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The new girl is the hottest girl in school, but soon to find a dark secret about her, and her sister.
This is a story about a girl I met on Omegle, it’s been modified to where I can legally post it onto this website, the ages, names, and places have been changed to keep the identity of the person involved a secret, some of it is true, but most of it makes it a Fiction Story.. I hope you enjoy!!
It could have been anyone else, with that perfect hair, the perfect smile, the perfect body. God damn, I still couldn’t get over the new girl. Tori recently moved in from Ohio to here in Dallas Texas, my God you thought you’d be dreaming if you saw her. The long brown hair, those bright blue eyes, the pink shirt she wore, along with those shorts. The legs were like candy, as a child, you can’t take your eyes off of the candy, you MUST have some candy, exact same thing with her legs, you just NEED to get your hands on them. It’s been 2 weeks, every fucking guy in the school had eyes on her, and boy she loved the attention. Fuck, I think I saw one of my ex’s hang out with her, they’re just beautiful together.

Lori’s a bit on the slutty side herself, I was with her for a LONG time till she broke up with me for that prick of a guy named Evan. Her blonde hair and BIG brown eyes was starving for me when she was dating me. Lori started dating me when she was 13, now she’s 17 and a Junior, broke up with me about 5 months ago (she’s still winking at me every now and then, I know she wants to fuck me). I’ve let her go, I’m seeing a British chick over Skype. Emma’s the greatest friend I’ve known. Although I knew her just as long as me and Lori went out, me and her could have been the perfect couple, IF she had been living in America. But enough of about the other girls, this one is about Tori.

So like I said earlier, Lori was hanging out with Tori, making new friends as she went, Lori introducing her to every fucking person she went by. Although sometimes she can be a bitch, Lori sure does know how to suck a good cock. Tori was very shy when meeting new people, of course it had to have been me to meet last.

“And this is Tom”

Tori blushed cherry red cheeks.

“Ha, Lori, if she turns any redder, we might be able to cook some eggs on those cheeks.”

The 3 of us burst out laughing. Tori laughed so hard we had to tell her to breath!

“Geesh, I never knew I was that funny.” I joked.

“Yea, ha ha Tom, you could have killed her!”

“I’m fine really!” Tori gasped. “Hi, I’m Tori.”

“Nice to meet you Tori, we ought to hang out sometime.”

“Maybe this weekend after school.” Tori winked at me.

My heart suddenly stopped for at least a good 10 seconds.
“Are you ok?” Lori finally answered.

“Yea,” I breathed, “I’m fine.”
It was only Wednesday, and I felt soo relieved after school. But how was I going to break this to Emma? Should I tell her about Tori? What DO I tell her is the important question.

It felt like 3 years went by when the weekend was finally here. I told my dad that I was going to have a friend over for the weekend, with his ok I got prepared, for the worst. My dad had told me no sleep overs while he was gone, him and Mom travel frequently due to the work they HAD to attend to. My Mom traveled the West Coast, while my Dad traveled the East Coast, they both worked for the same company, but at different offices (so they don’t “goof around”). Every weekend my Dad had to travel to Atlanta for some dumbass reason that I never really cared about. Mom on the other had was in Seattle Washington for some other dumbass reason that I still don’t really care about.

Tori showed up in a bright blue shirt, and a white tank top underneath, I could swear she wasn’t wearing a bra. She wore the same shorts she wore on Wednesday, and some flip flops. DAMN, her feet are sexy, they went soo fucking well with those candy like legs I swore up and down she bought. I masturbated furiously thinking about those luscious legs for the past couple of nights. Right behind her though, I could swear she had to have been 10.

“This is my sister Brittney.” Tori motioned her as she shyly waved at me. “She looks very young, but trust me on this.”

“God, I hope she’s not here for the fun.” I thought to myself. I was seriously considering asking her to have her sister go home, but hey, I’m a nice guy, but come on, she’s a bit.... Young... She’s just as hot as Tori though, she was wearing a pink shirt with a Hello Kitty face with hearts on it, along with shorts which showed her very beautiful legs, also wearing flip flops, I could have sworn I came in my pants.

Tori saw me checking out her sister and invited themselves into my home. “It’s hot outside, you gonna let us in or what!” She explained. Meanwhile still checking both of the girls out we hung out on the couch sitting there watching a bit of TV. Of course being nothing on the TV on a Saturday, the guide caught Doctor Who to my eye, and decided to turn it to that.

“Oh you like this show too?” Brittney asked me.

“Yea I love watching this show!” I answered.

“No fucking way…” Tori said surprised at me. “You’re a Whoivan?”

“Yup.” I said with a smirk on my face.
She had a big grin on her face, which really turned me on, she looked down at my crotch and notice my bulge. She then locked her eyes with mine, and gave me a kiss..

Ok, yea, lovey dovey they become bf/gf and live happily ever after… Of course I’m kidding…

This kiss wasn’t just true love’s first kiss, this kiss was a very LONG kiss. It felt right kissing her to be honest, her sister not noticing that we were in the middle of a make-out session. While we were kissing, her tongue slipped into my mouth and played with mine, she tasted very very sweet, like a Skittle out of one of those Berry Flavored Skittle bags. Very addicting, and did not take my mouth onto hers until a heard a little gasp.

The gasp was loud enough for me and Tori to stop kissing to look at Brittney while she starred at me, but she wasn’t just looking at me, she was looking at what her sister was doing to me. While we were kissing, Tori’s hand decided to wonder around my body, I assume Brittney turned around at a pretty good time to see Tori’s hand land on my bulge, as soon as my eyes landed on that hand, I could have sworn in my pants again, it felt so wet inside my underwear I needed to change them.

“You guys aren’t going to do this on the couch are you?” She asked.

“Uuuhh.” Tori looked at me.

“We’ll go into my room.” I motioned Tori.

“Cool, I’ll follow you guys in there too.” Brittney announced.

“Wait wha-“

“Ssshhh.” Tori put her finger on my lips.

I quietly led them into my room, which was quite large for a room. There were 3 bedrooms which included a “Spare” room which was the larger room, the room I took. The other 2 rooms were made into a Guest Room, and an Office Area for my parents to work at home when needed.

“This is a nice room you have.” Brittney quietly said.

“Thank you, I chose it myself.”

Tori went to my bed and just laid on it, like if it was hers. Her and Brittney got comfortable pretty quickly as Brittany said something I’ll probably never ever forget.

“Well, you 2 going to do it or what?”
I couldn’t believe what I heard, I thought I was having a heart attack as my heart tried to escape my body.

Tori lead me to my own bed as if she knew the whole layout, Brittney began to tug on my pants like if she was trying to pull them down. She was young yes, but who wouldn’t resist this moment? I laid down on my bed and let Tori and Brittney do all the work for me. Brittney unbuckled my belt, while Tori took off my shirt. It was like they rehearsed this before, or even done this.

“Don’t worry, I know what they look like.” Brittney winked at me.
My god, she’s done this before? When did THIS start? It wasn’t very long till my pants were off, and I knew exactly what would be next. Tori began kissing me again, she got on top of me so I wouldn’t see Brittney, I could feel my dick be free from my wet underwear, and instantly the cool air hit my dick and it got even sweater. I thought I heard a gasp as my dick grew even bigger as her hand grasp the length of my dick. I could feel it growing 2 inches I groaned. It was very painful, my dick grew so hard that I thought it was going to pop inside someone’s pussy, but it didn’t go into anyone’s pussy.

I felt a warmth go over my dick, it was Brittney placing her mouth over it, and beginning to suck it, which didn’t last for 3 seconds.

Stream after stream of cum went into that poor girl’s mouth, I could swear she would be choking on it, I had to move Tori off of me so I could spray my hot cum somewhere. All of my cum landed on poor Brittney’s face. My dick felt soo relieved after releasing that load, but it was still rock hard. Tori had a good long look at my dick as it shrunk the 2 inches, and slowly growing back its shape. Tori had Brittney clean herself up while she “took care” of me, which was sucking me. Again, didn’t last very long, she sucked me for a good minute till I began to cum again. Another hot stream went flowing down Tori’s throat, that she pulled out immediately so that my cum would land on her face.

Brittney came back with a wash cloth for Tori, she came back topless!! Enough for my dick to regain strength again for another round of cumming. My god will it ever give up? I felt weak as I laid on my bed, Tori looked at me and smiled at my dick. She then took her shirt off, then her tank top, which confirmed my suspicion about her not wearing a bra. Her tits were a good B size, I’d say a B 34 or 40. They looked great on Tori. She then took off her pants, then motioned Brittney to do the same. Brittney did more than took off her own pants, she took off everything else as well. Tori placed her on top of me, while Brittney had done the rest, I could have sworn I was about to pass out after this scene I felt so weak. It took Brittney awhile, but she got my dick to break her hymen, which was surprising to hear since she’s “done this before”, she must have met sucking someone’s dick, but who’s I wonder. I could feel her going up, then down, then up, and down, back up, to down, and over and over again. It felt great, her tight pussy became even tighter for my dick as it grew again inside Brittney’s pussy. I had let out a groan to notify her that I was about to cum again. She was ready for my seed, then the impossible happened.

Brittney began to cringe as if she was getting ready to have herself her own orgasm, I was ready to cum as well, she slowly road me like if she was an expert at it. The wetness of her juices sent me over the edge as I came deep inside her pussy. As soon as she started squirting onto my sensitive dick, it began shooting the hottest cum inside of her, she shook so hard I thought she was having a seizure. Climbing off my dick was probably the hardest thing I had to feel, I had came 3 times now, but it was not over yet. My dick shrunk down to its smaller size, as if it was done for the day, Tori came over and began to slowly grasp my dick, I felt a slight amount of pain that I groaned very load.
“Sshh, it’s fine, lemmy do this for you” Tori smiled at me.

Brittney laid beside me, and placed my hand onto her breast, her boobs were very small, and soft, meanwhile Tori had placed my dick into her mouth sucking it back to size. I whimpered for her that enough was enough, but she was in charge. As my dick painfully grew back to size, she hopped onto it.

“Mmm I had never felt something this hard inside of me in all of my life!”

She defiantly has done this before, as I felt that she had no hymen. She slowly humped me and kissed me for at least a good minute, then began to ride me like it was the end of the world. Her moans matched my painful groans as my dick began to swell. I could feel the intense pain as my dick grew to max growth. It took Tori a good 10 minutes for her to get me into a good climax, by then she was also ready to cum herself. She tried very hard to cum before I did, and she did just that, even her juices weren’t enough to have me cum inside of her. As she was riding me for another good 10 minutes, I was ready to cum, and she was ready for another orgasm as well. She squirted again as my dick refused to cum. So she began again, the 3rd time. A 4th time, a 7th time, she was cumming left and right while my dick continue to refuse to squirt even one hot stream of cum into her. The 10th time, Brittney had her hand playing with my balls, which sent me the edge that I needed the most. Overall, it took me a good 40 minutes to for the climax to happen. Tori began to climax as Brittney began to suck my balls, which sent me the edge that I needed most to get Tori off of me once and for all, I could feel the heat of the very first stream reach the end of my dick and fire spat out into Tori’s wanting pussy. I yelled in intense pain as I came into Tori. She yelled with me as she’s never felt that much heat, or cum go inside of her. I would soon learn that Tori had never had a guy cum in her before. I passed out as soon as we stopped cumming.

It felt like hours went by. I woke up and it was about 7 pm, still light outside, and my phone had 2 missed calls from Dad. Which included a voice mail.

“Where the fuck are you, I’m trying to call you! Call me back soon.”

As I came to my senses, I found that Brittney was still beside me sleeping, and my dick was still inside Tori. What a day today was.


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This is a great story!! I wish there were more by this author.

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Shit happens

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Thanks guys, sequel is coming soon, I'm on my phone and internet is off, more stories will come soon!!


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one best I've read in a while keep writing

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