Nicole catches a man stealing her panties
Although this story is loosely based on an actual event, it is a work of fiction by an author well over the age of the fictitious girl in the story. If sexual situations featuring fake girls under the age of 18 offends you, don't read it and then complain about it.

Any inconsistencies between Nicole’s story and Todd’s story are intentional...this is two people telling a story about the same event, and as usual in these situations, their stories won't match. I have disabled comments here, so if you want to either compliment me or bitch at me, you will merely have to register on this site and PM me :)

PS: I am trying to be very non-descriptive of Nicole as I want the reader to vision her as you desire. However, as I also have a picture in my mind, a couple details of the girl will come out in the writing, and that is unavoidable.

Nicole's Thong Chapter 1: Nicole's Story

"What are you doing, Todd?!?!" I whispered in exclamation to the man in my bedroom. I wasn't surprised to see my mom's friend Todd because she had called me at school earlier and told me that he was fixing my computer for the umpteenth time in two years. What surprised me was that I had walked into the room just in time to see the 40 some odd year old man turn sideways in the chair and pick up one of my thongs from my bed. The hot Friday afternoon had been bad enough as it was, and now I had to deal with this.

An hour and a half earlier my stupid (and soon to be ex) boyfriend Bobby and I made out under the bleachers after my cheer-leading practice ended. You would think that was a good thing, but all he did was make me all worked up and horny by only going to second base with me before his friends honked for him and he ran off without even saying goodbye. The feel of Bobby's fingers pulling and pinching my long hard nipples as I ground my crotch against his thigh made my silky size one thong soaking wet. To make things worse, I had to walk home from school because mom was stuck at home while Todd was there...apparently to steal another pair of panties. I stunk to high heaven, and I just wanted to strip off the second skin that my thong had become, get into the shower and take advantage of the powerful jet spray of the removable showerhead, and then put on a clean pair of panties...but this pervert had one of them in his grubby hand. I was so frustrated
and pissed off that I acted without thinking, and after taking a couple quick steps across the room, I reached out and snatched the small cotton garment out of his fingertips.

"Um..." Todd started to reply, but I silenced him with a quick shake of my head. Even in the semi dark room, I could see his face turn ghostly white at having been caught...or perhaps it was only the light coming from the monitor of my slow ass computer.

"That was a rhetorical question, don't have to answer that." I practically hissed as I stared down at him. "I guess the question for you to answer is whether I scream for my mom or not?"

Todd's eyes widened as he shook his head. "No, please...I'm so sorry...please, Nicole...please don't call your mom." he begged with a barely audible whisper.

It was in that very instant that my anger suddenly disappeared. The WHY of it is something I wish I could explain, but I simply can't. Perhaps it was the way Todd looked up at me with a pathetic look on his face and his big sad blue eyes. Maybe it was his sincere sounding apology that went along with that look he gave me...whatever the reason...those few seconds were all it took for me to let go of my anger and take advantage of the situation.

Threatening to scream for my mom was a bluff...there was something I had wanted for almost a year, something my mom refused to let me have, and I had suddenly realized how I could get it. Screaming for my mom was not part of the plan that was developing in my brain, but Todd didn't need to know that at the moment, so I decided to play a little.

"It's a good thing for you that I walked in here instead of my mom, Todd. I think today's your lucky day." I whispered to help ease the tension.

Todd smiled slightly, and nodded both his understanding and agreement before I continued. "How long have you been taking my panties, Todd? How many pair have you taken? What do you do with them?" I whispered the questions that I thought I already knew the answers to in rapid succession. "You've been coming into my room and working on my computer unsupervised for almost 2 years now." My voice was as hushed as it had been when I had walked into my room, but with the false bravado of my anger gone, it was becoming slightly shaky. I was also aware that I had been standing between Todd's knees the entire time, and I took a step backward and tossed the white cotton panties with pink hearts on them back onto the bed where they belonged.

I hadn't received any answers from the man yet, not that I really needed any as I already knew the answers, but somehow the questions I was directing at Todd were affecting me. I was getting turned on. I felt my nipples getting harder under my T-shirt, and my pussy started its over-familiar tingling as my pussy started leaking again...or was I still wet from earlier?

Todd's mouth opened as he stared at my chest, and even in the dimly lit room, I knew he could tell that my quarter inch long nipples were rock hard and not concealed by a bra under my black T-shirt. Before he could answer, the light in my room came on, followed immediately by my mother.

"Is everything alright sweetie?" Mom asked with a look of concern on her face. The way she crinkled her nose at me told me that she could smell embarrassing...but although she knew where the smell was coming from, thankfully, she didn't say anything.

I spun around, and with a wide smile on my face, I answered cheerfully, "Yeah Mom!!! Everything's fine!!!" I actually "sing-songed" my answer and I did this in order to get the look of concern off her face. The last thing I needed was her becoming involved and ruining my plan.

"Okay sweetie, I'm just checking." Mom answered with her own smile as soon as she saw the bright smile on mine. (It worked!!!)

She continued, "Oh!!! I just realized that you two have never formally met. Todd, this is my almost 16 year old daughter Nicole. Nicole...Todd." Todd and I shook hands politely as we said hello politely, and I immediately noticed that both of our palms were sweaty. We both wanted her out of my room as soon as possible, and the faster the better.

However, mom continued talking. "One of these days, my daughter will stop messing around with internet porn sites and downloading viruses on her computer, and Todd will eventually have to stop coming over every couple months." she chided with a slightly evil giggle in her voice.

I heard Todd chuckle out loud, and as I shot him a dirty look and felt my face flush bright red, I considered telling my mom what I had caught him doing. No...That’s not true...that's not even close to true. Instead, I just stuck my tongue out at him. Todd merely smiled back at me.

After turning back toward my mom, I shrieked, "MOTHER]!!!", and then picked a couple pair of clean panties off my bed and threw them at her. She laughed in reply for a few moments after she batted them to the floor, but her laughter stopped short, and the smile went away from her face as she got serious and told me to clean my room. She glanced at Todd for a split second before telling me to at least put my underwear in the dresser where it belonged. I smiled my usual smile at her when she was semi-upset with me, and as always, I promised her I would. Mom nodded, and then told me she was going to shower and take her usual afternoon nap so she could go to work later that night, and then her nose crinkled as she suggested that I take a shower as soon as possible as well. (DUH!!!) With nothing else to add other than tell Todd she would talk to him later...Mom left the room just as quickly and as quietly as she had entered. I don't know why she
closed the door behind her when she left.

As soon as I heard the bathroom door close, I picked the panties that I had tossed back onto the bed and held them to Todd's nose.

"Smell these, Todd." I told him as I stepped back between his knees as I had been a few minutes earlier.

He took my small hand in his and pulled my panties closer to his face, and I did nothing to remove my hand from his light grasp as he took a deep whiff of my panties with his rather long nose, even though my heart was beating so loud I thought even he could hear it.

"What do they smell like, Todd?" I asked after several seconds.

"They smell like laundry soap and fabric softener." Todd answered. As I pulled them away from his nose, Todd let my hand go, and he was now staring at my rock hard nipples again. My thong became a little wetter.

"That's because they're clean, Todd." I replied with a smirk. "How many pair have you taken over the past couple years?"

"I don't really know, Nicole...several pair. To be totally honest with you, I lost count." Todd's voice was soft but shaky with his answer, and his gaze at my hardened nipples shifted to the floor.

"Where do you take them from Todd, my drawer or the hamper?" I asked.

"Hamper usually...I only took one pair from your dresser drawer, it was a white thong.”

"Which do you like better, Todd...the clean pair or the dirty ones?"

"I smell your dirty ones as I jack off nightly. I like them because they smell like you." Todd volunteered as he suddenly looked back up and directly into my eyes. I was beyond wet by that point, and I knew my thong had ceased doing its job as I felt a long trickle of cum running down the inside of my right thigh. I blushed bright red again when Todd added, "I like your panties out of the hamper because they smell like your room does right now, Nicole." Despite blushing at his bold statement of fact, the trickle of milky white girl juice running down my leg reached my knee, and Todd definitely noticed.

"Do you cum on them, Todd?" I asked breathlessly. I was very dizzy all of a sudden.

"Yes I do, Nicole. I saturate them with huge loads on a nightly basis." He grinned at me as he spoke, getting more relaxed and obviously feeling able to speak even more candidly.

"What do you think about when you jack off, Todd?" It was a dangerous question for me to ask, but I had already gone too far as it was, so why not?

"Do you really want me to answer that honestly, Nicole?" I nodded, but hesitantly. Todd's answer was immediate and with a slight shrug, but his answer was just as hesitant as my nod when I asked my question. "Usually I just watch porn and smell your panties and then cum in them, Nicole..." It seemed as if he was leaving something out, but I was grateful that he didn't come right out and say he thought about fucking me as he masturbated, and I somehow knew that's what he wanted to add. A quick glance down at Todd's crotch told me everything I already knew with 100% certainty...Todd was just as turned on as I was.

I moved on. "Do the dirty ones still smell like me, Todd? It's been a while since you've been here to steal any." I felt like I was going to faint as I waited for his reply.

"No, not too much anymore…even though I keep them in plastic bags."

"So you need new ones then?" I asked. I couldn't believe what had just come out of my mouth, but as it was already too late, I continued, "What if the next pair was not only dirty, but wet as well?" (Nope...I couldn't believe those words came out of my mouth either.)

At first, but only for a couple seconds, Todd looked at me with disbelief. That look quickly turned into a wicked smile as I put my left hand on his shoulder to steady myself. I didn't hesitate for even a second for fear that I would change my mind, and with my right hand, I reached up under my short skirt. Working one side at a time, I slid them down my dark tan thighs...being very careful to not let my skirt go too high and let Todd see the clean shaven area the size one thong covered.

"Here, take them, Todd." I whispered as I raised my right hot pink Vans encased foot with the dripping thong hanging off it.

We both froze briefly when the shower stopped and the bathroom door opened shortly afterward. I instantly knew we were safe because if the door opened that quickly after the water was turned off, I knew mom was making a mad towel-clad rush to her bedroom. We both breathed an audible sigh of relief when we heard her bedroom door close.

"Oh my god…Nicole...these aren't just wet, they're drenched!!!" Todd exclaimed happily. "They're so wet they're dripping. I bet I could wring them out if I tried." I don't know if he was talking to me or not, because even though he had said my name, he was looking at the size 1 pink thong in his hand.

I heard him ask if he could smell them, and my ears roared as blood rushed to my head. I gripped his shoulder tighter...steadying myself as I felt like I was going to pass out, but I managed to nod my head yes.

Todd put his hand on my hip and guided me the whole two steps backward to the side of my bed. I just kind of flopped down on top of the pile of panties, and I smiled weakly in thanks to him for helping me. My pussy throbbed as I watched him raise the wet silky material to his nose and inhale deeply.

"WOW!!! These are SO much better than the clean pair, Nicole!!!" he exclaimed. I weakly grinned at him like a little kid in a candy shop at his reaction, and then sucked air into my lungs in shock at his next act of putting the crotch into his mouth.

"Oh my god!!!” Now it was my turn to make that exclamation, and I watched Todd's eyes kind of glaze over in lust at the taste of me.

"You're going to ruin them, Todd." I whispered faintly as I began to glare at him.

Todd was already looking at me, but not at my face anymore. His gaze had dropped quite a bit further south, and now he was trying to see between my legs where the article of clothing that he was sucking on had come from. I was far from fact; it turned me on to the point of making my pussy leak even more and soaked through my skirt and into the pile of underwear beneath me. However, I was not ready to give him a show...not yet at least, so I clamped my knees closed tighter.

"You're sucking my pussy juice out of them and replacing it with your I said, you're ruining them." I said with my voice filled with exasperation as the puddle under me slowly spread.

At long last, Todd finally pulled my thong from his mouth. After licking his lips, he shook his head no as he told me that they were in no way ruined.

"Yes, Todd, you ruined them by sucking the smell out of them. Now I need to get them wet for you again." I pouted. Todd looked at me stupidly, as if he didn't understand the plain logic I was trying to convey to him.

"Give them back, Todd." I pleaded with a whisper. I held out my hand, and it seemed as though an electric current went straight to my pussy, causing another gush of girl juice when our fingers briefly touched as he handed them back to me as requested.

"Todd, I need a while to myself." I whispered huskily.

The moment of my plan over the past several long minutes led up to had finally arrived; although it had taken an interestingly arousing turn to get there. I took a deep breath, and said "Todd, I want a webcam. Mom won't buy me one, and she says I don't need one, but I want one. Go buy me one? Pretty please, Todd?" I asked this in my best little girl voice just for effect. I didn't need to ask in that manner because Todd was already on his feet, and he made absolutely no effort to hide his erection from me. His loose shorts were pushed straight out at least 6 or 7 inches away from his body, and I was in no way even slightly offended. Another gush of juice came out of my throbbing hole as I found myself staring directly at Todd's hard-on.

Todd asked how long I needed to myself, and I told him to please give me at least 15 or 20 minutes to myself. I held my small pink thong between my fingers, giving it a short twirl in the air for effect as I told him, "These need time to marinade inside me since you sucked my smell out of them." Now it was his turn to look like he was going to faint :)

As quickly as my mom had left my room a few minutes earlier, Todd was gone even quicker. I closed and locked my door and lay down on my bed, not even thinking about undressing. I spread my legs wide and the fingers of my right hand instantly found the target of my throbbing clit, and as I started to furiously rub, I started to slowly and carefully push the crotch of my thong into my tight leaking hole.

Todd was gone less than 20 minutes, but in that short amount of time, I made myself cum three times by literally rubbing my throbbing hard clit raw…one massive orgasm after the other racking my body as I shook and panted and cried out in relief. I didn't squirt or anything like I've seen in porn (I don't even know if that's a real thing or just pee) but my pussy definitely gushed so much milky girl cum that it leaked through the thong that was pushed inside my well as the pile of clean bras and panties underneath me. Oh well, nothing another run through the washing machine wouldn't take care of. (I found out later that the bottom sheet was wet as well.)

By the time Todd returned and I heard him lightly tapping on my bedroom door, I was a sweaty and disheveled mess, and when he laughed quietly when he saw me, he quickly received a well-deserved playful punch on the arm from me.

"Here's the webcam, Nicole." he said as he took it out of the Radio Shack bag. "It's top of the line, and very expensive and over one hundred dollars."

"I can assure you that it'll be worth it, Todd." I told him as he sat down and began hooking it up. "I'll be right back." I said as I excused myself out of the room.

After getting a small plastic zip lock baggie out of the kitchen, I came back into my room. I cleared my throat to get his attention, and motioned for him to turn the chair sideways as it was before. Then, standing directly in front of him with his eyes at crotch level; I reached back up under my skirt and pulled the soaking wet thong out of my still leaking hole. I grinned when I heard Todd groan. I’m not sure if it was because I held my skirt down in the front so he couldn't see the naked place they came from, or if he groaned because he wanted to lick my inner thighs clean, and was fighting to keep from doing so. He chose wisely when he restrained himself.

"You can't have them yet." I chastised with a giggle as Todd eagerly held his hand out. I put my small pink thong into the plastic baggie, and then leaned over him...letting my hair fall against his face as I put the baggie into his front pocket myself. I think I heard him groan softly again as my fingers brushed against his hard cock through the material of his shorts. No...I don't think he groaned....he did groan, and he groaned loudly. :)

He finished the rest of his work on my computer in record time as I just sat back down on the edge of my bed. He winked at me as he stood up and told me to stay off the porn sites.

"Not a chance!!!" I giggled in reply as I glanced down at his hardon. "I think my computer will need to be fixed much more often than every two or three months from now on!"

I handed the two twenty dollar bills and the one ten dollar bill that mom left for me to pay him with as he headed for my bedroom door, but he politely refused...saying that he had been well compensated enough. It took some insisting on my part, but I finally convinced him to at least keep the ten dollar bill, and he shoved it into his pocket along with my plastic baggie wrapped gift to him. After a very short and very quick peck on his cheek as I stood on my tiptoes and squeezed his hands in mine, Todd was gone.

I really hope he didn't go and buy a pack of cigarettes and beer with that ten dollar bill. If he has already spent it, then I at least hope he saw and copied my Yahoo Messenger ID onto another piece of paper, because that is what I wanted a webcam for all chat with my friends. Giving Todd my information was an afterthought, but he's obviously into me, and the thought of him with my thongs really turned/turns me on. It could be a lot of fun, so why not?

So far, I have no incoming Yahoo requests, but the above story only happened a couple hours ago. In the meantime, I think I will practice being in front of the camera...laying on the bed in front of my computer, plunging two fingers into the hole HIS pink thong came out of…the very same silky pink thong that he has probably already jacked off into at least once by now.

Until then, I wait…hopeful. If you’ll excuse me, I have to re-wash my panties and bras now.

The End…maybe.
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