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One week later, Goten and Trunks revisit the joys of passion!
A Fusion of Love

It had been a week since the end of the nightmare, following the brief blissful hour of pleasure the two boys shared. Majin Buu was destroyed, not thanks to them but thanks to Gohan, having defeated him with his newfound well of strength. It had been a work of humiliation, but for now, all they could do was enjoy the modicum of peace they've earned through the terror that had been prieviously haunting them that day.

While people had been recovering and rebuilding from the tragedy, Trunks had been insisting on Goten hanging out more and more often. Today had been only the second time they've been together in the passing week, only due to the fact Goten's mom wanted to keep her "baby boy" as close to her as possible for a few days. Now that they were alone, they were able to enjoy each other's company.

Not to mention a box full of Pocky Sticks!

"Alriiiiiiiiiiight!" Trunks cried out, hopping onto his reinforced plushy bed, with Goten hopping next to him in earnest. Taking out the box of chocolate pocky sticks, he began to grab a big handful from the gallon-sized container, making sure to split them apart from the bundle they've been placed in.

"YAY!" Goten squealed boyishly as he was given half of the box while Trunks already was nibbling and chomping on a good portion of them.

The two quickly ate the majority of the pocky sticks, with Goten having five of them and Trunks having one. Their mouths were covered in chocolate "beards" and were busy nibbling down on the remaining candy pieces they had left. It wasn't until Trunks was chewing slowly on his last stick that he saw Goten still had three sticks left.

"Hey, Goten," Trunks said, furrowing his brow at his messy yet very empty hands.

"Yeah, Trunks?" Goten asked nonchalantly, still nibbling on the last of the third picky stick he had left.

"Is it alright if I had one of yours?" Trunks asked politely, fixing a straightforward stare at Goten which glanced towards the two still in his hands.
Swallowing down the last of the candy in his mouth, Goten whined, "But Truuuuuuunks! We had equal portions! Why do you want more?"

"Caaaaaaaaause, Goten, that was the last box of Pocky we have left!" Trunks groaned back, rolling his eyes as if it was obvious.

"But I wanna have it!" Goten said indignantly.

"Pleeeeeeease, Goten!" Trunks held up both hands in a begging gesture, blue eyes pathetically wide and big batting at Goten's onyx orbs.
Goten furrowed his brows, opening his mouth wide before latching them over half of the chocolate covered pair of pocky sticks. Watching Trunks face fall and look flabbergasted made Goten giggle with mischievous triumph. "They're mine, Trunks!"

"Oh yeah?!" Trunks asked incredulously, a sly smile of equal mischief spreading across his own face.
Before the confused son of Goku could utter a query, Trunks latched his own mouth over the pocky sticks. This caused both of their messy lips to mesh together, tongues and teeth wrestling the sticks for dominance. Under the heat of the duress the candy broke and both boys soon forgot they were fighting over candy.

Instead, their mouths were thoroughly sliding over each other, licking up the chocolate around their faces and sharing the delectable taste between their tongues. Eyes were half-massed to closed as their slobber covered cheeks flushed red, the heat of the situation getting to the two hormonally charged boys. Long after they swallowed the candy were swallows of cocoa-tasting mingled saliva, moans of passion echoing through the heavily exhaling and inhaling pair of nostrils.

The french kissing would continue as Goten pushed Trunks back onto the shape-comforming bed, his pelvis grinding onto the hard-on he shared with the lavender-hue tressed boy. Wave after wave of mounting pleasure built up as their groins pushed through the pair of gym shorts and cargo pants, with only a sleeveless black shirt and a orange-black t-shirt on thier bodies.

Even through the kissing, these clothes would quickly be forgone as their mouth-loving continued.

"Muah!" The two boys smacked audibly, trails of drool snaking between their red lips, just as it trailed down their chins and along their necks. With a faint smile of lust on Goten's face, he dove down to latch onto Trunks left ear, suckling it into his mouth for a few long seconds to earn a longing moan from his best friend.

"G-G-Goten...mmmmmmm!" Trunks bit down on his lower lip as he pushed up his bare pelvis against Goten's, feeling the slick member slide easier than before. The grinds would continue slowly but surely into a faster pace, with Goten placing hickies along Trunks neck, relishing in the sensation of being skin-to-skin with him. Goten began to shudder with imminent release, placing his palms onto his friend's shoulders as he picked up speed in bucking down, putting enough pressure that Trunks wasn't even able to buck up in response.

"T-T-Trunks...OH TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUNKS!" Goten cried out, feeling himself empty a load of seed up both of their lower abdomens and mingling within their nutsacks. Soon after a longing groan escaped Trunks' lips, his own load joined Goten's causing them both to stop for a few brief moments to pant and enjoy the nirvana of orgasm.

"Let's suck'em!" Goten immediately said with a giggle of excitement, sliding his sticky belly around to have his fleshy tube aimed just above his friend's mouth. With a belated sigh, Trunks wrapped his lips over Goten's meat just as he felt a silky smooth pressure encapture his own. With sopping wet sucks heard abound within the private room, both friends went on their way to bob their heads and slather their tongues along the sensitive rods.

Groans emitted along each pair of pelvic protruding muscles, vibrating them to a higher plane of ecstasy. The slap of meaty sacs could be felt along Trunks' eyes and nose, with Goten's earnest pumps downwards in a means to strengthen the sensation of love-making his meat was receiving. At the same time he palmed the base of Trunks' sac, stroking and fondling it while sliding his tongue up along its length before swirling around within the foreskin surrounding the purple head. When he dove back down to deep throat the piece of meat, Trunks groaned loudly around Goten's rod.

Bucking his hips up to match the crescendo of downward beats Goten's made with his own tube thrusting, another lightning bolt of orgasmic love filled their bodies as mouthfulls of boymilk filled and ran down each other's mouths down to their throats. Feeling the warmth flow down their necks caused them both to moan lowly, both of their lips slowly sliding off the rock hard-ons, slight trails of seed-filled saliva to pool along their mouths and lower regions' skin.

"Oh wow," Trunks shuddered, eyes closed up to feel another shudder of ecstasy flow through his young being. No matter how many times he felt that delightful jolt, he knew he could never get enough. Unsurprisingly from Goten's earnesty in taking charge, neither could he.

"Mmmmmm," Goten moaned with delight, taking time to slurp up the pooled resin of boy milk around Trunks' pelvis. "tastes like candy, hehe!"

"It sure does," Trunks agreed.

"Want me to put some inside you?" Goten asked, looking over his shoulder, catching a right directional leaning glance from his friend. Despite the innocence of the question, Trunks knew full well whenever Goten asked a question during their "play time" that he almost never accepted a no as an answer. It was more of an informative declaration than an exact request for permission.

"Sure," Trunks responded after a few long seconds of realizing the situation he was in. "might as well enjoy it..."

"Yay!" Goten cheered giddily, flipping himself forward long enough to twist aerobatically to land just in front of Trunks' back prone body. Grabbing the underside of his friend's knees, he raised them up rest them on his shoulders so he could have better depth penetration. Lining up his tube against Trunks' lubed up wrinkled nether lips, Goten stuck out his tongue and held it to the corner of his mouth with a look of childish focus. With a gentle jab, Goten asked with a smile. "ready?"

"Yeah," Trunks nodded, placing his hands on either side of the plush bed's fabric, already in the process of balling it up. With as much relaxation as he could muster along his anal muscles, the rod began to squeeze itself in, delightfully filling up the used rectum tract. The feeling of being filled up so delicately caused Trunks to roll his eyes inwards, leaning his head back and letting out a loud groan. "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Mmmmmmmm," Goten responded with a moan of his own, a big wide smile stretching across his half-lid eyed face. "it's so tight inside you. It feels like it's being massaged by your mouth but better!"

"Yeah!" Trunks exclaimed with agreement, balling his fists along the quilt's surface with emphasis of what he felt. "now please move!"

"Oh, okay!" Goten snapped out of his reverie of bliss. Pulling out his meat slowly, vaguely catching sight of the wrinkled lips pooching out with the head of the rod. With a sudden hard slam back in, one could hear the gasp come in sync with a slap of the pelvic sac. Groans would be emitted by the son of Goku while the son of Vegeta took every pound of intruding meat with a gasp and a brief moan, feeling the breath knocked out of him with every thrust.

"Goten's sure putting a lot more strength into this!" Trunks took mental note, finding himself biting his lower lip with strained effort to not be knocked across the bed from his spot. In fact, one could note a faint glimmer of azure-white Ki bristling across his skin, as he pushed his baby soft nether cheeks back to increase the friction of Goten's pumps. Catching sight of this, Goten powered up as well, increasing his own pumps by three fold.

"Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh," Goten grunted with every slap of sweaty flesh, his pelvic protrusion was all but a slick blur as it entered and exited as quickly as he could manage. With Trunks' insistant bucks from his own hips into his thrusts, both boys felt their tolerances drop significantly, only lasting what seemed to be half the time their 69 position equaled.

"G-G-Goten!" Trunks began to groan out, reaching out with his right hand to jerk his aching wet rod. "I'm gonna...gonna..."

"Me too! Mngh! Mngh! Mngh! NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Goten reared back his head, unloading a copious portion of his seed into the crimson flesh walls of Trunks' anal passageway. As he pumped longingly three more times, letting the wrinkled lips squeeze out more of the ecstasy from his penile slit, he saw another pool of boymilk splatter onto Trunks' navel, filling it up and spreading it around his sweaty skin.

Scooping up the white essence between his fingers, Trunks slurped it up into his mouth, forming a kissy face at Goten with a mischievious wink to further the invitation. Giggling, Goten accepted, feeling his meat exit the puckering wrinkled nether lips of Trunks' bum. When his mouth slithered over Trunks', he purred with joy as his tongue mingled with the shared essence, faint swallows being heard over oral sucking and smacking.

By the time their lips parted, Trunks sighed with a smile. "Hey Goten."

"Hm?" Goten cocked his head to the side with query.

"Can I have a go?" Trunks asked with pouty lips.

"But I like being on top!" Goten insisted with furrowed brows and pouted lips of his own. To his surprise a sly smile worked its way back onto Trunks' face. Before he would know what happened, he found his body hurled up into the air before slamming back into the reinforced plushy bed. Blinking, he saw the trails of golden light along Trunks' form, enhancing his frame with more musculature details along with the gleaming emerald eyes that stared at him with victory.

"This isn't a negotiation!" Trunks said with a chuckle, his erect hair bobbing up along with his upward inclined neck. Due to his arms grappling the unprepared Goten, despite a futile attempt Saiyan on his part to retain dominance, Trunks managed to get the son of Goku on all fours.

Goten would yelp with the sudden intrusion, feeling Trunks drive his pole into his anal tract with ease gifted to him with his transformation. After a handful of pumps, audible grunts from both boys could be heard as the slick meat slid in and out of a very well lubricated nether maw.

"MMM! NNNGH! HMMMM!" Trunks groaned aloud, feeling the exertion cause beads of sweat to pour down his glowing brow lines. He couldn't help but relish the refreshing sensation of dominating Goten's pert cheeks. Grasping them in each hand, he pulled at them with enjoyment, anchoring his palms over the soft reddening flesh so his thrusts could become stronger with every tug. "enjoying this, Goten?!"

"O-O-Oh! Y-Yes! Trunks, it f-feels g-g-good!" Goten groaned aloud with an ecstatic expression, drool tracing down his lips as his eyes practically bulged out with adrenalized sensation. Every thrust through his moist, sensitive channel would send spasms of electrical shock across his skin and warm his inner core. Every once in awhile the thrusting tube would strike his sweet spot, causing him to yelp and squeal with boyish delight.

It was all he could ask for and Trunks was delivering.

"Mmmmm," Trunks groaned in between every successive pump, feeling his core burn hotly, a result of his transformation's vigor. Grunts were emitted from Goten, a sudden inflamation of golden light surrounding his own body, increasing the tempo of pushing back into Trunks' own Super Saiyan thrusts.

"Goten! Here! I! COME!" Trunks announced with a sudden excessive shout, rattling the room from the pressure of excess force as he shoved his slick rod into the pulsing anal tunnel, unleashing a large volume of liquid seed. So much was the force of him striking the sweet spot, Goten couldn't help but unleash his own load onto the bed itself, moaning longingly as he felt his whole body shudder with ecstasy.

Pulling himself out, he couldn't help but lay against the doggy posed Goten, enjoying the slickness and warmth of the boy's back against his front.

"Mmm," Trunks purred with satisfaction.

"That felt awesome!" Goten exhaled breathily, licking his lips with delight.

"Sure was," Trunks groaned with a smile, rubbing his chin over Goten's right shoulder and neck.

"You know what would feel more awesome?" Goten asked in a coy manner.

"What?" Trunks arched up his rightmost brow.

Twisting his body around, Goten deftly slid his frictionless skin underneath Trunks, just enough so that he would be facing him. With strong hands filled with more power than Trunks could muster, he would push Trunks upright and slide his fingers down to his hips. Earning a startled yelp from the unprepared Trunks, Goten pushed up his pleasure stick up Trunks puckered nether lips and into the moist, seed-covered tunnel.

"Now you got to ride it, hehe!" Goten snickered, watching Trunks squirm with little resistance, the pleasure overriding what little dominance he had left in him.

"Might as well go with it again," Trunks thought, smiling wryly as he sunk himself further on the rod, gyrating his hips in a clockwise manner that made himself moan lowly. "fun while it lasted..."

"Nnnnngh, keep doing that," Goten rubbed his golden-maned hair against the sheets, his butt wetly moving left and right as Trunks lewdly rotated his hips along with the penetrated rod. It wouldn't be long before Trunks would be rising up and down, using only his abdomen and hips, diging the soles of his feet just underneath Goten's armpits.

"Like what you see?" Trunks asked seductively, grasping his pert rear cheeks to separate them, exposing his anal ring. As he rose up, it looked as if the entire tract pooched with it, dragging across the swollen erection. By the time he would lower back down, it would be consumed and hidden from view, creases of skin massaging the pelvic sac below.

"Looks so hot," Goten murmured, drool oozing out the corners of his mouth as he stared in awe at the lovely display of lovemaking. Every pump was just another longing jolt through his core, spreading a pleasant warmth across his body that intermingled with his Super Saiyan mantle. Imminent release, once again, would be upon him shortly.

"Trunks...I'm gonna...gonna..." Goten began to say, writhing underneath Trunks descents and ascents, in sync with his vigorous upward pumps.

"G-G-G-Goten, nnnnnnnnnnnngh!" Trunks groaned out, inclining his head straight upwards as he sprayed another wafting load of seed upwards, having it splatter up onto his face and his chest this time around. All the while he felt his bowels drenched, so much so that it oozed out of the spread cheeks and mingled down into the penile sac below. The intoxicating scent of their passion was so much that their auras died and soon they were passively light blonde.

"Goten," Trunks said with a smile, already licking up some of the boy milk lathered over his face.

"Yeah, Trunks?" Goten asked, reveling the tight sensation of his rod still pulsing within the inner walls of his best friend's rectum.

"We should have some more fun," Trunks then winked, sucking off his index finger as he proclaimed, "with Fusion!"

"Oh yeah!" Goten practically bolted upright, his erection leaving Trunks' delectable spot only with the promise of experiencing something better. "let's do it! Right now!"

"Alright, Alright," Trunks waved his hands in a chiding manner. Getting off the bed with Goten, both of their nude bodies would line up on the carpeted flooring at an equal distanced pacing. Locking eyes with each other, they nodded and then proceeded to perform the dance.




With a proclaimed shout, their fingertips touched and a brilliant orb of light was cast within the room, shaking it wildly. By the time it dimmed back to normalcy, a very much bare skinned Gotenks would emerge, already clad in Super Saiyan form though in a much more passive manner. Rubbing their double-girthed meat with a groan, the fused-born boy would giggle with mischief and lust.

"I know what to do," He narrowed his eyes with determination. Tip-toing in a dramatic sense while humming a theme song he had invented all his own, he pulled back his drawers one by one looking for something. Underneath his pajama drawer he found a pair of tubular shaped objects.
When he withdrew them, one looked pink and had a ocular slit to it. Another was a black suction ended, red hued member shaped object with ridges along the side. Recognizing the objects Trunks had snatched from his mother's "collection", he nodded with joy that he found the perfect toy combination.

Skipping to the bathroom where it was all tile, he placed the suction cup end of the dildo toy to firmly anchor itself erectly. The other he spat a few wads of saliva, squeezing and caressing its outside to get it nice and moist. With a giggle, he had everything set, only needing himself to get into place. Precariously squatting over the large object, he ensured that he breathed slowly and relaxed as much as possible. Despite being a fusion of two athletically built boys, he didn't want to chance at ruining the experience early.

With a sharp inhale, Gotenks began to lower his hips, feeling the head slowly penetrate him. An audible sloshing of slick nether lips, culminating with the combined amount of mutual lovemaking both fusees had done to each other. This pre-ordained lubing allowed for a smooth slide downwards.
The result was nothing short of nirvana.

"Mmmmmm," Gotenks groaned as he reached halfway, inhibited from going the full ten inches for fear of not being able to rise up from his squat. To make up for it, he raised up the tubular nether lipped toy and began to sink it over his erect man rod. Another longing moan was released from his throat as he felt the silky soft tube swallow up his meat, descending all the way to the base to further wrap it in its loving embrace.

"," Gotenks murmured out, feeling another inch of thick rubber penetration further itself into his crimson flesh tunnel. Barely gracing the sweet spot, his eyes saw stars for a brief moment, causing him to gasp aloud with awe'd delight. Gingerly he would rise before falling again, making sure to hit that spot as much as possible.

"Ungh-Ungh-Ungh-Ungh-Ungh!" Gotenks grunted out over and over, feeling swear perforate across his skin. He would try to match vertical pumps with his own pair of artificial meat tunnel, sliding it up and down over his erection with enough vigor to outstrip his body's bounces. Due to the thickness of the tower shaped item, one could see a faint bulge rise and fall within his lower abdomen, showing just how large of an object Gotenks was taking within himself.

Drool began to ooze down the corners of his mouth as an expression of utter joy was painted across Gotenks' face. His skin practically was dancing with electricity with how much orgasmic energy was being ejected from his nervous system, with both of the most sensitive parts of his body being stroked and filled with such high repetition. When the rod finally had struck his sweet spot a final time, he let loose a thunderous scream.

"OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!" Voluminous portions of seed filled up his member squeezing toy just as his bum collapsed thoroughly to the bottom of the ground mounted tool. Doing so caused his eyes to roll to the back, his body discharging bio-electricity that shattered the framework of his room, cracking and bending parts of his bedroom.

Limply, Gotenks slid off the tool, shortly defusing from the exertion shortly afterwards. Both boys were entwined, fingers wrapped over each other with palms pressed firmly against each other. With their eyes closed only smiles remained on their cute faces. Such eyes would only close after they heard a lung-filled screech that filled both of their warm base-state bodies with ice.


"Uh-oh," They both whispered aloud with fear.


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