impressive gait. His heart beat wildly as he ran to catch up with her.

She disappeared behind another tree just as he was about to reach her. Zach got behind that tree and looked around to see her facing him from a longer distance away. It was unmistakably her. She was sad for him and smiling to make him happy.

Michelle's voice sounded in his head. "Move on, Zach. I'm never coming back."

"No." His heart broke again and he made a dash for her naked figure standing calmly on the arching root of a large tree. Zach tripped over fallen branches, foliage-covered vines, and tree roots as he struggled to reach the specter of his wife. By the time he got to where she had been standing, he was more bruised and sore than he had been previously. And of course, she wasn't there where she had been.

Without realizing it, Zach allowed this phantasmagoria to lead him in an arc that went dangerously past the very place Barbara had warned them not to venture beyond.

"Go back, Zach," Michelle's voice said, psychically resonating in his mind. "Start loving somebody else. Know that I'll always love you and I know you love me too."

"Michelle!" he yelled weakly, exhausted from the effort of chasing after the phantom.

And as if in response, an aurora of dancing light burst briefly through the trees further ahead. Curious, Zach figured there must be a down slope and valley somewhere there.

He was right. In the small valley, he saw the weirdest thing he would ever see: Michelle's specter surrounded by wolves and walking toward an elephant-sized thing that was both multicolored, rippling flesh and constantly randomized hues of indescribable light and energy; monster and beauty; strangely peaceful and yet projecting a sinister aura. There were no words in all the known languages of this world that could properly define this entity.

As Zach gingerly made his way down the slope, Michelle's voice spoke in his head again. "Why are you here? Go back, Zach. I have to feed the jaberwocky. I don't want it to feed on you too."

The final statement made him slip, causing him to roll down the rest of the slope. When he picked himself up, he had cuts and scrapes all over, including a bloody gash on his chin.

Alerted by the noise, the wolves turned and snarled at Zach, but didn't attack. This thing was somehow controlling them, which Zach was grateful for and seriously worried about at the same time. He sensed a sharp pain in the back of his head. Reaching around, he pulled out a twig that had lodged its end in his scalp. There was the wetness of blood on ruffling his dust brown hair to brush off the dead leaves.

Before him, strands of energy-flesh leaped forth and thickened from the entity's body, reaching out to Michelle. With one final step forward, she stopped and made a star with her body; arms stretched out on either side and feet apart. The thing entered entered her in multiple points with its spindly arcs of energy-flesh. She moaned as her vagina, anus, mouth, nostrils, and ears were filled by the creature, and her body was raised above it to writhe in a strange sexual ecstasy, while it fed from her. Zach noticed that the colors of the spindly "limbs" changed while feeding. That must be the stuff it was taking from her. He wondered what exactly of Michelle's the entity was feeding on.

Michelle continued to twist and writhe in bliss, held suspended in the air by the energy-flesh that was fucking and sucking from her simultaneously. Her voice sounded in his head again. "Zach, please, go! I don't want you to see what happens next."

Zach wondered, There's something worse than watching an alien creature fill all my wife's holes in front of me?

Yes, there was.

A growth emerged from the entity. At first, it was the size of a football, but it grew larger and took the form of a man. The man separated from the creature that spawned him and his naked flesh took on a more human appearance that was covered in a pale blue aura as Michelle's was. He was African-American and took no notice of Zach's presence. Michelle was put down by the entity; its members disconnected from her. Concerned, the man went to and cradled her in his arms.

"Oh, Zach, I wish you weren't here to see this," she said mournfully in his mind.

His heart that was split in two shattered into a thousand pieces as he watched Michelle kiss and make love to this strange man.

"His name is Kenneth. We love each other and make each other happy in this plane between realities. Forgive me, Zach."

"No, no, no, no!" Zach wept bitterly as he watched Kenneth make passionate and tender love to his wife. He had no power to interrupt them or go anywhere near them because of the invisible energy radiating from the creature. The wolves sat upright and alert, on their hind quarters, assembled in a protective circle and watchful as guardians.

When Michelle and Kenneth's hunger for each other was sated, they stood and walked hand-in-hand toward the creature, which absorbed them into itself. Once more, arcs of energy-flesh sprouted from the entity, and this time, came towards Zach. He decided to stand his ground and let it do what it wanted to do. Who knew? It might let him be with Michelle again.

But the spindly arms weren't for him. They went over his head and took hold of a naked black woman standing at a distance behind him, unbeknownst all this time. It was park ranger Babs. Zach watched the creature plug all her holes and fuck-suck her twisting, writhing body suspended above itself.

Unlike Michelle, she didn't communicate with him or was unable to. When the thing was done feeding from her, it set her down, and just like before, a growth emerged that increased in size and took the form of a man. It was Kenneth again. Barbara rushed into his pale blue arms. They kissed and made love, after which, she and he talked for about an hour. He seemed more familiar with her than with Michelle. Zach pondered this and everything that had happened up until now.

Kenneth said a tearful farewell to Barbara before being absorbed back into the creature from which he came. Abruptly, she became aware of Zach's presence and gasped in a ridiculous attempt to cover her full nudity. "What the fuck-"

The thin, spidery legs of energy-flesh shot forth again, and this time, Zach knew they were coming for him. He tensed himself and watched the energies close in.

"No!" Barbara shouted as she bulldozed him to the ground. She continued rolling over past him, fluidly switched to running, and made it to the foot of the slope, where she had discarded her clothes. Zach was on his back when he felt all the energy-flesh limbs of the creature simultaneously penetrate his orifices. He felt the same strange, sexual sensation that the two women before him had felt. Something was definitely being sucked out of him by the creature and now he knew what it was.

Three shots interrupted his bliss. The joints unplugged and withdrew back into the creature. The thing itself disappeared quickly like a mist, and the wolves ran off, freed from the alien's control. It wasn't dead; just gone for a while.

"Are you okay, Zach?" Helping him to sit up, Barbara was still naked, but now she had a revolver in her hand.

"Uh... um... Yeah, I'm fine." Lie. He was frustrated and wanted the creature to fuck and suck him out.

Barbara and Zach heard the snapping of twigs and crushing of leaves underfoot as human figures, who had been in hiding, ascended the opposing slope and some made their getaways in all-terrain vehicles.

"What the fuck is all this?" Zach said, more shocked at the people's presence than the alien creature he had witnessed.

"I'll explain," said Barbara. "First, let me put on my clothes."

X ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Barbara explained everything she could to Zach as she guided him back to the camp. When he told her what he had seen, she was shocked, angered, and more saddened by the unexpected information.

They stood outside his tent and she shrugged. "Oh, well. Good night, Mr. Henry."

"Where are you going?"

"My car is parked further down the road."

He checked his watch. "It's two past one in the morning. Kinda' late to be out driving, don't you think? Why not spend the night here with us?"

"Thanks, but your camp is already crowded as it is."

"Not my tent."

XI ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

That morning, Zach dreamed, recalling what Babs had shared with him....

One night, a meteor streaked through the sky and crashed into the forest floor, making a crater on impact. When the authorities came to investigate, they found nothing, but the bowl-like dent in the forest, as if the meteor had fallen and vanished into thin air.

The first people to encounter the creature were a group of teenagers naive enough to believe that the site was fantastically special, even without the meteorite. There they fornicated. Their lust and youthful naivete convinced the entity to reveal itself. The teens left that site almost completely stripped of lust and youthful, carefree mentality. Their grades improved drastically and they didn't bother with sex until they had completed college and found steady jobs.

Campers within the vicinity reported hallucinations of loved ones they had lost and people or things they were obsessed about. After an experience with this entity, whatever internal difficulties, poor habits, personal issues they were struggling with were taken away from them. Basically, anything you had too much of inside you that was bad was diminished by the alien's power.

Kenneth and Barbara were both park rangers who became partners at work and eventually got into the habit of sharing the same bed. Their marriage was inevitable. He was bitten by a poisonous snake while patrolling the park and died quickly. Suffering severely from the loss of her husband, a fellow park ranger had whispered to Barbara that she could find peace at the crater.

The first night, she saw Kenneth before the creature appeared. She didn't miss him so much afterward, but her sadness over his death was so deep that she had to go back again. The second time, she saw the creature first, let it have its way with her - which was for her benefit - and then finished off the encounter with another very real-like phantasm of Kenneth.

That night, along with Zach, was her third night. Not everyone wants help from the creature. Some merely enjoy watching their fellow townsfolk undress and get fucked by a weird alien. Either way, it has turned into a community pastime that isn't discussed openly. What happens in the crater stays in the crater.

XII ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Zach... Zach... Zach, wake up." She shook him awake.

"Wha- What time is it?"

"Four in the morning, I think."

"Go back to sleep." He turned away and slept on his side.

"I hate waking up stubborn men." She placed something on his face.

"Grrr whatsthis?" He opened his eyes slightly and bolted wide awake. "I don't remember bringing a bra with me." Zach held it up in front of him.

"It's mine."

"Ah." He looked at her and found to his delight that she was naked, just as she was last night in the crater. "I hope you have a really good excuse for this. Wait. Never mind the excuse. This is a good thing."

"I want to talk."

"You have my complete attention, Babs." His eyes roved all over her as he wondered why he didn't make the effort to have sex with her when they first got into his tent.

She took a deep breath before speaking. "Having a creature from outer space get inside my head to fuck me and suppress my issues isn't working as well as I had hoped. And knowing that quite a number of townspeople have seen me get screwed by an alien three times already is not such a turn-on for me. I could use a change of scenery."

Zach scooted over until her shoulder pressed against his chest and they were side by side. "You want to move away from this town?"

"It's more like, I want to move on. Move on from the fantasies, self-deception, pervert eyes, and most of all - Kenneth. He's dead and I've got to come to terms with that, rather than getting a fix every month or so."

"And he's fucking all sorts of pussy, including my wife. Not your ideal husband, I would imagine."

"Your ghostly wife and your friends are also far from ideal, I would say."

"Touche, Babs."

"Zach, I'm sorry."

"It's alright. I was asking for it." He cleared his throat. "So... you're naked and we're alone in this tent...."

"I just wanted to get your attention for this little talk. That's all."

"Oh, um, okay... er... nice talking." He was disappointed and almost wanted to cry.

Babs reclined seductively for a moment, voluntarily displaying her nudity; fondling her own breasts, tracing her index finger around the areolae, rubbing her pussy and parting it for Zach's viewing pleasure. "Like what you see?"

"You have an incredible body, Babs. I've got the erection to prove it."

She saw the tent he was pitching in his pants and smiled satisfied. "Good." Babs put on her clothes and gave him a parting kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for the sleep-over and the little talk. Enjoy the rest of your camping trip, Zach."

And so he found himself alone once again with his thoughts - this time with the added feeling of rejection. Crawling back into his sleeping bag, he impulsively slapped himself in the face as he always did after every failed encounter with a woman.

"Ouch. That hurt."

XIII ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A month later.

Zach visualized his goal, stepped back, scuttled forward, swung and loosed the bowling ball from his grip. The ball rolled down the lane, curved in its trajectory and knocked down all the pins.

"Yay, daddy!" Ember jumped up and cheered.

"Oh yeah!" he exclaimed.

"Lucky shot," said Ray. He, Joss, and Bruno stood at the beginning of their lane with Zach, and their girls for the night were seated on their bench behind them: a Brazilian, an Italian, and an Irish blonde. Zach just had Ember, but he didn't mind so much anymore. Nor did he allow Michelle's memory to dominate his thoughts as it used to.

"Now let me show you how its done on this next one," said Joss, winking at his accompanying blond bombshell.

"Show 'em, baby," she yelled.

Ember constantly looked at the three strange women sitting beside her on the bench. Everything they said and did seemed foreign to her and warranted her scrutiny, except for when they went together to the ladies room. Definitely not normal like mommy or nanna, she thought.

"Ember, is that you?"

The little girl whipped her head around. "Miss Tyler! What are you doing here?"

The three women beside Ember turned to look at the pleasant-faced, fat brunette dressed in jeans and a green, button-up, short sleeve shirt.

"Who are you?" said the Italian.

"Hi. I'm Meg Tyler, Ember's elementary teacher." She offered her hand, which they grudgingly shook.

Ember called to her father. "Daddy, my teacher's here."

Zach turned and saw Meg. "Hello, Miss Tyler. Up for some bowling?"

"Good evening, Mr. Henry. I was, but my group failed to show."

"That's sad," said the Brazilian hottie without empathy.

"Daddy, can Miss Tyler hang out with us?" Ember didn't miss the rolling eyes from her benchmates.

"Well, sweetheart, you'll have to ask her," Zach said.

Bruno punched the air with his fists and shouted, "I totally rock!" when he hit all the pins on his toss.

"Miss Tyler, could you stay with us here?" Ember said eagerly.

"I'd love to-"

The blond cleared her throat in objection.

"-but maybe some other time, okay?"

"Aw," said Ember crestfallen.

Zach turned and hollered at the departing Meg. "Don't let my pals scare you away, Miss Tyler. Join us."

That did it for her. She confidently came around the bench and sat beside Ember, who pushed her babelicious benchmates further along to make room. They weren't too happy about that, but had no choice. As soon as Meg was seated, Ember immediately began whispering in her teacher's ear.

"You're up, Zach," said Ray.

"Here, Miss Tyler. Bowl in my place." Zach held a bowling ball out to her.

"Call me Meg, and I don't want to ruin your record. I'll go on the next round."

"Well, you can call me Zach, and there's no way you could possibly bowl any worse than I have so far. Only one good hit for me tonight and that was luck. Come on." Everything about him spoke encouragement and she couldn't say no to that.

"Okay." She took the bowling ball from Zach and he utilized the opportunity to check her out as he usually did with women he considered "probabilities". He analyzed her body and every movement she made, including her posture and gait, making sure to conduct his ogling with discretion without giving himself away.

Definitely fat, but self-contained; handles her weight well; walks and scuttles with confidence; I could lose myself in her ample bosom and her ass like Alice in Wonderland; she would have no problem wrapping those legs around me while I fuck her missionaire - there's more muscle than fat in those beauties; perfect pretty face; brunette - got no problem with that and I'm brown-haired myself; about the same age; great personality and social behavior from encounters at school; healthy self-esteem; and excellent mother type.

Does she find me attractive and worthy of her time? All factors considered: probably not. Maybe already attached to someone else. Also she either considers herself better than me or incompatible with my type. What a world.

"Wow. Only two pins left standing. Good toss, Meg."

"Thanks, Zach." They high-fived and he almost tapped her ass - he would have bitten off one of his fingers for that.

Two more tosses from Joss and Bruno ended the round, which Ray won again. They invited a group of waiting teenagers to use that lane, and went back to the benches to sit with the ladies. Zach found himself sitting uncomfortably right next to Meg.

Gently stroking the blond beside him, Bruno said, "This is why we don't bet when we go bowling. Ray would end up taking all our money."

"I admit, Ray is a better bowler than I am," said Joss. "But there's one thing he'll never beat me at, and that's the size of my you-know-what." This elicited a minor scream of delight from his Italian girlfriend.

Bruno laughed. "That was uncalled for, but..."

"Ray does have a smaller you-know-what," Zach finished for him.

Everyone on the bench roared with laughter, except for Ember, who didn't understand what they were saying, and Ray, who was not too pleased with the remark.

He looked over at Zach and said, "Yeah, well, I bet you can't do this." And he deep kissed his hot Brazilian girlfriend for half a minute. Ember shut her eyes. "How about that, huh, Zach?" Ray said with lip gloss smeared on his mouth.

"I accept defeat, Ray. You win in that contest too."

"No way. You can't let him win that easily," Meg said.

Turning Zach's head so he was facing her, she kissed him full on the mouth. Oh, man, he thought. Zach opened his mouth and Meg didn't hesitate to put her tongue inside. It was oral chaos for a while, but she calmed him down by running her fingers down his jawline, tracing the carotid artery, and playing her digits in the hollow between his neck and shoulder. Her manner was reassuring and quite sensuous, especially when she placed her hand on his chest and subtly squeezed his pectorals. This completely paralyzed him from the neck down and he allowed her to direct their kissing.

The spell was broken when Joss said, "And that's over a minute now. You win, Zach." Meg and Zach stopped, smiled politely at each other, and then turned to see everyone, including the teenagers, staring at them.

"Yay, daddy!" said Ember.

Bruno got to his feet and announced, "Triple Classic Movie Night at my place, everyone. We'll start with Citizen Kane, then watch Metropolis, and finish off with The Seventh Seal."

Zach's three friends stood up with their respective women attached to their arms. They waited expectantly for him, nudging each other like little boys. Ember prodded her father. "Daddy, we have to go now."

"Meg, would you mind accompanying me to see some movies with my crazy pals?"

"I'd be happy to."

They both stood and he took her hand; she gently squeezed his, building up his confidence again. Ember grabbed hold of Meg's free hand and Meg drew her closer to her side. The little girl giggled happily at the three of them standing hand-in-hand.

Zach nodded to the group. "Alright, ladies and so-called gentlemen. Let's move on."


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I enjoyed the story. It was a little out there, and a little like a space odessy. The writing from both was extremely accomplished and highly descriptive. The entity and the erotic activities description was detailed and imaginative.

Saying that I felt the story was a little disjointed, it started one way then went off at a tangent, and at times I felt like events , people and activities seemed to appear and
disappear with no lead in to and out of them.

Having said that it was still a good read , and the quality of the writing was excellent.
Thanks for the time and effort. Luvsalik.

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Nice story, well written


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Read sort of like a Stephen king tale, you've deviated from the norm on this one. I liked it


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Okay. I liked ObeyU86's two chapters very much. Kind of sad, but nicely done.

Norton's chapters were very weird, but I enjoyed the story.

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