This is my first story. I have drafts of about 30 stories so far, many true. This is by far one of my favorite memories.
This is my first story, I hope you all like it. I have drafts of many stories that I intend to finally share with all of you. Some are are pure fantasy, some are true. Let me know what you think!

What you are about to read is honest to God a true story. It was a very long time ago and maybe my memory embellishes a few details, but I swear this all happened as I remember it.

I was about 19 or 20 years old. On this particular night I found myself hanging out with 3 girls, Karen, Stacy, and Amy all 18 and 19 years old. Two of the girls were friends of my best friend’s girlfriend Stacy and in turn part of our small circle of friends that I hung out with on a regular basis. My buddy Scott had recently gone to Army boot camp for a few months leaving me in a bit of an awkward situation hanging out Stacy and what was really her social circle from her high school, though they had all graduated and were in community college with me. I really had few other friends as most had gone off to other cities and states to 4-year colleges so there I was with Stacy just tagging along to find something to do that night.

This was a time just before cell phones were common, so generally you congregated at someone’s house, coordinated with other friends over the phone, then met up from there. What often ended up happening is that you ended up just hanging out at whoever’s house had the least parental presence. So I ended up at Stacy’s (the center of her social circle) and predictably her best friend Amy joined us. After a half hour of Stacy playing phone tag with people she ended up deciding we would go over to Karen’s apartment to try to drink. Karen had her own apartment (not living with parents.)

Let me back up and introduce these girls. Stacy as I mentioned was my best buddy’s girlfriend, and he was away for a while. They were still together, but in this situation the relationship was a little iffy. Stacy was 5’8”, blond, average looks, and has big hanging (not firm) tits which were sometimes the subject of the occasional joke. Karen is 5’6”, brown hair, above average cuteness, and is single. Since her and I were both single our friends were always trying to hook us up yet that never really happened. Though I was interested in Karen, something wasn’t quite clicking with us and perhaps mutual shyness was preventing us from making a move on each other. Then there’s Amy, Stacy’s friend that I didn’t see very often because she had a boyfriend and Amy is absolutely gorgeous. Amy about 5’6” big tits, and probably like a 9 out of 10 on the looks scale. All of us guys generally drooled over her and talked about how hot she was when other girls weren’t around. She really was abnormally hot for our crowd.

We arrived at Karens bringing a bottle of Vodka. If nothing else we’d just get drunk. We were unsuccessful rallying any other people to join us for a small party, so there I was alone with these 3 girls none of my guy friends were there.

We played some drinking games at first, I honestly don’t remember what, but just lame stuff as an excuse to get each other to drink. Quickly they got bored with that and one of them suggested playing strip poker.

Wait, what? Strip poker? What’s going on? There’s one guy (me) and 3 girls. One of which is (technically) my best friend girlfriend. But we were all a little drunk and who was I to deny a wet dream like this. At least I didn’t have guys in there to be self conscious with. So the game began. Admittedly I was a bit nervous. We sat in a circle on the floor drinking and dealing cards. This wasn’t my first time playing strip poker, but it was the first time with only girls.

We played round after round. Clothing started coming off, initially the socks and shoes. But Stacy changed the rules and said the winner takes off the article from the loser. So the hands kept going and we started undressing each other. Eventually we were all shirtless, the girls all wearing cute sexy bras, and I won a hand. I had to take something off of Karen. The bra was the next logical item. As got close to her to remove it I could smell her fragrance, shampoo, or something, but just smelling this kind of turned me on along with feeling the warmth of her body as I unclasped her bra and removed it off her arms. Of course she smiled (a confident smile, not an embarrassed one) as Stacy made a comment about “first to show boobs.” But otherwise no one made a big deal out of it. They were all acting rather casual and just having fun which put me at ease.

The hands continued as the girls undressed each other and I won again. Stacy’s bra was off and was down to two thigh-high stockings (yes, for real she was wearing thigh-highs) and panties. I took one stocking and carefully rolled it down her leg. It was both awkward and exciting to me. Stacy had a smile on her face and said to the other girls “poor guy, what are we doing to him?”

The game continued and the girls started talking about sexual experiences. Amy told the story about being horny one night, said “I don’t care I’m going to get laid tonight” and randomly picked up a guy at a club for a one-night stand, brought him back to her place, and fucked him but explained how much of an idiot the guy was even though she got what she wanted. The other girls told similar stories.

I lost my underwear and was now totally nude, but not sporting a hard-on (for some reason) my dick looked a bit small and shriveled up. I was a bit embarrassed and knew I had to grow it or face humiliation in the future. The girls didn’t tease or even acknowledge my nudity and the game continued. I ended up with Amy who only had her panties on. She got up on her knees while I grabbed her panties on either side of her hips and slid them down her legs until she sat and kicked them off. The whole thing was seductive and erotic and Amy had a big smile on her face. One of the other girls made a little “ooh, I bet you like that” comment.

The girls continued to tell stories as we played and they were were all totally naked. I was able to grab quick glances as their (trimmed but) hairy crotches as they sat on the floor with legs open and crossed. I could see their pussies, and I was starting to get turned on. Amy had a rockin’ body, perfect large tits. Stacy’s tits were a bit saggy, but her blond bush was exciting to see. Amy was better looking naked than I expected and also had beautiful tits with firm erect brown nipples that looked incredibly hot. I was practically stunned being in this room with these 3 naked women just playing a game casually as if nothing special was happening. This isn’t how imagined a scenario like this would go, but I really was locked in performance anxiety.

Then Amy said “God, I’m just so fucking horny. I have been for days.”

Stacy said, “I know, me too.” They talked about how their boyfriends were gone and they hadn’t gotten laid in a while. Karen admitted that it had been months for her too. They were having this conversation as if I wasn’t even there. I took this as a blatantly obvious cue that I was going to hook up with one of them (as if I needed any more signs.) But I was overwhelmed and intimidated and I had no idea what to do. If it was one girl I’d just go for it, but there are 3. Do I choose one? Won’t that make the others angry or jealous? Do I pick the only (technically) single one or the one that’s claiming to be the most horny? Maybe I should just have sex with Karen since she’s single. But then I don’t care if the other girls are attached, I’d fuck them too. Maybe I pick the hottest one, Amy, and have bragging rights but then again in the back of my head I was always wondering if Karen and I would hook up one day and that would certainly blow my future chances with her. This was really a hard decision.

Panicking, I broke my silence and asked if the girls have ever kissed other girls. They all admitted they had done it before (though I don’t think with each other) and claimed it was “OK” or “sorta fun.” I said, “How about we keep playing and winner kisses the loser loser for like, 10 seconds or something.” They all shrugged and agreed due to lack of a better ideal. Let me remind you that by now we were all really drunk. Inhibitions should be gone if they weren’t, although despite my state, I was still uptight.

The next few hands the girls kissed. Each time they kissed I felt a wave of excitement like I was in a real-life porno. I was in disbelief of the situation and anticipation of what could happen to me tonight, but I kept my cool and enjoyed it. Each girl kissed for about 10 seconds and even kissed open mouth which was extremely sexy and a bit unbelievable. One of them moaned a sort of “yum” a little indicating she was enjoying it and confirmed to the other “you ARE a good kisser.” Amy then commented that “this isn’t helping my horniness one bit!” By now my dick had grown, but was not full size or hard for reasons I can’t explain.

Next I had to kiss Stacy (my buddy’s girlfriend) and we did. We leaned forward while sitting in our spots on the floor and kissed. Except I kissed her longer and made it a deep, passionate kiss for about 30-45 seconds. It was a really hot kiss. There was more kissing and the kisses got longer and more exciting, the girls kisses still only about 15-20 seconds but kisses with me were a full minute or so and these girls were starting to go nuts. I half expected them to just start masturbating right then and there.

Stacy changed the rule again, now it was winner does something to me (the boy) or a girl commands me to do something to one of them (a girl..) Winner’s choice but always me and a girl as if to say “enough of this girl on girl shit, let’s get fuck the guy.” If I win, I pick a girl and do something to her. I don’t remember how she phrased the rule, but that was the outcome.

So we played a few more rounds and I kissed each of the girls a few times on the lips. But then Karen won and said “kiss my pussy.” I crawled over to her, she spread her legs while leaning back, and I kissed her pussy right on the clit. She moaned grabbed the back of my head and pushed it into her. I pushed my tongue between her labia and gave her pussy and clit a few good licks. She let out a few good moans before stopped to return to the game.

“Nice job, Karen,” Stacy commented and winked as if to admit a conspiracy. Then Stacy exclaimed “Success!” She pointed down to my crotch where I was porting a full-blown raging hard-on. It was the first acknowledgement of my penis. Stacy said, “Wow, you’re much bigger than Sarah described!” Sarah was another girl we all knew I had sex with a few times, clearly she fucked-and told. “She said it was big, but I didn’t think it was that big.” Amy agreed that I was “of ample size” and Karen just laughed at what the others said.

The next few rounds were just the same, a time of “at least 30 seconds” was set on each action. I’d eat a girl out for 30 seconds, or they would suck my cock for 30 which was crazy by the way.

Again, there’s one of me, 3 of them, and I really wasn’t sure what the right way was to handle escalating this. So I came up with a totally new game. “I have an idea, how about you blindfold me. I lick each of your pussies for 1 minute, and see if I can accurately guess which girl is which?”

Stacy said, “Yeah, good idea, except 69, you on the the bottom. If you guess right, you get to fuck someone. If you get it wrong, you have to jack off in front of us and give us a show making yourself cum, but only after you eat each of us to orgasm. One way or another we have got to cum.” The other two girls, now horny as hell, both nodded in emphatic agreement.

“OK, deal,” I said. It was obvious I’d win since I had now tasted all 3 of their pussies and they had all sucked my cock at least once.

So they blindfolded me, I lay on the floor and one girl straddled my head and lowered her damp pussy onto my mouth. Instantly I could smell the intoxicating musky fragrance of Amy’s pussy. I felt the hair of her muff against my nose as my tongue slid inside her slick wet hole. I felt her warm wet mouth take my cock in and started sucking it. I licked the juices from her pussy, then started licking her clit. I licked and sucked on her clit as she moaned and writhed her hips above me. As she got more turned on I felt my cock go further into her mouth and eventually she was swallowing the head in her throat. This felt incredible, her pussy was insanely good, but I felt like I was no where near ready to blow and Amy was slowly but surely working up to orgasm.

Then one of the girls apparently pulled her off. Still unable to see, the next girl straddle my face and lowered her musky damp pussy onto my mouth. It smelled and tasted like Stacy. Again I licked the juices from her hole and then worked on her clit licking and sucking it while she sucked my cock expertly like a whore. I could tell that my best friend must have her suck his cock regularly for her to have this kind of practice. Knowing him he would make her slob is cock and call her a whore until he blew in her throat.

Off came Stacy and on came Karen. Karen's pussy smelled and tasted kind of sweet. She must eat a lot of fruit? Her cock sucking technique wasn’t as well refined. However I worked her pussy more enthusiastically than the other two since I figured she gets it the least. She was moaning and bucking her hips while I worked that clit.

Off came Karen. I sat up, removed the blindfold. The girls all looked flushed and their heads were in a haze of pure lust. They were clearly so horny I could do anything I wanted at this point. I could have easily just slipped my cock in any one of them and started fucking them raw without hesitation.

My mouth and nose were glazed with the juices of 3 horny cunts as I asked, “Amy, Stacy, then Karen. Am I right?” They smiled and confirmed as if relieved as they all seem like they were desperate to be fucked.

Then Amy said, “Let’s move to the bedroom. I hope you’re ready to fuck!” We followed Amy to the bedroom where there was a queen size bed.

For reasons I don’t know, maybe because Karen got the least action, maybe it was because they were always trying to fix us up, but Amy said “You and Karen first.” It was a logical choice that didn’t take much thought. I really wanted to fuck (and cum inside) Amy, but but at this point I was just happy to be in this situation.

Standing next to the bed, I put my arms around Karen, held her close, and started making out with her. Our bare bodies pressed against each other, her tits smashed against my chest, and my hard dick pushing against her hair muff, I kissed her deep and passionately with the smell and taste of 3 pussies on my breath. I worked cock so the head was between her legs rubbing against her clit and pussy. I could feel the wetness of her inner lips lubricating the top of my cock. One move would have slipped right inside her. I believe the other two girls simply sat on the bed and watched.

Karen broke off the kiss and said “Lay down on the bed, loverboy. I want to be on top!”. I lay on the bed, Karen straddled my hips and lowered herself down onto my raging hard cock. As the head divided the lips, I could feel the warmth and wetness of her tight pussy swallow my cock whole. As she lowered herself down in one motion she let out a loud “oooooh!”

“Don’t come too soon.” Karen begged.

“I’ll try to last as long as you all need me to. And I can go again after that.” I said. I wasn’t lying, I was so drunk that I wasn’t even sure if I could cum, then again I’d never fucked 3 girls at once.

“Oh please let it be so. I’m so horny!” Amy commented. As Karen started bouncing up and down on my cock, I reached over to Amy and pawed at her arm. She leaned over and started kissing me with her open mouth. “Slap, slap, slap” was the sound echoing through the room as Karen’s ass smacked against my thighs each time she slammed herself down onto me. Karen had thrown her head back and her eyes were closed as she bounced on my cock. Her body looked amazing and her bare tits bounced as she rode me.

“Oh, you’re so tight, you feel so fuckin good Karen. You’re so beautiful, fuck me” I encouraged her. Then started kissing Amy some more. I broke off the kiss again and said “sit on my mouth, Amy.” Amy straddled my face and lowered her pussy onto my mouth. Now I was eating Amy while Karen rode my cock. Both were moaning. I was living a pure fantasy almost disappointed to know this may be a once in a lifetime thing. I could feel Stacy near me on the bed as I played with her tits. I pawed at her until she got the message and move her pussy to within arm’s reach so I could finger her pussy while the other two girls used me.

Karen started grinding enthusiastically alternately with bouncing deep and hard. She was working up to an orgasm. I put my hands on her hips, gripped her hips, and helped hammer her pussy from below. This was the final push she needed and started to cum. Just as she came she slammed down and ground her clit into my pubic bone with my cock buried deep. She came, her pussy muscles spasming around the base of my cock. I could feel a gush of wetness as she came screaming out “ah! ah! ah!” Amy got off my face and karen collapsed on my chest with me still inside her. I gave her pussy a couple of gentle thrusts, then pulled out.

Stacy got on the bed on all fours and said “My turn, fuck me doggy!” I got up behind her and entered her cunt. Karen laid on the bed exhausted and recovering while Amy got behind me and pressed herself up against my back (hugging me from behind) while I fucked Stacy. Looking down I could see Stacy’s ass spread, her pussy lips stretched lewdly around the thickness of my slimy cock. She seemed so slutty and whorish. I fucked by best friend's girlfriend hard and fast. She instantly started cumming and as she came I just powered through her orgasm and kept hammering her hard.

“Yeah, give it to her, give it to her!” Amy moaned in my ear from behind still hugging me from behind. Stacy came again but this time it seemed to be one one continuous intense orgasm for about 3 minutes as I fucked her as hard and fast as I could. Finally I started getting tired, my abdomen and legs started to cramp, and I had to slow down. Stacy buried her face in the pillow below me. I got up on my feet and pounded my cock into her hard and deep for about a minute as she screamed out from the deep pounding while yelling “oh fuck me deep! fuck me deep! Yes!”. Then I pulled out. Stacy took her place on the bed to lay there and recover.

Amy said nothing. She just got into doggy position and I entered her from behind. I was a little tired so I didn’t go very fast. I just fucked her deep at a steady pace for about 5 minutes while she moaned. Then I pulled out and she layed on her back, spread her legs, and invited me in. I moved between her legs and entered her missionary position. Amy wrapped her legs around my back as I fucked her as deep as I could. He pussy was so warm, wet, tight, and inviting that I couldn't help the fact that I knew I wanted to cum in her but I also wanted this to last and it did, fucking her for about 20 minutes. Finally I could feel myself building to orgasm and from the sound her voice she was close too. Amy was so fucking I couldn’t help but feel lucky to be fucking her and about to cum in her.

She pushed me off of her and rolled me onto my back. Then mounted me. She rode my cock hard, then got on her feet and started squatting and slamming down onto me. In this position I was going inside her deeper than ever. Each time she slammed down on me I could feel the head of my cock enter that very deep part of the pussy. Each time she let out a loud moan “yeah fuck me deep!” She increased her speed and intensity.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum soon, Amy. Fuck!” I yelled out.

Amy started to cum while she rode hard, and deep. She started screaming out “Yes! Yes! I’m coming, fuck! Fuck! … cumming! … cumming! .. oh shit!” She sounded like she was almost crying as she kept saying, “...cumming….cumming...fuck...cum--cum--ing--cumming.”

I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to cum inside her or not so I warned her. I could feel it building in my balls. I felt them relax ready blast. “Now, now, I’m gonna cum!” I grunted. Then Amy slammed down on me as hard as she could and held herself there. The head of my cock buried as deep in her pussy as it could go. Her cunt was squeezing the base of my cock as her pussy orgasmed while she moaned aloud and gyrated her hips gently in a circle with my cock buried to the hilt. I felt one massive contraction and then a huge blast of sperm shot up my cock and deep inside of her cunt. My muscles relax then blast again, and again, pumping 4-5 huge blasts of cum deep inside her cunt. With each blast I groaned out a little “hmmph!” Each blast felt like a huge surge of cum. I was thinking about the size of the load I was leaving deep inside her.

Amy could feel this and let out a moan “oooh, yeah, fucking cum in me, cum in me, cum in my fucking pussy!” as I emptied myself inside of her. I hadn’t noticed the other girls and they were there sort of giggling and laughing. Karen said, “wow, that looked intense. Did you cum a lot?”

Amy commented back, “It felt like a gallon.” Amy pulled herself off of me as my cock made a bit wet splat against my abdomen. Some of the thick white sperm dripped out of her pussy and onto my chest with a plop. Stacy grabbed a tissue from the nightstand and handed it to me to clean up.

We all climbed under the covers, bodies pressed against one another to rest. Amy said, “nice job, stud, handling 3 girls.” Karen gave me a big deep kiss. Then we lay there resting. Eventually we all sort of dozed off for a while.

I woke up spooning Karen. Karen’s ass was grinding my once-again hard cock between the cheeks of her ass. She wiggled her ass around, then reached down to grab my cock between her legs and guided me into her cunt from behind.

We laid there on our sides fucking Karen like this from behind for a while until she came. During this Stacy woke up horny again. Then Stacy climbed on top of me and rode me for a while, then we moved so I was fucking her from behind doggy style. Fucking her from behind was a real turn on again. Her cunt stretched around my cock as I pounded her from behind seemed lewd to me and begging for cum. I started pounding her hard and fast as I felt my balls loading up to cum. She sensed this and said, “Yeah, cum in me. Fill me up!” She started cumming as I pounded her hard. I felt my balls ready to contract to blast and slammed hard, holding myself deep inside her as I pumped several gobs of cum deep inside her cunt.

I collapsed back in bed, spent. My dick as getting pretty sore from this abuse, then I slept through the rest of the night with our bodies pressed against each other. Finally I woke up to Karen stroking my cock again. She climbed on top and rode my cock for about 20 minutes just bouncing up and down on it until she came. She kept riding me, leaned over and moaned in my ear “Can you cum one more time? I want you to cum in me.”

Those words instantly activated whatever it was that I needed because almost instantly I was ready to fire. I moaned and started shallow strokes keeping my dick as deep inside her as I could. She moaned and ground back into me. I moaned out “Oh fuck!." My body tensed like one massive cramp and my balls pumped 3 or 4 small loads up inside of her. There wasn't a lot left in me but I gave her what I had.

I whispered back to her “Thank you for that! Fuck you’re hot!” and she giggled.

We dressed and went to a local restaurant for breakfast, probably still smelling like a whore house. Despite being totally spent, my dick was hard the whole time knowing I was sitting with 3 girls with my cum inside their pussies. From there I went home and instantly jacked off thinking about the night. I showered and went back to sleep. I was hung over.

I knew I could never talk about that night with anyone except those girls, obviously not my best friend since I had fucked and inseminated his girlfriend. Karen later admitted to me that the other girls conspired to get me drunk and play strip poker once they realized the party was bust and it was just us 3. The idea was to get me and Karen to hook up finally. Me having sex with all 3 of them wasn’t part of the plan but Karen said it was as exciting to her as it was for me. I continued to date karen for some time and we had a very sexual relationships. She was a great fuck and loved to do it all of the time in public places. Most of all, she loved having me cum in her pussy and sometimes was beg for it knowing how much it turned me on to hear the words. She even wore sexy lingerie underneath her clothes, skirts, and dresses knowing that it turned me on when I’d get under her clothes.

Stacy and Amy both admitted to me that they wanted to hook up again on the down-low but that never happened. My friend came back after only a couple of months and it seemed wrong to fuck her behind his back even though he had done the same to me before. I considered this “even.”

Months later I found out the girls did the exact same thing once more about 2 weeks later with another acquaintance of mine. But in that case I hear that it didn’t really go so well. He had sex with Stacy, but then they kicked him out for being an asshole. I realized that this was during the time Karen and I were dating so she did this behind my back. I really didn’t care because she always served me well and it would be seriously hypocritical to be jealous when I had a 3-some with two of her friends. Still I didn’t like being lied to and Karen promised no more secrets from then on. It wasn’t long after that that Karen went away to a 4-year university and I saw very little of her after that.

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