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This is a work of fiction. All characters and events are entirely imaginary

by bumboy


Merle and Janice were bored. Nothing much was happening today in the modelling agency where they worked, just the usual people they saw most days of the week who were not the sort of people they wanted but who never gave up hope.

"I do wish something exciting would happen," said Merle, "I feel like I'm in a goldfish bowl at the moment."

"Me too," replied Janice. "Let's have a cup of coffee, eh?"

"Good idea. I'll make it." Merle rose from the seat behind her desk and went over to the makeshift kitchen to put the kettle on. Just at that moment, the inter-phone from reception rang and she heard Janice start to answer it.

"Hello, Kayleigh, what's up?"

"Nothing's "up" Jan'," replied the receptionist from four floors below, "but I think it might. I've just sent this gorgeous hunk of a young man up to you who says he's looking for work. He's also suited and booted too and is just drop dead gorgeous."

Janice smiled, she could imagine Kayleigh with her hand inside her knickers under the table down in the reception office.

"I don't think we've much on offer for office types," said Janice, trying to keep a business-like tone.

Kayleigh replied in whispers. "Use your imagination, Jan'," she replied. "I think we might stand a chance with this one."

"Better get up here then," said Janice. "Get that temp girl to take over from you. And, oh yes, bring anything you think we might need."

There was a click as Janice put down the receiver. Merle returned from the kitchen bearing two mugs of steaming hot coffee.

"What did Kayleigh want?" she asked, as she placed one of the cups on Janice's desk.

"Well," said Janice, leaning forward and speaking in conspiratorial hushed tones as if she was betraying a confidence, even though there was nobody else in the room, "apparantly the greatest thing since sliced bread is going to walk through that door over there at any moment."

Sure enough, as soon as Janice finished speaking, there was a tentative knock at the door.

Janice cleared her throat and resuming the tone she used for clients, asked the person to come in.

She and Merle nearly fell off their seats when they saw the man that Kayleigh had so enthused about. He was a real hunk of a man with neat black hair, handsome face and a body to die for encased in a smart blue business suit, complete with white shirt, collar and tie. Not the usual sort they got coming looking for a job, some people they saw would never ever get a job in the modelling business. But without even interviewing this guy, Janice and Merle knew they would have him on their books if it was the last thing they did.

The two cups of coffee Merle had just made were left to go cold where Merle had placed them.

"Hi," said the man, "I'm Martin, have I come to the right place?"

Janice and Merle somehow managed to regain their composure. "You certainly have, Martin," said Merle. "May we call you that?"

"Of course," said Martin and shook hands with both ladies in turn as they introduced themselves.

"Erm," said Janice, trying hard to control her lust, "so you're interested in a career in modelling?"

"Already have a career," Martin replied though he really wanted to say: "come off it, girls, this ain't no modelling agency." Instead, he continued: "but I can also do with a bit more work, especially if its somewhat more ... how shall I say? .... interesting."

Both ladies noticed the lascivious tone in Martin's voice when he uttered that last word and exchanged glances. Kayleigh had been right, this one looked like he was just what Merle and Janice's modelling agency were looking for.

What the ladies had failed to realise was that Martin was just as taken with them as they were with him. He'd been in the sex game long enough to know that the appreciative looks Merle and Janice were giving him would not be so potent if he didn't have the looks to ensure that this would not be your usual run-of-the-mill interview.

"Well," said Merle, "I'm sure we can fix something up for you with ... erm ... your looks. How old are you?"

"Twenty-one," said Martin, "but I know I could easily pass for anywhere between eighteen and thirty."

"You don't look as old as thirty, Martin," replied Janice and then, suddenly remembering her manners, said: "I'm so sorry, would you like to sit down."

"I prefer to stand actually," said Martin. "Mind if I have a look out the window? I love views from high up."

Merle and Janice both had to stifle giggles but made no attempt to stop Martin from moving across to the window, besides he didn't even give them time to reply before he began peering down into the street. Now was the time to employ one of his usual tactics, he knew that most ladies liked to see a nice young masculine bottom and as he stood there he lifted the flaps of his suit jacket and inserted his hands into the pockets of his trousers.

The result was that the centre vent in his jacket splayed into an archway, framing his suit-clad buttocks and accentuating them through the tightness of his trousers. Merle and Janice went weak at the knees as Martin stood there, enjoying the stir he was causing.

"Great view," he said, still looking down into the street.

"Yes," said Merle softly, "it is a great view," but it was not the view of the street she was talking about. Both she and Janice were feeling flushed with desire as they focused their gaze on Martin's tight sexy bum. He glanced over his shoulder and smiled at the two ladies, they were two of the hottest females he had seen in a long while and he didn't want to waste time on preliminaries. He had also had a fetish for older women too, for as long as he could remember.

"Glad you like what you're looking at," said Martin, his hands still deep in his pockets.

Merle and Janice feigned innocence. "I'm sure I don't know what you mean," said Janice.

But Martin had seen that look too many times from other women as he subtly showed off his bum. He wasn't going to waste any more time.

"I think all three of us know what we want," he said. "Where's that other girl from reception, get her up here too, I really fancied her."

"I asked her to come up here ages ago," said Janice, "I can't think where she can be."

As if her ears were burning, Kayleigh suddenly entered the office, bang on cue. "Sorry I was a long while, I had to ..." and then she stopped short. Just as Merle and Janice had done a few minutes earlier, it was now Kayleigh's turn to go weak at the knees and develop some hot flushes as she took in the view of Martin's arse framed by the archway of the splayed vent in his jacket as he still had his hands in his pockets.

"I brought you these," said Kayleigh, her voice scarcely above a whisper. She handed Merle the bag she was carrying.

"So," said Martin, "what have we here, ladies?"

"I ... er," stammered Merle.

Martin took his hands from his pockets so that his bum was no longer on show. To the ladies this was something of a relief as Janice and Merle, especially, felt as if they were going to cum in their knickers there and then if they gazed on Martin's backside for much longer.

"Oh!" laughed Martin, "dildo's and strap-on's. So you like my arse then?"

"You could say that," said Janice, "but we need one more good reason to employ you."

"Only one?" said Martin, grinning impishly.

"Just one," said Merle.

"Well, will this do?" Without waiting for a reply, Martin's right hand went south to his flies. He unzipped his trousers and took out his semi-aroused prick. He loved being wicked like this and he loved being the only man with no competition from other men around. He'd done lots of groups and MMF threesomes in the past but it was sex with more than one woman and him the only bloke he loved most of all.

"That's an excellent reason," said Merle as Martin's thick rod stiffened into its maximum length and girth. "Kayleigh," went on Merle, "do you want to give Martin some of your ... erm ... dictation?"

"Sure fucking do," said Kayleigh who wasn't going to waste time any longer. She went over to Martin, dropped to her knees and quickly took Martin's huge uncut prick into her mouth. Martin shuddered as the head of his cock made contact with the back of Kayleigh's hot wet throat.


Everything had gone to plan and a lot quicker than he had expected, the girls had been turned on when they saw his arse in his suit - just wait until they see it bare, those dildo's and strap-on's look very encouraging, Martin thought to himself - and this Kayleigh was making a real meal of his dick. Every now and then his hard shaft slipped to one side or other of her mouth, tenting out her face cheeks. No doubt about it, Kayleigh was an expert cocksucker but what did you expect when she worked in a sex parlour masquerading as a modelling agency?

"Go down on my balls," instructed Martin as he undid his belt and began to lower his trousers. "You two," he continued to Merle and Janice, "bring those big tits of yours over here and play with my arse. You know you want to."

It all seemed like a dream. Very soon, Merle and Janice would wake up and there they'd be, stuck in their so-called office, with little to do and nobody to do it with. But the sight of Kayleigh on her knees now slurping her tongue around Martin's sweaty cum-filled balls proved this was no dream, this really was happening!

Merle and Janice knelt down behind Martin, this time getting a birds-eye view of his arse now encased in a pair of tight white briefs. Janice ran her hands over Martin's backside and felt her pussy tingle, so nice and firm were his cheeks in his briefs cupped in her hand. Round the front, Kayleigh was making little gagging noises as she returned to sucking Martin's aroused prick.

"I knew you girls were a lot of old sluts as soon as I set eyes on you," said Martin. "I knew your so-called modelling agency was a front for a sex business. A mate of mine told me, see?"

"I see," said Kayleigh who had had to come up for air.

"Wanna see me naked, ladies?"

"Sure fucking do," said Merle and without a moment's hesitation, she inserted her thumbs in the wasteband of Martin's tight white briefs and yanked them down to his ankles. In their wake was revealed a smooth but firm pair of exquisite masculine buttocks complemented by the long and narrow slit of Martin's arse crack.

"Get your clothes off," said Janice, "now!"

The ladies rested back on their haunches as they watched Martin remove his clothes. When he was completely naked he turned and faced them with his erection proudly pointing up to the ceiling. The rest of him was damn perfect too, his sturdy athletic legs, his finely toned chest and his handsome smiling face. Martin felt no embarrassment in his full frontal nudity, rather he was revelling in his exhibitionism and being the only bloke too, especially when the ladies were still fully dressed. He'd done a CFNM scenario once before with a woman he picked up in a pub a year or so ago but this was the first time he'd been starkers in front of THREE women simultaneously and he was loving every minute of it.


But the CFNM scenario didn't stay long. The three women were all as horny as fuck as Martin stood there in the nude, fully aroused, in front of them and it was Kayleigh, probably the sluttiest of all of the three female sluts gathered with the best male slut of all time, who removed her clothes first.

"Come on, girls," she said to Merle and Janice, "what the fuck are you waiting for?"

As Merle and Janice undressed, throwing their clothes in a heap, Kayleigh, now as naked as Martin, walked over and knelt down behind him. She began to knead his bare arse cheeks in her hands as Merle and Janice, now also naked, dropped to their knees in front of the horny young man.

"You," he said, tapping Merle on the head, "suck my big dick and you," he continued, tapping Janice, "go down on my balls. As for you round the back, keep playing with my arse."

"I'm going to do more than play with it in a moment," said Kayleigh, one hand on Martin's bum and the other furiously fingering her pussy.

Round the front, Merle and Janice were doing as they had been instructed with Merle gagging on Martin's cock and Janice swiping her tongue over his balls. As the head of Martin's cock hit the back of Merle's throat, she gagged even further while Janice made little moaning noises as she kept up the pressure on Martin's balls. Kayleigh, who had always had a big fetish for men's bottoms, was in her element, not only in having such a hot close-up view of such a beautiful pair of bare masculine arse cheeks but also the thrill of feeling them in her hands.

Martin was in his element too, these were just the sort of horny women he liked, straight down to it, no messing about. The two in the front were displaying an unusual amount of energy in their cock-sucking and balls-licking prowess while the one round the back was tentatively slipping a finger into Martin's arsehole.

"I think its time we took things up a notch," he said as Merle and Janice came up for air and relaxed back again on their haunches. "Know what I mean?"

Kayleigh knew exactly what Martin meant. She jumped up and walked across the room to where she had left the bag she'd brought with her on the table. Martin's mouth watered at the sight of Kayleigh's naked buttocks as she went to get the bag and then her luscious tits when she turned round to walk back. As soon as she was back with the others, Kayleigh took one of the strap-on's from the bag and fixed it around her midriff.

This was going to be a day Martin would never forget.


It was now the ladies' turn to take control. "Martin," said Merle, now with an air of authority in her voice, "bend over that chair and spread your arse cheeks. We want to see Kayleigh fuck your arsehole with her big strap-on."

"I think his arse needs some lubricant first," said Janice as the three girls watched Martin follow Merle's instructions. As he walked across the room, they watched his bare arse cheeks rubbing together and they all agreed he had a fantastic arse for a man, no doubt about that whatosever.

Martin duly bent over the chair. The girls' eyes were on stalks as he gripped his arse cheeks, spreading them wide and exposing his masculine rosebud. His prick had remained rock solid ever since he had removed his clothes and was now dripping pre-cum as it hang down between his spread legs. Thin erotic lines had formed on the walls of Martin's arsehole as he showed off his inner sanctum and Janice knelt behind him to administer the lubricant - from her own tongue.

Martin's breath came in short sharp gasps as Janice rimmed his arsehole. It was something she was exceedingly expert at, having licked lots of bums, both male and female, in her time as a sexaholic. Each hole she licked was special to her and Janice's tongue did not disappoint, Martin was going bananas as the lady ran her tongue up each side of Martin's widened hole before sliding her tongue into the young man's hole as deep as Kayleigh's fingers had been a few moments earlier.

"Oh yeah!" cried Martin, excited beyond belief, "lick my tight arse."

Kayleigh and Merle stood either side of Janice and Martin as they watched the hot rimming. Janice's expert tongue was making a real meal of Martin's anus and after five minutes she sat back to admire her handywork. "I think that'll be enough gel for now," said Janice, patting Martin's right buttock. "Its over to you now Kayleigh."

Kayleigh was over and standing behind Martin before Janice had had a chance to stand up. She was almost knocked over in Kayleigh's eagerness to give Martin the fucking he deserved for being such a naughty boy. Merle, who had been furiously fingering herself as Janice rimmed Martin, slowed down her pace and, with Janice, they watched with unwavering eyes as Kayleigh took aim. With a thorough coating of Janice's saliva, Martin was now ready to surrender his arsehole to the onslaught of Kayleigh's plastic penis.

Merle and Janice were delighted to see the look of pleasure, mixed with pain, on Martin's face as Kayleigh fucked him. He gasped as the head of Kayleigh's pretend dick made contact with his ruby red hole. Kayleigh rested it there for a second or two before slowly proceeding further as she sworded her way in between Martin's smooth bare arse cheeks.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!" cried Martin as he thrashed his arms about on the table in front of him, "fuck that arse, bitch!"

"Yeah!" replied Kayleigh, "take it like a man, you horny little man slut."

"What do you say, slut?" said Janice. "Don't you think a word of thanks is due?"

"Thank you, ma'am," said Martin, whose arsehole now felt like it was on fire.

"That's better," replied Janice, "and we ain't through yet."

She and Merle reached into the bag Kayleigh had brought with her and affixed the other two strap-ons around their middles. Kayleigh's face was covered in sweat from her exertions and pulled out of Martin's arsehole, only for her plastic prick to be replaced by Janice's. Merle moved round in front of Martin and slammed her own plastic prick into Martin's mouth.

"Suck my dick while Janice fucks you," said Merle as she slid the head of her strap-on over Martin's tongue until it came to rest at the back of his throat. "Take it all."

Kayleigh was happy to watch from the sidelines for awhile as Janice and Merle spit-roasted Martin. She took off her strap-on and started masturbating as Janice, Merle and Martin fucked in front of her. All kinds of grunts and groans were emanating from Martin as both Merle and Janice upped the pressure and the tempo with the consummate ease of two hardcore sex sluts and their enthusiasm was matched every step of the way by Martin who was having the time of his life.


Ten minutes later, Merle signified it was now her turn to fuck Martin. The young man was grateful for a change in position as Merle stretched her body out on the floor and held her strap-on in an upright position. "Sit on my dick," she commanded.

Martin didn't need any further invitation. Janice took off her strap-on and went to sit next to Kayleigh as they watched Martin spread his bum cheeks wide for the second time, once again bringing into view his rosebud, freshly fucked and still sore and red raw from the expert administrations of Janice and Kayleigh.

The two watching ladies began to fondle each others' tits as Martin slowly lowered himself onto Merle's prick. Once seated, the strap-on slid in easily now that his arsehole was soft and pliable after the previous two fuckings. As he slowly began to course up and down on Merle's greasy plastic pole, he smiled at the other ladies as he spread his legs wide to give them the best possible view of the Fem Dom penetration. His aroused prick swung freely as, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Janice start sucking on Kayleigh's tits.

The small room that doubled as Janice and Merle's office was filled with the sounds of hot hardcore sex. Janice and Kayleigh were now getting heavily involved with each other and were now 69-ing each others' cunts as Martin continued to post up and down on Merle's strap-on. With Merle relentlessly keeping up the pressure on his arsehole and the lesbian sideshow Kayleigh and Janice were now providing in front of him, the young man knew it would not be long before his dick exploded.

Across the room, Kayleigh was now lying back in the chair with her legs stretched and in the air as Janice went down on her cunt. She ran her experienced tongue up and down the folds of the younger woman's pussy, licking the lips with relish, Kayleigh's cunt slick and wet with pussy juice, until she found Kayleigh's swollen clit. Behind them, they heard a gasp of heated excitement from Merle and Martin.

"I'm gonna cum soon," Martin breathed huskily, "you hot sluts are so fucking good."

"We aim to please," giggled Kayleigh inbetween grunting as Janice's tongue worked its magic on her clit. "But don't cum yet, we all want some of what you've got in those big balls of yours."

"Well in that case," said Martin, "you better bring those big tits and those tasty cunts of yours over here as I ain't gonna last much longer."

"This I gotta see," said Merle as she gently lifted Martin off her strap-on and stood and turned to face him. Janice and Kayleigh quickly moved across next to Merle and formed a semi-circle around Martin who was now surrounded by three juicy cunts. He licked each one in turn, taking about three minutes with each.

"Oh yeah!" said Janice, "he's a great cuntlicker."

"Like you," replied Martin lasciviously, "I aim to please too. Get to your knees."

It was remarkable, the ladies thought, how quick the dominant personality had shifted back to Martin. The ladies did as they were bid and grouped themselves around Martin who stood in front of them pumping his iron rod as he shifted from one foot to another, his hot sexy bare arse cheeks quivering and his hole more sore now than ever. Martin had never been so horny nor as happy in his whole life, to be the only man with two women would have been something but here he was with THREE gorgeous and gregarious sluts for whom he was the only masculine contender. As he enjoyed the anticipation of the three women craving his cum, he was already looking forward to being the only bloke with four, five, six or even more women - the possibilities were endless.


The three women knelt before the altar of Martin's aroused prick. He looked fantastic in the nude, just as he had when they'd first saw him that day dressed smartly in his business suit. Now he was rocking back and forth on his sturdy muscular legs as he willed his cum-filled balls to surrender their contents to the waiting women.

"Give us it all," said Merle.

"Yeah," said Kayleigh, "shoot your load all over us."

"It'll be the ultimate thanks for what we've done for you today," said Janice.

Martin came almost as soon as Janice stopped speaking. With one final jerk of his prick, his balls contracted, his face creased into an expression all men have when they are about to experience the greatest sensation known and, leaning forward slightly, he let go with a tsunami of cum. "Here it is, girls," he said as the thick wads of cream rained down on the faces of the three women. They screamed, they whimpered and they gasped, as ream after ream of Daniel's sex juice rained down on them, their faces a complete mess by the time he finished.

As he started to descend from the intensity of his stupendous orgasm, his prick didn't even start to deflate but stood rigid in front of him and the ladies' faces which were now unrecognisable, bathed as they were in warm creamy sperm.

Martin smiled down at the women. "And a big thank you to you too, ladies," he said, "glad I had enough to go round. After those right royal fuckings you gave me, it was odds on I'd have enough for all three of you."

The ladies smiled at each other through their coatings of spunk. "I think we can find a place on our books for Martin, don't you, girls?" said Merle.

"Sure can," Janice and Kayleigh said together as they each kissed his torpedo in turn.

"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship," said Martin.

And then another voice broke in: "Cut!" it cried.

The performers looked round at the director and film crew. "Fucking hell," said the director, "you four went way over the top but this porn film is going to sell really well. Peter, you were first class as Martin and you, Susan, Linda and Jane, were fabulous as Merle, Janice and Kayleigh and great you remembered all your lines too."

The porn director and crew laughed out loud which had the porn stars joining in fits of laughter too. They'd had a great time with lots of hot sex - and were getting paid for it too.

"Now you three had best go and get yourselves cleaned up," the director said. "You're all needed for another porn shoot this afternoon..."

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The ending with the director was unnecesary it would have been better without it

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