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This is the second part of my story. This sums up all that has ever happened between my stepmom and I. I'm tempted to start writing a third part that will be fiction. I appreciate any helpful criticisms and suggestions of what to add to the next story.
"Hey James, can I come in?" Sue asked from behind the closed door to my bedroom.

"Sure." I responded, trying not to let a hint of anxiety touch my voice. Sue was my stepmom and I had been spying on her while she showered, and any other chance I got, for over a year now and had almost been caught a couple of times.

"Can you come help your dad and I do some work around the house today?" She asked.

"I guess. What do you want me to do?" I said reluctantly. I had planned on playing Xbox all day.

"Could you mow and cut some firewood, babe?" Sue asked as she put her hand on my arm and squeezed gently.

"Why not." She had been calling my brothers, my dad, and I babe, honey and a couple other terms of endearment for a while now. It got confusing at times.

As I turned off my Xbox and I got out of bed, what my stepmother was wearing finally registered to me. She was wearing a pair of black short shorts with ragged holes, a pair of old tennis shoes, and a VERY tight and thin sports bra that barely managed to contain her magnificent bust. Her long brown hair was up in a bushy pony tail and she was looking at me with one eyebrow raised at my openmouthed stare of awe. After an awkward pause, my brain managed to restart and I quickly brushed past her to put on my shoes and socks. As I brushed past my stepmom, she moved sideways in the doorway to make it easier for me to slide through with her facing me and my arm gently touched her breasts. When I got that close, the smell of her coconut butter lotion that she used all the time assailed my nostrils. I had sniffed her panties enough to pick that smell out of a thousand others and my brain basically attributed it to sexual arousal. Luckily I was walking away from her so she didn't notice my erection.

When I got outside, I started mowing and got lost in the monotonous and sweaty work. It was summer and even in the rural mountains of West Virginia, it was a hot and humid day. After mowing I went to our shed and got a wood axe to start chopping firewood with. As I walked over to the log I use to put wood on for splitting, I noticed that my stepmom was gardening in one of our flower beds roughly 20 feet away. Sue was crouched down on one side of the flower bed facing me and from my angle I could just barely see the top of her breasts beneath her skimpy top. Her lush melons glistened with sweat and I could just detect the hint of her nipples through her sweaty white sports bra. Taking my shirt off to help with the heat and free my arms of restraint, I started chopping firewood and enjoying the view of my gorgeous stepmom bent over in front of me.

Time flies when you're having fun and I guess the same thing goes for eye fucking your relatives because before I knew it, we were both done with our respective chores. As I watched my stepmom stand up and brush sweat from her forehead, a great idea hit me.

I sweetly asked her, "Hey how about we cool off in the river? I'm dying of heat exhaustion over here!"

Sue grinned at me but said, "No thanks. You should ask your brother and dad though."

She turned and walked away before she could see the look of disappointment on my face. Seeing her in a bathing suit would have made my day. Trying to make the best of the situation, I decided to go for a short swim by myself, no one else wanted to go either, and was headed back up to the house when a sight in the middle of the yard stopped me dead.

My stepmom was laying face down on a towel in the middle of the yard wearing a black bikini with the strap on her top undone. Trying to be sneaky, I stayed out of line of sight and walked around the yard until I was hidden in some bushes with a good view. I probably only sat there for 10 minutes before Sue started to stir. My entire body tensed as I tried not to blink and stared at her so hard I'm surprised she didn't feel it. To my utter delight my stepmom rolled slightly away from me so she could get her bikini strap on her back and when she did so one of her huge boobs came into sight! This was the first time I had a full view of one of her breasts and I tried to fix it in my memory. The large dark brown areola that almost covered half of the front of her tit and the smaller brown nipple that looked to be similar size to a Hershey Kiss was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. The view didn't last very long before she tied her bikini, stood up, and walked into the house.

That left me sweaty, crouched in the bushes, and with a throbbing erection. I waited a minute or two before getting up and heading inside to shower and put on some clean clothes. After putting clean clothes on I wasn't sure what to do. I wanted to try to see my stepmom naked again but I also really didn't want to get caught. My dad and my stepmom both love me and I feel the same way but I don't believe for a second that my dad wouldn't kick my ass if he caught me spying on his wife. Sitting on my bed for 5 minutes or so arguing with myself, I finally decided that the temptation was to sweet and I headed upstairs to see what everyone else was doing.

When I got to the top of the stairs I immediately heard the tv in my dads room on tosh.0, which meant that my entire family; my dad, stepmom, and two younger brothers, were probably spread out on my dads king sized bed with one person probably sitting in the computer chair. We didn't have a living room and only one tv got cable in our house so we all spent a lot of time in the same room and usually on the same bed.

Walking into the room I noticed that my dad was sitting on the computer chair and one of my brothers, Ian, was in front of the bed sitting on the floor with his back against the bed. That left my stepmom and my youngest brother, Chris who is actually my half brother since he was my dad and Sue's son, on the bed. Sue was on the right side of the bed and my half brother was sitting laying down next to her. My stepmom was wearing a red shirt that was so large and baggy looking on her that it most have been one of my dads and a pair of grey shorts. On closer inspection I realized that Sue was definitely not wearing a bra. The bumps of nipples were plainly visible through the red fabric. As I was watching her while looking for a place to sit, Tosh must have said something particularly funny because my stepmom burst out in laughter which made her busty chest bounce up and down. I quickly sat down on the other side of my half brother and tried to hide my semi hard member.

An hour or so later Ian and I decided it was time to go to our moms for a couple of days. We packed our stuff and headed to my car, I had turned 16 a couple of months ago, and went home.

A week passed without us going back to our dads.

When we finally returned to our dads at noon on the following Saturday, the house was quiet. We went inside and found Chris playing Xbox in his room and my dad and stepmom watching tv. My stepmom was wrapped up in a blanket so I decided to go read a book in my room for a while as Ian settled himself on the computer to play a game.

I read downstairs for a couple of hours before I got bored and headed upstairs to see if anyone was doing anything fun. As I headed up the stairs I heard the washing machine on behind the closed door to the bathroom. Checking the other rooms I found Chris fast asleep with the Xbox controller still in his hand and Ian was still in my dads bedroom playing computer. He was the only person in the room. The gears in my head slowly started to grind as I contemplated where my dad and stepmom must be. With my breath catching in my throat I walked towards the bathroom door and listened intently for any sound other than the washing machine.

Just above the racket of the washing machine I barely caught the sound of grunting and a sound that can only be described as squishy. I slowly bent down in front of the door and put my eye to the old fashion key hole and was amazed by what I saw. My stepmom was sitting on he washing machine only wearing a long white t-shirt and my dad was wearing a green shirt and standing between her legs with his shorts around his ankles thrusting into my stepmom with gusto. This was the first time I had ever watched people have sex and I was completely mesmerized. I watched as my dad, a 6 foot tall man with greying black hair, steady himself with his hands on the washing machine and pounded my stepmom as she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist. He thrust in and out of her in short fast strokes and I could see her start to curl her toes as she probably got close to an orgasm. Only seconds passed before my dad picked up his pace and shuddered as he thrust as deep as he could into my stepmom's welcoming pussy. As he panted on top of her he asked if she was ok and she responded that she was. They both were slow in recovering from the exercise, being 30 and 45. Finally my dad pulled up his shorts and blocked my view of my stepmom as she slid off the washing machine and clothed herself. I couldn't stand it any longer and practically ran downstairs to beat it while picturing what I had seen but replacing me with my dad in my mind. It wasn't difficult to do since I looked just like him only younger and shorter. I busted a nut in no time and headed back upstairs to find my dad and stepmom laying on the bed watching tv. They showed no signs of what the had just done other than a little sweat.

I felt kinda guilty about what I had seen and how perverted it was but that didn't make it any easier to resist or stop trying to get a glimpse.

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