Katie was special, so were Tina and her Mum, and so were the new Neighbours....

Except for Katie, my neighbor girl who had re-started my life, I left all other young women behind, and I went back to the houseboat, to 16y.o. Tina, in boat no. 12…and her Mum…
…and then there was Katie….and then there were new Neighbours….

Part 1

Katie had just told me she loved me, after I had confirmed I loved her.
That was the easy part: tell the truth, and then everything becomes simple, Life becomes Heaven; Heaven becomes Life.
There are no problems in this world of 2 people.
But that is fantasy, not the stark reality.
I am 59, oh hell, almost 60 I realized (birthday early next month) and Katie is 16, nowhere near her 17th Birthday even, let alone 37, or 47!
Problem 1: age.

I am married, Katie is still at School.
Yes, I could divorce – emotionally, that wouldn’t be a problem. I could even buy my wife/ex-wife out of the house on divorce settlement, and live here – as long as I let it be sold to another Thai person, as I am a virtually unwanted foreigner here.
But, to stay with Katie, I needed house papers, marriage papers, and letters from a wife every year to keep my Visa somewhat simpler: marry Katie?
How could Katie cope with that: family, friends, writing on forms she is ‘Married’; heavens, even her Mother was young enough to be my daughter, and I would be expected to treat her as ‘Khun Mae’ to be respectful!
Problem 2: Divorce and Marriage.

Not all women, especially in the 21st Century, want children, but still: the majority do; especially with family pressures in Asia.
Perhaps Katie would like a child or children – but they couldn’t be Fathered by me.
Problem 3: I am sterile.

What if Katie was attracted to the young, male stud who tried to begin a relationship with her?
That wouldn’t likely happen.
But, what if Katie was attracted by the young, female stud (?) who tried to begin a relationship with her?
That could likely happen, as Katie has been, except for 2 times (and now in the throes of a third time) with me, predominantly lesbian.
Problem 4: see Problem 1: age. Health, greying hair, skinny, bony body: add to the same problem.

All these logical thoughts came while my cock was making love to Katie’s near-virginal cunt, and my hands and fingers were making love to her breasts and nipples, and my mouth to her mouth.
My body, my emotions, my love – they were joined with her, but my brain was detached, considering the consequences of declared love.

When Katie whimpered in her climax, my cock buried to the ends of her earthly being, my brain snapped out of its thinking and held my bursting cock within her, but my hands caressed her now, my mouth came off to let her breathe in big breaths, and I smiled down at her face, with eyes closed.
Our bodies were slick with perspiration and, as I turned my head to the side for a moment, I saw the time: it had been an hour since my wife left and Katie called me back for a ‘cuddle’!
No wonder our bodies were stuck together with wetness, if we had been making love for all that time.

I rolled off Katie’s body, and she sighed, and then giggled.
“If you take so long every time, I will be late when I start School - every day, Steve!”

I smiled across at her, drawing my finger across her wet abdomen and chest and nipples standing there for my fingers to play with.

‘This isn’t the time for a serious discussion, is it’ I asked myself, and answered myself: ‘no, it’s not’.

We lay for a while, quietly cuddling, but then Katie asked “what’s wrong, Steve? I can feel it in you: something is not quite right…”
I kissed her lips, and smiled; “you are not a girl are you, Katie; you are too much a woman already, but don’t you want to stay a 16y.o. girl and then 17…18…21, doing girl things, with girls and boys? I am old, Katie, that worries me.”

She moved her hand to my cock, still hard and long, and then moved her body atop mine, adjusting to get me poking up between her thighs.
“I don’t believe you, Steve – if you were old, would this still be like this? Now, if you had listened to me, I said ‘…if you take so long…when I start School…well, I don’t have School today, or tomorrow, or…” and she snaked her hand between us, lifted her body up enough, and put my cock at her entrance, before sinking down and joining us again.
“I love being up here, Steve, so I can look down on you as we do this…” and she slid her cunt down, my cock up…”and it always feels nice when you play with my boobs hanging down for you…” and she shook her breasts until my hands came for them.
Then she sighed and put her head down to kiss me lightly, before she held her torso up with her arms, thus bending her pelvis down against me, increasing my penetration inside her.

“But, if I did have School today, we could just have a ‘good morning’ 5 minutes of sex, to send me off all squishy and full, and my body and heart bubbling with life for a new day; so, let’s practice that, my lover” and she went into overdrive with her thigh muscles, her pelvic actions, and her cunt’s speed, and I had no choice but to keep up, as she brought herself to orgasm, and indeed became squishy when I surprised myself and ejaculated again inside her, up inside her.

When she cocked her head and slowed down, I knew why: the distinctive tone of her Father’s car started up outside, and drove away.
She lay down on top of me and I cuddled her, the press of her breasts into my chest keeping me aroused and inside her, the slimness of her body laid along the length of me so satin smooth, her buttocks under my hands caresses so taut and firm; even her slightly flared hips – one sign of a woman’s body preparing itself for a baby – were erotic in my hands.
“I love you, Katie, you are in my heart, and it is pumping with my feelings for you; but, is this enough, Katie, for us to love? There are so many obstacles, Katie, for us to be together….” But her mouth came down to mine and closed off my voice with her lips and tongue, for a long minute, until she felt me relax under her a little, the tenseness waning.

“Steve” she began, releasing my mouth, “do you know what is going to happen tomorrow?”
I shook my head, “yung mai luu prunee” I said in Thai, words I often said to my Thai drinking buddies when they said ‘see you tomorrow’, to which my response was these words: ‘don’t yet know tomorrow’.
“I don’t either, Steve; but I do know about right now, and I do know we are happy, wondrously happy, right now; can we accept that, Steve, and love each other in the moments we do have – I know I can, because I too am afraid of ‘obstacles’ but I have only love for you within me as of this moment, and there are no ‘obstacles’ stopping that.”

It took me but a moment to absorb the clarity of her words, and then to feel the burden of worrying about my ‘problem’ list, dissipate into nothing.
“Katie, you are an incredible woman, a magnificent woman – and your body is also wonderfully beautiful, and sexy as all hell!”
I kissed her hard now, and then we both laughed as I crushed her to me: happy in this moment.

Katie showered first, while I made a café and sat outside to smoke.
She wanted to go home – 3 seconds distance outside my gate to hers – to see her Mother, find out her Father’s mood this morning.
Later we would go shopping, so I took my café into the kitchen/laundry area and began writing my shopping list, poking my head frequently in the bathroom – “I’m checking for shopping items” I told Katie the first, second and even third time, but she knew, and I knew, I was just looking at her magnificence under the shower.

Then I realized it was Monday, and I rushed upstairs to get new towels, and one for Katie, grabbing my wife’s used one, my used ones, putting a new one for me and Katie on the rack near her rinsing body, and then exchanged my hand towel for a new one, the kitchen towels for new, and one I used on my little sofa table on which my beer mug sat.
Monday was towel-washing day.

I returned to my shopping list, checked the cupboard and fridge and laundry items as I loaded the washing machine with towels, turned that on, and decided there was not much I needed at all, hence a short list was in my hand to take.
What Katie needed I didn’t know; what I did know was that going shopping with a woman was a totally different ‘experience’ than just my way of shopping: in with my list, straight to the items, noting if other items I normally buy were on special discounts and maybe adding those to my cart, to the cash register, give my card for the free points, pay my money and load the car and home: an hour at most.
With a woman…’oh well, it was Katie, so it would at least be a happy new experience, surely – and Katie was a different woman, surely she didn’t spend ages over one item, and then not buy it – would she?’
I groaned.

I got my shopping cart, left Katie looking at uniforms and accessories – because she went to a local School, her uniform was stocked in Tesco Lotus; I left her to do my shopping, only adding Katie’s preferred toothpaste to my list, after asking her if she wanted something for my house.

Part 2

It didn’t take me very long to have finished, so I pushed my cart back to the clothes, and then stopped in my tracks, when I saw Katie talking with some people…

…it was Tina and her Mum, shopping for the same School items as Katie it seemed.
I had no choice as Tina’s Mother, Toy, looked up and saw me: “oh, Khun Steve!”
A red-faced me began pushing my cart slowly towards them, trying to smile.
The next 2 minutes were for the 3 women to work out how each knew me: “he’s my neighbor, Khun Steve brought me here for shopping”; “Oh, we were houseboat neighbours up in Kanchanaburi” said Toy.
Then Katie said to me “Tina and I are friends from School.”

‘Oh my: the same School! And they were classmates and friends!’ My mind went into shock at the revelations which might ensue.

I needed to run back and buy some packs of frozen peas and vegetables – then I could tell Katie, and the others, I needed to get them home quickly to the freezer: but I didn’t need any today, and hadn’t bought anything today which needed to be in a refrigerator quickly.

So when Toy said “let’s all have lunch when we finish here”, there was no excuse I could use.
It was early for lunch, but the idea seemed to spur the girls to action, and they soon had all they needed, and we headed for the registers.
I bought Katie’s items for her – “I get more free points, Katie” – mainly to hurry the process, get to lunch, and get Katie out and home, the least said the better.

Typically, the women were in no hurry, chatting, gesticulating, and slowly doing everything as we meandered to the food hall.
Suddenly, a bright idea: “I’ll take mine and Katie’s stuff to my car, and then join you.”
But Toy then said “oh, good idea, Khun Steve; could you take ours too, to your car; we’ll collect it later and get a taxi home” she finished resignedly.
“Oh, St…Khun Steve, we could take them home first, couldn’t we” Katie was all smiles as she asked, and there was nothing I could do or say; “of course, no problem; I’ll take it all down to the car.”
Toy and Tina were effusive in their thanks, Toy putting her hand on my arm even, but I pushed the trolley and hurried away, down the ramp to the parking floor and over to my car.

I trudged back inside to the escalator, stood still to the upper floor, and then had another brilliant idea! Of course, all my ‘brilliant’ ideas generally backfired.
The women were waiting for me; I said to Katie, “it’s too early for me to eat, ladies; but I would like a beer, so I’ll go over into this bar, and you just call me Katie when you are all ready to go, ok?”

Katie looked at me with a raised eyebrow, her unspoken question easy to read: ‘why are you so nervous, Steve?’
I smiled, said “shopping makes me need a beer, Katie” and patted her arm, turning and heading away.

It was 3 small bottles later when Toy came in, and joined me; “the girls are still eating, but I wanted a beer” she whispered, and I signaled to the waitress for 2 more.
“Where are your little ones; isn’t one sick” I asked, hoping she would say ‘oh yes, need to get home!’ – But she didn’t; “my sister is taking care of them all day, and my son just has a cold, nothing serious; you don’t have to worry, Steve.”
The absence of ‘khun’ was significant: she was in intimate mode.

“What a coincidence, Steve, meeting here today, Tina and Katie friends, you and Katie neighbours…”
I nodded, drank some beer.

“When can I see you” Toy asked bluntly.
“Ah, nong Toy, what we did on holiday was great, but I am involved with someone…”
“Your wife do you mean?”
I spluttered some beer out; “good heavens no; I mean, yes, I am married.”
“I only want sex with you Steve, nothing else; just find me an hour or two at times – we’ll make each other happy, I am sure.”
I smiled; she certainly was sexy and my cock agreed with her, darting up in my briefs, looking at her.
“Perhaps next week, when the girls go back to School then, maybe we could arrange to meet, nong Toy, but just sometimes.”
She leaned her breasts on the table, taking my eyes to them; “sounds just fine, Steve; maybe we will reach the same level of climax as we did on your boat, when you went ‘to another planet’ as I recall you saying.”

She was correct: I’d had such a powerful ejaculation inside her I did feel I was floating off through the clouds to outer space.
“Yes, Toy, I would like that again, too.”

She smiled, knowingly; “shall we go back to the girls now, Steve?”

Katie and Tina were finished; one glance told me they had shared secrets or gossip; a longer glance, and Tina looked away, and I knew Katie knew I’d had sex with Tina, and probably with her Mum, and assumed Tina knew Katie and I had.
I smiled at Katie and she smiled back; Katie knew me well, knew most of the girls I’d had sex with, as most were her friends or acquaintances, met through Katie mostly also.
I shrugged my shoulders and she laughed, shaking her head.

Toy looked at both of us, and then at her daughter; “something funny I missed?”
Tina shook her head, “Katie and I were talking about school and stuff; I told Katie it was thanks to meeting Steve, I knew what I wanted to do with my life, and after this year, I will transfer to a new School to study Languages before University. Katie might do the same and come with me.”
“That’s actually a great idea, Katie”, I said enthusiastically, “and you remember we talked about ‘not knowing tomorrow’ – well, you were right: we didn’t know we would meet up with Tina and her Mum today, and Fate might intervene for a new tomorrow also?”

Katie now looked mischievously at me, “yes, Steve, we did, but Tina said her mum was enthusiastic about coming shopping today, and I said ‘funny, Steve also had a plan to shop today’ so, we thought, maybe you and Khun Toy might, well, have planned your Fated meeting today, in the supermarket…”
I was blushing, shaking my head; Toy and the girls were laughing, and Toy said “they’ve found us out, Khun Steve; no more secrets!”

I was redder than the tomatoes on a sign behind Katie for fruit and vegetable juices; I needed another beer, needed a cigarette, needed to be thicker-skinned!

The girls stood now, their laughter easing; Katie took my arm, “there, there, just a joke, St...Khun Steve – but, why are you blushing so much?”
“Is he always like this, Katie” Tina asked, “so sensitive?”
“Yes,” said Katie, “our Khun Steve is very sensitive, very emotional, very kind, very loving: and a true Romantic.”

“You know your neighbor very well then, nong Katie” Toy commented, and Katie nodded, “Inside and out, Pi Toy; yes, I do” and she smiled up at me, but now de-linked our arms and gave me solitude while she walked with Tina and we went down the ramp to my car.

I held the door for Toy, who smiled up at me as she sat; ‘how many breasts have I rubbed doing this’ I wondered, as I pulled the safety belt longer, leaned down and across – her breasts – to buckle her in, and she held my hand on the way back, rubbing it across her extended nipples before releasing me.
She was looking for a reaction in my groin: she got it, and chuckled.

The girls were in the back; I sat in my seat, buckled in and adjusted my cock quickly in my shorts, and then asked “which way” and followed directions from Toy for about 15 minutes, and we were at their apartment block.
Toy invited us up; I looked to Katie, hoping for a ‘sorry, we need to go home’ but instead received a hearty “sure, just for a few minutes, thank you, Pi Toy.”

Their apartment was on the 12th floor, a height at which I wasn’t comfortable looking over the balcony, down to the beautiful pool 6 floors below, shadecloth covering some of it against the glare and heat.
“You must come over for a swim sometime, Katie, and you, Khun Steve, and we could have a BBQ dinner…” and Katie was exuberant, and accepted immediately, while I smiled, but knew how aroused my cock can get at swimming pools with females so close and dressed in alluring bathing costumes.
“A beer, Khun Steve” Toy asked, producing a can for me anyway; “just one” I accepted, while the girls went into Tina’s room, and Toy quickly said “can I have one of your cigarettes please, Steve; we can sit here outside” and she led me around the balcony to the back, where a table and 3 chairs were arrayed on that balcony, on the eastern side, away from the hot afternoon sun.

“You seem rather nervous today, Steve” she observed, “if you are worried about having had sex with the 3 girls, well, 3 females anyway, who are here at this moment, don’t. Females intuitively know when another female has had sex with a particular man when that man is around, but I don’t detect any rivalry here: I only want sex; Tina only wants sex; Katie wants Love, but loves sex too, and you want both – you see, it is quite easy and simple, Steve.”

The female mind works in mysterious ways, but, sometimes, their logic is infallible.

I sighed and relaxed into my chair, and now we smoked cigarettes.
‘Did I need to speak, to say anything’, I asked myself; ‘no, Toy has summed it up very well,’ so I drank my beer and smoked my cigarette.
“You should come over Saturday, Steve, for that swim and dinner; we could make it a last ‘bash’ for the girls before it’s back to School on Monday – and I promise to be good!”
She stubbed out her cigarette, took my can for a mouthful of beer – another of her intimate gestures – and said she would go and ask the girls which I assumed, meant she took my silence as acceptance.
Well, I hadn’t said ‘no’.

Katie and I drove home, Katie excited about Saturday, though she and Tina were going to get together another day before then, to review the Year’s School Plan they had both been sent.
Katie unloaded her shopping, I did the same, and we went into our respective houses, Katie never mentioning about me having sex with her friend and her Mother, but thanking me ‘so much’ for taking her and ending up with a wonderful day – “from waking up until now, Khun Steve”.
I said “you are always welcome, my Katie.”

I urinated, cleaned my teeth, lay down and fell asleep without even opening my book; ‘oh, I forgot to eat lunch’ was my last thought.
But I did take off my shirt and shorts and underpants; then I was asleep.

When I woke up this time, there was no Katie in my arms.
But there was a decided pain in my bladder, so I jumped up and ran for my bathroom, naked but uncaring as I felt immediately better, and then just turned the shower on and did that task.

Then it was café and a sandwich, and reflection on the day; oh, I should turn my phone on, I guess, now that I am awake.
Tina: ‘Mum and I so happy to see you today, we masturbated each other after you left! Can’t wait for you to do it to me! Luv Tina’
Wow, that was an arousing message, if ever I had one!
I wondered if Katie and Tina were ‘very’ good friends – not my business, if Katie was, if they were, happy.

Katie: ‘so you don’t have to blush, my Steve, I will tell you this by message: it doesn’t matter you have sex with others, I might also. I know you, you know me; we are happy when we Love together.’
She is such an amazing woman, and so thoughtful of my health: the blood rushing to my face so often is liable to cause a heart attack one day!

I answered Tina: ‘me too’; a deliberately ambiguous response.
To Katie: ‘I love you, Katie-girl.’

Part 3 - Mia

I had nothing I needed do, so, earlier than usual, I took my book and rode my bike around to my local, and settled myself to read and drink beer and smoke, peacefully alone.
That lasted one beer, one hour; I closed my book and stretched as I stood to replenish my ice and get another bottle, after going to the toilet inside.
When I came out, there was a young woman sitting at my table, smiling at me as I came back.
She bowed, said “Sawasdee ka”, and put her wide, white-teethed smile back on display.
I returned her greeting, raised my eyebrows, “do I know you, nong…”
“Nong Mia, and no, we haven’t met, until now, Khun Steve.”

I waited.
I poured my beer, asked if she minded I smoke – ‘no’ she waved away my question; and I waited.
Finally, she leaned on the table – that breasts on the table pose that women do to totally put a man off any topic except to think ‘oh, I would love my hands to be supporting those’.
Well, that’s what my only thought was at this moment; my cock had its own thought, of course.

“My family just moved in this morning, 2 doors down from your house, Khun Steve. I met ah, Katie I believe you call her, this afternoon; we talked and I asked her about an English teacher in the Village, before I start School next week. She laughed and told me her next-door neighbor was a native, with excellent English, and she was sure would help me; so she sent me here, said I’d find the pony-tailed farang easily, to ask if he would help me study English.”

“How can I help you, nong Mia?”
She smiled, “you mean with English – or with anything?”
My cock answered ‘anything’!
My mouth answered, “What specifically in English do you need help with?”
“Reading” she said emphatically; “in Class, we have to read aloud, and I am not confident; that’s what I need to practice, and have a Teacher to correct me would be a big help; please, Khun Steve.”
I looked at her face, her breasts, still on the table, her black hair tinted with auburn brown; smooth-skinned arms…below the table top, I had little doubt she had a slim body, as her arms, and legs would be the same.

I nodded, “Yes, I can do that; I used to teach some little kids, so I have books from Kindergarten-level…” she sneered, “…to novels, technical papers I have written, even my own stories if we go that far; ok, nong Mia, I will help you with reading with confidence.”

“When can we start, Ajarn” she asked, referring to me as a respectful Teacher.
I picked up my book and handed it to her; “read the back cover to me, nong Mia.”

A typical, easy reading adventure novel, it had a short, exciting synopsis of the plot, plus some newspaper reviews, and I listened to her without interruption.
She was hesitant, but then pronounced each difficult word correctly, and I understood the issue: she was a normal, reticent Thai.
That’s all it was, and is; unlike Vietnamese students, with whom I am even more familiar, who are very confident, don’t mind if they make a mistake – as long as they learn from it – Thai people prefer to not try unless they think they can answer 100% correctly: bad way to learn.

When she slumped back from the table and returned my book, I smiled, went to the fridge and got her a small bottle of water and a straw, and opened it for her.
Handing it to her, her fingers closed across my hand, and I jumped with the electrical charge I felt imparted.
She smiled and said, “that bad, was it Ajarn” but I was shaking my head – to clear it, and to mean ‘no’.
I went back to my side and sat down, drinking a large mouthful of my beer.

I took a deep breath, looking across at her, and now I could see from her tiny waist up her body; “no, it wasn’t ‘bad’ at all, nong Mia. You have the general problem of Thai students: to ‘be careful in case I make a mistake’. That’s an easy matter to solve: spend more time with farang/foreigners, and you will learn to accept mistakes as part of learning, and that will increase your confidence to try.”

“But, you’re my only farang, Ajarn Steve…” and there was the invitation, for me to consider.

“So, it seems you should spend more time with me, nong Mia: reading. And, first lesson: when it is just us, together, you can call me Steve, and I will call you Mia, ok – foreigners, in English, don’t need titles, when it is just 2 people, and I certainly know you are young to this old man!”

She laughed, “Ok, Steve, this is going to be more fun learning with you; I know it.”
“When do we start, and how much do I pay you?”
“We just started, Mia, and this will be good for me too, to have a student is good for my brain. But I don’t need any money for an hour here and there.”

“Well, perhaps if I spend more than an ‘hour’, then you will let me pay you, somehow” and her eyes flashed and her smile looked quizzically at me.
“When is the next lesson – tonight” she asked, hopefulness in her voice.
This time I laughed, “Don’t you need to help in your new house today?”
“I made a deal with my younger sister: she’d unpack and fix up our room, and I’d pay her 100 baht: she likes money, so she agreed.”

A minute later, the village bus passed noisily; Mia watched it, and then said “there’s a woman staring at you”.
I swiveled and saw my wife in the bus, coming home quite early after work; I turned back to Mia, shrugged my shoulders and said “that’s my wife, home from work. I need another visit to the toilet, and another beer; excuse me for a minute, nong Mia.”
”Mia” she corrected me, and I bowed, smiling.

I came back outside drying my washed hands on my shorts and the back of my t-shirt, one by one as I also had a cold bottle in one hand.
As I came past, to the wall-mounted opener, I saw Mia was standing, and I had to pause; she had a short, tight skirt on, and I had been right: her legs were slim and longer than I had thought actually, and, altogether, she was a magnificent looking woman.
My cock surged, agreeing, wanting to find out what adventure lay under her skirt.

At the table, standing, ogling, mute, Mia spoke first, “I guess studying at night is not any good for you – your wife home, and all…”
I sat, motioned her to do the same; “if I wanted to rush home to my wife, Mia, do you think I would now be opening a new bottle?”
“I guess not” she said hesitantly, “you don’t want to go home, Khun Steve?”
“Mia, if you go home, have dinner, and have free time, you are welcome to come to my house to do some reading/study/talk.”
She smiled then, understanding it seemed, but needed to be clear; “but, is this ok with your wife, Steve?”

“Ok, Mia, the truth; we are married, but not husband and wife for quite a few years now; she has her friends and work, and close girlfriends; she sleeps upstairs, I am downstairs; we are polite, but not much more. I am, essentially, a single man, sharing a house, which I paid for, but can’t have my name on the paper for. There, my life story; so you can come any time to study with me, and it won’t interfere with my life with my wife.”
I drank my beer.

“So, she won’t beat me up or anything, right, Steve” but she was chuckling.
“You are so beautiful, she might eat you up, Mia, but no, she won’t care you are with me; she’ll go around the corner to see her Mother now, then her sister will come home from work, and when my wife comes home, she will go upstairs, shower, and go to her bedroom with her phone, if she doesn’t have a friend coming over.”

‘Oh dear’ I thought, ‘my words got a bit carried away there!

“You think I am beautiful, Steve” she asked, her eyes shining, her lips inviting, her shoulders straightening, and her breasts leaning closer and on to the table top again.
I nodded.
“Would you eat me up, too?”
I nodded.

She stood again; “guess I will go home for dinner, shower and change, and come to start my English lessons later, if that’s ok. What time would suit you, Steve?”
I looked at the clock on the wall: just on 18.00; “I’ll be home 19.30 – 20.00 maximum, Mia, after that is fine.”
She began to move her body, sinuously to my side; “will you be hungry tonight, Steve; shall I bring you something to eat?”

So many replies I could give: all with sexual connotations; “I don’t normally eat food at night, Mia; my body doesn’t need that much, just one meal in the morning is fine for me. Ok, see you later – oh, maybe we should exchange phone numbers, in case plans change.”

I had a new smartphone, had it for 2 months, but still couldn’t use it easily.
“Here” I said, handing her my phone, “you will do it better than me; nobody calls me anyway, so just bring it back later with your name and number in it for me.”
She giggled, looking at my phone as she turned it on; “Would you like a better pic as your cover photo, Khun Steve – a sunrise gets a little boring doesn’t it!”

“Whatever you like, Mia; now run home, so I am not in trouble with your parents, on our first date…I mean, meeting!”
“First date…” and she laughed and skipped, then hurried away behind me; behind me, but in front of my eyes as I turned in my chair to admire her from behind.

3 bottles of Leo beer was my maximum; at home, I would drink more, but it would be Singha beer: my beer preferences change between morning or afternoon, going out, and evening at home; silly really, but as I never get drunk, it makes little difference where or what I drink.
None of my friends had arrived by the time I finished it, so I went across to the daughter of the owner and paid for my 3 bottles, and Mia’s water.
“New student, Luong Steve” she asked, calling me ‘Uncle’ respectfully.
“Yes nong.”
“She’s very beautiful” and I nodded; “be careful” she added, as indeed she always did, if she saw a new young woman with me.
I took no offence; I had known her for years and she classed me as her ‘favourite’ Uncle of the old men in the group I sat with.
“Young women – just like you, Mieu – keep me feeling young too; I’ll be fine.”
She shook her head, “you are too nice and trusting, Luong Steve: that’s why you need to be careful.”
I smiled at her, took my change and hopped on my bike and home.

As expected, my wife wasn’t home; I pulled out some Children’s books, a newspaper, and a novel, and then made a sandwich and watched BBC News.

At 19.45, I heard voices at the gate, and when I heard “you must be Ajarn Steve’s wife; I am Mia, a new student; we just moved in 2 doors down” I stood up from my chair, caught unawares – in my house shorts, and without any new underpants or shirt even downstairs as yet.
My wife hardly seemed to answer her, came in the front gate, left her shoes outside, and opened the door, Mia following.

“Hello husband” my wife said.
“Sawasdee ka, Ajarn Steve; is this a bad time?”
My wife answered, “not at all, nong; Steve has young ‘students’ here at all hours; I’m going upstairs to shower and sleep; good night.”
“Good night, Khun” Mia said politely; I didn’t bother.

“Sawasdee krub, nong Mia; please come in and sit down.”
My wife went upstairs; I didn’t want to follow her to get clothes – with nowhere else to keep them, my clothes were still in the large closet in the main bedroom, her bedroom, and normally I brought them downstairs before she was home.

“I apologise nong Mia; I need a shirt, but my clothes are upstairs; I forgot, and at home alone, I just wear shorts, sorry…I missed the time…”
She came closer, whispering “Steve, we are alone now; stop saying ‘sorry’; I don’t mind, if you are comfortable in just shorts, that’s ok with me – it is your house, you could be naked if it is your house” she chuckled.
She couldn’t know it, but my cock was jumping in agreement: it appeared to like nong Mia very much.
“When I hear the shower start, I will go and get some better clothes for you, nong Mia…” but she was closer, far too close, and she looked up to my face as she whispered, through beautiful red lips, “Just ‘Mia’…remember, Steve” and she kept looking, and she kept, by some magic, to be so close she was touching my body with hers.
The problem was: the first part of my body she touched was a ramrod straight spear, way out in front of me, looking for the target to be close enough to strike.

But it was Mia who struck first; her lower body ground my cock down her abdomen to wedge between her thighs, along her cunt’s slit, and she struck me with pointed nipples on the end of breasts unfettered by any bra.

I moaned, her lips begging, my cock begging, my hands begging…it was all too much for a simple male, and I lowered my mouth to hers, as she moaned “date 2” and clamped her mouth to mine.
Kisses are a joining of lips; or lips to cheeks or lips to anywhere they choose to wander; sometimes, they are the joining of bodies, by lips and teeth and tongues, and such was this.

It was a long time before our bodies parted; my very wet, shorts-covered cock pulled away from her cunt, her panty-covered cunt oozing juice and making my shorts even wetter than my own pre-cum; her skirt an innocent veil over our genitals.
And our mouths parted last.

“We won’t get much reading or conversation done, Mia, if this is how we say ‘good evening’.”
“Oh, but I am spending time with a foreigner, Steve – just as you said!”

I chuckled with her, but then heard the shower start; “I am going upstairs to get clothes, nong Mia – back in a minute ok.”

My wife had turned the a/c on in her bedroom, cooling it while she showered; I closed the door, peeled off my shorts, used them to wipe my cock of even more pre-cum, and balled them up to take downstairs to the washing machine.
I chose new, stronger house shorts, underpants which I put on now, then the shorts, and a t-shirt; a big, deep breath, and I went back downstairs, throwing my old shorts into the machine, and turning to the living room area, walking back to join Mia.

She was lying back on my bed, her head propped up on my pillow.
“In a faraway land, long ago…” and she was reading ‘Sleeping Beauty’; she looked up at me as I stood over her, beside her; “nice shorts, Ajarn; the other ones were very wet: why were they wet, Ajarn; can you explain to me in English, please” and she cocked her head and broadened her smile as her eyes and mouth asked the question.

As she asked, her legs spread, her skirt lifted, and I easily saw her own panties were off and gone, and a bare, glistening slit was there, offered to me on my own bed.
I didn’t answer; I picked up my beer glass, turned off the overhead light, and went to the kitchen, putting my glass in the fridge to keep cold.

Bathroom to clean and Listerine my teeth and mouth; turned off the remaining dining-room light, and went back to the bedside, where I stripped my shirt, useless underpants and shorts off, and lay down between her legs, my cock between her legs.

“They were wet with ‘pre-cum’, my student, just as you are wet with your own ‘pre-cum’, and I moved my cock back and forth along her slit, my cock’s head getting wetter and wetter from her juices.
“Do you want to read any more tonight, Mia, my student?”
She shook her head violently, as I tickled her vagina’s opening with the bulbous head of my cock; “oh, no, no more reading, Teacher – I am learning more not reading! Oh, oh…” as my hands went under her loose shirt, to the breasts I knew were bare and just waiting for my hands.
“Take it off, off, please…” and she fumbled, but I understood, and took off her shirt and threw it aside and my mouth came down on the first, closest nipple and mound, teeth and wide apart jaws attacking her, but gently – almost.

Her pelvis reared, and I understood this too, but I had to ask, and took my mouth from her breast; her hands tried to push my head back on, but I managed to say “are you sure?”
“Oh, fuck YES!”
My mouth went down to her other breast, her nipple large and gristly in my nibbling teeth, her mound just right for my mouth, as I swallowed her into my throat, my tongue taking over from my teeth and rasping across her nipple.
She cried out and I took my mouth off her tit and to her mouth, to stifle screams, while my cock went straight as a bullet inside her cunt.

She screamed into my mouth, and I eased back, to her entrance; she was panting in my mouth, and I released her.
“I don’t like screams in my ears, Mia, they hurt – unless I am hurting you, and you scream all you want; am I hurting you?”
“Oh god, no, yes, no; put it back, Steve, put everything back!”
They were her last coherent words for quite a while, though she tried sometimes, as my mouth went back to the original nipple, and my cock stopped its bobbing long enough to re-insert itself and seek its own Nirvana in Mia’s body.

Her vagina, inside, was as smooth as her skin outside – amazing: there were no bumps or ripples as my cock went deeper, further along her canal: but there was no hymen, of that I was certain.
Mia tried to talk, “ha… ha…go…where…” but that was all she could say as my mouth sucked for the milk she didn’t have within her breast, and my cock continued its explorations of this new cunt under me, joined with me in passion, and learning of a different subject.

She burst with new juice around my cock – ‘my bed will need airing, if not washing, tomorrow’ – and it flooded out and wet us both and down to my bed under us.
I thrust my cock through the downstream, seeking the source of a woman’s cum, a constant enigma to me.

Her ejaculation triggered my own’s all day pent-up needs, and I took my mouth from her, reared my body up like a rutting bull and ploughed my cock to her ends, as my balls gave of their all and I gifted her my useless semen in waves of cascades inside her body.

I collapsed quickly, totally drained and totally worn out by my desire to mate with her, and now, the male’s deed accomplished, I was a spent force, with all the strength of an old man as I rolled to her side, bringing her with me yet staying inside her, but not pressing my weight on her body’s top.

A memory clicked in my mind; “what did you mean ‘date 2’, you said it before, Mia.”
She chuckled, sighed, breathed heavily; “after what we just did you want to ask ‘what did I mean’?”
I kissed her, gently, and I nodded on her mouth, releasing it.
“You said ‘on our first date’ when we met; so, when we kissed before, that became ‘date 2’. I never have sex on a first date, but if there is a second date – well, maybe, I want sex. So this has been date 2, and I wanted sex.”

“And what happens if there is a ‘date 3’?”
‘Date 3 there will be, to study more, Ajarn” and she rolled on top of me now, her nipples still engorged, and pressing their points into my chest; she stroked my face and kissed my lips lightly.
“So, you don’t do this with your wife, Steve?”
“No, I don’t.”
“But you do this with Katie, right, and with others, right?”
“A gentleman doesn’t talk with one woman about other women, nong Mia, that’s not being respectful.”
“So, that would be a ‘yes’ answer. It’s erotic – I know that word – to think I had sex with you, on your bed, where other girls have also had sex with you.”
I didn’t answer, remained quiet, but then said “sometimes in the bathroom, sometimes elsewhere” and I chuckled as I hugged her, as I finished, “this is here and now, why are you talking about others, Mia.”

“I am studying you, Steve, to know you” and her lips came down to mine and stayed there.

5 minutes later, she broke away and turned her head to see the digital clock on the satellite TV box; “but now I need to go home – so that I am not in trouble with my Mother on our second date.”
She sat up on me, reaching for her t-shirt; her cunt was on my cock, sliding on it as she moved; “seems like Date 3 is already ready, Steve” and she leaned for a last kiss before standing and finding her skirt, digging her panties from the pocket of that and slipping them on, “yuk, they’re cold and wet!”
I laughed, standing now and putting on my own shorts, seeing her out the door; “next lesson tomorrow, my student Mia?”
“Oh, certainly, Ajarn, I love the story of ‘Sleeping Beauty’; I need to read more!”
She was gone, and I went to sleep soon after.

Part 4 – Mia, Amy & Yani

I woke once for the toilet, and my phone beeped as I came back to bed; it was 0230.
I hadn’t even looked at it after Mia had given it back to me; now I saw the changes.

The photo on opening was of Mia, scantily clad, provocative, posing, holding a piece of paper: ‘#1 Student’ it said.
It was a different photo of her when I saw the message come through; this one had no clothes on at all, but her face was hidden, and a new piece of paper: ‘Date #2’.
Mia: ‘My sister got it out of me, Ajarn: she wants to learn English too! Can I bring her to meet you tomorrow – thanks, Luv Mia.’
I couldn’t think of what to say, so I replied with a ‘smile’ emoticon, and sat in my chair with a cigarette.
But I had to know, so I could stop feeling edgy; ‘Mia is this going to cause problems?’ but before I could send that, a new message beeped, an unidentified number.
When I opened the message, it was a photo of another scantily clad girl, had to be Mia’s sister – they looked so much alike, though her face was in shadow. But she had quite short hair, a novelty, and was holding a piece of paper reading ‘Student #2, Date #1 Luv Amy’.
My cock was sticking straight up from my groin as I lounged in my chair, staring at my phone, and I was oozing pre-cum.

I saved Amy to my phone’s address book (with her photo), and replied ‘Happy to meet you, Amy, but now my body is awake and I can’t sleep – thanks to you and Mia!’
A new message appeared instantly, another unidentified number, but a photo of both girls lying face to face, a breast of either visible, not a scrap of clothing on, holding a new sign ‘I am Yani, Mother of these 2 girls; nice photos, Ajarn?’


Their Mother takes such photos, and sends them to a man she hasn’t even met! Gosh, what have I started getting into here, with Mia?

Nevertheless, I saved Yani to my phone, the new pic her ID photo, and messaged, after thinking: ‘Sawasdee krub, Khun Me, Yani, I am Steve. Yes, nice photos, but believe me: I didn’t ask for Mia to send me such photos! I just offered to help her English, promise.’

2 minutes, while I almost sweated, waiting, worried; ‘beep’.

Yani: ‘Sawasdee ka, Ajarn. Don’t worry, Khun Steve; my daughters are all grown up, as am I of course; we like taking photos of each other…’ A new message beeped while I was still reading…’…and we only share them with men we trust, like a Teacher. A similar photo of you would be nice for us to have too, if you could, please.’

While I swallowed, trying to digest how events had moved so fast in one late afternoon and evening, I opened the new message and groaned; it must be their Mother, Yani, naked, a narrow waist, leading up to magnificent breasts, standing up, no sag, big purple aureole and jutting deep purple nipples, staring at me; red, big lips slightly parted, showing even, white teeth; black eyes, but no forehead shown, so not an easily identifiable person if passing in the street.

I had never done this before, but I was as aroused as I could ever be, so I took a photo of my cock, no enhancements, but I had to hold the camera at arm’s length to fit me in, and didn’t even need to hold my cock up with any support of my hand: it just strained itself as if reaching for the house, and 3 women, 2 doors down the street!
No-one would recognise me, surely, as I added it, without any message and sent it to Yani.
Then I deleted my own photo, and the message containing it.

I was dozing when a gentle voice came through the screen of the window behind my chair, but to my side the way I lounged across the chair.
“You must be Steve: I’d recognise your cock anywhere; we just met, and I had to come and say “Hello, please fuck me with that!”
I was in a dream, surely, as I unlocked the screen door and allowed this vision inside; I didn’t know her face, but even without turning a light on, I could see full, red lips as they came to mine, before I had even closed the door.
She swallowed my tongue as she reached with her hands to pull the thin shoulder straps of her dress/her nightie perhaps, down it fell to the floor, and now pictured magnificent breasts and nipples were almost breaking my ribs as she crushed them to me by wrapping her arms around me, and then her toes were lifting her taller a little, to get a bare cunt rubbing furiously to align with my woken-up cock.
She walked me back to the bed, turned us around and pulled me down to my own bed; clearly she wanted me on top; my cock wanted to be in, be it going up from on top or up from on bottom: it didn’t care.
Her breasts were natural – my own wife had told me how to distinguish real from ‘medically-assisted’ years ago, and these had the natural bounce and jauntiness of just beautiful breasts, but nipples which would have rivalled a woman’s little finger for length: huge!

One of them was lying along my tongue in seconds, and even if nothing else about her stimulated me to give her what she wanted, her nipples would have been enough!
I sucked on them, unbelieving the size and length; I wanted to turn a light on to see if their colour was as purple as the photo had shown, but that might have alerted too many uninvited glances from those out late, or up way too early.
“Yani; I will know these nipples in the dark anywhere; you are magnificent” I mouthed around my feverish sucking, letting it slide further in, fucking my throat as I sucked some of her mound into my mouth with it.
She chuckled, “glad we met” and she squirmed to get my cock lined up now, her legs wide, and she gasped when the head of my cock spread her cunt open; I pulled my obstinate cock back, reached my hand down between us to spread her lips and find her clit: god, it was as big as her nipples – it wasn’t supposed to be, even I knew that, so this was something really special, or Yani was an alien maybe!
I put my cock to it and they weaved in a dance of genitals, her passion aroused to moans, without any chuckles, and my cock rearing to rush past her clit and inside.
Her clit was bent by my cock and even came with it, inside her vagina, for the distance of its length, and was then squeezed by my cock’s width to be stimulated every centimetre further I probed.

And I did probe further; amazingly, her cunt was as smooth and silken as her daughter’s before, but, also amazingly, she couldn’t take my whole length, as her daughter had before; hmmm, interesting, the thought popped into my head.
She lifted her pelvis, and groaned; “enough…enough…too big…” and, of course, a gentleman doesn’t hurt a woman intentionally, so I backed out a few cms.
(I didn’t tell her: ‘your daughter took me, all of me’ – not what a gentleman says.)
Instead, I stroked her about 2/3 of my length, to the depth she was comfortable with, and which gave her an orgasm and then I was satisfied I had done my job: to give her satisfaction, and her little cries and jerks told me she was also satisfied.
“Your nipples are so long, your clit is so long, but your vagina is rather short, nong Yani.”

She guffawed; “the only other man in there was my husband, who ran away years ago; he was very small compared to you, Khun Steve; I will need a few lessons, a few exercises perhaps.”
“I would be more than happy to only have these, Yani” and my mouth went down to her breasts and those miraculous nipples, waiting there for my mouth and tongue.

“If you make me pregnant, you will be amazed at the amount of milk that will flow from them, Steve” she said, caressing my hair as a Mother does to a baby suckling on her tit.
I lifted my head, “I can’t do that, Yani, but I would love to suckle your milk” and she lifted my head further, staring at me.
“My first wife made me get cut, a long time ago; I am sterile; you need no protection, and I need no protection.”

“You are disappointed, nong Yani” I said to her a few minutes later, after her quietness had made me stop again and find out.
“Yes” she said quietly; “my daughters are on the Pill, have been for some years, but I haven’t been. Tonight, your cock, I felt a need to be pregnant.”
I pulled out and lay to the side, only cuddling her now; “I’m sorry; I too would love a daughter, a baby daughter – but, it isn’t possible.”

She was crying now, soon sobbing; ‘did she really just come to me to get pregnant’ I had to ask myself.
It seemed so: that was a worry: ‘did Mia, and Amy only want to study with me, fuck with me, stop taking their Pill, just for the same reason?’

“I’m sorry” she said, sniffing, but before she could wipe her nose with her hand, I reached behind me to the box of tissues always there, and gave her 2.
She wiped her eys, blew her nose, and gave me the tissues back (‘thanks’); “I wasn’t trying to trap you, Khun Steve, believe me, please.”
I gave her a new tissue as she sniffed; she smiled at me now, kissing me with wet, quivering lips.
“Even if I couldn’t fit you inside, it felt so beautiful, the idea of getting pregnant with you, was so intense; that’s what I was feeling when I climaxed.”
I held her closely, but remained mute: this was up to Yani to deal with.

What I could do was take Yani’s mind to somewhere else; I pulled her on top of me, and held my cock to go back inside her cunt.
Now she could control her own actions, and she did gingerly for a few minutes, before collapsing on me and saying “I am sorry, Steve; it is hurting now; you stretched me, and I don’t feel it will be enjoyable more, just now.”
“That’s fine, I just wanted you to do this for yourself, Yani, decide for yourself.”

She climbed off me; “I should go home to my girls; what do I tell them – their Mother can’t have full sex anymore?”
Gosh, she was rather depressing!
“Why tell them anything about sex: tell them we talked, which isn’t a lie. Let their imaginations think what they will, nong Yani.”
I helped her on with her dress – it was a dress, not a nightie – and had a last, longing feel of her nipples, a last kiss, and I locked the door behind her.

I needed a shower; I had a beer and a cigarette, cleaned my teeth, frowned at the thought of a cold shower, and went back to bed.

Neither my wife leaving for work, nor the usual morning noises out in the street, woke me.
But Katie did, calling me from the front door.
I stirred, waking slowly, and rolled to look, not worried about Katie seeing me naked, but taken aback to find Tina staring in with her, smiling, saying “Good morning, Khun Steve; must have been a tiring night.”

I scrambled from the bed to my sofa chair to get my shorts, but I was in plain view, whetever I did, so I calmed down and stood, pulling on my shorts over my ever hardening cock.
Opening the slide lock on the screen door, I bid the girls ‘welcome’.
I said “it’s a bit early, young ladies, isn’t it” and I ganced up at my wall clock, about to say “it’s only…10.00 o’clock! Wow, I never sleep this late!”
Knowing my face was red, I said “make yourselves comfortable; what did you want, anyway?”
Katie answered, “Just to talk English, Ajarn; like you did with our new neighbour, Mia.”

Oh, I was in big trouble here.

Tina sat on my sofa chair; she had black tights on, a very short skirt, and a blouse a size too small over her breasts; I groaned.
Katie had tight, short shorts, and a t-shirt, sans bra I could tell, and I groaned again.

“Ok, girls; first, I am going for a shower, and then I will make a café, and then we can talk. Meanwhile, I ventured closer to the remote controls, “listen to the English pronunciation of BBC News presenters; there are none better” and I turned on BBC News, and gave the remote to Katie, reclining on my bed, dressed…oh, I couldn’t look….
Then I fled to my bathroom.

I cleaned my teeth, washed my body and hair, and came out in my shorts, my hair hanging bedraggled and dripping, as I like it to dry naturally.
“I’m making a café; do you girls want something?”
Stupid way to ask…”something to drink, or eat” I quickly added.
Katie stood and came towards me; now I saw the shift-like dress she had on, certainly no bra…oh god; “Steve, stop fussing, we just came for a few minutes, to talk, don’t worry, Ajarn.”
She gave me a hug – that didn’t help at all! Then she turned and I watched her hips and buttocks twitching under the dress: no panties either, it was clear.
I made my café, began to walk back to them as I sipped it – yuk, no sugar: I had forgotten my one spoonful, and so turned and added that, and turned back.

Tina was scratching at her tights as I approached; to say something, I asked “aren’t they hot, Tina” and she nodded, “yes, but I have ballet class later, so dressed ready for that.”
“Well, you could take them off now and put them back on later, right?”
“That might not be a good idea, Ajarn: you might not be able to concentrate if I show you what’s under my tights.”
I must still have been asleep; “panties are fine, Tina, you just sit demurely – that means, like a lady.”
She smiled cockily at me, “and if there are no panties, and I cannot sit ‘demurely’, what then Ajarn Steve?”

“I don’t mind, Steve, do you” Katie surprised me by throwing her comment in, as she seemed to be staring at Tina’s crotch.
“Ah, chai, Katie, I guess I don’t mind – if Tina will be more comfortable.”
Both Katie and I were now staring at Tina’s legs and crotch, as she stood and reached under her skirt to the waist-high top of her tights, and began to tug them down, her hips moving from side to side as she did so.
She sat when they were at her knees, lifted one leg to pull the tights downwards, and couldn’t avoid, didn’t avoid, exposing her bare cunt to the viewers’ eyes: mine and Katie’s.
I was as mesmerised as the first time I had seen her naked, at the waterfall.
When she lifted that leg up to the seat of my sofa chair, to pull the material from her foot, those big, puffy labia with their mixed colouring were in even clearer view, until she put that leg down and lifted the other one, revealing a different angle of a cunt which was also capturing Katie’s total attention.

My cock had been awakened when they knocked at the door; this overt display did nothing to relax it.
Tina looked at me, at my crotch, and smiled as if an ‘I told you so’ would explain my silence and staring gaze; then she looked at Katie and found the same staring gaze.
She was the centre of attention, with good reason: her cunt was just so intoxicatingly beautiful.

I looked up at the clock; “what time is ballet, nong Tina; do you want me to take you?”
“That would be really kind, Khun Steve; 12.00 at Tesco Lotus, if we can” and she crossed and uncrossed her legs

“Oh, can I come too, Steve; I need to change the blouses I bought – well, actually, you bought, I forgot, sorry; I’ll give you the money when we go: they are too small by one size: I must have grown somewhere…”
“Yes, you can come, of course, Katie; and, of course, you have grown – weren’t you a skinny little kid last year?”
She threw a pillow at me.
“Maybe, after we change your blouses, we can go and watch Tina, and then all go somewhere and have lunch, and speak English, if you want; how’s that, or do you girls have plans?”

The girls both agreed instantly; Katie came and pressed her almost naked body against mine, “you’re a very good man, my man-lover, my love” and Tina came and kissed me, pressing her skirt and bare cunt against the hardness of my cock, “perhaps I shouldn’t go to ballet today; we could dance, Steve” she whispered, kissing my lips again, before they trotted back to Katie’s house, Tina balling up and carrying her tights, but promising me she would be ‘demure’ everywhere – and laughing!
My cock cried as they left, oozing out tears of desire and readiness.

But I had forgotten Mia, and her sister, Amy, were supposed to come by.

And come by they did.

Not 5 minutes after Katie and Tina had gone, my cock had just had time to come down, but my shorts needed changing, for sure – but they were in the doorway of my now open screen door.
Dressed identically, but with different colours, their unsupported breasts were sporting prominent nipples in their midriff t-shirts, and their short, cut-off jean shorts were outlining camel-toes; my poor cock was facing 2 more young women’s shorts-covered vaginas, and it almost screamed its desire as it thrust itself forward in my own shorts.

“Good morning, girls; Amy, of course, nice to meet you, and to see you again Mia.”
Amy bowed first and greeted me in Thai, but then giggled and said “you do seem ‘quite happy’ to meet me, Ajarn” and she was staring at something I could not hide.
I mumbled “excuse me for a minute” and fled upstairs, where I put on briefs and heavy shorts I normally wouldn’t wear at home, but needed just now to hide myself.
Taking a new t-shirt with me, I went back downstairs: course of action decided.

“Sorry, girls, I was about to change; I need to go to Tesco Lotus soon, and needed different clothes…”
“Oh, could we come” Mia asked excitedly, “we have to buy School clothes and stuff, and we haven’t been there yet, so if you could show us, that would be so cool, Khun Steve!”

‘Great course of action that turned out to be’ I berated myself, and dug my own hole even deeper when I said, “well, I am taking Katie and another girl, Tina…” and Mia jumped and said “even better! We are going to the same School, so Katie could help us too, if that’s ok!”

4 girls, 3 of whom I had either had sex with or made love to, one remaining who I knew I wanted to fuck, 3 belonging to families with Mothers I had also had sex with - all with me to the shopping centre, and, no doubt, Mia and Amy would then also come to lunch; a simple man no match for one of these women, but 4 of them: I was doomed!

Heaven forbid any new Neighbours might move in – well, not soon anyway!

(End of Chapter 3….)

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