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A true story about having sex with my younger female cousin
This is a true account some sexual encounters with my younger female first cousin.
This story is absolutely true and likely the single most intense moments of my life. The fact that it is true make it seem so incredibly erotic. I feel extremely lucky that I got to experience this in my life.

This leans heavily upon the excitement and fantasy and first cousin incest-like relationship. This is not technically incest but the blood relation plays a role.
It also contains a graphic deion of snowballing. You've been warned. Either skip that part or don't read if that will disgust you.

I hope you enjoy it.
I have many more stories in draft, (most are fiction.)

When we were younger I lived on the east coast near my cousins and got to know my cousin Stacy fairly well. When I was 14 my family moved out to the west coast. The following summer my cousin Stacy came out to visit us for about 2 weeks. That summer I was 15 and she was 13. It’s worth mentioning at this point that throughout our childhood she always had an obvious crush on me. On multiple occasions we had kissed and done some light petting that she had always initiated it. In retrospect, she was always very aggressive sexually and at way too young of an age. I always assumed it was just a young girl being curious and something she’d grow out of but as it turned out those feelings only got stronger as we got older. I certainly never pursued them because as the older one and as the boy I felt that I would be taking advantage of, molesting, or otherwise abusing her. But when she initiated, I followed her lead and liked it.

Stacy, my mom’s sister’s daughter, is small and petite. Even today in her 30’s she’s only 5’1” and must weigh about 110 pounds. I love small women especially since I’m a relatively short guy. She’s very attractive with brown eyes and light brown hair.

At this age and stage of her life she was a typical boy-obsessed girl that was always checking out guys wherever we went openly sharing with me just as she would with any good friend. She pushed me to do the same about girls always pointing out cute girls and encouraging me to talk about how cute they were, how nice their asses and tits were, or what I’d like to do with them sexually and it worked. She also took a very keen interest in my sex life and consistently tried to get me to talk about what I had done with girls and girlfriends. It seemed that sex was always on her mind and just wanted to talk about sex all of the time. This built up sexual tension over time and even as I said before, I wouldn’t pursue her unless she initiated it.

When visiting, on night after we had gone to bed she snuck down the hall and into my room from the guest room where she was staying. She sat on my bed with me and we casually talked for a good half hour or so. We just talked and eventually about girls and guys we had interest in, so naturally she turned it to sex, again trying to get me to admit how far I had been with a different girls, how many girls, etc. She wanted very graphic details and as I described my sexual encounters we both got pretty horny having this conversation.

I mentioned to her that I wasn’t really attractive enough to get a lot of attention from many girls when she looked away and said “well, I think you’re really hot. Girls don’t know what they’re missing. If I was one of them I’d be all over you in a second.”

My heart pounded in anticipation of where this might be going. Since she had arrived I had been wondering if we’d pick up where we had a couple of years ago with kissing and light petting when I last saw her. With all of the flirting she had been doing I wanted this to go further. In retrospect, I think she was the perfect age to corrupt but I was 15 at the time and my reserved shyness had held me hostage. Not to mention I just hadn’t had a good opportunity to make a move up ‘til now. All I could get out was “really?”

“Yeah, of course!” she said as she turned her head to face me. “How does that make you feel?” The way she was talking seemed so unusually mature and grown up for a 13 year old. She was like that, mature for her age which was deceiving. We think of thirteen as being very young but at fifteen, she seemed very grown up and mature to me.

I swallowed at the lump in my throat and said “I love it. I think you’re super cute and super sexy too.”

“Well then...” she said as she leaned forward to kiss me with a peck on the lips. “Maybe we should take advantage of our mutual attraction.” Then she leaned in again and kissed me on the lips deep with wet lingering passionate kiss. Though this wasn’t the first time we had ever kissed, it was the first time since we were “kids” and the first real post-puberty passionate kiss. Now I was a very horny 15 year old and she was an attractive horny 13 year old, both past puberty and with way too many sexual hormones in our blood. This kiss was different. It was deep, passionate, real, and intense. We explored each others mouths with our tongues as we shifted our bodies to move closer to each other and press up against one another and embracing. We were enjoying this deep passionate kiss so much we just continued for about 10 minutes kissing passionately and hungrily without saying or doing anything else. Each minute that went by we both became intensely aroused. The sexual tension was at it’s peak. The whole time I couldn’t help but notice how strange and different this kiss was from kissing other girls. It was weird and incredibly arousing at the same time. The kiss actually felt extremely incestual, like I was kissing someone closely related to me in a way I can’t describe. Even the smell of her skin was very familiar. It felt disgustingly familial which in turn was the most erotic intense sensation I could imagine. The thought that she was my close cousin never left my mind and made me both apprehensive and incredibly excited at the same time.

Finally my horniness took over along with any sense of judgement. I moved my hand to her chest to feel her tits through her pajama top. Her tits were small but I could feel well developed rather large nipples that were hard. I squeezed her small breasts and gently pinched and rubbed her nipples with my fingers. She shifted her hips in response and moaned into my mouth, clearly she was feeling the pleasure stir deep in her pussy.

I moved my hand down between her legs to gently rub her pussy through the outside of her pajama bottoms. She broke off the kiss started quietly moaning, panting, and whispering “oh yeah, don’t stop, cousin. Don’t stop, that feels so good. I’ve wanted this for so long.” I rubbed her clit in circles through her clothes and she gyrated her hips in response while I felt the heat and dampness of her pussy.

Then I said to her “Can I lick your pussy? I love to lick pussy more than anything.”

She bit her lower lip, paused, then said enthusiastically “Oh my God. Of course, you have no idea how much I would love that, cousin!” Saying “cousin,” verbally admitting our first cousin taboo was like a specific turn-on to her. She slid her pajama shorts off exposing her bare ass and pussy covered with light brown hair, then then took her shirt off so that she was naked. She laid back on the bed and with her legs toward me and spread them. I took in the sight of the absolutely gorgeous naked small young teen girl spread out in front of me, then I leaned forward between her legs and kissed her pussy through the light brown pubic hair smelling the musky scent of her aroused teen cunt.

When I kissed her pussy she moaned and moved her hips in a circle. With both hands I parted her hair and labia to expose her little pussy lips and clit. I stuck my tongue right up her tight little pussy hole, my tongue touched the wetness and sliminess of her pussy juices, and licked around. I could taste her pussy juices and smell the musky sweaty scent of her pussy. The smell and taste of her pussy was intoxicating and I couldn’t help but notice that again she smelled related to me. It smelled and tasted specifically like family, like incest to me. It was disgustingly insestuous in a way I can only describe as if she were my sister or something and this scent and attraction only fueled my desires. It was so incredibly wrong it felt like something I had to do. As I ate and smelled her pussy I became enthusiastic and hungry for more, eating her faster and more intently. I was now sloppily licking and snacking on her wet cunt sucking up her ample juices with intense enthusiasm. Like a starving man, I couldn’t get enough.

I then went to focus on her clit and started licking it in earnest. I licked her clit slowly at first but as her arousal built my pace gradually quickened. I didn’t let up, I just kept licking faster until I could tell she was getting close to orgasm. She tried her hardest to be quiet but let out small whimpers as she started to cum. She gyrated her hips in response to my licking then started bucking her hips as her orgasms approached. She started squealing with her mouth closed and lips clamped tightly together in an attempt to muffle the sounds. The orgasms surged through her and her body stiffened as the waves of pleasure washed over her. She clamped her legs together as her orgasm peaked, crushing my head in between and I stopped. Eventually she came down from this intense orgasm, released my head from her thighs, and sat up with physically drained look on her face. She was panting, out of breath, and smiling.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God that was so intense, she whispered rather loudly! Thank you. That was so awesome! You’re so fucking good at that, cuz.”

After catching her breath she said, “Now it’s my turn.” She pushed me back so I was leaning against the pillows propped up against the headboard then leaned forward and took my now raging thick painfully-hard cock in her small hand. She wrapped her hand around the base and said “Oh man, it’s so big” referring to the hardness and thickness.

She took the head and first few inches into her mouth and started sucking on it. She sucked it in and out of her mouth alternately licked up and down the shaft while stroking the base with her hand. I was really surprised at how well she was sucking me and it was clear that this was not the not the first time she had done it which made me think of how slutty she was at just 13. Her apparent experience at just 13 just turned me on more. She kept licking and sucking my painfully-hard cock. She stroked the shaft up and down in sync with sucking the head in and out of her mouth repeatedly for a minute. Then she took my cock as far down her throat as she could and gagged on it a little. It seemed that she was having a little trouble breathing because she had it so far down her throat. With the head lodged deep in her throat she started swallowing, contracting her throat muscles around the head. I didn’t last long at all.

I could feel pressure building in my balls and with each contraction of her throat she was bringing me closer to coming. I grunted and announced to her “Oh shit, Stacy. I’m gonna fucking come. I’m gonna come Stacy. You’re going to make your cousin come.” She immediately responded to the word “cousin” as if I reminded her of our forbidden taboo. She slipped my cock out of her throat and bobbed her mouth up and down my cock quickly fucking my cock in and out of her mouth while squeezing and stroking the base of the shaft in tandem jacking my cock off in her mouth like a whore with 20 years of blowjob experience. It was finally too much to take. The pressure built in my balls. I could feel the cum building and about to explode. Then with one intense spasm exploded first huge blast of cum into her mouth. “AhhhhhAhhhAhhh! fuck! Oh shit. I’m fucking coming. I’m coming. I’m fucking coming in my favorite cousin’s mouth!” My words reminding her of taboo fueled her enthusiasm. The massive surge of cum blasted with such force I could feel it shoot down the length of my cock. It hit the back of her mouth and she gagged slightly as my balls relaxed building up for the next blast. It felt like an electrical surge through my body and I stiffened as I quickly began to release the second load into her mouth. Again and again I fired the next 3, 4, then 5 thick loads of cum into her mouth as she held just the head of my cock in her mouth with her lips tightly clamped around the neck of my cock head. It felt like I was pumping a gallon into my cousin’s little 13 year old mouth that was expertly taking every drop.

I wasn’t paying attention to what she was doing with the cum and I assumed she was swallowing all of it as she received each gushing load but after I came down from my intense orgasm, she slipped my cock out of her mouth and held her mouth closed. Her jaw was wide open, but lips closed and cheeks bulging a bit. My entire load was still in her mouth and she hadn’t swallowed any. She looked at me then with two or three large swallows, gulped the entire contents of my load down her throat, licked her lips, and said “Mmmmm. My cousin’s cum taste so good.”

I was blown away, flabbergasted, with this lewd and whorish act being demonstrated by my 13 year old cousin that that topped what I had watched in porn, except I had never seen anything quite like that in a porn. At that age I wasn’t even aware girls liked to do that. She had stored up my entire load in her mouth, tasted it somehow without puking, and then gulped it down. It was fucking crazy. I had a new respect for her sexually. There is no way I’d ever see her as young or innocent again.

Without another word, she got up off the bed, stood up, and put on her pajamas. She leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips. I could smell and taste my own salty sperm on her lips.

The she said something that burned into my head and I remember vividly as if it happened 5 minutes ago. She said “No matter what, never regret what we did here today. I knew what I was doing and you knew what you were doing, and we both really wanted it. Never be ashamed or regret it.” As she spoke I could smell my cum on her breath. I couldn’t believe a 13 year old had just said that to me. She just got up and walked out of my room and went to bed without another word. My world had just been rocked by a 13 year old girl.

I think she was messing with me. Lure me into an act of sex then quickly disappear after rocking my world. Was this a ploy to make me just want more? Just impress me then wait for me to come back for more? Well it worked.

The rest of her stay which was only a few more days, we never had the opportunity for more sex or spoke of the events. She did continue to flirt with me a lot and we both shared that knowing smile of what we had done with each other. She continued to oggle boys and put me up to ogling girls and did so very graphically about wondering how big a guys’ dick was, or saying to me that she’d bet I’d like to feel that girl’s tits and ass. She occasionally gave me a quick grab to see if I was hard, or maybe to tease me and get me hard. I wished I’d had the chance to do more with her during that visit, but it just didn’t happen.

About 7 months later in January, our ailing grandmother died. It was no surprise, she was old, so not a terribly somber event except maybe for our parents. We traveled back east for the funeral and I was dropped off to stay with my cousins Jack (Stacy's brother,) Stacy, and my Aunt.

The first night I was there, late after everyone had gone to bed, I crept into her room where she seemed to be waiting up and expecting me. I half expected her to say, “It’s about time, I was waiting for you to get here.” We sat and talked for a while genuinely sharing each other’s company and catching up. We missed each other a lot and were glad to see each other.

Eventually (actually rather quickly) we got on the subject of sex and I asked her “how far have you gone with a guy?” She said that she had “sucked a few dicks.” I pushed her about being a virgin and she admitted that she fucked a guy twice and that it was “alright.” Then I told her “I’ve missed you a lot. I think about what we did all of the time and wish you were closer.”

Almost exactly we repeated what had happened when she visited me. I pulled her pajama pants off and ate her pussy for a while until she came really hard. Then she started to go down on just like the last time I saw her. As she put my cock in her mouth and spontaneously I blurted out something that to this day, I don’t know where it came from. I said “when I come in your mouth, don’t swallow it. I want you to kiss me with your mouth full of come and swap it back and forth.” Then there was a pause and I said “How does that sound?”

“That sounds rad! I would love to do that!” she said with great enthusiasm.

I honestly never had any desire to taste my own cum, I wasn’t gay, and don’t remember ever having this idea before. Honestly the thought of swallowing my own load made me want to puke. This idea wasn’t premeditated. It came to me suddenly in the moment as I remembered what she had done the last time she blew me when she took my load in her mouth until I was finished, held it there for a few seconds, then gulped it down like a whorish cum slut. I guess I thought that at that moment rather than swallow it, we could share it and and push our already naughty taboo of coming in my cousin’s mouth over the edge on a whole bigger level or wrong in yet another way. I knew she liked having cum in her mouth, so it must turn her on to share it. Maybe I thought that if she would have sex with her first cousin, she’d be willing to do ANYTHING experimental and this was the first thing that I thought of. Also, at this point she was rocking my world and I was looking for something to top her and impress her. Also I just trusted her to be open with experimentation.

She proceeded to suck my cock for the next 10 minutes expertly swallowing it in her throat like an experienced cock sucking slut, then bobbing up and down on it while squeezing and stroking the shaft. She sucked and stroked as if she was milking my cock. As she did, I thought about what I had committed to with both anxious anticipation as well as wondering if I had made a dreadful mistake. The disgustingness of it seemed to make it that much more exciting. After 10 minutes of expertly sucking my cock I announced to her “Yeah, Stacy, get ready, here it comes, cus'. I’m gonna cum baby. I’m gonna blow my fucking' load. Oh shit it's gonna be a big one. Oh fuck it’s gonna be a lot! Get ready! Oh fuck Stacy that feels so good I’m gonna cum! Oh cousin, I’m gonna fucking cum!”

“Oooooh Oooooh I moaned as I felt the first surge come pump up my shaft and blast into her mouth. She clamped her lips around the head like a tight ring and received the first firing of my load. I had been saving it all up in hopes to do something with her and I had a lot stored up thinking about sex for weeks. She kept stroking my cock while holding her mouth motionless over the head and received the next, then the next, and the next blast of cum. I was filling her mouth up with what felt like one of my biggest loads of cum ever. When I was finally done, she carefully slipped the head of my cock out of her mouth keeping her lips closed and sat up waiting. With her mouth apparently completel full of cum, a little dribble out of the side of her mouth, she moved close to me getting ready to kiss me.

I our lips met and together our mouthes opened to one another. My cum flowed from her mouth into mine along with her tongue. Our slimy tongues met and swirled inside each others mouths lubricated by the large volume of semen as I felt the liquid drool to the back of my mouth. I was surprised that it tasted completely different than I expected. It had a taste and smell that I can’t describe and a little sweet and salty. It wasn't disgusting at all though the thought of my own cum in my mouth was gross and insanely erotic at the same time. Thankfully my reaction wasn’t to puke, but just the opposite. It was so nasty and erotic at the same time and I felt like I graduated to another level of sexual experimentation and eroticism.

I was sharing a mouth full of my cum with my little cousin which to this day may be the craziest thing I ever did. We kissed deeply and passionately for a few minutes swirling our slimy tongues in the volume of sperm in each other’s mouths. It was intense and an experience I’ll never forget. There was so much cum sloshing around between our mouths. Slowly we each swallowed the cum bit by bit as we kissed in tiny amounts until it was gone and we kept going for a while past when our mouths were dry.

After a good 5 to 10 minutes of kissing broke off the kiss and she said “That was the most amazing thing ever, and I got to do it with you. I doubt any other guy would do that with me.” I smiled back knowing that I had done something to impress her and knowing this is probably the dirtiest, naughtiest thing I may ever do.

Eventually I went off to my room and slept the night.

The next day we were getting ready to attend my grandmother’s funeral. I went in to Stacy’s room and she was dressed in a tight short black, form fitting dress. I was in a suit. She swooned at how good I looked. She was facing her dresser facing her mirror putting on a necklace and I was standing behind her. I said “you look pretty amazing yourself. Your butt looks so fucking tasty in that tight little dress I want it so bad.”

She smiled at me, looking at me in the mirror, then bent over slightly resting her hands on the dresser. She stuck her ass out a bit and wiggled it and said “take it. It's yours if you want it. Take me right here and now.” I moved in behind her pressed my clothed hard cock into her ass and ground into her. She moaned and ground her ass back into me as my stiff cock went between her ass cheeks. My put my hands on her waist and slipped them up her side, rubbed her little tits through her dress from behind, then slowly slid back down her sides. I was getting even harder and she could feel it with the cock resting between her ass cheeks through the clothes. She bent over a little more so that her pussy ground back against my straining hard cock through her dress and panties. I grabbed her hips and pulled her ass back onto my cock, ground, and dry humped back into her as the under side of my cock shaft pressed against her clit through our clothes.

I pulled the hem of her dress up over her ass exposing her thong covered pussy. My still clothed cock ground against her panty covered pussy mound. I could feel the warmth and wetness of her cunt through our cloth and I started to get worried that I’d get a cum stain on my pants.

She was breathing really hard and grinding intently back into me. So I released her and with two hands pulled down my zipper and pulled out my raging hard cock through the zipper. With one hand I grabbed the thick long shaft of my cock and pushed the head into her panty covered pussy. She circled her hips and pushed back into me. I fucked her panties slightly into her hole with the head of my cock. The panties were the only thing holding me back and I could feel her hot wet pussy cum coating the head of my cock as it attempted to violate her. Then with the other hand I pulled the gusset of her panties which was blocking me to the side and the head of my cock popped inside her tight wet pussy. She was very wet and the thick head of my cock had no problem slipping into the tight inexperienced cunt of my 13 year old cousin. Her cunt was wet, warm, tight and velvety. I placed both hands on her hips and with one motion pulled on her hips back into me while I drove my cock deep into her pussy. If she was telling the truth, this was only the 3rd time she'd had cock inside her.

She let out a soft “Ooooooh!” She looked at me in the mirror with her mouth open with a look on her face that expressed deep pleasure. “Yeah, fuck me, fuck your little cousin,” she whispered. “I have wanted this for so long. Fuck me! Fuck me cus'! Fuck me really hard!”

“Oh fuck you feel so good. Your ass looks so hot in this dress. Oh I want to fuck you so bad,” I groaned back.

I slid the length out and my cock was coated with her wetness then I pushed it back in. She bent over more resting her elbows on the dresser and I started fucking her with slow long deep strokes. Each time I drove into her as deep as I could feeling the hot, moist depths of her hot cunt. Each time I plunged in I could feel the opening of her petite cunt stretch around the thick base of my cock. Each time I went in deep she’d let out a moan. She was quickly building toward an orgasm and I kept fucking her without losing pace hard and deep.

I looked down at the amazing sight of her ass exposed beneath the hem of her skirt and her little pussy lips stretched tightly around the thick shaft of my cock. My cock glistened with the wetness of her cunt as it drove in and out of her sucking tight cunt.

I pounded into her deeply, and repeatedly, slowly building pace as we both built toward orgasm. We’d only been fucking for about 2 minutes when I could tell we were both about to cum. She started throwing her head back and forth as she neared orgasm. I could feel my load building deep in my balls. I was about to cum inside my cousin’s tight, unprotected little cunt.

She started to cum. Her pussy started squeezing and milking my cock, clamping and releasing like a vice. I tried to hold back as long as I could but I couldn’t hold back any longer. I slammed into her as deep as I could go and held myself deep, nuzzling the head up against the deepest part of her pussy. I felt my cock getting ready to spasm, then with one intense blast I felt my cock pump the first stream of sperm deep inside her while she was coming.

“Oh fuck, Oh fuck, I’m coming in you sweet Stacy. I’m coming inside you, cus'.” My words acknowledging the cousin relationship of our sex apparently intensified her orgasm and she felt my cock fire it’s first forceful load of sperm against deep inside her while she shook her head back and forth doing her best to not scream loudly. Backing out slightly then forcing back deep into her I pumped a second huge blast of sperm into her. I drove so hard into her I was slightly lifting her feet off the floor. My legs stiffened with my orgasm that ripped through my body head to toe and I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed and planted deep inside her with my cock spasming and shooting sperm as my body seized and muscles cramped. I just keep pumping stream after stream of thick semen deep inside her until after 5 or 6 jets of cum was spent. I was completely spent and my cock still planted deep inside her was still twitching with balls finally empty. Stacy was still coming with her pussy still spasming as she shook and tried to muffle her squeals until her orgasms subsided.

Both a little sweaty and out of breath, we both came down from our orgasms as I just stood there with my cock buried deep inside her for what felt like a full minute (but was probably less.) I just couldn’t move and I wanted to fully savor what had just happened. Slowly I pulled the entire length out. Despite the huge load I blasted inside her, not much dripped out. Her pussy was just so tight and I deposited it so deep it was staying inside her. She grabbed a tissue off her dresser and wiped some of the excess wetness off her pussy then slipped her panties back into place over her pussy. She stood up, pulled her dress down and straightened it.

I quickly wiped the cum off my cock with a tissue and hoisted my still-stiff cock back into my pants and zipped them up. She turned around and placed a soft peck on my lips and said “That was fucking intense, I wish we could do that 10 times a day! Your cum is going to be up inside me all day... at the funeral... at the reception... while we’re talking to our parents and entire family. I’ll have my cousin’s cum up in me and dripping out, soaking my panties. No one will know you fucked me and came in me and that I’m full of cousin cum.” Neither of us addressed the fact that she wasn’t protected but I didn’t fucking care. As stupid as it sounds, I would have been honored to have impregnated her with that fuck. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

I was once again surprised at how nasty her talk was, but it was incredibly hot. I knew it was going to be hard to get through the day knowing she had so much of my cum in her pussy.

Not 30 seconds after I zipped up and we straightened out, her brother barged in without knocking. “Mom says it’s time to go.”

We looked at each other and smiled knowingly at how close we just came to her brother walking in on me while I blowing my incestuous load deep in her pussy. It was a good thing that it was such a quickly. I was nervous that he’d smell the sex in the room but he was pretty dense and didn’t seem to notice anything.

I didn’t get to fuck her again on that trip but we visited each other a couple of times through our teens and managed to do it a few times each visit. Each time it accompanied a lot of words about cousin love and acknowledgement of how taboo the sex was.

I attended her wedding when she was in her late 20s and when we were reunited we felt that unspoken connection. When she hugged me at one point during the day before the wedding she whispered in my ear “I’ll never forget our amazing time together. I wish we had been able to do it more.”

I told her that we should do it again once more for old time’s sake. That evening I was able to get 20 minutes alone with her to have a quick fuck and cum inside her. I said how erotic it’ll be that you’ll be getting married tomorrow after having been filled by my cum the night before.

I can only imagine what would have happened with we lived closer to each other. Probably something very bad like I might have gotten her pregnant.


2017-06-02 21:46:42
My cousin and I were each others first one summer in high school. We're still close today but have not ever done it again.

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Me and my cousin have been fucking for 2 years now. I just recently brought my new gf into it. We love it. Her pussy is so nice. And I cum in my cousin every time.

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I live with my first coudin as husban and wice. She is great in bed.

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I wish i could Dick my cousin like this even try snowballing anal would be nice to

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For those who say 7 inches is exagerated mine was 7 inches in high school. One of the cheerleaders told me one of the other guys was 10 inches.

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