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Oh but where to start...a short history I suppose!I married Stacey when I was 23.We worked together and one night one thing lead to another.She hadn't been with someone for ages (She had only ever been with one man before me).I had been drinking and it took me forever to cum.Eventually shooting all over her ass.She by the way is what we locally call coloured.Not black more a mixture of black and white.Im what would be reffered to as white.The
third time we did it I remember her telling me not to empty inside her.I did.She fell pregnant with our firstborn a son.By this time we had rather intense feelings for each other mostly sexual.She was the first non white women I had been with and I found her brown body a major turn on.Under a bit of pressure from mostly her family we got married.Our second child was conceived not to long after our first was born.My second a daughter.My wifes third
she had a daughter from the first guy she was with.My stepdaughter Naomi four years older than our first child together.

As I write this we now been together for fourteen years.My stepdaughter is now eighteen.My wife and I have had our good and bad times like all married couples.Our biggest problems were my affairs and financial earlier on in our marriage for many years now things have been good on the financial side.We have a very profitable business.

I got on fairly well with my stepdaughter Naomi.I saw her as just a kid.I remember so clearly the day that changed!I was at the table eating breakfast she came down still half a sleep.Her face swollen from her slumber.Wearing a little number with thin straps at the shoulders.The top reavealing her taut tight tummy.A light brown coffee colour.Short boxer shorts with long skinny legs.Barefoot,feet brown coffee colour on top lighter underneath.A toering on one of her cute little toes.Shes really exquisite.Soft long jet black hair to the base of her back.Beautiful big hazel eyes.A Cleopatra look about her.Eyecatching fine features.I remember that morning she was just about fifteen.I looked her up and down and felt my cock stir!

It was a couple of nights later my wife went to see family.My two kids were upstairs and Naomi wa s in the bath downstairs.I cant describe the feeling when I looked through the keyhole and saw her laying back in the tub.Her wet awesome hair that perfect face and my first glimpse
at her small little brown titties with their dark plum nipples.I stood watching through the keyhole sweat breaking out on my top lip.Breathing heavily heart pouding.My cock taught against the crotch of my jeans.The skin feeling so stretched it was painful and my knob throbing.I watched as she lay back soaping her breasts and under her arms.Sat forward and poured water over her long locks and spent what seemed an eternity to finish wa shing her hair.I was also aware of any sounds in the house not wanting to be disturbed from my erotic view!I gasped when she stood up.That young taut firm body,those tits a merely a handful,flat tummy with a yummy bellybutton and a cleanly shaven dark and oh so tight cunny!Watched the water dripping from her cuntlips.My eyes focused on her pussy and thighs.Noting the hood covering her clit.She was drying herself with a towel.One hand leisurely slipped down and worked some of the water of her cunt.

I was so sexually aroused that I fucked my wife like a runting bull that night.Shafting her brown and pink pussy.Much later when she was on her hands and knees moaning as I rode her from behind.I spurted deep inside her cunt thinking of her beautiful young naive daughter.

So many times I watched her bathing.Soaping her feet fingers between those edible little toes,handling her small breasts as she cleaned them.My arousal and want starting to spiral out of control.Then one night as I took my opportunity to watch this little teenypopper.There she w
s blissfully unaware of me watching.Bent forward standing in the bath.One hand against the wall helping her to keep balanced slightly bent forward her other hand working her tight vagina.My eyes nearlly popped out!Her eyes were half closed and she was obviously doing a good job on herself .Her white teeth biteing down on her bottom lip.Her exceptionally tight little buns moving back and forth as she masturbated.I wish you the reader could have seen what I saw.The absolute innocence,naivety and experimentation of what she was doing.My wife is very strict with Naomi no going out with anyone but family no boyfriends etc.A very sheltered young piece of ass.

That night I once again released my frustration on my wifes cunt.I woke at about three in the morning my body lustful,wantig feeling like a restrained animal.I knew my wife was a heavy sleeper.......that was the start the first time I went to Naomis room.

I was as quiet as could be creeping up the stairs.My face felt so hot I could hear my heart pounding in my chest.My cock hard and taut.Her bedroom door was open just the moonlight to guide me.She was sleeping on her back.Hair sprayed around her on the pillow.Duvet nestled just under her chin.It was a crucial moment for me I was taking it a step further.I was like a runaway train.Out of control.

I gently moved my hand under the covers low down by her feet.It felt so warm a sleeping beauty in a warm bed in what was now beginning to be a unsafe house for Naomi's virgin pussy and luscious young body.My hand made contact with the instep of her size 4 foot.That touch felt so warm and good.I started massaging her foot squeezing her heel.Playing with her toes.I pulled the covers up exposing her feet.I bent down and gently placed my lips on her big toe.I licked it and then took it in my mouth.I knew she was awake by her breathing.I was nibbling on her foot massaging the other kneeding its flesh.I knew that this little one would never tell her mother about what I was doing or going to do in the future.At 15 she was too naive,unstreetwise,immature and basically scared to tell anyone.That feeling of power was so overwhelming.The total control ove her.The need to have her had by now made her just an object in my mind.No longer the stepdaughter I had brought up as my own since she
was four.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw her open her eyes and then close them.Sooooo it was lets play I'm sleeping time.The knowledge that this peach of a teen was going to play dumb about all this made me reach into my gown and free my large super hard prick.With one hand I gave it three jerks.The thought that my wife may wake up and come looking for me made it all the more exciting.

My hand wandered further up encircling her ankle.Up her leg feeling the little fine stubble on her shaven the smooth warmth of her inner thigh.All this time she hadn't moved.In the same position I found her.On her back legs just slightly ajar.When my blazing hand hit the hem of her panties I felt her shudder slightly.Although not looking directly at her face I knew she was watching.Not wanting to let her know that I saw her peeking but wanting to let this wonderful little bitch know who was in charge.I dropped my gown and stood there naked.As I again worked my cock now leaking pre-cum I placed my hand on her panty covered mound.Feeling the heat of that sweet pussy through the cotton.It was then that she gave a small cry of what I understood to be shock and freight.Naomi tried to turn on her side away from my prying hand.I hissed "shut up" and pressed my hand harder against her mound.Keeping her as she was.I think she caught something in my tone.There was no more resistance!

As my hand pressed down on her mound I could feel the lips of her womanhood through the material.My one finger actually eased down and opened them slightly.This had taken sometime and I didnt want to take to much chances.I moved down grabbed her right foot roughly held it up and emptied my spurting cock all over it.The excitement had enduced a massive load and I left her foot drenched in my seed.I went back downstairs and got back in bed next to my sleeping wife.I heard Naomi get up and go to the toilet and I could hear a soft whimper.

She never said a word.Looked troubled and did'nt say much to me.In retrospect her biggest mistake she should have told her mother.Her silence had opened the floodgates.

I did'nt visit her that night or the night after.Her two days of saying nothing about what had happened reassured me and my confidence that I had judged her right increased my longing for her.She was scarred out of her wits!

I made sure I satisfied my wife the night I planned my visit.We fucked for ages.I contolled myself and stretched it out.S he was done and tired by the time we finished.When I woke up I checked my watch.It was 2:15 in the morning.I knew my wife was sated and out for the count.My son was sleeping at his cousin and my youngest daughters room was a fair distance from Naomi's.If Naomi screamed I would be in shit but I knew she was now under my control.

Maybe she was scarred,knew I was going to come back or was worried and could'nt sleep I don't know.She was in bed on her side but she was'nt sleeping.She was looking up at me wide eyed.The bedside lamp was on.My stepdaughter I think saw something in my eyes or expression."Please Daddy no!!".

Lust is all powerful.With one hand I swept the bedding off her.She curled up in a ball.I noted she was wearing long baggy pants and a long sleeved-T.As if that was going to protect her.I held my finger to my lip No mistaking the gesture I wanted absolute quiet!

She sobbed softly as I took her by the shoulders sat her up on the edge of her bed and then pushed her on her back.No niceties.She was wearing white bobby socks which I ripped of her feet.I held one foot firmly and placed on my shoulder.I moved my hands down under her buttocks.Buns of steel this was the real McCoy.Hands up on either side of her slender hips.And down or should I say up came those pants.Over her knees down to her ankles and past her feet.Exposing her baby pink underwear.I wasted no time in releasing her pussy and ass from her panties.U had to see it the cutest,freshest and tightest little cunt u ever seen.

Tears were rolling down her cheeks.Such a beautiful young girl.I took her hands pulled her up to a sitting position and took off her top.No bra she was buck naked.Her tan coloured little boobs and purpleplum coloured nipples made me crazy.I took one ankle in each hand.The sight of the colour of her feet underneath and that masterful package brought the absolute reality crashing down on me...I was going to feast on this bitch!

I kneeled down in front of her.A hand on either thigh forcing those legs apart.I moved my face a couple of centimeters away from her unchatered pussy.Her pussylips were dark and her nether regions down to her puckered little anus were a darke tone to the rest of her.I savoured the scent of her sweet pussy,sweat,uncovered smell and the faint hint of ass.Then I buried my face in her pussy.

The feeling of release!Tasting,nibbling and sucking that cunt I had Been spying on!I was'nt kidding myself she did'nt want this.I moved my hands up to that flat tummy feeling the muscles and encircling her tiny waist my hands.Digging viciously into her bellybutton with one finger.Then over her chest.Each hand firmly gripping a tit.Squeezing and toying with those plum nipples.Forcing them to become taut and erect little beacons.Her chest was heaving as she cried.As I had my fill of her cunt I mumbled to her to shut up!I was enjoying the taste and odour of her.I moved my nose right down her sodden crack opening it digging into her opening with my nose.Down till my toungue snaked out and tasted her young anus.My hands were working feverishly at those hard tits and gumdrop
nipples.Pinching her nipples painfully between two fingers.She cried out "Ouch".That was the loudest sound that little virgin bitch uttered that long and fulfilling night.

I worked the young bitches clitty with my fingers and mouth.Licking at her core while I played with her clit.Working it slow and then fast with my fingertip.Her tits had had a rough time red and fingermarked from my manipulating and kneeding.Her nipples tender and sore as I found out when I suckled them later.Her initiation lasted for ages.I stuck two fingers up her and finger fucked her hard and fast.Working that young cunt my thumb pressed up against her clit.She whispered for me to stop many times at times a pleading cry.I humiliated the young cunt.Driving a finger to the knuckle up her ass.I sat up next to her my finger still buried in her young poopshoot.She was obviously in shock now staring up at the ceiling.Her cheeks tear streaked.Those bid hazel eyes.Model like face.She was mouthing silently "No Daddy!"I placed a hand over her mouth and frigged her asshole viciously.It hurt and she shook her head from side to side.The thought of been caught doing this to what was now my unwilling slave the last thing in my mind.Her inner anus walls had been so tightly wrapped around my middle finger that I had to tug hard to extract it.I put my finger in her mouth and she cried again.

For this looker it was DDay.My gown was off long before now and I could feel my cock hot against my thigh.She was done for.Her surrender complete.No resistance.I positioned her as I willed.Hands and knees.Like I wanted to remember this awesome picture.Facing the wall her long dark hair cascading over her back and sides.Back arched ass raised.Nothing to that ass so tight a little drum.Her legs apart.I got in behind her.Drenched my hand with spittle and then rubbed it over her pussy.Making sure that inundated with moisture.I savoured the picture.You may have guessed by now that I like feet.The sight of thoose feet and clenched toes!

My cock had been drilling her mother earlie and her smell and slight dampness was still apparent at the base.I gripped my throbing
cock the knob an angry red.I guided it to her entrance.She looek over her shoulder at the spectacle of me about to hump her.Painful,hurt look in her eyes.She faced forward again.I entered my hoe gently.Watching the slow progress.My tip dissapered into her.Fuck she was tight.I started the motion My cock progressing into her.I could see her cunt wrapped tightly around my prick.I pulled her head back by her hair so I could place my hand over her mouth.A few stabs and pumps with my cock and her hymen was smashed her blood flowing and my cock was buried snuggly deep in her cunny.She had screamed when I broke through.Good thing I had put my hand over her mouth and muffled it.I rode her that first time.Only doggy style.bringing myself to the brink and then stopping leaning on her.Not moving incase I ejaculated.She had been menstruating for some time and I did'nt want to impregnate her.That would be a disaster!Pre-cum leaking inside her was a worry but I would take my chances.I rode her hard and slow.The sound of my pelvis slapping against her buttocks sometimes sounding so loud in the morning quiet.She moaned at times.Moans that a man knows as a women physically enjoying the mateing.

At the end I pulled out of that tight pussy.My cock covered in a lather of blood and pussy juice.I got up on one knee and spurted on that little Bitches lower back and the main heavy spurts aimed at her tight asshole.I saw one ejaculate hit a bullseye!I don't think I have ever emptied like that.The bitches ass was covered in the muck.I took some cum with my finger and stuck it into her ass.

I got back into bed sated and emptied my heart still a pounding.I slept,exhausted.Naomi has never said a word.When the opportunity arises[shes had a lock fitted to her door.Told her mother some shit story about burglars breaking in} I still rape her.Now always with a condom.Although I always take it off at the end and cum on my delectable little bitch!

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2012-07-16 02:08:39
Mmm she got fucked good

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2011-11-23 05:26:42
Mmm hot :-) currently reading all your stories , im absolutly soaked . Your way with words has me moaning , has me wanting to be used . My asshole filled with my dildo as i finger fuck my cunt only stopping to read more

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2009-10-24 11:16:23
In reference to the comment posted 2006-11-06 12:37:24, it's just as well he did rape his daughter otherwise your post would make no sense, it's only after this happened that he became a 'motherfucker'. lol.


2008-02-01 05:51:19
good story.

seriously, if you dont like the story, dont read it!! it clearly says true story and rape in the deion. fucking retards!!!

also, to the dumb fucks talking all kinds of shit about jesus and repentance you need to shut the fuck up. you have no room to talk about asking forgivness from God. being a christian and coming to this website is a sin!!!!

fuckin hypocrites


2007-09-04 15:07:25
I have no conscience!

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