My sister thought she was pregnant but she didn't know who knocked her up.
My seventeen year old sister stated “I think I'm pregnant.”

The cold, bold statement took me by surprise “What?”

She looked at me, sad eyes, a small frown on her mouth, “I missed my period, I'm way late, I'm fucking knocked up.”

We were sitting face to face, cross legged next to the fireplace which had a small gas flame flickering, lighting the otherwise dark room. She move her feet together, raised her knees and crossed her arms over them then laid her head on her forearms and murmured “I'm gonna have a fucking kid, give me the bottle.” She didn’t seem to care that I was getting a good up-skirt view of her panties in that position.

I handed Lisa the pint bottle of rye whiskey and as she tipped it to her lips I asked “Did you do a test, there are a lot of reasons you might miss?”

She put the bottle on the floor next to her foot “No, not yet, I have to go to CVS and get one, will you drive me?”

“Right now?

She twisted her wrist and checked her watch and mumbled “11:30.” She looked back at me “they're open 24/7, it's late, not many people will be there, I can get one and not see anybody I know.” I took a hit off the pint and handed it to her again, Lisa sipped the last drops then looked at me “God, this sucks.” I stood and offered her my hand to pull her up, she stood, sighed deeply “Fuck.”

It was cold; dirty snow and slush covered the ground in patches, the streets were wet from the melt. I'd had a couple of shots of rye whiskey so I drove cautiously the two miles to the drug store. It was an opportunity to ask my sister how she got pregnant. “What happened, I thought you and Troy were being careful.”

Her next words shocked me “It might not be Troy.”

Troy and I were best friends, he was dating Lisa and I was dating his sister, her best friend Krista. The whole arrangement was tight, close, damn near incestuous. Lisa and Troy started getting it on a few months earlier and I had just talked Krista into bed only a few days before. My eyes left the road as I twisted my head and stared at Lisa. My concentration was shattered so I braked and pulled to the curb behind a parked car. “What the fuck do you mean it isn't Troy, you been fucking him for months now, who else you been getting it on with?” I wasn’t mad, I wasn't yelling, it was a question asked in a normal but concerned voice.

I could see my sister turn red under the cold pale glow from the street lamp. She swallowed nervously, looked at her knees, “We were at a party, me and Krista, and it got sorta hot. She and me partied with five guys, she got two, I got three.” Lisa looked up at me “I got so fucking turned on I would have done them all but they wore out before I did.” She dropped eyes, her voice went almost silent “Now I'm going to have a baby and I don't know who did it; Troy or one of them.”

“When the hell did this happen? You fucked three dicks in one night? Christ Lisa, that's like total slut. Krista was there too, was she banging me then?”

She turned her head to face me, a flash of defiance in her eyes “I am NOT a slut and don't you call me one! And we were there before Krista started with you.”

“Sorry 'bout the slut thing. What happened, how did you do something like that? Do I know these guys?”

The engine was idling, the heater barely keeping the freezing weather out of the car. I turned off the radio so my sister and I could talk more,“What happened?”

Lisa twisted around on the seat, leaned back against her door and started “We were at the movies and met these really cute boys from Culver High School. There were three of them but we weren't worried about being out numbered so we went with them after the movie to Micky D's. That's where the other two came in. They were all friends and on the varsity football team and Krista and me thought they were all hot, we liked hanging with them. We spent the rest of the day and night running around with them then one asked us to party at a cabin on Lake Richter. It was late but I knew mom wouldn't know I was out so we went with them. We were all drinking beer most of the day and when we got to the lake somebody pulled out a bottle of vodka and we got rid of that in a hurry.

“Me and Krista both knew why them guys asked us to party and we decided together that we would fuck somebody because we were having a good time and it seemed like a good idea. What we didn’t count on was that they all wanted to screw us.”

“Come on Lisa, five guys, and two drunk girls? You had to know.”

She paused to reflect, “I don't know, maybe I really did but didn't want to admit to myself I might. Anyway, it wasn't 30 minutes later that all seven of us were naked and splashing around in the lake. I was really having a good time, there was something about being alone with them in the woods that made the night different. I mean we weren’t surrounded by the city or people. It was dark, warm and there were a million stars watching me. It was like some long dead ancestor woke up and dragged my hormones a few thousand years back, nature was calling, I got horny and the longer we played around, the hornier I got.

It didn't take long until someone grabbed me from behind and stuck his cock between my legs while I stood in the water. I was kind of expecting something like that so I helped him go in me and he fucked me right there in front of Krista and the others. When I didn't protest another asked Krista if she was ready and she turned around, put her hands on her knees and stuck her ass back for him. Just like that me and her were getting fucked. Anyway, I felt him blow his nuts in me but I didn't even worry about it. As soon as he pulled out somebody else stepped up and shoved his boner right into the mess the first had left. I didn't want to stand in the water all night so I made the guy stop and told him we should go in the cabin. Krista stopped screwing too then all of us went inside.

“Her new boyfriend grabbed Krista and dragged her to a bed while me and my second fuck went to another bedroom. When he started screwing me again I saw his friends standing in the open door and they were whacking their boners, that's when I realized I would pull a train; I was pulling a train.”

“Pull a train?”

“You know, more than one guy. If I fucked two, that would be a two car train. Anyway to make the story shorter I sucked and fucked three guys, two of them twice. Krista had two with her and she got screwed four times. When their balls were totally empty the guys we first met brought us home.”

I had a seriously big bulge in my sweat pants. My sisters story had worked magic on my cock and it was as hard as I ever remembered. In my minds eye I saw her and Krista flat on their backs while an army of stiff pricks pushed and thrust between their legs, spewing cum deep inside, each one of them trying to impregnate the girl. Well, I guess it worked; Lisa was afraid she was knocked up from one of them. I kicked the car in gear “You ready to buy a test?” She nodded then stared out the window as I drove.

Just before I pulled into the parking lot my sister turned to me again, a half smile on her lips “I fucked three guys five times, does that mean I pulled a three car train or a five?”

“Does it matter, did you enjoy it?”

“I did when I was doing it.”

I had to walk kind of stiff and bent over because of my throbbing dick but as Lisa guessed, it was late and nobody but two clerks were in the store just then. Lisa led me to the pharmacy and snooped around until she found a EPT urine test. She was reading the label when she noticed my tented crotch “You got a hard-on?”

“Kind of, this whole thing with you got me up.”

She looked up into my eyes “That's fucking kinky, you are not supposed to think about messing with your sister.”

“I'm not but I never imagined you or Krista doing a total flop for a bunch of cocks but thinking you two did is fucking with my balls.”

“About Krista, she did it too, does that turn you on or off?”

“We should worry about her and Troy later, lets buy that and go home.” Lisa bought the test from the gray haired tired old grandma who looked like she hated us for not having face full of wrinkles, she treated us as if she were a Bible thumping Baptist and we were the Devils' own spawn. After enduring the searing wordless criticism my sister and I left to test her future. As we went to the car she said “I bet that old crone thinks you knocked me up.”

“Well, we know it wasn't me, I ain't had my dick in you.” The drive home was quiet as Lisa tried to read the directions on the box under the weak light of the makeup mirror in the sun visor.

After we got home my sister went to check on our single parent and found she hadn't come home from her date yet. “I don’t' think mom will be home tonight, she's probably spread out all over Mel's bed right now.”

“Then you got time to do the test, how does it work?”

She looked at the side of the small box again “it says I should wait until I go pee first thing in the morning. I guess I have to wait a few more hours to find out if I got fucked right.” She paused, looked up at me and continued “You know, screwing all them guys seemed like a good idea at the time, now maybe not so good.”

I went to the kitchen for two sodas, I wasn’t' ready for bed and I knew Lisa wouldn't be sleeping to much either. She mumbled thanks as I handed her a Coke Zero then glanced at my crotch which was just inches from her eyes “Where's your fucking boner?”

“Hibernating, it's too cold outside. Your story got me hard but you quit telling it so I shriveled back up.” My sister leaned back on the couch, popped the top of her can and looked into my face intently as she took a sip. I couldn't read her eyes but as I looked back at her my nuts began to brew and my cock started warming up again.

Something was going on in her mind, I watched her entire face changed from worry and fear to something softer, more pleasant to look at. She shifted her ass, stretched her legs and kicked off her shoes the entire time locked on my eyes, “You want to fuck me?” she asked as I scoped out her legs from ankles to thighs.

I tried not to act it but I was stunned by her question. I think my silence gave me away because she smiled coyly and added “Yeah, it might be fun and you can't tag me, I’m already prego, we don't have to worry about having a water head baby.” She looked down at the construction her question caused in my pants then back up “We can use your bed, I'll tell you the story again, with more detail if you want to hear it.” I hadn't said a thing.

Lisa studied my face, awaiting my answer; she didn't get it verbally. I set my can of Coke down and hooked the waist band of my sweats and pulled them down. My cock lifted even higher when the restriction of my pants came away, my sister stood and dropped her skirt. In less than a minute I was looking at uncharted territory, uncharted for me anyway. Lisa had been putting out for Troy at least a year but fucking each other would be a first for us. I reached for her and pulled her to the sofa, pushed her to her back then stepped between her legs and probed with my prick for her pussy. She was looking up at me solemnly, her legs moved wider so I could penetrate her body. I held my erection against the lips of her cunt then rubbed it up and down until I was slippery enough to press the helmeted end of it into her entrance. I split my sister with my hard-on and started fucking her. She held her arms up, an invitation to close the gap between us so I lifted my feet off the floor and laid on her body while our groins ground together in our first sexual dance. I'm a lot bigger than her so my weight on her made me think she would smother so I put a hand under her tight round ass and rolled to my back, taking her with me. When we were done shifting around, she was lying on my stomach and chest, her cunt sliding thrillingly on my tall standing cock. She pushed up to a half sit and started fucking me with heat and lust growing quickly in her wide open eyes. I lifted my head far enough to suck the end of her right tit into my mouth and started licking the nipple. Lisa moaned out loud and grabbed two hands full of chest muscle.

I had fucked Krista twice that afternoon so even though Lisa's story had packed my balls I could control them a little, I didn’t want to fire off a load too soon, I was savoring this unexpected piece of ass and could make it last for a while. I could tell by the expression on her face, the reaction of her body to mine she was enjoying our first encounter too. I asked her “Do you know which of them guys you would want to be the daddy? Did you like one better than the rest?”

She looked down on me, gasped lightly then said softly “The third boy, I think his name was Ringo, like the guy from that old band, the Beatles. He had a delicious looking hard-on, I would have sucked it dry if he asked. When he came in me I thought he would never end, his nuts must have been as big watermelons.”

“You didn’t' look?”

“Of course,” she moaned as I arched my back, shoving my cock deeper up her cunt. “I even held them but when he shot off it was a fucking flood of hot cum, as much as the first two together.” Lisa looked down on me then relaxed her arms, falling to my chest, her tits mashed between us. She shuddered, sucked in a deep breath and began to vibrate while slamming my groin with her pelvis. My sister was climaxing so I opened the gates of lust and started injecting her with surge after surge of heated ball juice.

Her head was resting on my chest as she gulped fresh air. I looked at the top of her head, the pale scalp showing where her sandy colored hair parted. My sister's stomach trembled, the tummy muscles fluttering against mine, she clenched her thighs on my erection then lifted her face to me. “Wow! That was fucking awesome.” She pushed up and off, grabbed my shirt and cupped it under her leaking pussy. As I watched her wipe the mess away I wondered why do the girls always smear up the guys shirt?

I stood beside Lisa, my cock was still half hard and I knew I could go another round with her in a short while. I took a pull of my coke and handed it to her, she smiled softly and took a sip. As she handed it back I asked her if she was ready to go to bed. Lisa picked up her clothes and led the way to my room.

My sister and I were both experienced with sex so after we got onto my bed we knew there was no hurry to fuck again. The introductory quicky on the sofa was great but she and I settled down for pillow talk and took our time. She was on her back and I straddled her thighs and began to explore her body as she talked about that night with more detail. I felt her, I kissed her everywhere I could put my mouth except on the lips, I wasn’t ready for that yet. Her tits rose as firm mounds of flesh from her chest, the nipples at the end of her tits were thick, fleshy and swelled up like mini erections when I suckled them. Lisa kept talking describing how she got hot, naked and fucked by three guys in two hours. She let each of them screw her twice then when Ringo got it up for the third time she went to her hands and knees in the front room of the house and they had sex while the other four and Krista watched. I got off her legs, knelt between her wide spread thighs then lifted her feet until her heels were resting on my shoulders. My hands went under her ass and I lifted her from the bed then shoved my rock hard muscle into her again. She was slick from her lust and my cum so I penetrated her in one long delicious stroke until my ball sack was rubbing on her butt cheeks. Lisa smiled up and me, rolled her stomach and said “Fuck me hard, fuck me fast, I like it when the guy takes what he wants!”

My sister and coupled and mated all over my bed in several different positions. She was on her back with her ankles locked over my waist when we touched lips for the first time. Our mouths met, tongues dueled and soft moans vibrated in our throats. Since fucking a sibling is forbidden by law and morals screwing my sister was probably more wild and exciting than any other girl I ever laid, except maybe the first time I did it when I was fifteen. We were both covered with sweat, our hair soaked from the heated friction of our bodies sliding and rubbing against each other. My cock was distorted from the buildup of internal pressure, my balls started to hurt from the strain of control. I looked down on my smoking hot sister and told her “You are a fucking slut Lisa, you pulled a train now you pulled your own brother! You ARE a total BITCH SLUT!”

I didn't have to be careful with her, I mean, she was already pregnant so my nuts jumped, my cock convulsed and I started pumping her hot cunt full with millions of my eager clones who went swimming toward an unfulfilled destiny. Lisa arched her back off the mattress and howled her release, banging her hips against mine, her body begging for every drop of cum, she was gasping, shaking and sobbing out her massive orgasm. We collapsed limp and exhausted next to each other then she protested softly “I'm not a slut” then drifted to sleep on clouds of euphoria.

She woke me up about 7:30, “Hey, I gotta pee, you want to watch?”

At first I didn’t know what she was asking but as my brain began to work the entire night with her slammed me back to full awareness, my prick ached slightly and my legs were stiff but I rolled off my bed “Yeah, I'll be right there.” I watched her naked back and ass while she walked away and miraculously my sore prick healed completely.

She sat on the toilet, legs spread wide then opened the packet. She looked up at me, fear and nervousness climbing quickly in them. She put the strip of paper between her legs, blocking my view but I heard her stream splashing into the bowl. When she was done pissing she pulled the strip up then we both waited, I asked her “Now what.”

“If I'm pregnant it will turn blue.”

After about a minute of not breathing she began to smile then grabbed the box to read the fine print for a quick refresher on the directions then she bounced up, threw her arms around me and shouted with relief. “It's not blue! It' didn’t turn blue!” She was happily murmuring as she hugged her nakedness against mine. She tilted her head back and invited huskily “Lets have sex!” We went back to bed.

I fucked my sister two more times that morning then in the next couple of weeks we got it on every time our mother was out of the house. Lisa started her menstrual cycle four days after her scare and when it ended she celebrated by screwing Troy then came home and climbed into my bed for a sexual nightcap. I'd screwed some hot and imaginative girls in four years but fucking Lisa was some of the best sex I'd ever had. She had no inhibitions, no reservations; she was willing to do any thing we could think up.

A few weeks after our first night we were sitting face to face in front of the fireplace, the low flames reflecting from her eyes as she looked at me “hand me the bottle.”

I passed over the fifth of JB Black, she took a sip then asked “Will you take me to CVS, I need another test?”

My heart fluttered with angst “You think Troy did it right this time?”

She paused to take a deep breath, “No. Not Troy, he's been using rubbers, you and me haven't.”

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What is it with all these stories about the guy using his sister's/mother's panties to jerk off. I never did that, though I did sneak peeks at my hot mom getting out of our downstairs shower. She had awesome tits, and a thick, FULL hairy bush - that is why I LOVE bush to this day! Bush means you are mature, grown and a WOMAN. However, I never in my life stole panties to masturbate in.

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