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Before reading, I'm sorry but my English isn't that good.
I originally published this story in Gujarati, Urdu, and Hindi; then translated.
I'm 16 years old, my aunt is in her early 30's.

Please be 18+ when reading. Hope you enjoy. I appreciate all comments.


My grandma always loves when I come over to her two bedroom apartment complex. She lives with my aunt and my little cousin. I like to visit them whenever I have free time. The best part is that my grandma always gives me money for visiting. She says she loves me and wants to see me live here and stuff. I always laugh it off and thank her for the money. She's retired and loves her grandchildren so very much. I'm glad I'm her only grandchild that actually visits her from time to time.

Apparently, my 4 year old cousin loves to check my wallet as well when grandma gives me money. He likes to make fun of the fact that I have no money or likes to steal the money I already have. He would open my wallet up, take everything out, and not clean up the mess. He's an annoying kid.

Yesterday after praying Magrib (sunset) namaaz (prayer) at the local masjid (mosque), I went to my grandma's house for the regular visit. Same routine ensued. Grandma hugged me, paid me, and then we sat down and talked with me. However, this time, her neighbors invited her for dinner with my cousin and so they left together which left lots of free time for me to chill back in my house. The only problem was that my cousin took my wallet into his mom's room and dumped everything out on the floor. I was angry that he did this but was grateful when I entered my aunt's room that my Aunt was sitting on the floor and had already started picking up the coins and receipts and such that were originally in my big fat wallet. We slowly put everything back to it's usual spot.

"What's this?" My aunt asked pulling up a single condom pack which had been in my wallet as well as my receipts.

"Oh, it's just a condom my friend gave me a few weeks ago," I replied. "He said that one day I'll need this for whatever reason."

I chuckled when I said that, but my aunt just inspected the condom pack some more. I don't think she knew what it was for, or she would be pissed off seeing me have it in my wallet.

"Do you know what this is for?" I asked her.

"No," she replied.

"It's like, um, let's see," I thought, "When boys and girls have sex, you know the boy has a private part?"

My aunt nodded.

"Yeah, so he well, um, will put this onto his penis so the girl can't get pregnant."

My aunt smiled now. "Oh ya, I've heard of this on t.v."

"Yeah." I continued. "It also protects against a lot of diseases and stuff so both boy and girl can't get sick diseases from each-other."

My aunt continued to check the small writing on the back of the condom pack. She seemed to have a hard time seeing the small writing. She read it:

"0, 9, 2, 2, 2014, what does it mean?" She asked with a frown.

"Oh, that must be the expiry date. Those numbers tells us that we shouldn't use the condom after September 22nd, 2014."

"Kind of like milk bags and food, right?" She asked.

"Yeah, exactly. So basically, I have a few months left before I have to throw this away."

My aunt handed me back my condom package and I looked and felt it carefully. My friend gave me this condom last semester in class. He said that one day I will need this. He was probably drunk when he said it and gave it. I don't think I will be needing one until maybe I get married . Or maybe never if my wife is on the pill. It will probably be expired by then anyways. I should probably see what it looks and feel like soon.

"Your husband never wore one?" I asked my aunt as we continued to put everything back into its proper place in my wallet.

She shook her head, "I wanted him to get me pregnant so I guess that's why he never wore one or told me about this stuff."

"Do you want to have another baby?" I asked my aunt smiling at her.

She smiled back but shook her head. "One is enough."

"That's good. Now that you about condoms, you don't have to get pregnant."

I looked at the condom package and tried to remember what my grade 9 Sex Ed. teacher had told our class about condoms last year. Fuck, I'm stupid for fooling around with friends and not paying much attention.

Once we had completed cleaning up my huge wallet with loads of shit, we both got up from the floor and sat on her bed. I placed the wallet on her drawer and then I asked my aunt if she has scissors. She nodded, stood up, went to her cabinet, opened her drawer, grabbed the scissors and handed me it. I used them to carefully open the condom package, not wanting to damage and waste it. A weird smell began to come out as I reached in and took out what appeared to be a yellow ring with a pointy end sticking out from the pack. My aunt watched as I took out this thing we all call a "condom." It was very moist and felt very slippery.

"I guess this is it." I said. "Here, feel it." I handed the condom to my aunt who was sitting beside me on her bed. She felt the condom all around getting her hands a little slippery while doing it. She quickly handed it back to me. It seemed easy enough. I just need to cover my cock with it.

"I'm gonna try putting it on. I remember my teacher said that we can't reuse it once opened unfortunately." I said.

I gave the condom back to my aunt. She held it on her palms and watched me as I stood up from the bed and instantly pulled my track pants down, not caring about the fact that my aunt was right beside me and watching me. My aunt shamefully looked away in disgust though. Once I had my pants down to the floor, I proceeded to do the same with my underwear, pulling it down to the floor. This had exposed my hairy 2 inch bushy penis to the world. I lifted my legs one at a time to pull out my track pants and underwear from under me and I picked them up and placed them on the drawer by my wallet.

I looked at my aunt again, bottomless. To my surprise, my aunt still had her left hand palm out holding the condom. However; she had her face looking at the wall. I took the condom from her hand.

"You can look, I don't care." I said to her.

My aunt peeked at my hairy penis, then looked away. She did this twice again before she felt comfortable and looked at me again.

"You shouldn't be showing your private part to me. It's disgusting." My aunt said.

"When I was small, you used to change my clothes and stuff all the time. You've seen me naked a thousand times already." I replied.

"But you're big now..."

"Okay," I interrupted, "I'm gonna put the condom on now." I said ignoring her.

I held the condom in front of my penis and was just about to wrap down my shaft but realized that the condom was too big.

"But first, um, I need my penis to get bigger," I said to my aunt who was silently watching me. "Or it's not gonna work."

I began to massage my manhood also known as masturbate or masturbation. Apparently, a lot of boys my age do this but we keep it private. Unfortunately, I couldn't get hard. I think it was because of the nerves that my aunt was sitting right there watching me as I stood and masturbated. I've always masturbated but never with anyone watching or near me.

"Can you help me make my penis bigger?" I asked my aunt.

She gave me this weird look as to how the hell can she help me get my private part bigger.

"Here, stand up." I said. I put my condom on the bed and helped my aunt stand up. I don't think she knew what to do so I needed her help. There she stood across me, looking down at my hairy penis.

"Now go down on your knees." I asked. "Please."

My aunt went down on her knees with her face right beside my penis. It felt weird at first when she began to touch my penis and testicles all by herself. She knew how to get me hard. I've never had someone touch my private part and it began to feel amazing. Leaning down, she showered soft little kisses over my little prick of a shaft; her finger nails gently fondling my balls.

"Yeah, keep rubbing it. But put my private in your mouth please." I begged moaning.

I thought my aunt didn't hear me at first or wasn't going to do it. But then, she took hold my my cock with both hands and placed it into her mouth!

"OH Aunty." I moaned as the feelings of warm heat covered my woody. It felt so warm and so nice, to think she was the first to be sucking my penis and it felt so amazing. HOLY SHIT! My aunt continued to suck my penis in and out wrapping her tongue around it while massaging my balls. I was getting real hard and my penis was getting big now. I felt pre-cum start to pour out from my cock and into her mouth.

"Okay, stop now." I begged before I was close to ejaculate. Did that ever feel good! My aunt stopped and stood back up. We both stared at my penis which wasn't the little 2 inch pecker but now 6 inches long and thick. My aunt's saliva covered my cock making it all wet and the wetness made my boner begin to twitch.

I grabbed the condom which I placed on the bed before while my aunt sat back down on her bed. I held the condom now and realized something else right before putting it on.

"I have to pinch the tip just a little bit before putting it on." I said. I squeezed the pointy tip of the condom a little bit together and then placed the ring just past the tip of my penis. I continued to keep that little flap pinched together as I rolled the condom over the head of my penis. The lubrication on the condom was very good and in just about a couple of seconds, I had the condom rolled over the shaft of my penis. I was ready for sex.

"I think I did it." I said laughing. My aunt laughed as well staring at my cock which was now protected.

"Since when did you have a yellow penis?" She replied with a smirk. We both laughed.

I sat down on the bed beside my aunt. It felt weird being bottomless on my aunt's bed next to her. The fact that I was now covered made it somewhat okay in our religion since she wasn't actually looking at my penis.

"So, what now?" She asked.

"Lay down on the bed." I replied.

And she did just that laying down on her bed as if she was about to sleep. I brought my legs onto the bed and sat just across her feet. Then I pulled her shirt up and was about to pull down her pants.

"Wait, stop!" She said. "This is haram (haraam,) and very wrong. We shouldn't."

"How are we gonna test to see if the condom actually works?" I demanded.

We were both silent. I guess that this condom was going to go to waste.

"Okay," my aunt said, "let's continue. But go turn the lights off while I take off my clothes."

I stood up and walked myself to her bedroom door where the light switch was for the fan. I turned the lights off and also locked the door. As I turned around, I could make out a little bit from the dim lights outside. It was really dark since sunset had just occurred. I saw my aunt covering herself with her blanket on her bed, while removing her clothes inside the blanket. She eventually took out her pants & panties from underneath her blanket and placed them on her drawer next to the bed. My aunt was now bottomless just like myself. It was proper etiquette in Islam that woman must cover their bodies except to their spouse and parents. The only parts that can be showing was generally their face, hands and feet.

So knowing my aunt was also bottomless was hot. I sat down next to her on the bed. I motioned for her to lay down again on the bed. She kept the blanket on her not letting me see her private part as of yet. My friend always had porn on his computer and we watched some when we were having a sleep-over at his home from time to time. I know that I should be giving my aunt oral so my penis can enter her much easier and won't cause her pain.

I lay down on the bed across my aunts feet on my stomach. I slowly grabbed the blanket covering my aunt and opened it up just a little bit. With my left hand, I lifted the blanket while with my right hand, I spread her legs apart. Then I slowly but surely slithered in like a snake inside the blanket. After I got my head inside the blanket, I used both hands to spread my aunts legs so I could get closer to her vagina. It was dark and my nose accidentally hit her vagina.

"Oooh," my aunt moaned.

I couldn't see her vagina but now used my right hand to feel it. It was extremely hairy, just like my pubic area. It had a short salty scent coming out of it, something I could smell only because I was practically right beside her pussy. I began to rub her vagina, the first vagina I've ever touched.

I rubbed my hands around her pussy feeling the hairs surrounding it. Then I rubbed what appeared to be a penis. WAIT WHAT? Apparently, it was a lot smaller though and when I touched it, my aunt would moan. I began to work my way down from her clit to the opening to her vagina. I rubbed it and continued to work down until I felt my index finger actually enter inside a warm area. It felt good having my finger inside of her, like we were bonding. It was very tight.

I remember when I watched porn with a friend, I saw a strong built man licking the girls private part and putting a finger inside of her. So that is exactly what I did. I mushed my face through my aunt's bushy pussy to get my tongue to her vagina. Then I licked began to lick her vagina.

"Ooohh," my aunt moaned as I began to lick it. It tasted like, nothing. I remember when I was small, I would practice kissing my hand. Well, that is how my aunt's vagina tasted like. I licked through her pubes and eventually began to lick her clit.

"OOOHHHH," my aunt's moans were getting louder as I licked her big clit. I continued to lick it as she continued to groan, spreading her pussy with my hands and salivating all over it. Her body shuddered every few seconds. I then began to insert my index finger into her hole, still while licking her clit. It was warm and felt good going into her body. I continued to lick her clit and started pushing and pulling my index finger in and out of her vagina. Her moans were starting to get louder and louder as I started to insert more fingers into her. Eventually, I had my index finger, middle finger, and ring finger going in and out of my aunt's pussy at the same exact time. It was amazing that I was enlarging her pussy. Her vagina was slowly closing down on my dick.

My aunt continued to groan and her body continued to shake as I did this. Eventually, my aunt let out a loud groan and I felt her pussy close around my fingers. My aunt screamed loud, then I felt a gush of liquid surround my hand. It felt like she pee'd herself by accident. But it didn't smell like pee, it was just liquid. I've never seen this happen in the porn videos before. My aunt's moans slowly began to stop.

I crawled out from between my aunts legs and from under the blanket. I kneeled up beside my aunt's feet and saw my aunt still moaning very softly. Her eyes were closed and she was letting out a faint "Uhh" sound every couple of seconds. Her whole body was sweaty including her face and mine as well. I remember now that I can have sex with her according to the porn. We both did oral, I had my condom on so she couldn't get knocked up or pregnant, and we were both ready judging by the sweat.

"Okay, now we can test out the condom for sure." I said to my aunt who faintly opened her eyes while moaning.

I wanted to respect my aunt's privacy. In Islam, my aunt is considered a mahram to myself. This meant that she and I couldn't be having sex because it would be incestuous and taboo. This meant I couldn't see her naked body still even though we were aunt / nephew. So I slowly began to pull the blanket off from under my aunt's face. My aunt began to hold it towards her and shaking her head.

"I'll cover your body with it. I promise." I said to her as I continued to remove the blanket off her body. She was reluctant but let go and I slowly began to pull down her blanket from under her face.

My aunty was still wearing her long shirt called a saree. Because of this, I was allowed to see her above her waist. But because she was bottomless and the only way I could penetrate her was to uncover her legs, I had to pull down the blanket all the way off. I quickly pulled the blanket off from her body. My aunt was nervous but I quickly shift my body so that I was kneeling in between her legs right beside her pussy. I picked up the blanket and covered both our bodies with it so we couldn't see each other bottomless.

Once I had was kneeling with my penis near my aunt's pussy, I dropped the blanket around her legs. Now we were ready. I massaged my aunts stomach with both hands and felt that her saree was all sweaty. I kneeled between her legs and rubbed her clit. My penis was touchin the outside of her vagina. I rubbed my hard condom covered dick into her hairy vagina. Both our private parts were hairy. I rubbed my cock up and down her vagina until I felt her hole. Then I pushed my cock into her vagina! We both shared a loud moan of pleasure and sensation ran through our bodies.

To my surprise, my dick actually went in quite easily. I started off slowly not wanting to hurt my aunt. I pushed my penis in and out more and more at a time, keeping a steady pace. It felt warm entering her pussy and felt amazing! I started moaning and groaning as the pleasure and sensations of sex took over me. My aunt was doing the same. I began to start moving in faster and faster, harder and harder, deeper and deeper into her pussy. I could feel myself about to ejaculate but I didn't want to, not yet.

I continued to slam my aunt with my 7 inch thick covered cock with quick hard thrusts. My hands were on her hips and I began to slam her into me hard. I was groaning and moaning with so much pleasure and my aunt was doing the same. My thrusts and our moans continued to echo sounds throughout the room and I felt myself about to cum.

"Don't cum yet." I thought to myself.

I was getting closer and closer to ejaculation, feeling my pre-cum start pouring out into the condom when I felt my aunts pussy start to shiver and open up. She screamed a loud "OHHHHH" as her body pulsated and began to twitch. My aunt was sweating a lot and I could now feel the liquid that came out before when I sucked her, come out again and hit my pubic bones. The sounds of her juices and my pounding were becoming too much. I felt my dick start to twitch and felt my warm cum unleash from my testes and could feel the sensations of it pouring out.

NO! I didn't want to cum yet! I pulled my dick right out, closed my eyes, and started doing random multiplication.

"8 times 4 is 32. Let's see, 11 times 12 is, um, 133, no 132. 50 times 2 plus 4 minus 7 is 100 plus 4 is 104 minus 7 is 96, no 97." I said this all aloud and I could feel my cum about to burst out but it didn't, My boner still stood. I couldn't believe it! My aunt's eyes were half closed and her body was still slowly twitching. I looked at my cock which was still condom covered. There was pre-cum inside my condom but I was still hard.

I held my penis back down and pushed into back into my aunt's pussy, going in even easier than before. The moans from her started as soon as I began to enter her wet pussy again. This time instead of pounding her on my knees, I lay flat on her stomach and just moved my pelvic muscles in and out. Our sweaty bodies, were touching eachother. It felt a lot better shoving my thick cock into her pussy but now I could do it much faster and harder without feeling the need to cum right away.

"OHHHHH!" My aunt and I groaned as the pleasure and deliciousness of ran through our bodies. Everything felt so warm and soft. I started go in faster and faster, kissing my aunts neck as I held her hands down. The sound of slapping my aunt's ass with my balls filled the dark room.

"OH MY GOD!" I screamed as I continued the fucking. Everything in my body was starting to feel nice and I could feel my cum begin to rise again in my balls. I slammed harder and harder making sure to kiss her body at the same time.

"OH BAHHHHHHHHHH!" My aunt screamed at the top of her lungs. Her body was now twitching hard and her pussy muscles began to clench on on dick. She squeezed my hands hard just as she unleashed a powerful orgasm! The juices flew out of her pussy and mixed in with our sweat and hairs, our fucking got faster and faster as I felt my orgasm about to hit. I could also feel her hairy legs wrap around my ass and squeeze me into her under the blanket. I wouldn't be able to stop cumming this time.

I let out a final groan and I pushed my dick ALL THE WAY INSIDE OF HER and BLEW my load right then and there without the ability to stop. Our sweaty bodies connected and I leaned my face over and kissed my aunt very softly on the lips. I then nippled softly on her earlobes and then her neck. My pulsating dick into her pulsating pussy felt incredible and laying on top of her while we breathed very slowly together and hearing her heart-beating and her body slowly twitching. WOW! WHAT A FEELING!

I could feel the warmness and wetness between my legs. We slowly continued to moan together for a few seconds, rocking back and forth and slowly stopping ourselves from fucking. I had just fucked my aunt; my Mom's sister. I don't think what we did was so wrong, we were wearing a condom for protection and we love one another. It wasn't like a I raped her or she raped me. I felt my dick beginning to get smaller.

"Unlock you legs please." I said to my aunt.

She opened her hairy legs which had me locked into her body. Once she moved them, I leaned over once more before kissing her on the lips very softly. I began to pull my dick out of her vagina, making sure to slowly keep my condom held onto it. As I was pulling out my condom covered dick from her hairy pussy, we both heard my cousin's scream.

"Mummy, I'm home!" He screamed. My aunt and I had this scared looked on our faces.

I quickly grabbed my clothes, wallet, and the opened condom package and got out from between my aunt's legs. I ran to the bedroom door, unlocked then opened it, and peeked out. My grandma and cousin were now in the living room. I waited until they both were in the kitchen and then I bolted out my aunt's room and closed her bedroom door. I quickly ran to the washroom right near her bedroom and closed the washroom door. My heart was beating hard. Did they see me?

I waited a few seconds. Still nothing. When I heard my cousin start yelling that he wanted a Popsicle to my grandma, I knew I was safe and breathed a sigh of relief.

As I looked down at my penis, my heart began pound uncontrollably as I saw what had actually occurred to the condom.



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