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5 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
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Chapter 40: "Reconsideration"


"There is no reason to deny it," I said to Trish, as she
sat beside me upon the bed in our big luxury suite. "I know
for a fact that you are still madly in love with Lindsay."

Kristanna and Devon, both of whom were sitting upon the
bed with us as well, nodded their heads in unison.

"You'll always be in love with Lindsay," Devon murmured,
reaching out and placing a reassuring hand across Trish's
knee. "Even though she is going home in three days, and
you will most likely never see her again, you will always
be in love with Lindsay. That will never change."

Exasperated, Trish shrugged her shoulders. "No, I cannot
deny it. I... I still wish I could be with her."

"But you can't," I reminded her. "I know these past few
weeks have been really tough on you, Trish, but there is a
light at the end of the tunnel. As Devon said, Lindsay is
going home on Monday. You may never forget Lindsay, but at
least you will not have to put up with looking at her and
being around her every single day like you do now. I know
that has been a major challenge for you."

Trish offered a pensive laugh. "Tell me about it..."

"Devvy and I, and Amy, are going to show you so much love
and affection over the upcoming days, weeks and months,"
Kristanna vowed to Trish. "I believe we can make you forget
about Lindsay altogether."

"I think about Lindsay every minute of every day!" Trish
admitted, even whining a bit. "I can't help it! I... I
can't stop loving her. I lay awake in bed at night, and I...
I... I fantasize about her. Constantly."

"She will never stop loving Lindsay," Devon reiterated,
looking at Kristanna. "It's impossible."

I sighed, then frowned. "You girls want me to spend time
and focus all of my energy upon Lindsay during her last few
days here." Lost in thought for a moment, I shook my head
and continued, "I don't think I can. I don't think I really
should. It would not be fair to Trish for me to be out doing
things and having fun with Lindsay on the island."

"I WANT you to spend this time with her," Trish repeated
for perhaps the millionth time, before frowning herself. "I
know that you and Lindsay care about each other very, very
much, Jeremy. It would be wrong of me to deny you these last
three days with her. It would be wrong to do it to her, too.
I know for a fact that Lindsay is looking to be with you a
lot over the next couple of days."

Kristanna patted my arm. "Devvy, Amy and I will keep
Trish occupied, and happy, until Monday morning comes."

"You have to be with Lindsay," Devon insisted, glancing
my way. "She is your baby girl, Jeremy, and you are like a
father figure to her. You have such a special relationship
with her. Don't you see how she looks up to you, and admires
you? It would totally crush Lindsay if you decided to stay
away from her this weekend. Just crush her completely."

"It may crush Trish if I am with Lindsay," was my obvious
rebuttal. "Lindsay is leaving. Trish is staying. My
priority lies with Trish."

"I WANT you to be with her," the Canadian told me one more
time. "I will be fine, Jeremy. Trust me." She reached out
on either side of her, and clasped hands with both Kristanna
and Devon. "I have a good support group. I have great
friends. You go and have your fun with Lindsay. You and
her deserve it. I'm not going to be jealous or go all mental
about it. Have I yet in all the time you've spent with her?"

"We have talked about this, Jeremy," Kristanna offered.
"You have three days left with Lindsay. You have the whole,
rest of your life with us. Before we enter _lockdown mode_
in terms of our relationship, enjoy those final three days
with Lindsay. Enjoy the freedom we are giving you."

"Not many guys would hesitate at the chance to be with a
girl like Lindsay, ESPECIALLY when their fiancee is actually
encouraging them to do so," Devon commented. "Krissy is
right, Jeremy. Go and have some fun with Lindsay."

"You're his fiancee too," Kristanna told Devon.

"Not yet I'm not."

"Oh yes you are, Devvy. You just don't know it yet!"

"Lindsay is expecting you to be with her," Trish said to
me. "I know you had some big plans for her this weekend.
Just go, Jeremy. I'll be fine. I promise you. Go now."

"Very well," I finally relented. "But if you have any
problems with anything, Trish, I want you to let me know."

"I will," she nodded.

"Do you have any idea where Lindsay is now?" I inquired.

"Where she always is - her usual spot," Devon answered.
"Lindsay is in the recreation room. The girl loves getting on
_X-Box_ and _PlayStation_. I never got into gaming myself."

"I love playing video games myself..." Trish pouted.

* * *

During their first two weeks on the island, I was under
the impression that Trish and Lindsay would eventually leave
here as a loving couple and most assuredly live happily ever
after. It seemed written in stone but, unfortunately, I
would soon learn that was not to be the case.

From the very first day - even on the long boat ride from
the mainland to the island - Trish took a serious liking to
Lindsay. Feeling very nauseated and tired from her 3,500
mile airline flight from Cincinnati to Lima (to put that into
perspective - from Cincinnati to Los Angeles it is less than
2,000 miles), Lindsay was able to fall asleep on the boat
(which was another four hour trip by itself), but only when
she had Trish's shoulder as her own private pillow. That
image - the sweet, indelible 18-year-old being held and
comforted by her older and caring counterpart as she slept
on the boat - will be etched in my mind forever.

Once we finally reached the island, Lindsay confessed to
Trish later during our dinner celebration that she was still
a virgin. Even later, while in their guest room, Lindsay
conveyed many of her fears and anxieties to Trish about the
island and what may in store for her here. Being so young
and shy, and unsure about everything, Lindsay felt horribly
out of place on the island. Lindsay felt intimidated by all
of the older, more experienced women who were suddenly her
new house-mates, but quite frankly she probably had the
greatest fear and trepidation toward me. But Trish was there
to comfort her that night, and lend a sympathetic ear.

By this point, Amy and Camille were already hot on the
trail of the tender and untouched virgin. They wanted to
get their hands on Lindsay in the worst way possible, but
Trish was there to ward them off at every opportunity. Trish
quickly became Lindsay's protector, so to speak, basically
shadowing her every step and adopting sort of a _big sister_
mentality. Needless to say, Trish was already head over
heels in love with Lindsay.

Their relationship reached perhaps its zenith when, during
their fourth day visiting the island, Lindsay decided to
surrender her virginity to Trish (as well as yours truly) in
a memorable three-some. The way those two hugged and kissed
each other that night had me totally convinced. They were
truly meant to be together. There was such great chemistry.

But a funny thing happened on the way to eternal bliss.
Amy altered her approach somewhat, and suddenly became
friends with Lindsay. I did not realize it then, but as I
look back now, I wonder how I could have missed it. Trish
was in love with Lindsay, but the feeling was not mutual.
Lindsay wanted to keep her distance; any mention or even a
hint at commitment (even from me) seemed to turn her off.

This became obvious the first time Trish professed her
undying love for Lindsay, and suggested she move with her
to Canada. Lindsay declined, saying she loved her family
and did not want to live apart from them, so Trish promptly
offered to relocate to Cincinnati as long as they could be
together. Lindsay did not answer but this was, quite
frankly, the beginning of the end of their relationship.
Lindsay had no plans whatsoever of settling down at such a
young age. The concept was completely foreign to her.

Lindsay began to spend more and more time with Amy.
Once Amy introduced her to BDSM - which was what she wanted
to do all along - Lindsay literally had no time for Trish
any more. She wanted to be with Amy now. Lindsay came to
me one evening and literally begged to stay in my personal
suite not because she wanted to have sex, but rather it
would provide a safe haven for her from Trish. Trish, she
insinuated, was stalking her and would not leave her alone.

I told Lindsay that she needed to put her foot down and
inform Trish that she was not interested in a relationship
with her beyond the island. I got the idea that Lindsay
thought of Trish as a friend and cared a great deal about
her, but she was afraid to shoot her down and essentially
break her heart. When Trish came to my room looking for
Lindsay, they went off together and, after a brief but
emotional discussion, their relationship was over.

Since that time - nearly a month ago - Trish had been
dealing with the specter of Lindsay and their failed union
looming over her at every turn. Did I even realize just how
incredibly difficult the past four weeks had been for Trish?

Not only did she have to eat breakfast and dinner each and
every day with the absolute love of her life - and see her at
various points throughout the day in little or barely any
attire (which was the adopted dress code here) - but Trish got
to witness everyone else on the island take their turns using
Lindsay as a teen-age squeeze toy (myself included). Yet
Trish, the one who loved and cared for Lindsay more than
anyone else, was not allowed to even lay a finger on her.

For a three week period, Trish basically kept to herself.
It was obvious that she was depressed, but the 30-year-old
did an admirable job of hiding her emotions. Trish did not
get involved in many of the daily activities which had become
routine for most of the other ladies. Trish steered clear of
any and all things sexual, or even romantic activity.

This time period allowed Trish to evaluate her situation
both in life and on the island. Although she was miserable
because of what happened with Lindsay, Trish actually enjoyed
being on the island. Soon, Trish began to develop feelings
for me and when she let that be known, it set off a chain
series of events that culminated with not only Trish having
sex with me, but an offer for her to enter into a long-term
relationship with Kristanna, Devon and myself. And Amy.

Trish's only caveat about staying here, however, was that
Lindsay basically had to go. Trish was not going to devote
herself to us if Lindsay was going to be a long-term fixture
here as well. There was never the possibility of that,
though, because Lindsay was adamant in not wanting to be
part of a relationship. Lindsay wanted to go home and return
to her family at the end of these six weeks.

She only had three days left.

* * *

After my discussion with Kristanna, Devon and Trish -
where they convinced me to spend the majority of the next
few days with Lindsay - I made the long trek down to the
recreation room to find her. I wanted to ask if she felt
like going out and doing something together with me on the
island. The door was wide open, but I froze and stopped
dead in my tracks before stepping inside.

As Devon predicted, Lindsay was indeed in the recreation
room. But she was not playing video games.

I watched with fascinated eyes as Lindsay and Amy were
lying side-by-side upon the floor, simply embracing and
kissing each other at a very slow, leisurely pace. Both
ladies were clothed; Lindsay wore a t-shirt and a pair of
pink cotton shorts, while Amy had on a halter top and a
mini-skirt. Neither seemed to be in any rush to rid the
other of their attire. In fact, I got the sense that Lindsay
and Amy were content to just lounge here on the floor and
tenderly hug and kiss each other for hours on end.

An erection began to form within my shorts as when the
two ladies broke their current kiss, they made eye contact
and giggled in unison, then bumped noses, only to bring their
lips together for another savory exchange. They were kissing
and caressing each other like two naive schoolgirls on the
floor in a bedroom with unknowing (and uptight) parents just
a couple of doors down the hall.

"I'm going to miss you so much," Amy murmured to Lindsay,
before kissing her yet again.

When I leaned against the doorway, Lindsay's eyes drifted
upward and she caught sight of me. She quickly sat up, and
Amy did the same. Grinning, Lindsay wiped her lips with a
single finger and greeted, "Hi Jeremy!"

"Hello, girls."

Amy's smile was especially wide for me. "Hi lover."

I chuckled at her choice of words, but then decided to
ask, "What's going on here?"

"Amy and I have just been enjoying each other for the
past 20 minutes," Lindsay informed me.

"Yet your clothes are still on?" I said, my eyebrows
raised. "That does not add up."

"We just wanted to kiss," Amy explained. "It's nice and
peaceful, and relaxing."

I laughed at her again. "You just wanted to kiss? This
from the girl who begged me to dominate her last night?"

Amy licked her lips, then shrugged her shoulders and
offered a coy expression. "I... I don't know. It has just
been very nice. Very... relaxing." She giggled, then
confessed, "Plus, my ass is still on fire from what you did
to it last night!"

Lindsay was beaming now. "Would you like to join us?"

"I think I'll pass," were my words, which surprised them
both. "You two can continue with what you were doing."

"Why did you come down here, then?" Amy inquired. "You
must have had a reason?"

"I wanted to ask Lindsay if she felt like going out with
me on a _date_," I answered, which caused the blonde's eyes
to go wide. "But it can wait. You two have your fun."

"No," Amy insisted, shaking her head. "Lindsay was just
saying a little while ago that she hoped you would do
something nice with her. A date sounds perfect!" Amy
grabbed Lindsay's arm, then pointed at me. "Go with him,
honey. You don't have much time left. Please... go. You
and I can pick up where we left off sometime this weekend."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," Amy nodded. "Go. You need to be with Jeremy."

"The others won't mind?"

"Not at all," Amy told her. "We've already spoken about
this. We want you and Jeremy to spend a lot of time with
each other before you get on that helicopter Monday morning."

Lindsay turned her attention toward me and mused, "A date,
huh? Where will we go?"

"I don't know," were my words for her. "I'm an old man,
sweetheart, and I'm totally out of the loop. I don't know
where the 18-year-old girls go on their dates nowadays."

"You're not old!" Amy chortled. "39 is NOT old!"

"Yes it is," Lindsay snapped back, but with a playful grin.

* * *

With a sparkling sea of aquamarine as our backdrop, and
the endless surf washing up around our feet, I was holding
Lindsay's hand as the two of us went for a stroll along the
sun-splashed crescent sands of the northwestern beach. We
were simply enjoying ourselves and the atmosphere, with
simple, small talk, and a lot of long pauses inbetween.

I had grown so accustomed (and attached) to Lindsay that
it was depressing for me to think that a little more than 72
hours from now, she would be back home in Cincinnati with her
family. It was good for Lindsay, of course, but it was bad
for me. I would miss that smile and her youthful exuberance,
but realized that she did not have a future here with us and
returning to Ohio was, in fact, her only real option.

"What are your plans for when you get home? Are you going
back to your job as a cosmetics clerk at the supermarket?"

"Yeah," Lindsay cooed, smiling. "I've actually already
been on the phone with my boss. I go back next Thursday.
I have a three to nine shift in the afternoon and evening."

I nodded my head. "That will give you two whole days to
rest and recoup from the airline flight."

"Ughhhhh!" the young woman growled, making a face. "I am
NOT looking forward to that long plane ride. It will be even
more difficult with the fact that I won't know anyone on it.
At least when I came here six weeks ago, I had all the other
girls to talk to and get acquainted with. You had all of us
sit together on the flight from Miami."

"I'll fly with you if it makes you feel more comfortable,"
I offered, to which Lindsay vehemently shook her head. "When
the plane reaches Cincinnati, I could simply get on another
one and go back to Lima through Miami or Dallas."

"Don't be crazy!" she exclaimed. "I don't want you to fly
all that distance with me just so I can have someone to talk
to and be with. I'm a big girl, Jeremy. I can handle it."

"You're my baby girl," I corrected her, leaning over and
stealing a quick kiss. Lindsay's face blushed red with sudden
embarrassment - I _loved_ it whenever that happened - as I
then brought her hand to my lips and kissed it as well. "I
need to take care of you, honey, and know you're safe."

"You're NOT flying back to Cincinnati with me," were her
words. "And you've taken care of me enough already as it is.
My mom and my sisters have no idea what to think of you.
They cannot believe all the nice things you have done for our
family. The bank got your payment yesterday, Jeremy, and now
our family house is paid off. My mom is going out of her
mind because of you. She cannot believe you are doing so
many good things for people you have never even met. Mom
was convinced for awhile that I was going to marry you, but
that I just wasn't telling her about it for some reason."

I smiled at those words. "That's a really nice thought.
But why would your mom think you would marry me?"

Lindsay laughed and shook her head. "Why else would some
man go to all the lengths to help a group of strangers out
like you have? Regardless of whether it is my family, that
is just not normal, Jeremy. You've taken all the worry and
hassle my family has had for the past eight months since my
father died, and just wiped it away. Wiped it clean. It was
hard for me to convince my mom that this is just the type of
person you are. You do things like this for others. And
best of all, you ask for nothing in return."

"Your mom, your three sisters, even your little baby
niece Katherine... they are not strangers to me, honey. I
feel as if I know them in a way." I smiled at her and
continued, "You've told me all about them."

"Yeah. Yeah, I have."

"Remember that I have family in Cincinnati too," I advised
her. "I was born just a couple of miles from where you live
now. I'd love to meet your mom and sisters one day."

"Oh... they want to meet you too," Lindsay assured me. "I
sent them your picture. Alison thinks you are hot."

I found myself temporarily taken aback. "Alison thinks I
am hot? Your 16-year-old sister?"

"Yes," Lindsay nodded. "Soon to be 17, though."

"That's not going to help me now. She has to be 18 first."

Lindsay giggled. "Alison has a boyfriend already."

"How did you approach the subject of the island with your
family? Surely, no matter how desperate she was for money,
your mother could not have approved of you coming here."

"She didn't," Lindsay clarified. "But I also had to bend
the truth. I told her I was going to an island in the South
Pacific where I would be living for six weeks, and it had a
dating theme to it. Among five other girls, I told my mom,
I was in a dating competition for a man. I told her that I
was not interested in winning the competition, but I was
guaranteed $100,000 just for taking part in it. I told her
it was sort of like _The Bachelor_, but without the cameras."

How much more wrong could she have been about the cameras?
Little did Lindsay know, but I had cameras hidden everywhere.

"And your mom was fine with this?"

"No, not really," Lindsay giggled. "But I told her I was
18 now, and I could make my own decisions. I was doing this
for our family to get us some money. I did not care how much
she argued or wanted to put a fight about it."

"What you told your mom, sweetheart, was not far from the
truth. The whole dating and vying for my affection thing."

"Well... I didn't tell my mom that all of the other girls
on the island were going to be bisexual," she chirped. "I
don't want my family to know that about me. You know, with
three sisters... might be a bit awkward. I rather keep my
attraction for girls a secret from them."

"Fair enough," I nodded, before deciding to change the
subject somewhat. "Are you going to actually get married
one day, dear? You would make someone a fine wife."

"Maybe eight or ten years from now. Then again... maybe
not. I need to find a man who is as nice and as wonderful
as you are, Jeremy." My heart fluttering at those words,
Lindsay forged a smile and ended, "That will be a tall task."

"Oh, I'm sure you'll find someone who treats you good."

"I was talking with Amy before you found us in the
recreation room," the young woman offered. "We were
actually talking about you."

"I trust none of it involved plotting my demise?"

Lindsay giggled. "No, not quite. Amy told me that she
would give up anything in the world to be with you. Amy
loves you that much, Jeremy. I told her that I needed to
find someone as nice and as sweet, and as loving, as you.
But she told me I won't. I never will. Amy said I will
never meet another man like you, Jeremy." Lindsay pouted
and concluded, "I have to agree with her."

"You're a good, clean girl," I advised her. "It will not
be difficult for you. Trust me."

"Then how come Kristanna, Devon, Trish and Amy all say
they have never found a man quite like you?" she retorted.
"All of them are good, and clean, too. All of them are much
older than me and way more experienced. They have been
around a bunch of men. They are all even willing to share
you with each other as long as they can have you."

I shrugged my shoulders. "Point taken."

Soon, a random thought just magically appeared in my mind.
Totally off-topic from our discussion, but it caused me to
temporarily glance out at sea and admire the incoming swells.
The water was actually fairly tame today.

"You've been here for six weeks, honey," I said to her,
"and I have yet to see you frolic and play in the ocean."
I motioned toward Lindsay's feet as we lingered along the
shoreline, the tranquil waves serenading us, and added, "This
is the closest I've ever seen you to the water."

"I don't want to go into the water," Lindsay responded.
"I'm scared of getting eaten by a _Jaws_."

I made a face. "A shark? No shark is going to eat you,
sweetheart. I would not let one close to you anyway."

"Pamela saw a shark when she went diving with you a couple
of weeks ago, remember?" I nodded my head at her as she
added, "It scared the living daylights out of her."

"That shark was harmless," I informed her. "But... you'll
be home in just three days, honey, and how are you going to
tell your mom and sisters in good conscience that you visited
a beautiful tropical island for six weeks, yet never once went
into the ocean? They will think you are crazy."

I paused, then smiled at her. "You live in Ohio. There's
no ocean anywhere close to you. I don't want you to look back
years from now and regret not at least giving the water a
try." Still holding her hand, I took big steps out into the
ocean. "Come on, honey. Just come out with me a little bit.
I'll be with you every step of the way."

Lindsay appeared squeamish. "Can't sharks swim like ten
feet from the coastline if they want to?"

I chuckled at her. "There are no sharks here, honey.
And if there is one and it wants to have you for dinner," I
made a fist and held it up, then completed the sentence, "I
will beat it up for you."

Lindsay looked at me strangely. "I'd like to see you try."

I took another step out to sea, and gently tugged at her
arm. "C'mon, honey. It will be fun. We don't have to go out
far... maybe where the water is just chest-high."

Lindsay glanced downward, motioning toward the t-shirt and
shorts she was wearing. She had to find a new excuse for me.
"My clothes will get soaked."

"Then take your clothes off," I chided her, which forced
her to glare back at me with a long, curious expression.

"Okay," Lindsay finally relented, breaking free of my grip
and moving toward dry land. "I'm only doing this for you,
Jeremy." The 18-year-old thumbed the waistband on either
side of her pink shorts, which were not only a snug fit, but
made of cotton and had the logo _Think Pink_ etched across
the back of them, and nudged them downward. I stood there
and silently admired the sight as Lindsay wiggled out of her
little shorts, then lifted her white t-shirt up and over her
head. She placed both garments upon the dry, sandy beach,
then unsnapped her bra in back and piled it on top.

Suddenly wearing nothing but a pair of flip-flops and a
white G-string, Lindsay stepped closer and again latched onto
my hand with her own. "Come on, big boy," she deadpanned,
twirling her head about and pulling me further into the
water with her. "Come on... this is what you wanted. Come
lead to my demise at the jaws of a shark."

"You're a silly girl."

Lindsay waded further outward, where the water came up to
her waist. With the scorching sun beaming down on us from
high above, the water was a perfect temperature today. It
felt just right.

At this point, I was not going to push or prod Lindsay any
further. I was going to allow her to decide just how far she
wanted to go out in the water. She took a few more steps,
still holding my hand, and the water-line now concealed her
bare breasts. Apparently, this was the end of the line. I
was actually proud of her for venturing out this far.

Lindsay squealed with a mixture of surprise and delight as
I then brought her into my arms and hugged her fiercely, only
to spin her around several times in the tide. "Don't you
wish you did this before?" I exclaimed. "Isn't this fun?"

"It's... different."

I smashed my mouth to hers, kissing her hard and deep, as
a heavier wave pelted us, causing us to float a good five or
six feet in the water. Still, my lips did not leave hers.
But once the kiss was over, she was smiling brightly.

"Now THAT was fun!"

* * *

Struggling to open my eyes but eventually doing so, I
instinctively turned my head toward the left and noticed via
the nearby alarm clock that the time was 4:14am. I groaned
out loud, wondering to myself why I had woken up in the dead
of the night once again. This seemed to be a reoccurring
problem for me as of late, unfortunately, and I needed to
find out what was causing it and get it fixed.

My personal suite was pitch black, of course, save for
some scattered rays of moonlight peeking through the six
floor-to-ceiling windows on the opposite side of the bed.
I then felt a single body all nice and snug upon my right
side, and quickly realized it was Lindsay.

After our fun at the beach yesterday, and then a fabulous
dinner prepared by Louisa, Lindsay retired with me to my
bedroom. The other ladies were allowing her to have the
grand treatment during her final few days on the island.
Kristanna and Amy went off to one guest suite and had plans
of sharing a bed, while Devon and Trish went to another.

Instead of having sex, however - which was what I thought
the insatiable little hellcat would most assuredly want - we
started talking again. One thing led to another, and the
topic of Hollywood movies somehow came up.

Lindsay claimed that once she returned home, one of the
first things to do on her checklist (aside from getting back
with her family) was to go to the movie theater and see the
box office smash _Man of Steel_. The movie came out nearly
a month ago (on June 13, 2013), and was still going strong
in terms of ticket sales and overall appeal.

I then explained to Lindsay that despite the fact that
_Man of Steel_ was still in the theaters and would probably
stay there until the proverbial well had run dry, I had a
Blu-ray copy of it anyway. I told her that from the years I
spent living near Los Angeles - which was where I made my
original fortune - I had some high-level friends and business
associates in the movie industry, and I could get advance
copies of any new release with just a simple telephone call.

Lindsay seemed awestruck at the connections I had, then
immediately asked if we could watch the movie before going
to sleep. I gave her a choice of where, and she opted for ice
cream in bed. I cannot describe how incredible it was for me
to lounge in bed with this precious angel and do something so
simple as watch a movie and occasionally feed her ice cream.

I wanted to have sex, of course, and routinely found myself
concentrating more on Lindsay than this updated version of
_Superman_. I was actually aroused for most of the evening,
but Lindsay was too enthralled with the movie to even notice.
Apparently, she had been looking forward to it for quite some
time. I did not feel like interrupting her viewing pleasure.

But it had been a very long and taxing day, and at about
the two hour mark of the film, I noticed that Lindsay had
actually fallen asleep. I did not want to wake her, though
the movie had another 30 minutes left before its conclusion.
I figured we could pick up wherever she left off on Saturday.
I watched the end of it in silence, then turned off the
television and the lights, and snuggled up even closer to
her. In just a few moments, I was out.

Fast-forward several hours and I found myself awake at the
unholy time of 4:14am. "Maybe you need to go and see the
doctor, and get some sleeping pills," I audibly told myself,
before groaning yet again and flipping over to my right side.
My bleary eyes did a shocked double-take at what they saw.

Lindsay was indeed laying next to me, but she was wide
awake and her head was up, and she was looking at me rather
intently. Even as she realized that I knew her gaze was on
me, Lindsay did not move. She did not waver. Her expression
did not flinch one bit. She seemed almost robotic.

"What... what are you doing up?" was my groggy question.
"Why... why aren't you... sl-sleeping, honey?"

"I can't sleep," she simply answered. "And I enjoy
watching you as you sleep. You look so... vulnerable."

I squinted my eyes and tried to focus on her in the dim
moonlight. All I really saw was a silhouette, but you can
rest assured that it was a damn beautiful silhouette.

"How long... how long have you... been awake?"

"An hour."

I rolled my eyes and moaned. "You're going to be dead on
your feet tomorrow, honey. Please, get some sleep..."

"But I'm not tired."

"You fell asleep in the middle of the movie last night."

"I didn't sleep for long."

Lindsay was a feisty little thing. I liked that about
her. "How can you... how can you stare at me... for an
hour... in the middle of the night?"

The young woman shrugged her shoulders. "Easy... I was
thinking of how lucky Kristanna is to have you. I know she
is your favorite, Jeremy. She is the luckiest girl alive."

I could forever listen to a gorgeous woman compliment me
and extoll my virtues, but now was not the time. I had a
splitting headache, and just wanted to go back to sleep.

"Tomorrow, baby," I requested, my voice weak. "Talk to
me tomorrow. We will talk more then..."

Lindsay reached out and ran her hand oh-so-gently across
my chest, then did the same for my face. "Close your eyes,
Jeremy." She leaned forward and gave me a whispery kiss upon
the lips and swooned, "Close your eyes, and go beddy-bye. I
am going to stay awake, and watch you for awhile..."

The next thing I knew, it was 8:45am Saturday morning.
And Lindsay was out like a light beside me.

* * *

"Why aren't you with Lindsay now?" Kristanna said to me
two hours later, as I stood at the sink within the gourmet
kitchenette and did my usual routine with the breakfast
dishes. Everything needed to be clean, and sparkly.

"You seem awfully intent on making sure Lindsay and I are
together at every turn until she goes home in two days."

Kristanna shrugged. "I just think you and Lindsay should
spend as much time together as possible. That is all. There
is a good possibility that you may never see her again after
Monday. If you do, like during a visit to Cincinnati - it
surely will not be within the context or under the pretenses
of this island. You'd go out to dinner with her, and maybe
her family, but that would be it."

"I don't want to hog all of her time," were my words.
"The girl has other friends here, too. She needs time to
properly say good-bye to them before Monday as well."

"Lindsay has pretty much said good-bye to everyone
already," Kristanna countered, reaching out and taking the
breakfast plate which I had been scrubbing from my hand.
"Go, Jeremy. I'll finish the dishes. Go find Lindsay, and
be with her. You and her need to be together."

I offered Kristanna a long, hard look. She was acting
very strange. Why was my fiancee so Hell-bent on making
certain that I basically become another woman's shadow? All
I had heard from Kristanna in the past 24 hours was how
vitally important it was for me to make time for Lindsay.

"You need to be with her."

I chucked the two spoons from my opposite hand into the
soapy dish-water and glared at Kristanna. I had enough of
this. She was up to something. "What's the deal?"

Kristanna's blue eyes went wide, but they were full of
innocence. "What do you mean?"

"Why is it so important to you that I'm with Lindsay?"

"Because you and her love each other," Kristanna answered,
reaching out and tugging at my forearm. "I know how much you
are going to miss her, Jeremy, once she goes home. I just...
I want you to get as much time in with her as you can."

"But my feelings for Lindsay - no matter how strong they
may be - do not come as close to even being a tiny fraction
of the way I feel about you," I told Kristanna.

"That's only because Lindsay is not staying with us, much
like Devvy, Trish and Amy are," was her rebuttal.

"I like to be with my fiancee, honey, and the one woman I
know for sure that I am going to marry in five weeks. Am I
allowed to be with my fiancee today or tomorrow?"

The 23-year-old smiled in response, then pressed her lips
to mine for a languid, slow-moving kiss. "I like to be with
you too, Jeremy. I just don't want you to have any regrets
about Lindsay. Anything at all you possibly want to do with
her, it HAS to be done before tomorrow night. She is leaving
bright and early Monday morning. Once she is gone, it will
be forever. Think about that. Enjoy your time with her.
Treat her special... show her how much she means to you."

I again looked at Kristanna for a long time. What she
said made sense on the surface, but I still did not believe
her. It was not that I thought Kristanna was not being
upfront and honest, but rather, she was hiding something from
me. There was something else going on at play here. She may
have been a good actress, but I could see right through her.

"How is Trish?" I wondered.

"Fine," Kristanna nodded. "She spent the night in her old
guest bedroom with Devvy. From all accounts, the two of them
had a wonderful evening together."

"How was your night with Amy?"

Kristanna bit her lower lip and grinned. "All I can say
is that Amy responds to being tied up and placed into bondage
more than any woman I have ever known. We had a... little
session last night, you could say..."

"Oh really?"

Still smiling, Kristanna nodded her head once again. "Oh
yes. I'll work on putting together a video package in the
voyeur room for you, Jeremy, with different camera angles and
whatnot. I'll do that today. I KNOW you are going to be
very interested in seeing what I did to Amy last night."

"What did you do to her?"

Kristanna twirled her head from side-to-side in a dreamy
manner, then swooned, "You're gonna have to watch the video
to find out. I'll have a little movie for you later."

The Norwegian placed both hands upon my side, and gently
began to nudge me away from the kitchen sink. "Go, Jeremy.
Go find Lindsay, and be with her. I will finish the dishes."
She shooed me away, saying, "Go. Go now!"

Indeed, Kristanna was up to something. And it was big.

* * *

"I could SO get used to this," Lindsay murmured sometime
later that afternoon, as she and I were in the process of
making our return to the mansion from the majestic waterfall.
Her hand tightly entwined with mine, Lindsay put her face on
my shoulder and sighed contently. "This island is going to
be so hard to walk away from, but I need to get back to my
family. I miss them so much. I can't wait to see them."

"I know you can't wait, honey," I consoled her. "And I
know how much you miss them. It won't be long now."

I had found myself doing this quite often since meeting up
with her earlier for a new round of fun together, but I took
another moment to appraise the wondrous sight of Lindsay and
just how appealing she looked today.

Wearing an aqua-colored garment made of all-over lace that
resembled a sheet more than it did a dress, Lindsay had the
aura of a true beach bunny about her. The flirty dress, with
criss-cross straps across her back, as well as a pair for her
shoulders, ended mere inches from her hips. If Lindsay were
to strain or stretch her body, the hemline would invariably
ride high and one would be presented with fleeting, yet
splendid, glimpses of her sweet, little ass.

At 5-foot-3 and 95 pounds, Lindsay was, quite simply, the
epitome of 18-year-old perfection. Everything about her was
tight and compact, and it was impossible to find a single
blemish anywhere on her skin or entire body. Thanks to the
island, Lindsay sported an all-over tan. She had a darling
face, and the most innocent, wholesome eyes, and the kind of
tender, affectionate smile that could stop a freight train.

I should also point out that the dazzling red streaks that
she got temporarily dyed into her long-flowing blonde hair
during her recent trip to the styling salon in Lima were not
only intact, but they still looked brand new. Lindsay
figured that the bold streaks would last another couple of
days at the very most, before they started to fade away and
vanish for good. Of course, Lindsay planned on getting them
flat-out removed once she returned home to Cincinnati. Her
mother, she claimed, would not tolerate that look on her.

Carrying a picnic basket, I held it out in front of me
and casually asked, "Did you enjoy lunch at the waterfall?"

The enchantress glared at me through narrow eyes. "You
know I did, Jeremy. How could I have NOT enjoyed it? I got
to sit on your lap, and you finger-fed me the whole time."

The past 24 hours had been quite a whirlwind for me in
terms of Lindsay and my feelings for her. I somehow found
myself becoming more and more attached to her because of all
the fun and good times we were having together. Yet at the
same time, all of this with her was going to be over soon. I
had to remind myself of that on several occasions.

My thoughts were interrupted when Lindsay purred like a
kitten and snuggled her face even tighter upon my shoulder.
An instant later, however, her entire body jerked as she
stood erect and stared off into the distance.

Ahead of us, it seemed as if Devon and Amy had started a
bon-fire on the beach. Both Lindsay and I could clearly see
the two ladies huddled together underneath a thin blanket,
as they laughed and giggled in unison. However, neither of
them were aware of our presence.

"Can we go back to the mansion?" Lindsay asked, almost
pleading with me. "I... this is my day to be with you - no
one else." Lindsay wanted me to herself, too? Hmmmmm...

The idea of being the centerpiece of a frenzied four-some
suddenly crossed my mind. It sure would be something to be
in the middle of not only Devon and Amy, but Lindsay as well.
My body shivered with emotion at the mere idea of all three
of them ravaging my body until there was simply nothing left
of me offer. It was a very tempting thought, indeed, but I
felt the need to honor Lindsay's wishes. After all, we were
on day two of our extended _date_.

Plus, I did not want to incur the wrath of Kristanna. Not
only did my precious fiancee want me to spend all this time
with Lindsay, but I got the idea that she wanted it to be
strictly one-on-one as well.

"Back up to the mansion we go," I smiled, turning and
guiding Lindsay toward a narrow pathway. "C'mon... this way.
This is a shorter route than doubling back the way we came."

As could be expected, Lindsay was not about to let me
leave her clutches. She held onto my arm with a vise-tight
grip as we made our way up the little path.

"What would you like, dear?" I asked, as we approached
the northern side of the mansion. "Where should our date go
now? Remember, we could always finish the movie you fell
asleep during last night. Or if you're still hungry, I could
get you an ice cream cone from the kitchen?"

"How about right here?" Lindsay asked, as she broke away
and hurried over toward the grotto. Made of rock and granite,
the grotto was a chest-deep pool which surrounded the entire
mansion much like a moat does a castle. It was loaded with
spacious caves and alcoves that were ideal for romance.

"The grotto?" I asked, somewhat surprised. "I'm afraid
neither of us are dressed for the water." That was dumb of
me to say. Lindsay would probably go nude again, I told
myself, just as she did yesterday in the ocean.

"Wanna bet?" Lindsay squealed, as she unzipped her dress
in back and then lifted it up, and over, her head. My eyes
went wide with great admiration as I took in the amazing
beauty of the tight-as-a-drum Lindsay in a yellow, two-piece
bikini swimsuit. Along with that inviting, playful smile
etched across her lovely face, it should not come as any real
surprise that I developed an immediate erection as well.

"I'm a little more prepared for the water today," Lindsay
chirped, motioning toward her bikini while also getting rid
of her shoes. She plopped herself down into the grotto, then
held both arms out for me in an inviting manner. "Come on!"

"You know that bikini of yours is going to get ripped
right from your body in a matter of moments," I warned her,
stepping out of my own shoes and getting rid of my shirt.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Lindsay swooned, as
she began to splash me with an onslaught of water. I was
completely soaked from the waist down in mere seconds as
she giggled and sneered at her handiwork. "See, Jeremy?
The water feels great! Come in and join me."

Smiling, I shook my head at the little temptress as
indeed, I jumped down into the water to provide her the
company that she wanted. Lindsay then screeched, however,
as I dunked her head underwater for a good five seconds.

When I allowed her to re-surface, Lindsay breathed in
heavy gasps as her hair - once styled to total perfection -
was now a slick, wet mess. I laughed at her predicament.

"You're mean!" she snapped, albeit in a playful way.

"That's what you get for splashing me," I told her. "Of
course, that was probably your intent all along. Otherwise,
you would not have worn that swimsuit underneath your dress."

"Actually, I was hoping for another dip in the ocean,"
she informed me. "But when I saw Devon and Amy down there, I
knew it was time to leave." Lindsay slithered up close to me
in the water and placed both arms around my neck in a loving
way. "Can you blame me for wanting you to myself today?"

"I guess not," was my response, as I cleared my throat.
The feel of Lindsay's taut breasts upon my chest sent pulses
of hot pleasure shooting throughout my body. "You obviously
like me, honey. I think those feelings have really only
began to manifest for you during the last week ot so. May I
ask why? Why have you taken such a sudden liking to me?"

"I see all of the other girls, one-by-one, falling in love
with you," she began. "Kristanna, obviously, but you have
known her for years. But from our very first night on the
island, Devon and Amy were already madly in love with you.
Devon was going around telling all of us behind your back
that she was going to marry you one day. The second day,
I guess, Pamela fell in love with you too. Didn't you have a
long talk with her in the library, or something?"

"Pamela and I did many more things in the library than
just talk," I mused, vividly remembering that afternoon.
"But yes... that was where I sat down and was really able to
get to know her. It... it is a special memory."

"Pamela was in love with you from that moment on," Lindsay
explained. "She wanted to devote the rest of her life to you.
And then, with how Devon and Pamela felt for you, I see you
starting to do all these nice things for them. Little things
mostly, but little things can add up to big things. You
tried to do it for Amy. But Amy was awkward and not the best
at being social, and your attempts at being nice and helpful
to her were not very successful at first."

"What do you mean?"

"You tried to talk her into getting help for her mental
illness and personality disorder during just our second week
here. Amy flat-out refused."

"How did you know that, honey? We wanted to keep Amy's
health issues under wraps; a secret, from you."

"Amy told me," Lindsay simply stated. "Remember, Jeremy,
Amy and I are friends. She tells me everything. She... she
also told me why you suddenly became her dominant Master. I
was always curious about that. You seized control of her -
which is what she wanted you to do all along - but your sole
purpose with it was not the sex, but now, being in charge of
her, you were not asking her to go and see a doctor anymore.
You were TELLING her. And Amy went with you to Lima that
day... and got the help she needed. All thanks to you..."

Lindsay hesitated for a moment, perhaps lost in thought.
"But I guess the real turning point for me as it pertains to
you, Jeremy, and my feelings for you, was when Trish actually
began to fall in love with you as well. I NEVER saw that
coming. I do not know if anyone did. Every single woman on
the island was crawling all over you, and wanted you so bad.
I... I guess I began to take notice, and realize why."

"Camille wasn't crawling all over me," I reminded her.
"She was trying to run away, it seemed."

"Screw Camille!" Lindsay bitterly snapped.

"You really are my type of girl, honey..."

"All of the girls had the same thought about you, Jeremy.
You are this amazing, wonderful man... many of them say you
are the type of man who only comes around once in a lifetime.
You are so incredibly kind and generous; you're so very
understanding and lenient with all of us. You adapt to us.
You will laugh and joke with Kristanna as you make love to
her. You will hold Trish's hand and reassure her when you
are with her. You'll tell Devon how special she is to you,
and how much you want to give her a better life than what
she had in Pennsylvania. And then you will go dominant, and
punish Amy for being a naughty girl."

"What is most amazing to me, though," Lindsay continued,
"is the simple fact that you are so totally unassuming. You
seem completely oblivious to the endless amount of reasons
why every single woman on this island - minus Camille - has
fallen in love with you." Lindsay giggled, then confided,
"Even Louisa told me that if she was 40 or 50 years younger,
she would be all over you like _white on rice_."

Those words, not surprisingly, forced me to cough and
choke. The 76-year-old housekeeper had eyes for me?

"The sad thing is, Louisa is in better shape than you."

"Funny," was my sarcastic response for her playful words.

"So I see what has happened between you and all of the
other girls. Your little circle of four, let's keep it at
that - Kristanna, Devon, Trish and Amy. I may not be big on
commitment, Jeremy, but I saw how you treated all of them.
And I watched them fall in love with you. And I saw why."

Lindsay paused, then sniffed her nose. "Then you and I
had our little discussion in the recreation room this past
Sunday." A tear streaked down her face as she pined, "I was
suddenly in love with you, too."


"All I do is ask you about the money pay-out at the end,"
Lindsay mused. "I already know about the $100,000. I ask
who is going to get the $500,000 that you said one of us was
promised. I told you that my family could really use it,
but I was not going to be greedy or selfish about it. But
you said you did not want me to worry about the money or who
was going to get it. You... you ask me why my family needed
the money, and what they would do with it."

Lindsay took a deep breath and sighed. "And then, you
began to rattle off everything you did. The bank was about
to foreclose on our family home because my mom was still
behind on payments. You offer, out of the blue, to pay off
the balance on the house so my mom would never have to worry
about it again. You are going to buy brand new cars for not
only me, but my mom and my three sisters as well. You are
putting aside college tuition for Alison and Katherine so
they can get a good education one day. And finally, you are
giving me, my mom and my sisters an all-expenses paid trip to
Italy next month. THAT is the one place in the world where
Mom has ALWAYS wanted to visit. You... you're going to make
it a reality for her, Jeremy. And you don't even know her."

"Your family has been through a lot since your father
died last November," I reminded her. "They deserve a break.
None more so than your mom, I am sure."

Lindsay was trying not to cry. It was extremely tough for
her, but she was somehow able to succeed. "B-But you d-don't
even know my m-m-mom, or an-anyone... else..."

"I know you. Don't I? I know how highly you speak of your
mom and your sisters. You're my little baby, Lindsay. You
always will be. Nothing will ever change that. No distance
will change that. I am willing to do things for the people in
your life that you care about and hold close to your heart,
because I love and care for you so deeply myself."

With that, Lindsay's expression broke and she began to
sob. I tried to reach out and touch her face, but she
flinched at the last possible second and even took a step
back from me. I do not believe it was a negative step.
Rather, it just seemed that Lindsay was stunned. She needed
time to process the words that I had just said to her.

The young woman brought her own hand to her face, and
wiped away a heavy excess of tears. She turned around and
started to wade away from me in the grotto, but my voice
stopped her and caused to glance back my way.


"Yes, Jeremy?"

"Aside from the money for your own personal car, all of
the things I promised you this past Sunday for your family
was just that - for your family. That includes the original
$100,000." She offered a quizzical expression before I
elaborated, "You, my dear, are still getting the $500,000.
This money will be for YOU."

"OH MY GOD, JEREMY!" Lindsay erupted in emotion, her cries
now loud and uncontrollable. "OH MY GOD!" She turned again,
then quickly scampered off toward one of the hidden alcoves
here in the grotto, and thus, away from my sight.

* * *

I figured that Kristanna would most assuredly object, but I
decided to offer Lindsay a little space and told her that she
had the rest of the day and night off from being with me. I
suggested that she spend the night with Amy since they were
good friends and had gotten close in recent weeks. Also, it
would allow them to finish their kissing duel from yesterday.
Tomorrow, I promised Lindsay, we would get back together for
one more day of fun and good times before she returned home.

It was an hour before dinner when I found myself outdoors
beside the infinity-edge swimming pool near the back of the
mansion. I was sprawled out in my favorite lounge chair with
a magazine in one hand and a glass of iced tea in the other.
It had been a long and tiresome day, indeed, and the stress I
felt from knowing that Lindsay would be leaving a mere 37
hours from now did not help, either. But relaxation such as
this was the best cure for the troubles that ailed me.

I was minding my own business and, at least for the time
being, did not have a care in the world. But I was brought
out of my peaceful reverie by the familiar sound of a pair
of high-heeled shoes in the distance, and approaching fast.
Clankety-clank, clankety-clank, clankety-clank...

But before I could turn to learn of the source, a head
snuck around mine and sweet lips found my own for a moderate
kiss. Stunned, I sat up in the chair and was rewarded with
the astonishing beauty that was Devon. Dressed in a white
tank-top and a pair of denim shorts, Devon had a wide,
inviting smile upon her face and she gazed back at me.
Those blue eyes twinkling, she leaned over and placed her
hands upon my legs, and kissed me again.

"What was that for?" I managed to get out, still feeling a
bit blindsided (but in the best possible way).

"Lindsay just told me all about her day with you," Devon
answered, her face awash with emotion and happiness. "Thank
you, Jeremy." Devon kissed me again, her smile even bigger
now. "Thank you. Thank you SO MUCH for helping Lindsay out
the way you have. She deserves everything you have done for
her! It couldn't have happened to a better girl."

"It needed to be done," I countered.

Devon grinned. "Lindsay is quite the emotional wreck right
now back inside the mansion. She is with Krissy and Amy, and
keeps going on and on about how she will never find anyone as
nice as you... anyone who would care about her quite like you
do. I was there too, for awhile. We all took turns hugging
her, trying to get her to calm down."

"I know someone who would love Lindsay, and treat her
better than even I could," were my words.

"Who's that?" Devon inquired, not believing me.


"Oh." Devon gulped her throat twice and swallowed hard.
"Ummmmm... yeah. Yeah, I could actually see that."

"Is Krissy angry at me now?"

Devon made a face. "Huh? Angry? What possible reason
would Krissy have to be angry at you?"

"Because I told Lindsay that I wanted her to spend the
rest of the day and night with Amy," I responded. "I do not
know why, but Krissy seems adamant that I don't let Lindsay
so much as even leave my sight before Monday morning."

Devon patted my wrist and explained, "Krissy knows how
much you and Lindsay mean to each other. She just wants you
and Lindsay to enjoy the rest of your time together... that
is all. You have to admit, Jeremy, that you have developed
quite a unique relationship with her."

"Oh? How so?"

"She is only 18, and you are 39. She is your little girl,
and you are like a father figure to her. A Daddy, even...
not her actual father, or a new father, but a Daddy figure
to her. A kind and benevolent Daddy figure who, no matter
what, just keeps showering her with affection and gifts."

"That analogy... is kind of creepy, Devon."

She laughed at me. "It's not supposed to be!"

"But it is. No matter how many times you say that to me,
it never once loses its creep factor."

Devon giggled again. "Monday morning is going to be VERY
interesting. Lindsay is going to bawling her little eyes
out so much, having to leave not only the island, but you,
Jeremy. It's going to tear her to shreds. Why, Krissy is
convinced that Lindsay will..." Devon suddenly went quiet
in the middle of her sentence, as if she was about to tell
me something, but realized it was better left un-said.

"Krissy is convinced that Lindsay will what?"

Devon shook her head. "Forget I said it. It's nothing."



"WHAT?" I demanded.

"Nothing," she reiterated, trying her best to come across
as an innocent. "Nothing important."

Indeed, Kristanna was up to something sneaky. And Devon,
I had just learned, was in on whatever scheme it was, too.

* * *

"Hi baby," I said to Lindsay after breakfast the following
morning, pulling her aside and detaining her as the rest of
the ladies promptly filed out of the dining room.

"Hey," she simply returned. I quickly got the sense that
after I informed her yesterday that I was giving her an
additional $500,000 on top of everything else - but perhaps
much more importantly, my reasoning as to _why_ - Lindsay's
mind was in a state of utter chaos and confusion right now.

"Would you like to spend the afternoon with me in my
private bedroom?" was my question for her. "I have something
special planned for you - IF you are interested."

"I... I'd like that very much."

I tilted my head and looked at her intently. Lindsay
seemed sullen; the twinkle in her eyes, the zest I had
become so fond of, was not there right now. "You okay?"

"Yeah," she nodded. "I just... I have a lot on my mind
right now. It's... it's going to be difficult to leave.
But my family has a big celebration lined up for me tomorrow
night. We are going out to the nicest restaurant in town.
Until now, we... we could never afford it."

"Do you have something nice to wear for me?" was my next
question, as I brought her hand to my lips and kissed it.
"Something you could wear to my suite this afternoon?"

"What? Like lingerie?"

"No," I told her. "Something nice. Like a dress, maybe?"

"I bought a couple of dresses when you let us go on that
shopping spree at the mall in Lima on Monday," she countered.
"I guess I could wear one of them if you want me to?"

"Please do," I said, kissing her hand yet again. "Meet me
in my room at two o'clock. Today is your day."

* * *

By the time 1:00pm rolled around, my personal suite was
prepared for what I had in mind for Lindsay later this
afternoon. I hoped my effort would put a smile on her face.
This was going to be our last day together, and I wanted it
to be a memorable one for her. With any luck, it would be a
day that she would never forget.

At 1:50pm, I stationed myself just outside the closed door
of my bedroom and leaned against the wall. Glancing down the
long corridor but seeing not a soul in sight, I was simply
going to stand here until my lovely guest decided to grace me
with her presence. And two minutes later, boy, did she ever.

Over the previous six weeks, I had grown accustomed to
seeing all of the ladies in casual summer attire. Quite
often underneath their t-shirts and shorts, the ladies would
have a bikini on just in case the water beckoned them at any
particular moment. I had been witness to them in just about
every type of outfit that a trim-figured young woman would be
wearing at your local beach. Swimwear and bikini tops,
denim, cotton, lace, flip-flops, light summer dresses and
sun hats... it was the adopted style around here.

So, imagine my shock - and even my wanderlust - once
Lindsay appeared from around the corner at the end of the
long corridor, and began making her way toward me, wearing a
dress that seemed better suited for the red carpet at a
Hollywood premiere. Indeed, Lindsay looked like a movie
star herself. Or better yet, an angel sent from Heaven.

The young woman looked purely elegant in a long, all-white
backless evening gown. The gorgeous, body-hugging dress
featured a crewneck with long skin-tight sleeves, perfect for
the vixen's slim curves, along with structured shoulders and
a semi-flared skirt that went all the way down to her ankles,
and even a mini train lagging behind for good measure.

Lindsay wore her blonde hair down, center-parted with
smooth waves to the edges, a retro cat-eye with thick
mascara. It was a rather virginal look that for many women
would be difficult to pull off, but on 18-year-old Lindsay
the youthful flare worked to perfection.

But for as stunning as Lindsay appeared - and as much as
I could openly gawk at her for hours on end - her own eyes
were ablaze with desire as she glared back at me, as she
slowly but surely closed the distance between us.

"Oh my God..." Lindsay gushed, awestruck, once she reached
me and placed both hands upon my chest. "You have a suit on!"

Indeed, I had opted for a dark pair of slacks and matching
jacket, along with a purple shirt and black tie underneath.
I felt so awkward and out-of-place whenever I put on any hint
of formal attire, but I reminded myself that this was for
Lindsay, and it went perfectly for what awaited her behind the
closed door of my private bedroom.

"My feet hurt," Lindsay whined, stomping one of them onto
the floor. "I had to borrow some white high-heels from Amy.
They have four-inch pumps; I'm not used to walking around in
shoes like this."

"You look... breathtaking."

The discomfort splayed across Lindsay's immaculate face
just washed away all at once and her eyes again lit-up not
only because of my compliment, but she again took the time to
survey me in my own unique attire.

"What are you doing in a suit?"

I ignored her question, and went right into a little
role-playing game I had planned out beforehand. I brought
Lindsay's hand to my lips and kissed it tenderly, saying,
"The princess has arrived." I offered her a gracious bow
and added, "I am honored by your presence, mi'lady."

Lindsay giggled at the little show I put on for her.
"I'm a princess, huh? I'm about the furthest thing from a
princess, Jeremy. But I like you calling me one anyway."

"Are you ready for our date to continue?" I asked, to
which I received a nod of the head in response. "Great!
But first, I have to cover your eyes before we step into my
suite. I have a little surprise in there for you."

"A surprise?" Lindsay countered, sounding a bit skeptical
as I slipped behind her. "What type of surprise?"

"You'll have to wait and see," I told her, using both of
my hands to completely cover and shield her eyes from behind.
I turned her so she was facing the entrance and said, "Open
the door, baby. Its handle is right in front of you."

I smiled as she slowly turned the doorknob. Lindsay
offered no resistance whatsoever as I then guided her into
the suite. Using my leg, I kicked the door and closed it
behind us. I also locked it for good measure.

I made her wait a couple of seconds, but then pulled my
hands away from those curious eyes and chimed, "Ta da..."

* * *

Lindsay seemed disoriented for a moment or two, but then
sighed as she realized that the brilliant, flickering glow
throughout the otherwise darkened suite was coming from what
was a collection of 50 candles burning in several key spots.
All of the curtains and blinds had been drawn, giving the
room an extra, added ambiance.

Candles of all types were placed in jars and on small
plates in several locations. Five were burning away upon
the dresser in front of the huge mirror, while a whole
cavalcade of them were on the floor, surrounding the front
and sides of the bed. Three adorned the very top of the
bookcase, while two more were perched upon the nightstand.

Obviously, what I had strived for was a very romantic
mood. The atmosphere in the suite was warm and mellow, as
well as soft and loving. I did all of this for Lindsay, who
looked around the suite with a shocked expression upon her
face. Obviously, she was not expecting something like this.

"I hope you like it," I told her in a gentle tone, as I
appraised her magnificent body from head to toe. I grabbed
the nearby remote control for the suite's sound system and
pressed a button upon it, then a romantic jazz tune began
playing in the background. "It's all for you."

"You went to too much trouble..." Lindsay gasped, her eyes
still wide and bulging. "This was too much trouble. Look
at this place! You shouldn't have done this, Jeremy..."

"Yes I should have," I corrected her, placing both hands
upon her shoulders. "Nothing is too much trouble for you."

Lindsay's blue eyes seemed to well up with tears as she
conceded, "It looks beautiful, Jeremy. Even smells that way.
This is SO romantic. I can't believe it. You... you really
did all of this for me?"

I smiled at her and responded, "I don't see anyone else
here. No one else is invited. The rest of the afternoon
belongs to you and me, Miss Lindsay Marie [Last Name]." I
grinned once more and reached behind me, then produced six
red roses and presented them to her. "Do you like flowers,
dear? I just picked these for you a short time ago."

"Oh God..." she countered, a single tear streaming from
her left eye. "I love flowers! Especially roses!" Lindsay
took the half-dozen from me and asked, "Is there something
for me to put them in?"

"Of course," I said, pointing toward the small kitchen
that was part of my suite. "There is an empty vase next to
the sink. Just be careful where you step."

"I can't believe you went to all of this trouble for me,"
Lindsay reiterated, as she maneuvered her way amongst the
collection of burning candles that were scattered about upon
the floor. "Look at this place... these roses. That music!
That music... it sounds... it sounds SO ROMANTIC!"

"There is no such thing as too much trouble whenever a
princess is involved," I told her, which elicited another
groan and sigh. "I mean it, sweetheart."

Once Lindsay returned to me from the kitchen, I smiled
and tilted my head as I looked at her. It was time for me
to set the afternoon into motion. "May I have this dance?"

Lindsay gently sighed as she placed the side of her face
upon my chest and shoulder. It was at this very moment when
my eyes began to drift. I realized that I could glance
downward and admire the outline of her perky, little nipples
through the extravagant evening gown that she had on.

Our feet began moving in unison with the jazz tune that
was playing on the sound system. We glided about upon the
carpeted floor, in a section that was free of all candles.
I made sure that my eyes stayed clear of peeking at the
outline of her breasts and their nipples again. I did not
want Lindsay to feel one bit uncomfortable, or have any
negative thoughts about me whatsoever.

With my left arm wrapped around her upper back and my
right hand upon the side of her waist, I twirled Lindsay
about the makeshift dance floor and smiled delicately at her.
She looked up at me in response and offered a gracious smile
of her own. It seemed as though her pretty eyes were glowing
with a truly radiant light.

"You're an excellent dancer," I told her, my voice soft
and low. "Me, I have two left feet - unfortunately."

"You're an excellent dancer, too," she grinned. "You
don't seem to give yourself a lot of credit, Jeremy. In
fact, you don't seem to give yourself any credit."

With Lindsay's young age and inexperience when it came to
dating and relationships in general, I was very fearful
beforehand that she would not appreciate (or even understand)
all the many great lengths I went to in making this candle-lit
shrine a reality for her. As it turned out, though, my fears
were unwarranted. Lindsay seemed totally blown away by my act
of graciousness toward her.

With the raw emotion of the moment etched across her face,
Lindsay gulped her throat and made eye contact with me.
"Jeremy?" was her little, faint whisper.

"Yes, honey?"

"Is this what my wedding day is going to feel like in the
future? The first dance with my husband - whomever that
turns out to be - at the reception hall? Is this how it will
feel? Will it be this special?"

"No man will ever treat you more special than I could."

Lindsay audibly growled at my words as we continued our
tender slow-dance upon the carpeted floor. Her body, quite
frankly, was now trembling. I could feel it upon mine.

I wrapped both arms around Lindsay's slender back and held
her closely as our bodies continued swaying to the music. I
then gazed directly into her eyes and said, "Is it okay, baby,
if I kiss you right now?"

"Oh God, yes... please do."

Lindsay's blue eyes were wide and looming as I pressed my
lips to hers for a deep, exploratory kiss. Her body sagged
with arousal once I slipped my tongue inside her mouth for
the sweetest of tastes, then she regained her composure and
returned my kiss with equal compassion and desire. She and I
continued to embrace and luxuriate in the shared warmth as
our curious tongues slivered and dueled together madly.

"Nice..." I growled once our lips finally parted ways,
even bumping noses with her in the process.

"It was incredible," Lindsay swooned, her lovely face
glazed-over with adoration. "I... it... WOW. You... you
are incredible, Jeremy. Everything about you is incredible."

"Let me kiss you again," I simply said, cupping Lindsay's
chin with my right hand and then closing my mouth over hers
one more time. I explored the inner walls and tasty recesses
of Lindsay's velvety mouth with my curious tongue.

"Hmmmmm... you are so adorable," I whispered, an instant
before glancing downward and realizing that Lindsay's hands
were kneading and caressing various parts of my torso.
From my stomach to my sides, my back, my chest, shoulders and
even my neck, Lindsay's soft, little hands were moving in a
zig-zag pattern with no rhyme or reason as they lovingly
stroked each new area of my appreciative body.

I looked deep into those eyes yet again, then offered her
a kiss square on the forehead. "If you're going to touch me
like this, sweetheart, that means I get to touch you, too."

An instant later, my own hands gravitated toward Lindsay's
exquisite pair of breasts. I cupped and squeezed the firm
mounds through the evening gown she had on, while my tongue
met hers in the open air between our mouths for an erotic,
playful game of joust.

When I trailed my right hand downward - along her side,
to her abdomen, then back around and only coming to a stop
upon her backside - I offered it a healthy pinch. Lindsay
actually jumped and yelped at the initial contact, then
pulled back and begged, "Help me take my gown off, Jeremy.
Please... the zipper is in the back. I want you to have me.
I want you to have me right here, and right now."

"No," I simply returned, shaking my head, as Lindsay
glared back at me with an expression of shock. "Not now."

Who would have ever thought, in their wildest dreams, that
I would refuse an offer from Lindsay for sex? It had been a
huge part and building block of our relationship over the
prior six weeks. But having sex, quite simply, was of no
interest to me right now. I wanted something even more
valuable and precious from her than simple sex.

"I just want to hold you in my arms, Lindsay, enjoy the
sheer beauty of you in that gown, and think about not only
how special you are to me, but how much I truly love you."

Not surprisingly, Lindsay began sobbing yet again.

I swept her frail frame up and into my arms, holding onto
the train of her gown with one hand so it would not drag, and
then carefully tip-toed through the minefield of flickering
candles scattered across the room until reaching the big bed.

Her own arms locked tightly around my neck and shoulders,
and her face buried in my chest, Lindsay was still crying as
I settled down upon the edge of the bed. I put her across my
lap, her backside nudged against my left thigh and her legs
sprawled outward. I slipped one arm around her sternum and
used my other hand to cup and cradle her head to my chest as
the emotion of the moment continued to pour from her.

"Shhhhh," I consoled her, kissing the side of her for
emphasis. "Why are you crying, baby? Please don't cry."
Oh, but that face was so pretty when she cried like this...

"I'm... I'm never gonna be happier than I am... right now,
with... with you," was her teary proclamation. "That...
that's why, Jeremy, all th-these girls are willing to...
sacrifice so much... to be... to be... to be with you."

Lindsay withdrew her face from my chest. Her eyes now red
and her complexion caked with moisture, she took a moment to
glance around the suite and take in the amazing atmosphere
that the candles provided. Soon, however, Lindsay returned
her gaze to me. "You are the most amazing, most wonderful man
in the whole, wide world. I... I love you, and I... I will
never forget you, and what... what you have done... for me."

"I'm going to miss you so much when you leave tomorrow,"
I quaked, which caused Lindsay to break down and sob even
harder than before. "My life will never the same." I hugged
her even tighter, saying, "I just want to hold and cherish
you for the rest of the afternoon, and the evening..."

* * *

An entirely new batch of tears were flowing on Monday
morning at the time of 6:43am from not only Lindsay, but
most of the others as well, as the precocious 18-year-old
was in the process of saying her good-byes to everyone.
Even Louisa, the elderly housekeeper, was here to offer
Lindsay a series of heartfelt hugs and words of advice.

"You're such a pretty thing," Louisa (who rarely spoke
to anyone other than me) told Lindsay. "Keep your head
held high, kiddo, and good things will happen to you!"

"Bye, baby!" was what Devon said to Lindsay when they
had their few precious seconds of one-on-one time. "We
love you! And we're going to miss you!"

"You and Jeremy aren't the only ones from Cincinnati,"
were Amy's words for her. "I have family there too, you
know, and I will definitely be going back to visit you."
She wrapped both arms around Lindsay and embraced her
warmly, saying, "You're like a baby sister to me. I...
I'm going to miss you so much!"

Kristanna offered Lindsay a strange and peculiar look
when they had their moment, but hugged her nonetheless.
"Good luck to you, sweetheart. Thank you so much for the
time you spent with us. We will never forget you."

When it was time for Lindsay to reach the fifth and final
woman in line, a hush quickly fell over the proceedings as
all seven of us stood outside by the front gate.

"Trish..." Lindsay sighed.

Trish, whose emotions must have been racing and careening
out of control quicker and more recklessly than anyone here,
gulped her throat and looked at the love of her life through
tear-stained eyes for what was probably the final time.
These two had not even spoken in nearly a month.

"I'm sorry, Trish," Lindsay whispered. "I... I'm sorry
for the way things... transpired... between us. Things were
happening so quick, and I... I... I got scared. It... it
wasn't you, Trish. You weren't at fault. I... I was. I
wish... I wish I could go back, and change things..."

"Good luck to you," was all Trish said in return, trying
her best not to have a mental breakdown of her own.

"I love you, Trish," Lindsay proclaimed, stepping forward
and embracing her with both arms. Devon brought a hand to her
mouth and groaned at the surreal sight before us as Lindsay
added, "I'll always love you. You were always good to me."
She pecked Trish on the cheek with a kiss to punctuate her
words, and perhaps bring final closure to their relationship.

When she released Trish from her arms, Lindsay turned to
me and motioned toward her four suitcases on the ground (she
originally came here with just two, mind you). She pouted
at me and sulked, "I guess we better get down to the beach,
Jeremy. The helicopter is due here at seven o'clock sharp."

"Yeah, we should get going," I agreed, but finding myself
much more concerned with the image beyond Lindsay's shoulder.
Devon had taken Trish into her arms, and the Canadian was
crying like never before. The absolute _last thing_ Trish
needed, I quickly figured, was a hug or a kiss from Lindsay.
Unfortunately, she had received both.

"There's still time," I heard Kristanna murmur to Devon,
but unfortunately I paid her words no real attention.

After I loaded her luggage into the _Jeep_, I hopped in
and Lindsay followed suit, and we began the leisurely ride
to the beach via the access road. I kept one hand firmly
planted on her knee and continually patted it as I drove the
vehicle, but otherwise there was silence between us. I felt
sick and hollow inside because Lindsay - my little baby -
was leaving the proverbial nest and would never return.

When we got to the beach, Kevin (my good friend the
helicopter pilot) was waiting for us. He was early.

"I promised myself that I'm not going to cry in front of
you anymore," Lindsay told me, breaking the silence, as she
and I stepped out of the _Jeep_. Kevin and I exchanged
friendly nods and I gave him a cash payment for coming to
pick Lindsay up and then ultimately escort her to the
airport in Lima, where she had a 10:04am flight to Miami.
Eventually, she was scheduled to arrive at the Greater
Cincinnati International Airport at 7:04pm this evening.

Kevin took care of the luggage himself, transferring it
from the _Jeep_ to his helicopter. This allowed Lindsay and
I a few more precious seconds before we said our ultimate
good-bye to each other.

"I'm not going to cry," Lindsay insisted, quite defiant,
as she forged a smile and looked at me. "I'm thinking happy
thoughts. I'm thinking of how amazing these six weeks were,
and how many wonderful memories I'll have to take with me.
Most of all, I'm thinking about you, Jeremy."

"Ready to lift-off whenever you are," Kevin said to me,
before tipping his hat to Lindsay and then climbing into
the pilot's seat of the helicopter. "Take your time," he
told us, closing the door so we could have some privacy.

"Maybe you're not going to cry, honey, but what about me?
I feel like crying."

"Oh Jeremy..." Lindsay groaned, sliding her arms around
me, but holding steadfast with dry eyes and that smile.
"Give all of your girls a hug and a kiss for me, and tell
them that I am jealous. I am jealous of them because they
get to spend the rest of their lives with you."

"I love you," I told her. "If you or your family ever
needs ANYTHING, I am just a telephone call away."

"I know," Lindsay gulped, before that smile returned yet
again. "I love you too. I always will." Lindsay gave me
one final kiss, then climbed into the back of the helicopter
and strapped herself into the seat. I offered her a smile as
well, then closed the door and held up my hand in farewell.
Kevin went to the back of the chopper and locked the door,
then returned to the front and started the engine.

"I love you!" Lindsay said to me from the other side of
the glass, but I did not hear the words for the noise and
ferocity of the spinning blades overhead. Still, I was able
to read her lips. I put the palm of my hand to the glass
and she did the same, then I noticed that Kevin was giving
me the _thumbs up_ sign. He was ready to depart.

I turned my back and stepped away from the helicopter,
then it began to lift off and slowly but surely ascend.
When I turned back around to catch one final glimpse of
Lindsay - with the helicopter no more than five feet from
the ground - she had that same hand on the glass, but the
other was on her mouth, and she was crying uncontrollably.

I smiled up at her and mouthed the words, "I knew you
wouldn't last." As the helicopter ascended higher and at a
quicker pace, Lindsay began to pound on the glass with her
open palm and seemed quite frantic. I simply figured that
the moment had overwhelmed her, but also trusted that
she would be laughing and having a wonderful reunion with
her beloved family later tonight. Still, she continually
pounded on the glass, her eyes fixated upon me, and the
young woman seemed to be having a temporary fit.

Just a matter of seconds later, the helicopter took off
toward the mainland as if it had been shot out of a cannon.
I stood there and watched with a heavy heart, tears going
down my face, until it became just a speck over the horizon.

Sighing, I took a deep breath and turned around. I wanted
to return to the mansion and find my precious ladies, but
felt like taking my time in doing so. Thus, I decided that I
was going to walk from the beach instead of driving from it.

* * *

I had a lot to be happy for. This coming Thursday, our
little clan was going on an airline fight of our own. It
would be quite a doozy, as Kristanna, Devon, Trish, Amy and
yours truly were flying from Lima to Oslo, Norway, with a
three hour lay-over in Amsterdam inbetween. We would be in
the air for a total of 16 hours. I was not looking forward
to all those many miles, but I simply could not wait for
Kristanna to be reunited with her own family.

Best of all, I would get to see her home country and the
farm where she grew up. Kristanna always had good things to
say about her homeland. I had been introduced to her
parents in the past - they were wonderful people - but would
now have the opportunity to finally meet her older sister and
those two nephews and one niece that she spoke so highly of.

We had opted to spend five weeks of vacation time in
Norway, which would ultimately culminate with the wedding of
Kristanna and yours truly on August 23, 2013. From there,
we would split our honeymoon between Toronto, Ontario
(Trish's hometown and where the majority of her family was
located) and the _Atlantis_ luxury resort in the Bahamas.

Sometime in October, the five of us would return to the
island. By that time, we hoped, I will have reached an
agreement with Kristanna's parents on which island our
respective families should relocate to.

Kristanna and I wanted to have children in the future,
but we knew it would not be healthy or right for them to
grow up here. Our children would need a strong school
system and others around their age to play and develop
with. I still had my heart forever set on Anguilla in the
Lesser Antilles, but Kristanna's father was leaning toward
St. Maartin in the Carribean. We needed to reach an
agreement because it was paramount to Kristanna that her
parents live close to her during their retirement years.

Our future home was most likely St. Maartin, because I
would probably cave in and agree to it like I did everything
else in life. I could not complain, though. St. Maartin
was a beautiful island with a thriving economy and strong
private schools. My only issue was that it was a bit too
busy and hectic for my own personal tastes, but I hear life
in the higher-end gated communities there was quite tranquil
and relaxing. That was a necessity for me.

If our future home was going to indeed be St. Maartin, I
was going to buy two massive plots of land there and have a
pair of mansions built - one for us, and one for Kristanna's
parents. Or, I would buy two existing homes and have them
torn down, only to have new ones built to our specifications
and liking. By this time next year, hopefully, both homes
will be ready and I will have embarked on the rest of my life
with not only Kristanna, but Devon, Trish and Amy as well.

What I was looking forward to more than anything else,
however, was my upcoming wedding with Kristanna. It was
just weeks away! She already had her family and friends hard
at work back in Norway planning the wedding and all of the
festivities, and would no doubt lend her two cents once we
arrived there later in the week. I was going to allow
Kristanna and her entourage to set mostly everything up
because this was going to be, after all, her special day.

But I had a few tricks up my sleeve, so to speak, and
planned on adding a special surprise or two during the
ceremony itself. This time, I figured, Kristanna would
be the one in joyful tears! I could not wait!

As I made my final approach toward the mansion by foot,
thus nearly ending my leisure hike, I realized that I had
come a long way in life to get to the point where I am today.
The youngest of four children, I was born to typical
upper/middle class parents in the suburbs of Cincinnati. I
was even a recluse while growing up, and did not respond
favorably to being separated from my two brothers and one
sister at the age of 12 in early 1987 when my father was
transferred in his job to New Jersey. The new surroundings
were absolute culture shock to my young and sheltered soul,
and let me simply state that, without going into too much
detail, I did not adapt to life in New Jersey very well.

While in high school, there was a girl that I knew named
April (I spoke about her earlier in the story). April went
out with everyone in the school, it seemed, but me. We were
good friends for three years but no matter what I tried, I
could never get April to like me quite the same way that I
liked her. I remember that I used to cry myself to sleep at
night, fretting over her. Was there anything that I could
do to get April to finally agree to go out with me?

There was also the saga of Victoria. After moving to
California from New Jersey at the impressionable age of 18,
I found my first-ever girlfriend in Victoria and wound up
proposing marriage to her. We made it to the chapel, yes,
but Victoria ran off with her best friend/lover - a girl by
the name of Mindy - before she spoke her vows to me. I was
left standing at the altar with every single eye in the
audience trained upon me, knowing that my bride-to-be had
publicly dumped me for not another man, but another woman.
Still, it was the most humiliating experience of my life.

Even worse, it was the final time my 95-year-old great
grandmother saw me as she died weeks later. Her final
memory of me was my fiancee ditching me during our wedding.

Whatever happened to April and Victoria? Maybe if my
high school has another reunion soon, I will choose to
attend it. What would all of my one-time enemies think of
me if I had Kristanna on one arm, and Devon on the other?
Perhaps I could dress them up in lavish evening gowns too,
much the same way Lindsay had done for me yesterday? Or
maybe I could have Trish and Amy tag along too, and have
my own personal entourage of unparalleled beauty?

I am generally not the type, but it would be a personal,
selfish dream of mine to gloat and brag like never before in
front of all of the people who had wronged me while growing
up. What better way to accomplish that by showcasing my
supermodel fiancee and trio of live-in girlfriends?

If did go to that reunion, would April apologize to me
for all of the times she broke my heart, and say that she
made a terrible mistake in turning me down? Or would she
still show absolutely no interest in me?

Did Victoria have any regrets about leaving me high and
dry at the altar? If she could go back in time and have a
second opportunity, would Victoria choose to marry me? Or
would she have did the same thing, and left me at the altar?

As I stepped into the mansion on this peaceful Monday
morning, I quickly came to the conclusion that nothing from
my past mattered anymore. It did not matter that I spent a
total of 16 years in isolation on a secluded island off the
coast of Peru - hidden away from the rest of humanity - in
fear of one day being hurt again because of what Victoria
had done to me. It did not matter that the girl I loved in
high school, April, wanted nothing to do with me back then
in any sort of a romantic sense. Nor did it matter that
Pamela still - to this very day - refused to even speak to
me over the telephone, let alone accept my offer of help to
better her situation in life, because of how our relationship
came tumbling and crashing down at the end.

The only regret I had, not surprisingly, was that Lindsay
was no longer on the island and part of our daily lives. But
there was never any possibility of that happening to begin
with. Not only was Lindsay desperate to go back home, but
Trish could never co-exist with her on a long-term basis.
Those two ladies, because of their own past together, were
combustible elements which simply did not mix.

But the only thing that truly mattered anymore was the
fact that everyone in our little clan was incredibly happy.
All of the pain and anguish which I endured for the first
39 years of my life... I now _would not_ trade for anything.
I was happy that April never accepted my advances. I was
happy that Victoria left me standing at the altar. I was
happy that I wasted 16 years of my life in utter isolation,
spending my days so horribly depressed and lonely.


Simply because it was all part of the long and winding
road which brought me to where I am today. I would go to
the depths of Hell and stay there for a billion years, just
as long as one day, I could lead the life that I do now...

.... I was marrying Kristanna in five weeks! (!!!)

* * *

"Where is Lindsay?" Kristanna asked me, almost frantic, as
I casually approached her and Amy in the living room.

"What do you mean, where is Lindsay?" I said in response
to Kristanna, peering at her as if she crazy. "Lindsay is
in the helicopter. Kevin is taking her to Lima as we speak."

"WHAT?" Kristanna shot back, making a fist and wringing
her arm out in the process. She began to pace back-and-forth
in an angry, upset fashion. Dumbfounded, I stared back at my
fiancee. I had no clue what to make of her or her odd behavior.

Amy looked at me, then Kristanna, and me again. "I... I
don't think that's what Krissy had planned."

"What's gotten into you?" I asked Kristanna, grabbing her
by the shoulders and giving a little shake. "You've been
acting all suspicious the past few days with anything that
has to do with me and Lindsay. I want you to tell me what
is going on, and I want you to tell me RIGHT NOW."

Just then, Devon and Trish emerged from the adjacent
kitchen. Devon had both arms around Trish and was holding
her from the side. I could tell that Trish was still
visibly shaken and upset over that little hug and kiss she
received from Lindsay about 15 minutes ago.

"I'm sorry, Jeremy, but I can't stay here and be part of
your lives," Trish said, which caused my heart to literally
sink within my chest. "It wouldn't be fair to you! I... I
think it best... that I go back home... to Toronto."

"HUH?" I exclaimed, stepping toward Trish and latching
onto both of her wrists. "What? What... happened?"

"You don't mean that, Trish," Devon admonished her, but in
a good way. "You're just upset now. It will pass!"

"No, it won't!" Trish fired back.

"What's wrong?" I demanded.

"It's Lindsay!" Trish sobbed. "I... I love her! I will
always love her! I... I... I will never love anyone anywhere
near as much as I love Lindsay! And that... that... it would
not be fair to do to you, Jeremy, or any of your girls.
It... it would not be fair to enter into a relationship with
you and Krissy, and Devon and Amy... knowing the real love of
my life is elsewhere... in the world!"

"You're just upset now because Lindsay kissed you," Devon
countered. "You're not thinking right, Trish! Give it some
time... those emotions you now feel will pass. We want to
take care of you, give you a good and loving home!"

"It is what you deserve," Amy chimed in.

Crying, Trish focused upon Devon and shook her head. "I
can't. I love and care for all of you too much as people...
and as friends... to be in a relationship with you where I
know that I would never be able to give my all. Not with the
one person that I really want to be with... no longer here."

"You were supposed to get Lindsay to change her mind, and
agree to stay on the island with us!" Kristanna snapped at me.

"I was?" I felt taken aback by her tone of voice.

"How could you let her get on the helicopter?" she hissed.

Suddenly, there was the roar of an engine outside. I knew
what it was. It was the unmistakable sound of my _Jeep_.

"OH MY GOD!" Amy screamed as Lindsay suddenly came bursting
through the door. Trish dropped her glass of _Kool-Aid_ and
it shattered into a million pieces upon the floor, the liquid
staining the carpet, as Lindsay made a mad dash straight for
me and jumped directly into my arms. Her lips found mine, and
the force of what was basically a head-on collision caused me
to topple and land flat on my back.

"I love you, Jeremy!" Lindsay exclaimed, bombarding my
mouth with kiss after kiss after kiss. "Oh God, I could
never leave you!" She nearly smothered me with a long,
drawn-out kiss, but I just laid there in absolute shock. "We...
we were out to sea, and I was so upset, and crying so much,
I told Kevin to turn the chopper around and take me back to
the island! BACK TO MY HOME!"

Kristanna had a hand to her mouth and was smiling like
never before. Devon still held Trish, who was shell-shocked,
and tears were just gushing down Amy's face. Myself, I was
in too much of a daze to put all of the pieces of the puzzle
together. I was unsure what to think of any of this...

Frantic, Lindsay looked up at the other ladies throughout
the room. "If you'll have me, and accept me into your lives,
I would like to stay and build a relationship with you."
Lindsay then focused upon Trish, glancing up at her as she
and I were still sprawled out across the floor, and wrapped
a hand around her calf. "ALL of you," Lindsay punctuated
the thought, her eyes locked upon Trish's.

When Trish fell to her knees in a weak, deflated heap,
Lindsay rose up to her own knees to meet her.

The two ladies glared at each other for several seconds,
only then to wrap their arms around each other in perfect
unison and share a thoughtful, loving embrace.

"Oh my God!" Amy repeated, as Trish's entire body was now
shaking and convulsing in response to the heat of the moment.
This was, very clearly, Trish's ultimate dream becoming a
reality. After being told to stay away from her a month ago,
Trish now held Lindsay in her arms and could, quite possibly,
now look forward to a lifetime of love and happiness with her.

Devon knelt down beside me, and moved her lips close to
my ear. "This is what Krissy wanted all along," was her
whisper, so only I could hear it. "This is why Krissy has
been acting so funny, as you say, toward you lately."

I looked over at Devon. "I don't understand?"

"Haven't you seen, all week long, that Lindsay has been
on the fence about whether to stay or whether to go back
home?" Devon asked me. "She has been wavering on it all
week long. This is what Krissy wanted, Jeremy. She wanted
you to spend these past three days with Lindsay. Krissy
knew that your good nature - your kindness, your generosity -
would ultimately break Lindsay, and convince her to stay."

"And in getting her to agree to stay," Devon paused in
the middle of her sentence, then pointed toward Trish and
Lindsay as they continued to hug each other beside us,
"Krissy knew THIS would happen. It HAD to happen."

"I want to make things right between us," Lindsay said to
Trish, even kissing her flush on the lips.

"Why didn't any of you tell me of this little scheme?" I
asked Devon. "It would've been nice to know the game plan."

"Krissy didn't want you to know," Devon answered. "She
did not want you to overdo it. She just figured that you
being yourself - Jeremy being Jeremy - would be good enough.
Krissy knew you would shower Lindsay with love and affection
all weekend. And she knew that, in the end, Lindsay would
break. We all did. It was bound to happen." Devon paused,
then concluded, "The only other one who didn't know about
our little plan was Trish. We kept her in the dark. We did
not want to get her hopes up just in case it didn't work."

"I love you, Jeremy!" Lindsay cried, her tearful embrace
with Trish now over. "Will you take me back? PLEEEEEASE?"
She glanced up at Kristanna, who still had that smile upon
her face, and begged, "Can I stay? Jeremy always talks about
the word _commitment_. I want to make a commitment to not
only Jeremy, but the rest of you as well. ALL of you."

"What about your mom and sisters in Ohio?" Amy asked.

"I love them and miss them, but my real home is here,"
Lindsay responded, before glancing at Kristanna yet again.
"I hope it is, at least. Can I stay? PLEASE?"

Kristanna was silent for several seconds, but soon dropped
down to her knees before Lindsay and offered her a hug full
of compassion and warmth. "Welcome to the family, baby..."

<<<- End of Chapter 40 ->>>

==---- -- -- -- - --- -- -- - - --- -- -- --- - -- - - - - --- -- ----==
"Island Fever"

(c) 2014 JeremyDCP


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